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1. NOW Quercetin with Bromelain,240 Veg Capsules

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5.0 - Really helps w/ my allergies.
I take this for my chronic allergies. This is so much cheaper than the nutrition store here. Love it!!!
5.0 - Five Stars
Great for allergies. Good price. good vegan product.
5.0 - Thanks for a great product
I use this product to treat mild inflammation from allergies to ragweed and gluten. I love NOW products because you can chose the capsule amount to meet your needs and at a great value.
4.0 - No more sneezing and itchy eyes
I have year round allergies and suffer from allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, and post nasal drip. I decided to try these because I read good that they could help to keep your nasal tissues healthy and regulate your antihistamine levels. So far, they seem to be working great. I don't have as much sneezing and itchy eyes during the day. I do still get the occasional nasal drainage due to the post nasal drip, but not nearly as much as before I started taking these. I take them on an empty stomach twice a day. If you have a weak stomach or get nauseated easily, I would recommend taking with food. I think that taking these long term could definitely relieve, if not diminish your allergy symptoms all together.
4.0 - Great deal for Quercetin
My GF and I use this frequently. Unfortunately for me, I still need an anti-histamine to keep my allergies at bay. The Bromelain has helped with skin issues, but I mostly purchased it for my allergies. For the price, this is the best deal you will find on Quercetin and the Bromelain is a nice added bonus.
4.0 - good for allergies
great product and a great buy. definitely recommend for anyone looking for an out of the box remedy for allergy problems
5.0 - Definitely helping me manage allergies
Seems to help as much as allergy injections. I find that fewer sudafeds/benedryls etc are needed since taking this daily. I'm very satisfied with this product.
5.0 - Miracle
Miracle! Every November I start to suffer my allergies. This runs into May. By January I am at my doctor getting treated for sinus infections. Sometimes twice before the summer. Sleeping is almost impossible. I feel as I am gagging as I drop off to sleep. I listen to a Doctor on the radio who recommended this for allergies. It was early November and the allergies were just starting. The very first day I felt this working. I take it every 12 hours. If I forget my allergies remind me. It just simply works for me. Clear head sleeping like a baby. Oh I love my life.
5.0 - Yay !!
It's helping with my allergies, and I'm finally off allergy meds!! :)
5.0 - Great supplement. It has help me with my allergies
Great supplement . It has help me with my allergies.
5.0 - Great preventative for seasonal allergies
This product is great! Very high quality & better price than the health food store! We take this everyday from sting till fall and it helps dramatically with our allergies! I no longer have to take allergy medicine for my seasonal allergies!
5.0 - Great for benadryl replacement
Quercetin is great as a natural benadryl. I love using this daily to keep my allergies at bay. I also use it for my chihuahua's allergies.
5.0 - Help with hayfever, sinusitis
Helps with allergies, sneezing, etc. I cannot take anti-histamines. Recommended by my doctor.
5.0 - This stuff is amazing! Took it as directed on the bottle for ...
Wow! This stuff is amazing! Took it as directed on the bottle for 3 days and already noticed a big difference in my allergies. I can actually go outside and do yard work with very minimal sneezing and itchy eyes. This is a lifesaver because my allergies usually leave me incompacitated and I would lie in bed blowing my nose all day; but with this I've been able to do yard work, spend all day outside at the park and be around flowers with very little allergies. Highly recommend!
5.0 - It works!
It works. I have seasonal allergies and allergic asthma. If I take this supplement 2 or 3 times a day, my nose doesn't run like a faucet, I breathe better, and I have more energy. This is a good alternative to antihistamines.
5.0 - If you suffer from severe allergies I highly recommend this product
If you suffer from severe allergies I highly recommend this product. Two in the morning and you will feel brand new all day. I will keep purchasing this product moving forward.
5.0 - Works on allergies without side effects
In the last few years I have developed allergies that leave me sneezing and sniffling for hours. My brother recommended Quercetin and one cap clears me up for several hours to all day depending on how severe the irritant is. My sister has major sinus issues and this has helped her a lot too. Well worth trying.
5.0 - Alternative solution for allergies
I developed chronic sinusitis due to a Eustachian tube dysfunction caused by allergies, Not that my nose seemed to be clogged up I didn't notice any clogging in my sinuses but my ears would feel full and my hearing would be muffled. The past few years I would constantly end up at the doctors office to get antibiotics and when my ears would be full they told me I had a dysfunctional Eustachian tube and I had no clue what was causing it. But antihistamines would help subside the symptoms causing me to think it might be inflammation.
5.0 - A much need
A much need for my allergies, high blood pressure, and sinus/headache relief. Maybe twice a month I need to take a blood pressure medicine but rather than that its all Quercetin. I do not take any allergy or sinus medicine, haven't had any sinus infections since taking this. But my wife can not take this, she gets sharp pain headaches from it. She was hoping that it would help her with sinuses when they acted up. We don't understand why it reacts different with her. We are both happy that I am off of all prescription medication, except for the (maybe) twice a month blood pressure medicine.
5.0 - Great for asthma
Great for allergies and asthma. I take it three times daily
5.0 - if you have seasonal allergies and hate taking over the counter meds
if you have seasonal allergies and hate taking over the counter meds.. try this.. it works! i read the reviews but was very skeptical it would stop my allergies.. i was wrong.. it worked.. worked so good i started to give it to my bulldog who suffers from seasonal allergies.. BUY IT! best prices from amazon too!! SHIPS LIKE LIGHTNING!!
