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1. DRIFTOFF Premium Sleep Aid with Valerian Root & Melatonin - Sleep Well, Wake Refreshed - Non Habit Forming Sleep Supplement - Also Includes Chamomile, Tryptophan, Lemon Balm & More - 60 Veggie Caps

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5.0 - Shockingly effective and strong
This stuff is shockingly effective. It's the real deal - powerfully puts me to sleep and keeps me there, yet I don't wake up (too) groggy. Very surprised at how well a mostly herbal-based sleep supplement worked. And, no guilt or fear of dependency like with melatonin or pharmaceutical sleep aids.
4.0 - Works most of the time but not always
I have occasional sleep issues like most do, with issues ranging from anxiety about work the next day or just the feeling of not being tired but knowing I need to get to sleep as soon as possible. Usually nothing short of sleep aids from the pharmacy help but they leave me feeling groggy in the morning and continues to not maybe me feel quite right for the first couple hours of work. I tried Driftoff for a week straight last week to come up with a firm judgement and came to the conclusion that it has its place but falls short in areas. It definitely has a calming affect and relaxing effect, which is fine for nights when you just need a little extras help to insure you fall asleep at the right time but I can not say it does the trick for times when you have stronger anxiety or worried.
5.0 - I wake more refreshed and I do not feel groggy the next morning like I do with other sleep aids I have tried
Really helps me get to sleep fast AND the sleep that I am getting is a deeper sleep. I wake more refreshed and I do not feel groggy the next morning like I do with other sleep aids I have tried.
5.0 - Hands Down Favorite
I've tried so many different sleep remedies and have found that I really love this one. I've had prescriptions from my doctor for Ambien, tried over the counter sleep aids with benadryl, and tried several other natural remedies, but this is absolutely my favorite.
5.0 - I absolutely love this product!!!
I'll make this short and sweet. I've tried 15 other sleeping aids. This is the only one to knock me out and keep me out. Seriously, if you want uninterrupted sleep, Get. This. Product.
5.0 - Super effective!
I’ve tried a lot of sleep aids but this is the most effective I’ve ever come across. I have restful sleep through the entire night. It’s amazing!
5.0 - Helps me fall asleep FAST!
I struggle with falling asleep and can sometimes be awake for hours. I've tried a few sleep aids, and this is the first one that I feel really works. It has just the right amount of Melatonin and other ingredients to work just right and help me fall asleep and stay asleep and wake up refreshed. I definitely recommend this product!
5.0 - Amazing.
I have tried many types of sleep aids. This one is by far the best.
4.0 - It works
I wanted to find something natural to use instead of OTC sleep aids and this got great reviews. I have been using it occasionally for a few weeks and it seems to help me fall asleep and to fall back asleep quickly when I wake up in the night. Will continue to use it, but I'm not sure about using it every night.
5.0 - Really Works!
I have been looking for a product like this for years. I suffer from occasional insomnia so I have tried a lot of OTC and herbal sleep aids. I always had bad experiences with the OTC ones that use antihistamines. Most of the herbal ones did nothing for me. That is, until now. I only need one of these, I always try less than the full dosage on these types of products for the first.time. I couldn't believe how well it worked for me! I felt great when I got up the next morning. No grogginess or other side effects. I will try the full dosage if this half dose stops working, but for now one is all it takes.This is my go to sleep aid now.
5.0 - Great sleep aid with no morning grogginess
I rarely ever write a review for a product, but I just had to on this one. I have tried numerous OTC sleep aids over the years as well as a plethora of prescription ones. This product is great ! It makes me feel relaxed & drift off into a restful sleep with NO side effects the next day. I do practice good sleep hygiene along with it electronic devices an hour before bed time. The company offers up a full refund if it doesn’t work for you. So glad I gave it a try !!
5.0 - Driftoff works!
"For over ten years i have had on ongoing problem of falling asleep at night. Seriously, I have tried meds and over the counter remedies with no luck. I have tried other products sold by amazon that were a waste of money. Driftoff is the ONLY sleep aid that has ever worked. Oh and the best part is that it is all natural. I literally drift off to sleep and do not experience the nasty morning head aches or hangovers the other sleep aids cause. I am so glad I have Driftoff and my rest back. This is truly the best Sleep Aid on Amazon.
4.0 - Wonderful company, amazing product
Just ordered and tried for my first few nights! I was on melatonin which didn’t work, tried all the over the counter sleep aids and they were not successful either. I LOVE that this is natural, and works. I think this company definitely produces quality products!! (Not paid to comment lol)
5.0 - was skeptical but now believe this works!
I was looking for a natural alternative to the over the counter sleeping aids. I was surprised it actually works. My teenage son actually asked for some as he has trouble falling asleep and he was able to fall asleep easier too.
4.0 - ... about every over the counter sleep aids with little joy I happened to read an article in a fitness ...
Having tried a couple of prescription sleep aids and just about every over the counter sleep aids with little joy I happened to read an article in a fitness magazine about needing a sleep aid with several ingredients. When I entered the information from the article into Amazon search Night Caps came up as the product with several of those ingredients suggested, in one pill. I have nearly completed one bottle and just ordered another. After a week or so I found myself getting three or four hours solid sleep (unusual) interrupted briefly but then falling asleep again for another two hours. Having tried about everything out there this is the closest I have come to finding a product that works for me.
5.0 - Great natural sleep aid!
Driftoff is a great way to ensure a night of solid sleep, my girlfriend has trouble sleeping and often has night terrors. She has only had trouble with sleep aids in the past because they cause her to have more vivid night terrors. She loves driftoff and we have been taking them every night. I have no trouble sleeping but I can tell that I have a more solid sleep after taking a couple of these.
5.0 - Works Very Well
I have used Ambien for many years for chronic insomnia. I hate taking this prescription medication but other over the counter sleep aids have not been helpful - even the widely touted Somnapure. My running coach has urged me to give up the Ambien and suggested taking valerian and melatonin. When I search on Amazon, Driftoff came up and I was pleased that it included both natural products. To my great surprise, it works very well. I have been off the Ambien for 3 weeks now and have had no trouble sleeping. I received a free sample in exchange for an honest review. However, I did not receive a free initial order. I paid for my original order and my review is based on that purchase
5.0 - Best sleep aid
Best sleep aid I have found in the last 2 years. It works quickly for me, and so far my body has not adapted to it like all previous natural aids. No side effects and leftover grogginess. I highly recommend this natural sleep aid.
5.0 - Really enjoyed this product
Really enjoyed this product. Was looking for a natural sleep aid that wouldn't conflict with other stuff I take. Was very happy with this. I used to take over the counter sleep aids, but many of them made me feel very groggy the next morning. This just helps get the yawns going and make me ready for sleep time without any affects when I wake up in the morning, very pleased.
5.0 - Best yet
Great product after trying several different sleep aids this seems to work for me better than any others I've tried. Quick to fall asleep and stay asleep with no residual effect in the morning. Wake up refreshed and ready for another day...
5.0 - Even better, is I'm not groggy when my alarm goes ...
I've tried other natural and OTC sleep aids, but nothing is quite as effective as this! I take Driftoff with a cup of hot tea. I do half green tea/half lemonade. Within 30-40 minutes tops, I'm relaxed and ready for a full night of sleep, no matter what. Even better, is I'm not groggy when my alarm goes off the next morning. I will say drink some water after you take it. Not sure if it's just me, but I seem to get a bit dehydrated after. No big deal. We should all drink more water anyway.
5.0 - I very much enjoy this product
I very much enjoy this product, I've needed sleep aids for as long as I can remember, with this I fall asleep easily, and wake up without being groggy or foggy, excellent product, I like to take it with a hot cup of sleepy time tea.
5.0 - Unique combination of sleep aids
I'm a Nutritionist and Herbalist, I having been using Diftoff for both myself and my clients, I love the formula. The formula is powerful as they use the extract of the herbs rather than dried herbs, this concentrates the effects of the herbs. They also combined Tryptophan (an amino acid) and Melatonin with the herbs, which is a combination I haven't found in other formulas. they also added GABA and Passion flower which helps to quiet a restless mind. If you have been using one particular formula for a while and it does not seem to work well any more, this combination of herbs and nutrients may due the trick. Personally I get a deep sleep, am able to have vivid dreams and wake refreshed. It is one of my favorites!
5.0 - Most Effective Sleep Aid
I have tried many over the counter sleep aids (melatonin, Zzzquil, glycine, etc.) and this product has by far been the most effective in helping me get and stay asleep at night. It may not work every night, but helps me fall asleep most times I use it. Will definitely be purchasing this product again.
5.0 - I love this product
I love this product! I have tried many sleep aids, and I think with Driftoff I have finally found the perfect blend. I usually take this before brushing my teeth and washing my face and by the time I hit the pillow, I am able to fall right asleep! I will definitely be ordering this again!
5.0 - For me this product has the right mix of supplements that leave me refreshed after a great nights sleep
I have tried "MANY" sleep aids over the years and none have worked so far except Driftoff. Most leave me with headaches, to other allergic reactions, or absolutely nothing happens.
5.0 - The worst part is that it would take me 1-2 hours ...
I tried these as a last-ditch effort before moving on to prescription sleep aids. Before trying these, I was getting 1-3 hours of sleep and waking up repeatedly throughout the night. The worst part is that it would take me 1-2 hours to fall asleep both initially and after I woke up. These were the solution I needed. I now fall asleep almost immediately, and although I still wake up, I now fall right back into sleep. One thing I noticed is that the suggested amount to take is 2 capsules; I'm a petite woman (5'0'') and I've found that 1 capsule is really quite sufficient. Also, do be aware that the magnesium does intensify dreaming. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to avoid prescription sleep aids.
5.0 - I recommend this product to anyone who prefers to use a ...
I sleep with a CPAP machine and have difficulty falling asleep. I have tried other sleep aids and many of them cause me to have bazaar dreams and or nightmares. With Driftoff, I generally get a restful nights sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning. I recommend this product to anyone who prefers to use a herbal solution for sleeplessness
5.0 - ... sleep aids over the years but Driftoff is the best I have found and my search is over
I have tried so many sleep aids over the years but Driftoff is the best I have found and my search is over. Other products contain pain drugs which I don't need or unnatural ingredients. Others have worked but then I felt very groggy in the morning and the grogginess lasted far longer than I liked.
5.0 - The sleep aid I'll be sticking with
Having tried numerous sleep aids, from melatonin to actually prescribed medications, this is the one that I'm planning on sticking with. It's the best bang for your buck and at least for me, the most effective. This one doesn't make me feel groggy in the morning, doesn't get me super wired up before I go to sleep, and if I do end up waking up in the night for whatever reason, I can fall right back to sleep. I take mine a couple hours before I plan on falling asleep and it'll slowly ease me to the point that I won't even be able to keep my eyes open at the end. Having something that works so consistently for me is a good insurance for the days that I absolutely need to get to bed on time. Although everybody is different, if you have tried what felt like everything else before and it hasn't worked, I'd give this a shot.
5.0 - I'm really happy I decided to take the plunge and try this ...
I'm really happy I decided to take the plunge and try this product! I did not get this item for free in exchange for review, I purchased it because I have had great experiences with other ZHOU products. I have a really hard time falling and staying asleep and have taken both herbal and medication type supplements to help me in the past with varying degrees of success and side effects. This product is great! It absolutely helped me to "drift off" but what I liked more is it helps me to maintain deep and relaxed sleep. I would recommend this to anyone who has found some success using melatonin and other herbal remedies, because it is like the dream team of natural sleep aids all in one dose!
4.0 - i am fine during the day if i choose to take a ...
no complaints here....some years ago i was hospitalized with a severe case of meningitis.....once sleep pattern never returned to normal....i am fine during the day if i choose to take a nap...however, at night...absent of sleep aids....i will be unable to fall asleep.....this is not the only sleep aid i take nightly but it def works well for me....i would recommend giving it a try...
5.0 - Being a really bad insomniac college student
Being a really bad insomniac college student, DriftOff definitely have helped my sleep quality. I combine drift off with other sleep aids such as GABA and Zzquil to help me better fall asleep
5.0 - Amazing!
I love when something does exactly what it claims. Its a definite gentle relaxing slide into sleep on those nights your laying there wide awake. Those other store bought versions of pm sleep aids make you feel groggy and unable to face the morning, Not to mention I still feel exhausted the next day. With zhou drift off I'm asleep in 20 minutes and I feel amazing the next day. I love these. Plus as an added bonus the company emails you to make sure you know they take pride in the products they put out with 100% money back guarantee if you're not satisfied. Way to go Zhou.
5.0 - Love this product
Love this product! I've had so much trouble sleeping, but hate to take prescription medication and other natural sleep aids have not worked. Drift Off is amazing. I sleep through the night and wake up feeling very rested.
5.0 - Combines some of the best natural sleep suppliments!
This may be the single best sleep supplement that I've found because it combines some of the best remedys around! I have used various sleep aids over the years to help me get a more restful night's sleep. I started with Melatonin and have used that for a long time. However, too much of it and I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep. I then started using L-Theanine and found that it relaxed me and helped me feel like I get better rest, but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. My father-in-law then told me about Valerian and I began taking that. Again, it helped, but wasn't always enough by itself. So, I starting taking the three supplements together and found I had a lot better rest. Imagine my excitement when I found all three, plus some other great supplements, in one bottle! The Driftoff Natural Sleep Aid seriously combines some of the best things I've found to help me sleep. I received a discount on this bottle to review it and I'm now a huge fan! This could be the best natural sleep aid I've tried!
4.0 - Disappointed - expected more effectiveness with these ingredients but was left very much awake; company is awesome though!
