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1. Saw Palmetto Supplement For Prostate Health - Extract & Berry Powder Complex - Healthy Urination Frequency & Flow Formula - May Help Block DHT - 500mg Capsules

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5.0 - Seems to work well
I have had symptoms of BPH (enlarged prostate) for a while now, so I ordered two items from Amazon, this Saw Palmetto supplement, and another, Phytosterol/Testosterone, supplement. I think they have both probably helped me immensely, so I keep re-ordering them at the same time. I continue taking them, and I am very glad to no longer have the symptoms of BPH.
5.0 - Five Stars
Helps BPH. My urine stream is freer.
4.0 - Great for BPH or enlargement of the prostate But...
This is a great product for the Prostate if you have urinary problems not associated with prostate Cancer or trying to lower PSA levels. PCSPES and Pomi-T lower PSA levels naturally. will answer all your questions concerning prostate issues and will actually speak with you.
5.0 - Flomax is History
I'm 51 years old and have been on flomax for over a year due to a very weak stream, especially in the mornings. I only have to take one flomax pill once every couple of days to get the result; however, I did not like the side effects. After reading all the positive reviews with this product, I thought I would give it a try. I was skeptical at first; however, after a week I was very impressed with the results. I have been off Flomax for over 6 months now and thanks to this outstanding product, my BPH issues are no longer.
4.0 - Good Product
Saw Palmetto is a supplement I take for prostrate health. As a middle age man, I take this product to treat BPH. It also keeps me from getting up multiple times during the night to go to the bathroom. One of the reasons I like this formula and brand is that it comes in capsule form and is much easier for me to swallow.
5.0 - Five Stars
Timely delivery and good product. It helps BPH.
5.0 - Very Effective
I have found this product to be very good at relieving symptoms of BPH. I find it to be superior to other brands I have tried. I will continue to buy this product from this seller
5.0 - Good Quality Supplement
Good guality supplement seems to be helping to some degree. I do take other prostate support supplements & one prescription BPH drug as well so I cannot solely evaluate this supplement for prostate support effectiveness.
5.0 - I purchased these to help with my BPH. I ...
I purchased these to help with my BPH. I have been taking a prescription medication to help, but was still getting up 3, 4 or more times a night to make a bathroom trip. I started taking these capsules, and within a week I was down to 2 trips a night or less. This is exactly why I bought these, they work!
5.0 - Guys with BPH... Give This Try
Noticed a difference within 2 weeks. Less middle of the night bathroom trips, and now much better sleep.
4.0 - Seems to help with hair loss
I honestly believe that Saw Palmetto (in combination with other herbs) has helped to reverse my hair loss problem. Urinary problems associated with BPH seemed to be unaffected by any product I used. Whenever I'm away from home, the most important thing on my mind is finding a bathroom. I recently started taking Flomax at about the same time I used up my supply of saw palmetto. I think the symptoms have worsened without the saw palmetto.
5.0 - I have been using Saw Palmetto for BPH for a ...
I have been using Saw Palmetto for BPH for a couple years and have tried other formulations with moderate success. I decided to give this brand a try based on some other feedback I read on Amazon. I can attest that I now no longer wake up to visit the bathroom at night. I am convinced that this is a quality product that WORKS and have already reordered.
4.0 - Helps with my BPH symptoms
I have been using variations of saw palmetta for years. This combo is working best for my BPH.
5.0 - Great Product That Really Works
Yes, this product is as described; 100 capsules of 500mg Saw Palmetto and at a very reasonable price. It has really helped my BPH so now fewer trips to the bathroom during the night. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try.
5.0 - It does work
I'm basically echoing the reviews from others in the same position with BPH: it has definitely improved the situation. I don't need to get up as many times at night, and my flow has definitely improved. It's worth a shot trying this and avoiding big pharma and the side effects.
4.0 - I took 1 capsule as per instructions and had little ...
I took 1 capsule as per instructions and had little results in treating my BPH. After a month, I increased to 2 capsules and have seen noticeable results. I give a 4.5.
5.0 - Good product and helpful for those who have urinary issues ...
Good product and helpful for those who have urinary issues due to BPH. Would recommend as well as reordering.
5.0 - I have tried several different Saw Palmetto products from different ...
I have tried several different Saw Palmetto products from different manufactures and find this one seems to help me more than others. Even though Urologists say there is no evidence that it helps I personally think Saw Palmetto has allowed me to stay off prescription medications for many years. At 62 years old I believe it helps with my BPH symptoms.
5.0 - Just bought another bottle. This product continues to impress me. It works!
I've had problems for years with having to get up at night. Diagnosed with BPH, I've tried many forms for Saw Palmetto. None have come close the great results I've experienced over the last month. Great results during the day in control, and great results at night, getting up maybe once a night, sometimes not. I HIGHLY recommend this fabulous product! Thank you Zhou Nutrition!
5.0 - Saw Palmetto for health
Bought this to benefit my prostrate. Hoping for a positive effect on my PSA & BPH. Packaging and dosage is excellent. I’m on my second bottle now and plan to continue through the coming months.
5.0 - For slightly enlarged prostrate
I take Saw Palmetto for a slightly enlarged (non-BPH) prostrate. My doctor (M.D.) swears by, and so do I. Great product!
4.0 - Works as advertised for me
While I don't care for products that are supplied to people for "fair and honest" reviews, I had to change my initial one star review on this one. I was having serious issues with getting up at night to go to the bathroom, do to bph. It had become much worse than usual over the past 6 months. That turned out to be a medication I was taking. Once stopped, this saw palmetto worked admirably. I generally don't get up at all at night now. Once in a while, I might get up once. Docking one star, because I hate when companies buy reviews, as I stated above.
5.0 - Very Effective Prostate Supplement
After trying several other prostate supplements which only provided minimal results, I somewhat skeptically gave Zhou Nutrition saw palmetto a try. At the time, I was getting up 4-5 time a night to urinate. After a few days, I reduced my bathroom visits to 2-3 times. Following a week of supplementation, I only got up 1-2 times. Before starting the supplements route, I had gotten a Rx from my urologist for Flowmax. Those meds don't even treat the actual cause of BPH. In addition, they have way too many side effects. Thank you Zhou Nutrition for a very safe, and effective product!
5.0 - No more cramps!
This is the best product for significant reduction of BPH symptoms. Urine flow is unrestricted and I can sleep through the night instead of getting up several times. I tried a product called Prostanew 33 a few months ago and I had horrible leg camps shortly after regular use. I did not relate the cramps to that product at first, but I figured it was due to something that I was taking. I decided to discontinue the supplements that were the newest first. After a few days of no Prostanew 33, the leg cramps stopped. I tried the Zhou Saw Palmetto and I am much happier with the results. Free flow with no false starts and no leg cramp side effects. I am 64 and I feel like a youngster again. Thanks Zhou!
5.0 - Very Effective Product
I have been taking Saw Palmetto for years to improve my water pressure after being diagnosed with BPH -- I have taken several other brands over the years, and this one (Zhou) works the best.
4.0 - Positively Effective
I've only used the product for 72-hrs and strangely my body reacted sooner than I thought, with a noticeable change in urinary flow. Still early to evaluate this product, but I'm hoping it only gets better from here forward with my BPH.
5.0 - All's I can tell you is this.. it works . it works!
Something with this product that seems to be different than many others why it works so well I can't really say but I do know if I cease taking the product for a length of time a lot of issues that I need addressed as far as BPH seem to return after going back on the product about two weeks week and a half later you can tell the difference. My conclusion :
5.0 - Must have for older men!
If you are a man over 45 and your not using SP, you are crazy! There are too many benefits to name but I just saw some new research..." It is used today to tone the male reproductive system and boost the production in reproductive hormones in men. It has also been used by females with fertility issues and reproductive organ problems as well". Works for BPH, sex drive and general well being. I like this brand as it seems to be very high quality supp company with a good product. Purchased thru a promotion for evaluation.
5.0 - Great Results
I am very happy with this product. I've been on prescription meds for over 2 years with okay results. I chose this Saw Palmetto because of the good reviews on Amazon website. The results are outstanding for me! Munch better results within two days time. I have been taking this for about 7 days now and I'm ready to give up the prescriptions meds. My prostate is obviously very happy now. I recommend this for anyone with BPH or any prostate issues.
5.0 - Good supplement and supplier
Don't expect fast results, but with patience this product can definitely produce changes. I am pleased with the supplement for treating BPH.

