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1. NatureWise Organic Curcumin Turmeric with 95% Curcuminoids, 2250mg Max Serving Per Day From Three 750mg Capsules, High Absorption BioPerine Black Pepper for Inflammation & Joint Support, 180 Caps

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5.0 - Nice!
Really nice so far, my knee pain is less with this product, happy with this purchase.
5.0 - This stuff is very awesome in removing knee pain which it reduced to zero ...
This stuff is very awesome in removing knee pain which it reduced to zero in less than 1 week. I tried other companies like Dr Tobias and Viva curcumin but I found this one more potent pure and organic It also helped me very much in eliminating stress and anxiety problems.I am extemely thankful to NATUREWISE for making this wonderful Organic stuff and hope they will keep it up
4.0 - Great for inflammation
Great for reducing knee pain and inflammation!
5.0 - Five Stars
Works great for lower back and knee pain.
4.0 - Give it a try. The worst that can happen is you feel better.
I have lots of joint pain. This product seems to be helping. I am still figuring out how many pills a day I need for optimal pain relief. My husband is also getting some relief for his knee pain with only one a day.
5.0 - I liked it so much I got it for my father ...
Reduced inflammation. I liked it so much I got it for my father in law too who is having knee pain. Hopefully it helps
5.0 - Less joint pain
Less knee pain I'm well satisfied
5.0 - Incredible Results for Knee Pain
I have been taking Curcumin for about 6 months and was surprised at the difference it makes. I am an active over 70 adult and have knee pain due to arthritis. Prior to taking Curcumin, I was using naproxen, advil and etra strenght Tylenol on a daily basis. I now rarely take OTC meds for pain.
5.0 - This product has helped to liberate me from pain associated with a couple of the main activities in my life that bring me joy, h
After using Naturewise Organic Curcumin for a couple of weeks the knee pain I get while running and cycling has all but disappeared. This product has helped to liberate me from pain associated with a couple of the main activities in my life that bring me joy, happiness, and health. Thank you Naturewise!
5.0 - Good for Heart Healt and Inflamation
The literature support taking this supplement and is one of the strongly suggested by Men’s Health Magazine. I have definitely noticed and improvement in my knee pain. As to the heart....I’m alive at 64 with a BP of 114/71!
5.0 - Bad taste but great product
After months of shoulder pain which made it difficult to work out, my doctor concluded that I have arthritis in my shoulder causing inflammation. His only suggestions were surgery or cortisone shots. I wanted to try something different. These supplements were suggested by my dad who was using them for knee pain. After a few weeks of use, my shoulder pain decreased noticeably allowing me to continue with my normal workouts. The taste is unpleasant but I find if I put water in my mouth before the supplements and swallow quickly it is not an issue. I would recommend these as an option for anyone dealing with with joint pain or inflammation.
5.0 - Easy to take. The right ingredients to maximize the power of Turmeric.
I have been living with arthritis and worsening knee pain for several years. This product has helped to relieve my pain and given me back the function and flexibility to allow me to go hiking again and just get through the day working around the house. This product has the correct proportion of ingredients to maximize the power of turmeric. I always buy a product with at least 5% black pepper or bioperine such as this one so that the bioavailability of the active ingredient in turmeric can be utilized. Easy to take, I highly recommend this product.
5.0 - Knee pain gone and overall immunity boosted!
I walk long distances during the week, about 2-3 miles daily. My full-time job also requires me to be on my feet all day. These factors have caused knee pain in the long-term. I noticed that ever since I started taking 2-3 capsules daily, my knee pain is gone! I've also not gotten sick ever since I've been taking them.
Worked very well in alleviating knee joint pain. I had surgery for a torn meniscus.
5.0 - Five Stars
so far so good...knee pain has significantly been reduced.
4.0 - Free bottle arrived. There was something on the cotton inside the bottle. Yellow greenish color. Probably OK bottle was sealed.
Reduced knee pain, even walking longer distances, and greatly reduced early morning low back and side pain. I sometimes take an additional capsule before bedtime to relieve that early morning pain and stiffness. Flyer in bottle promised a free bottle of curcumin if you would do a report on your results. I did the report, got no immediate confirmation that a bottle was being sent and no email confirmation that a bottle was coming. I called them and was told they were out of "free" bottles. To me, a "free" bottle is just a bottle you're not charged for, so you're not out of "free" bottles unless you're out of bottles, which they are not. I have little tolerance for liars, so I will be looking for a different source of curcumin.
5.0 - Close to a miracle cure for my knew pain.
I started taking Curcumin for my knee pain. I am 50+ years old, and my knees really bothered me anytime I had to walk up or down a flight of stairs. I have been taking Curcumin for 6 months now, and I no longer have any issue with taking the stairs. I am not gonna claim it is a miracle supplement, but it sure is close. I only take 1 pill a day, for my maintenance dose.
5.0 - It really does relieve mild pain.
This Turmeric really did help in reducing my mild knee pain allowing me to continue with my gym exercises and walking. It's full affect took about 3 to 4 weeks to take away the knee pain I was experiencing as others have reported. I have recommended this to others who have said the same. An excellent product.
5.0 - I have also taken increased dosages when I feel like I am getting sick and it seems to help ...
I am 38 and have slight foot and knee pain, but moreso began taking curcumin for the anti cancer/anti inflammatory properties. I have also taken increased dosages when I feel like I am getting sick and it seems to help with immunity. This brand has worked great for me so I will be sticking with it.
5.0 - Real anti inflammation product that works
Great product, reduces inflammation throughout the body. Also aids in bowel movement. Curcumin percentage is great plus the capsule form makes it easy to just take our break open and pour into a smoothie or tea. Hand and knee pain went away after a few weeks of usage.
5.0 - Love this stuff!
Hubby, 2 of our old dogs and I have been taking this for a week. My right knee pain has gone from a constant 8-9 to a 3-4. Hubby is feeling a lot less arthritic pain and our 1 11 year old dog is playing again, the other 11 year old is getting around much better. Hoping for even better results as time goes on. I really did not believe it worked, but after a number of my friends have told me they started using it with good relief, I thought it couldn't hurt. I'm sold.
5.0 - Love this product
Love this product. It more potent than the other product I was using. I will definately reorder. It helps with my knee pain. I take 2-3 times a day.
5.0 - It works
It works for my knee pain
5.0 - Five Stars
My cronic knee pain is greatly reduced and sometimes completely gone.
5.0 - ... just 1 week my knee pain has gone from terrible to tolerable
In just 1 week my knee pain has gone from terrible to tolerable.
5.0 - Fantastic product
I have taken this product and after a couple of weeks I noted marked improvement in my knee pain. I can more easily go up and down stairs. This was the only change in my medical routine. Terri Murari
5.0 - Sylvia
Love this product! I started taking it on the advice of my doctor to treat knee pain. It has helped my arthritis as well. Idealize I need to continue to take this product daily. Try it! You’ll be glad that you did!
5.0 - this really works for inflammation
This supplement helps with my knee pain and with sciatica and keeps me from having to use any NSAIDs or acetaminophen. I had tried other brands but this is the first that has really worked for me.
4.0 - I find that taking it 3 times a day works best for me and greatly reduces the knee pain
I started taking this product to help with knee pain. I noticed a difference after 2 days. After experimenting with the dosage, I find that taking it 3 times a day works best for me and greatly reduces the knee pain.
5.0 - Helped with arthritic knee pain.
I take 2 of these daily and it considerably reduced my arthritic knee pain. It also worked for my wife's wrist pain. I wouldn't want to got without them.
5.0 - Less knee pain.
I felt less pain in both knee joints by taking the curcumin everyday.
5.0 - Works wonders for me!
This stuff does wonders to appease my knee pain. This is my 2nd bottle. I wasn't sure if the reduction in knee pain was a coincidence until I ran out. Definitely works for me!
5.0 - Naturewise Curcumin worth every penny!
I use Naturewise Curcumin every day for osteo-arthritis and peripheral neuropathy. I noticed great improvement w/my knee pain and also noticed improvement w/a racing heart beat. My heart use to practically beat out of my chest. It's much better. I started using this because my Dr told me I may benefit from it. Boy was she right. I highly recommend it for anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle.
5.0 - Amazing results in days!
I had severe knee pain and hip pain. Within a few days I was able to sleep through the night with no pain. I've also noticed a reduction or removal of pain in all joints.
5.0 - I've been taking this product for me knee pain and ...
I've been taking this product for me knee pain and swelling. After taking it for about a month I noticed a significant reduction of pain in my knee and the swelling went down. There is more flexiblility in my knee joint and it doesn't feel that stiff anymore.
5.0 - Natutewise Turmeric Pills
I have started using these pills since last three weeks and I have felt huge relief from my Knee Pain l, I would love to order this again before I run out of my stock.
4.0 - Four Stars
knee pain and decreased also i an interested in the support in the immune system
5.0 - Naturewise Curcumin
Since taking the Curcumin I have had significant relief from my hip and knee pain, and also from my heartburn.
5.0 - Amazing product. Reduced knee pains about 80% in the ...
Amazing product. Reduced knee pains about 80% in the fist few days. Bought bottles for friends and relatives, and they had similar results. Sure beats taking pain killers.
5.0 - A+ Product
Great product! It has really helped with the knee pain I was having. Would highly recommend Also a great company to deal with..
5.0 - I also made some lifestyle changes and my knees feel definitely better now.
Started taking curcumin for knee pain and swelling. I did not expect it to have effects of a pain killer, and, besides taking curcumin, I also made some lifestyle changes and my knees feel definitely better now.
5.0 - Effective for inflammation pain
I have been very pleased with the Curcumin supplements and NatureWise as a whole. I feel and believe that my knee pain; joint/inflammation started to decrease due to taking the Curcumin supplement. For the most part, NatureWise supplements are very natural with limited filler ingredients. I greatly appreciate the quality products. I feel the customer service has been great as well. I am very thankful to have stumbled upon NatureWise via Amazon. Thank you!
4.0 - Four Stars
This product helps with my knee pain after I walk a long distance.
5.0 - Working so far
I have chronic neck pain and take excederin on a daily basis 3-5x a day. Right now I am down to one excederin and take this supplement throughout the day. I have less knee pain and head pain. I would recommend this product
4.0 - I was given a free bottle of Naturewise Curcumin to try and I was happy to find that it contained black pepper which increases .
I started using another brand of curcumin for occasional back and knee pain after hard workouts. I was given a free bottle of Naturewise Curcumin to try and I was happy to find that it contained black pepper which increases absorption. I also like that ginger is added since it too has some curcumin. I have noticed some anti-inflammatory benefit since taking it. I really like that it is organic and I like the ginger smell of the capsules which are easy to swallow. I have always been happy with Naturewise products and have been very happy with the customer service. I will continue to take Naturewise Curcumin.
5.0 - Knee pain is 95% gone!
I was sceptical at first that this would really help my knee pain when squatting, but literally within 10 days my knee pain was 95% gone! I rarely put much faith in supplements, but this really helped a lot. And for the price per month it's a great value as well.
5.0 - Works
Been able to stop taking Aleve for knee pain. This works just as well or better.
5.0 - I have used Turmeric for sometime and I saw your ...
I have used Turmeric for sometime and I saw your product and decided to try it. It seems to work well and my knee pain is less after a long shift at Home Depot.
5.0 - It works!
NatureWise is such a great brand. I love that this Curcumin has black pepper in it for better absorption. I was able to get a BOGO deal with this that allowed for my husband to try his own bottle. I definitely notice less body aches at night when I take this. I was having intense shoulder pain when I went to bed and it is so much better with this. My husband has said his knee pain is better as well. We will continue to use this to fight inflammation. Thank you and as a designer, I love your packaging. :)
4.0 - I believe that this product has been helpful. I ...
I believe that this product has been helpful. I am a cyclist and have always had issues with knee pain on longer rides. I have been taking 3 Curcumin capsules​ per day for a month now and I have noticed the pain is nearly gone on the long rides.