For maybe the first two nights, I felt it slightly relaxed me. However, I doubled the dose and still ended up needing prescription sleep aids. I'm not the normal person -- I have a chronic pain condition, am a lifelong insomnia sufferer, and have multiple forms of anxiety. I wanted this to work so desperately, but for me it wasn't effective.
5.0 - Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep, and Don't Wake Up Groggy!
DriftOff All Natural Sleep Aid with Melatonin is not the first sleep aid I've ever used, but it is definitely one of the best! The veggie capsules are easy to swallow and I feel they are absorbed quickly. I am one of those people who crawls into bed, exhausted, and then my mind starts racing and I think of a million things and cannot fall asleep. This sleep aid blend helped to relax me and my anxiety. I found that I fell asleep much quicker than when I wasn't using the product. I also STAYED asleep. That's another huge issue for me. I find myself falling asleep ok some nights, only to wake up at 2am and spend the next 3 hours overthinking any and everything. Insomnia is not fun! But unlike prescription formulas, this DriftOff Sleep Aid allowed me to fall asleep, stay asleep, and I DID NOT wake up feeling groggy. That's a huge bonus because many sleep aids help you actually sleep, but you are in a fog for the first few hours you are awake. Definitely not the case with this product!
5.0 - Dont hesitate to try this I am so glad we did
My husband has been dealing with insomnia for a while and let me be honest I didn't think anything would help him. He would take 5-6 shots of sever Nyquil with edible cannabis and sometimes with pm sleeping aids and melatonin I mean nothing helped. (this is only one of his concoctions every few months it changes and he needs more) He would still only fall asleep around 3am and not get up till about noon if he was lucky. He woke up groggy cranky and still very tired. He started complaining of stomach pain which was not a surprise. We almost bought Ativan online without prescription but got kinda scared. SO I started to look on amazon for something to help and that's when I came across DRIFT OFF. I honestly did not think they were going to work mostly because he used to take valerian among other things and it did not do the job.
5.0 - The Best Sleep Aid Ever!
This is the best sleep aid I have used! I have used OTC sleep aids for years and experienced day time sleepiness and grogginess the morning after. With Driftoff, there was none of that! I "drifted off" in about 15 minutes and awoke without that grogginess. One of the other features that I absolutely love is that if you have to get up anytime during the night (which is what I do frequently) you can fall back asleep very shortly. The natural ingredients are a plus. I highly recommend this product.
5.0 - Definitely Worth it!!
I have the hardest time falling asleep because as soon as my head hits the pillow all of these thoughts and ideas race thru my head. This supplement is great becuase it has all of the natural sleeping aids combined into one capsule. The capsule is not very big and is very easy to swallow. I have been taking this Sleep Aid for about a week now. It has truly worked for me. It seems to really calm me down and allows me to fall asleep quicker. I have been taking it about an hour before I am ready to go to bed. For me, this gives it plenty of time to kick in. I also love how it does not effect the way you feel in the morning. For me there are no side effects. I did receive this product for free to give my honest and unbiased opinion.
5.0 - Gentle and effective
I've been using Driftoff for a few weeks now and it really helps me fall asleep at night. I like that it works gently and doesn't "knock me out". Instead, it just helps to make me feel drowsy and fall asleep naturally. The sleep I get is actually restful and I am waking up feeling rested. I can't say the same for some of the other things I've used in the past to fall asleep, including both over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids. It also doesn't seem to affect my dreams negatively - I seem to have normal dream cycles rather than weird dreams or no dreams.
5.0 - It works!
I've tried dozens and dozens of sleep aids over the last 10 years, everything from prescription medications to over the counter. These are some of the best I've tried - they're not as powerful as prescription meds, which is much more practical for nightly use. About an hour after taking one pill, I feel pleasantly drowsy. After a week of consistent use, I've been waking up fewer times during the night. Amazing, I highly recommend these!
5.0 - Best sleep aid
Works great better than zquil or other otc sleep aids
5.0 - Works as advertised.
Honestly, I got what I expected out of this product. I've been taking the recommended 2 capsules a night and it's been working great. The first 2 nights taking it I would fall into a deep sleep and wake up fall into a deep sleep and wake up (repeat). Then on the third night I found myself sleeping so deep that I don't even remember dreaming but I woke up feeling refreshed. This product hasn't given me the drowsy drunk feeling you get from other sleep aids either. I started using this product because I always felt restless at night and could never stay still in bed. I normally drink yogi bed time tea and take two capsules about 30-45 mins before going to bed. So far this product has done what it promotes and is a great alternative.
4.0 - Works Well
Unlike the "Calm Now" product from this company, "Driftoff" is something I would likely purchase again. It helps me achieve a deep sleep, and I don't feel as groggy in the morning, like with other sleep aids. I also enjoy the unexpected benefit of having more dreams.
4.0 - Good stuff
Not bad. I have to say that the more pleasant side effect is vivid dreams. Overall one of the best sleep aids we've tried.
5.0 - This supplement works great, I noticed a difference the first time I ...
This supplement works great, I noticed a difference the first time I took it. I work nights and sleep during the day and have trouble staying asleep but this does help. I also like that it doesn't give me a hungover feeling like some sleep aids do.
5.0 - Unlike anything out there
I've tried numerous things to help me get to sleep at a decent time and everything else has left me feeling drowsy and foggy in the morning. I work in IT so having a clear head is essential in performing my job! This blend offers numerous natural relaxants (all of which I've tried separately with nowhere near as great of results) this product is much better for you and gentler on your body than over the counter sleep aids and much more effective! I only need ONE capsule and I'm relaxed to the point of a peaceful sleep within a couple hours!
5.0 - Feeling refreshed.
I love it. It does not make me feel groggy like the other sleep aids do. Feeling fresh and I vouch for this product.
4.0 - Helps with menopausal sleeplessness
As one of the annoying symptoms of the celebrated menopausal years, sleeplessness ranks right up there. I’ve tried just about everything that’s out there to tame the beast, short of prescription sleep aids, which I am quite leery of. I did not expect to find a dramatic, life-changing sleep experience with Driftoff, but, as evidenced by my Fitbit, I was pleasantly surprised that I did get a much better night’s sleep. I sleep and stay asleep longer when I take the two capsules before bed. I find that taking Driftoff with Sleepytime tea is the ticket for me.
5.0 - The Right Priduct for the Right Job
I have had difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night. I have tried several over the counter sleep aids, none of them helped for me to sleep all night and others made me feel drowsy the next morning. Once I tried Driftoff I knew I found the right sleep aid that allowed to sleep all night and it is natural.
5.0 - ... tried several herbal sleep aids and this is the best yet, for both myself and my husband
I've tried several herbal sleep aids and this is the best yet, for both myself and my husband. Thank you for a great product!
5.0 - ... my second purchase from this company and both are wonderful! There are so many different kinds of sleep ...
This is my second purchase from this company and both are wonderful! There are so many different kinds of sleep aids but this is the hands down best. It gently makes you feel sleepy and you’re not groggy in the morning. Great stuff!
5.0 - Love getting a full nights sleep!!
I ordered and quickly received the All Natural Sleep Aid with Melatonin & Valerian Root - 'Sleep Well, Wake Refreshed!' - Non-Habit Forming Complex. This came in a dark plastic bottle with the product label on it. This was delivered by USPS in a box with other products I purchased and bubble wrap. This bottle comes with 60 veggie capsules which will last for 30 days. The directions are to take 2 veggie capsules once a day. For best results take 20-30 minutes prior to bedtime with a 8 oz. glass of water or as directed by your healthcare professional. I have tried a lot of sleep aids to help me get to sleep with most of them not working or giving me side effects. I tried Night Caps as a solution to my sleep problems because it uses natural herbs instead of synthetic ingredients like prescription alternatives. After looking through all the different blends, I chose this formula because it contains all of the recommended natural sleep aid ingredients in one blend. I take 2 capsules 30 minutes before bed and I fall asleep within five to ten minutes of laying down. With this All Natural sleep aid I am finally going to bed at reasonable times and getting a full night's rest for the first time in years. I wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day.
4.0 - Better than melatonin and other sleep aids Ive tried in ...
Relaxes you to drift off within twenty minutes of taking. Wake up refreshed and energetic. Better than melatonin and other sleep aids Ive tried in the past.
5.0 - Very happy with this product
Very happy with this product! It is working for me , as a long term chronic insomniac I have been on prescription medication for years. I have tried many different products to get away from the side effects of Ambien. After almost a month of taking Driftoff I am seeing positive results and no longer taking prescription sleep aids. I am getting more sleep which is very important for my health. Thanks for making this available, give it a try it may work for you too!
4.0 - This works!
I've tried several other sleep aids but this one works the best!
5.0 - I am so happy with it
I have struggled with sleep issues for as long as I can remember. I have used over the counter, and on occasion, prescription sleep aids. I wanted to try something more natural and so I gave Driftoff a try. I am so happy with it. Now I don't dread bedtime because I have something that gradually helps me fall asleep without making me feel groggy in the morning. It is a great product.
5.0 - I tried so many natural sleep aids but made me ...
I tried so many natural sleep aids but made me weak and dizzy. This drift off was not working a few nights at the beginning. Now, it is really helpful to drift me off. I really thank to Zhou Nutrition.
5.0 - Five Stars
My husband is loving DriftOff as an alternative to prescription sleep aids he has used for years!
5.0 - I've had terrific results with Driftoff
I have tried many other natural sleep aids that simply didn't work. I've had terrific results with Driftoff! I have recommended it to others. It helps me fall asleep and stay asleep.
4.0 - Worth your time to try!
I have had bouts of insomnia for well over 30 years, trying many remedies - including prescription sleep aids. None had worked very consistently or at all. It took about a week for this to start working consistently, but I have been sleeping well for the past week. Though I still wake up several times at night, I have been falling back asleep relatively quickly. I do wake up a little drowsy, but it's much better than other products I've tried!
5.0 - Sawing Some Wood
I've had insomnia my entire life. I needed a little something else on top of my melatonin and 5-htp, and I try not to take my prescription sleep aids that often. This is JUST what I needed! I highly recommend it for anyone that has trouble drifting off. (It does not stop my hubby's snoring tho ;) )
5.0 - Good nite sleep.
Driftoff works best compare to other natural sleep aids that I have tried. I do not feel groggy in the morning after I took it and once taken it takes about 30-45 to work. It gave me a pleasant sleepyness feeling and it did not give me heart palpitations unlike anti-allergy pills. Highly recommended.
5.0 - Natural product that does what it says it will do.
I just placed another order for "Driftoff" and will keep ordering this stuff every month. I have suffered with insomnia for years and have tried several prescription sleep-aids as well as over the counter remedies but nothing works like this product. Driftoff just makes me sleepy about 20 minutes after I take it and allows me to get to a deep state of sleep quickly. It doesn't make me groggy or "thick headed." If I need to wake up to take care of anything, I can wake up quickly and be sharp immediately, but otherwise, I just sleep all night and wake up refreshed. I have been taking it for almost a year and can report that I have experienced no side effects. I like that it's a natural product that simply does what it says it will do. Worth every penny of the price and I highly recommend.
5.0 - Great natural sleep aid!
I've been weaning myself off prescription sleep aids for awhile. This product is not prescription strength but it's still pretty powerful. No hangover too, which is good.
5.0 - Sleeping good
I have tried numerous sleeping aids in the past. Driftoff is the best one I have ever used, I fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed. I would recommend this product to anyone that had trouble sleeping. Great product that actually works like it is advertised.
5.0 - I don't like the thought of worrying about becoming dependent on a ...
All- natural hurray! I don't like the thought of worrying about becoming dependent on a sleep-aid. I have enough trouble staying asleep as it is I don't need to add an addiction to that. This bottle comes with 60 pills, but you need to take 2 before bed. So this is about a month supply. The pills themselves are vegetarian which is awesome to me. They are a bit thicker than I'm used to seeing, but they aren't hard to swallow. In addition to the Valerian and Melatonin (both on their own are known to aid sleep) there's also tryptophan (you know, the reason you go into a turkey coma on Thanksgiving) and chamomile along with others, I've posted a picture of the rest of the ingredients. It says it works in about 30-60 minutes it took me about 45 minutes and then I started feeling drowsy. I didn't feel overwhelmingly tired like I do if I take a Benadryl or a sleep aid you buy at the store. When I went to bed it was easy to just doze off because normally I can't get my brain to just shut up about everything I need to get done the next day. I loved these because when my daughter woke up crying in the middle of the night, I wasn't so knocked out I couldn't hear her. (Which is why I will only take natural sleep-aid aids, when I take them.) I was not groggy at all and no other side-effects. I'm pretty happy I found these. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.
5.0 - Best sleep aid...Ever!
Amazing!! Love the valarian root. Good muscle relaxer. Most important... Doesn't leave you feeling groggy like other sleep aids. Sydney is great and helped me out a lot.
4.0 - Effective OTC sleep aid
Driftoff is one of the better OTC sleep aids available. It's got a pretty effective blend of ingredients. However, it doesn't work every night (like on the nights when I'm really stressed).
5.0 - It works.
I am a single mom who works to jobs so to say the least, I have a very stressful life. I have gone months where I have problems going to sleep. I saw Driftoff and wanted to give it a try. Wow, it really helps. It gives me a calm feeling with a little sleepiness too it that helps me get to sleep. I don't wake up with the drugged feeling that I normally would get with the Over the Counter sleep aids or the prescriptions that my doctor had me on.
5.0 - I would recommend these t anyone with insomnia
I wanted to get off Ambien and I have tried many OTC sleep aids. Driftoff is the only product that has worked for me. It takes about an hour for me to finally drift off to sleep but I fall asleep every time. I take them an hour before I want to go to sleep. I find no hangover effect the next morning. I would recommend these t anyone with insomnia.
5.0 - Works really well for me
I am ordering my second bottle. I have tried other similar natural sleep aids, this has worked the best for me. I stay asleep longer and when I get up to go to the bathroom I fall asleep again quickly
5.0 - Tried many sleep aids and this one seems to be better.
It really works! Tried many sleep aids and this one seems to be better.
5.0 - Works really well for me!
