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1. SmartyPants Kids Complete Daily Gummy Vitamins: Gluten Free, Multivitamin & Omega 3 Fish Oil (DHA/EPA Fatty Acids), Iodine Supplement, Methyl B12, Vitamin D3, Non-GMO, 120 count (30 Day Supply)

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5.0 - Hopefully things continue to get better. I have actually tried them myself and I ...
My 4y/o son loves them and he's on his third bottle now. I started him these after reading they could help children that may have ADHD when he started having behavior problems in daycare. After being in that daycare for 2 years I couldn't see now it could be the environment so I started him on the Smarty Pants. About a week later they kicked him out and he started going to a neighbor who stays home with her kids. His behavior has changed dramatically so it could be a combination of the two things, either way we are going to keep him on these. I will update at a later date when he starts PreK. Hopefully things continue to get better. I have actually tried them myself and I don't taste the fishy taste people are reporting. I think they taste good and they smell awesome.
5.0 - My kids love them
My three daughters take these daily. I love that they are getting high quality fish oil and they love the taste. Although, my six year old prefers not to eat the yellow ones. I don't know if it's a coincidence but my ten year old with adhd has gotten much better at school since she has been taking these. Her teacher commented that she has been able to complete her school work without constant reminders. I haven't had to help her with homework in quite awhile.
4.0 - Works a bit
My son is very hyper and figity, and more than likely has ADHD. Planning on getting him tested this summer. It does help him to focus a little bit. He's already a very smart kid and can retain info no problem, just focusing is a big problem. I think if your child doesn't have the hypertensive ADHD, these would work wonders!! I plan on keeping him on these and telling the drs to keep him on a low dose of his meds.
5.0 - Positive behavioral effects
My 8yo son takes these vitamins and there's a noticeable difference when he takes them. The dose is 4/day but I give him 3/day, plus a probiotic. Late last winter we had started experiencing some confrontational issues with him, or fighting more with his brother. I researched vitamin supplements for things like ADHD, and found the SmartyPants gummies have most or all of them. Based on our experience, I speculate that these vitamins have a positive effect some behavioral brain functioning. We will continue to use this product.
5.0 - So far so good
I love this product. I bought this for my son so he can be focus in school since being diagnose with ADHD. I am pleased to say the teachers are seeing results which is good. I'm proud of the outcome with these vitamins.
5.0 - Transformed my violent child, no lie
My 11 year old has ADHD and is bipolar. He has been on every antipsychotic and is currently on Abilify, which does help his violence, but he still had outbursts. I never thought adding these vitamins would transform him into the sweetest, most well-behaved child. After a month of being on these, I've lowered his Abillify & he is still doing fantastic. He has never behaved so well. I take these too, now, and I can tell a big difference in my cheerfulness - it must be the B vitamins. We both can tell a difference when we take them, and we are both very happy. Sometimes these are on sale at Costco, but otherwise they are cheapest on Amazon.
5.0 - Glad we found these vitmans
My daughter has been taking these for about 2 years. She has ADHD and noticed a difference once she started taking them and if she forgots to take for a couple of days we can tell. These vitmans have really helped and we have tired others but they did not taste as good so she would not take them. Thanks
5.0 - I really like that they give him a daily dose of nutrients ...
Will continue to buy these vitamins. They seem to help my ADHD grandson focus. He doesn't eat right as many 7 year old don't. I really like that they give him a daily dose of nutrients not found in regular meals. Love them.
5.0 - My son is borderline ADHD and the ADHD meds just ...
My son is borderline ADHD and the ADHD meds just made him not himself. So we ordered these to increase his Omegas and DHA in his diet. At first I didn't notice much of a difference, but the other day he didn't take them at all and I could definitely tell the difference. We started out with him taking 2 a day for a week and then bumped him up to 4. We is home-schooled and attends a co-op school twice a week so I have him take 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon after lunch.
5.0 - It really works for my kids they love it. It also calms down my son who ...
It really works for my kids they love it. It also calms down my son who has a trace of adhd.
5.0 - Ideal Omega 3's for ADD/ADHD
This is the FIRST time I've bought a supplement with the ideal ratio of EPA and DHA to help my child's struggle with Inattentive ADD... that she will actually eat! I am so grateful that this product exists, and actually tastes good enough for my kids to WANT to eat! The forms of each individual vitamin in here are the ones I've found research supporting their benefits.
5.0 - Huge positive impact for our ADHD son
I'm telling everyone I know about these vitamins. Our pediatrician recommended that we put our 6 year old with ADHD on a supplement with Omega-3 because we asked for options other than pharmaceuticals that could help him. The first supplement we tried was a total fail - our boys gagged and refused to take them. My only criteria this time was a vitamin that had the Omega-3s and had reviews saying that kids would take it. My kids don't love them, but they will eat them and have gotten used to them enough that they don't pitch a fit anymore. They taste kind of like Sour Patch Kids. These vitamins have changed our son's life. He was on a behavior plan at school and by the 4th day, I had a note from the teacher saying that he was having a fantastic week and what is going on. By the end of the 2nd week, we had a note 'WOW! 10 great days in a row! What a good boy!" Everyone from the family to babysitters to teachers to coaches have noticed the difference. He can stop and listen to direction better, focus better and interact more pleasantly, because he actually listens to what you say before talking over you or running off to do whatever he had set his mind to. It is unbelievable and this is the ONLY change we made. We saw a difference almost immediately. Is he perfect? No. He is still quirky and wacky and hyper. But the edge is softened and we can enjoy his quirkiness instead of tearing our hair out. Weird bonus - he is also more affectionate with us, giving hugs and kisses more easily and pushing us away much less. My older son with milder ADHD (9) has also been taking the vitamins and experienced some positive impact, but since we had less issues with him in the first place, the change isn't as remarkable. Still, all of his grades have moved up about 1/2 level (4-5 points) in the last three weeks since we started them and he shows more focus and initiative in his sports. We can't say enough what a difference they have made to our family. Before you start pharmaceuticals, give these a try for a few weeks and judge for yourself.
5.0 - They're so good! Also
My 3 year old loves these! They're so good! Also, she has ADHD and it's helped tremendously with that!
4.0 - Require too many to take
While I love that Smarty Pants has 100% of RDV, I wish that my daughter didn't have to take FOUR of the gummies EACH day. That mean's the bottle will ONLY last her 30 days. As she is adhd and takes other medicine as well, having to give her 4 extra vitamins can be torture some days. She is used to taking 2. Plus they are really gummy, so it takes a bit for her to get 4 down.
5.0 - My Son is 9 years old and has ADHD. ...
My Son is 9 years old and has ADHD. These Smarty Pants have helped him control his ADHD. Highly recommend
My 6 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD in early March of this year. Collectively, the doctor, my son's father and I decided to try other options before a prescription drug. I read reviews of this and other supplements. He started the Smarty Pants Mineral Supplement a few weeks before starting the SP Complete Gummy Vitamins. I thought I noticed a small difference with just the Minerals. After he finished the bottle of Kroger brand gummies he had always taken, he started taking both products -- the SP Minerals (at supper) and the SP Vitamins (at breakfast). We are not quite a month in with him taking both. Last weekend, a hair stylist who had not seen him in 4 or 5 months and did NOT know he had been diagnosed nor did she know about the two SP products he was taking, gave an unsolicited comment on how CALM he was. He actually sat and read a couple books he had brought along while I received a trim. The weekend before that, his paternal grandmother also commented "He actually SAT on my lap!!!" In the last couple weeks, he has been receiving verbal and written praise from his teachers (instead of ME receiving emails and phones calls). When his Kindergarten teacher told him recently that he did a "fine job," he told me that it made tears run down his cheeks! My sweet, sweet boy has more self-awareness and is PROUD of himself. There is nothing better than that!
5.0 - Positive behavioral effects
My 8yo son takes these vitamins and there's a noticeable difference when he takes them. The dose is 4/day but I give him 3/day, plus a probiotic. Late last winter we had started experiencing some confrontational issues with him, or fighting more with his brother. I researched vitamin supplements for things like ADHD, and found the SmartyPants gummies have most or all of them. Based on our experience, I speculate that these vitamins have a positive effect some behavioral brain functioning. We will continue to use this product.
5.0 - Highly recommend
Great for kids with ADHD
5.0 - Love these vitamins! Awesome!!!
These vitamins are by far the BEST children's vitamins we have ever had. I do not know why there are negative reviews. My children are picky eaters, so I wanted to make sure they are getting all the daily vitamins they need in their diet and this makes up for anything they might lack. My 5 year old son does not have ADHD but my husband and I have noticed how much more focused he is now with school and other things. He has really calmed down, which is definitely the Omega 3 in this vitamin. My kids did have to get use to the taste, but after a couple of days they started asking me for their vitamins every morning. I am so impressed with this vitamin and am thankful I found something that I know is healthy and helping my children's diet. I also take the adult Smarty Pants vitamins and love them also.
5.0 - Miracle Vitamin
My kids love these....they don't taste like vitamins at all. My son has ADHD and it seems to help too! Bonus! high fructose or dyes....yaaaaassss!
4.0 - This one is a winner!
We got lucky! My very particular 10 year old with ADHD and sensory issues actually likes this one! I give two in the morning and two in the evening (he has other meds he needs to take at those times, so it works out). He doesn't eat much so I like to know that he's getting at least some of the vitamins he needs!
4.0 - Great vitamin but shop around to save $$
Excellent vitamin that was suggested by our naturopath to help with attention and focus for our child who has ADHD. Sticking with the vitamin but at 4 a day the bottle empties very quickly. I was able to find 180 gummies at Costco for the same price as opposed to the 120 here. Sorry Amazon, too spendy for me.
5.0 - Great for kids with adhd
Great for kids with ADHD, we use this and kids focus factor together and have noticed a great improvement in our son in school.
5.0 - SOO GREATFUL to have found these vitamins!!!
My son is 5, he has had very bad attention and focusing problems. Preschool was quite difficult because the teacher struggled with him so much. It broke my heart. He couldnt sit still, couldn't look me in the eyes when i talked to him. It was so frustrating, i felt so bad for my boy. I was desperate to try something for a child that had ADHD. I didnt want him on medication, i wanted to avoid that at all cost. We bought the Smart Pants vitamins 2 months ago. He loves the taste, bonus there! Plus... I have noticed a night and day difference in him, the change is unbelievable!!! Its summer break now, a few more months till school starts back up. Im excited to let the new kindergarten teacher see how he's changed. So beyond greatful to have found these!!!