2. Smarter Curcumin - Potency and Absorption in a SoftGel. 95% Tetra-Hydro Curcuminoids. The Most Active Form of Curcuminoid Found in The Turmeric Root (1 Month Supply)

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4.0 - Good stuff!
I have been taking this for 2 weeks for my knee and back pain. My knee pain has subsided significantly but the back pain persists.
5.0 - My knee pain is much better. This is the fourth brand I tried and ...
My knee pain is much better. This is the fourth brand I tried and it is by far the most effective.
4.0 - I really like this product
I really like this product. It's been helping my knee pains . I take it in the morning and it does hi not upset my stomach. The tablets are thin and very easy to swallow.
5.0 - Helps with knee pain
Very good quality and easy on the stomach. I will purchase this again
4.0 - So far, so good!
Have used this product for several weeks. It has helped with my knee pain. Want to wait 30 days before saying I love it, but so far so good.
5.0 - Pain relief and mobility
This product is awesome! No more aching joints! I all ready feel 20 years younger and starting to do so much more with my Granddaughters! No more aching hands and fingers, hip and knee pain almost diminished. I strongly recommend you try this product. I'm 70 yes old and feel like I'm back in my forties! Thank you Smarter Nutrition.
5.0 - Pain free! Great anti inflammatory
My knee pain is gone after a few weeks of taking this!!
5.0 - Helps with my knee pain.
Helps with my knee pain. Have more energy to exercise and enjoy life
5.0 - I rarely recommend products. It's just not what I do
I appreciate the opportunity to give feedback on this product. I missed to last step on a ladder in October and have suffered with knee pain ever since. Two days after starting this supplement, my knee pain disappeared! As a natural healthcare provider, I rarely recommend products. It's just not what I do. But in the less than three weeks that I have used this product, I have recommended it to several clients. My husband is also benefitting from this amazing supplement. Thank you!
5.0 - I love that it is a vitamin that adsorbs in your ...
I started taking the curcumin a couple of months ago. It has worked well to relieve my arthritis and knee pain. I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night. I love that it is a vitamin that adsorbs in your system and does not get urinated out with minimal effects. This product gives you maximum relief. I love it, and now I buy in bulk.
5.0 - Five Stars
been fighting knee pain for years and don't want to take advil etc.
5.0 - Knee pain, no more!
This product is Great! I have had constant knee pain, especially after the days I squat heavy at the gym. After about 2 weeks the knee pain has substantially decreased. Very happy with the results so far.
5.0 - Five Stars
Helped greatly with knee pain
5.0 - Five Stars
It has been significantly helping me with my knee pain, and it goes well with other products. It works surprisingly well. I had excruciating pain in my knee and later my wrist began to really hurt, but now the pain is gone in my knee and almost gone in my wrist.
5.0 - My back pain is almost gone and my daughter’s knee pain is so much better!
This really works. My back pain is almost gone and my daughter’s knee pain is so much better!
5.0 - Cane b gone!!!!
I love this product - Knee pain is really much better than it was before I took Curcumin. I can function much more normally now - Pain was terrible before.
5.0 - I had back, chest and knee pains. It ...
I had back, chest and knee pains. It hurt me to go up and down stairs. After taking this for almost a month, I am now running up and down stairs pain free, and I no longer have chest pains. I was having problems sleeping, but now I am getting more sleep. I was a little doubtful about buying this, but it worked on me immediately. I take one in the morning and one at night. Be sure to take this with at least a small amount of food, such as a cracker or a piece of bread. My cardiologist prescribed a pain killer for the inflammation in my chest, but I have been using this instead of the pain killer, and it worked on me. By the way, I also have diabetes and high blood pressure. I believe that this has helped me with those conditions as well as relieving my pain. Everybody's body is different, so I cannot guarantee that it will work for everybody, and of course you should not ignore your doctor's orders. However, this is well worth a try. You have nothing to lose. It might not work right away, but give it some time to work. Be sure to buy the Smarternutrition Curcumin, and not the copycat curcumin versions on the market.
5.0 - Love love it♥️♥️♥️
Love this product!!! I must say it may seem pricey but this one really works. Love had knee pain due to arthritis and its hard for me to bend down. With this product I feel like im in my teens again😘😘
5.0 - Joint pain disappeared
Being active and in my 50's I thought knee pain was something I had to live with. Not wanting to use ibuprofen daily due to its adverse health effects I only took it when the pain became unbearable. After researching natural alternatives, I decided to give Smarter Curcumin a try. Within days my joint pain disappeared and I'm happy to say it's a thing of the past. I highly recommend Smarter Curcumin.
5.0 - My skin is also looking better. It may be from other supplements too but ...
I was having more knee pain but I thought it was just from running and being on my feet all night at work. After taking the curcumin for about 3 weeks I have noticed my knees are not as sore and I can run again with very little pain. My skin is also looking better. It may be from other supplements too but I can really tell a difference.
5.0 - Five Stars
Helps with knee pain.
5.0 - Great product
I have recently been through elbow surgery with minimal need for pain medication. Also the chronic knee pain I've had is practically absent.
5.0 - Works well
Had shoulder and knee pain that has been bothering me on and off for years, cleared up in a week or so which is much faster than usual. Happy with purchase and will continue to buy.
5.0 - Love it
Knee pain is almost completely gone
4.0 - Four Stars
It seems to be helping my knee pain.
5.0 - If I could rate this 10 Stars I would amazing amazing product
If I could rate this 10 Stars I would amazing amazing product! In just less than a month my achilles tendon calcifications and bone spur problem is nil. It has helped my elbow pain knee pain and cervical disc problem neck pain I will not stop taking this especially since I was looking for something that was not a synthetic drug this is all natural healthy stuff to take and worth taking.
5.0 - It works!
Love this stuff! It has really helped ease my morning hip and knee pain. There is no aftertaste and the capsules go down easily. I don't ever want to be without it!
5.0 - Great Product!
For over 20 years I have suffered from knee pain. It came to a point last March that the pain and swelling in the knees was so bad that I could barely walk and went to Urgent Care. The doctor ordered an MRI of one of the knees and they told me I had osteoarthritis. When the pain started radiating down into the calf, I called my family doctor and he sent me back to the Urgent Care and they found a blood clot and put me on Coumadin and Lovenox blood thinners. I had a reaction to the Coumadin and they changed it to Pradaxa. I continued to have severe knee pain and I couldn't go up and down stairs at all. I went to the orthopedic surgeon after a month of suffering and he said that the only thing he could do was give me a Cortisone shot in the knees. He was hesitant to do it because of the blood thinners, but I was in so much pain I insisted. It gave me some temporary relief that lasted about a week, but then the pain and swelling came back. I was watching YouTube videos about health and one of my recommended videos was by a Korean Holistic Doctor. She recommended Turmeric. I use a lot of Turmeric in my food, but she recommended this Curcumin product. I decided to give it a try and ordered a bottle. I started taking two tablets four times a day. In a matter of three days the swelling started to go down and walking became tolerable again. I was able to walk my dog and go up and down the stairs. Because I was taking so much I ran out after two weeks. When I ran out the pain and swelling came back after a few days. I ordered a second bottle and it took five days to come. As soon as I started taking it again the pain and swelling reduced again and went away completely after about two weeks. I now take two tablets twice a day and I am a happy dude. I have used everything that came down the pike, creams, oils, poltices, pills, supplements, everything. Nothing has worked like this did. The only downside is that it must be very high in beta carotene because I got something called Angular Chelitis when I was taking high doses. Painful cracks in the corners of the mouth that are caused by too much Vitamin A. I used zinc oxide on those (baby diaper rash cream) with good relief. Now that I'm taking a lower dose, that is no longer a problem. I strongly recommend this product. You will start to see improvement in 3 to 4 days, but complete relief from your pain will take several weeks.
5.0 - I have experienced better blood sugar control and decreased knee pain since using ...
I have experienced better blood sugar control and decreased knee pain since using this wonderful product . Will definitely buy again!!
5.0 - Decent Replacement for My Usual Gummies
I’ve been dealing with knee pain/ burning sensation in knees since this past summer. I began taking this product three weeks ago, and the pain and burning sensation are almost nonexistent now. Cannot day for certain if this was a result of the curcumin, decreased physical activity or a combination of both.
5.0 - Reduced knee pain.
Taking the smarter nutrition Curcumin has reduced my knee pain and has helped my memory. It is highly anti-inflammatory and it is a good antioxidant.
5.0 - Have had knee pain for several years and since I ...
Have had knee pain for several years and since I started the curcumin the pain is almost gone. Told my family and friends about it.
5.0 - My knee pain is not only better (not fully gone but much better) but I'm feeling ...
I have had knee pain for the last 3 years. A friend suggested I look into curcumin. I looked around at several brands sold at my local pharmacy and Costco. I came across your video and decided to give it a try. My knee pain is not only better (not fully gone but much better) but I'm feeling a general sense of well being. This is all I am doing differently so it has to be it.
5.0 - Five Stars
Love this product! It helped with my knee pain within a week & I felt mentally sharper!
5.0 - It is easy to swallow and has helped to reduce the inflammation
I started taking the Smarter Curcumin due to knee pain with inflammation. It is easy to swallow and has helped to reduce the inflammation. Can’t wait to start my second bottle!
5.0 - Had been taking Turmeric for couple of years but I ...
Had been taking Turmeric for couple of years but I was still having some knee pain. Since starting the Curcumin my knee pain has almost been non-existent.
5.0 - So far so good!
I’ve been using this product for two weeks and I definitely see some relief on my knee pain. I can’t wait to see what can it do for my knee with continued use.
5.0 - ... and I have to say so far I am happy with it
I have been on this curcumin for about a month now and I have to say so far I am happy with it. Every morning (before curcumin) I would have pain in my ankle and I have noticed it has lessened, some days it’s not even pain. As a naval vet who didn’t get much help from docs, I am hoping this will eventually help with my knee pain. I am looking forward to seeing more positive from the curcumin
5.0 - I absolutely love this product!!
I absolutely love this product! Sets well in my stomach, has helped me with my inflammation and join pain and since I started using it I’ve been able to run w/o experiencing the horrible knee pain I used to feel.
5.0 - Better than the other curcumin supplements on the market
I've had knee pain for years and had tried a few different curcumin supplements. I can definitely tell a difference between Smarter Nutrition and the other brands I've tried.
5.0 - I’ve been using this product for nearly a year, and will continue. No more knee pain. Turmeric alone did not work. Good product!
I’ve been using this product for a year, turmeric and Glucosamine were not enough to ease my knee pain. This product puts the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin where they need to be. This product lives up to the claims, and I will continue to use it in my daily regimen, well worth the cost! Great product!
5.0 - Great price for great product
I like everything about this product, from the prompt shipping to the results of product. I'm on my second bottle and have been taking it for joint pain in my knuckles from carpentry work, neck pain from an injury, and knee pain just from sports wear and tear and it's taken away my pain almost completely.
4.0 - best product ever
In a few product less than a month my wrist and knee pain was gone...I know that it always depends on the individual assimilation process...but out of all the products that I’ve tried, this is by far the best.
4.0 - Pretty good product
Pretty good product. I’ve had knee pain for awhile now and I can see a noticeable difference. The only reason I’m give it 4 stars is because of the price. It’s a little on the expensive side but it has worked so far.
5.0 - knee pain no more
I always had pain in my knee and it is now gone our barely there since I've been taking curcumin
4.0 - Relief of knee pain 80 percent of the time, ...
Relief of knee pain 80 percent of the time, which is the reason I take it. I need bilateral total knee relacements and am putting off as long as possible.
5.0 - It works.
My knee pain started to subside after taking it for a week.
5.0 - Pain free and so happy
I was having shoulder pain in both shoulders along with knee pain, I am sleeping so much better at night plus my knee feels so much better. I am no longer afraid to go up and down steps. Best natural remedy I could ever ask for. I hate over the counter pain pills to many dangerous chemicals in them and side effects.

3. Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine Joint Pain Relief - Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant Supplement with 10mg of Black Pepper for Better Absorption. 100% All Natural Non-Gmo Made in USA

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5.0 - Good stuff
This has helped my knee pain in a matter of a couple of days.
5.0 - Five Stars
seems to help with my chronic knee pain
5.0 - No more knee pain!
My husband has terrible chronic knee pain and has had 3 knee surgeries. After 2 weeks of taking this daily he report no knee pain at all and that he feels better than he has in years!
5.0 - Five Stars
helpful with knee pain
5.0 - This Stuff Works!!
First of all I have to tell you that I'm the world's biggest skeptic when it comes to naturopathic remedies but this was a game changer. I have spent the last year suffering from severe knee pain. It had gotten so bad that even getting up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water was challenging due to my knee. As competitive dragon boater, this was problematic.
5.0 - This product is amazing!! My horrible knee pain is completely gone ...
This product is amazing!! My horrible knee pain is completely gone after only 2 weeks of use! I am a very happy customer!!
5.0 - Amazing product
I was skeptical of this in the beginning, but thought I'd give it a try just in case it would help my arthritic back and knee pain. I can say now after 10 days that the pain in my knee is completely gone and the pain in my back is more tolerable and I have cancelled my doctor appt. I believe I'm also noticing more energy. I am hooked !
5.0 - 5 Stars
I've struggled with knee pain for a few years, and I know turmeric to be one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory supplements there is. Not a fan of the strong flavor when using it as a spice however. So when these went on sale, I snagged a bottle. Perfectly happy with the product. I won't say it's cured my knee pain, but I know it helps.
5.0 - It works!
I am mid 40's, female, with knee pain. I decided to start taking this to help with my knee pain and to help with brain fog. (Aging sucks!) It has helped with both. I like to dance and it had gotten to the point where I would be limping for a week after dancing. Now, I do still have a little soreness the next day, but nothing like before.
5.0 - Product works
Had knee pain in both knees. Started taking Turmeric Curcumin and my knee pain is gone. Anti-Inflammatory is the what is product boasts, it works!!
5.0 - Great product!
Only brand we use. Fantastic product to help my hip and knee pain. You won’t be disappointed, we tried a less expensive brand and I sent it back. Clearly did not measure up to Vimerson Health brand.
5.0 - If you suffer from knee pain...
63 year-old, former distance runner, veteran of multiple knee surgeries and chronic [knee] pain sufferer. If it's for knee pain, I've been there, done that. I decided to give the turmeric a try, so I simply looked for Amazon's 'best seller' designation and found this product. I'm only on my second bottle and my knee pain is virtually gone...and I mean gone. If I could give it six stars, I would. Dollar for dollar, this may be the best money I've ever spent.
5.0 - (Knee pain) Working far better than I ever expected, and wildly quick, too.
I'm not all that into supplements, and don't know a lot about them. I've only been taking glucosamine/chondrontin for years, and it was giving me a certain moderate level of relief for knee pain. It took months to see any results at all. Another Viner recommended this to me, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed.
4.0 - Helps with knee pain
I take this for the inflammation in my knees. It really seems to help.
5.0 - Five Stars
Seems to be helping my knee pain!
5.0 - Relief from knee pain
I was feeling intermittent discomfort from a meniscus tear in my knee for six months. When I took two capsules of this product, I noticed that afternoon that the flashes of pain were not occurring. I suspected a placebo effect, knowing that relief does not come immediately. It is now eight days later. Other than the 24 hours after overdoing a workout, my knee pain has virtually disappeared. I am comfortable with continuing to take 1200 mg of turmeric daily, since there are no known side effects. I am thrilled that I took a chance on this product!
5.0 - Great product
I started taking turmeric to help with arthritis in my knees. I was skeptical, to say the least. After a few weeks, I didn't even notice my knee pain any more unless stressed.
4.0 - Decreased pain....increased movement.
I have experienced decreased knee pain after using this for 1 month. I suffer from OA and am pretty much bone on bone.
5.0 - Its worth a try for painful joints
This herbal med has given me a lot of relief from my arthritis as advertised. I began getting relief after about 10 days. My hands are still stiff in the morning, but no pain. No knee pain (or stiffness) any longer. My arthritis in the past was pretty painful, especially in the mornings and in cold weather.
5.0 - Super surprised at positive results
Love this stuff. I was shocked that it actually worked, I have a hard time believing things that are not backed by science and doctors and trials and what not. But these things legit made my elbow and knee pain go away. Huge ass pills but they work well
5.0 - This product is Amazing, been taking it for close to 2 months ...
This product is Amazing , been taking it for close to 2 months and my knee pain is GONE !!! Definitely recommend. Thank you !!
5.0 - Great for knee pain!
I bought 2 bottles & have noticed a significant difference in my knees; (I have joint arthritis) It works great for the pain!!
5.0 - Good for Knee Pain
Have torn cartilage in my knee. This has helped to alleviate the pain, not entirely but it is easier to walk.
5.0 - Gets the Job Done
This product took away all symptoms of arthritis in my hands-(never had that until I lived in DC area, with the unbelievable humidity!) So when I had knee pain recently due to a new workout regimen, I took it again. Greatly reduced my discomfort AND I can climb stairs with no pain. Gets easier every day.
5.0 - So far five stars. I have RA, spinal ...
So far five stars. I have RA, spinal stenosis, etc I always have increased pain when the cold wind comes from the north . I was and am sceptical of otç treatment but I am almost pain free in just a few days including a very cold north wind day. I almost think can anything work this fast but if it's a placebo I'm willing to keep taking it. It has only been a few days but my severe knee pain is gone as well as other including severe neck pain. I have ordered more for my son to try. I will update if the pain comes back.
5.0 - I beleive I found a miracle pill!!! NO PAIN after 3 days.
No joke. I am 35 years old with severe knee pain due to my weight. For the first time in probably 6 months I woke up with very little pain on the firt day of trying. Just on the firt day I noticed a difference!!!!!! . Its been 3 days and my knees feel wonderful. I can't wait to accompany this great feeling with some exercise which I believe is going to work wonders. Due to the fact that my knee is no longer stiffed. Very very good product. If only there was a weight loss pill that worked as wonderful and fast as this woohoo.
5.0 - No knee pain
Great product. I have had no problem with knee joints since using it so I went on Subscript and Save to make sure I don't run out.
5.0 - Really effective ..
Turmeric is a very important ingredient in Indian food and is it commonly used in almost every Indian dish. So I thought I don’t need any additional turmeric supplement but lately because of some injury , I was having bad knee pain so I thought of trying additional supplements because of its effect in reducing pain.
5.0 - Turmeric Curcumin really works
I love this product. I admit I was skeptical. after using the product for a month my knee pain is almost gone. I dreaded climbing stairs and would look for an elevator. Yesterday I climbed two flights with no pain. Amazing.
4.0 - I find that I still have swelling in my legs ...
I find that I still have swelling in my legs still. I can say I haven't had any knee pain in some time now. I have been taking these supplements for about a week. Will buy more if still no pain in the next two weeks.
5.0 - Tumeric Curcumin WORKS....even for dogs!
My orthopedic specialist had instructed me to take Aleve (NSAID) to help alleviate my knee pain from osteoarthritis... Unfortunately this drug caused acid reflux and a severe rise in my blood pressure, so I had to discontinue taking it. I looked at Amazon reviews for something more natural and read that many people were having good results with Tumeric Curcumin. I really did not expect much from what I knew to be a "spice", but decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise, I found that it worked as well, if not better than the Aleve....without the negative side effects. However was not convinced that I might be experiencing the "placebo-effect." Recently a good friend mentioned that her aging dog was suffering from severe arthritis for over a month and had barely been able to get up and walk. She was considering having her beloved pet "put to sleep." I suggested that she try the Tumeric, thinking that it would probably not be harmful to her dog. She went home and tried it...and called me the next day to say that her dog was up and walking around for the first time in months!!! That proved to me that I am not suffering from the "placebo effect"!
5.0 - Couldn't figure out what I was missing, oh it was my knee pain :)
Stuff works. Ordered more.
5.0 - I highly recommend this product
This is my second order of the Turmeric by Vimerson Health. I have noticed a dramatic difference in my overall health. Especially the relief I have gotten for my arthritic knee pain. I noticed if I miss a couple of doses that my knee pain is back. I highly recommend this product.
5.0 - Works great with a good price
Works well and taking turmeric is just a healthy thing to do. Got these on sale and hope the price holds as both my husband and I take them. This brand is especially good for him as he has a lot of knee pain from a sports injury.
5.0 - Knee pain.
Great product! Me swelling and knee pain is virtually gone.
5.0 - Great product
I take it everyday for knee pain. Seems to help with the inflammation.
5.0 - this is a great pill for joint pain
this is a great pill for joint pain. i have two children that use it they are in their 50's with back and knee pain. and can go a day without pain that the pain pill have not been able to do.
5.0 - I Am Very Impressed With the Help this capsule gives me for pain
I have terrible knee pain and I also have hip pain and Turmeric Curcumin really helps. I have put it on automatic order.