I take it about 30-45min prior to wanting to be asleep & I'm good! What I really like is I don't wake up with that "hung over" feeling I get from other sleep aids.
5.0 - This sleep aid has been the best that I could have asked for
I have had issues with sleep for years. It has always taken me at least an hour to fall asleep, sometimes I don't sleep the whole night. Lately, I have been having issues with severe anxiety with surrounding going to sleep due to the fact that I am not able to function at work if I don't. I have not even been able to work in over a month due to anxiety, depression and insomnia. This sleep aid has been the best that I could have asked for. I take it 30 min before I want to go to sleep and within 10 min of trying to fall asleep it happens!!! I stay asleep almost the whole night which has also never happened before. I also only take 1 instead of two sleeping pills because I already wake up a little bit drowsy when I first wake up. I don't think I would be able to if I took two. I also want to note that I have to get 8 hours of sleep with this pill. I would rather take something natural than the prescription sleep aids that come with awful side effects. I really recommend that you try this. It has been a huge help and it has 60 day money back guarantee:)
5.0 - Gentlest sleep aid ever, lives up to its name
I first tried this a few months ago and I have made a place for it on my sleep aid shelf. I have a few different sleep aids with varying levels of melatonin and this is the gentlest product I've ever tried. Having been used to traditional sleeping pills I kept waiting for that sandbag in the head effect and it never came. About the time I thought "well this product doesn't work for me" I suddenly cracked an earsplitting yawn and thought well I'm really tired, better get to bed" and suddenly realized oh, there it is. I can also take one capsule and complement it with a 500 mg tryptophan for a night when I don't need much help sleeping. I like it because it works gently, I can still wake up to a fire alarm or other emergency, and feel no unwanted after effects in the morning.
5.0 - Good Company, Good Products
I am currently still taking my first bottle of Driftoff—the second bottle is on the way! The first night I took it was pretty obvious when it kicked in and as each night goes by it feels more natural as my body adjusts to the effects, but still reaps the benefits. A have had issues with sleeping since 2008. It is one of the ongoing issues I have dealt with as a result of my PTSD from the military. Lately, I have had issues falling asleep and had to go back to my meditation and hypnotic applications while in bed to sleep, but this product has allowed me remove those aids and simply take these two pills to sleep. I cannot say that it's a single 'cure all' for insomnia or severe issues with sleep, but it has helped me a lot in falling asleep quicker than I can without it.
5.0 - this won't knock you out and turn you into a zombie like many RXs I've tried
I've tried many sleep aids, this won't knock you out and turn you into a zombie like many RXs I've tried, rather, it will put you in the mood for bed and help you stay asleep. I prefer this over those scripts because it doesn't leave me groggy in the morning.
5.0 - Really Works!!!
I have only taken this for one night but WOW! I have had chronic issues falling asleep for years. Exacerbated by an accident a few years back. I slept so well last night. I came back today to order more but they show out of inventory. I hope they get more soon! I have tried Benadryl, prescription sleep aids, melatonin, etc. This is the only thing that has worked. Hopefully I don't acquire a tolerance.
4.0 - Works!
I was pleasantly surprised how well this product works. I have been taking OTC sleep aids that contain antihistamines for quite awhile. Otherwise I will not sleep at all. After reading the long term effects of OTC sleep aids I have become very concerned about their long term effects. So... I tried drift off. Works and works well. No anti histamine just natural ingredients.
5.0 - Driffoff Sleep Aid
I tried other sleep aids that worked ok, but this Sleep Aid works better than expected !!!!Thank you.
5.0 - Great natural sleep aid
I take 2 every night, and it helps calm my racing thoughts before bed. I usually fall asleep within 20 minutes of taking this sleep aid, get restful sleep, and I don't wake up groggy. I no longer need to take ambien or restoril. Goodbye prescription sleep aids!
4.0 - Works for me
Having retired from the medical field I know that different products work differently for different people. I have tried many different sleep aids and been disappointed. This product is not perfect but it seems to work most of the time for me. I have been getting about 6 hours sleep with it.
5.0 - Excellent Product.
Excellent product, I was very pleased with the performance of this product. I felt very refreshed in the morning without any of the grogginess I have experienced with other sleep-aids.
5.0 - Works as Stated
Works pretty Good. It is a Very good choice for Sleep Helped to get me sleeping. Worked as good or better than other available sleep aids
5.0 - One of the best natural sleep aids I’ve used
One of the best natural sleep aids I’ve used. Also, I didn’t have the side effect of restless legs which a lot of sleep aids can cause.
5.0 - It really works and i love that its all natural
I've had sleeping problems for years and have been taking an over the counter pm medicine to help me sleep. I've also tried several prescription sleeping aids. I ordered drift off out of desperation. Thinking it would be like everything else, I was surprised, it really worked. I love it!
5.0 - Legitimately Promotes Restful Sleep with No "Hangover."
I generally save my review-writing for products that really stand out in quality and effectiveness, so I'm thrilled to say that DRIFTOFF Natural Sleep Aid has been a restorative and beneficial addition to my nighttime routine. My sleep is restful and void of the unpleasant or scary dreams I've experienced with other sleep aids. The best part is that I wake up feeling genuinely refreshed and NOT groggy; this product doesn't induce a lingering and depressing lethargy and for that I give it 5 stars. Highly recommend this supplement.
5.0 - Sleep aid that works
Tried several different sleep aids. This one works as advertised. Allows me to drift off without feeling groggy. I get up 2 or 3 times a night due to my BPH but fall back asleep quickly. But the best thing is waking up after 8 hrs rest and after a 5 to 10 minute wake-up time I am fully alert.
5.0 - I'm very happy with this product
As someone who suffers from insomnia, I know how frustrating it can be to have to face a busy day with minimal sleep. I've tried prescriptions and over the counter sleep aids in the past and found that some didn't work, and others did work, but left me feeling really groggy the next morning. Driftoff helps me fall asleep roughly 30-45 mins after taking it. I might wake up once or twice during the night, but am usually able to fall asleep instantly again. I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. I'm very happy with this product!
5.0 - I've tried multiple sleeping aids for my insomnia and this ...
I've tried multiple sleeping aids for my insomnia and this is the only one that has ever worked for both me and my girlfriend.
5.0 - No more prescription sleep aids
My husband had been on prescription sleep aid for years Now he is taking Dritoff and he is sleeping all night without the prescription drug. So very happy.
5.0 - Great for getting to sleep at night
My husband used to sit up for hours trying to sleep where I fall asleep within a few minutes. We tried melatonin and a couple of other sleep aids but nothing worked for him. I was looking for Valerian when I ran across Driftoff and I liked the ingredient combinations. Now, my husband takes two every night and he goes to sleep as quickly as I do and he wakes up much more easily than he used to. All of this seems to be contributing to a better mood and better stress management for him. He has been using it for just over a month now and I have ordered a second bottle. He did skip a few of nights and within a couple of nights, he started having trouble falling asleep.
5.0 - ... I have reordered this one because it works the best of them all
I have tried many different kinds of sleep aids and I have reordered this one because it works the best of them all. I don't like taking prescription medication to sleep because of the lingering affects. Try this you won't be disappointed!
5.0 - Works quickly after hitting the bed. I wake up ...
Works quickly after hitting the bed. I wake up in the morning without that 'still sleepy' feel that other OTC aids give me when I take them.
4.0 - Gentle
They're a little gentler than other sleep aids I've used so I need to take 4 instead of 2 when I'm having difficulty calming down. But it's one of the most comfortable sleep aids I've tried as well. No groggy, jerky feeling in the morning
5.0 - It is a great formula that has left me with virtually no side ...
I think anyone with sleeping problems should try this. It is a great formula that has left me with virtually no side effects. Zquill was a disaster for me and other sleep aids no help. That said, truly changing habits have been equally necessary. No TV, IPad, getting exercise etc. I came to a point that I believe sleep is key to my quality of life.
5.0 - I can now "Driftoff"
I have tried quite a few natural sleep aids in the last couple of years. I had been prescribed a generic for Xanax a couple years ago, but was only needed for a short time situation. However, I did find that if I took one Xanax about an hour before I wanted to go to sleep, it would keep me asleep, even if I got up to use the restroom, I could easily get back to sleep. This was a good thing because for the last 3-4 years I have been struggling with sleep, I use Melatonin to go to sleep, but if I wake up to use restroom, or just wake up for who knows what reason, usually around 2 am, I cannot seem to get back to sleep for a couple of mind will not shut down. Therefore the dependency on the Xanax, but I woke up always feeling tired and I know it is habit forming and pry a long list of other negative side effects. I can't help but think, while I did sleep, I was still tired in the I never got into my R.E.M. Sleep. I started looking at Amazon for yet another natural sleep aid that had Valerian in it as I had recently read an article that recommended that. I came across Driftoff. I was a bit concerned because it had L-tryptophan in it, I had tried using that by itself and made me feel super wasn't too sure about this, but thought it might be okay be combined with the other ingredients. I take it about one hour prior to when I would like to go to sleep. It did make me feel sleepy but when I got into bed I didn't feel like it was going to be enough to push me over the edge and had me worried that it wasn't going to keep me asleep all night long like so many of the others. I usually am in bed for 10-15 minutes and boom, I am gone, don't even remember going to sleep. There have been a couple times my husband has come to bed about an hour after me and woke me up accidently, which frustrates me because sleep is such an evasive thing for me, but I have been able to go back to sleep thank goodness. I have just ordered my second bottle and I hope that this aid will continue to be the answer for me. So far it has been good. I wake up feeling like I slept and not so tired....I hope over a period of time that I will feel better and better, because I think I have some sleep to catch up on. I do recommend Driftoff if sleep is a challenge for you.
4.0 - Trying to wean off rx sleeping aids. These aren’t ...
Trying to wean off rx sleeping aids. These aren’t quite as effective, but do help me to relax and get to sleep without feeling groggy the next morning.
5.0 - All Natural and Works Great!
I like using sleep aids to help me get back on track. I just started trying different kinds and this one is one of my favorites! I bought some sleep aid that just have melatonin in it and it is just too strong. This sleep aid works really well in subtly making you tired without making you feel overwhelmed when it starts to kick in.
5.0 - Sh*t will knock you out
This stuff knocks me out! The bottle says take 2, I normally take 1 for me 2 is way to much. As far as I can tell it is non habit forming. I've tried a lot of sleep aids and this one is by my favorite, I do not seem to build up a tolerance to it, which is nice because I used to switch between different types of sleep aids when I built up a tolerance.
5.0 - Five Stars
I fall asleep quick and easily while waking up feeling refreshed and not groggy like other sleep aids.
5.0 - I'm very happy with this product it helps me get a better ...
I'm very happy with this product it helps me get a better nights sleep and I wake up with out that groggy feeling other sleep aids do
5.0 - Has been a game changer for my partner and her quality of sleep.
This product has really helped my partner fall back into her normal healthy sleeping pattern that had been interrupted due to high amounts of work stress. It not only helps her fall asleep, but also helps her stay asleep and not wake up feeling a bit groggy, which has been an issue with other sleep aids that we’ve tried in the past.
5.0 - ... I'm in my forties it seems that falling asleep easy is a thing of the past
Now that I'm in my forties it seems that falling asleep easy is a thing of the past. I have tried a variety of sleep aids but unfortunately many leave me feeling pretty out of it in the morning. I decided to try this stuff. So far so good. I take it about an hour before bed and that seems to do the trick. I wake up without the morning hangover from sleeping pills. That right there makes it worth buying this sleep aid. Would recommend.
5.0 - Finally...
I've been using Driftoff for about 3 weeks now and an finally getting to sleep longer than 4 hours a night. I have no problem getting to sleep but can't stay asleep. Now I'm sleeping longer thanks to Driftoff. I have used prescription sleep aids in the past and they quit working for me. I now prefer natural products rather than drugs. No side effects. Love the combination of ingredients in this product.
5.0 - I do love that you don't feel "hungover" in the morning like ...
I take these an hour before I go to bed, it normally works, but it all depends on my day/mental stress. I do love that you don't feel "hungover" in the morning like other sleep aids.
5.0 - This one is up there with the best that I've found.
I've tried a few different versions of these natural sleep aids, and this one is up there with the best one that I've found, I cant find that original one anymore but this one seems to be just as good.
5.0 - Working great!
Gets me to sleep fairly quickly..and I stay asleep for a good amount of time..while other sleep aids make me wake a few hours later...good product
5.0 - Good if taken spaced out
OMG, I take prescription sleeping aids which my body seems to have just built a tolerance to. I took 2 of these last night and I was out cold in 20 minutes. I will be buying more without hesitation. So much better than Ambien without a hangover. My husband did interrupt my sleep around 2 hours after I took them and I felt like I was dreaming so don't drive if you take these. Just my opinion.
5.0 - This stuff is a miracle, finally sleeping
Tried regular sleeping aids and I'd wake up groggy, and wake up more tired than when I'd fall asleep. This stuff, I wake up energized, rested and it feels natural.
5.0 - I take 2 with a glass of water and within an hour I begin to feel sleepy and I stay asleep all night and wake up feeling rested
This product definitely works!! As an insomniac of over 20 years, I have tried everything and was on ambiens for 10 years but wanted to try something natural and this was it. I take 2 with a glass of water and within an hour I begin to feel sleepy and I stay asleep all night and wake up feeling rested and not groggy like other sleep aids. If you suffer from insomnia like so many of us, it doesn't hurt to try it out. I have been taking them for several months and my body has adjusted well with no side effects. This will definitely be part of my evening routine.
5.0 - A great alternative to prescription aids.
Good product with natural ingredients that has enabled me to get at least a good 6 hours of sound sleep consistently. Waking up, I feel relaxed and not groggy. Very satisfied with this purchase and will keep using it.
5.0 - A Gentle But Effective Sleeping Solution
I am typically pretty sensitive to sleep aids and wake up pretty groggy afterwards, but Drift Off is a natural solution that works well without the typical grogginess. I would recommend a half dose if you find the suggested serving too much.
5.0 - It works for her and I am so happy.
My mom had some serious allergic responses to prescribed sleep aids, so I sent her this. It works for her and I am so happy.