2. Prost-P10x Prostate Supplement - Doctor Formulated - 100% Better Prostate + Urinary Health - Clinical Strength - Advanced 4-Way Action Formula - Saw Palmetto - Quercetin - Bee Pollen - Pygeum

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5.0 - Works for my dad!
I bought this for my dad (59 yr old) because he has BPH. He had troubles to urinate at night, it usually took him 15~30 mins (no kidding, it was really that long) to urinate just a little bit. The day that he had this pill, he could immediately feel the difference! He told me now it is much faster to urine! I bought 2 more bottles directly from their own website as they have great offer (buy 2 get 1 free) and 10% off. I will update once my dad finishes them all and see how it works! Stay tuned!
5.0 - Seems Like a Quality Product
I'm in my early 60's with 10 years+ dealing with BPH and/or Prostatitis. I've tried the saw palmettos and other "prostate" remedies some with some success though they eventually seemed stop working the more I age. When I first ordered Prost-P10x I was going through a bout of getting up to pee every hour at night.. Standing over the toilet and waiting and waiting for my stream to start. After about 2 weeks on the P10x I started sleeping more and not having to wait for five minutes to pee.
4.0 - Has helped me with BPH!
I just placed my second order since it really does seem to help, I will continue to order. It's a challenge to remember to take all 6 capsules everyday, but that is more of my problem than a problem with the product.
5.0 - I purchased this for my husband, who suffers from ...
I purchased this for my husband, who suffers from BPH within one week there was a significant improvement of his Urine flow. Within one month his PSA levels dropped .5. We have started Month 2 and will update after his next set of labs.
5.0 - Yes, it does work!
So many others have already testified affirmatively about this product that yet another review seems superfluous. Yet I feel compelled to add my own "yes," because it has worked so well for me --- and done so from virtually the first day I began taking it. I still get up at night, but less frequently than before. Equally if not more important, I don't feel nearly as much discomfort while at rest: this is a key point, because BPH not only causes nocturia but also leads to a more subtle form of sleep deprivation. The latter has also certainly moderated, so that for the first time in a long time, I wake up reasonably refreshed and not in need of a daytime nap.
5.0 - Prost-P10x a product of class
I have just commenced the use of this product and after two months I have found definite changes in my lifestyle in respect to trips to the bathroom and urgency in urinating and better flow. I would recommend this product to all men with BPH as it gives relief while giving you a sense of confidence that you will not be made to loose sleep through too frequent trips to the bathroom. I have just ordered a third bottle and I intend to use this product to ensure control of my BPH condition. I note in some of the packages that the number of tablets enclosed amount to five and not six. You may wish to check your quality control. Also I received a special offer for valued customer but you are refusing to accept my credit card for my order and it is the same one I used to purchase all your products on Amazon. How can I correct this problem.
5.0 - Finally - Relief!
I have BPH - Benign Prostatic Hperplasia. I have tried Flomax with too many side effects. Terazosine - didn't help. I have been on this product for two months now and I am doing much better with no side effects. I now sleep through the night getting up usually once to go to the bathroom.
5.0 - I Sleep Through The Night
BPH is something I have been dealing with for close to twenty years. I chose to try managing the condition by avoiding foods which over time I learned would cause problems, also by taking saw palmetto and/or beta-sitosterol based supplements. Over this time I tried many different combinations and many different supplement brands, with varying results. Some good and some not so good. Even with what I considered to be the more effective, I would still have to get up during the night at least one or two times and on some nights, as many as five or six times.
4.0 - 25 year issue for me BPH . read my results.
I have used the product for about 5 weeks, am hopeful the improvement gets better ,it is making a difference, I have used almost every thing on the market, this product is far the best ln dosage packageing and value. The voiding is my issue, it is improving. The rest of the plumbing works fine. If you are having problems do not give up to the dick doctors, you just keep trying, we are all differnt, this is a buy from a long time victim.
At a young 72, I battle what I think are common problems that come with the territory-- ENLARGED PROSTATE (BPH)--symptoms are weak stream, urgency and frequency. Expect noticeable improvement in less than five days.
5.0 - Finally some relief
Having suffered with the symptoms of BPH for almost a decade and having tried the gamut of supposed remedies including the two major pharmaceuticals, finasteride and flomax, I was introduced to Prost P10X through Dr. Geo's Blog. At the time I was experiencing the side effects of reduced libido and sexual performance without the supposed benefits of fewer nocturnal trips to the bathroom, (I was getting up five to six time a night.) After stopping the pharmaceuticals and taking P10X I was ecstatic to have those bathroom visits gradually decrease over a two and a half month period until last week when I began sleeping through the night. My libido and sexual performance have returned. I am very pleased with the product. My only criticism, and it's not significant enough to reduce my rating by even half a star, is the packaging, the necessity of which escapes me and which I feel has to add to the cost.
4.0 - First 30 days
61 years old, BPH with PSA that jumped to 17 from 6. Used for 1 month - improvement in nightly bathroom trips - down to 1 or 2 max, Will continue to use for a few more months, at least. I'm taking this with beta systerol and Zyflamend which I had been taking for about a year. So far, pretty good results. Will see MD in 2 weeks for biopsy and see if PSA has gone down - will update.