5.0 - Helps control my allergies and hives breakout. I have ...
Helps control my allergies and hives breakout. I have dermographism and this supplement helps tremendously with skin redness and allergic reactions. I couldn't eat watermelon before because I would break out in hives immediately. Now it's no longer a problem. I've been taking it for about 2 years now and I will continue to do so until dermographism burns out. I do not take any allergy medication just this supplement.
5.0 - Great Product
My husband research this product for gout. It has helped, but the side effects have helped with his allergies too.
5.0 - works well for allergies
really helps my allergies. bug bites also do not itch.
5.0 - No more allergies !
Since i'm taking this suplement I don't suffer anymore with allergy attacks. I usually take it 45 days before allergy season and I don't need to take any allergy medicine.
5.0 - It would be GREAT if Now Quercetin w/bromelain came in 200mg caplets or ...
This really helps my dog with her allergies. She was miserable rubbing her face, scratching, licking and chewing on her paws. I give her one in the morning and no rubbing, scratching or biting. She very rarely gets steroids now! It would be GREAT if Now Quercetin w/bromelain came in 200mg caplets or capsules. It would be easier to give correct dosage twice a day as prescribed instead of 400mg once a day. I also love the quality of this product. No extra junk!
5.0 - for my dogs allergies
My dog get seasonal allergies. I think it might be grass. My Boerboel rescue is 80 lb and I give her 3 of these a day and it keeps her itchiness under control.Normally I'd just eliminate the thing that was making her itch but since it appears to be grass or pollen or something like that I can't.
5.0 - This I read somewhere was helpful for bladder sx
In peri menopause. I had months of discomfort trouble w my bladder. I do not know if the quercitin is the thing that did it but I am about 80 percent better from those sx. If you have them you know what I'm talking about. Possibly it helps w allergies but I wasn't noticing particularly.
5.0 - Natural is better!
After being diagnosed with severe allergies to cats, dogs and tumbleweed, I was advised to begin taking an OTC allergy medication daily. I do not usually take chemical medication, but my symptoms had become so unbearable, that I decided to give them a try. I started with Zyrtec, and within days I was experiencing mood swings and weight gain. Claritin did not touch my symptoms. Allegra-D was working wonderfully...until I developed severe eczema on my hands and heart palpitations (both of which are listed as severe side effects of this medication).
5.0 - I have a daughter with really bad allergies and she loves it
I have a daughter with really bad allergies and she loves it. She doing so much better while on it
5.0 - Allergy winner
This is very helpful for spring allergies and even just to dry up a lingering cold.
5.0 - Works for us....
I bought this for my dogs who suffer from itchy skin and allergies. Works very well to give them some relief.
5.0 - Better than OTC Allergy Products--Without Any Side Effects
I use this quercetin with bromelain along with local honey, bee pollen, and nettle infusions to prevent environmental allergies. It works better than OTC allergy products--without any side effects. Just don't expect it to be a quick-fix--herbal remedies take longer to work and help to strengthen the body's systems in advance of seasonal symptoms in order to sustain good health.
4.0 - Four Stars
Seems to help with my allergies.
4.0 - Pretty effective in controlling seasonal allergies if you take 6 ...
Pretty effective in controlling seasonal allergies if you take 6 every day (2 capsules 3 times a day). If you miss a round, you will see some symptoms flare up. I no longer have sinus pressure or a bloated head but still sniffle occasionally if I miss a dose. I believe taking it consistently over a period of time might reduce that too.
5.0 - Helps with seasonal allergies
This acts like an antihistamine with out the side-effects. I prefer it to the OTC drugs at the pharmacy.
5.0 - Great price, awesome product
Been taking quercetin for a few years now, first time I bought online. Amazing price I saved so much money buying it here. I have bad allergies and sinus issues all the time. Quercetin keeps them manageble, I call it my magic pill because even if you are not on them long term they do have amazing recuperative effects. As it accumulates in your body the allergies slowly start to disappear. I still have bouts at times, but I'll take an extra pill or two and it helps so much.
5.0 - Five Stars
This stuff works great. My allergies are deal able now.
5.0 - I find that this works far better if I combine it with Stinging Nettle Leaves
I use this for my seasonal and dust mite allergies. I find that this works far better if I combine it with Stinging Nettle Leaves. For further improvement, add forskolin and consider adding (counterintuitively) histidine.
5.0 - natural health aid
I have fall allergies that make it difficult to breathe. I don't like to take over-the-counter drugs. Quercetin with Bromelain has cleared my breathing. I started with the dose recommended on the bottle, but now I'm down to two/day before breakfast.
5.0 - Great results
Pleased with the results. Both my husband and I suffer from allergies, I have IC, which I have been taking the one and only prescription and would like to get off of it due to it's high cost (even with insurance), have not really noticed difference with IC. I really don't expect to until I quit the prescription. My husband has severe eczema, this has helped him a lot. Would highly recommend for eczema sufferers, as well as those with allergies. This is the best price. I normally order my supplements from Puritans Pride, but this is much cheaper.
5.0 - Great for allergies!
I moved to Alaska recently and all of a sudden for the first time in my life I have allergies. Everytime I went outside I felt like crap and took a day to recover. My throat was feeling swollen, a little nasal stuffiness and ocassionally sl8ght burning in my lungs. I started just taking this supplement and almost immediately felt better. Thank God because I couldn't stand living up here and not being able to enjoy the outdoors.