5.0 - I noticed when my son forgets to take them I can see the difference in his behavior these vitamins are awesome!
I have a son with ADHD and sensory deficiencies. Try not to medicate my child was a difficult decision and someone told me about these vitamins as an alternative. It is help my son tremendously and some of his ADHD symptoms have lessened and become milder it's a miracle vitamin in my opinion. I noticed when my son forgets to take them I can see the difference in his behavior these vitamins are awesome!
5.0 - Great vitamins! Great taste!
My daughter loves these, is part if our hollistic approach to adhd/spd,old, etc. I works great, it has everything in it. They're kinda pricey but they worth it for my babygirl! Overall i recommend.
4.0 - Great for helping with ADHD
My son has ADHD and is currently taking Concerta to help. I really didn't like how high of a dose he needed to fully function. I was told by his doctor that we should supplement methylfolate to help him to better metabolize the Concerta. I ended up having the doctor lower his prescription for the summer and decided to try the SmartyPants out. So far (It's been about a week) I am impressed with how well these vitamins work! He was on the lowered dose without vitamins for around a month and he was almost too much to tolerate (I considered calling his doctor and having the prescription upped again). However, I'm starting to see an improvement when taking the vitamins with the lower dose. Will definitely keep buying these vitamins so his dose of Concerta doesn't have to be so high.
5.0 - ... vitamins for my 5 year old because it had great reviews from other parents with kids who have ADHD
I bought these vitamins for my 5 year old because it had great reviews from other parents with kids who have ADHD. I was very hopeful that they would help my son. They made no difference for us in that situation, but with that said, these vitamins are not meant specifically for that. As a multivitamin, I love that they are not full of artificial garbage, and the ingredients are so much better than others being sold. I will continue to purchase these for my son. He loves the taste of them also, which is a plus for us parents!
5.0 - These vitamins are perfect. I remember hearing about fish oil/focus vitimans about ...
These vitamins are perfect. I remember hearing about fish oil/focus vitimans about 12 years ago when working with a child who was diagnosed with ADHD. Although my daughter does not have a diagnosis, I started seeing a decrease in her attention when she was preparing for state testing. I used these vitimans to see if they would offer a little boots in her attention span. We started seeing a difference in our 9 year old daughter within 1 week of taking them. She even remembers to take them every morning before she goes to school. I would recommend this product to any buyer.
4.0 - Good Vitamins
My son loves the taste which is a plus I dont have to fight with him to take them! I haven't seen much of a difference but its only been 1 week, I will continue with the product hoping that it will help with his ADHD.
5.0 - Five Stars
Picky 8yr old loves these! I'm defiantly signing up for the subscribe and save service!! Thank you. Its been five days since we started using these multivitamins. My Son's ADHD symptoms seem to have lessened and he's more focused. Also, events that would normally have led to a meltdown no longer seem to upset him. I love the product so much I bought the Womens multivitamins for myself. I even have my friends buying both products as well!
4.0 - Both my kids don't like the taste
The only reason I am giving it a 4 star is the price and the taste. I give my 2 kids 4 gummies everyday and it sure gets pricey. Both my kids don't like the taste. My son 8 years old has ADHD and I started him on meds. He was a different boy. After the meds would wear off he would become very aggressive. I had to stop giving him the meds because of his behavior.
5.0 - Got these for my 5 year old. Was looking ...
Got these for my 5 year old. Was looking for supplements to help him with his ADHD symptoms. Don't see a huge change or anything but he loves the taste. He asks for them every morning. Also a serving size is 4 gummies so don't think the 120 count bottle will last a long time or anything.
5.0 - Five Stars
These are a good substitute for ADHD meds
4.0 - Great.
My son was recently diagnosed with ADHD so instead of automatically going to medication I've been working with his diet, appropriate educational stimulation and vitamins. I was searching for a multi vitamin with not only a vitamin b vitamins but with omega 3s as well when I came across this. My son loves it. He doesn't taste the fish oil or vitamins at all. The only downside I've found is the cane sugar. From what I understand, and obviously I could be wrong, is that it's still refined, though not as refined as a standard granulated and for kids with ADHD refined sugars are "triggers" so to speak. I'm not asking for a change of formula, obviously, so hopefully it doesn't come off as such. But I do wish that something Iike coconut sugar instead of the cane sugar however I understand with certain allergies it's not feasible.
5.0 - Positive behavioral effects
My 8yo son takes these vitamins and there's a noticeable difference when he takes them. The dose is 4/day but I give him 3/day, plus a probiotic. Late last winter we had started experiencing some confrontational issues with him, or fighting more with his brother. I researched vitamin supplements for things like ADHD, and found the SmartyPants gummies have most or all of them. Based on our experience, I speculate that these vitamins have a positive effect some behavioral brain functioning. We will continue to use this product.
5.0 - most people are deficient in omega 3 not 6 or 9 good product
If your kid has ADD or ADHD try this product.
5.0 - Picky eater approved!
I was told about these from my son's school physiologist. My son has ADHD/ODD/anxiety/depression. He is not currently on pharmaceutical medication. These gummies were recommended and approved through our pediatrician due to the fact that omega fish oils can help with my sons conditions.
5.0 - Kiddos love these, ask for them everyday
Kiddos love these, ask for them everyday! I'm happy to have found fish oil that the kids love and I am happy with the ingredients. It is said that they will help with ADD and ADHD and I have seen a small difference in my youngest. Not huge, but small, I will take it.
5.0 - Great Vitamins!
I'm back for more. My kids love the taste and they take them daily. I am pleased with the ingredients. I have a child with ADHD and this was recommended on another website. I'm not going to pretend like this has cured her or anything, but I do notice the positive benefits from the Omega's that are in it.
5.0 - Proof is in the Puddin'!
I have been doing a lot of research on natural ways to help my, almost, 9-year-old son have an easier time in his third grade year at school and to have more focus. I found that Omega 3's can be helpful for kids with ADHD, which he slightly has. This brand had good reviews and I liked that they're called Smarty Pants, haha. My son is brilliant (I know that most mom's feel this way) and I have no problems with him at home, but he really struggled with having a good attitude about school and with all of the distractions in a classroom. I ordered these vitamins and after two weeks of taking them he finally started to have good days at school with good reports. His weeks leading up to this past one have not been the best with him constantly losing dojo points (students earn points for being respectful, responsible and ready to learn and lose them if they are not). You can see from my pictures that this past week is the first week that he has not lost one single dojo point! I don't know if it is just because of starting him on the vitamins, I also give him 50 mg of L-Theanine in the morning, but after adding the vitamins they seem to have done the trick. Yes, the bottle costs a lot more than the cheapo's you can buy at Walmart, but these have good ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, low sugar, yes there is a little sugar but there's more in a serving of kids cereal, and the added Omega 3's. Plus, I can't dispute the difference in my son's performance at school. The combination definitely seems to be helping. I will continue to give these to him and have signed up for the subscribe and save. I am beyond thrilled!
5.0 - He tells me he feels like his brain feels better
I bought these for my son. He was having some ADHD type symptoms. He has been on these for one and a half months and he loves them. His mood and behaviors are noticeably improved. He tells me he feels like his brain feels better.
5.0 - Bought these for my oldest to help with ADHD. ...
Bought these for my oldest to help with ADHD. Not sure if it is or isn't but I feel at least I am trying something. He loves them- looks forward to eating them 2x day.
5.0 - LIFECHANGING for our 7 year old son!!
I don't even know where to begin. Our 7 year old son tested off the charts for impulsivity, inattention, and hyperactivity in his ADHD evaluation and was diagnosed with severe ADHD in February of this year. He had struggled in school since kindergarten and received bad reports almost every single day from his teacher this year. He was frustrated because he couldn't control it, and we were distraught and all we wanted to was to do what was best for him. We wanted to help him so badly. I scrambled to find a doctor to set up and appointment with to discuss medication even though I am typically adverse to any medications for our family unless absolutely necessary and always seek natural methods first if possible. We were only a couple of weeks away from putting our son on ADHD pharmaceuticals. In a last ditch effort, I ordered Smarty Pants gummies and prayed with all my heart they would help. We also eliminated ALL artificial food dyes and began to eat as organic and clean as possible. After one week, we already noticed a difference. After 2 weeks, the difference was substantial. We went to his doctor appointment and she noticed such a difference that she was fully supportive of continuing our natural methods and even wrote a letter to support our decision to his school. The good reports started to come back from school and we are now almost 3 months in and we have only received a couple of semi-tough day reports. Overall his teacher has given us positive reports for weeks now and that has NEVER happened. His teacher even told us she no longer felt it necessary to have a support team meeting that they had arranged with several of his teachers and staff to strategize what to do next to help him because he has made so much improvement!!!! He still forgets from time to time and still needs redirection at times, but he was so bad before that he could barely even function and has now gone to fully succeeding and thriving! He is a completely different kid and we are eternally grateful for finding something that has completely changed our son's life and given him the ability to be the incredible kid he has always been. I tell everyone about these and joke that I would literally be their "spokes-mom" if I could because I love them so much.
4.0 - The kid likes them!
So, I just received these and wanted to leave a quick initial review. I bought these for my 7 year old who is a picky eater and who I know is missing essential vitamins. This is his direct quote to me, "They don't smell so good...", then he pops one in his mouth, "Holy crap, this tastes great!". Hoping to see a benefit to his focus and "adhd" symptoms, I'll try to post an update in a few weeks. The kid likes them, so far so good.
5.0 - We love these!
My kids love the taste of these. The three of them have ADHD and other learning disabilities, and while we haven't had their DNA tested yet, both their father and I carry the MTHFR mutation. Since they started taking these several months ago, my youngest has had improved behavior and performance at school, and my other two children have had noticeable improvements as well.
5.0 - My daughter takes these with ease and that says a ...
My daughter takes these with ease and that says a lot for a very picky child. I bought these to help with her ADHD.
5.0 - Great tasting
My son enjoys them too soon for me to report any effects on adhd

2. Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength Brain Supplement for Focus, Energy, Memory & Clarity - Mental Performance Nootropic With Super Ginkgo Biloba

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5.0 - He honestly seems to have a happier, more positive mood
I heard about neuro ignite from a friend and thought it would be a safe supplement to try with my son. He is a teen and has been struggling with ADHD and depression for a few years now. I was not able to see any results for about 1 week but now it is a world of difference. He honestly seems to have a happier, more positive mood. I was happy to see that neuro ignite contains St. Johns Wort because we have tried that in the past and noticed positive effects. He also said that his concentration has improved. The best part of neuro ignite is that is isn’t a prescription medication because those really seemed to wear him down physically and make him fatigued. We never wanted him to have to rely on prescriptions drugs so perhaps over time we can lessen those and keep up his daily neuro ignite pills (he takes 2 a day). I am ecstatic to see this difference in my son and I have confidence that this will continue. Highly recommended, 10/10 some good as s***. thank you!!
5.0 - He has sensory processing disorder and I'm pretty sure, I do as well
I was in a panic today. I realized I only had 3 pills of nearo-ignite left and my nerves have been way less rattled since I began taking them. My son is ADHD and so am I. He has sensory processing disorder and I'm pretty sure, I do as well. While I'm desperately trying to educate myself, I've been filled with extreme anxiety! Once I started taking nearo-ignite, handling all the stress has been cut in half! I can't be more grateful for this product! It has worked brilliantly for me. (I've tried A LOT of things too!)
5.0 - Great product. Just bought a second bottle.
Awesome stuff. It's a great alternative to my ADHD medication, and I've actually found it to be far superior in terms of mood promotion and focus. It's definitely a more natural feeling as opposed to synthetic stimulation. I felt a greater sense of general wellbeing after a couple weeks of use, as well as a more optimisitc and motivated approach to daily tasks. I feel more focused and capable at work, and conversations seem to have become more 'organic' and interesting, rather than a simple transaction of information.
5.0 - ... works thats all i gotta say i have adhd like crazy and this
I used this product for 3 weeks now and it works thats all i gotta say i have adhd like crazy and this works
5.0 - Very helpful. Calms my overactive brain down and lets me concentrate.
Fantastic! This helps calm my ADHD brain down substantially and makes it much easier to concentrate for longer periods of time.
4.0 - I really can't believe how amazing this product is
I really can't believe how amazing this product is !! I recommend not drinking any caffeine on this supplement I felt like I was on speed when I did. I work in banking and WOW I cannot believe how focused I am ! I have been really organized and getting all of my work done in a timely manner, I also am ADHD and I hate everything the doctor prescribes me it makes me extremely weird! I am very pleased that this product has worked wonders on me and its NATURAL !!!!
5.0 - Very happy with the product!
I am a senior and noticed signs of memory loss lately. It bothered me. I noticed improvement practically in a day or two!. Memory, mood,...improved immensely. What is even more important - is the ADHD kids this product helps. A preschooler had serious problems with focus, concentration and moved a lot in class. The mother gave him one capsule of NeuroIgnite in juice before bed and the next day he came from school a happy kid because he didn't struggle with his English in class! Big Thank you from me and those ADHD kids and adults who finally found help with no harm to the body.
5.0 - ... I can only describe as mind fog you can better understand what this product can do for you
If you've ever had to deal with what I can only describe as mind fog you can better understand what this product can do for you. I used to think everybody's mind worked the way mine does apparently we are in the minority. ADHD, and a lack of focus can bring all kinds of undesirable consequences into your life. I've been using these pills for about 2 months about every other day. The difference in clarity is something I had no reference for before trying this product.
5.0 - Helping my future
My fiancé has ADHD and it's harder for him to remember and struggled with keeping focused. He started taking this and now he is starting to get better with remembering and keeping himself on a project.
4.0 - Definitely recommend supplement
I'm on my second bottle this month. I'm experiencing noticeable improvements, especially around word retrieval and brain fog. I cannot definitively say that it's due to this supplement as I also increased exercise, meditation and eliminated coffee at the same time I started this. I feel that they are all working together to help increase my sharpness at work which requires a lot of multitasking, and the ability to rapidly switch from one type of task to another, each requiring a different type of brain function. My college-aged son with ADHD has just started also. I'm very interested in hearing his feedback and will post once I do.
5.0 - Great product!
Great product keeps me going strong at work and especially with my ADHD that is hard to do!
4.0 - So far, so good!
Am not quite sure about this yet. Have been taking it about 10 days. It's not major change but I do feel it helps me focus better which is why I got it in the first place. Being a bit ADHD, my brain scatters as the dust flies, the fan blows the paper across my desk so I really need help tuning it. I've been trying to decide if it's this or not but I believe it is. I'm hopeful this can help me focus and get my work done at last. Have had no physical side effects that I know of. A few headaches but I don't believe this was the cause, think it was allergies. I'm not giving it a 5 because I'm not quite sure. I'm going to keep taking it and hope for the best. So far, so good.
5.0 - Surpassed expectations.
Admittedly, I was hesitant. Supplements have mixed research, mixed reviews and mixed results. Biologically, everyone is going to react differently and that is widely understood as well. Having said that, after taking 2 a day for about a week. I was waking up with no fogginess and was able to lessen my dose of ADHD medication. It's steadily been getting better and better as I get close to the 3-week mark. Very satisfied with the product, the packaging, shipment arrival and the customer service. Personal email from ownership asking about the experience.
4.0 - focus
I bought this for my college aged son whose doctor diagnosed him with probable ADHD, but is very antimeds. I wanted to have him try this while he was still in school for the semester to see if he felt as difference. He has only been taking it for a week, but said he may feel a little more focused and definitely isn't experiencing any bad side effects. Wee will update later.
5.0 - Technician with ADHD seems to find success in said product.
So far I have been taking these for about a month and im noticing it does have some effect. Sure its not a super power super pill that some people are looking for that lose in the movies that make you think so clearly your a genius but it's the next best thing. You See I have ADHD and some times I cant think straight. I work in the technical field so concentration is the difference between a device working or not working ever again. So I kinda need to focus.
5.0 - Great for adhd.
I have adhd and recently tried to stop taking Adderall, I thought I would try this instead. It seems to be working better then the Adderall and without the icky feeling I get when the meds wear off.
5.0 - Wondeful
I ordered this product as a last resort to avoid taking pharmuatical ADHD medication. And I must say, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my mood, focus, and overall energy throughout the day. I was unable to focus in my lectures, constantly in an irritable mood and simply lacked the energy to make it through the day without a nap. Thus product has worked wonders for me. The customer support exceeds above and beyond anything you could expect. One of the owners even reached out to see how I felt about the product. I will indeed continue purchasing from this company, no doubt.
4.0 - pretty inexpensive.
I took the entire bottle, twice in the morning. It can't say it's a miracle drug, but some notable improvement to concentration. I cannot see how this would even be in the same category as any ADHD-treating medication. If anything, the placebo effect of taking it is real. All in all, worth a try...I'd assume it works differently for different people. I take many many vitamins daily in addition to health supplements and the occasional prescription drug. If you know you have a low tolerance to any oral medication or supplement, why not give it a try...pretty inexpensive.
5.0 - ADHD? You got to try this product!
I decided to try NeuroIgnite because I read reviews that this product could help those with ADHD. I was hoping the benefits from NeuroIgnite would reduce or eliminate my need for prescription medication. I currently take the maximum therapeutic daily dose of Adderall. Without the Adderall, I am unable to function because I am not able to focus and my attention span is limited. In the short time I have been taking the product, I have noticed significant improvement in my ability to focus and pay attention. I recently forgot to reorder the Adderall and had to go a whole day without. I was amazed I was functional without the Adderall. I was alert and focused. It has not taken away the need for the Adderall, but I am not taking as much. I do not believe I have been taking the NeuroIgnite long enough to get the full benefits, but I am confident my ADHD will be less of problem.
5.0 - Subtle, but effective mood and focus elevator
Like many reviewers, I was pleasantly surprised by the noticeable, but subtle mood elevation and increased mental focus. I don't have ADD/ADHD but was feeling somewhat scatter-brained with a busy work and home life. So far, I have not experienced any unpleasant side effects since taking a single capsule dose for the past 2 weeks. I look forward to seeing continued benefits of using this product.
5.0 - I don't like to take prescription drugs for ADHD and this has ...
This supplement has really worked. It keep me focused and on task. I get a lot more done since taking it. I don't like to take prescription drugs for ADHD and this has helped a lot. Will continue this for more months
5.0 - Really helps with focus.
My husband absolutely loves this product. He has adhd and says it really helps him focus at work. He hates to be without it.
5.0 - If you have ADHD, read this!!!
I have an EXTREME case of adult ADHD without hyperactivity and this does something to my brain that nothing ever has! About 45 to and hour after taking a capsule, the shutter effect that my mind experiences goes away and almost instantly it feels like I’m waking up from a lucid dream. The only other real way I can describe the effect it has on me is being able to see, smell, feel and hear everything all at one and remembering it all. I know that sounds like the plot line to Limitless but it’s not quite that. This is better in my opinion. I’ve been on Adderal, conserta and vivance and all of those drugs made me feel super robotic and had some other embarrassing side effects but this hasn’t had ANY side effects that I’ve experienced yet. So far I’ve only been taking them for a week and I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time. I’m way more positive about things because I can understand thing a lot better. ADD brains work hard every day but we drive 100 miles per hour in zigzag patterns to climb mountains while I personally feel that other brains don’t have to work as hard since they have a straight clear path (no offense to “normal” folks). So with that said, this product makes my mind go 100 mph in the right direction, thus giving me the mental advantage in most situations. I’ve tested this! Before, I would read at about 400 words per minute but only if I could focus long enough to finish but now I read 700 words per minute no problem. Can’t watch movies with subtitles? You can now! I watched Amalie with my wife finally (her favorite movie) and it was great! Sad that you can’t have conversations with people in loud busy places? This clears that right up. Do you get “cloudy days” ever other week or so because you just can’t focus, so much that words are hard? Today was my cloudy day and I’m super pumped about everything! I recommended this to my family and if they had stock, I’d buy it. Although I will say that I’m surprised that this isn’t somehow considered a drug because it sure does feel like it. It doesn’t impair me or hurt me though, so what ever. Oh and forget the energy drinks too if you’re addicted to them. This kills the need for those. I’d tell you something I don’t like about this product just to level it out but frankly, I have nothing bad to say. Buy it, especially if you have ADD like me!
5.0 - A great supplement for anyone with ADHD symptoms!
Keeps my 17 year old son focused for school and other activities. Keeps a Mom a little more sane :)