5.0 - Excellent Improvement In BPH Symptoms
I have been a practicing physician for greater than 30 years, so when the symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) appeared, I anticipated embarking on the standard pharmacologic prescription based therapeutics many of my patients have been utilizing. My field of medicine does not involve treatment of patients with BPH so, although I am very familiar with these medications, I do not prescribe them as part of my practice. I did research dealing with the various approaches to BPH treatment and came across this product, Prost-P10X. A review of the literature associated with Prost-P10X and the backround-rationale for its formulation was very favorable. It also appeared to be worthy of a trial especially given it's potential for a beneficial response without a risk for significant adverse side effects. I felt a two month trial would be reasonable before the consideration of prescription therapy. Three weeks after instituting Prost-P10X, there was a very substantial improvement in my BPH symptoms.
4.0 - It's working situation is improving.
Sixty year old male diagnosed with BPH (had it for about 5 years, was getting worse). Been taking it for about a month now. I used to have to get up 4 or 5 times during the night to urinate. After two weeks of taking 6 capsules a day ( 2 with each meal) getting up to go to the bathroom is averaging 2x a night, some nights only once. Also, urine stream has greatly improved. Going to my urologist in 3 months to have PSA done again. Was 6.2, hoping it will decrease. Will continue on this product as it is working very well for me.
5.0 - I started taking Prost-P10x after a bout of Prostatitis. ...
I started taking Prost-P10x after a bout of Prostatitis. My doctor was ready to give me a biopsy because by PSA was above 5 while I had prostatitis. In time, my PSA went below 5. I attribute this to Prost-P10x, eating a healthy diet, and exercise. I also no longer drink coffee because it irritates the urinary tract. After I did some research on BPH and prostatitis, I bought many of the ingredients found in Prost-P10x. It is more economical to just buy Prost-P10x. I still have some signs BPH, but that is due to age. I am 52. I will continue taking Prost-P10x as part of a maintenance program. I never want to have prostatitis again. Bryan
5.0 - Very Pleased!
I have been suffering from prostatitis from time to time and BPH for the last 10 years and have used a variety of products. Recently I had a serious bout of prostatitis which resulted in acute urinary retention requiring catheterization. When I saw this product on Amazon I decided to give it a try. I divided the 6 pills per day and took 3 with my breakfast and 3 with my dinner. Within 2 weeks I began to experience an improvement of my symptoms and at week 3 decided to order my second bottle as this conditions continues to improve. I am now taking all 6 pills with my breakfast. The fact that they come in individual packets is really helpful since it makes it easy to take with you. Time will tell, but at this point I am very happy with the results.
I'm a 62 year-old male and suspected I had an enlarged prostate (BPH). When I awoke the first day after using it, I had a feeling of "healing energy" in my lower abdomen area. Plus, I felt less stressful in my lower abdomen (I didn't even know I had stress there until then). My Daily Regimen: I take 2 pills every 7-hours for a total of 6 pills. So if you have: 1) slowness or dribbling of urinary stream; 2) hesitancy or difficulty starting and stopping to urinate; 3) weak stream of urine; 4) going to the bathroom frequently at night; 5) reduced sex drive: 6) trouble keeping an erection; and/or 7) less sexual satisfaction, you may want to try this.
5.0 - Prost-P10x is effective, without side effects
As a repeat buyer, I have found Prost-P10x to be the most effective, non-prescription remedy for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), when taken as recommended. The daily suggested dosages are packaging individually within the bottle to ensure efficacy. There are no side effects, so I highly recommend this supplement.
5.0 - "Prost-P10X has helped reduce Urinary Retention 4x for me"
"61 yr old, I have had prostate (BPH) issues since 1999, and a TUNA procedure after the usual meds caused me reactions or fainting. In April 2013, I saw a new Urologist, and failed badly with almost 450ml urinary retention. I had frequent urination during the night and problems voiding. I had been taking Prostate 5LX and Sundown Saw Palmetto, with not much result. In 8 weeks, after reading Healing Your Prostate Naturally, and taking Prost-P10x, and a well-regarded 3 amino acids supplement, drinking green tea, the measurement came in at 115ml. My PSA went from 1.5 down to 1.2 in 2014. The book also recommended 10ppm dietary liquid silver, which acts as a natural antibiotic. I still have acid reflux from a strong antibiotic capsule which got stuck and burned my esophageal valve. My original Urologist prescribed long courses of antibiotics, to treat Prostatitis. I had frequent urination during the night and problems voiding.
5.0 - It’s helping!!!
I’ve tried many to help with BPH issues. Using P-10X for 3 weeks has reduced my PSA from 6.0 to 4.2. Very satisfied...
5.0 - Prost-P10X replaced my Flowmax
My urologist found I had a enlarged prostate (BPH) and prescribed Flowmax (VA Tamsulosin). I could not tolerate Flowmax, it caused me to have dental problems, lack of energy and trouble sleeping!! I saw the positive reviews for Prost-P10X and figured I would give it a try!! It far exceeded my expectations. I had the VA take me off Flowmax and now take Prost-P10X along with one terazosin 5mg capsule daily. I have not experienced any prostate problem since. It worked for me I hope this review helps as I know first hand how bad BPH affects your life!! Good Luck!!
This is a very good product, I am very satisfied. It took about 2 weeks before I could feel the difference, but after that most of the symtoms of BPH went away. I give it a five star rating.
5.0 - Works very well for relief of BPH symptoms