4. Great Lakes Gelatin - Collagen Hydrolysate Kosher - Unflavored Protein - 16 oz

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5.0 - This is amazing! It has taken my knee pain away and ...
This is amazing! It has taken my knee pain away and my hair is growing very fast and my nails also.
5.0 - Miracle products
Love the products and after taking it for two weeks my knee pain is gone.
5.0 - Five Stars
Love this stuff! reduces my knee pain, as well as great for my hair, skin and nails!
5.0 - It works for knee pain
Got it for my boyfriend.... his knees completely stop hurting!
5.0 - Five Stars
Really works for knee pain and stiffness.
5.0 - Five Stars
Love it, helps with my knee pain a lot!!
5.0 - Really has helped my knee pain
After only using for a few days I noticed that my joints are almost completely pain free. I mix in coffee and do not notice a taste, and the product dissolves completely after stirring. I love this product and have purchased again.
5.0 - ... two weeks and my knee pain is so much better! I put it in my smoothies in the ...
I've been taking it for two weeks and my knee pain is so much better! I put it in my smoothies in the morning and my bone broth in the afternoons, no funny taste noticeable. I will be ordering more!
5.0 - Great for joints
any knee pain that i experience disappears overnight when I use this product. I'm unsure if it interfered with my metabolism-- when I started taking it I experienced weight gain, but I also had a lot going on at the time so I'm not sure if it was a result of taking this or something else. (I began taking Kelp supplements just in case, and I think that helped stop the gaining)
5.0 - Five Stars
Was struggling with knee pain and the typical joint care products were not helping. This significantly helped.
5.0 - 45 to 35 years old.
I performed some research before I decided to purchase this item. I read through reviews on different sites about the use of hydrolyzed collagen. I decided to try this particular brand of collagen, and I'm glad I did. After one week of use, I have greater mobility in my range of motion. I have mild scoliosis with one leg slightly shorter than the other. I was diagnosed 7 years ago by a chiropractor. Since I exercise daily, I started having painful issues with my knees, hips, and lower back. I blew my knee out twice from running, and it took months to heal. I started taking MSM , and it helped to reduce my healing time dramatically from the second knee blowout. When I came across an article on collagen, I wanted to know if it was something that could benefit me. Since taking the collagen, and MSM, I don't have the "snap, crackle, and pop" of my joints when I get out of bed in the morning. I can sleep through the night without having back, hip, or knee pain wake me from sleep. I feel as though I have regained 10 years of my life back. My skin is not dry looking, and the fine lines and wrinkles about the eyes are less visible. My skin has a more supple appearance, and feels soft and smooth. My hair feels softer, with a little less shedding than before. My nails have always been thin, but they have strength, and a sheen to them now. Another effect that made me skeptical after reviews was the effect of weight loss. For me, the collagen does have an "appetite suppressant" effect. I take the product on an empty stomach, then eat breakfast, and wouldn't be hungry for hours. I had to make myself eat dinner. I am noticing a slight change in my midsection because of it.
5.0 - So far so good
I started taking this for a few reasons...adding protein to my diet, a friend recommended, aiding in joints and such (I do CrossFit several days a week), I am in the process of trying to conceive and heard it could help prevent stretch marks, and I hoped it would help my hair grow stronger and healthier. I have honestly not noticed a whole lot of difference (I am finishing my second container, started about 2 months ago, take it every morning, sometimes at night too). With that said, I didn't really have joint pain before and I'm not pregnant yet so that could be why...I did have a friend tell me she didn't really notice the benefits until she stopped taking it, she noticed her knee pain was back. I plan to keep taking it if not only for the added protein benefit. I mix it in OJ. It took me a few times to stir it right and enough to avoid chucks. The good news is, even if you do get chunks, they float (so you can see them) or they stick to the glass but either way, you don't drink them. That would gross me out- a texture thing.
4.0 - I like it.
I just purchased a second canister. I am using this in hopes that my knees won't ache as much after my workout routines. I take 2 tbsp mixed in 8 ounces of water at night and so far I can truly say the knee pain has not been as bad. I actually didn't notice that it was making a difference until someone asked about my knees and I realized they hadn't been troubling me. It tastes kind of gross but I got used to it really fast. Now I barely notice the taste. I have never mixed it into any other than water so I can comment on what would make the taste better. I can give the following tip: you'll have quicker results dissolving it in luke warm to hot water. It'll dissolve in cold but it'll take a minute. I can't say if this gives you great skin (I actually think my nails are just as brittle) but I can say there's been a noticeable improvement in my joint pain.
5.0 - Amazing
Love this stuff!! Just finished my first container and my hip and knee pain is gone even with increased running. Will definitely continue using this!!
5.0 - I bought one Gelatin Collagen in the middle of November ...
I bought one Gelatin Collagen in the middle of November last year and I don't remember exactly what for. Lately some knee pain was bothering me and I I saw the tin in the cupboard. There was some powder left in there and I started to add 2 tsp to my morning coffee. Within a week the pain almost disappeared and I can do some exercises I couldn't do before. So, I purchased a new one and will continue to add to my coffee and even use it instead of a creamer!
5.0 - Love this stuff
Love this stuff. Using it for over 3 months now and my knee pain is essentially gone. Hair, skin and nails are loving it too!
5.0 - Works for me
Possibly just what I needed. Have been using the product for 2-3 weeks now for knee pain and joint health. I have tried many different supplements but none have had the same result as this gelatin. I do an intense cycle workout 3-4x per week, this supplement has all but eliminated the pain associated with exercise and my joints feel better overall. The results are MUCH better than I was anticipating. I truly hope that this works long term. The only downside is that its animal based, but based on the way I feel, I can get over it.
5.0 - I went to surgeon who recommended replacement surgery
Knee pain became unbearable. I went to surgeon who recommended replacement surgery, and put me on naproxen and tramadol, and told me to loose weight. Unfortunately, you need to eat with naproxen, ended up with an ulcer anyway. Pain just became worse, and I could not enjoy life, just getting up from a chair was painful, forget working out...A friend with knee problems recommended it, and I am shocked at the difference it makes. I have no pain when I wake, I can get up and walk easily after sitting for a long time, tastes fine, give it a try..
5.0 - Reduced knee pain...I think this is the stuff
I had an orthopedic surgeon recommend this product to me...I work out with weights 2-3 times per week and run a 5K 2-3 times per week...I was told this is an excellent product for active individuals.
5.0 - I had bad knee pain after running/exercising
I've been using this for about a month now. I had bad knee pain after running/exercising, so I thought I'd give it a try. I read reviews and started off slow with the amount. I only used once a day (at night with hot tea - perfect, can't even taste it in the tea). After about 2 weeks I bumped it up to 1/2 amount in the morning and full amount at night. I have noticed my knee pain is gone. I can enjoy exercising now without any joint pain. I have not noticed my nails growing any more than usual. I do feel that my hair has grown longer (but did not make my think hair thicker, just grew faster), but if you're looking to use this for joint pain relief, I would recommend trying it out, just build up your dose as you go.
5.0 - My knee pain is gone!!
I bought this based on the reviews and figured I'd give it a try since it's not very expensive. I've been taking it daily for twelve weeks and all my knee problems are completely gone! I have two small children, one is ten months old. I began having knee pain when my baby was about three months old. If you've ever taken care of a baby or child, you know there is a lot of squatting and bending on the knees. I couldn't even sit on the floor with my kids because the pain was most intense when my knees were bent. They would quickly become strained under the pressure. Even sleeping was difficult because if my knee was bent during the night it would be very painful and slow to extend and straighten my leg. The pain began improving about 1-2 weeks after taking the supplement. And by the time I finished my first canister my pain was completely gone! I've bought a second canister! So give it a try!
5.0 - Stopped my skeletal pain
I am on my second can and have my third in reserve. Before using this powder, I have on and off lower back pain from a misaligned vertebra, knee pains, on and off plantar fasciiatis and some hip pain when walking. After a few days of taking 2 rounded tbls (recommended 2x a day) I became aware that my pains were gone. I continued on one serving a day mixed in my Atkins Zero Calories fruit flavored drink. No pain. I stopped for a few days and the pains returned. I'm back on it, still only once a day and can definitely tell the difference.
5.0 - Five Stars
I used this product for a year now and think it is helping with my knee pain.
5.0 - I use it for my knee pains and it is great. In two weeks I noticed huge difference in ...
Received timely. This was my second time I purchased it. I use it for my knee pains and it is great. In two weeks I noticed huge difference in pains and movements. Great product!
5.0 - I love this product
I love this product, I had a knee that was terribly painful and swollen. After two weeks of using this product in my coffee every morning, the knee pain is gone and the swelling too. I never miss a day of using this supplement, we even put it in our food like gravy and scrambled eggs, oatmeal, etc. Terrific product!
5.0 - Love it! An feel the difference in my body
Love it! An feel the difference in my body, help with knee pain, plus my nails looks more healthy 😍
5.0 - Great product --- I am sold
I suffer from knee replacement, including two revisions, and wrist surgery which required insertion of a metal plate. All the knee surgeries have caused major nerve damage for which I have been taking medication for almost five years. I also have constant major pain from planters fascitis and tendinitis. I have tried therapy and various medications with no relief. When I read about this product I figured that I had nothing to lose so decided to try it. I am happy to say that after two weeks the planters fascitis and tendinitis pain has decreased. I hope that it will eventually help with the knee pain and nerve damage. I drink it in a hot cup of water with a slice of lemon twice daily. After years of medications my hair started falling off and now it is growing back. However I cannot say if it is because of this product since I am also taking another supplement for hair loss. Either way I am sold on this product. I recently recommended it to others who suffer from planters fascitis.
5.0 - So happy with this!
This stuff is awesome. I have chronic lyme disease and have dealt with joint issues from that and previous weight lifting. Soon after starting this I noticed my knee pain was much better and I could straighten it all the way (for the first time in years). I'm going to order more as soon as I run out of it!
5.0 - It works
It wasn't the main reason I was taking this, but within 2 weeks I saw noticeable growth in my eyelashes - a nice bonus. I recommended to a friend, and she got complete relief from her knee pain due to cartilage damage.
5.0 - I have only been using for about a month but ...
I have only been using for about a month but can already see an improvement my knee pain as well as fingernails.
5.0 - No knee pain!!
Stopped my knee pain on the second day of use!!
5.0 - Awesome!!!!
Wow...I thought there was no hope for my knees until now. I was having daily knee pain which was really making it difficult to do my weight training...running was no an option but now it may be again! My knees feel great. My pain is so much better! Leg day at the gym was awesome! Before I was having to reduce the weight because it was killing my knees. Even walking up and down the stairs was painful. I love this supplement! Can't imagine not taking it and it has only been a few weeks!
5.0 - This stuff is amazing
I am amazed at the difference this has made. I have lupus and I honestly can't recall the last time I could make a tight fist with no pain or climb the stairs with no knee pain. I am on my third day taking the gelatin collagen and I have no pain in my hands, knees, back. I never thought I would feel like this again. I did experience bowel over activity the first day but it was gone after the first day.
5.0 - Has been helping with knee pain
We've purchased this twice, husband uses some in a breakfast smoothie 5 days a week. He has had multiple leg and knee surgeries and has had pain relief since consuming this regularly.
5.0 - Knee and joint pain relief
Great product, i used to wake up almost every night with severe knee pain. Since using the product everyday for the past month ive noticed a significant difference in my knee and joint pain and have noticed that im sleeping through the night now more often then not.
5.0 - I love this collagen
I love this collagen. I feel the difference in my knees! I am able to run and walk without knee pain.I take 2 tablespoons in my coffee in the morning and 2 tablespoons in mint tea in the evening. I recommend this product.
5.0 - Help With Joint Pain (If You Use it Regularly) and Provides a Protein Boost
One of those difficult to ascertain issues is whether this helps or not with joints. I think it does. In the last few months, I wasn't being as diligent as before using this product daily, and my knee pain came back after being essentially gone for a few years with daily use of this collagen. So, I'm conscientiously using this daily again and my knee problems are getting better.
5.0 - Husband has been using this product for several years due ...
Husband has been using this product for several years due to knee pain. It really has help to restore his knee.
5.0 - My husband has not complained about knee pain since I ...
My husband has not complained about knee pain since I started placed 2 tablespoons in his coffee every morning. This can - the green can - dissolves well in liquid and has next-to-no taste. In plain water, there would probably be some taste, but we always put it in coffee with heavy cream (we're THM) and he doesn't complain a bit.
5.0 - It really helps painful knees!
I have had the worst knee pain for a year now and been trying everything from doctor pain pills ,store pain pills, icy hot, tiger balm, and even juicing! Nothing was working at all.. I had the sharp knee pain all night long even laying down it was painful. No matter what position I lay.. it was a sharp pain. Anyways I tried this for a week.. twice a day and notice mild relief. I thought I just wanted it to work.. But by the second week the knee pain is all gone! I still have a little knee pain when I walk because of my weight. However at night no more pain at all and that was the reason I tried this for those sharp pains at night ...which had me in tears! Thank you for this amazing product I will keep buying.

5. Kirkland Signature Extra Strength Glucosamine HCI 1500mg, With MSM 1500 mg, 375-Count Tablets

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5.0 - Works well for me
I generally don't suffer from inflammation largely because of my diet but I began to experience some knee pain as well as recurring issues with a joint in my finger from a spectacular fall I took last year. I did a little research and discovered that this brand received high ratings from Consumer Reports since they actually deliver on what they say is in the formula. I've been taking these since November and I am completely pain free. On a few occasions, I've missed several days worth and I've noticed the absence so I'm thinking these pills really work to cut inflammation as promised. And, for this price, you really can't go wrong. Other brand are a lot more expensive and have been found to not contain the ingredients they claim are inside their bottles.
5.0 - I can climb the Mount Qomolangma
Before taking the medicine, I was on the stairs with a knee pain, after taking the medicine, I can climb the Mount Qomolangma
5.0 - I'm trying this because it's more economical than the swanson ...
I'm trying this because it's more economical than the swanson brand I've used for years and so far my knee pain has not returned which it would when I tried other brands.
5.0 - Less Pain
We have been trying these for five months now. I have less knee pain. It hurts less often. It hurts less when it does hurt. I made no other changes to my routines. She has less neck pain. I think this works.
5.0 - Knee pain relief
Helps to reduce swelling and pain in knees.
5.0 - Seems to help.
Has helped ease wrist and knee pain.
5.0 - Five Stars
Can't beat the price and they seem to lessen my knee pain.
5.0 - This supplement ended my chronic knee pain.
Thank you Kirkland. I am 65 years old and had begun to have chronic low level pain in both of my knees. A friend suggested that I try a Glucosamine supplement. Based on price and reviews I decided to try these Kirkland supplements. I've not experienced the knee pain in months now. I am not a chemist, pharmacist, nor do I have any medical background, but these worked well for me.
5.0 - I'm 75 years old, and have been using triple ...
I'm 75 years old, and have been using triple strength Glucosamine Chondroitin for at least 15 years, primarily for knee joint pain. It has always made a big difference in my knees, but I was usually left with some minor knee pain, especially if I pushed beyond my normal capacity. I had been buying triple strength Glucosamine Chondroitin from wallyworld for what I thought was a decent price, but about 2 months ago it completely disappeared from the shelves. Looking for a replacement, my first stop was Amazon, and because of it's #1 Seller rating, this Kirkland product was the first glucosamine product I looked at. While concerned about the lack of chondroitin, I gave this a try.
4.0 - Improved my shoulder and knee pain
I take these for relief from shoulder and knee pain. From what I have read, glucosamine should not be taken long-term, so I use it 6-8 weeks on/8-12 weeks off. It does seem to provide relief and improved range of motion in my shoulder.
5.0 - So far the best I've taken
I was taking straight glucosamine to help with recurring knee pain. The glucosamine by itself worked and made a noticeable difference after about 4-5 weeks. If I forgot to take the pills for 2-3 days however the pain came back. I was told to try it with the MSM so I bought this. The pills are a little large so if you have trouble with pills you may have difficulty but what a difference!! I went on vacation and forgot these but it didn't make a difference! 8-9 days without taking them and no pain! I am impressed enough to continue taking these long term. The only suppliment I have ever taken where I can actualy feel the difference.
5.0 - Great
Helps me with knee pain
5.0 - Good Price ! Product works as indicated
Very good pricing and quality is great have purchased Kirkland before and will again. I use because knee pain is reduced when I do.
5.0 - My knee pain is gone!!!! I ...
My knee pain is gone!!!! I can't believe. The actual process way slow and really unnoticeable until my friend mentioned knee pain and I realized it's been a year since my racquetball pain knees were any issue. Normally after the games I would feel knee pain. But nowadays I don't even notice any knee pain after the games. It was a gradual reduction of pain, so that's probably why I didn't think to write a review earlier.
4.0 - Two large pills, but helps to alleviate knee pain (though understandably might be a slight placebo effect)
It may be a placebo effect, but truly, I've had runner's knee for the past 4 years - every since I ran a marathon without training like an idiot (never again). But taking Glucosamine MSM regularly has alleviated the pain. It'll be two large horse-sized pills per serving, but it goes down just fine.
5.0 - Its a amazing stuff. Within 24 hours
Its a amazing stuff. Within 24 hours, the knee pain went away. I now can walk without knee supports for few miles without pain. The only complain I have is that pills are too big to swallow. I need to cut them into two, and eliminate sharp corners.
4.0 - Helps with knee pain
Helps well enough with knee pain, though I feel other brands did a better job. This is decent for the price.
5.0 - Surprising Results
My doctor told me I had to live with my knee pain because I was too young to consider a replacement. I started reading about
5.0 - Love these for heavy squats!!
My right knee started hurting due to squatting with bad form over the years. Bar too high on my traps, leaning too far forward going up, etc. Within a week, my knee pain is virtually gone!! I can now squat heavy again with right form, and I don't have to worry about my knee hurting on the way up
5.0 - must use as directed for best results.
as described and then some. will definitely order these again and again. my knee pain it almost gone. must use as directed for best results.
5.0 - No Condroitin, No Problem for me
I've been taking these for over a year and they eliminate my chronic knee pain just fine. Initially I was leery of getting a supplement without the Chondroitin since I've been taking Glucosamine-Chondroitin for years. I was pleased that the MSM seems to be a good replacement. Based on daily dosage, this 375-tablet bottle is a great value. Since I generally take only a half dosage (one pill per day), this bottle lasts me almost a year. I only take the full dose for a week or so at the beginning and if the pain starts flaring up again. That works for me.
5.0 - Good product
This is what the doctor ordered to help with my knee far, so good!
5.0 - No More Knee Pain
I've had little or no knee pain since I started taking these. If you're just starting out, be patient, it takes a week or two to get results.
5.0 - No more pain! :)
Been using this for a couple of years now. Elbow and knee pains after a badminton game is history! :)
5.0 - has worked for me.
After my mid-30s I had some knee pain while running or cycling. A few years later it began to really bother me. I had to scale back my exercise regimen to not further damage my knee joints. I started taking this, after a few weeks of taking 2 everyday I started exercising harder again and more frequently. I noticed my pain has been reduced between 80 to 90%. I've been really able to get back to being more active without having to worry too much. This supplement has been really life altering for me. Although I try not to pound my knees or overdo things, I'm not longer worried about the days when I really go out and torture my knees.
5.0 - Helps my knees
Not one to believe in supplements helping, I tried this product due to others claims. I have less knee pain after taking this product for 2 weeks. I've even stopped using the product and within a week my knee pain started again. Started taking this supplement and 2 weeks later my pain stopped. The price through Amazon is less expensive than any brick and mortar store.
5.0 - These took my knee pains away fairly quickly (within two ...
These took my knee pains away fairly quickly (within two weeks) and so far I'm very please with the results and ordered a second bottle to have on hand.
5.0 - As long as I remember to take 2 pills every ...
As long as I remember to take 2 pills every morning, the knee pain in my left leg is non-existent. Walking up and down the stairs at work used to be miserable but now it is bearable. This is now the second bottle of pills I have bought and will continue to buy when these run out.
5.0 - Works great...with added benefits.
I used this product a while ago and had great results. I had forgotten to buy it for a long time and just started using it again. I am truly amazed at how good it works. I have mild knee pain. It significantly reduces my pain. I also started getting euflexxa shots in my knees every six months, which works great as well. However, while I was on the shots I simply forgot about this product. I am a bit overdue for my current round of shot due to a problem at the pharmacy, which is why I started this again. I will continue to take it even with the shots for extra protection, as I just started running again. THE ADDED BENEFIT was what it does for a stubborn problem I have with psoriasis in my lower scalp. Not sue how this works, but it seems to alleviate it by 80%. My skin also is less dry. I'm a lifetime user now. My wife uses this product that I also started using 
Just wanted to say that I was having knee pains for several months which were getting worse, I could not fold my knees any longer without pain (i.e. yoga position) and going down steps were awful. For the past few months previously I was using another brand of Gluco & Condrotine with absolutely no relief, but after using this Kirkland product for less than 2 weeks, I got tremendous relief, now 1 months later, there is absolutely no pain. Terrific product, at a great price and value too. Will certainly keep on buying and using this.
5.0 - Five Stars
Truly does relieve knee pain.
5.0 - Five Stars
GREAT for joint and knee pain !!!
5.0 - Perfect for your joints!
I've had a few injuries and do a variety of workouts, and these keep my joints well-lubricated. I take a couple every other day, and it's perfect. I had knee pain for years until I started taking these. It's not psycho-somatic, because when I forget to take them, it's not until I notice the pain again when I realize I hadn't taken them. It is a natural lubrication that works excellently.
5.0 - great product
helps with my knee pain