5.0 - Great Nootropic Alternative to Prescription Medicine
I heard about neuro ignite from a friend and thought it would be a safe supplement to try with my son. He is a teen and has been struggling with ADHD and depression for a few years now. I was not able to see any results for about 1 week but now it is a world of difference. He honestly seems to have a happier, more positive mood. I was happy to see that neuro ignite contains St. Johns Wort because we have tried that in the past and noticed positive effects. He also said that his concentration has improved. The best part of neuro ignite is that is isn’t a prescription medication because those really seemed to wear him down physically and make him fatigued. We never wanted him to have to rely on prescriptions drugs so perhaps over time we can lessen those and keep up his daily neuro ignite pills (he takes 2 a day). I am ecstatic to see this difference in my son and I have confidence that this will continue. Highly recommended, thank you!!
5.0 - Amazing ADHD Supplement
I was skeptical at first because of the price. I previously purchased other cheaper brands from Amazon, but they had side effects like major fatigue. I absolutely cannot believe how effective this product is. I have moderate ADHD and have taken Ritalin, which works wonders but caused me to lose my appetite. I can honestly say this supplement is just as effective as medicine, for me personally without all the side effects. I will be repurchasing.
4.0 - Nuclear Operator Assistant Nootropic
I'm working on my direct senior nuclear operator license. It's tough stuff and college was a long time ago. Getting back in the groove of studying has been tough. I was experiencing a lot of stress and a weird fog. Like if I did a lot of studying or took a long test my brain would wear out and I'd feel foggy, and would struggle to concentrate. I was worried I had something like ADHD or anxiety issues. One of my instructors even recommend I see a doctor about medication.
5.0 - Finally something that lets me focus.
ADHD and been searching for something that works. Finally able to focus on a regular basis.
5.0 - Seemed to help my son's concentration
I bought this for my son who has ADHD. He has been taking another supplement from another company and I was intrigued by the reviews. I didn't mention to my son that I had switched. His supplements are all mixed together in a pill box so he doesn't always notice but eventually he did. His response was a positive one though! He said he thought his concentration had actually been better so I guess I need to buy more!
5.0 - A Marked Improvement!
I am in my early 40s and was recently diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. I definitely could have used this product a few years ago when I was working on my Master's degree. Recently, I've begun interviewing for a new teaching position, but having an increasingly difficult time due to my lack of focus when answering questions verbally. I became desperate when, a few weeks ago, I completely bombed on this one interview. I know I sounded like a complete idiot, rambling, diverging from the questions into random anecdotes... It was painful. Of course, I did not get the job. But I did start researching information and remedies online. I read all of the good reviews about this product and decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! I've been taking 1 supplement per day for the past 2 weeks and I have noticed a marked improvement in my focus and clarity in subsequent job interviews. I am still on the job hunt, but I feel much more confident now about future job prospects. :o) I will keep taking this, and I highly recommend it.
4.0 - I feel this is a great natural, non prescription option for my attention span ...
I am now on my second bottle of NeuroIgnite! While I've never been clinically diagnosed with ADHD, it's an assumed fact in my family that I have it. My mom is an RN and says she's always known but never wanted to treat me medicinally for it. My fiancé takes ADHD medication and doesn't care for all of the side effects. I feel this is a great natural, non prescription option for my attention span and energy levels! I do still drink coffee but find this to be a great addition to my day. I plan to have my fiancé try his own bottle at this point to see if we can replace our prescription needs. Thanks NeuroIgnite!
5.0 - Amazing product!
This product is great! My husband and I have only been taking this for about 2 weeks and we can already see a difference. I have mental stamina that lasts all day and my husband has even been able to decrease his ADHD dosage. And the customer service is phenomenal! I definitely recommend!
5.0 - Great for ADHD
My son has been taking this for his ADHD!!! It has really helped him focus & concentrate more, which has really helped him be more successful with his studies! Will definitely be ordering this again!!!
5.0 - Wow I am now a client!
Worked well for my foggy mind especially as I don't get enough sleep. I take this after a night of hard drinking as well as it helps me get it together quicker the next morning. My family member has ADHD and I have him a pill and he notice a difference in 10 minutes. He also took 2 pills at once and he said it was amazing. I started to follow them on FB and there current promotion is a free bottle of this. Oh yeah! Thank I will be buying this consistently!
5.0 - Sharper by the day
This is the one! I am currently a graduate student constantly juggling multiple assignments, meetings, and recruitment activities. I take one pill a day and it really does make a difference. I feel like I grasp more in class, read much faster, and am much more effective at remembering concepts and even the names of people that I just met. It really is the natural, no side effect, version of ADHD medications. It is definitely a game changer.
5.0 - Works for our ADHD 11 year old!
We are giving this to our 11 year old son that has ADHD type behavior. I'm not ready to go meds yet and adjusting his diet as best we can and giving him one of these when he gets home from school has helped him focus on homework for longer stretches. We will switch to giving it to him in the morning instead now that we see there are no bad side effects. I don't suffer from any focus problems but took it for a couple days myself on an empty stomach to make sure there were no issues and I think it helped a little bit to keep me more focused on tasks in the morning.
5.0 - Works for ADHD
So far so good. Have been taking 2 a day for a week. Helps with focus and mental clarity.
5.0 - If you’re a college student or looking for a great stress/focus formula this is it!
I’ve been using this product for about a year now and the results are increidable. I don’t suffer from ADHD or any other known condition, but occasionally I will stress easily and as a result become very irritable. This product has helped me with this. As a bonus, it does give me energy and clarity throughout the day.
This product works!! I had been taking prescription medication for my ADHD and when I didn't have insurance anymore this was a life saver! Thanks to NeuroIGNITE I can function even better with natural ingredients vs. Rx!!!
5.0 - Daughter is pleased with results
My daughter is trying this product as a more natural substitute for an ADHD medication. Please do not take this recommendation as a substitute for a medical professional's evaluation. But for her circumstance, this product has provided similar results.
5.0 - Definite Improvement
I am an adult with ADHD. While I like to believe I have learned to control my symptoms (oh look butterflies...), it takes a conscious effort to stay focused, I get cloudy headed, and sometimes struggle to stay concentrated on a task which is frustrating. I haven taken a variety of prescription medications but do not like the side effects. I opted to try this product after reading the reviews and have taken it for a little over a month. I notice a drastic improvement in my ability to focus and mood. I feel accomplished when I finish tasks and am able to quickly recall information. It did not completely relieve me of my symptoms but made them much more manageable...without negative side effects to my body or pocketbook.
5.0 - Good for bringing order to an ADHD mind
So far so good. I work in IT and being able to concentrate at work is a must. While I would hate to say that I feel 100% improved, what I will say is that I feel like I have more structure to my day and my thoughts now than I did prior. This is after about two weeks of taking this every morning. Again I am not going say that after taking this I somehow feel smarter or sharper mentally, rather I have more clarity of thought and thought structure.
4.0 - Concentrating better at work
Prescribed adderall for almost 10 years. Decided the stuff is poison and that it was time to ditch it, but was always scared to because I was so reliant on it to do my job as an accountant. These have helped me stay focused and off my adderall. Highly recommend for any ADHD sufferers out there looking for a more natural approach.
5.0 - Thanks for a great quality product
1st let me say I'm very impressed with this product, I had begun feeling really sluggish and couldn't focus, but after taking these I noticed an immediate difference, I work in an call center which is very busy. I have been able to focus, w/o being tired and able to get through my days w/o drinking monsters and coffee. I'm even considering stopping my ADHD meds. Thanks for a great quality product.
5.0 - Perfect for ADHD/Depression
I have been taking these supplements for a couple weeks now and notice a significant difference. I have severe depression/ADHD and have tried a lot of different medications. When you have both disorders, emotions are out of control and it is nearly impossible to focus or complete even the simplest of tasks. Being on these I have noticed there is no more emotional spiraling and my motivation/focus has gone significantly up. I don't find myself constantly irritated and the brain fog is gone.
4.0 - Working for me but...
I've noticed a difference in me but not sure I'm seeing anything in my 9 yr old son. Pretty sure he's ADHD. I feel like my thinking is more clear. Not scattered all over the place.
5.0 - Almost felt like I needed to pull over but I am also ...
Bought these because I'm ADHD with anxiety and depression and have been struggling a lot with my concentration at work as well as always being tired. It's my first day using them and I can already see an improvement with my energy as well as concentration and mood. When I first took the pill, I felt almost high and it really caught me off guard while driving.. Almost felt like I needed to pull over but I am also taking this with my prescribed ADHD medicine which could have been the cause of this.
4.0 - NeuroIgnite Experience
I’ve been taking NeuroIgnite for about two weeks now, and I’ll be honest with you, the results have come in waves. The first day I took it, I saw a tremendous difference. I felt like I could articulate my points more clearly and concisely whilst also noticing an increase in energy/awareness. During the first week however, that energy spike almost increased too high as I felt almost anxious and so hyped that I was thinking so fast I couldn’t do. It made me feel pretty speedy like I was taking Adderall without having ADHD and sometimes it made it hard to fall asleep because I was so jittery. I don’t know if that could be from my body adjusting to it or the St. John’s Wort which has been known to increase anxiety in rare cases. On the second week I’ve noticed the mood boost is consistent when I take 1 but the focus level isn’t there unless I take 2. I'm hoping that once my body and brain get adjusted I'll see some concrete results.
5.0 - Great For Focus & ADHD!
I have been taking this for over a week and can absolutely notice the difference. I am much more focused, it's like the fog is gone! Will definitely be purchasing again!
5.0 - Holy cow huge difference!
The product took about two weeks to kick in. I didn't say anything to family or friends because I wanted to see if they'd notice. It has boosted my mood tremendously and I'm the bubbly upbeat person I was five years ago. My brain no longer has that "Lag" effect (giving myself a task to do then forgetting what that task was). My short term and long term memory has improved, I have to cram less for exams and my grades have improved. Whatever is in this has also reduced my impulsive speech and actions. Perhaps I had ADHD this whole time and was never medicated. Whatever the reason I want to continue taking throughout med school.
5.0 - A Great Alternative To Prescription ADHD Drugs
I really feel like this stuff helps me focus. I used to have to rely on ADHD medications, but I was growing concerned with possible side effects and health risks. Now I can feel mentally clear without taking these medications.
4.0 - Much more alert and focused!
Definitely helps with alertness and focus. I have a bit of adult ADHD and taking this has helped me focus. I found the effects were more pronounced in the first bottle. Subsequently, it appears my body has adjusted a bit. Bit still better than other products I've tried.
5.0 - I used this product while I was tapering off (and after) and I'm happy to say that it made the transition a lot ...
I've been taking Adderall for the last 5 years for ADHD. I didn't want to be dependent on this awful drug any longer, so I did some research and found this product.