This supplement was recommended to me by my GP, who was trained at Yale and is rigorous in his research into solutions for a variety health issues. I began to feel results in about two and a half weeks, and, by the end of my first month, I felt confident enough about the improvement to recommend it to friends and family. I think it has improved my quality of life significantly.
5.0 - My experience with Prost-P10x
I was admitted to hospital some 5 weeks ago with a severe urine infection that took 10 days of antibiotics to clear. During this stay I was advised that I had BPH and the hospital advised laser surgery to correct the problem. I sought a second opinion and was advised to continue with medication and that's when I was introduced to Prost-P10x.
5.0 - Give it some will be pleasantly surprised!
My husband has bph. I waited to write a review until he was taking this product for a month. His psa went down from a 5.7 to a 3.3. We were considering getting the green light lazer surgery. But now we are very hopeful that we might not need it.
4.0 - Good results along with diet and exercise modifications
We ordered this for my husband who was diagnosed with BPH. Symptoms were frequent urination and of course the nighttime frequency. The Urologist prescribed Rapaflo which besides being expensive did not work. Seemed to have a placebo effect for a day or so and then the symptoms returned with a vengeance. He also experienced the dreaded reverse ejaculation side effect and overall felt weak and tired while taking it. We stopped taking it and we tried various different supplements and natural remedies. Somewhere along the way we came upon P10x and decided to give it a try. We liked that it was a vegan capsule and also one of the only supplements we found that was approved by Consumer Labs. Couldn't find a lot of information on the latter but they claim to verify the contents of what is in the capsule. It took several months using the product but his symptoms were dramatically less severe. He was still taking some other supplements simultaneously and also completely changes his diet and exercise routine so it wasn’t 100% clear where the results came from. He stopped taking the P10x and continued with his other supplements and sure enough the BPH symptoms returned. He’s back on P10x and we’re happy to report that once again the symptoms are much better. Not 100% mitigated but we continued use along with diet and exercise we are confident this is the best approach. So far there have been no side effects so we’re very happy with the product. The only reason I''m giving it 4 stars versus 5 is I wish it were a little less expensive, but maybe the company will see this and lower the price 
4.0 - So far so good!
I would have given a 5 star rating but my husband's issues with bph were really bad and while there was a lot of relief within 10 days, he still needs more time on the product. If his condition continues to improve, happily it is, I would gladly give a 10 star rating! The getting up 3-5 times a night was wearing him out. We are down to once per night, and we attribute that to a little too much liquid during the evening hours! Thanks for a very necessary product!
4.0 - Seems to be working great
59 yr old, March this year, I had frequent urination during the night and problems voiding. My doctor had my PSA checked, 3.6 the year before, it had jumped to 6.2. Further examinations gave a diagnosis of BPH (enlarged prostate), after antibiotics my PSA dropped to 5.4. The urologist performed a biopsy based on digital rectal exam (DRE) & family history in July, fortunately all 16 cores were negative. Upon the 4 month follow up, my PSA jumped to 11.9 but later dropped to 5.6 after another course of antibiotics, now the diagnosis is for prostatitis (inflamed prostate).
4.0 - Decrease BPH Symptoms
I like this product a lot. It is great for treating BPH. After about a month of regular use, I experienced a verifiable decrease in nocturia (I kept a log). While I didn't have a big problem with urgency, I'd have to say I saw improvements there as well. I've re-ordered the product a few times. It is a bit pricey (compared to separate purchase of the constituent ingredients), but the convenience factor adds to its value.
4.0 - I am markedly more comfortable than I have been in months
I am impressed with this product. In the three weeks since I started taking it, I have noticed a marked decrease in the irritation that accompanies my BPH symptoms during the day. In combination with prescription meds (alpha blockers), I am markedly more comfortable than I have been in months. For this I am grateful, and I offer this endorsement.
5.0 - This product works!
This product really works. I was diagnosticated with BPH one year ago and after i tried this product i noticed a big difference in my symptoms, i am feeling really better. This is a totally recomended product.
I have now used this product for one month. I am 60 years old and I am afflicted with Rheumatoid Arthritis and BPH. This means that the Auto-Immune System in my body does not function properly. I am a retired Educator with a Ph.D. in Educational Administration from The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and now I am an Independent Researcher and Writer. I have numerous publications online and I am working on 3 books for publication. In addition you may read my entire profile on WORLDWIDE where I have connections all over the WORLD. My profile was one of the most highly viewed (the upper 1% WORLDWIDE) during the previous year. I will not write a review on any product unless I have used it personally.
5.0 - It does work after taking one week.
I am 30, but have a serious BPH disease. It has been for two years, some day I felt very bad, need to go the restroom twice per hours if taking too much coffee. Before this medicine I have tried different medication such as antibiotics and pill made of pollen, the antibiotic can improve the symptom but it didn't work for long term. Recently I have tried this natural supplement found on Amazon. I only take 3 pills each day as 6 is too much for me which make my stomach uncomfortable. After about one week I can feel my symptom is improved. Now I almost feel as great as a healthy man. I will continue this in future with even lower dose.

