Using RU58841 to Reverse Hair Loss and Balding — My Results, Review, and Where I Buy My RU58841 (2019)

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Do you notice your hairline seems to be receding every time you look at the mirror? It’s true that losing hair can be distressing, especially if it’s premature or severe hair loss. It can be a blow to your self-esteem where you end up spending lots of money trying to save your hair.

This makes you wonder why and how hair falls, and if it can be stopped or at least slowed down. It’s easier understanding the problem if you first understand your hair better.

How and why does hair loss happen?

Hair is basically protein called keratin that’s anchored in by specialized cells called hair follicles. Hair follicles supply oxygen and nutrients to the hair root and lubricate hair with an oily substance called sebum.

Each hair follicle has dermal papilla cells at its base with a rich blood supply. They periodically enter a shrinking phase and shed, after which they enter their resting phase. Its during the resting phase that the cells divide and differentiate into the new hair follicle and grow into new hair, when an old follicle sheds.

Dermal papilla has androgen receptors and it’s in people suffering from androgenic alopecia that DHT binds to these androgen receptors to disrupt normal hair growth.

This leads to a longer resting phase and shorter growth phase. Besides, every time hair follicles are shed, the hair follicles produce replacement hair that is smaller and finer than the first. The hair follicles eventually produce hair called vellum that’s barely visible. This is when and why you feel you are losing hair and balding.

There are other reasons for hair loss besides genetics and alopecia. It’s sometimes the side effects of medications, illnesses, and medical treatments, after major surgery, during excessive stress and when in sudden shock. While hair loss in these cases is temporary, it can become chronic.

Hormonal changes or imbalances and excessive hairstyling or treatments can also trigger hair loss. However patterned hair loss is generally a consequence of genetic and hormonal factors. And it’s a quantitative trait where whether you will go bald or not is not important, but how bald you can go is.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to reverse age-related hair loss. It is, however, possible to stimulate at least partial regrowth of hair. While products like vitamin supplements or herbal remedies are not proven hair regrowth treatment options, there are some treatments which help slow or reduce hair loss or stimulate partial regrowth.

What is RU58841 and how does it work?

There are treatments like minoxidil that helps stimulate hair growth, with its share of side effects like scalp dryness, dermatitis, and itching. There are also prescription-only medication treatments like finasteride or RU58841 that helps block hormonal or androgen action in the scalp.

RU58841 is also known as HMR-3841 or PSK-3841, and is a non-steroidal anti-androgen. It was first developed in the 1980s for androgen blocking treatments which can help treat skin conditions like acne and male-pattern baldness.

Unlike other anti-androgens that just try to reduce or block the production of testosterone or DHT, RU58841 concentrates on treating the testosterone receptor.

As mentioned earlier, DHT triggers hair loss by binding with the receptor testosterone. On topical application, RU58841 enters hair follicles and penetrates the base.

It’s upon reaching the dermal papilla that RU55841 binds with androgen receptors to prevent, and block DHT from any possible binding with androgens. In other words, it protects the hair follicles from DHT and thus, prevents and stops hair loss.

Is RU58841 safe?

As RU58841 doesn’t activate the receptor or has an affect on testosterone or DHT production, there is no fear of it changing hormone levels. This means that as long as the treatment is localized and used only where required, it should be safe without any unwanted side effects.

Regular use on the scalp should help inactivate DHT receptors and stop the miniaturization of hair follicles. This in the process reduces or even stops androgenetic alopecia. Sold as a research compound

It is however sold as a research compound because RU58841 has a never been approved on the market. It’s mainly because it was rather expensive ten years ago, where only a few people could obtain and try out the compound.

However, it’s now available in the market at a cheaper rate and has been tried by many people. It’s in fact grown to become one of the most popular alternatives to finasteride.

RU 58841 is an OTC drug in Indonesia

Indonesia is an exception where RU58841 is available and sold as an OTC treatment for hair loss. It’s attributed to the country’s softer regulations where it is sold together with minoxidil to help treat and overcome hair loss. It, unfortunately, isn’t sold in America perhaps because while RU55841 can be legally manufactured and sold as a research chemical, no one can patent the drug.

No pharmaceutical company is ready to spend money developing the drug and getting it approved by the FDA and other regulatory agencies. They in the end don’t get much profit. Unless come company invests money in RU58841, it may not get formal approval as a hair loss treatment. It will only remain legally available for personal use.

Is RU58841 as effective as finasteride?

There are mixed reports by people who have used both products. Some who have used finasteride claim they had experienced side effects and reported not having side effects while using RU58841.

Similarly, there are also some people who have used RU55841 with typical anti-androgen side effects. There are also some who have reported getting better results with RU55841 than finasteride.

There is so much variance in results because like most hair loss treatment, there’s no single solution for everyone’s hair loss problems.

Finasteride is a drug that blocks the action of the enzyme 5α-reductase which reduces the body’s DHT amount and levels in the body. As this drug can treat other problems, Finasteride is FDA approved to treat both benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and androgenic alopecia.

It treats hair loss by reducing hair loss by 70% and there’s may also be some hair regrowth around the temples. All this however stops upon discontinuing the drug.