3. #1 Energy Boost Nootropic Brain Foods - Focus Mood Memory Natural Nerve Tonic Anti Anxiety Stress Support Sport Enhancing Pill Stack Ashwagandha Bacopa Ginkgo Ginseng Phosphatidylserine DMAE Vitamin B

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5.0 - 5 stars
I think this is the highest potency adhd med you can buy without going to the pharmacy with a rx. No side effects besides I avoid taking it too late in the day.
5.0 - We have our son completely off meds now.
We have our son completely off meds now. That has made a world of difference for all of us and adderplex has been key to that being a successful transition as it has been for my sisters boy who was more ADD than ADHD but had a similar issue with getting off meds. Its a painstaking process that his doctor watched closely but we have had no major events through the process of adjusting to no meds and that is better than the lows and highs he had while on the meds sometimes for weeks on end.
5.0 - Works!
Works! Just started my new job and for the first time I remembered everyone's names right off - not bad for an adult adhd lazy perfectionist. My head feels wonderfully clear.
5.0 - I think I'm finally normal
I didn't like it. I loved it. It fixed me. My insomnia, anxiety, depression, fidgeting, lack of focus, paranoia and impulsivity are completely gone. As someone who's battled the symptoms of ADHD for more than 35 years, AdderPlex is my sanity. I have told all of my friends about how it turned my life around. I have the confidence to go back to school without fear of distraction or overwhelming emotions destroying my world. This is what I used to imagine it feels like to be normal.
4.0 - Great ingredients, great product...I like it!
I have been taking Adderplex for a week now and I definitely feel a positive difference. At first, I almost felt like I was slightly sedated, yet had more energy. I soon realized that what I thought was sedation was actually a lack of stress and anxiety--it's a nice feeling. I felt the calming effect, yet I had more energy to do things and I had more focus. My memory seems to be improving as well. To my knowledge, I've never had ADHD, but I've always suffered from mood swings. My wife was the one who noticed my mood swings subsided. In the past, I had taken Ginkgo Biloba and also Ginseng supplements, but not at the same time. This formula, which I believe is different than older forms of Adderplex, is very good and contains quality levels of Ginkgo Biloba and Panax Ginseng, as well as 7 other ingredients I researched below.
5.0 - it works
Works perfectly. Both my 10 year old son and I transitioned over to this product from prescribed ADHD medications and it's work just as the prescription medication but without the narcotics side effects. I noticed in both myself and my son, Adderplex took full effect after four weeks of taking it. What I appreciate the most is that this product does not alter my son's personality but he's able to focus, gather, and process school material as he should. I definitely recommend Adderplex. Will continue using it.
5.0 - Love it
Love it. I'm not an expert on herbal remedies but I can say that adderplex is the most potent adhd diet alternative I've found yet. I'm a label reader on everything. There is nothing in it I have to worry about my kids being poisoned by. Or worse having them suffer from a bunch of funky side effects. I've tried a few different brands for anti anxiety pills and this one's my fav.
5.0 - Truly happy :-)
For those of us who live with the ups and downs of adhd, I think there’s a lot you can do to help yourself and you can start today, I am such a happy customer and I would say that I dont regret anything about taking adderplex, plus this is made with organic ingredients which is safe and and it’s side effect free, AMEN TO THAT.
4.0 - Off the Concert
I took this rather inconsistently for a few months and did feel an increase in energy, a sense of calmness and an increased ability to focus. Due to being prescribed a different medication by my doctor, I discontinued taking it because of potential conflict. I should note that my physician reviewed this formula and had no concerns with me taking it prior to this new prescription. My son (13yrs.) has taken Concerta for about 5 years. Although the medication does help him to focus and control his impulsivity, the stomach pain, sleep disturbance and inability to eat became just to much for him recently. We needed to either try another ADHD prescription, or this. So far, about two weeks in, this is showing some positive signs for him. We are hopeful.
5.0 - Great alternative to Rx's!
I began to take this after tapering down the amount of Ritalin LA (30mg daily) I was taking for about one year. I took Ritalin to help with studying. I am a 33 yr old male who, for the past three years, took a total of 12 prerequisite classes for physical therapy school. I did this while working full time so I was overhwlemed with job responsibilities and studying/homework. I have an undergrad degree in sociology so ALL of the classes I took were science or math and VERY difficult for. I realized throught help of my therapist that I have (always had) adhd symptoms and never addressed them...I just thought I had too much going on and lack of focus was a result. Ritalin was amazing but I never planned on taking it long term. when I saw Adderplex I knew i had to try it. I've been taking it for about one month now and can say it has defniitely been working. I can sit at my desk and work for longer periods and actually FOCUS like I did with the ritalin. It helps me channel my energy into whatever it is that I am doing...doesnt make me jittery and has no 'crash'. Everyone reacts to drugs differently so your experience may be different. I never had a crash on Ritalin either...others do.
4.0 - Promising Product, quick to ship
Just received this today, so I cannot say how it is going to work for my husband. But I am excited to try anything besides prescriptions to help his adult ADHD. This looks promising, will update review soon. Shipment was very quick and easy. Thank you for this product!
5.0 - Everyone's reaction is different
It took a couple times but I noticed my mood change first. I have adhd, and havent been able to see the doctor yet. For my focus I notice I am more attentive in the morning if I take one at night.
5.0 - Works like a charm.
My daughter has been diagnosed with Adhd and it's not easy. My family has been taking extra effort doing everything that needs to be done and finding ways to alleviate her condition. She's 8 years old now. My unlce recommended this product and lately we are observing a huge difference. She is being attentive now and a lot focus. Words can't express how much I am so thankful. Thank you so much.
5.0 - Effective and SAFE.
I am really careful when it comes in choosing adhd drug. I make sure it is effective yet safe for my daughter that is why my choice is Adderplex. Iam recommending this because of its great quality.
5.0 - Thank you Adderplex!
It does exactly what it says. I love it. I have been trying different supplements and making lifestyle changes to help improve my ADD/ADHD without having to get back on the prescription meds because of the side effects I had. And this helps a lot! I wish it lasted a little longer in my system though. It keeps me calm and I can actually sit down and read books now and comprehend what I'm reading without having to constantly re-read every sentence or paragraph over and over. I love that they show you exactly how much of each ingredient is in it instead of like brands that use proprietary blends
5.0 - Recommended to us
A counselor at my Son's school suggested we try Adderplex because the side effects from the amphetamines he's been on are hard on him. The more I look into alternatives the more hope I feel that ADHD describes symptoms and doesn't mean my son is impaired or doomed to being labeled and to a life of psychoactive medications. I could write a book on what I have learned. I'll keep it short here and share our experience with Adderplex as an alternative to all that and hopefully inspire some faith in fellow parents that their kids can be drug free and still have a normal life.
5.0 - This is an excellent blend of herbs that don't cause me side effects
Replaced my ADHD meds in three months with zero issues. This is an excellent blend of herbs that don't cause me side effects. Nothing addictive either which is why I wanted off my meds in the first place.
5.0 - ADHD Natural brain supplement
It has been a struggle for m to keep my child focus on her tasks. She has ADHD and with the help of Adderplex a natural brain supplement. It help her to be more attentive with her tasks and I am happy that it has no side effects. She is taking it for 5 weeks now and I just love the results.
4.0 - I have ADD and I have been depressed and sad for awhile before stating adderflex
I have ADHD and I have been depressed and sad for awhile before stating adderflex. I started taking in and have some improvement in most areas, mood, energy and experienced none of the alleged side affects.
5.0 - Enjoying the results
I was looking for a natural alternative for ADHD to replace Adderrall xr. I found a lot of the reviews very helpful and decided to order the product. I began using this product immediately and found that within in a couple days I was much more focused and my mind didn't feel so foggy. Taking it in the morning with breakfast and one with dinner as directed. Being a huge worrier I am finding less worry taking this product. I will probably let my college son try it also as he also has ADHD.
5.0 - Actually what I was hoping for.
This type of purchase is always risky, you really can't know what your getting until you try it. I am actually satisfied with this product. I do not like RX meds out there for ADHD or ADD, they are just too strong and frankly, intimidating for me. This dose is actually perfect for myself and my boys. I waited for a little bit before sending my review in because I've had other experiences where pills will work for a few days and then sort of taper off, not this. Myself, my middle school and high school boys have had success with no sleep/eating problems. This is huge. I've consulted our family Dr. and he is on board with this as well.
5.0 - This is the natural way to treat adhd
These are the closest over the counter version of any ADHD medication. Will order more
5.0 - Worth recommending!
I have a son who is diagnosed with ADHD. what upsets me is that the product he used to take which is Adderall has no signs of progress unlike when my son started taking Adderplex there is a reduction of hyperactivity and it improves my son’s ability to focus. Worth recommending!
5.0 - Highly recommended!
This ADD/ADHD formula is one of the best on the market. Most of the herbs are super potent extracts and it is mostly organic. Many other nootropics formulas are ineffective and made with cheap ingredients. I have been taking this for some time. Not only has my ability to focus improved dramatically, but so has my mood. I feel more calm and present at work and in my relationships. Highly recommended!
5.0 - Alternative to adhd scripts that works.
I am relieved to find a natural alternative for adhd that works because I truly believe the scripts they had me on are worse than anything to begin with.
5.0 - I'm so happy to know adderplex
I found my son had ADHD when he reached 7 years old. I didn't want my son to take any medicine or pill whatever that gives him other side effects.
5.0 - I have had ADHD for my entire life...
Review of Adderplex to Improve Focus, Added Attention, Mood, Increase Memory, Concentration, Mental Energy, DR Formulated Safe Anti-Stress Natural Alternative With Ginkgo and Phosphatidylserine
5.0 - Incredible adhd diet supplement.
Good thing I was not fooled by the fake reviews of this incredible adhd diet supplement. I am overwhelmed that it has improve my mental energy and ability to stay focus!
5.0 - My 2nd grade son has ADHD...
My 2nd grade son has ADHD. I have had him on b-complex but decided to give this product a try. He has been on it for a month now and I just got a call from his school and usually that was about a trouble my son did but this however was a good report. Her teacher said that he has been improving and infact doing great for a whole week. He is showing more self control. Getting a good report really makes me happy and seeing my son improve is priceless. We are very grateful that we've tried this product!
5.0 - Amazing
Not sure if it is a coincidence or not, but my son with ADHD starting taking this after winter break and I have gotten great reviews from his teachers. Either he matured amd regained focus the same week he started this or... this stuff is AMAZING
5.0 - More productive
My son has been diagnosed with ADHD and I am having difficulty with his medicine. Good things I was able to find an alternative for adhd that has no side effects. He is more productive at school and has more focus doing his projects and assignments.
5.0 - Five Stars
My husband can tell a big difference when he takes these. He's adhd and they help him tremendously
5.0 - Keeps me focused
My family has a history with adhd, so it was actually my cousin that told me about adderplex and how much it was helping him focus. I have taken it for a few weeks with similar increases in my ability to concentrate and stay on task. Thanks cuz!
5.0 - Turned everything around
I'm am currently a stay at home mom who hoes schools 3 kids, I also have ADHD. I was looking for something to help with my ADHD that didn't have the horrible side effects of the prescription drugs. I have been taking AdderPlex for 3 days and the difference is amazing. I can focus and stay on task whether it's helping my kids or cleaning house, I now have the energy to get out of bed and do what hashe to be done. I would highly recommend this product, my husband and I have discussed putting our teenage son on it as well, he has ADHD aslo.
5.0 - Don't give up on finding what works for your child
I saw this in a show about natural cures for adhd (darn I can't find the link) and was so happy to find Adderplex on Amazon. Within a week our child is showing remarkable improvement, especially in his mood swings and school work habits. My advice is don't give up on finding what works for your child.
5.0 - I am shocked! These work...just not all day
My daughter is 12. She has anxiety, ADHD, and bipolar. She is on Prozac and Uridine supplements. All stimulants help her ADHD but when the meds wear off she rebounds and has side effects that aggrivate her disorders even worse like hallucinations, suicidal thoughts. I am currently searching for natural supplements for her focus issues.
5.0 - Loved it!
It is a wonderful product. It really helped with my focus and concentration and it helped my fiancee so much as well. Definitely a good alternative for ADHD medicine.
4.0 - Helpful ADHD Supplement..
Helpful for my teen who is extremely adhd. A nice safer option with results for him
5.0 - Far less groggy grumpy's.
Lets see, I have been giving these to my boy for five weeks maybe six and yes his adhd is much less prevalent. His mornings are much more smooth and cheerful rather than the norm of groggy grumpy and I have to give credit to this for that improvement as well as his overall spunk is better.
4.0 - substitute for Adderall- working pretty well.
I started doing research on an alternative to Adderall simply because life happened and my doctor went out of the country and suddenly I was without my prescription for almost 3 months. Withdraw symptoms started to settle in and I felt terrible. I have multiple types of ADHD which do interfere with my daily functioning no matter how many behavioral strategies I put into effect. Bottom line I could tell a difference the minute I started taking this stuff. I do feel more sharp, focused, and less like I'm walking around in a fog. My attention to getting through difficult tasks has improved some and I'm hoping that will improve even more. I can't say that it's enhanced my mood any, however it's helped in other areas and is helping me get by while off the Adderall. If this continue to improve I may try to go off it all together and stick with more natural remedies.
5.0 - Very Nice Stablizer
There are times I suffer with anxiety and because of age, I tend to have mood swings and struggle with memory. The Adderplex does help with focus and anxiety. I shared some with my son who has ADHD and he liked it as well. He shared that it gave him the same feeling/effect when he used to take Ritalin and Effexor. It helps him to stay focused at work and curtails his anxiety and mood swings. I definitely feel a lot calmer.
5.0 - Excellent Purchase.
Adderplex has Gingko Biloba which is a herb that improves circulation in the brain that helps in increase mental alertness and concentration. I am dealing with my child’s ADHD symptoms (having a hard time to focus) for the last 3 years. My friend advised me to try Adderplex and I am so thankful I did. At first, I was really doubtful about it and scared that it might have side effects but my child did not experience any side effects. It is natural, effective and safe product for ADHD.
5.0 - Five star godsend
My son now takes these every day for his ADHD. What a shift I have seen in his attitude and focus so It's a real godsend for us.
5.0 - Worth my money
worth my money! This health supplement has been an alternative meds of my nephew for his adhd and it works for him with no any unwanted effects on him. great product!!!
5.0 - I will not run out of this stuff!
This is currently being used by my 12 year old daughter. She takes prescription medication for her ADHD. During a vacation from school she was off her prescription and we started using this AdderPlex. I have her taking only one pill a day and she takes it after a meal, normally in the evening. I didn't notice much until the 4th day. This ADHD child is very easily distracted and glued to electronics if they are available. By the 4th day she was reminding me to give her this AdderPlex. That was a SURE first sign. I have never had her REMIND ME to give her anything! And this was while on vacation and with electronics in the mix. Since then she has been so much more available. I can't think of how to describe it, but she is multi-tasking, remembering things and being much more thoughtful. It's like she is able to utilize more parts of her brain simultaneously, which is not something she is typically able to do. I have been used to her being a one-track kid, that this is so amazing. I have already added this and the 2-pack to my list to purchase again! One thing to note, I searched around other neuro type supplements and this is the only one I saw that is a bottle of 60 pills, not 30. Keep that in mind if you are price shopping!

4. #1 Brain Function Booster Nootropic - Super Ginkgo Biloba complex with St John's Wort & Bacopin - Supports Mental clarity, Focus, Memory & more - 100% Moneyback Guarantee (1 Mo. Supply/1 Bottle)