3. LES Labs Prostate Health, Natural Supplement for Prostate Support, Bladder Discomfort and Urinary Tract Health, 60 Capsules

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5.0 - I highly recommend this product for helping me with symptoms related to BPH
I highly recommend this product for helping me with symptoms related to flow. Imaging shows that I have a partial blockage and this seems to keep me in good condition considering the circumstances. This product is a great combination of the workers that have been researched. I take an additional supplement of lycopene with this daily to maintain and prevent.
4.0 - Prostate help
I have tried several prostate products and this one is effective and seems to relieve symptoms of BPH.
5.0 - Decreased BPH Symptoms
Have been diagnosed with BPH and OAB now for several years. No prostrate cancer identified. Have bern taking Proscar and Detrol-LA. Both have helped. Since taking LES Labs Prostrate Health Supplement, I seem to have even less urinary discomfort and urgency. Not sure how all of the components work, but will continue taking as symptoms are less.
5.0 - Pleased with this product.
Pleased with results. Very hard to quantify the results as with most supplement unless you go at it from a very organized/scientific approach. All I can say is that my night time wake ups went from twice to once. All other BPH symptoms seem to be consistent (which means not getting worse). Obviously there was a negative trend in place before I started taking this supplement because there was a time when I had no symptoms and at the time I started this supplement, I had a bunch. Again, that being said, none seem to be getting worse and I've been taking this for almost a year. The nighttime wake ups was the one symptom that I noted did improve. I feel that the only negative taking these is that it does cost money - no other side effects noted. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone looking to try a nonprescription approach to BPH.
5.0 - and this has been a great find.
After reading Mark Moyad MD MPH Supplement Handbook, I researched available products that came close to his information on what helps or does not with BPH, and this has been a great has Beta Sitosterol and Pygeum extract, Pumpkin Seed extract, plus many other items for support without loading one up with other vitamins to conflict with what I already take...time now will tell...
4.0 - Four Stars
This product seems to help my BPH problem.
5.0 - It's working
BPH affects just about every man eventually, and if you're looking at this product, you're
4.0 - Has helped me with my BPH problem
I bought this product because it contains six of the most recommended natural remedies for BPH; pygeum extract, stinging nettle extract, beta-sitosterol, saw palmetto berry extract, pumpkin seed extract, and zinc. It has not fixed my problem but it seems to have helped.
4.0 - My prostate is twice the normal size and I suffer ...
My prostate is twice the normal size and I suffer from BPH as a result. After using this product for about a month I became able to sleep until it was time to awake. Previously I awoke an hour or two before the alarm clock sounded to urinate. Getting enough sleep is so important to overall health.
4.0 - This is my second month of talking this product and so far it proven to be useful along with traditional medicine
I have been trying various Herbal products for my enlarged prostate problem and this is the product shows immediate effect in considerable increase in the urine flow. This is my second month of talking this product and so far it proven to be useful along with traditional medicine. Will update my rating after four months based on improvement of in my BPH syndrome.
5.0 - Helped with Bladder Emptying
I have BPH that is partially blocking my urethra, and have been taking Alfuzosin, after adding this product for about a month my last ultrasound showed much less urinal retention. Would recommend giving it at least a one month trial to see how well it works for you, since everyone is different.
4.0 - No negative effects
I've been taking this for a couple of months. I'm not sure how much it helps my BPH, but I know that it certainly doesn't have any negative effect on it. I've just reordered a two-month supply. My doctor recommended to me over other products on the market that deal with BPH.
5.0 - Looking for something that works
Tried other prostate herbs for bph with little to no relief and after getting up 4+ times a night urinating constantly during the day I chose les labs due to it high reviews and quality ingredients and after a month have decreased my frequent irination to a mangable levels and will continue to use to see more improvement diffenitly the best prostate product Ive used.
5.0 - It worked for me!
I started getting symptoms of BPH a few months ago. I read good reviews of this product, so I started taking it, hoping the symptoms wouldn't get worse. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that after taking it for a couple of months, they actually got better! I'm not quite at 100%, but it's now very mild. I plan to take this (or something like it) for life.
5.0 - Works
I believe that taking this product helps with BPH.
5.0 - Sleeping again.
I'm 66 and was getting up 4-6 times night due to BPH. Started this product once a day and two regular saw palmetto capsules and after a month I only have to get up 1-2 times a night.
5.0 - What A Great Help!
I recently was informed that I have BPH. My doctor prescribed first one medication, then another. Each medication gave me severe side effects...not one or two but at least twice that amount. I stopped taking one before I tried the other and had to stop the second.
5.0 - Contains ingredients scientifically shown to help
I haven't used it yet but I am sure it'll make a difference, because it contains the 2 ingredients (pygeum and beta-sitosterol) that have been scientifically shown to help relieve symptoms of BPH.
5.0 - Good ingredients, good price.
From what I have read, the ingredients have been shown in studies to reduce urinary frequency and improve urinary flow in men with BPH.