2. Superior Labs Boswellia Extract - Pure NonGMO Boswellic 65% Acids w/Bioperine Superior Absorption Zero Synthetic Additives - Powerful Formula Joint, Knees, Hips, Migraine, Immune, - 500mg Svg, 240 Veg

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5.0 - Superb supplement for reducing pain and inflammation. It works.
I have fibromyalgia and have had mono 3 times (this time for 7 months). I have a horrible time with pain and inflammation and was recently diagnosed with an ulcer and forbidden from taking NSAIDS. I cried like a little girl. Fortunately, my doctor recommended boswellia and turmeric to help with the inflammation. I've been taking this for a few weeks and have definitely noticed an improvement in my pain level. Excellent natural alternative for those who don't want to take harmful drugs.
5.0 - Boswellia-new answer for inflammation
So pleased to find a natural substitute for NSAIDS. One that does not have side effects, one that works. Helped get my son through Basketball season with 'jumper's knee' or Patellar tendinitis. Reduced the inflammation, reduced the pain, and helped him play without interruption.
5.0 - Wonderful discovery
It is so nice to find a supplement that really works!! I have osteoarthritis and my joints hurt most of the time. I also have reflux which makes is difficult to take NSAIDs. I heard about Boswellia,fish oil, and vitamin D3 together to control pain. OMG! it works! I am off NSAIDS and can decrease PPIs which helps the stomach acid. So much nicer to take something that is nature than drugs. Wonderful discovery.....
5.0 - It's Working!
I'm at the end of my first bottle so I've been taking this for almost 2 months. While some people report it taking up to two bottles (four months) or more to start to see the benefits, it already seems to be helping my joints feel better in general and for them to take longer than before to become sore and achey. I work actively on my feet all day, and I don't want to subject my body to NSAIDs very often, so discovering this product is really important. Am buying my second bottle now! Also, for those who are interested, I've gained much physical comfort over the years from wearing Crocs classic/original style shoes (but definitely not the fashion type models they now also offer.) As much as I've loved Crocs for over ten years, in the last two years, I've discovered there's an even better footwear product out there for which really helps the joints in my feet, ankles and knees: Oofos shoes (sandals and shoes.) See their own website, Amazon or eBay or possibly even your favorite local shoe store. Super-super-super comfortable and a daily staple, now recently along with this Boswellia extract, and completely replacing Crocs for me, for even happier, healthier joints in the lower legs and feet.
5.0 - Great product
This product helps me control cronic inflammation in my in my neck and shoulders. Works better than over the counter NSAIDs without the risks.
5.0 - A bit hard on the stomach
I have recently had spinal fusion surgery. I definitely have needed to continue with some level of pain management as I complete my recovery. I have been reluctant to use opioids and have concerns about NSAIDs. Boswellia is a potent anti inflammatory and pain reliever. It really was helping me, but, sadly, it was causing me severe stomach pains. So. I have stopped taking it, and am back to taking NSAIDs. Hoping to find a "perfect" product as I continue healing. I would like to add that this product/brand is high quality, and I recommend it.
4.0 - Good Formula
I have used boswellia for years, and it works well on my sore knees--not quite as well as NSAIDs, but boswellia presents none of the side effects or risks of NSAIDs. I recently developed arthritic symptoms in a hand and decided to up my game. I chose this brand because it contains the concentration of boswellic acids plus piperine that experts mostly recommend. For several years I took half the recommended dose on a bottle of plain boswellia. I'm now taking the full recommended dose of this boswellia with piperine. After two weeks my knees remain happy campers, and I may be feeling slight improvement in my hand--but it's early yet. In my experience, boswellia takes several weeks to fully do its' stuff.
5.0 - Works for my lower back pain
I ordered this because I have chronic lower back pain. It's not severe, but it is bothersome and distracting. Within an hour or so, the boswellia really does make a difference. I'm always surprised when natural products work as well, or better than, prescription drugs. This works as well as the recommended dosage of NSAIDs for me.
5.0 - I am using the product as a natural anti-inflammatory in ...
I am using the product as a natural anti-inflammatory in conjunction with other botanicals. I am an athlete and rely on natural anti-inflammatories over NSAIDs.
5.0 - Great supplement for joint pain!!!!
Before I started taking this product I had severe joint pain in my hands and elbows. I take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening. Now the pain is reduced by 80%. I am very happy with the results. I cannot take nsaids they give me acid reflux. I love this product!!!!
5.0 - Great product!
I've been taking this supplement for three weeks and it seems to help with pain and inflammation. I cannot take NSAIDS as I've developed an allergy to them. This seems to be doing the trick. I'm very happy with the product.
5.0 - Good stuff ...
I was living on Aleve. Not good. Did some research on Boswellia Extract and found that it works to control something called 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX). While NSAIDS will do the same thing, they also contribute to toxicity, to say nothing of bleeding. They do this by inhibiting the Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) enzyme. However, they also inhibit the expression of COX-1, which is needed to protect the stomach lining, and GALT - Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue. Both enzymes are secondary to the deleterious effects, however, of 5-lipoxygenase . Enter Boswellia Extract, which controls not only 5-LOX, but other pro-inflammatory enzymes as well, such as tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-a). TNF-a is actually beneficial. However, an over expression of this pro-inflammatory cytokine is not. Boswellia Extract is selective. Through negative feedback mechanisms, TNF-a is held in check. While I'm happy this supplements reduces my dependence on NSAIDS, I was equally as pleased to discover that it is being investigated for atherosclerosis, cancer, asthma, and arthritis. This particular brand has MANY five-star ratings, and for good reason - it works.
5.0 - Super Labs Boswellia is great stuff.
I don't like to take NSAIDS like tylenol or ibuprofen. They can be very hard on the liver and sometimes the stomach too. I much prefer natural anti-inflamitories and Boswellia is one that I frequently use. After a serious injury to my hand I have developed arthritic pain an stiffness in it that I never had before and this product does a good job in helping to ease it. Every bit as good or better than the NSAIDS I used to take as well as, in my opinion, being a much healthier choice.
5.0 - Healthier and More Effective than NSAIDs with Anti-Cancer Benefits
After having used Boswellia Serrata essential oil to heal a large squamous cell and subsequently trying some 95% Boswellic Acid powder, I decided to try this product because of its high rating. I have found it to be at least as effective as the 95% acid powder I had tried -- probably even more so -- in eliminating aches and pains in a 64-year-old body AND (I suspect) providing anti-cancer benefits. And it has been great to have it in the convenient form of two capsules, one in the morning and one in the evening. I highly recommend it for those who seek a more effective and much healthier relief to body inflammation than NSAIDs and for those who want to support their immune system's defense against cancer.
5.0 - It actually works!
My trainer suggested I try this for inflammation from arthritis and it works! I can't take NSAIDS (reflux), and this is a great substitute. I take it with meals of course.
5.0 - Great Results
I love this product! I was taking way too much Advil (hip/joint pain) and thanks to Boswellia I am feeling much better and it's all natural with no adverse side effects like NSAIDS.
5.0 - Boswellia has eased my hip and knee pain
Boswellia has eased the hip and knee pain that I experienced due to moderate arthritis. A friend recommended Boswellia after it eased his knee pain. Except for the moderate arthritis, I am in good health, not overweight, hike, and practice yoga. I am very pleased that Boswellia has helped me so that I could stop taking the NSAIDs. I recommend this product.
5.0 - I don't like NSAID painkillers because they make discomfort in my stomach
Thank you for this product. I'm recovering from a trauma on my knee and elbow. I don't like NSAID painkillers because they make discomfort in my stomach. I'm glad I could replace the NSAIDs with this boswellia supplement. I'm happy I found this brand and it really works for me. Thanks!
5.0 - Awesome stuff!
This is a great product! I have been experiencing some joint pain for some time and wanted to steer away from NSAIDs and their side effects. The Boswellia extract has helped tremendously and I have also seen a positive effect on my digestion. I just ordered some for my daughter, I can't wait to hear how she feels after taking it.
4.0 - Inflammation relief
This product was recommended by a friend of mine to decrease inflammation due to degenerative arthritis and back pain. I've taken NSAIDS but realize they aren't suppose to be taken over a long period of time due to various complications. This product is a natural product and does not have the side effects of the NSAIDS. From what I can tell, it does give some relief. I've been taking 1-2 per day.
5.0 - The more I started reading studies about the benefits the more there was to like. I found it has significantly reduced my need .
I started taking Boswellia because I was looking for a natural way to prevent osteoarthritis that runs in my family. The more I started reading studies about the benefits the more there was to like. I found it has significantly reduced my need for NSAIDs, which have caused me GRED problems in the past. Which meant I needed to take less acid reducing medicines. It took a little while for the effect to fully kick in, but I'm very happy with the results and plan to keep purchasing this item from Superior Labs.
5.0 - Helps my dad's osteoarthritis
Bought this for my dad, who after wearing steel toe and steel shank boots for over 50 years, has developed osteoarthritis in his feet. The pain makes it difficult for him to walk, and I didn't want him taking tons of ibuprofen or other NSAIDs, acetaminophen is even worse.
5.0 - Great replacement for NSAIDS!
I have had multiple spinal surgeries and have continued issues with inflammation. After a course of steroids and NSAIDS that tore my stomach up I asked the neurosurgeon if there was something different to manage inflammation and he recommended Boswellia. I take this twice daily and have not had any problems with my c-spine/neck and have not needed any pain meds. I will definitely be reordering.
5.0 - great product that is reducing my need for NSAIDS
This is the best boswellia I have yet tried...and has decreased how often I take Advils for my knee osteoarthritis and recent shoulder injury. This is twice as strong as most brands, for one, but just seems better in all ways.
5.0 - Seems great so far - sick of pharmaceutical nsaids
As part of my regimen (including fish oil and turmeric) I have definitely noticed less pain in my wrist and shoulder despite continuing to play tennis. It's actually mentioned as well by the University of Maryland Medical Center
5.0 - Great Product!
I have tried several brands of Boswellia before but have never had the results that I have with this one. It has helped my inflammatory pain in my back better than NSAIDs did, and without the stomach irritation. I will be staying with Superior Labs brand for Boswellia.
4.0 - Seeing improvement; a thumbs up
I have fibromyalgia and along with that IBS. Some dietary changes have helped the IBS, but I couldn't get rid of the persistent back pain I've had. I have been taking the Boswellia Extract for about 2 weeks now and have to say that while the pain isn't entirely gone, it is much better. I've also found that I bounce back better after a day of overdoing it. I never really expected this to work miracles because I've tried using frankincense oils topically with very little benefit. Evidently it works better ingesting it in this form. I have also been taking malic acid so that may be helping, but I will continue the Boswellia Extract for sure. I cannot take ibuprofen or any NSAIDS, so I'm happy that this seems to work and not upset my stomach.
5.0 - Superior describes the quality, it's not just a name.
As a long time sufferer of hip & knee pains, some from intense weight lifting and some from RA developing, I had sought some herbal relief due to the unwanted side effects of NSAIDs like spiking blood pressure. I had used Shaklee Joint Relief formula with some effect but Superior Labs Boswellia Extract has made a big difference in just a few weeks. Shaklee's just wasn't enough active extract but Superior's has brought me relief with no side effects. I'm walking normally and don't have much morning stiffness either. I highly recommend trying it for symptoms of pain, especially from inflammation.
5.0 - Bosweillia for inflamation
Using to treat osteoarthritis along with Tumeric and magnesium. Having good results this far. I have been able to get off my prescription braids and pain meds. Less puffiness in hands and I've lost weight since getting off prescriptions and using herbs.
5.0 - Research it - it works
Research shows Boswellia extract (frankincense) aids in multiple areas of the human body. What Boswellia Extract does not state is science shows it also helps in pain management. That is my primary purpose of using it, and it works.