6. Move Free Advanced Plus MSM, 120 tablets - Joint Health Supplement with Glucosamine and Chondroitin

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5.0 - amazing
I started taking this and within 2 weeks my knee pain was completely gone. I was amazed.
4.0 - Great product
Great stuff! It help me alot with my knee pain. I so recommend this.
5.0 - Works well in reducing joint pain
Bought it for my mother who said it worked very well in reducing her knee pain.
5.0 - No Sciatica pain for two weeks
I have been on this product for about three weeks. I do a one hour Pilates class twice a week and I am noticing a distinct difference in how I can workout better with less knee pain or sciatica pain or hand pain. I'm convinced it is this product helping me and I plan to keep on taking it. I started with two pills twice a day instead of the recommended 3 pills twice a day. I have had no stomach upset or side effects. I went off my NSAIDS before starting this regimen and so far I am mostly pain free and feel good.
5.0 - Great price on Move Free which is dependable high quality
Great price on Move Free which is dependable high quality. Glucosamine Chondroitin has worked to for 4 years now to keep my knee pain away besides those few times a got lax on taking the pills. Miracle supplements.
OMG, i used to have knee pain something terrible, until one day about a month ago i came across this product in Walgreen (which is way more freaking expensive smh) when I say these knees ain't been hurting since i've been taking these !!! But let me not take them for a few days, omg they hurt something terrible.
5.0 - Like it!
Keeps my knee pain away.
5.0 - This product really works if you have sore joints from over-use
This is the best Glucosamine Chondroitin product on the market, in my opinion. I've been taking it for several years, due to my knee problems that showed up when I turned 40. I was a daily jogger, but my knees started hurting due to the cartilage getting worn out, so I had to give up jogging. Now, I go to the gym and use the elliptical machines in lieu of jogging. I still had some knee pain, so I started taking Move Free, and the pain went away. A couple of years ago, I tried stopping the Move Free, and after a couple of weeks, the pain returned. I started taking Move Free, and within a couple of weeks, the pain was gone. It takes 2-3 weeks to notice any difference, maybe longer if you have more joint damage, but this product really works. If you have a sports injury like a torn ACL, then this product will not fix that. Also, even with Move Free, I had to give up jogging. I could have had knee replacement surgery, but I'd rather just take the Move Free, and use the elliptical machine for my aerobics.
5.0 - very good
Dad did years ago the leg plate operation, recently some leg knee pain, hope he can feel a little better, hope that useful,I'm from China 3Q
5.0 - Five Stars
Works great on my knee pain and the small size is really a plus.
5.0 - Once in a great while it threatens to come bavk but if i ...
This product has saved me from knee pain that had reached a 10!!! after three days of taking it the pain in my knee I had suffered with for months dissolved! Once in a great while it threatens to come bavk but if i take my mkve free and rest for a few hour's im goid as new! Best product i have ever bought on amazon!
5.0 - My mom is free to go around
My mom, 74 years old, suffers knee pain. Her doctor prescribed this for her. After making her purchase, l searched for it at Amzon where l do ALL my on line shopping. To my pleasure but not surprise (because l have always trusted Amazon to have the best price), l found the exact glucosamine here with a much lower price. I ordered a few right away. My mom takes them religiously. She is free to move around without complaining of any pain. She even went vacation to many far away countries and enjoys her old age with grace. She wont settle for any other brand now.
5.0 - Five Stars
I was very skeptical about this product but my surprise knee pain was gone in about two weeks.
5.0 - It's like a miracle
This works great for me. I took ONE and the next day my knee pain had disappeared. The pain was so bad I had trouble walking very far, climbing stairs was nearly impossible, and I had to be very careful standing from a sitting position. I continue to take just one per day, but that's just me. What a relief! I'm truly grateful for such a problem solver.
5.0 - Worked almost instantly on my husband's knee pain!
Got this for my husband, whose been suffering my knee pain for months. He loves it - and can now walk pain free - although steps are still difficult. Will definitely keep buying this product! I'm sorry we waited so long to try it!
4.0 - It helps alot
It's definitely been helping me out. I recommend it for anyone with aching knees or any kind of knee pain.
5.0 - Great Product!
I am a 39 year old female and just started having knee pain. This seems to be working for my needs. My knee wasn't injured but I started having some pain and cracking in my knee. It was affecting me wanting me to exercise because of the pain. Since taking one pill a day, I noticed my pain is almost 100% gone and the cracking is almost non existent. I think this is going to help me get back to life, as normal.
5.0 - Keeps the knee pain away!
Excellent product, great price. Sure beats store price! They keep my knees from hurting, allowing me to be more active and exercise. Have used it for many years, would hate to be without it. The pain would return and perhaps by now would be unbearable.
5.0 - This is the best. Helped me with knee pain before my total ...
This is the best. Helped me with knee pain before my total knee. Still using it with great results
5.0 - Awesome no more knee pain
Awesome no more knee pain! My doctor wanted me on prescription pain meds and said I'd eventually need a knee replacement. Instead this rebuilt my knee, I can now walk, run exercise with no pain!
5.0 - Good product.
Bought this for my mom. She always has knee pain when she walks a lot, with this she says she can walk more and it doesn't hurt as much.
5.0 - Does what it's suppose too..highly recommend!
Move-Free does what it's suppose to. After seeing good results with my hip pain, and my husbands knee pain I am now completely sold, and highly encourage you to try this product before surgery,
5.0 - Five Stars
as advertised. helps with knee pain
5.0 - joint pain
works well. has stopped my knee pains.
5.0 - Five Stars
Works and really ease my knee pain.
5.0 - Relief
Several years ago a chiropractor recommended glucosamine/chondroitin to relief the osteoarthritis pain in various joints. Because I cannot take anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) I was hoping to get some pain relief. Two months later there was absolutely no difference in my pain level. An acquaintance recommended that I look for a product that contains MSM as well, and this product was the only one available at the time. Thinking I had little to lose and maybe something to gain I bought a bottle. Within 7-10 days I noted a considerable relief of pain and stiffness in several joints, and I have been taking it ever since. When I happen to run out or forget to take just a few days' doses the morning stiffness in both hands, limited movement in one little finger, pain in a previously broken toe, knee pain etc. promptly return. Although I am by no means pain free, anything that turns down the volume and allows me to function better is appreciated.
5.0 - Worth it
Took about a week to feel the side effects, which what I read was about the normal time. I feel that it really helped with the knee pain I was having. My knees felt very weak before starting this and now I feel as if I got most of my strength back. I don’t like pain killers, so these were perfect. I never take them with a meal like it says to and I never have any issue.
5.0 - Works well
This stuff is very high priced. However, it seems to prevent knee pain. Importantly for those who don't like gigantic pills, these are about the size of a 1000 mg. vitamin C. Much easier to swallow and hence much more likely that you'll actually take them. This speaks to the basic rule of medication: If you don't take 'em, they won't help! :) I'm not sure how well the other Schiff versions work, but this one, which has all the ingredients they offer in it, is very helpful.
5.0 - Really do help knee pain
These really do help my knee pain. I suffered for many months before discovering them and now use them daily. Most days I am pain free.
4.0 - Effective but too large
This stuff works. I stopped taking it because I wasn't sure if it was actually doing anything and within a week I started getting knee pain after walking the treadmill. My only gripe is that you have to take three pills a day and they are way too big and get stuck on the way down. I've had one stuck in my esophagus for a half an hour and of course my brain was constantly sending panic signals so this was very uncomfortable. I found a pill splitter here from Apex that cuts them down but they still go down rough.
5.0 - Move Free worked well for me!
The product worked well for me. I will continue to take Move Free until I require a knee replacement! I had immediate improvement with my knee pain. If by the time you finish one bottle and you have not noticed any improvement in your arthritis then don't bother with the product.
5.0 - Works well so far
It helps with some knee pain. I only take 2 and every other day so I don't build up an immunity to it. I recently ran my first 5K this year and I was slow, but I could finally run without pain!
4.0 - Looks Promising To Decrease Knee Pain
In the past couple of years my right knee has been causing difficulties, pain and decreased ability to rotate. My physician has told me it is arthritis. I have arthritis in my spine and knee. He does not feel that any type if surgery would be effective and recommended Aleve. Along with Aleve he told me that some people found relief from taking glucosamine and chondroitin. He did not have any particular brand he would recommend, and told me there is no research that shows this would indeed as dust with arthritic pain.
5.0 - Great product if you have joint and knee pain.
Shiff Move Free Advanced with 1500 mg MSM is a great product. I had a knee injury and had pain continually - Surgery was not an option and PT didn't help. If I take 2 - 3 of these a day I don't have knee pain. If I don't take it over the course of a few days, I can start to feel pain again. It worked for me.
5.0 - I have used them a week... after ...
I have used them a week ... after two months of knee pain I ran with zero knee pain tonight!!!
5.0 - These work Miracles
Love these. I had knee pain and Move Free allowed me to go up steps much easier. Update: After taking these for a few months, I can still say they work miracles on me. I could barely get out of the car or go upstairs. With Move Free Advanced Plus MSM I felt improvement within a week. I hope you do to. The only down fall is they are a larger pill, but slide down pretty easily.
4.0 - Move Free
Schiff's Move Free products are substantially better than other glucasamine-chondrtin products I have tried. I will stick with this one. It really helped my knee pain.