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5.0 - I'm really impressed so far. I've wrestled with ADHD ...
I'm really impressed so far. I've wrestled with ADHD issues and, now, in my mid-60s, concerned about memory loss.
5.0 - No more prescription adhd pills
Son no longer needs adhd pills! He stays focused on these
5.0 - Absolutely recommend!
My daughter takes it every day for some focus issues and we have able to use it as opposed to other prescription medications for ADHD! It works with no crazy side effects. Absolutely recommend!
5.0 - Narcolepsy to ADHD. - Nuero Clarity saved me!!
I have a condition called Narcolepsy, the meds I take are also taken by individuals that suffer from ADHD. The meds have a tendency to make me a bit anxious, or overstimulated at times which make it difficult to stay focused. So I thought I would try the Nuero Clarity in hopes that it would resolve this issue. I've been taking it for about a month now and I can honestly say that it has amazingly saved me! I no longer get out of focus, I can stay on task without being interrupted by another thought. I've noticed my memory is regaining itself once again and I don't have to stutter around and search for my next words to come to mind, they are already there.
5.0 - ADD and calming and mood enhancer
Works great on my ADHD and makes me more calm and happy without any side effects that i know of.
5.0 - Interesting and promising
They give a free bottle... Let's hope it works with my adult adhd. Very generous offer indeed! Thanks for the chance to try this product.
4.0 - Four Stars
So far good. It might be a just placebo effect, but I feel much better especially, with my anxiety and stress (I have not seen any improvement regarding academic things such as focusing, memorizing, etc.) Since I used to take a variety of pills such as ADHD, depression, and anxiety and know the side effect of the pills I took, I have a similar side effect with this product, that I cannot sleep well when I take the pill at late night. However, I do not have any other side effects such as less appetite and depression. Overall, whether my feeling was due to the placebo effect or not, I am satisfied with it because I feel better anyway.
5.0 - I was delighted to receive a postcard telling me I can get ...
I have been through a few bottles of this stuff since I stopped my Adderall and I have found it is the only supplement that helps me think straight. I was delighted to receive a postcard telling me I can get a free bottle for writing a review - which I am happy to do. If you are used to prescription medication for your ADD / ADHD then I recommend this as a great alternative. I cannot run out, I take it every day. It is also less expensive than other products that do not work as well.
5.0 - Doing the job it's meant to....
Having read numerous positive review, i was intrigued by this product. I have enormous trouble concentrating and though never been officially diagnosed, I seem to believe I have an element of ADHD that affects both my work and personal life.
4.0 - Benefit of the Doubt
So far it's been OK. I haven't noticed anything INSANE, but possibly it helps. I don't have ADHD or anything; I am already an excellent student. It was intrigued by the reviews about elderly patients with dementia. Aging is very interesting to me, and I try to exercise (strength train and walk) and I try to stay happy and social to ward off mental decline. I take one in the morning and then again later in the evening. I'm going to go for the free second bottle and see how it goes. THOUGH, something did just strike me. I am apathetic about committing passwords to memory and thus rely heavily on autofill on various gadgets and/or the obnoxious but straightforward password reset options. I recently got a new phone, and recalled a password I hadn't used in ages. That is interesting.
5.0 - Neuro Clarity... so far beyond awesome!
It has been about three weeks since I starting taking this supplement. I had just finished weening of Zoloft and was looking for a supplement that could maybe help me in a more natural way. I have been on anxiety meds, ADHD meds, anti-depressants, for the past 15 years plus of my life.
5.0 - Cure for my ADHD and OCD!
Excellent product. I have used many brain boosters before such as racetams, Choline, Provigil. They all seem to lose affect after a while. I have tried other natural supplements too; Vitamin B, Fish oil, Chia Seeds, Pumkin seeds, but their effects are limited. After a while I stopped using them all. I did however, managed to lose 30 lbs while I was on racetams and Provigil, but they did not increase my IQ at all. Then I saw some reviews about Neuro Clarity and decided to give it a try and its effect was mild at first, I was more focus and was happy all the time. I thought the feeling wont last, but not true even after two weeks of taking it I am still very much feel the same. I take one capsule in the morning and it boost my natural energy like caffeine. I feel like more focus at work and I don't need to nap as often. The company is very generous too, they actually give me a bottle of their product if I were to give a review of my experience with Neuro Clarity. Now I was going to review this product regardless of their offer, so this is kind of bonus review. I stand by everything I have described about this product. All all the brain supplements I have tried this seems to be the most effective. If you want to increase your IQ eating 5 lbs of fruit and vegetable and work out 2 hours a day is your best option. But if you just want more focus and energy without extra routines in your life, this and Reishi Mushroom powder are the product to go with.
5.0 - 6 STARS, I HAVE ADHD AND HELPED ME A LOT. Fantastic product!!!
Facts: I'm 47 Male, fairly healthy I have ADHD, and normally don't leave Any feedback to any product, I bought this based in the reviews, since I don't have access to real ADD medications, I decided to give this a try, I take 2 caps at day empty stomach in the morning.
5.0 - Distractions vanish
I usually get distracted a lot since I suffer from a disorder called ADHD and I usually get distracted by the littlest of things, but now I can really focus and almost never get distracted, amazing.
5.0 - Helps with Memory issue. Helps with ADHD
This seems to help a bit on my memory issue. Not 100% that I dont forget things. But I can see improvements on my memory since I started taking this. I also started giving this to my son with ADHD and it seems to work with him in combination with Ashwagandha. I've received great news from school since he started taking these everyday.
5.0 - Adult ADHD
My son takes this every day before work. He used to take Adderall when he was still in school. He thinks this works well to keep him focused and it doesn't seem to have any side effects.
5.0 - Works great for ADHD boys
Product works great for my ADHD boy's (ages 8 & 9). Happy to write a review to get a free bottle. Thank you.
5.0 - Best Purchase!
I have mild ADHD and as I get older, it's gotten worse. I've taken ADD medication in the past and I didn't like the side effects. I wanted a more "natural" supplement that would help me stay focused and alert, so when I came across Nuero Clarity I figured I'd try it out. Within the first week I noticed a HUGE difference with my brain functions. I was rettaining information better, I had more mental clarification and I wasn't getting the brain fog after 3 hours of Concentraion. Also, after 3 weeks, I went from 2 pills daily to 1 without noticing any differences. I definitely recommend this product to anyone with concentration issues!
4.0 - Concentrating better+
I think it does help. I do a lot of data entry, and sometimes I feel as though I have ADHD. I can't concentrate. I do believe this Neuro Clarity has helped. I am 51 yrs old.
5.0 - I bought this for my son with ADHD instead of ...
I bought this for my son with ADHD instead of the habit forming drugs and the school has seemed a vast improvement in the last few weeks of taking it.
5.0 - No More ADHD Meds
This is great. I no longer have to use ADHD meds.
5.0 - College Student Recommendation
I purchased the Neuro Clarity pills because I am a college student and all of my classmates are on some type of adderall or ADHD medicine. Ive noticed that I have been more alert and ready for my day. Ive only been taking it for about 2 weeks and I can already tell a slight difference. PLUS almost all of the ingredients are all natural.
4.0 - Adult with ADHD.
I didn't want to be on Med's,I decided to try this,the reviews were very good. I have started taking this one the first day it came. I was surprised, I felt a difference in the dose. I hope this will help me . Update:.... Been on this for a week, I have been very focused at work and lost that insecurity. My fiancé is very happy that this is helping, only down side of this is, I wish I knew about this earlier. One thing I did noticed, when I started this, I would itch.. I really don't think it is associated with the product... Give it a try, I did. Very happy I did!!! Thanks to Neuro clarity.
5.0 - It keeps you more level instead of peaking you like the medicine
I started taking this supplement as a way to get away from ADHD medication and not have to deal with anymore doctors. It works but not in the same way as those medications. It keeps you more level instead of peaking you like the medicine. There is no come down or burn out. They will send you a free bottle for a good review and yes they will reimburse for shipping charges after you order it. You just have to email the company and let them know.
5.0 - A little helper.
I'm always skeptical about promises from supplements but I struggle with attention, and memory a lot. Even at 26 years of age. It has actually helped me. It's not a miracle pill, but I seem less distracted, more focused, and that little help that I didn't have before. It's hard living with ADHD, it's eased the burden. Without the dependency of pharmaceutical drugs like adderall/Ritalin. Highly recommend. Great price too. I take one per day in the AM when I wake up.
4.0 - "My busy ADHD brain now thinks clearly" I am also unsure about the effects of this product on those who already think clearly.
This is a great product for those who have anxious thinking. My mental state in the past has been quite unbalanced to say the the least. Throughout school i was unable to focus and deemed as ADHD the Meds made me focus, with bad side effects. Today i work as an IT with a million things to remember "call this person" "write this script" "run this setup" and i simply can't normally keep track of it. With this i am more focused than ever before and i have not had one scenario where i have had an anxiety attack. Before i took this supplement i had at least 1-2 anxiety attacks per day. I was unable to think straight because of "Primitive sensory overload".
5.0 - The results brought me to tears with its effectiveness
This product works. I struggle with ADHD, am medicated for its use, but have most importantly noticed that my memory has been declining - someone could tell me their name and even after putting in effort to remember, I couldn't recall it 20 minutes later. I have been using this product on and off for months, but finally have committed to taking it every day for the past two weeks and I cannot TELL you the difference it has had on my memory. I found myself close to tears because of the results.
5.0 - It works!
I take this every day. I used to be on amphetamines for ADHD but hated the side effects.. Now I am taking this and I really feel great. I will keep taking it daily.
5.0 - Great product
Started taking Neuro Clarity to get away from RX meds for ADHD My wife loved that this was all natural and so did I. Maybe it was all in my head but I feel like it started working within a day or so. I will keep taking this product and see how it goes.

5. Kal Relax-a-saurus Grape, 30 Count

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5.0 - It's Working !!!
7 yr old ADHD child now experiencing days without "No" every 5 minutes- He's even able to sit in the afternoon and watch a movie-he's had a decrease in his "tic" which I believe is from his regular med- During summer, he is not on meds that he needs for school so this is GREAT !! I told him "Thank You for taking it- you've been such a good boy today"- When we asked him how it made him feel to not be in trouble all day he said-"Really good- You can thank your Relax-a-Saurus"
5.0 - In love this so much!!!
I bought this for my 9 year son who is ADHD and I love it so much!! He was on 6 different medication and I really hated it so we decided to go natural and chose Relax a saurus! And I 100% recamend it!I do have to give my son 1 pill in the morning and one around lunch time but other then that it works great!!
5.0 - Skeptic turned believer!
My son has ADHD and ODD so we are always in search of things that might help in some way. I was quite skeptical of these daily chewables but we thought we would try them once and see what happened. I am SO glad we did!! These actually help quite a bit! They calm my son down just enough that he is able to better handle himself. They work fairly quickly as well. They are not a miracle medicine by ANY means, but for an OTC supplement, they work WONDERS! My son loves the taste of them, they are grape, and they smell wonderful so there are never any battles with trying to get him to take these. I would say if you are trying to hold off on medicine for your ADHD child, or looking for an alternative to meds...this is the way to go. If you are looking for something to use in addition to medicine, which is what we needed, this is also the way to go. I would even recommend these for children without ADHD who are perhaps going to be in a new and stressful situation like starting school or starting a new class or something similar, I feel they would help quite a bit.
5.0 - It was like turning off the switch on bad behavior at school
I purchased this for my 12 year old son who is diagnosed with ADHD and sensory integration issues. We have tried all the major prescription ADHD medications over the years and none seemed to help. Over a year ago we stopped the prescription ADHD meds and he improved somewhat, but he still has trouble staying on task and completing his work at school. This year we started having major behavior problems at school, mostly with teachers and peers. He would get angry at others, or distracted and could barely make it through the day without getting sent to the office due to his disruptions and outbursts.
5.0 - Very happy! Helping my ADHD fireball :)
My moderate ADHD 5-year old loves these. I use them along with Genexa Homeopathic Calming Aid Tablets for Children. I started using these after my daughter's teachers felt she needed to be on medication. There were issues, every day. I wanted to try something natural before going the route of medication. Her teacher and the school counselor warned me that "natural" doesn't work. Well, I tried it anyway, with nothing to lose! I experimented with these in the afternoon, with the Genexa in the afternoon. After a week of mixed results in switched these to morning and Genexa in the afternoon. That combination produced results, both at school and at home. There is a major improvement. The notes coming home daily are positive, with only two negative in a 30 day period (vs everyday!) My picky daughter likes the taste of these and I have no problem getting her to chew them every morning. I highly recommend :)
5.0 - works great
my 9 year old takes these along with 2 other vitamins for his anxiety and ADHD and works great. no meds
5.0 - And a whole lot happier. He is still extremely hyper
My almost 4 year old son has ADHD And Sensory Processing Disorder. And is also developnentally delayed. He was staying angry all the time with lots of hitting and fit throwing. We never knew what would set him off. Now he is so much more calmer. And a whole lot happier. He is still extremely hyper, it don't help with that. But it is a happy hyper so we ate very happy with this product. His OT and ST have also noticed a big difference in him and are telling other parents about it.
5.0 - Definitely worth a try if u have an anxious kid and ours is doing great. Very
Obviously not everyone has the same response, but Relaxasaurus has been a miracle for our son who has ADHD and used to be anxious and almost inconsolable at times. We were very concerned to the point of making an appointment at a university psyychiatric clinic but relaxasurus has been a miracle. Definitely worth a try if u have an anxious kid and ours is doing great. Very grateful
5.0 - Game Changer🙌🏻
My 7 year old has ADHD. After two days she said, "those grape dinosaurs make me feel so happy!"😳 This has to be made from unicorn tears and rainbows. I've never written a review but my daughter seems stable now! SOOOO good for mood regulation! I am thankful for these miracle chewables!
5.0 - child with ADHD to settle down and focus better in school
This has really helped my 11 y.o. child with ADHD to settle down and focus better in school. He takes one before school and one at lunch, and he says he just feels more peaceful. He also loves the flavor (and he is super picky!)
5.0 - Love these - very highly recommend for anxious, ADHD, autistic or hyper children. Great taste for picky kids.
Love these. They put my insomniac autistic children to sleep at night. They are extremely good with cutting their anxiety, repetition and ADHD symptoms. Kids LOVE them, and they beg for them at bedtime. Even my adolescent child begs for them because it cuts down on her school and social anxiety due to her asperger's syndrome. Very highly recommend. They love the taste of them.
5.0 - I started using these this week actually, because I ...
I started using these this week actually, because I refuse to medicate. They work!! I'm shocked. My daughter has ADHD with behavior issues, especially at home. She has concentration issues and comprehension issues. Ive noticed a difference in her behavior instantly, less impulsive, less nasty. I give her one as soon as she gets home from school and we less melt downs at homework time. Today was a first day in a long time we did not have a battle in our home. Hopefully it keeps up and continues. I will continue to use them.
4.0 - Helps some and they love the taste!
Great grape flavor my kids actually enjoy. They seem to help some, but not as much as I'd hoped. Helps settle my ADD and ADHD children a little, but not nearly as much as their stimulants. While I don't exactly expect that it would be as strong, I was hoping to find a suitable, natural alternative.
5.0 - Works as advertised!
We started our daughter (4) on these because she was exhibiting a lot of the markers for ADHD and OCD. Traditional medication for those is just not an option for us right now, but she was getting so amped up during the day that she was rarely sleeping at night or any time. Since starting these, we can really tell a difference in both her self control, and sleeping patterns. Not a cure all by any means, but definitely taking the edge off of her anxious behavior. And she loves them!
5.0 - New child!!
I'm not much of a review person but my son with serious ADHD and Behavioral issues tried this just today for the first time and had such a big improvement. I got a call from the school about how well he was doing. I was on the verge of wanting to start medication and tried this and one other natural supplement and I'm so happy I did!!!
5.0 - ADHD
I bought this for my 8yo son that has ADHD and is in spectrum autism ... he's doing much better at school, going to sleep earlier, focusing more. I'll definitely keep buying more, anything is better than giving him meds that make him not himself.
5.0 - our daily vitamin for overactove days
This is our goto for our ADHD little one.
5.0 - Wasn't sure they were working, but got proof that we needed!
Was looking for something to give my son with ADHD that calmed him in the mornings before school while we were waiting for his other medication to start working. We noticed that they do keep him calmer in the morning, but weren't sure if they were keeping him in line in class. I received a call from his teacher stating that he has been really short on focus and a little defiant the last 2 days, and then I realized that we had forgotten to give these to him the last 2 days. So they must be working! Will continue to buy these.
5.0 - HMM... OKAY MAYBE?
5.0 - great product
Really helps my 8 year old son with his ADHD, and anxiety.