3. Turmeric Curcumin Complex with Black Pepper Extract - 750mg per Capsule, 180 Veg. Caps - Contains Piperine (For Superior Absorption and Tumeric Bio-availability) and 95% Standardized Curcuminoids

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5.0 - Great for arthritic pain.
I have trouble with arthritic pain and hate to take NSAIDs. I tried taking 2 daily doses of Curcumin in the usual form and I had terrible GI distress. I didn't want to give up so I researched and found this. Once daily in the morning and I am pain free with no NSAIDs. I will continue to buy this.
5.0 - 97% improvement for my skin dermatitis. I BELIEVE any Tumeric Cucumin should work.
97% improvement for evidence of my skin dermatitis. I waited to see if I detected any improvements before writing comments. I'm in my 50's, an engineer and very logical. I have a skin dermatitis for the past 20 years because of, what I believe, due to years of frequent aggressive finger tip rubbing of carburetor cleaner and degreasers on engine parts. This dermatitis reveals itself as red, irritated, cracking, bleeding finger tips. It typically surfaces at the same location on my hands. This is a daily problem in the past that required hydrocortisone cream applied 3 to 6x per day to keep the fingers from cracking open and bleeding and sharp pains at fingers because it's open to bad things but often hydrocortisone didn't even prevent bleeding and it requires band-aids. I'll ALWAYS had band-aids on my finger tips!! I even had an infection in one of the cracks this year (1st time ever) which really pushed me to read & search for a "cure" at that point.
5.0 - Better than NSAIDS for Osteoarthritis
Excellent supplement. I have early osteoarthritis in my hip at age 34 ( from hip dysplasia) and low and behold...3 pills a day at my major meals has dealt with the pain! Thank you!
5.0 - I would recommend this product for anyone looking to address inflammation that ...
I would recommend this product for anyone looking to address inflammation that doesn't want to use NSAIDs or narcotics. I noticed benefits withing the first week of using this product. It also arrived prior to the stated delivery date.
5.0 - Five Stars
i take 2 capsules per day for inflamation. greatly reduces need for NSAIDS, quality product
5.0 - I'm Hooked on Curcumin! Sweet Relief from Joint Pain and Inflammation, and Cholesterol Lowering, too.
I started taking another brand of Curcumin in January of this year. The results were excellent so when it was time for more I went looking for a better price. I found it here. I take 1,500 mgs in the morning before eating, for better absorbtion, and my mobility has never been better. Curcumin controls/eliminates my joint pain, aids my digestive tract, and even lowered my cholesterol by more than 60 points in the eight month's I've been taking it. I bought it originally for help with Alzheimer's prevention (mom had it), but I am really wowed by the anti-inflammatory properties, help with my Fibromyalgia, and arthritis relief. I get fewer headaches, too. I used to take high doses of Naproxen Sodium, but no longer need to. I will be taking this product for inflammation instead of Naproxen Sodium from now on.
5.0 - Very Helpful Product
This product was recommended to me by my rheumatologist to reduce the inflammation caused by lupus. I can't take NSAIDS because of a heart condition, and at this time I do not want I take 2 capsules/day, and it has been very helpful! I will continue to use this product and recommend it to others!!
5.0 - excellent product
excellent took for 1 month thought oh this isn't working stopped and realised I was taking more tylenol for discomfort started again and I have cut my use of NAIDS to 1-2X's week :-))))
5.0 - Great for reducing inflammation
Turmeric Curcumin is a great anti inflammatory substitute for using NSAIDS. For me, NSAIDS have some very bad side effects and works only marginally to reduce inflammation in my lower back. It takes a couple of weeks of taking the Turmeric for it to build up in your system and start to work. I take it twice a day, every day, and it has definitely helped reduce inflammation in my joints and back. This particular brand seems to work better for me than any of the others I have tried in the past.
5.0 - Great product
I am allergic to aspirin and nsaids, so I have almost no options that I can use for inflammation problems. The VitaBreeze Turmeric Curcumin Supplement I purchased from you folks seems to have reduced the inflammation in my knee, and the pain caused by the inflammation. Many thanks!
4.0 - Reduced my arthritis knee pain.
I tried another brand and wasn't happy with the results. This one worked well and reduced my knee pain due to arthritis on a daily basis. I like that it is a natural product without the harmful side effects of Nsaids. Would recommend for joint pain.
5.0 - Amazing product, great company
Firstly, customer service is excellent, fast and thorough. With all of my amazon purchases, I have never had a company follow up with me like VitaBreeze to make sure I was enjoying their product. Secondly, the product does actually seem to be helping. If you take a lot of supplements like I do, sometimes you don't feel the effects but you take them anyway because you know it is good for you. Not so with Curcumin; you can feel it reducing inflammation, especially arthritis pain. Added bonus, I have found it aids in digestion too. Overall great purchase!
5.0 - Five Stars
An excellent anti inflammatory, lessens the need of NSAIDS for my aches and pains. No side effects noticeable.
5.0 - Curcumin is amazing for your health...and this is the combo you are looking for!
I am so happy with this product. I have been sold on turmeric for years and have bounced around trying different brands. The last kind I got from a different company had such a thick gelatin capusule and was so hard I feared it might not even dissolve. I've been listening to experts who report on all of the health benefits. It has been said that it can help with up to 600 different health conditions. They discuss multitutes of clinical studies. Research for yourself, but I find the ones regarding tumors and cancer extremely interesting. One component that researchers highly recommend is to find a turmeric blend with black pepper. I was thrilled to find this one as it has been explained that having the black pepper aids in the absorption into your body and bioavailability of the curcumin. Basically you get much more bang for your buck. It becomes much easier for you body to use it effectively. I will certainly buy this again.
5.0 - Take the inflammation away...
Great product and timely shipping from an excellent company. As many know the turnmeric curcumin complex aids in the control of inflammation. I recently ruptured my achilles tendon which required reconstructive surgery to repair which in turn left my lower leg in an immobilizing boot for 3 months...needless to say the reduced activity lead to swelling on a grand scale. I started taking Vitabreeze Turmeric Curcumin complex on a daily basis and the swelling is all but gone & my joints are getting better all the time. I am a believer in this natural remedy above prescription inflammatory medication which have harmful side effects.
5.0 - I take this daily and as part of my recovery ...
I take this daily and as part of my recovery regimen after a hard workout. This has definitely helped me cut waaay down on my use of NSAIDs.
5.0 - Easy to take and it seems like they're helping
I've had issues with shoulder/elbow/ankle pain for a while. After finishing a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail and needing to immediately turn around and start training for a half marathon, I didn't want any complications with my various joint/muscle issues, and I've been reading about the negative effects of NSAIDs. So far so good with these guys. The half is this weekend so we'll see how I do.
5.0 - Effective and a good value compared to the competition
Effective and a good value compared to the competition. Causes no harm unlike NSAIDs. I am prompted to write this review in response to a promotion from the seller but have no reason to rate it differently than what I have. — Ryan B.
5.0 - Best Turmeric
Not wanting to be taking ibuprofen every time my knee or bulging disc was hurting, I went looking for a natural anti inflammatory. Turmeric was the leading anti inflammatory as well as an antioxidant. Since I've taken Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex with BioPerine every day since December(with a winter of 100 inches of snow shoveling) I've not had to take any ibuprofen for my knee or disc. The BioPerine aids in the delivery of the Turmeric and I get all the Turmeric benefits.
5.0 - They Really Work!
Wow. This really makes a difference. I have arthritis in my knees. It had been problematic for a while. I was taking Tylenol every day, at least twice (because I can't take NSAIDs). But it didn't really help. I poked around on the internet and read in a few places that Turmeric could be helpful in relieving arthritis pain. Honestly, I didn't expect it to work. I look at most stuff like this and think "snake oil". So when I saw the opportunity to try this product, I jumped at it. (Well, stumbled painfully at it considering the state of my knees.)
5.0 - The generous dosage per capsule and high quality of ingredients made this the best product available
I purchased this product after careful research and chose this brand because it had Peperine that aids in the absorption of the Curcumin. The generous dosage per capsule and high quality of ingredients made this the best product available. It arrived surprisingly fast and I will buy it again. I have been taking 2 capsules 3 times per day for 6 weeks. I've had no side effects and am hoping it will reduce or eliminate a thyroid nodule to avoid surgery. There are studies showing Curcumin can reduce tumors.
5.0 - I highly recommend it. The company was very professional and the ...
I used this product for about three weeks on a daily basis and was subsequently able to get off all pain relievers (NSAIDs) I am in the process of regenerating cartilage in a hip joint and this product has been very helpful. I continue to use it daily and likely will for a long time. I highly recommend it. The company was very professional and the product came right on time.
5.0 - Very effective and affordable
I have been struggling with chronic joint pain and I cannot take NSAIDs. I decided to try a turmeric supplement, and after a bit of researching settled on this one based on reviews and price. I have been taking 2-3 a day for a little over a month, and I have definitely noticed a reduction in symptoms. Most noticeably, I have seen a significant improvement in pain reduction and function in my hands. I am fully satisfied with the product and find the price to be very affordable, especially since it will reduce my need for other medications and expensive doctor visits. I am very happy to have found a natural way to improve my pain without the negative side effects of prescription drugs. I can't wait to see how much I can improve after longer use.
5.0 - Better than nsaids.
Works well for pain and inflammation reduction. Switched from nsaids, and was pleasantly surprised.
5.0 - Thank you for my life back!
I have been researching products for inflammation and found positive feedback for Turmeric and Curcumin. I was interested in taking a product that does not upset your stomach like NSAIDs. I am taking it at bedtime in conjunction with Arincare for inflamed joints and tendons. I have been taking it for a few weeks now at bedtime since I noticed a calming effect and have been sleeping better. My pain and inflammation has improved significantly. I wasn't expecting the added benefit of alleviating symptoms from severe depression, probably because I am sleeping better. I later read in another review that it helps block Substance P which is a pain transmitter to the brain and that this product can treat depression. I am feeling the best I have felt in a year and half physically and emotionally. This is a fantastic product. Thank you for my life back.
5.0 - Happy with Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex with BioPerine
Having suffered from OA for many years, and taking NSAIDs for over 15, I was looking for something with less potential side effect than what I was taking. After reading up on Turmeric, I figured what do I have to lose? I have only been taking this product for a week, along with my NSAIDs and it seems to have lessened my discomfort to a greater degree than the prescribed medications alone. I suspect it will take a few weeks to see if the improvement is really due to the supplement, but I'm willing to continue with it. Turmeric has other touted benefits as well as it's anti-inflammatory properties so it seems that it is a no brainer for me. Capsules leave no aftertaste nor have they caused any indigestion problems with me so far.
5.0 - If you're looking to manage any sort of aches and pains and care about the longevity if your body, get these right now.
I've probably ordered about 5 bottles of this in the past few years. If you have any sort of aches and pains, especially chronic stuff, you owe it to yourself to start taking these regularly AND NOT NSAIDS. These are so so so SO much better for your kidneys. While the relief of 1 pill to 1 NSAID is not quite the same, it's worth it to stick with these. The price is solid for 180 caps - even if you're taking 2x a day, this will last you 3 months. Can't complain about paying <40 cents a day for managing pain that isn't doing irreparable damage to your body.
5.0 - Helps with pain and inflammation, very quick results.
I can't take anti-inflammatory meds so I researched other options, and found that turmeric is supposed to be very good. I started taking this the day I received it and within two days, chronic wrist pain of two months started to ease, and within a week, it was much better, I was able to stop wearing a brace most of the time. I take this three times daily, and I'm really thrilled this has worked so well. I've been taking it over a month, and will try reducing the dosage at some point. As of now, even if I miss one or two doses in one day, I still feel good and have little pain. I picked this one because of all the good reviews, the higher potency, and I'd recommend giving it a try if you need something for pain and can't take NSAIDs. Also, it does not bother my stomach at all.

4. NatureWise Organic Curcumin Turmeric with 95% Curcuminoids, 2250mg Max Serving Per Day From Three 750mg Capsules, High Absorption BioPerine Black Pepper for Inflammation & Joint Support, 180 Caps

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5.0 - Love this product
This product does not upset my stomach as other curcumin has done in the past. I believe that it is relieving my symptoms of arthritis as I cannot take NAIDS, so I usually hurt very badly, especially during rain and it is raining today.
5.0 - Great natural antioxidant and pain reliever with no side effects
It simply works. Great natural antioxidant and pain reliever with no side effects. I recommend anyone with nagging pain to try it instead of other pain killers and NSAIDs that have serious side effects.
5.0 - Top quality!
I’ve been taking turmeric for over a year now, trying various brands. Nothing beats Naturewise! Quality is top notch, and with the added black pepper, it aids in absorption. It also is one of the stronger formulas around. I have finally found the best! Thank-you Naturewise!
5.0 - Anti inflammatory
Fantastic anti inflammatory. So far so good with my tendonitis from weight lifting when NSAIDs weren't doing the job.
5.0 - Amazing Pain Reliever for me.
This product gives me relief when nothing else has. It is a superb anti-inflammatory for me and really reduces my joint pain. Works better for me than over-the-counter NSAIDS and even prescription ones. Be careful, though, if you have tummy issues. The product works best for me if taken on an empty stomach but I find I have to take it with food to prevent stomach upset.
4.0 - Back pain has been manageable without getting worse
I have been having back issues related to L4-L5 herniation and was hoping to get off of NSAIDs which have provided relief. I have been taking the Curcumin for over a month and although I haven't seen a drastic change, the pain has not gotten worse. I will continue to take the curcumin as others have had great success with it and there are other potential benefits.
5.0 - Love this product
Unable to take NSAIDS or other pain relievers, I needed an alternative to relieve arthritis pain in my knees. NatureWise Organic Curcumin was the answer. Curcumin is a natural pain reliever and NatureWise Curcumin is organic as well - that is important to me. The NatureWise formula also includes bioperine and ginger. The bioperine increases the absorption of curcumin for better pain relief, the ginger is great for digestion. I take two capsules everyday I find I get more pain relief the longer I take it. This is one of those products I don't ever want to run out of so I always have an extra bottle on hand. The price is good and it works. Anyone who would like to avoid artificial pain relievers owes it to themselves to try this first.
5.0 - Real anti inflammation product that works
Great product, reduces inflammation throughout the body. Also aids in bowel movement. Curcumin percentage is great plus the capsule form makes it easy to just take our break open and pour into a smoothie or tea. Hand and knee pain went away after a few weeks of usage.
5.0 - This product is amazing. I've been taking it for a few months ...
I have an autoimmune inflammatory condition. This product is amazing. I've been taking it for a few months now and I don't need as many NSAIDs to control my pain. I've read great things on the power of curcumin and the Naturewise brand is the most potent I've found. Great product that I will continue to buy.
5.0 - I like being able to enjoy my daily activities without pain ...
I like being able to enjoy my daily activities without pain -- knitting, crocheting, keyboarding -- and I like not having to use NSAIDS or prescription meds to treat the pain.
4.0 - Good company, good product
Good company that contributes to charities and offers good customer service. I can't say I've noticed any real significant changes but I think most studies that show benefit use pretty heavy doses so I may take more. I do think it makes my body healthier overall and aids digestion. I chose this product because of the addition of ginger and bioperine which help absorption. Overall seems to be a quality product from a reputable company but also not miraculous just generally good for you.
4.0 - I am happy to comply
I've been using Curcumin/ Tumeric since doing the anti-inflammatory cleanse more than year ago for hives. Now, that the hives and the diet are long gone, I am still using Curcumin for aches and pains and as a substitute for OTC NSAIDS. That's not to say I don't use the occasional Aleve or Advil, but every morning I take a tab of Curcumin for its antioxidant properties. NatureWise is what I have been using as of late because of their low price, commitment to organic curcumin, AND its vegan capsules. They offered a "Share your experience and receive a free bottle!" and now that I am down to less than a quarter left because I gave some to my neighbor, I am happy to comply!
5.0 - this really works for inflammation
This supplement helps with my knee pain and with sciatica and keeps me from having to use any NSAIDs or acetaminophen. I had tried other brands but this is the first that has really worked for me.
5.0 - Very happy with this product
Very happy with this product. I have had multiple knee surgeries and deal with inflammation in both knees when I push hard in my workouts. NarureWise Curcumin really seems to help reduce my inflammation and swelling when I take it regularly and without the side effects of ibuprofen and other NSAIDS!
5.0 - Joint Relief
[[ASIN:B01BMDAVIY NatureWise Organic Curcumin Turmeric with 95% Curcuminoids, 2250mg Max Serving Per Day From Three 750mg Capsules, High Absorption BioPerine Black Pepper for Inflammation & Joint Support, 180 Caps] I am a senior citizen who played alot of sports when I was younger. Consequently I have joint pain and soreness in my knee and elbow. My daily dosage of Naturewise curcumin really helps me with my joint discomfort and also my overall bodily inflammation. I use this product in lieu of Nsaids so I am also saving the degneration that "big pharmocolgy" wreaks on your body from long time usage.
5.0 - A Great Natural Solution for Pain & Inflammation
I use it for pain and inflammation! I have broken my bones more times than I can count and discovered your product when I broke 3 bones in my right leg! Your product works very well for me! The Tramadol my Doctors prescribed makes me sick and did nothing for my pain! I am 62 and prefer natural solutions! This has replaced all NSAIDS in my home!
5.0 - On the advice of my nutritionist.
I am hoping FIVE STARS but I have only been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I know it will take a bit longer before I really feel the noninflammatory affects. I suffer from arthritis and can not take nsaids, my nutritionist told me to give this a try, so that is what I am doing.
4.0 - Great Natural alternative for pain!
I have had progressively worsening lower back pain, hip and leg pain over several years. Along with chiropractic and massage therapy, I have also used NSAIDs to manage the pain. With the bad press about NSAIDs over the past few months, as well as my increased need for them, I decided to try a safer type of anti-inflammatory. The information that I learned about Curcumin led me to review products and purchase this one due to the additional ingredients for absorption. Even though I have not been as consistent as I could be, I have experienced a decrease in my pain level and sleeping much better even without any other pain medications. I'm looking forward to getting my second bottle for free so that I can keep on this supplement and continue to improve and stay healthier and NSAID-free.
5.0 - I'm very happy with this
I noticed my finger osteoarthritis pain no longer requires my NSAIDS as they are hard on my stomach. I'm very happy with this!!
5.0 - Eases Pain
Greatly aids me with inflamation.
5.0 - great price
I love organic products at a good price. Curcumin aids in my digestion and seems to keep me clear thinking
5.0 - Best Curcumin on the Market
I have experienced joint pain, specifically elbow and shoulder pain from lifting for several years now. I wanted to stop taking nsaids but tried a couple of different brands of curcumin without any changes. That is until I tried Naturewise. I can’t believe the difference. I no longer take nsaids regularly and the pain is almost completely absent.
5.0 - The BEST for inflammation, arthritis, pain, etc.
One of the best I've used. You can smell the freshness of the capsules when you open the bottle. I have recommended this brand to several people because it helped me so much with carpal tunnel and foot pain. I don't like to take NSAIDs, arthritis medication or narcotic pain meds unless I have to, as I know how hard it is on the liver. I prefer to go natural/food based when I can and this product works great. I recently had surgery on both hands and used it in lieu of pain meds given by the doctor after the 2nd day. It worked. If you have chronic pain, take it a few times a day. I was so pleasantly surprised that they offer a free bottle to new customers and after sending in an email, I did receive one in the mail! Great customer service, responsive, courteous and best of all, quality supplements at a great price. I will look for their brands when I purchase other supplements in the future. Thank you NatureWise! You've earned a customer for life!