5.0 - Allergies or aches a Godsend!
Quercitin is a powerful anti-inflammatory that truly helps with allergies as well as sore muscles. Highly recommend!
5.0 - It Really Does Help Allergies
I have significant allergies in the spring and fall. September ragweed pollen is the worst time of the year for me. Allegra does *nothing* for my allergies in September. I switch to Zyrtec and that helps a lot. But I still have some nagging symptoms.
5.0 - Taken for years and does help with allergies
Been taking this for 8 years to help with seasonal allergies and even wife notices difference in that used to take lots of zyrtec and now do not even finish one bottle
4.0 - Haven’t noticed any difference
I’ve been taking these as directed to help with my allergies and inflammation for nearly two months now. I heard positive things about quercetin, and this supplement was rated highly based on reviews.
5.0 - Allergy be gone
I recommended this for two persons with allergies, and it has made a world of difference to them.
5.0 - much better than I did before I started taking it
This has really helped me with my seasonal allergies! I feel much, much better than I did before I started taking it.
5.0 - Good product
I take this for histamine intolerance. It works well for this as well as allergies. It seems to work as well as antihistamines when taken multiple times a day.
Have been using Quercetin with Bromelain for two years when my allergies flare up. I was surprised how well it controlled my runny nose and didn't make me drowsy, goofy or keep me up at night. Bought my first bottle at Natural Foods and then found it for much less on Amazon. Haven't had to use any over the counter allergy meds since I started using this.
5.0 - Great for seasonal allergies
My dog has seasonal allergies that have gotten progressively worse each year since we moved to this new state. This year, Benadryl at the highest allowed dosage wasn't making a dent, so we decided to try going with a more natural treatment plan to see if that would work. Our dog is around 55 lbs, and we were advised to start with one pill of Quercetin with Bromelain in the morning and one pill in the evening about 20 minutes or so prior to his morning/evening meal. If he had any issues, we could give at meal time instead.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great stuff for allergies. Works fast so you don't have to use antihistamines.
5.0 - Great product for colds and congestion.
I can’t take the over the counter or prescription drugs for anything related to allergies or colds so I had to find a natural way to deal with it. This really works as far as stuffiness or congestion and helps me get through the nasty sick seasons. Would highly reccomend this product!
5.0 - So my holistic vet recommended quercetin for her
I've had allergies, sinus headaches and asthma my entire life. My dog has had allergies, coughs and reverse sneezes a lot. So my holistic vet recommended quercetin for her. And, although it hasn't cured her completely, she doesn't cough or reverse sneeze much anymore, or chew on her feet as much.
5.0 - My husband used to take allergy shots and now uses ...
My husband used to take allergy shots and now uses a combination of natural products to control his seasonal allergies. You have to start 4- weeks before the season, but it works!
I can't stress enough how great this stuff is!! I have terrible allergies that keep me miserable 99% of the time unless I am taking an antihistamine. I usually take an over the counter allergy relief pill every four hours just to live normally during the spring season and since I started taking Quercetin twice a day, even just after a week I felt SOOOO MUCH BETTER!!! I take 1/2 an allergy relief pill in the morning and I am awesome the rest of the day!! Instead of just masking the problem with antihistamines all the time, the Quercetin helps balance out your histamine levels naturally and its works Wonders!!!!! will always have this lovely stuff on hand from now on :D
4.0 - Effective
Quercetin helps keep my seasonal allergies down. The Bromelain is supposed to help with absorption. I assume it works because the product does help keep my nose from turning into a faucet. The Now brand price is good.
4.0 - Quercetin and Bromelain
Works well to keep my allergies at bay!! Used for over year, and has helped greatly with my allergies without any adverse effects.
5.0 - Great Productl
Fabulous Product for allergies! It works better than allergy drugs. FAST SHIPPING!
5.0 - Five Stars
Great for inflammation and allergies!
4.0 - Helpful
I have terrible allergies and they can really get out of hand sometimes. I started looking for more natural ways to treat it, and read about quercetin and bromelian. Together they really help reduce inflammation and mucus. I also take Flonase. My allergies are much more controlled now.
5.0 - Good
Seems very good have multiple allergies
5.0 - Great product, but caused hives
I tried another brand and got hives on my arms and ankles, decided to try Now brand in case this formula would be better tolerated. Of course I got the hives again. I have bad allergies and was hoping this would give me some relief. I might try to dose again when rage weed season is over. I guess I'm one of the rare people that react in a negative way to Quercetin. Still 5 stars because Now products are top notch.
4.0 - Works well for my allergies
The best product I could find for my allergies. Gave it four stars because it also acts as diuretic and depletes potassium from your body. If I take it continuously for more than 2 days 2 times a day, I get cramps on my legs.
5.0 - Good for allergies and gout
A yellow/ green pigment found in fruit/ veggies with pineapple enzyme. Great for allergies (other things too I've heard). My dad uses it for gout.
5.0 - Helps my allergies
This helps me to control my seasonal allergies, in every season (pollens, dust, mold). As an unexpected side benefit, I think it also is helping me to manage my osteoarthritis in my back and hip! I guess the two ingredients work to counteract general inflammation. Well packed and on time.
5.0 - Use to control allergies.
I've been using Quercetin for 6 years to control seasonal allergies. I take one, twice a day. It really does the job, though starting out you might want to try 2 or 3 twice a day for the first month to build it up in your system. The large sized bottle and reasonable price as well as the quality of the product make this a must have on my list of supplements that work.