4. URINOZINC Prostate Plus Health Formula, 180 Caplets (90 Day Supply), Improved Flow and Frequency, Bladder Emptying, Good Quality Sleep

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5.0 - No More Night Time Walks To The Bathroom
My Doc asked me how well this works. I take it daily as well as the beta version and my BPH is much better and I seldom get up in the night now. Seems to keep my prostrate healthy and functioning. Best product for the money I have found.
5.0 - Effective Stuff
I have tried about every BPH prescription available, maybe every one. All of them either didn't work or had bad side effects. The most recent in order, were Aluzosin, Mybetriq & Avodart. Urinozinc Plus not only works as well or better than any previous prescription drug but has no side effects. No reduction of libido or performance, no headaches, cold symptoms, mental cloudiness, depression or fatigue. My recall is better than it has been for years which was a side effect I didn't recognize, thought it was age related. I'm ready for Jeopardy again. Urinozinc Plus is about the same as the effective prescription meds in the number of nighttime toilet visits but is much better during waking hours in controlling strong urges to pee not that long after going & having to tie myself into a knot to hold it when I know a toilet is nearby. Sitting in movie theaters does not require finding an aisle seat anymore. No desperate searching for a men's rooms or dense bushes on long walks. I find it works best taking 1 pill at breakfast & 1 with dinner. It also has improved my chronic sleep problems. I waited months to write a review because I wanted to see if worked long term. I found this stuff by reading reviews here, then bought 30 day supply locally to try it because I was skeptical of over the counter remedies after trying saw palmetto. I have since ordered a 3 month's supply twice on Amazon.
5.0 - Better than the more expensive products.
I tried Prostavar which offered some relief of my urinary problems. After awhile I decided to try another highly reviewed product hoping it would work better so I ordered Vasotrexx. I got more relief with Vasotrexx than I did with Prostavar, but after maybe 3 months it started to get less and less effective. I googled BPH treatments and a review for Urinozinc was the first one that I clicked on. I read the reviews and decided to buy a 3 month supply. I started to see improvement in my stream after about a week and within a month I was sleeping better because I didn't have to get up and pee every 2 hours. Also the starting and stopping of my stream stopped completely. Urinozinc worked better than both previously mentioned products and costs a third of what they do for a 3 month supply. I waited too long to reorder more when I was getting low and it took about a week for it to wear off. Now I know to order early next time. Lesson learned. I just hope they don't raise the price in the future.
5.0 - Great results
Tried a few prostate supplements before being turned on to this by a golf buddy. Saw noticeable results after about two weeks. Definitely getting up less in the evening and less general discomfort overall. Would recommend to anyone suffering from BPH or looking for a preventive supplement.
5.0 - Relieved all my BPH symptoms in about two weeks
When I began to experience symptoms of BPH, I started looking for a solution. These provided a bit of relief within a couple of days, and a few weeks in, all my symptoms are gone.
5.0 - It works very well keep using it.
You need to use it consistently for weeks and add Pygeum for maximum effect. It is excellent at alleviating symptoms of BPH.
5.0 - If you have BPH symptoms (enlarged prostate), read this first.
Normally I would not be writing a review after such a short trial, but I have seen positive results with Urinozinc Plus, in only two days. Primary benefit for me was increased flow, which had been reduced to a dribble. I bought from this Walmart, because I was already there for other shopping, and just had a bad experience with another prostate product that made me nauseous. Some of the ingredients in Urinozinc are overkill if you take regular vitamin supplements. However, the prostate specific herbs and such may be helpful.
5.0 - Great Product
I got prostatitis in 2013 and took antibiotics for over 8 weeks. It took 6 months before I felt anywhere near normal again and for the past 3 years I took several prescriptions and of course, saw palmetto. I begin taking Rapaflo which has helped with emptying, but my biggest problem has been urgency. I tried some bladder control meds and they work somewhat, but leave you feeling as though you can't empty. I've found BPH to mean that you don't necessarily have a enlarged prostate, but you have something wrong and we don't know what it is. Urinozinc helped me from day 1. It helped more as days went by and continues to give me relief from whatever urgency nerve problems I had. Now I can notice I need to go and don't have run over everyone trying to reach a restroom. If you urgency problems, I would definitely give this a try.
5.0 - Immediate relief
I have experimented with a number of such over - the - counter products, but this is the only one that has actually helped. I experienced almost immediate remission of symptoms: episodes of night time urination decreased from 4 - 5 to 1 - 2, and for the first time in years, I have been getting more or less normal REM sleep, so that I feel much better during the day. Recognizing that effects can differ from individual to individual, I nonetheless urge BPH sufferers to give Urinozinc a try.
5.0 - This Stuff Works!
I was taking Saw Palmetto caplets every day with minimal results, but had to stop when I had back surgery. By the time I was able to continue taking them again, I was up 4 or 5 times a night to urinate, never feeling like I completely emptied my bladder, and I had a weak urine stream. Someone told me about Urinozinc but I was skeptical. So I invested $15.00 on a bottle and started taking 2/day. Within one week, my symptoms were lessening, and now that I have been taking them for 6 weeks, I am sleeping all night, have no problems with flow or emptying. This is truly an amazing product. A couple of things that are important to note. I regularly visit my doctor and have a prostate exam. I have my PSA level checked annually. This stuff is not a cure for more serious prostate problems, but it works for my BPH. I am 66 years old and in otherwise excellent health.
5.0 - Best herbal supplement for BPH I have used
Best herbal supplement for BPH I have used. I used to get up 8-10 times a night, now only 1 if that.
5.0 - Urinozinc works for my BPH and has for years.
I have used your product for years. It works beautifully. I would recommend it wholeheartedly!!!
5.0 - For us older guys BPH is no joke. Please try this before you have to have surgery.
Was close to having surgery but things at the hospital got behind and my surgery was cancelled.