5. Turmeric Curcumin C3® Complex 500mg, Enhanced with Black Pepper & Organic Coconut Oil for Better Absorption; Non-GMO & Gluten Free - 120 Liquid Softgels

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5.0 - This is the one to buy!
Turmeric is an outstanding anti-inflammatory, and this product is the best I've ever purchased. This is high-potency and works great to reduce the inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis and osteo arthritis. This is a great natural alternative to NSAIDs and I highly recommend it. There are no junky fillers or strange chemicals you can't pronounce. Only pure, natural ingredients. This is good stuff!
5.0 - I get some relief from the pain and am able to move better. This is probably the best turmeric supplement I ...
As someone with arthritis in the back, I can tell you that I take less NSAIDs when using this product. I get some relief from the pain and am able to move better.
5.0 - To me it works better than NSAIDs for my arthritic knees and back
I notice a huge difference when not taking it. To me it works better than NSAIDs for my arthritic knees and back. I recommend this product to anyone who has inflammation of any kind
4.0 - Helps office type aches and pains
I purchased this after researching the best natural anti-inflammatory medicines. Termeric Curcumin is supposed to be one of the best out there. I sit in front of a computer all day at work, and my back and wrists ache throughout the day from sitting and using the mouse all day. I used to have to take advil to relieve the pain. I did not want to continue using nsaids long term. Ever since I have been taking Sports Research Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex I have not had to take any more advil. I can testify that if you suffer from similar aches and pains, this will help! I wish it was a little less expensive, but I guess you have to pay for quality sometimes.
5.0 - Great product!
This has been a lifesaver suppliement as I am allergic to NSAIDS. I started using it for a shoulder injury, but will continue to use as I am an avid crossfitter.
5.0 - Better than...
Simply, it works for aches and pains without worrying about side effects like those fro NSAIDS, i.e.. ibuprofen and aspirin.
5.0 - Five Stars
good substitute for NSAIDs such as Celebrex. Having been using for about 4 years
4.0 - Does help with inflmation
I got this to help reduce my need for NSAIDs. As an athlete, I'd often have days of taking 1600mg or more of Ibuprofen to help manage muscle pain. While I still have days I need ibuprofen, my overall inflammation level seems more manageable and I can use a lower dose effectively.
5.0 - Miracle Product!!!
After receiving my bottle I ate my lunch and took two soft gels. Within a half hour I started getting relief in my inflamed joint. I could not believe it!!! This really works!!! I could actually walk pain free!!! I do not get relief from OTC NSAIDs, plus who wants to take something that damages vital organs. I am all about seeking out natural alternatives
5.0 - It Works, standalone and with NSAIDs - you just have to take more at a time!!!
This works. I am very active and workout on avg 5 times a weeek. I have had a procedure on my shoulder where I am not allowed to take NSAIDs and this has shown to reduce inflammation when taking three at a time. With NSAIDs I find it to boost the NSAID and relieve the pain and inflammation even more than the NSAID on its own (again with taking 3 at a time). I found that through other reviews, most people were seeing the biggest benefit taking 3 so I took their advice after trying 1, then 2 and seeing how that worked. I would also take on a full stomach (regardless of NSAIDs) since it does contain black pepper which can irritate an empty stomach.
5.0 - I get terrible runners knee when I'm even slightly out of shape
So far, this has lived up to my expectations. I never really expect miracle cures from OTC drugs or vitamins, but this has seemingly helped keep inflammation down throughout my body. I get terrible runners knee when I'm even slightly out of shape, and it can be a beast to deal with while trying to get BACK into ideal shape. I have to stay away from too many NSAIDS to due genetic medical background, so this is a nice option to have. I use it in conjunction with Osteo Bi-Flex and it seems to be helping. Will definitely purchase again.
5.0 - This supplement really helped with my inflammation from both Ankylosing ...
This supplement really helped with my inflammation from both Ankylosing Spondylitis and Ulcerative Colitis. I have been ingesting two(2) capsules twice-daily, and have been less dependent on pain-relievers, specifically NSAIDs.
5.0 - I also like that they are made with coconut oil
I have been using the turmeric curcumin for a few weeks now and j feel as though they worked for me. I wanted to find something to use for headaches and overall inflammation that would be natural as opposed to using NSAIDs. I also like that they are made with coconut oil.
5.0 - Effective where anti-inflammatories are needed.
Works well and it doesn't bother me when I take it and have not eaten. I take another brand--a little stronger, but have to be careful to eat before I take it. Not a concern with This brand. Between this an Astaxanthin, I have not taken ANY NSAIDS (tylenol/acetominiphen, Ibuprophen/Advil, Aspirin, Aleve) in over 4 years.
5.0 - Better than NSAIDS!
I can really feel the difference in intensity of the pain since my intertrochanteric surgery. It has made recovery much more bearable, and the coconut oil is an extra benefit! Thank you for a great product!
5.0 - I have chronic back pain from a work-related injury. ...
I have chronic back pain from a work-related injury. Since taking C3 Complex, I have taken fewer NSAIDs and muscle relaxants. Will make this drug a part of my life.
4.0 - I like using it better than NSAIDs
I have inflammation issues with my lower back, knees, and elbows. This product seemed to help. I like using it better than NSAIDs.
5.0 - Five Stars
Aids in relieving pain and inflammation that I experience every morning.
5.0 - Affordable, easy to use and works!
Before I bought this brand I did a lot of research. I like that this is soft gels which aids in the absorbtion so my body can get all the benefits quickly, and is easy to swallow. I have had joint pain for a long time and have tried over the counter meds, other supplements, and prescription drugs with very little relief until I tried this.
5.0 - Effective results
I take one daily to assist with digestive absorption issues, as well as joint inflammation relief. My supplement regimen has reduced need for NSAIDs or prescription medications. My NSAID use has diminished 85 - 90% !!
5.0 - Good quality supplement
Really satisfied with the quality of this turmeric supplement. It's combined with digestion aids, and it includes organic coconut oil which is a huge plus. I recommend you purchase.
5.0 - I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. I am able to control ...
I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. I am able to control my symptoms with diet - however, sometimes I do experience a flare up. I find the curcumin incredible effective at relieving my pain. I take 1g 2x per day during a flare up. It takes a day to kick in, but it mitigates the need for be to rely on nsaids while I try to get the flare under control.

6. KEY NUTRIENTS Natural Sleep Aid, LIGHTS OUT Contains Melatonin, Valerian, Passion Flower, & More. 60 Veggie Caps.

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5.0 - Restful Sleep for this Entrepreneur
As an entrepreneur, I often spend long hours working and find my mind racing late at night when I'm trying to go to bed. For me, getting good sleep (FAST) to recharge is essential. Key Nutrients Natural Sleep Aid has been a life saver in terms of going to sleep quickly and feeling well rested when I wake up. Unlike other sleep aids I have tried, Key Nutrients Sleep Aid did not leave me feeling groggy when I woke up.
5.0 - Excellent product!
I have tried quite a few sleep aids over the years, most of which have had marginal effect at best. I have found Lights Out to be much more potent and effective without any side effects. I will be recommending this formula to my friends & clients as well.
5.0 - Clear Head=Restful Sleep
This is the best sleep aid I have ever used! I have been using chemical sleep aids and feel groggy the next morning. Lights Out clears my head before sleep and allows me to naturally drift off, not zonk out.
5.0 - I have tried every product known to man when it ...
I have tried every product known to man when it comes to sleep aids. Working shift-work for 29 years, my sleep pattern is ruined. I fully believe in this brand and I can positively say it helps me go to sleep without the groggy morning effect. I normally take my dosage two hours before I want to sleep and that seems to work for me.
5.0 - Lights Out
This product works very well for me. It has just enough melatonin to get me through the night, and sometimes I just take one anyway, I almost wish it had tryptophan, but the sleep aids that do don't seem to have enough tryptophan to suit me. I take one 500 mg tryptophan to complement it and that give me everything I need for a good nights sleep, and no next day grogginess to boot. I like it and made a place for it in my cabinet.
5.0 - Does the trick in a natural way
At first I was a little skeptical since most natural sleep aids dont really do the trick for me. This actually did. It's not super strong or anything which is nice because it doesnt artificially put you right out it just helps you go to sleep and it doesn't leave you all groggy in the morning.
5.0 - OMG! It worked
This stuff is great and it works, I woke up ready to go with some of the best sleep I’ve had in a long time! I’m always a bit skeptical about sleep aids but this one is on point.
5.0 - Five Stars
Nice combination of herbs and natural sleep aids. Good nights sleep.
5.0 - Didn't expect it to work but it's fantastic
I am loving this product, it has the perfect combination of natural ingredients. Tried so many sleep aids over the years and finally found a product that can put me out for the course of the night. Most others that I have tried have been a lot less effective. Totally natural, no hangover feeling at all, and not addictive.
5.0 - Waking up refreshed
I've been looking for a gluten free sleeping aid for a while already. I have a trouble sleeping, and when I wake up I'm always grumpy. I've tried different sleep aids before but they just don't do it. These are great and I knock out around 30 minutes after taking them at night. Waking up refreshed is awesome and a great feeling, good product!
5.0 - Key Nutrients product Lights Out
I have used this product for only a few days and used several sleep aids over the years with results of only about five or six hours a night and lights out does a good job of putting you to sleep and extending it.
5.0 - It works. Great product!
I have been on prescription medications for insomnia for years and they are no longer effective. I have been trying many sleep aids that are natural as I want off these prescriptions. This one works and well! Two nights now I have been on it and am so happy. It makes me relax and feel sleepy. Sleep is all night! Wake up refreshed and no dopey feeling. Highly recommend.
5.0 - Best sleep id I've used yet
Along w/10 mg. of melatonin I've tried half a dozen supplement natural sleep aids & by far Lights Out works wonderfully for me w/most nights falling quickly, only waking for the bathroom & feeling quite refreshed in the morn. I've also recommended this product to a sleep deprived buddy.
5.0 - These should be re-branded "Dream Maker".
I have been taking 10mg melatonin for some time. Though I would try something different. As we all know sleep aids effect people in different ways. These do not help me fall asleep faster than melatonin however they keep me sleeping through the night better. The BEST thing about Lights Out...the dreams. My Wife started taking them as well and she has the same experience. Dreams like I have never experienced. I am considering backing off to one pill and supplementing with straight melatonin. Will purchase again. Side note-the other comments about the smell are spot on. Hold your nose while opening the bottle and walk away after closing before you breath. I can't imagine working in the place that produces this.
5.0 - Worked pretty darn well
Worked pretty darn well! Don't even remember falling asleep just one minute I was up reading and then almost exactly 30 min after taking the sleep aids I was out! Impressed! Also didn't take me forever to wake up the next morning. Sweet!
5.0 - Try it! It's worth it!
Wondering if you should buy this...Do it! Take my word it is worth it. First let me say that I purchased this on my own. I have not been asked to right this review. I've used this product for about a week and have been amazed by the results. I have had chronic sleep issues for years and have to take meds to sleep every night. I have taken numerous all kinds of sleep aids and have been on prescription sleep aids for years. My insurance changed in December and will no longer cover my prescription and I can't pay full price. Boy was I worried and not looking forward to sleepless nights. After reading reviews, I selected "Lights Out". To my surprise it works like charm. I was ready to have another bottle in the medicine cabinet collecting dust. Not "Lights Out" it's on my night stand. It works and the best thing is I have fallen asleep without it twice this week naturally. I take two when I do take it and it takes about 30-40 minutes for me to get sleepy. It makes me feel very relaxed and know its "Lights Out" when I start yawning like crazy. :-). Ease into sleep and sleep through the entire night. Wow, that doesn't happen normally. Wake up feeling rested and not at all sluggish. Only downfall is the smell which is due to the valerian root, but, I don't care because the good outweighs the smell. Today, I am setting this up for monthly subscription and will definitely be investigating other Key Nutrient products. Made in the USA and veteran owned! Can't go wrong!
5.0 - I loved waking up without grogginess!
I was surprised at how gently I was able to fall asleep rather than the "artificial feeling" that other sleep aids have given me. The best part of taking this sleep aid was how I felt when I woke up. I did not feel the grogginess that I generally feel when taking other sleep aids. That is a huge plus for me.