5.0 - Awesome for allergies and general immune system.
Huge fan, I take this all the time during allergy season and it's been the only thing that helps. I take one almost every day and I noticed I haven't been sick a lot.
5.0 - Allergy saver
Just started developing allergies and didn't really want to rely on medicines that may induce drowsiness or in some way have some long term effect on my body. So far, these pills are controlling my newly acquired allergies. 2 in the am and 2 in the pm seems to do the trick. If I miss, I know it pretty quickly.
5.0 - Very Pleased, great results
I "once" had horrible seasonal allergies, and survived Cedar Fever Season without a hitch! Looking forward to Spring results as well.
5.0 - A miracle for my allergies!
A miracle for my allergies! I have terrible allergies year-round (pollen, dust, mold, pets, etc.) and this has made a huge difference ... better than 20 years of allergy shots and ALL allergy meds (otc and rx), with no side effects (drowsiness, etc.). It's not a complete cure but if I take two capsules 2-3 times a day it makes a huge difference. When I'm outside during peak allergy conditions I can even take two capsules whenever I feel my sinuses "fire up" (as often as every two hours) and actually make it through the day without too much trouble. I would definitely recommend this for anyone with allergies.
4.0 - Helps Improve Sinus Health
Seems to help with longterm sinus health. I've been using this product regularly and daily and I have noticed an improvement in my sinuses and a decrease in my allergies. I use it in combination with Vogel pollinosan and I rarely have any allergic reactions anymore.
5.0 - Very useful and effective supplement
For the skeptics, this really does work (at least, for my family). I find it to help with gout, as well as allergies.
5.0 - I recommend it to others who have very little results with ...
Works really well for my allergies all year round. I take 2 caps a day. I haven't noticed any side effects. I recommend it to others who have very little results with claritin etc.
5.0 - it helps during allergy season
I take 2 first thing in the morning and it helps with my allergies and asthma. I don't need to use my inhalers anymore.
5.0 - tried every antihistamine and this works best with no side affects
works really well on my seasonal allergies. tried every antihistamine and this works best with no side affects. Great price, good packaging
5.0 - amazing.
Really helps with allergies, amazing.
5.0 - Works great for allergies
I hardly ever write reviews on amazon but seeing as how many of the reviews helped me figure out what dose I needed for allergies I'm going to chronicle my experience. First off this supplement is amazing. Before I started my Quercetin regiment I was taking Allegra- D 180mg, I had very severe allergies. It worked OK , but after 3 months I started having really bad ED. Yes, erectile dysfunction. As a 23 year old there's no reason for me to have ED. I also had problems sleeping, feeling tired, and being angry all the time. This was when I started looking for something different, and did some research into Quercetin. After trial and error I figured the dose that works for me (I am 220lbs) was 2 capsules in the morning 7am and 2 capsules in the afternoon 12-3pm. I also take a 10mg singular every morning. After about 3 days of getting off Allegra and starting this I had amazing results. My allergy symptoms were completely gone and I regained my manhood. Additionally I feel refreshed, and my muscles feel a lot better in general. I have a job that requires me to be extremely active and after starting this supplement I feel like it takes a lot more work for me to feel sore.
5.0 - Great for allergies!
My husband takes one a day. Since he started (years ago) he hasn't had bad Sprina allergies, with always used to turn into bronchitis. When my mother-in-law visited and started to have a reaction to our cats, we gave her one a day and the allergic reaction went away.
5.0 - quercetin
works as an antihistamine only natural - does a good job for me - I have airborne, food and skin allergies
5.0 - Great for fighting allergies and good for your health
Bromelain is a great for fighting any inflammation within your body and the quercetin really does help with fighting allergies. This product helped with congestion and actually helped fullness in my ears and eyes! Excellent product. Highly recommend! This is very nicely priced.
5.0 - Allergy Relief that Actually Works - Add Vitamin C!!
I have very bad seasonal allergies that hit me every spring and every fall around Memorial Day and Labor Day. This spring, I heard about Quercetin and thought it was worth trying. What a difference this spring has been for me. While all of my fellow allergy sufferers have been miserable, I've been having the best spring allergy season since I can remember. I take two of these with breakfast and two with supper along with a single loratadine (claritin) daily. I'm not brave enough to give up the loratadine just yet, but I haven't had to break out the loratadine plus decongestant at all this spring. Normally I'm loaded up on generic claritin-d and still suffering symptoms while being in a constant decongestant fog. I'm even able to enjoy outdoor activities like bike rides with my kids. For me this has been a huge breakthrough in treating my allergy symptoms. This fall I'm going to try to go without the claritin by starting early on the quercetin and staying ahead of my symptoms.
5.0 - Five Stars
Susceptible to allergies from anywhere and everywhere, this product helps me stay well and working!
5.0 - Five Stars
Helps with allergies
5.0 - Quercetin is amazing for preventing allergies, and helps fight inflammation. NOW foods is a great quality brand.
I have been using this product for allergy relief since 2010. IT WORKS. I ran out one time and started sneezing a lot and sure enough as soon as I started taking it again my sneezing went away. It's an all natural histamine blocker, or it prevents the forming of histamines in your body which is what causes allergies. Bromelain is an enzyme from pineapple and it also helps with digestion. Quercetin is a citrus bioflavonoid that has antioxidant properties, it helps fight inflammation and free radicals as well as preventing allergies. Now foods is a wonderful brand, I've used several of their supplements for years with much success. I highly recommend this product, and any NOW foods product.