5. Swanson Pygeum Prostate Support Urinary Tract Health Men Herbal Supplement 100 mg Pygeum Extract (6.5% phytosterols) with 400 mg Powdered Bark 120 Capsules

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5.0 - Great for BPH symptoms
I started using this product about a year ago for bph. It is not a miracle cure, but with steady continuous useage, it has radically improved my bph symptoms. I used to get up at least twice a night to urinate. Now, I rarely get up at night at all and when I do go, I go. If you suffer from bph, you will know what that last statement means. It does increase the amount of seminal flow, but I did not see an increase in ejaculate size.
5.0 - Blessed relief!
Given the results of the limited studies on the product for BPH, I thought I'd at least give it a try. By the fourth day, I realized I no longer had that very annoying urgency to have to run to the bathroom all the time. When I do actually have a need to go now, I'm not troubled with those fits and starts in urine flow I'd had before. Ahh! Such relief. And finally, I no longer have to get up repeatedly during the night to go to the bathroom. Kind of nice to be able to sleep through the night. Your results may vary, of course, but I've been VERY pleased.
5.0 - Five Stars
Seems to help with bph.
5.0 - Definitely increases seminal fluid/pre-cum volume! Even without Zinc or Lecithin
I don't have BPH - I bought it to increase my seminal fluid volume, or pre-cum. And - seriously, WOW. I took this in isolation for 3 weeks before adding Zinc or Lecithin to increase the sperm volume, to really get an idea of its effects.
5.0 - Excellent product that does what it is advertised to do
Excellent product that does what it is advertised to do. Helps with BPH. Tried it and now continue to buy it and use it.
5.0 - useful therapy for bph
This stuff seems to work, in combo with saw palmetto for bph. there seems to be synergy.
5.0 - recommend for some relief from enlarged prostate (bph)
worked as far as relaxing my prostate enough to not have to pee every hour. was able to go 3 or more hours without urinated overnight. first time i'd gotten that good of sleep in months. did affect ejaculate during sex - would take a long time to come out, and sometimes just wouldn't. when it did finally come, it was a thicker consistency. within a month of not taking it, my frequent urinating and sometimes discomfort around my prostate was back. UPDATE: stopped taking this and within a couple months was back to waking every hour to pee at night. within a week of starting them again, i'm up to 3-4 hours of sleep now. This has been a life saver for me. Now I'm just taking one capsule with my last meal or snack before bed. no sexual side effects this time. the last time when it was effecting my cum, I was taking 2 a day.
5.0 - This works
It works. I have overactive bladder and bph. I take Flomax. That works a little. Saw Pawmento which I think is a addon that might keep things from getting worse but didnt seem to provide noticeable relief. Added Pygeum and started to get some more flow. Got put on Proscar as well and that increased the flow even more. I can actually stand up again to take a leak. I also take Vesicare and that keeps me from getting up at night and prevents me from having accidents. Been having these issues since my mid thirties and it isnt fun. But there are things that work. I'll continue to take this. My Urologist is all for it.
5.0 - ... to help with BPH and so far I am happy with it
I bought this to help with BPH and so far I am happy with it.

6. Stinging Nettle Root 500 mg 100 Caps

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4.0 - Palmetto's partner
The stinging nettle works with Saw Palmetto to help with BPH. Swanson's seems to be of very good quality. If you have BPH try this along with your Saw Palmetto.
5.0 - This purchaser is very happy with the decrease in symptoms
Got BPH symptoms? Take this product daily with Pygeum Africanum (extract) 50mg. It works. This purchaser is very happy with the decrease in symptoms.
5.0 - The combo works great. Recommended it helps
I used this in conjunction with Rye Grass, Pygeum for BPH. The combo works great. Recommended it helps!
5.0 - Part of a good plan for health!
So far, it appears that this supplement is working as described. It is used in Europe to treat BPH successfully. I am stacking it with Beta Sitosterol to combat prostaglandins and to help reduce inflammation. By combing them I am hoping to provide a synergistic effect and to thereby increase efficacy.
4.0 - Works well for me.
I'm almost 67 and have had BPH for several years now. I've been using Cialis for two years with some improvement, and the Swanson Stinging Nettle Root 500 mg has made an obvious improvement over that. I now have to get up only one time during the night. I've been using it for about a month and plan to continue for a long time.
5.0 - Really works for me.
After two days of taking it all the symptoms of BPH went away.