7. DREAMRITE Natural Sleep Aid - Non-Habit Forming Vegan Sleeping Pills - Herbal Complex with Valerian, Chamomile, Magnesium, Hops Extract, Melatonin - 60 Vegetarian Capsules - Relax & Calm Supplement

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5.0 - This works great and now I awaken as an energize person
There have been many family problems recently and I had been finding it very difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. I took some prescription sleep aids that left me feeling groggy and disconnected. I then tried Dreamrite and after 2-3 days, I flushed the Rx. This works great and now I awaken as an energized person. Worth twice the price!
5.0 - Sleeprite is a great alternative to over the counter sleep aids
After years of using melatonin to help my daughter sleep it stopped being as effective. In search of an alternative I discovered Dreamrite. She has been using it for the past several months and has experienced a more restful sleep experience. I have occasionally taken it and have also found it to be helpful. Sleeprite is a great alternative to over the counter sleep aids.
5.0 - This is a really effective sleep aid
I have tried many different sleep aids and wanted one that was natural. I have tried over-the-counter sleep aids and natural ones from Amazon. This is, without doubt, the best I have tried. I now have it on a monthly subscription . I still wake up during the night but this seems to help me go back to sleep I have even given the pills two friends to help them sleep.
5.0 - I wake up refreshed ...At last!!!
I had an illness a few years back that disrupted my sleep cycle. I ended up seeking sleep aids for help.I tried so many seep aids over a five year period I have lost count of the various products. Some did nothing for me others were so-so ...then Thank goodness I finally found Dreamrite... I take it at least 30 mins before retiring. I have used it for 2 months+ 2 weeks and have just reordered again because now I fall asleep and if need be having to get up during the night to use the bathroom I return to my bed and easily fall back to sleep.
4.0 - Just Dreamy
One of those things you’re not sure is really working unless you’ve been near sleep rock bottom. I took prescribed sleep aids for six years to manage difficulty falling asleep, and especially difficulty staying asleep. I’ve been free from that routine for about a year and half, and my sleep is more normal than I could have ever imagined that it could be. Full diacloser, I also take an additional 500mg of magnetism with this, as I find it makes me further relaxed.
5.0 - Sleep...finally!
This combination of natural sleep aids is remarkable!! I have horrible insomnia, but this truly works wonders.
5.0 - Great product
Love this product, works great. This has worked better than any over the counter sleep aids. Non habit forming and all natural. And not groggy in the morning at all. Wake up refreshed.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great product, one of the best natural sleep aids I’ve tried
5.0 - It has a great combination of herbs and vitamins which are well-balanced to ...
I've tried several natural sleep aids, but Dreamrite seems to be the most effective. It has a great combination of herbs and vitamins which are well-balanced to form a product which really does help with sleep problems.
5.0 - helps my body to relax and sleep. Product has ...
helps my body to relax and sleep. Product has many natural sleep aids since prescription drugs are addictive. Strange smell but no adverse reaction. Thanks.
5.0 - The best I've tried!
I've tried several herbal sleep aids and this one is by far the best. It helps me fall asleep and the best thing is it helps me stay asleep. I typically wake up every few hours and fall back to sleep again throughout the night. With Dreamrite I stay asleep for up to 6 hours straight! I also wake up feeling more alert. I highly recommend this product!
5.0 - Finally found the right sleep aid!!
I've tried numerous OTC sleep aids and I must say this one works the best for me. I must've tried at least ten different brands of sleep aids, some worked better than others, but the Dreamrite has been the most effective. I fall asleep faster and hardly wake up during the night. With some of the other brands I tried it would take almost two hours to fall asleep and I woke up several times a night. Sometimes I couldn't get back to sleep. This formula has been sleepy within an hour and if I do wake up I go right back to sleep.
4.0 - Sleeping Through The Night Regularly
I have tried many different sleep aids, including the very expensive Kavinace Ultra PM, which is fantastic, but DreamRite works just as good if not better, and for a fraction of the cost. I noticed how calm my mind gets shortly after taking them, and that I do sleep through the night more often than usual. I wake feeling refreshed and not groggy. I'm so happy I found these as an alternative to Kavinace.
5.0 - Dreamrite makes for sweet dreams.
Dreamrite sleep aid works. I have tried many natural sleep aids, mainly melatonin and it worked for a long time when I had a set schedule. Now that my schedule varies somewhat I find it hard to sleep longer than 4 hours without help. Often I take one capsule when I wake up for my first trip to the bathroom, sometimes I take it after my 4 hour nap, and then I can go back to sleep. This is a gelatin capsule, easy to swallow, no flavor. if I can remember to take a magnesium tablet along with it I sleep very deeply and peacefully, The magnesium helps relax muscles.
5.0 - No Hangover, Really Powerful
I've gone down the list of Amazon sleep aids trying way too many. Finally I have DreamRite and my search for the perfect sleeping aid is over! I really, really LOVE DreamRite. I know this sounds like one of those cliche reviews, but I really love DreamRite. I have a severe diagnosed sleep disorder, and need to take a sleep aid with my prescription sleeping pill. DreamRite is really awesome for me, because it really KNOCKS ME OUT, but I wake up refreshed in the morning. Most sleep aids either do nothing at all for me, or leave me with a sleepy hangover the next day. I don't get that with this. DreamRite is like Nutella, you almost want to hoard it in case it is discontinued! Also, there's 6 mg of melatonin, which is a strong dose, so I save money by not having to buy melatonin too.
4.0 - There is no perfect solution to sleep problems
There is no perfect solution to sleep problems, but Dreamrite seems to work as well as any sleep aids I have tried.

8. Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine Joint Pain Relief - Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant Supplement with 10mg of Black Pepper for Better Absorption. 100% All Natural Non-Gmo Made in USA

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5.0 - Very effective
I think this is a really great product. I take it everyday and it has greatly reduced my need for nsaids.
5.0 - Turmeric supplement works
I purchased Vimerson Health Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine after doing some research about the top 10 Turmeric supplements on the market, as well as readying an article from the Cleveland Clinic about the benefits of Turmeric, especially how it helps with relieving joint inflammation. I have a lof of joint pain and can no longer tolerate NSAIDS. My stomach and gut have been a mess using Motrin, although it works well. So two weeks ago I started taking the Turmeric supplement. Within 3 days all my joint pain and stiffness in my hands, feet, elbows and knees were gone. At first I though it was a placebo affect. But I was wrong. I am still pain free in all those areas. Even when I wake up in the morning. The only area the Turmeric has not worked is in my lower back, which I am not sure anything can help it. I am hoping I will get a little more relief in my lower back the longer I am on the supplement. I am not having any stomach issues with the Turmeric, which is wonderful. I do seem to be more constipated with it though. I hope that resolves itself as my system gets used to the supplement. So happy not to be killing my organs with NSAIDS anymore.
4.0 - Arthritis Relief for the Long Term-- I hope?
I am 70 years old, but in pretty good shape except for the arthritis pain, stiffness, mobility of my neck and shoulder. I was using Advil and Aspercreme to help, and does, but am concerned about long term use of NSAIDS. I've read elsewhere and on this AMAZOM forum that Tumeric as a natural substance fights inflammation, and arthritis. I'm 2+ weeks now into using 1200mg daily. I'm also using Blue Emu (instead of Aspercreme) and going to physical therapy. I feel much better, and I don't know if just one of the 3 is working, or all 3, but plan to continue all for at least a month, and then drop the PT but continue with the EMU Oil and Tumeric for the long term. I will update again.
5.0 - Superb Product
As an arthritis sufferer for many years depending on Ansaids all day every day and subsequently undergoing a total knee replacement in December I began taking Tumeric Curcumin post surgery. I have totally discontinued all other otc meds for pain relief. I now take 2 capsues in the morning and that is all I need for discomfort and stiffness not to mention other added health benefits of this supplement.
5.0 - Significant reduction in my osteoarthritis stiffness and pain
Within a week of starting to take this regularly twice per day (I was mistakenly only taking once a day at first), my hand stiffness caused by osteoarthritis reduced dramatically. Curcumin was recommended by my rheumatologist as a preferred option to NSAIDs, with equal effectiveness but less side effects. I'm totally a convert! This is a high quality product with 95% curcuminoids and pepper extract included, so I'll definitely keep ordering this brand (already have my second bottle ready!).
4.0 - Four Stars
Excellent product! Terrific anti-inflammatory without the side effects of OTC and some prescription NSAIDS.
5.0 - Good Stuff!
As an aging athlete I get lots of aches and pains. I get tired of taking NSAIDS and like to go more natural. this definitely provides some relief. I know turmeric has lots of other benefits but that is just a bonus! Purchased thru discounted promotion for honest evaluation.
5.0 - Great product!
I have been using this product as a daily supplement to help combat severe inflammation. It has greatly reduced my need for NSAIDs. Great product!
5.0 - I hate taking medications
I have been taking this product religiously for about 3 months now. I am a runner and I was at a point where my joints were getting a little bit achy. I hate taking medications, especially NSAIDs. The Tumeric has been a GREAT alternative for me. It took about a month for me to really feel the effects, but I no longer wake up stiff and sore and my knees and ankles don't ache when I run. I think it is safe to say that the Tumeric does its job fighting inflammation!!
5.0 - Great for joint pain/bursitis
I had terrible bursitis in my left elbow which was very painful and had read that Turmeric was good for arthritis. I did some research and found that this product had any good reviews. I finished the first month of this supplement and within 2 weeks my elbow pain had almost gone away. I just ordered my 2nd bottle and will definitely continue taking this! As an added benefit it also aids in helping gastric issues, which I also have. I have been taking it in conjunction with the Multi-Strain Probiotic I also purchased and I have not had to take my Nexium in 2 months! Highly recommend this supplement if you have type of joint pain.
5.0 - Pain relief at last!!!!
I was prescribed by my GP to try this supplement because I can no longer take NSAIDS because of a heart medication I'm on. I was skeptical at first but the pain was ruining my life. I started taking this product several days ago and I can report that this product so far has exceeded my expectations. First I felt a surge of energy in the first 48 hours and over the next few days my joint pain went away slowly as if I was back on ibuprofen. If you have similar situation where you have to give up NSAIDS this is an alternative that you should try, you owe it to yourself to give it a chance. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
5.0 - A great natural anti-inflammatory for endurance athletes
Great product. It helps greatly with inflammation and aids in post-workout recovery. It may not be the cheapest turmeric supplement on the market, but the combination of turmeric, curcumin and black pepper makes it quite potent, ergo making it a good value
5.0 - Impressive
I am one who is very skeptical when it comes to supplements especially when it comes to arthritis. I have been an occupational therapist for 20 years and I have seen and heard of many wonder cures for the ancient scourge of mankind arthritis. I have used glucosamine and of course nsaids and I am truly amazed by the this product. I have only started taking turmeric for week and I have noticed the lack of pain with movement in my fingers. Quite impressive. Now I don't think this is going touch the pain and stiffness with someone suffering from RA but for the average osteoarthritis suffers definitely worth a shot
5.0 - Good product for joint pain; must be combined with black pepper
This is more expensive than some other products as the dose is two capsules. But it is also more effective, perhaps because of the higher dose. An extra star for made in the USA. This may not work for everyone but if it does, it's much better for you than NSAIDS with all their side effects. I'd give it a try. You absolutely need to buy a Turmeric with black pepper. The black pepper "activates" the curcumen, so to speak.