5.0 - works for my allergies!
have been using for my allergies and it definitely helps! This is my 3rd bottle
5.0 - Short Term Treatment for Nasal Allergies
I take 2 every night before bed and I finally don't wake up in the middle of the night sneezing and blowing my nose for hours. Take it with nettle extract too. This hasn't cured my allergies, and doesn't get to the root cause of the immune flare up/allergies but until I figure the rest out, I'll take it every night.
5.0 - Great natural remedy for seasonal allergies
I take two of these in the morning and two at night and during the course of the past couple years have noticed a significant decrease in the severity of seasonal allergies.
5.0 - Allergy Sufferer
My doctor started me on Quercetin. I was suffering from allergies in the environment and food allergies I didn't know I had. She also prescribed it to my children. They were suffering from food allergies also that would result in large acne lesions and nose bleeds. It helps to repair capillaries, so they haven't had anymore nose bleeds. She suggests taking for colds too. I take it daily. While it may not keep you from getting a cold, it does reduce the severity of it and allergy symptoms. If I do get a cold, I just increase my dosage.
5.0 - Five Stars
I have allergies and this product helps decrease the amount of flem and I can breathe easier.
4.0 - Helps with Allergies
Seems to be a good product for reducing, but not eliminating my nasal allergies. I was hoping for a reduction in size of my nasal polyps I have but this did not occur. I have purchased some Turmeric Curcumin to see if this helps. I think I will need the nasal surgery again, which for me was good for a little over a year.
5.0 - Great for allergies and colds!
This is a great product for immune support and allergy Control. Two capsules before meals several times a day help prevent colds and is the best thing I've found to keep my allergies under control.
4.0 - Seems to really make a difference when I take it ...
Seems to really make a difference when I take it regularly. Took a week or so initially for me to feel effects. When I miss it, my allergies seem to bother me more. Much prefer this to antihistamines.
CAN'T live without these ... great for allergies, reduces inflammation from mosquito bites, deemed "magic pills" to anyone I share them with. I use Quercetin to combat HIVES - better than antihistamines as they are one step ahead to PREVENT mast cells from doing their thing. Perfect to keep on hand, in your purse, on your night stand. Fabulous for allergy sufferers and if you read further online - many many more benefits, especially for smokers WITH allergies.
5.0 - Five Stars
Keeps my allergies at bay and I have been able to stop taking Zyrtec!
5.0 - Measurably reduces allergy symptoms
This supplement is the dream for allergy sufferers! Especially if you live in central or east TX. I used to get insane pressure headaches and very stuffed sinuses. No more thanks to religiously taking these every morning. Not all my allergies are gone, I still suffer from sneezing, dry eyes, an itchy throat. However, this stuff caused the major suffering to disappear.
5.0 - This stuff is FANTASTIC for allergy sufferers
Anyone with allergies and hay fever should try this product. It is amazing. It seems to naturally reduce and neutralize excessive histamine levels in the body, while providing extra energy. It also seems to have anti-inflammatory properties.
5.0 - Five Stars
This really worked for my allergies.
5.0 - A staple
This is a staple in my household. We find it effective for URI, sinus issues, colds, allergies. At the first sign of a cold or flu we take 2-3 of these with a couple of vitamin C 500 mg or higher. It almost always knocks it out overnight. Drink a good hot therapeutic tea with it for a synergistic effect. This formula has the necessary bromelain in it so it's nice to not have to buy and take that separately. We've used this for years and dislike seeing the price continualy rising. When I think about all the chemicals in the stuff sold in the drug store I will opt for this even tho it is more costly knowing it is natural and will work with the body not against it. Just my view.
5.0 - Good for Allergies
I have seasonal allergies, and usually mid-August through September is a horrible time of year to be endured. In years past, I have taken only Claritin, which made things tolerable but I still dealt with allergy symptoms. After reading about more natural treatments, I decided to try Quercetin. I took the capsules in the morning (although I did pair it with Claritin). The combination of the two completely relieved my allergy symptoms and I was able to go about my day freely. Next year when the dreaded allergy season hits, I will try Quercetin on its own to see if I can cut out buying Claritin.
5.0 - NOW Quercetin & Bromelain--great product at a great price.
Great product at a great price. I use it for allergies and it also seems to help with other types of inflammation.
5.0 - Great for Allergies and more
Great for allergies and more. I use it on my peekinese that is allergic to grass.Then I keep him out of grass..
5.0 - Highly recommended for seasonal allergies
Every Spring and Fall I have battled terrible watery eyes. Someone suggested Now brand Quercitin and I take it during these seasons and it has stopped the watery eyes Everytime!
4.0 - this works great for him
Using this for my dog who has tons of allergies, this works great for him!
5.0 - Five Stars
Great for seasonal allergies!
5.0 - Helps with allergies
When allergies hit, I reach for quercetin. Even when I feel a cold coming on and get all congested I find this helps. I love that it is a natural supplement and doesn't have adverse side effects like the over the counter allergy meds do. No drowsiness and feeling like my nasal passages are dried out. Recommended this to many, many people with sinus, allergy conditions. I have also given it to my dogs for allergy/hotspot relief.