7. Superior Labs Boswellia Extract - Pure NonGMO Boswellic 65% Acids w/Bioperine Superior Absorption Zero Synthetic Additives - Powerful Formula Joint, Knees, Hips, Migraine, Immune, - 500mg Svg, 240 Veg

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5.0 - Works for me!
I'm always skeptical about whether any herb or even prescription medication will work for me. Boswellia has really surprised me in its effectiveness. Just 3 days after I started taking it, the improvement in my knee pain was astounding. I also have arthritis in my thumbs and had been taking ibuprofen several times a day. Glucosamine nauseated me and Meloxicam didn't make any difference at all. But the Boswellia has greatly improved my comfort level and mobility in my hands. I'm really satisfied with this product's performance. Although pills are always hard for me to swallow, I just stick the capsule into a spoon of applesauce and it goes right down. :)
5.0 - Great for joint discomfort
Works great, my knee pain has gone away completely and I'm not even halfway through the first bottle. I'm taking 2 caps twice a day.
5.0 - Knee Pain Diminished!!
After conducting some initial research on Boswellia, and learning that there are indeed some promising studies that indicate that Boswellia supplements can work to suppress pain and immobility associated with osteoarthritis, I started taking Superior Labs Boswellia supplement in an effort to reduce inflammatory conditions, as I suffer from osteoarthritis in both knees and occasional asthma when health is compromised by flu or cold. I am also greatly concerned with preventing additional cartilage loss and keeping pain from arthritis at a minimum. I lead an active life, as I am an avid hiker, biker, and routinely lift weights. Increased pain in my knees was affecting my ability to hike and perform squats and lunges without debilitating pain. Even rising from a seated position without wincing proved difficult. After taking Boswellia I noticed I could engage in all activities with not only less pain but experienced increased ease in physical activities. I experienced positive results within one week of taking the supplement. Getting up from the floor proved entirely less painful. I noted a clear decrease in my knee pain and increased flexibility. I was happy to learn that the supplement also addresses inflammation associated with asthma. Since beginning a Boswellia regime, I have not been disappointed. Superior Labs Boswellia has proved more effective and trusted supplement for me. Superior Labs supplement delivers a pure product made from the herb with a high concentration of Boswellia acids: 65 % and 1 capsule delivers 600 mg, a real plus. I do fine on one capsule per day. The supplement is generally non-toxic and I have not had any adverse side effects. Too Superior Labs does not add fillers or binders to the capsule, a real advantage if you are looking for a high quality natural product. The capsule is also made from vegetable material. I highly recommend Superior Labs Boswellia supplement. So happy I discovered Boswellia!!
5.0 - Knee pain gone!
My knee pain is gone! It took a few weeks but it really seems to work. I have recommended it to
4.0 - Relieves knee pain
I started taking Boswellia several years ago for bad knees. Even though I was in my forties, on many days I had to use a cane to help me walk due to arthritis. I no longer have any pain and the supplement also helps with my other joint pain. I love the fact that the pills are 600 mg so I only have to take one daily instead of two. This brand is very economical.
5.0 - I can only recommend the product at this point as it appears it ...
My mother was having inflammation and tenderness on her knee's after some research I came upon bosweilia extract. I was skeptical at first since I am not a huge believer in homeopathic remedies, but figured it wouldn't hurt to try. After 2 weeks of this along with penetrex cream my mother now reports her knee pain is relieved. She stopped taking it for a week and her pain flared up again, so now she's taking it daily. I can only recommend the product at this point as it appears it provides pain relief for my mother without resorting to conventional medicine.
4.0 - Hi, I've been taking it for the past couple ...
Hi ,I've been taking it for the past couple of weeks,3 in the morning 3 at night for back and knee pain i have noticed a little decrease in aches and pains but i'm not sure if it's the effects of boswellia or a placebo effect ,i suppose i would have to continue taking it to make sure,but if it's helping then i'll be taking it for a long time
5.0 - A Godsend!
This product has been a godsend! I was suffering complications from a broken hip followed by a broken feimur when arthritis attacked my knee with a vengeance. Sometimes the pain was so bad I couldn't move. My doctors had no relief to offer. I've never been much of a believer in herbal remedies, but was ready to try anything. After only a few days on Boswellia the knee pain was almost completely gone. At first I was still trying to credit coincidence, or the weather, or something else, but after two months I'm convinced. The arthritis pain occasionally kicks in but then quickly goes away, and I've experienced no side effects whatsoever. I'm getting around so much better now, thanks to Boswellia; it seems like a miracle!
5.0 - Super product for easing joint pain!
I purchased this product for my mother who suffers from severe knee pain and difficulty with movement and walking. After taking Boswellia Extract, she noticed a marked improvement in her pain level and mobility. After a couple of weeks on this product, she commented on how much less pain she is in and that she is able to move much more easily. I am so happy to have found a great product that works for her!
5.0 - Great product.
Really works to relieve knee pain. Will recommend this to anyone with joint pains.
5.0 - Knee Pain, Locked Joints, Swelling Finally Gone!
I developed creaky, achy knees and hips 7 years ago when I started intense aerobic and weight training exercises 5 days a week. During a check-up my doctor found that my Vitamin D level was severely low and I also had some arthritis. I was given prescription Vitamin D2 50,000 units for 6 months and told to take OTC pain killers for the pain. Because my grandmother had debilitating arthritis and trouble walking, I figured I'd end up the same. I developed severe depression and gave up exercise and dancing....I know...bad move.
5.0 - Great Product!
Great product! I chose this for my knee pain! It is very helpful for reducing pain! Delivery was timely and the product was in good condition.
5.0 - Amazing Product!
I’ve been taking this for about three weeks now. I used to have to take Ibuprofen every night or else my knees hurt so bad I couldn’t sleep. About a week after I started taking the Boswellia, no more knee pain. I still have some persistent lower back pain that I’m hoping it will help also. So far no stomach upset or anything like that. Superior Labs got the product to me super quick also. Will definitely be buying from them again.
5.0 - Boswellia has eased my hip and knee pain
Boswellia has eased the hip and knee pain that I experienced due to moderate arthritis. A friend recommended Boswellia after it eased his knee pain. Except for the moderate arthritis, I am in good health, not overweight, hike, and practice yoga. I am very pleased that Boswellia has helped me so that I could stop taking the NSAIDs. I recommend this product.
5.0 - Reduced Knee Pain
This Boswellia Extract has really helped reduced the knee pain I have had when cycling. I will definitely continue to take it!
5.0 - This stuff really works for my husband!
My husband has lower back pain and arthritis in his knees. The pain in his knees has grown progressively worse over the years, and he thought he would eventually need to have knee replacement surgery. We read some information by the Arthritis Foundation that boswellia extract, also known as frankincense, can greatly help in alleviating arthritis pain. We felt he had nothing to lose, so we ordered a bottle of boswellia extract by Superior Labs. I am so happy that we did. My hubby has only been taking this for a couple of weeks, but already he has noticed a significant reduction in his knee pain as well as his back pain. He is becoming much more mobile and is able to do much more in the course of one day. We are excited to see how much more he improves with longer term use. We are definitely believers in this product.
5.0 - I love this Boswellia extract
I love this Boswellia extract! I have hip and knee pain and taking this brand of supplements has helped immensely!
5.0 - This Boswellia truly works!
This product has been very helpful eliminating the constant knee pain and tightness I've had lately. I've even been able to start running on the treadmill again! I am a very satisfied customer and will definitely be reordering.
5.0 - Great product
I noticed a relief in my joint pain after only about a week. Very happy with this product. I have suffered with back and knee pain for years. I am very pleased with this product
5.0 - It works for knee pain!
My husband who has been suffered from knee pain loves this product. He is an active tennis player and he said it significantly relieved the pain. I will buy this product again.
4.0 - I tried one twice a day and did not get ...
I tried one twice a day and did not get the relief I was looking for until I upped it to two twice a day which is the prescribed amount. I does take the edge off my knee pain.
5.0 - Works really well
Great for my joints, my knee pain is almost gone. Been trying alot of anti-inflammatory herbs, and I really like how well this works.
5.0 - Would recommend for knee pain
Helps reduce inflammation. Would recommend for knee pain. I like using natural products over prescriptions.
5.0 - Boswellia helped my knee pain
Fast shipping. Boswellia has helped me with a sore knee. It took about 2 weeks before I saw a difference. Seems to get better every day.
5.0 - Seems to have helped.
I've taken this daily for two months to help with osteoarthritis pain and mobility issues. Most problems on most days are a lot better than before. Still have a problem now and then, Last night it was my right thumb that hurt so bad... but had not been a problem before. May be a new "thing". IDK.. Seems like the knee pain is better on 80% of the days. Finger flexibility is OK most days whereas it was daily previously.
4.0 - works good!
Helped with my knee pain.... works good!
5.0 - I take this supplement religiously. It helps me with ...
I take this supplement religiously . It helps me with my knee pain and joint mobility problems. After a year of taking this product my knee pain is gone by 90% .
4.0 - Seems to be working after a few weeks
I've been taking it for a few weeks now. Seems to be working for lower back and knee pain. It takes a few weeks to build up in your system before you'll notice results, so keep taking it until the bottle is gone. I've been taking 2-3 pills per day.
5.0 - Knees and Back Good to Go, and getting Better in only Two Weeks
I bought Superior Labs Boswellia Extract over other brands due to its potency and purity when compared to other varieties. I noticed a marked improvement in knee pain and mobility within a week of taking the supplement. I had been experiencing some knee pain, especially when climbing stairs. I am happy to report that knee pain is now gone. I am also noticing some joint relief in my back. I have had a couple of bad falls that have left my back feeling tired and inflexible around the mid-back between the shoulder blades. I had assumed that there was some disc compression and arthritis in my back (confirmed by X-ray) that was causing the "tired and stiff"feeling. This, too, is improving. I have only been using Boswellia for about two weeks, but do feel better, and anticipate this trend to continue as joints are now able to repair and then the supplement will be a maintenance item for me to take daily. Excellent product, excellent quality and high potency. You will not be disappointed if you experience the results I have.
5.0 - This product by Superior Labs seemed the best with no fillers or other ...
I started taking Boswellia in a product with glucosamine chondrotin that was quite expensive and had moderate relief from knee pain. Then I looked around for just Boswellia since that seemed to be the ingredient that was helping the knee inflammation and I wanted a natural product rather than medication. This product by Superior Labs seemed the best with no fillers or other ingredients. I have had more relief from knee pain since taking this product than anything else I have taken. A very good product.
5.0 - Why mess with success
I learned of boswellia extract via my daughter's wish list. Ironically, a few weeks prior I had started taking glucosamine/chondrotin for knee pain, which I assumed was being caused by arthritis. I researched boswellia on/off Amazon, and based on what I read, I decided to give it a try. I opted for the Superior Labs product because of the great feedback by others. I've now been taking boswellia for a few weeks, and I have definitely noticed a reduction in pain. Since I've also continued with the glucosamine, I honestly cannot say if it's the result of one product, or the combination of the two. Right now, I'm just happy to be in less pain, so I will continue with the status quo.
5.0 - Superior describes the quality, it's not just a name.
As a long time sufferer of hip & knee pains, some from intense weight lifting and some from RA developing, I had sought some herbal relief due to the unwanted side effects of NSAIDs like spiking blood pressure. I had used Shaklee Joint Relief formula with some effect but Superior Labs Boswellia Extract has made a big difference in just a few weeks. Shaklee's just wasn't enough active extract but Superior's has brought me relief with no side effects. I'm walking normally and don't have much morning stiffness either. I highly recommend trying it for symptoms of pain, especially from inflammation.
5.0 - Works for me
I have been having knee pain for over a year now, tried lots of pain relievers & supplements, but the best reaction that I have had so far was after taking Boswellia Extract,and that after just 3 weeks.
5.0 - Helped my legs and knee pain.
Because of a severe hypo thyroid, I carry extra body weight that has affected my legs & knees. This made it harder for me to move around. After taking Boswellia Extract only a couple weeks, the pain in my legs and knees are a lot less and I can walk with more comfort.
5.0 - Knee pain & stiffness no more (Finally....a product that actually works)!
Plain & simple...this stuff WORKS! I had pain & stiffness in my right knee and although I was using a number of knee braces....the pain & stiffness would still be present after removing them. Since taking this brand of 'Boswellia Extract'....I haven't had any need to use braces any further (I'm walking without any pain/stiffness problems being felt in my right knee).