6. Suntheanine® L-Theanine 200mg (Double-Strength) in Cold-Pressed Organic Coconut Oil; Non-GMO & Gluten Free - 60 Liquid Softgel

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4.0 - Works well for ADD and Anxiety
Worked really well to ease the comedown symtoms when taken after my Rx adhd medication . Helped relax my nerves . Works well
5.0 - Fantastic product-- will buy again.
Fantastic product-- I used another brand at first, but I really feel the effect more with this one. Helps with chronic anxiety, ADHD, and sleep issues. I feel it really takes the edge off of things. I'm surprised more haven't heard about this-- I've already ordered it for THREE of my other friends-- two who struggle with anxiety, and one who I recommended take it for just overall wellness...I even told my gym owner about it after he revealed to me he struggled with ADHD. I really believe in this product and will be buying it again.
5.0 - great for anyone who takes stimulants
great product ! i have terrible ADHD and take adderall for it, so i very often have problems relaxing and getting any quality of sleep when it gets late. this product has helped both those things, i even recommended it to my mom, as she is a coffee addict and this mixes well with that. 100% recommend this to any friend.
5.0 - Excellent product
My 8yo has anxiety and ADHD and I started giving him one of these each morning. They REALLY help keep him focused and calm during school work (we homeschool). He finds them easy to swallow--doesn't even need water, as the coating doesn't get sticky when damp.
5.0 - Works for Us!
After extensive research, I decided to try L-Theanine for treatment of ADHD and Anxiety for my 11 and 12 year old daughters. Although both of them have both conditions, the 11 year old has more extreme or "classic" ADHD and mild anxiety, while the 12 year old has milder ADHD (mostly as impulsivity) and severe anxiety. Both of them were prescribed Adderall, but I have avoided giving it to them so far because I wanted to see what alternatives that I could find first.
5.0 - Great for promoting relaxation
I primarily use this product later in the evening to help unwind after a long, stressful day and I've found it really helps relax me and get a more restful sleep. In addition to that I will sometimes take this product earlier in the day while I'm at the office as well. Being ADHD I take the prescription drug adderall and the L-theanine seems to synergize well with it by taking the edge off and removing the anxiety/jitters that sometimes accompany the medication. This makes it much easier to remain alert and zone-in on my work while still remaining calm.
5.0 - Best natural remedy for ADD/ADHD
Got exactly what I ordered on time. Will definitely order again.
5.0 - Really, really good product
I have ordered this product twice and have to say that it truly makes a difference! I usually take it around 10am or so, after getting my day started, along with a caffeine pill and I can feel the difference in thinking, relaxation and focus. If you are having a little mind fog issue or even dealing with ADD/ADHD, you should try this product.
5.0 - Amazing
Very impressed with this. I've had a lot on my plate lately and a ton of stress and started having small anxiety attacks throughout the day. They seem to increase over a two-month time. To the point where I actually ask my doctor for a prescription for anxiety drugs. She is actually the one who suggested this and said she takes it herself. I left the doctor's office ran straight to the store and bought the only brand I could find there. It worked almost within 30 minutes calmed me down and just like on the Claritin commercial I feel like the fog has literally been lifted from my vision. I found I was having to take about for a day and order to remain calm and not have any attacks. I saw this product on Amazon and all the amazing reviews plus the fact that it was in coconut oil which tends to make it last in your system longer. I am now down to 1 in the morning with this brand and feel amazing. In addition my husband has ADHD and he has been taking one every morning and has been very level-headed. Prior to this he would have sudden outburst of anger for about 10 seconds and mood swings period after only 3 days of taking one after breakfast he is the sweetest guy
5.0 - Solid Product
This brand works awesome. I am diagnosed with ADHD and suntheanine really helps me to stay focused and not get overwhelmed by life. I have been 5x more productive at work, I am able to actually take deep breaths, and my fight or flight mechanism is finally in check. It's nothing short of amazing. I have gone for 20 years trying to treat my symptoms with various drugs and nothing even compares to the results I get by using L theanine. Make sure to dose with b-complex to help the amino acids cross the BBB. (Blood Brain barrier). Sports research makes a quality product and I will definitely use them again.
5.0 - Would recommend, has helped with ADHD and anxiety
I have taken this for a week now and I can already feel a difference. The best way I can describe it is a clarity. I normally am mildly anxious throughout my day and I have ADHD. I don't mean to say it is a cure for either but it helps me overcome them in ways I have not been able to before. Ability to focus and go out in public with a less anxious feeling. I would recommend giving this a try. Dosage definitely seems to be the hard question here. Some are good with 200mg a day and I have read of others taking 500+mg more than once a day. I take 1 200mg capsule in the morning about 30 minutes before breakfast with a cup of coffee. Then another 30 minutes before I eat lunch. That seems to be my ideal dosage. I might try upping it just to see if there is a difference.
5.0 - Replaced Prescription Medications
I needed to stop taking my ADHD medication, but still needed help with focus. I have been able to take the L-Theanine with one 8 oz cup of coffee in the morning and have seen greater success in my ability to remain on task at work or return to tasks if interrupted, more so than when I was taking the prescription medication. Additionally, my doctor has now advised me to take an second pill when I get home from work, without caffeine, to help with improving my quality of sleep (due to the calming/distressing qualities). I have just recently begun doing this and have seen an average increase in deep sleep (stage 4) by 20-30 minutes per night.
5.0 - Great for anxiety and ADHD
I use this for my anxiety. It helps me when I need to perform in front of church.
5.0 - This is a great product with a good balance of focus and relaxation
This is a great product with a good balance of focus and relaxation. I take adhd meds that help me focus but by no means help me relax. This is a good substitute.
5.0 - ... ADHD and I have been taking it and we love it! It has help him focus so much ...
My son who has ADHD and I have been taking it and we love it! It has help him focus so much better and there is less stress! It’s also very easy to swallow
5.0 - I recommend this product to anyone looking to improve sleep
My package was delivered in no time and I am extremely please with the results of the back. After my first day, not only did this product improve my sleep, but I was able to focus on work without stress or anxiety. I take a prescribed ADHD medication and will probably replace it with this product. I recommend this product to anyone looking to improve sleep, stress, and anxiety.
5.0 - Five Stars
My son has add/adhd symptoms, these help him get through a focusing day! No side effects that I've seen
5.0 - I give this to my teenager with ADHD and he ...
I give this to my teenager with ADHD and he loves it. Says that it really helps him to focus.
4.0 - its amazing what it does
My 9 year old son has been taking it for ADHD now for almost 2 years, its amazing what it does. :)
5.0 - Highly recommended!
Game changing. I'm a highly ADHD person and used this in concert with exercise and recognized an immediate response and mental focus. Highly recommended!
5.0 - 10/10 Supplement, Fantastic Quality of Packaging, High-Quality Supplement that actually works!
Outstanding supplement! Helps a lot with my anxiety and really good especially if you take stimulants for ADHD or drink caffeine regularly!! Gets rid of the uncomfortableness and the edge. One of the few supplements with a ton of proper research to back it and I have to say I'm pretty skeptical of most supplements, but this is one of the few that really has a drastic impact on one's mood. 10/10.
5.0 - ADHD Miracle
I have ADHD (I'm 36, diagnosed at age 4) this stuff is AMAZING. I can focus and be super calm.
5.0 - Great!
I hadn't tried theanine before and was pleasantly surprised by this product. I started taking it because I read that it could lessen the effects of stimulant-induced anxiety and edginess; I have GAD and ADHD and take Vyvanse for college classes so my anxiety can get pretty ramped up at times. I've found myself using it most in conjunction with caffeine or during the Vyvanse comedown. It makes me feel relaxed and focused rather than jittery and on-edge.

7. 2X Energy Boost Nootropic Brain Foods - Focus Mood Memory Natural Nerve Tonic Anti Anxiety Stress Support Sport Enhancing Pill Stack Ashwagandha Bacopa Ginkgo Ginseng Phosphatidylserine DMAE Vitamin B