5.0 - Five Stars
I have been taking for over a year. i really believe my allergies are less
5.0 - Muscle energy
I have Mitochondrial Metabolic syndrome and my neurologist prescribed this and other supplements to take. It provides energy to the muscles by letting the ATP get into the muscles easier. Without this stuff I don't walk. It will give energy, helps with allergies, great as an antioxidant and so much more. Just give it a try. I take two 800 mg daily.
5.0 - Allergies or sinus? Use these instead of OTC pills
For decades I have suffered. These work better than anything else I have ever tried. No side effects, no matter how many I take. Take two every 30 minutes until relief, then two with every meal. Up to 12 per hour (I never needed nearly that many).
5.0 - Works
Works for allergies for me and 3 my dogs, so can't be placebo. Can take up to two capsules (quite big) three times a day. I use one a day for maintenance now. If no success, try inserting one up each, just kidding.
5.0 - Great additional to allergy meds
My daughter has severe allergies and asthma and has been taking a daily children's allergy medication since she was two. She also takes allergy eye drops. Her eyes will produce so much mucus that they will crust over during the night. Half the time even when I give her the eye drops, her eyes still crust over and need a warm washcloth in the morning. I read about quercetin and thought I would add it to her daily routine. I can say this has helped tremendously! I no longer have to give her the eye drops but she is still on the daily allergy medication. I break open the capsule and mix it with applesauce. She tells me it tastes great! I'm not sure if quercetin alone will completely eliminate allergies but it has made them much more manageable.
5.0 - Works great for allergies.
This stuff is amazing. Almost always help clear up my allergies, which is great living in the Ohio Valley.
5.0 - Use all year for seasonal allergies
Really helps with seasonal allergies. I took this during last fall's allergy season and while it did not seem to help at that time, I decided to keep taking it proactively to ward off winter's dust allergies. Have not been bothered by that awful stuffy, headachy feeling so far this winter, which is wonderful. I plan to continue taking this and just ordered again.
5.0 - great price point and effective supplement for managing sinus problems
Our pediatrician told us about Quercetin and I've been using it every since. I just bought this brand in the quantity because it's a great price point. My allergies/sinus issues are managed without using allergy meds, so I think that is a great share! Try it!
5.0 - This helps my asthma and allergies a lot.
This stuff is a vital part of my daily pill menu. It helps control my allergies, asthma, and chronic sinusitis.
5.0 - flavinoids are good medicine
I have allergies. My friends have allergies. Even my dogs have allergies. Instead of taking over the counter drugs that raise the blood pressure, I use and recommend this product. I have had good to excellent results controlling itchy eyes, runny noses, and ear shaking (the dogs.) I also am glad to report that the blood pressure does not rise and so it is a safe remedy. I am a true believer, can you tell?
4.0 - Four Stars
Allergies slightly better after taking this.
5.0 - Maybe it’s just my imagination but my allergies aren’t as bad taking this daily
I have been using this product for a couple of years. I stopped usin it because I didn’t think it was really doing anything and after a couple of days I went back on it. Maybe it’s just my imagination but my allergies aren’t as bad taking this daily. I still have to use something to supplement during really bad allergy seasons but it works for every day use
5.0 - Our go to allergy med.
I have suffered from grass allergies since I was young, after taking too much benedryl, claritin, allegra, etc. this is now what I use! on a 1-10 my allergies are an 11 when the grass pollinates.
4.0 - More time is needed
I have noticed a slight improvement with allergies since I've started taking this. I think I may need to continue to see more of an improvement.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great for allergies.
5.0 - best allergy medicine
I have used Quercetin for a long time, It helps with my allergies. As far I am concerned, it is my best allergy medicine.
5.0 - Great for my 60 lb dog's seasonal allergies
This time of year my dog starts chewing on her paws, one of these a day with her food and no more chewing.
5.0 - Incredible....Just Incredible!
Okay, two very cool things happened after taking NOW brand Quercetin with Bromelain. 1. As I had hoped would happen, my spring time allergies that had required a Kenalog steroid shot every year...sometimes twice...for over 20 years, were completely eliminated. I take 3 capsules each morning, and 3 each evening. 2.I have been dealing with tonsil stones for most of my life. Having had Strep throat many times as a child, my tonsils had plenty of pockets for food particles and mucous to accumulate in, and form into the nasty smelling "curds" for a lack of better words to describe these embarrassing bits of "stink". Within two weeks of taking the aforementioned dose each day, my tonsils had literally dumped every speck of tonsil stone ever packed away in the crevices. Usually, they would only come out every so often; not this time. Every day, I had tonsil stones coming lose and falling out. I cannot tell you how "clean" I felt, finally getting this junk....ALL of it, out of my tonsils. The best I can tell, through researching, is that the bromelain was the main cause of eroding these "stones" enough to allow them to move. I can't be sure of the exact mechanism, but know I was taking nothing else. I LOVE this stuff.
5.0 - Quercetin w Bromelain for Allergies, Asthma and General Inflammation
I suffer from "seasonal" allergies that seem to last the whole year long that exacerbate my asthma. That is the main reason I take Quercetin. However, this bioflavonoid has many additional applications like heart disease, diabetes, gout and CFS. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties that make it an effective supplement for many who suffer with these conditions of chronic inflammation. Now Foods Quercetin with Bromelain adds in the bromelain (an enzyme found in pineapple) to add to the anti-inflammatory effects.
5.0 - Really works for seasonal allergies!