9. HAIRFLUENCE - Hair Growth Formula For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair - Scientifically Formulated with Biotin, Keratin, Bamboo & More! - For All Hair Types - Veggie Capsules

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This product is very affordable! I have already purchased a 2nd bottle after seeing GREAT results after just 2 weeks. My edges started to thin after "summer-time braids" came out. My edges have started to look full again and I have grown at least 3 inches in length. I can't wait to see how long my hair will grow. No before picture, but the pictures are after about 3 weeks using HAIRFLUENCE! I love my healthy hair. My stylist noticed a difference.
5.0 - 12 days and Satisfied
I have very soft 3C hair. A couple of months ago I decided to get some individual braids and when I took them out my edges came out with them. So far I've been using these pills for a little under 2 weeks (12 days) and I see results. My hair is thicker and my edges are filling in. I ordered another bottle just to keep the process going for 60 days.
5.0 - I would recommend this supplement to my family and friends!
I ordered and quickly received the Hairfluence All Natural Hair Growth Formula For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair - Scientifically Formulated with Biotin, Keratin, Bamboo & More! - For All Hair Types - Veggie Capsules. This Dietary supplement comes in a dark brown plastic bottle and consists of 60 (sixty) Vegetable Capsules. The directions are to take two (2) capsules per day so this bottle consist of a 30 day supply. I have decided to list the key ingredients in this dietary supplement: BIOTIN- Prevents hair loss, breakage & promotes overall healthy hair; for both existing hair and new growth; BAMBOO EXTRACT (Providing 70% Silica)-Bamboo extract naturally contains a high concentration of Silica, an essential nutrient that nourishes vital tissues in hair, skin & nails; encourages a healthier, more youthful appearance; COLLAGEN (Hydrolyzed)-Natural antioxidant providing 18 essential amino acids found to generate faster, healthier cell growth in hair, skin & nails; MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)-Naturally-Occurring compound found in many foods; aids the body's production of collagen, promoting supple skin & hair; KERATIN-Naturally-Occurring protein in the body; aids in protecting and repairing damaged hair; VITAMIN C-Antioxidant that enhances immune function at a cellular level to promote healthy hair & skin; FOLATE (as folic acid)- Promotes the development of healthy DNA, which controls healthy tissue growth and cell activity; VITAMIN B12- Essential to red blood cell formation, which carries oxygen to scalp and hair follicles; VITAMIN A- Antioxidant promoting formation and maintenance of healthy cells; VITAMIN D3- Promotes the creation of new hair follicles and may "wake up" dormant follicles, providing fuller & more voluminous hair; THIAMIN(E)-Promotes lush, strong hair. I got this for my wife who sheds a lot of hair everyday and was looking for some vitamins that might help her. After a week of taking this we can tell she is shedding much less, and it's pure shiny, healthy smooth hair! They've never upset her stomach or skin although she says she doesn't like the smell of them. I would recommend this supplement to my family and friends!
4.0 - Not like regular edges wheñ some women have had braids too ...
I’m not sure but I think this is actually growing out my edges! Not like regular edges wheñ some women have had braids too tight but I have a hereditary receding hairline and specifically on my right side I see my hair getting thicker. Not growing new hairs but becoming ticker to where it looks like there are actually more hairs. This has been awesome. 4 star rating only because I haven’t used it for long and because I love tried other products I’m reluctant of the placebo effect, but I’m really happy with the results!!! I am
5.0 - WORKS!
Hairfinity move over! If you compare the ingredients of both products you will find that these have more (biotin) than the previous mentioned brand and they WORK and are less expensive as well. I am on my second bottle of these vitamins and I must confess that I didn't see immediate results at first. I keep my hair in protective styles( braids) when I took my braids out I almost cried. I had so much growth. My hair is also getting thicker. I love love love these vitamins. They contain quality ingredients, are easy on the stomach and there are no bad side effects., We must all remember that there is no miracle growth pill for hair (these come close) and that supplements are designed to improve the health of your hair. Healthy Hair=Growth. We must also have PATIENCE ( I know it's hard because it's been hard for me as well ) however the end reward is well worth the wait. Love these vitamins and will continue to take them until I have hair down to my feet! (Just kidding). I was not paid nor did I get a free or reduced bottle of these vitamins for this review. I like honest reviews and if I don't like something or it didn't work I will be the first one to say so because I like to keep it real.
4.0 - Great growth!
I attached 2 photos. The top one is 7/2/17, and the bottom is 9/2/17. After a disastrous haircut, I ordered this in hopes of gaining confidence back and receiving a boost in hair growth and I haven't been disappointed. I don't know that it would have grown so quickly! Of course, high protein diet and exercise/taking care of your body aids in this effort too. Good product!
5.0 - Quick growth exceeded expectations
I started using these hair pills a couple days after I put my hair into braids. I read the reviews of the pills a few days prior to opting for the braided style and decided to try the braid style and pills together. I am in my second month of wearing the braids and am taking a second bottle of the hair pills. The new growth of my braids appears to be a little more than an inch. I will continue to use Hairfluence following the removal of my braids and am excited of the results to come.
5.0 - Real Results - I am a Believer!
I began taking Hairfluence because of the many and consistently positive reviews - and this was after reviewing and comparing quite a few of the more "well-known" supplements that are hyped for their popularity. I also bought Hairfluence because the ingredients are natural, and the price is very affordable. I have been taking the supplement for approximately a month - whenever I began taking supplements CONSISTENTLY, I notice an improvement in about six to eight weeks. I am almost finished with my first bottle - I missed a day or two because we had to evacuate because of Hurricane Irma and when your'e living out of suitcases, sometimes nerves get frazzled and you forget! ANYHOO, although it has only been a month, I have noticed significant changes in my hair, and even in my skin and nails. First, I have very thick, Afro-textured hair. However, due to age, genetics, and medication, my hair began to thin around the edges and the crown and all the oils, deep conditioners and massages did very little to encourage growth and retention in these areas. So far, I have noticed that those trouble spots are filling in and growing. I usually wear my hair in an Afro puff, but this past week I was able to braid my hair down into two decent "milk-maid" style braids - without the aid of hair gel or pins to hold any hair in place. That in itself is a milestone for me because my hair usually grows so slowly. That, and it's usually difficult for me to retain length because of dryness, cutting damaged and uneven ends, etc. So, now that I actually have enough hair to tuck away, this will encourage me to wear protective styles more and, therefore, retain growth. I also noticed that my hair texture is more obvious, with a nice healthy sheen (of course I also use castor oil, jojoba, and shea butter are my go-tos). But overall, I notice a positive improvement in my hair health. I have fragile, brittle nails that split very easily. Since taking Hairfluence, I have noticed that my now nails grow in stronger and faster.
5.0 - Already notice a difference
Ordered a bottle on Amazon about 2 months due breakage and damage from braids. I have noticed a big difference in just a month. I will be ordering again.
5.0 - Premium customer service Ya'll
Well, i just started my second bottle and notice my hair is softer. But i cant give a honest FULL review until 4 months. BUT, i can say customer service is premium quality! My second bottle of Hairfluence was short 2 pills (petty?, not to me) Well, i emailed Jeremy and let him know and he apologized and sent me a whole bottle for free. I have not had that sort of Customer service in years. Stay tuned for FULL review dec 2017! Edit:10/9/2017 well it has not been 4 months yet but my hair has grown and is shiny. The amazing thing is my skin broke out the first 2 weeks very bad, but i was determined to finish my month. By the time i finished the first bottle my face is sooooo smooth and clear (better than before) i have received several compliments on my skin. Also, as mentioned in first review, i had a issue with first bottle and Jeremy Anderson took care of me immediately, but then the bottle he sent was stolen along with other things i ordered from amazon. I didnt expect anything as that was'nt his problem, BUT JEREMY TOOK CARE OF IT! I truly believe that customer service is THE BEST WAY to grow a business and Zhou nutrition is superior! Needless to say, i will be a loyal customer because of the customer service!! I love this company! Update: oct 31, 2017 I have finished my third bottle..i had my hair in braids for a few weeks and just took them out and my hair has grown at least 2.5 inches and has tripled in thickness! I am a black woman with coarse curly hair that breaks and is usually dry. But after washing and conditioning my hair it was so soft and shiny and healthy looking. I must tell you that i did get 6 or 7 bumps on my face that cleared up after a few WEEKS when i started taking HF. The gray hair on my hairline looks so shiny and seems to have darkened up. I have had good results so far and plan to continue using HF.
4.0 - The pills helped my hair grow under protective styles
I have type 4 Natural Hair. I cut off my split ends right before school began in August and inserted box braids as a protective style. I took the hair influence pills inconsistently during the two month duration that I wore my box braid. When I took out my braids I was pleased with my results. My hair was a little longer and way thicker.
5.0 - The product was shipped quickly. Upon placement of order ...
The product was shipped quickly. Upon placement of order I received a welcome email with tips on how to make the most of the product, as well as contact information if I had further questions. I have only been using the product for about three weeks so I still need more time to report on hair growth. My hair has been in braids, but I did notice within three weeks there was about 1/4 inch of new growth around my edges. I took a few braids out and noticed that my hair didn't shed quite as much and felt a little fuller. I was pleasantly surprised by that as I have experienced a lot of hair breakage lately. Looking forward to the next 30 days.
5.0 - Works [and quickly] for senior citizens!!!
Who said that old women can't continue to grow hair? Whoever said it obviously didn't know about Hairfluence! I am a black woman and almost 70 years old. After only one month of sporadic use of this amazing product, I have seen fantastic results with both my hair and nails! My hair was doing the age-related thinning thing and was too weak to hold a braid. My hair now feels like a lion's mane and braids very well. Even the hair on the mole on my chin is growing [ugh]
4.0 - I have seen the Viviscal commercials and think this is a better alternative. My hair used to be beyond shoulder ...
Its on my list to test try it. I have seen the Viviscal commercials and think this is a better alternative. My hair used to be beyond shoulder length about 15 yrs ago when braids was the in-thing, I always envisioned my hair long and shiny again. Long hair makes you beautiful. Men like to play with long hair -- ahhh, will let you know what happens.

10. Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine Black Pepper Extract - 750mg per Capsule, 120 Veg. Capsules - GMO Free Tumeric, Standardized to 95% Curcuminoids for Maximum Potency

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5.0 - Five Stars
Love this stuff aids in swelling and inflammation. (i work on my feet ) keeps my ankles down
5.0 - Divine Bounty Turmeric.
This was the second brand of Turmeric Curcumin that I tried and I believe it is working better than the previous brand. I can smell the potency and have no need for NSAIDS.I take one after breakfast and one after dinner.
5.0 - After using this product for several weeks, my knee ...
After using this product for several weeks, my knee pain is gone. I have been recommending this to several friends for a variety of health issues related to inflammation and they, too, have had positive results. I much prefer taking something natural to steroids or NSAIDS.
5.0 - Great for Lupus/RA patients
I did quite a bit of research looking for the right product for me. I even ordered another product and then cancelled it when I saw this one. I'm very happy with it. The amount of turmeric/cur cumin is right for what I'm looking for and it has the black pepper formula to help facilitate the use of the supplement according to research and studies you can find on the web. I purchased this as a lupus overlap RA patient with a "very aggressive flare" per my doctor. Because I work, I have opted not to take pain medications for fear it would create more "brain fog" than I've already experienced. Because of meds I'm on, I can't take NSAIDs. That leaves me with very relief from OTC Tylenol. So natural is what I'm looking for. I have felt some difference after taking this supplement. It's not major, but it IS noticeable. It's enough that I've walked almost every evening after work for a week now. Also, I've had terrible heartburn from my prescribed medications and had to start taking Zantac daily. Since the third day I started taking this (2 weeks 1 day ago), I've taking exactly 4 Zantac total. I was taking 2 per day. I'm going to continue using this supplement and am excited about trying other natural means of combating some of the symptoms of my diseases. A side note: I checked with my doctor to make sure I could take this with my current treatment plan; anyone on multiple medications should check first just to be on the safe side.
5.0 - Great alternative to NSAIDS
I have a torn hip labrum which has caused significant inflamation. I am unable to take NSAIDS because of a prior gastric bypass. I was skeptical to try this, but have been amazed at how much it has improved my pain and therefore, my mobility. I highly recommend this for anyone with inflamation. Great product.
5.0 - Most effective supplement for arthritis I've tried
I've been taking this for over 2 months now for arthritis ,particularly in my left hand and right knee. I started with only one a day with a meal. I wanted to see if it was going to upset my stomach as I have problems with NSAIDs. Now I'm taking it twice a day without any stomach problems. Probably took about 2 weeks before I obtained the full benefits so don't be discouraged if you don't notice any improvement right away. This product has worked better than for long term relief than anything else I've tried. I can't even remember the last time I took something for my arthritis.
5.0 - Excellent product!
Very effective as an anti-inflammatory. Due to kidney disease,​ I can't take NSAIDs and I have rheumatoid arthritis. Your product is the only thing that gives me any relief. Thanks!
4.0 - Glad to be able to ditch NSAIDS
I am taking this product as recommended by a physician, with the hope of relieving pain from inflammation. I feel a little relief, but not what I would say is significant. However, I have only been taking product for 2 weeks. I am told it may take 6-8 weeks for max effect. I can say that I am NOT taking NSAIDS anymore, as doctor has requested. AND I CAN STILL WALK! I could never go with out medication and walk by the afternoon. Still have pain, but able move. Anxious to see what 8 weeks of use brings.
4.0 - 6 hour substitute for ibuprofen
I had surgery 5 months ago and still have pain and swelling in my foot. I want to get off of Nsaids so I am using this product. It takes the edge off, I am not good about taking it 3 times a day, that may help, but that is also why I only gave it a 4. Because it only lasts 6 hours and I hate taking pills every 6 hours.
5.0 - Can't live without it
Fantastic product! For someone who ha already undergone one neck surgery and was constantly on NSAIDS, this has been an awesome supplement. I rarely have to take an NSAID, as long as I keep up with the turmeric . . . can't live without it.
5.0 - It has helped more than I expected!!! You need this supplement...
Have been suffering from injuries due to major auto accident (2 1/2 years)... Best results for helping with inflammation and infection I have taken. Better than NSAIDs!
5.0 - I no longer am taking NSAIDs this is so good.
I have been taking this for a few weeks and I think it is helping my knee pain. I forgot to take it one day and I was in extreme pain. I won't be forgetting to take this again! I no longer am taking NSAIDs this is so good.
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