8. Turmeric Curcumin Complex with Black Pepper Extract - 750mg per Capsule, 180 Veg. Caps - Contains Piperine (For Superior Absorption and Tumeric Bio-availability) and 95% Standardized Curcuminoids

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5.0 - Best turmeric Curcumin i ever use it
Best turmeric Curcumin i ever use it . I am a gym person and having small issues in my knee joints . First i thought may be some excessive work out cause this pain but by the time i feet it's kind of going permanent . After using this supplement i can do high intensity excercise and no knee pain even jumping jacks are easy for my now . I love it and using this every day . The good thing is there is no after taste of it . I would recommend every one who would love strong knees !!!
5.0 - This helped me
I started taking this supplement because I had hip and knee pain that I thought was associated with wearing flats since I retired in 2010. The pain stopped early into the first bottle.
5.0 - This product is amazing
I was amazed how this product cured the severe elbow pain in both my arms. it hurt just to drive my car. Gave a bottle to my mother and her knee pain is all gone. Highly recommend this product
5.0 - No more knee pain
I've been taking this for 4 weeks now. Two in the am and two more in the PM. My knee (slight inner strain 2 years ago) is pain free for the first time.
5.0 - Really Works!
Great Product, Have used this for a while now, I have a bad hip and knees, Caused me to have a painful limp. Used this for a while, hip and knee pain was gone, I ran out and the pain came back. Started to take it again, Pain was again gone.
5.0 - I was having some serious inner meniscus knee pain while ...
I was having some serious inner meniscus knee pain while hiking. I started taking turmeric and have no pain at all. That is even after a 4 day PCT hike!
4.0 - Four Stars
It seems to be working very well much less knee pain
5.0 - Five Stars
Wife says it helps her knee pain.
4.0 - Reduced my arthritis knee pain.
I tried another brand and wasn't happy with the results. This one worked well and reduced my knee pain due to arthritis on a daily basis. I like that it is a natural product without the harmful side effects of Nsaids. Would recommend for joint pain.
5.0 - Five Stars
I have been recently diagnosed with the onset of arthritis and Pure Turmeric has alleviated my knee pain.
5.0 - Great joint supplement.
This is a highly effective joint supplement for the cost. Prior to using this supplement I had used Instaflex and Dr. Joints for elbow and knee pain from weight lifting/cardio 5-6 times a week. Instaflex worked really well but was about twice as expensive as this supplement, so I switched to Dr. Joints which was lower cost and worked but not quite as well as Instaflex. So I switched recently to the VitaBreeze supplement and it works easily as well as Instaflex, if not better. I'd highly recommend you try the VitaBreeze brand first as it runs about 30% cheaper than Instaflex on Amazon.
5.0 - My knee says thanks.
I have been using the product for a short time. It has already made a significant difference in my knee pain. I have been able to walk a few miles each day with little to no pain. Thanks.
5.0 - I've recommended Curcumin C3 to a few of my friends
Since I've started using VitaBreeze Curcumin C3, I've noticed a decrease in my nagging knee pain. I've recommended Curcumin C3 to a few of my friends, and they all report similar relief. Overall, I think my wellbeing has improved.
5.0 - Great results!
This product is wonderful! I started taking it because I was having joint pain in my knee from running. After just a week I no longer have any knee pain and I'm running even more than I was before! I have also noticed an increase in my energy level since taking curcumin. I take 3 per day after a meal.
5.0 - Joint Pains Gone - More flexibility - Pain free
Our Family Loves it. Joint Pains are a thing of the past. Knee pains gone. I can not overstate how much we love Curcumin. Also, after watching "The Truth About Cancer" series, where many of the doctors recommended Curcumin, it made me realize this is much more powerful than the MSM lets on. I like it so much, that I bought some for my other family members.
5.0 - love this product
love this product. this works better for my knee pain than taking chrondroiton and I had better numbers on my bloodwork that I just had. Keith L.
5.0 - and ginger for an anti-imflammatory breakfast and my day always feels so much better!!
Weaning myself off of advil for knee pain and I can honestly say that regular use of this product gives me similar pain relief. I empty three capsules into a turmeric smoothie with coconut milk, pineapple, and ginger for an anti-imflammatory breakfast and my day always feels so much better!!!
5.0 - Five Stars
Order arrived on time and product helps with my knee pain.
5.0 - I have found the turmeric supplement to be effective in ...
I have found the turmeric supplement to be effective in relieving knee pain from a two year old meniscus tear. I recently hiked a 180 mile section of the Appalachian trail and suffered deep blistering around the big toe nails. I used a poultice of the turmeric for two days and found solid improvement in inflammation and pain.
5.0 - Turmeric
Can tell a difference in knee pain and memory recall
5.0 - Helps with inflation
I've been taking Turmeric for several months now and can honestly say it helps in more ways than one. I originally had done some research on it for my grandmother with dementia but noticed it had other potential benefits that could help me as well. I am in my 20s and have almost chronic knee pain and this supplement has helped make it much more manageable.
5.0 - Relieved knee pain extremely well
For me, it works great for my knees. I had two orthoscopic surgeries on my left knee, which helped for a few months. Both knees were very painful when going down stairs. Sterioid shots every six months worked but I was concerned about the long term effects. For me to endorse this over-the-counter product is a first for me, as I am a great sceptic about all the claims for such items. However, on the recommendation of a triathlon competitor friend I gave it a try two years ago, and I've not given my knees a thought since. Unbelievable. I have no idea under what conditions and for who this product might also help. I'm making no claims. All I can say is that it works unbelievably well for me.
5.0 - I believe!! I was on Aleve and other ...
I believe!! I was on Aleve and other over the counter medicines but now this is what I take and my knee pain is gone. Give it at least a week of taking 3 capsules a day.
5.0 - I do take it with fat or oil in my meal or snack (or with a spoonful of almond butter or hunk of cheese) for better absorption.
I noticed less pain in my knees almost immediately and the results have kept improving to an almost unawareness of having potential soreness. In other words, my knee pain has practically disappeared! WOW!
5.0 - As far as I can tell, the turmeric is ...
As far as I can tell, the turmeric is doing what I hoped it would do. I have chronic knee pain & I take the turmeric to alleviate that pain. Your product is doing just that. From my reading, 750 mg is the suggested dosage so I appreciate your product offering that. Thank You!
5.0 - Good product
Product purchased for knee pain. Happy with results.
5.0 - This product is so great, I came BACK to it!
I bought this product awhile ago, and after a few weeks of usage, I felt almost giddy relief from my knee pain. I have osteoarthritis, and am trying to walk to stay loose and get healthier, but I have always been thwarted by the limitations created by my previous lifestyle. Taking VitaBreeze turmeric did the trick! Trying to make things easier on myself, and because I just love Costco, I bought their new brand of turmeric. Guess what--the pain returned. I took Costco's product for a month, and then stopped. Their product did not contain black pepper, and I think that really makes the difference! Anyway, I re-purchased VitaBreeze Turmeric Curcumin and now that it's been a week or so back taking this brand, I am feeling pain relief again. By the way, I take 3 capsules per day, before each meal, and I have never experienced ANY negative side effects. I am so thrilled because this product will allow me to continue to improve my health! Thank you for a WONDERFUL product, VitaBreeze!
5.0 - Knee Pain Relief
Tumeric along with glucosamine has given me major relief from pain in my right knee.
5.0 - Geat Curcumin. Stopped taking glucosamine chondroitin.
Did quite a bit of research before giving this a try. Wasn't sure what to expect but thought it would be worth trying as I am a 46 year old personal trainer with a bit of knee and joint pain. I have been taking glucosamine chondroitin for years and been happy with it but I had read so much about curcumin and how it can help with inflammation. After about a week, I noticed what knee pain I was having diminish. After two weeks I decided to go off the glucosamine and have been off it for over a month now. Before the curcumin, if I want off the glucosamine, my knees would begin to ache after a couple days. Now they feel much better. My elbow and wrist pain has dropped considerably as well. I chose this particular brand due to the cost, reviews, and potency. Plus it has the pepper already added so no worries there. I take two capsules every morning with breakfast and that's it. Not going to say everyone will have the same results but I am very pleased and will continue to order.
5.0 - It worked for me and my family and we will continue to use this product
While I don't take many supplements, I tried this product because of my knee pain. I am in my 40s and have been recovering from a knee injury for months (tendinitis, meniscus tear, and IT band pain). After giving it time to heal, I wanted to go back to lifting weights but the knee was constantly sore. I started taking Pure Tumeric Curcumin C3 and after a few days, I did notice less pain in the knee. I have been able to resume my weight training but I am going a bit lighter on the squats. I recommended it to my mother who has RA. After a week, she also noticed reduce pain and it has helped her as well. I don't understand the science behind the product but it has worked with joint pain, including arthritis, for me and my family. If you are having some joint pain or soreness, I would give it a shot to see if it will work for you.
5.0 - Turmeric works better and helps the stomach instead of messing with it
Was using ibuprofen for chronic knee pain but continued use was messing up my stomach. Turmeric works better and helps the stomach instead of messing with it. Going on my third order. When you compare brands do some math. Strength and capsule count per bottle this one is a great deal.
5.0 - Love it
Product is great! Have already noticed a difference in my knee pain due to arthritis, in just the first week. Would definitely recommend this product to everyone who is looking to relieve arthritis pain. It's a great anti inflammatory, and natural! Thank you so much for this wonderful product.
5.0 - Great product, has helped with knee pain that I ...
Great product, has helped with knee pain that I started getting during my runs. Wasn't immediate but with consistent use the pain faded. Would recommend to others.
5.0 - Five Stars
Excellent! Completely relieved by knee pain. Great for any inflammation.

9. Turmeric Curcumin C3® Complex 500mg, Enhanced with Black Pepper & Organic Coconut Oil for Better Absorption; Non-GMO & Gluten Free - 120 Liquid Softgels