We ordered this because we read quercetin is really good for you. We didn't realize that it was for seasonal allergies. I have had terrible allergies this year, and even with standard medication felt awful. My wife increased my dosage of these to the recommended amount on the package and sure enough my allergies were gone. I no longer needed medication. One morning I forgot to take them and the allergies came right back.
5.0 - Allergy Help
All around good support for everyones body. Helps with allergies.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great product. Natural allergies relief and control . Good for me and my two dogs
5.0 - Nice large bottle
Been buying this for years. Top quality. Nice large bottle. Helps with allergy symptoms and we use it to supplement Flonase and or Allergen or Loratadine for better control of allergies. In fact we give a little to our dog for his allergies - we break open a capsule and put a little bit on his dog food.
5.0 - Lifesaver!!
Such a life saver! I use it for my interstitial cystitis. I would be in pain without it; every time I try to stop taking it, I regret it. I take 4 pills daily. I'm hoping I get other antioxidant benefits. It also helps greatly with my seasonal allergies, but not my intense allergy to cats.
5.0 - Miracle in a bottle
My ear nose and throat doctor recommended that I try these for my allergies. He said that I can take them along with my regular allergy medication and should just boost the results. Well, it worked splendidly. My doctor says that the results were as he'd planned and my asthmas inhaler is rarely used.
5.0 - Using this for my dog who has severe seasonal allergies - very good results!
I purchase this one month ago on the advice of a friend who who has studied alternative methods of nutrition and health for many years. One of my dogs was suffering from severe seasonal allergies and had very bad watery eyes that were constantly drenched in tears with soaking wet fur around them. He is a large dog (90 pounds) so I gave him the human dose of 2 capsule per day (am and pm). It has been one month and he has improved dramatically. His eyes are not longer wet, runny, or looking like a raccoon and he no longer rubs them. I have not changed anything else during that time or given him any other medications so I will assume that the results are from the Quercetin. I will definitely continue to give it to him and I will start trying it for my own allergies now.
5.0 - Helps with allergies
I have been using this product for years to help with seasonal allergies. Good product.
5.0 - Clearing my sinuses too
So it's still too early to say this is working for my allergies, however I just got over a really awful flu and my sinuses on both sides totally clear. If this is part of the reason why, then 5 stars is not enough as I was so sick I was well on my way to sinusitus misery.
5.0 - Amazing allergy relief
My allergies used to be be awful! I seriously could not go outside from May - August. Then my cousin's wife told me about this stuff. I've taken 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon for about 2 weeks, and I have maybe sneezed 5 times in that time. It's amazing. You should try it. I used to be the one buying every allergy remedy available just to breathe. I'd be so groggy and miserable. Not anymore :)
4.0 - Size matters!
These are OK & seem to be helping me with my allergies. They are pretty large, though, for those who may have swallowing issues. Also, they contain rice flour, for anyone who is paleo & avoids all grains. Price is right & NOW brand is quality you can trust.
5.0 - Great for allergies!
This works great for my seasonal allergies.... When I remember to take it.
5.0 - Works for Allergies!
I had stopped taking my allergy meds, and had not given it much thought, but my mother was having the most difficult time and I wasn't ...usually it's the other way around. I haven't had the problems breathing that I usually do...I took this to strengthen my immune system, but the allergy payoff is great!
5.0 - Great for seasonal allergies/food sensitivity/reducing insect bite reactions when used regularly
I can't take OTC or prescription allergy products due to the side effects and have seasonal allergies in addition to high sensitivity to onion and garlic, anything in the "allium" family in general, fennel, spider bites, etc. I have been taking 2 capsules of this twice a day (800 mg Quercetin/330 mg Bromelain 2 times per day on an empty stomach) for three years now. I took a health magazine article where an allergy specialist suggested this dosage to my doctor who prefers alternative treatment. When used for seasonal issues, the allergy specialist recommended starting this dosage 4-6 weeks before the start of the allergy season and continuing through the season. In my case, I found that the longer I am on it, the more I can also tolerate or react less to my food sensitivities. This means that while I can't eat onion at all, I can now get by with some onion seasoning and can add a few chunks of onion to the bottom of a roast or in a stew/soup for flavor. As long as I control the amount added and don't actually ingest the onion, this seems to work, most of the time. Now I can eat garlic seasoning and small amounts of cooked garlic, which is such a relief as it adds so much flavor to things and while I miss my onion in cooking/eating, I was a much bigger fan of garlic. When I do have reactions to eating something I'm sensitive to, I just take an extra 800mg dose of this about an hour after eating if I notice some reaction.
5.0 - Allergy Sufferers Take Note
For allergies this stuff is the best. Been taking this for over 18 years and it helps every allergy season. Watch your diet and dairy intake and you too can be on the road to success to naturally overcome your allergies. Much-much better than allergy medicines!
5.0 - I'm happy with this product because I think it works
This really works for my allergies naturally. I take 2 a day. It says 3 a day or more but it depends on I think your weight and body mass. I'm short with smaller body mass so I don't think I need to take the maximum dose. I'm happy with this product because I think it works.
4.0 - Helps with my allergies
I found somewhere that quercetin helped with allergies so I decided to try it. I have horrible allergies and quercetin does not replace my antihistamines, but does give them a boost. I have less symptoms and those I do have they are not as bad.

2. NOW Quercetin with Bromelain,120 Veg Capsules

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4.0 - Better than Claritin, but more subtle
I like it, it's not magic, but I can tell it is working. I think Dr. Sebi products are better but this one I believe is helping me battle the war on allergies. Where I live is pretty bad regarding all the mold, caterpillars, pollen and feral cats everywhere. This product does clean me out (allergies start in your gut) and does help me cope. I will continue using it, because it's better than popping an allergy pill.