While studies indicate that finasteride stops and reverses the miniaturization of hair follicles, some early results on RU55841 indicate it is as effective as finasteride at preventing hair loss and is in fact more effective than finasteride at promoting hair growth, especially if used with minoxidil.

RU55841 is a topical agent that acts only on the scalp to block DHT from affecting the hair follicles. It however doesn’t affect the DHT levels in the body, which is why it doesn’t lead to any systemic side effects. Any side effects, if experienced, are dose-dependent and much more than the recommended dosage.

Finasteride is however taken orally as a tablet to reduce the DHT levels throughout the body. With DHT affecting so many normal functions in the body, finasteride’s oral dosage can lead to various side effects like reduced sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, reduced fertility and increased risks of prostate cancer and other male cancers.

The side effects may be permanent, and not go away till RU55841 is discontinued. Finasteride can even cause birth defects in the fetus of a pregnant woman and affect your mental functioning to trigger depression and possible brain fog.

Can you take RU55841 with finasteride?

There’s generally nothing wrong about taking RU55841 with finasteride. There’s, in fact, a report of difference in hair density after taking them together.

But people generally start taking RU55841 if they find the side effects of finasteride to be too strong for them to handle. Or if they find that finasteride doesn’t seem to be working for them.

You can also try taking RU55841with minoxidil first, and then, start taking finasteride for an additional boost, if needed. Does RU58841 affect systemic DHT levels or just topical?

No, as mentioned earlier, RU58841 does not affect systemic DHT levels because it’s topically applied to the scalp and not orally ingested. As there are no reports of people who have used RU55841 suffering from side effects like reduced sexual desire or erectile dysfunction, it indicates that RU55841 does not affect the body’s systemic DHT levels.

How to buy and use RU58841?

RU58841 can be bought as a pre-made solution or in the raw powder form. The pre-made solution is better and is ready for application. It is a better choice if you don’t want to mix your RU55841.

The raw powder form is cheaper but is flexible in usage. You can mix and create your own concentrations as required for an application. The most concentration is between 3- 5% and it’s not worthy, or practical going more than 5%.

Pre-made solutions consist of ethanol and propylene glycol or K&B solution which carries RU55841 into the skin. It over time has a film forming agent included in its formulation. People sensitive to propylene glycol prefer using the K&B solution as it’s not that harsh.

There are however more options for those who buy the raw powder form of RU55841. It can be mixed with minoxidil for quicker and better results than using either compound alone. You can, in fact, save money and have the extra flexibility in making your own blend if you buy RU55841 in the powder form.

Mixing, and creating a blend isn’t that much of a problem actually. It involves:

Buying pure RU58841 from sites like and having a scale measuring in grams or 0.01 grams. You can mix the powder in at least 30% ethanol or Kirkland minoxidil neogenic or K&B solution.

As 1% of RU represents 10mg/ml, you need 3grams of RU55841if you want to make a 5% RU solution with a 60ml Kirkland bottle. Add it to the Kirkland minoxidil and shake well. As RU55841 isn’t FDA regulated, it’s always better to buy the raw products and do the mixing yourself.

Remember, it’s important that you buy good quality RU55841, from a company that tests their RU for purity and identity. Anagen Inc is one such company supplying RU33841, and are transparent in all their dealings and results. How long will my RU58841 last? Will it expire?

Always store mixed RU58841 solutions in a fridge while raw powder should be stored in a freezer to maintain its efficacy as long as required. Storing it in cool and dark places helps prolong its life because exposure to too high or light temperatures only leads to its degradation.

It’s ideal to keep it away from light and store it tightly sealed in a fridge if mixed or in the freezer if it’s the powder form. Like everything else, RU55841 does have an expiry date, but if stored properly, it can last much longer than expected.

Two experiences with RU58841: Mine, and my buddy's

My experience with RU

I noticed that my hairline was receding. I was too young for it to be considered part of the aging process. I didn’t know what to do and approached my healthcare practitioner for advice.

He told me about RU55841, and how it wasn’t an FDA approved drug, but was really helpful at combating hair loss. As I had nothing else to lose, and I’d been tired of restricting my diet and taking vitamin supplements without any benefit at all, I decided that it was worth trying out this new hair loss treatment option.

And am I glad for doing so! Though I haven’t literally counted each hair strand, a look at my face and hair catcher proves that I’m losing less hair than I used to once lose. All it took was a few weeks of diligently applying RU55841 to my scalp to see a huge reduction in my hair and an increase in hair density with time.

My friend's experience

I am a bodybuilder with a receding hairline. I couldn’t afford to just start any hair loss treatment. It’s because most medications tend to affect my body’s testosterone levels, which proves to be unhealthy for my body.

I had to retain the DHT levels in my body to keep my libido intact and look better. I also needed a solution to my facial hair loss. So I started checking out forums and groups to find out more about hair loss treatment options, and safety for using them.

This was when I’d decided I had to get to the bottom of this problem using RU55841. I found out that most men who didn’t use steroids found RY55841 helpful at curing their problem, because there was no risk of ending up with erectile dysfunction, brain fog, and a poor physique.

However, I had also learned that RU58841 not only works better but also practically eliminated the possibility of suffering from any side effects, and future hair loss while thickening your hair.