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5.0 - Help for osteoarthritis of the knee.
I have been taking this product for about two years for osteoarthritic knee pain and it has been highly effective. It is a healthy alternative to over-the-counter pain relievers.
4.0 - So far so good
So far i have been taking two pills for my knee, which has been swollen and painful for months. All i know is the swelling has gone down and my knee pain has subsided significantly. I can fully bend my knee and even fold my legs now.
5.0 - ... for months now after first taking your product tumeric recommended by another nurse friend of mine
I am a nurse and I have had severe knee pain for months now after first taking your product tumeric recommended by another nurse friend of mine . I am allergic to anti-inflammatory medications and can not take them for pain . And regular over-the-counter pain medications have not helped . Since starting the tumeric I have had only one episode of pain in my knee and that was after driving for a long period. I was skeptical but now I am so thankful I tried your product.
5.0 - Great product!
I take this product with meals, sometimes 3x/day, but always at least twice. I have enjoyed a decrease in my knee pain since beginning this product. I also take your krill oil and MCT oil. :)
5.0 - For knee pain
I bought it for my mum, she said her knee pain was relieved for a bit
5.0 - I had been taking another brand of Turmeric for my ...
I had been taking another brand of Turmeric for my knee pain and saw no difference. Since taking the Sports Research brand my knees have been pain free!
4.0 - Like it!
I do hot yoga daily and am always worried about joint health and inflammation with such consitent activity. I've noticed a definite decrease in knee pain and overall less creaks and cracks in the beginning of class when warming up!
5.0 - good for achy joints
My doctor told me to start taking Turmeric for my achy joints. So I did my research and settled on this supplement. Most of the things I read about Turmeric said that it needed to be paired with black pepper to be absorbed, and that the pairing of the two would upset my stomach. This Sports Research Turmeric said that it was also paired with Coconut oil and that would ease the stomach issues. So I thought, what the heck, it's reasonably priced, so I'll try it. After taking it religiously for a month I can say that my joints don't ache anymore. I was having shoulder pain, knee pain and foot pain, that is all gone. Also, I've never had an upset stomach after taking the pill. I do take it with coconut milk right before bed, so I could be sleeping through any discomfort, but I don't think I am. The only bad thing I can say about this supplement is, the pill is huge! When I saw easy to swallow softgel, I thought it would be the size of an advil easy to swallow soft gel. These are probably 3 times that. I'm not a good pill taker, but I manage to psych myself into taking it every night.
4.0 - It really works
Great result. My knee pain goes away when I consume this product. It is easy in my stomach. I highly recommend it for ease the inflammations.
4.0 - Good Product.
Started w/ 1 cap daily w/ 2 tsp MSM daily for 10 days w/o effect. Increased dosage to 1 cap twice daily w/ MSM-effective relief of hip&knee pain. Good Product.
5.0 - i have very bad knee pain and with this supplement it’s gone
I’m On my third bottle, i have very bad knee pain and with this supplement it’s gone, i stopped taking it and my pain came back and when i started taking it again the pain was gone again, this is a magic pill for anyone with knee or joint pain especially if you lift heavy weights it makes it a lot easier to function at the gym and get good lifts.
5.0 - Since taking turmeric I easily take stairs and for someone who is almost 70 ...
I started taking turmeric about 2 years ago. I was having severe hip and knee pain with trouble walking up stairs and even getting into my car. Since taking turmeric I easily take stairs and for someone who is almost 70 I feel so much better even younger than my age. So happy I found this product.
5.0 - Good for runners.
I take 2 of these every day and it has helped with my knee pain as well as to recover faster than without. I haven't had any side effects so all good by taking them. Will totally recommend them.
5.0 - Works great for my knee pain... I'm a believer.
This really works for my knee pain and discomfort. I tried this complex before and felt quite a relief from my knee issues.
5.0 - Five Stars
Bought this to help with my knee pain and it has definitely been making a difference.
5.0 - I am 50, do rather strenuous workouts and suffer ...
I am 50, do rather strenuous workouts and suffer from knee pain and stiffness. I started taking this to help regulate calcium absorption but have definitely noticed a decrease in joint pain since I began taking it. I didn't even know that was a benefit.
5.0 - Five Stars
it has helped with joint pain and stiffness,helps knee pain
5.0 - This product is great! Has helped so much with my knee pain ...
This product is great! Has helped so much with my knee pain and other issues. This is my second bottle that i have purchased!
5.0 - Great product for inflammation I suffer with knee pain and ...
Great product for inflammation I suffer with knee pain and have seen a change. I also use it for other body parts and inflammation. I would highly recommend giving Sports Research a try.
4.0 - Four Stars
Take three caps once daily to help with knee pain. Seems to help relieve pain in joints.
5.0 - Turmeric is recommended as a supplement by AARP and others for those ...
I've been using this product for 26 days now on the advice of my acupuncturist for inflammation and knee pain. It seems that I have less pain now. Turmeric is recommended as a supplement by AARP and others for those over 50.
5.0 - Back for a second bottle!
This is the only product that has eliminated my knee pain and I won't go without it for that very reason. What more can I works! If you're sitting on the fence, I would recommend you buy a bottle and give it a try. My experience has been extremely positive and I highly recommend!
5.0 - I love the results
Started taking this product because of knee pain and after a few months the pain is gone. I love the results.
5.0 - Amazing product!
My dad has rheumatoid arthritis and is limited on meds he can take because of a fatty liver. This supplement has changed his life. He said it has decreased his pain by 75% and he gets around so much better! My husband has had knee pain for many years and finally saw an orthopedic doctor. They could not find anything wrong. He just started taking turmeric 1 week ago and said he has no pain now. Amazing product! They each take one capsule per day.
5.0 - No knee pain!
Just to give you a little background, I've had nearly crippling knee pain for more than ten years. One of my knees needed surgery in fact. I realized a long time ago that my knee pain and the degeneration in my knees had a lot to do with my diet. So, I started making changes in my diet and tried to reduce or cut out bad for knees stuff, and likewise I introduced certain supplements into my diet and that made a huge difference in my pain levels. At times I would even experience no pain whatsoever. However, recently I have been feeling the pain return so I wanted to do more for my knees. Then I discovered c3 complex turmeric curcumin. I read about the substance and saw a lot of positive reviews so I decided to experiment with it. I started taking two pills every night before bed. The effects were positive and immediate. I was so impressed that I decided that I'm adding this supplement to my routine for the foreseeable future.
5.0 - tried turmeric and knees slowly started getting better until a couple of weeks later
Knees in constant pain for months. tried turmeric and knees slowly started getting better until a couple of weeks later, no pain. Was not immediate relief, but slow relief until one day, I realized I no longer had knee pain. Was it the turmeric? Maybe.. Maybe not.. but I have been taking ever day for almost a year and pain has NOT returned.
4.0 - ... more than 2 months and it got a lot better! I almost don't feel any discomfort
I usually felt knee pain while exercising and been taking it for more than 2 months and it got a lot better! I almost don't feel any discomfort.
5.0 - Helps with my knees
I have taken turmeric for years and I like this brand the best since switching I have noticed and big improvement in my knee health. I take two in the morning I also go for long walks once a day about three to 5 miles and I do not have knee pain
5.0 - It works!
Never would have believed it unless it happened to me. My husband was the first to notice that he was able to move his finger that has been permanently bent and painful to straighten. I noticed I don't get out of bed like a 90 year old. The only thing different was the Turmeric. Like I said, I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't experience it myself, but this stuff does seem to work. I never miss taking it and my knee pain has become almost non existent and that was an everyday thing. I am sold on it. It is a little expensive but I am saving money because I don't take 4 advil every 4 hours!!
5.0 - Five Stars
it is really great for my knee pain
5.0 - Great stuff.
Of all the supplements I have tried for the knee pain my wife has, this works the absolute best. Gelatin works as well but seems to lose effectiveness eventually, where as this Turmeric Curcumin C3 complex continues to work. Great stuff!
5.0 - Less pain!!
My husband and I have noticed a huge difference since taking this supplement. His shoulder pain as well as my knee pain has greatly lessened. We believe in taking the right supplements and Sports Research seems to be the brand to take!
5.0 - Knee pain
Taking 2 per day for knee pain - seems to be working.
5.0 - No more knee pain!
I cannot believe how this has helped with me knee pain! I was taking ibuprofen every day. A friend recommended this brand to me and I ordered it right away! Since starting this I have not taken ibuprofen once. I have little to no knee pain. I take one capsule a day. Fantastic! I'm so happy to have an alternative to ibuprofen! Thank you for making such an amazing product.

10. NeoCell - Super Collagen Powder - 7 Ounces

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5.0 - Love it
Because of this product I no longer have knee pain!! And my skin, hair and nails have improved. I hope this product never gets discontinued!! Everyone should be adding this to their daily regimen it's a necessary supplement for a million reasons.
5.0 - This is the best natural healing powder for joint pain.
I love Neocell Collagen powder for all the wonderful benefits that I have received. I bought initially for thinning hair and noticed that I was more flexible and had no more knee pain.
5.0 - Eliminates Arthritic Knee Pain and Strengthens Nails
This is a much less expensive alternative to help with my joints than the Chrondrotin, Glucosamine, and MSM pills that I've been taking for years!! I'm not having any pain and I'm so excited with the huge benefits I'm seeing! Two thumbs up definitely!!
5.0 - Five Stars
Tried it for 1 month. Can see results, minimal knee pain.
4.0 - Four Stars
It has help alot with my knee pains great stuff
5.0 - Excellent product.
My hair and nails growing faster after I took it for a week. I used to suffer from knee pain, now it makes a difference.
5.0 - Great product
Love this product! I noticed about a month after using it, my knee pain is pretty much gone and my skin texture has improved. I mix a scoop with some Hawaiian Punch, and there's really no taste. Will purchase again
4.0 - I've been taking this religiously for a couple of months ...
I've been taking this religiously for a couple of months now. I add it to my black coffee and there is very little taste. I haven't noticed an incredible difference with my knee pain, but my nails are definitely stronger. Will continue to use for that purpose alone.
4.0 - Four Stars
still taking..... hope it works for my husbands knee pain
5.0 - Noticeable difference.
My husband and I both workout 5+ days a week. I have always had terrible knee pain, but just coped with it. We both started running in Vibrams, which completely changed our strike and helped my knee pain a little bit. But after having kids and gaining a little weight, it was back. So I started taking collagen. Holy moly, did it help. I have had zero pain for six months (I've been taking it for only seven months). We alternate this with another type. You can take types 1&3 together, and then 2 separately. Don't mix them though because they'll clump together. We mix a scoop of this into our regular post workout shakes. It's completely tasteless. My skin feels great, my hair is growing back after losing a ton post baby. I absolutely recommend.
5.0 - This product really works and the price is right, compare to other brands, have knee pain, then give it a try.
After using 5 containers of this product, I cancelled my surgery appointment for torned meniscus. This product worked for me, used this product before surgery, pain and swelling went away, then I cancelled my surgery.
5.0 - Great for smoothies.
I got this after reading about the beauty and health benefits of collagen type 1 & 3. I mostly put it in my breakfast smoothies and it is 98% undetectable. Sometimes I also stir into my coffee or orange juice. It doesn't dissolve quite as easily without the blender. But I think this is a good product. I can't speak much to the results yet, but I think perhaps I might already be benefiting from less knee pain when I go dancing.
5.0 - Five Stars
Help me very well with my knee pain
I started with my first scoop 2/27/18 and even though I was told it was tasteless by co-workers, I was still expecting a taste.....THEY WERE RIGHT, TASTELESS. The pain I HAD in my knees are GONE. I can sit in a chair and raise my legs WITHOUT PAIN. I have had pain in these knees for the last 10 years and I can HONESTLY SAY IT WAS GONE ONLY AFTER USING 2 SCOOPS. I WILL CONTINUE TO USE IT.....YOU HAVE MADE A SKEPTIC VERY HAPPY
5.0 - Will continue to purchase
I purchased this based on reviews, and can honestly say it's a fantastic product. I have suffered from chronic knee pain for years and I can really feel it when going up steps and thanks to this miracle powder I can say I am almost pain free!!!!! I just started using the product 5 days ago and could feel the difference by the next day. I purchased it for my 70 year old mother to see how it works for her problems as well.
4.0 - I am pleased thus far
I add it to my smoothie in the mornings. I have also added it to OJ and Tea. It doesn't alter the taste of the liquids. I have noticed my skin is becoming more moist and soft. I have also noticed that I am not having shoulder or knee pain. It has be almost a month since I have started taking this. I am pleased thus far!
5.0 - collagen
I took this product for my skin but also cuz I read that it helped joints. It took several months but I did find I needed less ibuprofen & had less knee pain. I will continue using it.
5.0 - Amazing product!
I don't think I could express my love for this product enough. I started taking a scoop a day in my coffee and with in two weeks I will tell you my body pain I have dealt with for years has disappeared. I feel like a teenager again because I do exercise with NO knee pain. My hair is growing and it's silky and beautiful. My skin looks amazing! Oh and let's talk about my nails, I never am able to grown nails because they are brittle and break easily well now they are very thick and growing.
5.0 - I would highly recommended this product
I have been using this product for 2months my hair has increase in thickness and my nails are much stronger. I was actually using this product for knee pain. My knee pain is totally gone and I can run on the treadmill. I could not run before taking this product. I'm a true believer it works. I would highly recommended this product. I'm now working on my third container of collagen .Please don't change a thing in this product.
4.0 - It works for knee pain
I've been taking this for about three weeks and it's definitely helped my knee pain. It hasn't cured it but it's much improved. I was having so much pain it was making running/cycling difficult, but now it's hardly noticeable. I plan to continue this supplement but might try another brand. I put this in juice in the morning, stir, and let it sit so the clumps dissolve. Take on an empty stomach.
5.0 - Amazing For My Knee Cartilage Issues
I was looking for a collagen product and was impressed with Chris L.'s review so I tried this one. I didn't know what to expect or if I would have any noticeable changes. All I can say is WOW! My knee cartilage started deteriorating when I was a kid so knee pain is simply part of being me. One day, about half way through the jar, I realized my chronic knee cartilage/meniscus aches and pains are gone. It's been 40 years (no exaggeration) since my knees felt this good. I add/remove supplements one at a time so I know what is/isn't working and this is definitely working.
5.0 - Perfect for keto. Tastes great in BPC.
LOVE! Completely tasteless. I add 1/2 a scoop to my Bullet Proof Coffee twice a day (which is half the recommended dose), and I have seen such an improvement in hair and nail growth and strength! I also noticed my knee pain went away that I had for years.
5.0 - like when I'd be at the movies
Cured my beau lines on my toenails. Also, I used to have knee pain while sitting for long periods of time, like when I'd be at the movies. After taking this for 2 weeks, I no longer have that knee pain. Great product!
5.0 - Great product
It really works! My hair and nails grow insanely fast, my skin is clearer than it's ever been, and it's helped tremendously with my knee pain.
5.0 - y knee pain has completely dissapeared Easy to drink with only water
I am taking these and magnesium tablets, for my knee joints, and day by day I see the improvement. y knee pain has completely dissapeared Easy to drink with only water
5.0 - It works!!!!
I started this on April 11th 2013, my expectation was to tighten the skin around my neck, well it has been just a short time and I notice the difference, my face smooth and glowing my neck is getting firmer , joints I do have knee pain not much but I don't notice any real difference there yet. I will continue to take this product.
5.0 - Amazing and delicious!
Love this product it has really helped with knee pain.
5.0 - I no longer have any chronic pain and have subsequently recommended it to my mom and aunt
I have been using this product consistently for 1 year. It is 100% effective. I initially starting taking this to manage severe arm and knee pain tcaused by a car accident that occurred years ago. I was doing yoga, stretching, weekly massages, and physical therapy yet, the pain persisted. This supplement healed the pain within 5 days. I no longer have any chronic pain and have subsequently recommended it to my mom and aunt. Before ordering this, I did a lot of research. There is only a very light taste that isn't noticeable in most juices or smoothies. I sometimes add it to my morning coffee as well.
5.0 - Amazing stuff! My knees are eternally grateful!
When I RAN up the stairs with ease and no knee pain, it was then I realized that this stuff works! REALLY works! My mother has stopped cortisone injections because of it. (She’s almost 82) My family members have ordered it and are reordering it. Bonus? My hair is growing quicker! And I do believe my skin is healthier looking. And I have more energy.
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