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5.0 - Great product
I was looking for a natural ADHD medication. After reading reviews and carefully looking at products details I thought I should try it. I began taken it twice a day as directed and within a few days noticed an improvement in my focus and brain fog. I would recommend this product over Adderral xr.
5.0 - Wonderful Product!
This stuff is awesome I take it to help me stay calm and not have anxiety. My son who has ADHD stopped taking adderall and does much better with this supplement he is much more behaved.
5.0 - It was even recommended that he be prescribed ADHD medication but I was ...
"I bought AdderPlex after going through a ton of reviews for other supplements and have provided this honest review.
5.0 - The solution!!
My sister has been taking these pills for over a year at the recommendation of her doctor. Both her teachers and myself can tell the huge improvement. It has been a great tool to her since she has ADHD. This is a great product that I would recommend to anyone with a hyper child.
5.0 - Some Sanity for the frustrated
If your loved one is driving you crazy because of his undiagnosed/or diagnosed ADD/ADHD and they are not too keen on how the meds make then feel then please give this a try! As a wife of an undiagnosed ADHD sufferer I ran across this product while looking for answers to help manage the symptoms that ADHD can have on a relationship. My husband refuses to go to a physician to get diagnosed so in order to have some sanity in dealing with his disorder I am doing my homework. It is not a cure because there is no cure but it is a start of management. Do your homework and try AdderPlex while you are doing your research...... it does help.
5.0 - My head feels wonderfully clear.
Works! Just started my new job and for the first time I remembered everyone's names right off - not bad for an adult adhd lazy perfectionist. My head feels wonderfully clear. I forgot to mention I'm also thrifty so I'm all over this and besides that it's the best price anyway.
5.0 - Five Stars for alternative supplement for adhd
My daughter has been using Adderall in treating adhd but has not been effective from the very beginning. I tried Adderplex and I love the results on my daughter. It is effective and safe!!
5.0 - Amazing Product!
It's a great product and it has helped my focus and concentration so much and it has helped my fiances ADHD so much. It's worth every cent.
5.0 - Great Help!
I have ADHD since I was a kid and I haven't been able to get my medication for quite sometime. I have been struggling with my condition and it also caused me to lose my job. When I saw this product i told myself I couldn't pass it up. From the first week I took it I was really impressed. I felt so much better. I am now on week 3 and am still enjoying the benefits of being able to focus and stay on tasks.
5.0 - Works Perfect with No side effect
I have been on this product for a few months now. I have already noticed an improvement during the first week and never felt any side effects except that I got more energy. I have ADHD and I have noticed that my concentration has been improved and I am more focused!
5.0 - Better path than being muddled up in meds.
Off the hook for focus and my adult adhd. First pills that did me any good and I sorely wished I had these back in the day. I'm all about taking back my life on a better path than I was on all muddled up in meds.
5.0 - Awesome deal on a product I love!
Yay awesome deal on a product I love. Im happy to find it in a two pack because we all take it in my family. I already reviewed it so Ill be lazy and paste it here. Love it. I'm not an expert on herbal remedies but I can say that adderplex is the most potent adhd diet alternative I've found yet. I'm a label reader on everything. There is nothing in it I have to worry about my kids being poisoned by. Or worse having them suffer from a bunch of funky side effects. I've tried a few different brands for anti anxiety pills and this one's my fav.
5.0 - Miracle turnaround for my child with ADHD
I bought as an alternative medication for ADHD. My son has trouble focusing, sitting still and remembering present and past events. I have tried various alternatives that did not work or last. The tablets are all natural and made from vegetable base ingredients. This is a miracle worker for us and a big change in my sons behavior. There is absolutely no side affects, no drowsiness or loss of appetite.

8. NuClarity - Premium Natural Brain Function Supplement - #1 Focus, Energy, Memory Booster - Mental Health, Clarity & Cognitive Support Nootropic - Ginkgo Biloba, Phosphatidylserine, Rhodiola Rosea

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5.0 - Loved this. Was looking for a substitute for ADHD ...
Loved this. Was looking for a substitute for ADHD medication. I found myself able to focus without being tunnel vision, like I typically would feel on adderal. WIll order again
5.0 - Building the future
The focus and energy, im adhd and bipolar, im also very artistic and creative and need these attributes to supplement my creativity.
5.0 - It doesn't give you the wired feeling which is good especially if you want to go to sleep at ...
The proprietary blend listed with each supplement and its respective amount being listed shows honesty and care for the consumer. As someone with ADHD and an unfortunate high tolerance to caffeine, this supplement truly helped me cut down both my medication dosage and daily amount of caffeine consumption. It doesn't have the intensity of caffeine but is definitely more productive in terms of information retention and short-term memory recall. It doesn't give you the wired feeling which is good especially if you want to go to sleep at a decent time. It takes a week or two for you to feel its benefits but it has worked awesomely for me.
5.0 - Product Surpassed My Expectations
In 2006, I was diagnosed with ADHD and BiPolary II disorder. For the next three years, I experienced the ups and downs of the myriad of medications prescribed for treatment. One caused massive weight gain, others made me jittery, elevated my blood pressure, made my heart race, and caused a variety of mostly minor but troubling side effects.
5.0 - Amazing product
All I can say is I am so grateful that I chose this product. Nu-Clarity. I have ADHD from childhood. I also have anxiety and OCD. The OCD is a comorbidity of the ADHD. It’s more organizational in nature. I’m not the germaphobe type . I have taken various pharmaceutical drugs over the years. Adderall helped me the most but I had some odd side effects from it. I finally settled on Lexapro (name brand) not generic, as I have reactions to the binders in many drugs. The lexapro never really helped me focus. However it made me Not care that I couldn’t focus, if that makes sense. It also helped slow the rapid firing of my thoughts. After 5 years I wanted to stop taking it and felt ready to go a more natural route. It was not easy getting off the Lexapro and I allowed myself months to taper. After a few months of being off of it my anxiety slowly began to creep back , I felt all-over the place, I was forgetting things , misplacing everything and I wasn’t too happy. It seemed that everyday was a challenge. I thought about going back on the lexapro but before I did I thought “What do I have to lose?” By trying something else first. I had done a lot of reading on nootropics and read through many different testimonials and carefully read through the ingredients in several different ones. I guess I got really really lucky in the first try with Nu-Clarity. The day it came I was at wits end. I had left my apartment in NYC and forgot my keys. It’s so disheartening to be so forgetful and all over the place. Honestly, I didn’t have much hope but I was happy to try anything other than prescription meds. The first day I took two capsules with food I felt really sleepy. But I felt calm and focused. Like really calm. I didn’t let the fact that it made me sleepy deter me from continuing. Sometimes the body needs to get adjusted. I’m truly ADHD so often supplements or medications that are intended to wake one up will make me calm. So, I kept taking it. It’s almost one week later and all I can say is I can only hope that this continues to work. I feel so focused. I don’t feel anxious and everyday has been a “good” day since I started taking these. I can assure you that for me, this no placebo case. I have leaned over the years to carefully observe what makes me stressed so I can navigate around the triggers or work with them. One of the things is my dreaded mornings in which I wake up feeling like someone hit me in the head with a brick . I am not feeling that way since I began taking this supplement. I wake up everyday and want to talk. Huh? Who is this person. Another thing I noticed is that my boyfriends alarm on his iPad that gets us up every morning is not making my heart pound out of my chest. It’s almost as if this supplement has me calm, focused, less reactive, I'm completing tasks (like this review). I never write reviews. I feel like it’s work and I should be paid to write them. However, this review came with ease. I feel positive and so happy I found this particular nootropic. Hoping I hit the jackpot on my first try. Also hoping it continues to be as effective as it is now . I’m also taking high potency omega 3 with it . Thank you CEO of Cognitune! You’ve got a gem of a supplement here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. One more thing , I’m getting ready so fast (less than half of the time) that I stand there in disbelief. Maybe this is what it’s like to be “normal “ and not have ADHD. A+++++ for Nu-Clarity.
5.0 - Five Stars
All I can say is I am so grateful that I chose this product. Nu-Clarity. I have ADHD from childhood. I also have anxiety and OCD. The OCD is a comorbidity of the ADHD. It’s more organizational in nature. I’m not the germaphobe type . I have taken various pharmaceutical drugs over the years. Adderall helped me the most but I had some odd side effects from it. I finally settled on Lexapro (name brand) not generic, as I have reactions to the binders in many drugs. The lexapro never really helped me focus. However it made me Not care that I couldn’t focus, if that makes sense. It also helped slow the rapid firing of my thoughts. After 5 years I wanted to stop taking it and felt ready to go a more natural route.
5.0 - Five Stars
It helps with anger issues for people with ADHD.
5.0 - I like the product
I like the product. I'm a little ADHD myself. When I tried a doctor prescribed medication, it felt like my whole personality was dumbed down and focused. These are much more gentle and I still feel like myself with a little bit of added focus.

9. PRO-Kids Children's Probiotics - 60 Tiny, Sugar Free, Once Daily, Time Release Pearls - 15x More Survivability Than Capsules - Recommended With Vitamins - For Kids Ages 3 and Up - Easy to Swallow

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5.0 - Kids need probiotics too!
We decided to give these a try after seeing how well our teenage daughter has responded with the pro-15 by the same company. Our younger children have now been taking these for a while. They have all benefited in various ways. A case of severe eczema has improved, a milder case of eczema has completely cleared up, we no longer have to give laxatives for constipation, abdominal pain is relieved, and they don't get sick as often as they used to. Our son with ADHD has improved with his schooling and his ability to focus as well.
5.0 - Works great
Son loves it and ask for it everyday twice a day though. It helps him remember. He has adhd but fully gets himself dressed and does his own hygiene in the morning before school. His behavior has gotten better too. I’m curious to see how he does after being on it for a while.
5.0 - Works for cognitive improvement with my 6 year old son
My 3 year old loves chewing these up and my 6 year old is getting good at swallowing these whole with a little spoon of applesauce. I use the adult version and love them. Got these for my 6 year old who has been diagnosed with ADHD after reading several studies, one that specifically that found that children with ADHD had little to no beneficial microbiomes in their gut and most also had an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria. After taking probiotics for 2 months all of the children had improvement with their ADHD symptoms with several of the children falling off the spectrum completely.
4.0 - 6years of constipation!
I want to give 5 stars and after week 1 i would have. My 6 year old has been constipated since birth! We have done nearly every thing possible. Miralax,Apple juice, pediatric laxatives poop scheduling, we even got her a quarry potty! Finally I started research in a connection to adhd and constipation. Turns out I am not alone! We started with 2 pearls and things went well.then it just stopped again.I bumped her up to 3 and she houseboat every other day but it is extremely hard. For the moment I've added a stool softener bc we need some relief. It is so so bad. Praying it will work itself out soon😕
5.0 - Constant constipation in 9 year old son
This product is amazing! My son takes ADHD medicine which causes constipation. Intern causes him great discomfort. We've tried high fiber foods but still couldn't get him to have a bowel movement consistently and normal. Especially since the ADHD medication decreases his appetite which makes it even harder to get those high fiber foods in. He takes his medication every day and his bowel movements are every other day. This has been such a blessing you will not go wrong with this medication
5.0 - Great for my son who has focus an tummy issues.
My son was diagnosed with ADHD. He's on a non-stimulant meds that have helped him for the last year but he's had some issues with focusing this year. I read up on probiotics and the benefits of it. He seems to also have tummy issues. He's been taking 2 every night along with Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Jr and within a week he's had great results. Every morning before school he goes to the bathroom. I asked him how his focus level has been and he said he feels 100% focus than before. He's had great results with finishing classwork on time. I am ordering my 2nd bottle now. My son swallows them as the description above says it works better to swallow them whole than to chew them. The taste doesn't bother him a bit.
5.0 - Great probiotic
I chose these after researching adhd/anxiety and the use of pro biotics! So far my son is doing great! We have completly taken him off all the nasty medications he was taking and I really do believe in probiotics is helping him! I would reccomend this to anybody looking for probiotics for whatever reason for their kiddos! The pills are super little and can be chewed if needed

10. Omega 3 Fish Oil Burpless | 2200 mg Per Serving, 800 mg EPA, 600 mg DHA - 1500 mg Total Omega-3 - Triple Strength Pharmaceutical Grade Liquid Softgel Capsules - 180 Count - Full 90 Day Supply

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5.0 - Worth trying
My son and I have been using this for a month or so now. He has ADHD and I don't know if it's making a big difference there. I'm happy that there isn't a fish taste. Although the capsules are large they are easy to swallow. My son is 9 years old when can swallow them.
5.0 - Great buy!
My son has ADHD and this has helped his focus. He has never complained about the taste or burping, and I like them because you get more for your money than some other brands we've tried.
5.0 - Great stuff, purchased for my son when he had ...
Great stuff, purchased for my son when he had to come of his ADHD meds for removing his wisdom teeth. The brain power made things more tolerable
5.0 - Expecting good things!
I have been using this as a supplement for my son with ADHD in addition to his normal medication. It helps stabilize the lipids in his brain to promote a more calm mood. We have just started using it but have already noticed a difference. And now my son comes to me to ask for the fish oil pill. Expecting good things!
5.0 - Outstanding Product!
This is a fabulous product! I have adult ADHD and Fish Oil is one of the best natural treatments. There is no fishy after taste and I definitely notice a difference in my ability to focus!
5.0 - I selected this product because of the ratio of the EPA/DHA for better focus and for ADHD
This is my second bottle and will continue to purchase this product. I selected this product because of the ratio of the EPA/DHA for better focus and for ADHD. There is no after taste. I take vitamins and have altered my diet to help with my Adult ADHD and do see the results. With this busy world we live in I know this product would help anyone to better focus.
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