7. Extra Strength Saw Palmetto Supplement & Prostate Health - Prostate Support Formula to Reduce Frequent Urination and DHT Blocker to Prevent Hair Loss - Non GMO, GLUTEN FREE Prostate Supplement

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5.0 - Improvement for my husband
With most herbals it takes a while for the product to improve your symptoms. My husband has been using this for nearly a month for BPH and his night time trips to the bathroom have lessened from 4 or 5 a night to 1 or 2. He also says his stream is a bit stronger. I think with continued use this product will work great!
5.0 - Helps with BPH symptoms
If you have BPH this helps with urgency. I’ve taken Saw Palmetto for 30 years and this is definitely a good product for me.
5.0 - Five Stars
Wonderful customer service. Still early, but product seems to be having positive effect on urinary frequency/urgency resulting from BPH.
5.0 - Fewer trips to the bathroom!
I got this for my husband, who suffers from BPH. He has taken other saw palmetto supplements in the past but this one really seems to work!. Fewer nighttime trips to the bathroom - which means we both get a better night's sleep!!
5.0 - BPH sufferers, THIS REALLY WORKS.
I highly recommend it to any man suffering from BPH. My dad almost went into acute kidney failure from the swelling in his prostate. His blood pressure was high, swelling in his legs, and his bloodwork was enough for his dr to consult with urology and place him on two different prescription meds for his prostate. After nearly two months and very little relief, he stopped the prescription meds. I then looked for something on Amazon and came across this product. My dad has improved quite remarkably. Blood pressure is under control, swelling in his legs is completely gone. All this with only the first bottle. This product works, Give the product a try.
5.0 - Seems to Work!
While I haven’t done a scientific analysis of the product, I assume the quality thereof is high. After taking this product for several months, I have noticed a significant reduction in “urination urgency” occurrences. I find myself awaking at night to urinate perhaps one time as opposed to three. Saw Palmetto appears to have significantly reduced the symptoms associated with my diagnosed BPH.
5.0 - Fewer night trips to the bathroom.
I can tell a difference in my BPH symptoms after just two weeks. Now I have one or two trips to the bathroom at night instead of three or four. I'm very pleased with the product.

8. Prostate Supplement - Saw Palmetto + 30 Herbs - Reduce Frequent Urination, Remedy Hair Loss, Libido - Single Homeopathic Herbal Extract Health Supplements - Capsule or Pill - Arazo Nutrition

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4.0 - Saw Palmetto and a lot of minerals, herbs and vitamins believed to have positive effects
I'm about midway through my second bottle and am so far relatively happy with this product. I use it to help with BPH and it is I believe helping although I use it as an adjunct therapy to a daily prescriptive. I was prompted to write this review as I'll receive a free bottle of this product however as I said, I've already purchase two (2) bottles which was prior to being encouraged to write a review. I was already happy with it so why not?
4.0 - works for me. I have been dealing with BPH ...
works for me. I have been dealing with BPH for about 8 yrs and this works well.
5.0 - Does the job at a reasonable cost
There are several choices in this BPH world. Most men are looking for less frequent urination and overall plumbing working as it should. This one worked as well as several "high end" supplements I have tried. It is slightly lower in price (only need to take 2/day) and I was happy with results. I do tend to rotate to a different supplement every 3 months to keep things fresh. Also big on healthy diet/rest/exercise.
4.0 - No middle of the night bathroom runs!
Really liked this product. No side effects and really helped me to pee better. I take a combination of supplements and a prescribed BPH medicine but I've noticed after I began to take this product some nights I sleep thru without getting up to go to the bathroom at all. That's a big plus for me.
5.0 - Miracle supplements!!
2 years ago I was diagnosed with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) which is when the prostate gets gradually larger and pressing on my bladder causing many annoying symptoms such as urinating urgency and frequency...

9. Doctor's Best Comprehensive Prostate Formula,Veggie Caps, 240-Count

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5.0 - Surprisingly increased my flow after my first 2 pills!
I was quite hesitant before I dropped $20 but I'm quite impressed. I'm 28 years old and have been experiencing weak flow when urinating. I'm not sure what is going on with me because the both urologists I've been to say I'm too young for prostate cancer or BPH and wouldn't even check. I finally convinced the doctor to give me Flomax. It took a month before I noticed any results. There were also some uncomfortable side effects.
5.0 - It works
It works better than anything else I have tried for BPH. I usually get an adverse reaction within about 15 minutes of drinking milk. These capsules, for me, prevent or drastically reduce this reaction. This is just my personal account.
5.0 - One of the best
The ingredients fit the need for them. Being a male with BPH is not an easy experience, and this product makes you feel better in every way you need
5.0 - Helps with BPE/BPH (benign prostatic enlargement/hyperplasia)
My doctor suggested this supplement for me and she

10. Applied Nutrition Prostate Defense, 50-Count

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5.0 - Husband's lifeline-and mine...Love this product
I already reviewed this monthly automated item. My husband was diagnosed with BPH. Enlarged prostate over 7 years ago. You who are afflicted know the ramifications of this ailment. He took a prescribed medication for 6 years and nothing changed, except his attitude. He exhibited all the side effects: depression, weight gain, difficulty preforming in the bedroom, etc...I researched and discovered these side effects were attributed to the doctor prescribed drugs! I found this alternate and had my husband stop his other meds to try this one for a few months. It worked! After a period of a few months, his other side effects disappeared! He uses only this now.
4.0 - Helps with BPH symptoms
I use this supplement in the morning and my 10 mg of Hytrin in the evening to control my BPH. Prostate Defense really makes a difference for me. I'm not going to claim that it will work for everyone - your physiology maybe different - but it works well for me. There's nothing worse than having to run to bathroom suddenly due to last minute urges. Prostate Defense helps me overcome most of those issues.
4.0 - ... homeopathic remedies for BPH issues and this works the best for me
I've used quite a few homeopathic remedies for BPH issues and this works the best for me. I've read that these natural products work as well as pharmaceutical products proscribed by doctors, plus I've never had any side effects from using these types of products.
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