5.0 - Allergy aid
Our daughter introduced us to Quercetin for allergies.
5.0 - Great for seasonal allergies
Great for allergies. My mom took two and said she felt better within hours. But since she has high blood pressure she cannot take them. Wish Dr's used natural remedies instead of chemicals that they can make money off of. Sad :/
5.0 - quercetin
I got this because my doctor suggested it for my allergies. I have been taking it for a few months. I really wasn't thinking it was working so I stopped taking it. Well within a day my allergies got so much worse than what they were.I could not breathe. I quickly purchased more and started taking again and now I am alittle better. So these do not take my allergies away. I still have a very congested nose. They just seem to take the edge off. I am worse when I am not taking them. I will continue to use them
5.0 - Five Stars
This is wonderful for allergies! Now is an excellent brand for quality and price.
5.0 - Works great on my dog!
They call this nature’s Benadryl. I have been using this for my Labrador who has severe seasonal allergies. (grass/pollen etc) If I don't keep on it my dog gets very itchy, red skin, paw biting, and all that good stuff. The vet has me wash him with medicated shampoo and when it gets real bad he has to take prednisone (steroids).
5.0 - Five Stars
Really helps with my seasonal allergies. Does not eliminate symptoms but makes them manageable.
4.0 - Four Stars
Helps with my allergies.
5.0 - purchased from Vitamin Giant
I originally purchased one bottle of this from Vitamin Giant - they were very accommodating by sending me a 2nd bottle when I desperately needed it! This product is awesome for allergies & asthmatic issues - you will not be disappointed! I don't have to use an atomizer as long as I have this on hand. Thank you! R. Thomas Escondido, CA
5.0 - Sinus issue, making a difference
I suffer from allergies and this with the stinging nettle has made all the difference. I do not have the headaches I usually get from the sinus pressure.
5.0 - No more allergies and great for Prostate health
It really works. No more allergies and great for Prostate health.
5.0 - More effective than Benedryl.
Helped my dog with his allergies.
5.0 - Wonderful natural product for allergies
Wonderful natural product for allergies. I have acquired from being bitten by red ants too much histamine in my body. This helps with the burny itch.
5.0 - Five Stars
Really does help with Allergies and Inflammation in my sinuses! Will buy again
4.0 - Not very potent but good price.
Quercetin was recommended to me by a friend (in medication research field) about 3 years ago to help with my allergies. It helps me so much by drying up my nasal and sinus passages, this almost like natural remedy replacing Sudafed.
5.0 - Effective Homeopathic Relief for Allergy/Sinus Sufferers
Have had bad allergies and chronic sinus problems for 12 years. I tried this because I was sick and tired of spending $60/mo for claritin-d. So I asked a lady whom I knew was homeopathic and said she's been taking it for a few years. Best recommendation ever! No adverse side effects, reasonably priced. I reccomend this to everyone I know that has these problems.
5.0 - Helps with allergies
This product was recommended to help with allergies and so far I have not been disappointed. Usually by this time I am flu like sick with allergies. Although I am still stuffy at times and sneezing I am not laid up sick.
5.0 - In place of allergy medicine
My husband used this to help with his allergies. He took this in place of allergy medicine for about a month. While it didn't help as much allergy medicine it did help.
4.0 - Not sure if this is working for my allergies. ...
Not sure if this is working for my allergies. I seem to be having a very difficult Spring allergy wise.
5.0 - Seems to be working
I have problems with my allergies but when i tank this product I fill better and also strange thing is my joints and bones ache less
5.0 - it really does make a difference
I thought this was OK and might be helping with my allergies a bit until I had to stop it for a while before surgery. That's when I found out just how much it really was working-far more than and I had realized and I couldn't wait to get back on it!
5.0 - Great for allergies!
Due to some health issues I have with my leaky gut and adrenal glands, I've got HORRIBLE allergies. The kind that never ease up. I've got multiple chemical sensitivities, as well. While I'm working on detoxing my body/liver, I wanted to find something natural I could take for my allergies. I've been using a lot of Benedryl and that probably isn't helping my liver detox in any way.
5.0 - Allergy booster
Have been taking quercetin to help combat allergies for over a decade. This has been a life saver during those difficult months in the fall/winter. Wish this was around when I was a kid!
5.0 - Excellent for allergies - fast and powerful.
This product works spectacularly well for stopping seasonal allergies, even after an attack has started. First sneeze and I reach for quercetin with bromelain and it stops it in its tracks. No more benadryl and it's nasty drowsy side effects and mind fog for me.
5.0 - great for congestion and digestion!
I have asthma, allergies, eczema, take albuterol, singulair, alive and zyrtec each day to be comfortable in the climate here in oklahoma and get sinus infections frequently so I did a lot of reading and have tried a lot of things over the years and 2 weeks in i am loving this product. I picked it up at my local sunflower market. Give it a try if you have any of the above problems or digestion problems.
5.0 - Great for dogs allergies
After much research on stuff to help doggie allergies, this has been a huge blessing. This is the first year since we've had her (she's 12, we've had her for 8 years), that her allergies haven't made her absolutely miserable. No massive itching/subsequent skin infections or ear issues. Highly recommend.
5.0 - It Works!
I LOVE, LOVE this!! I stay away from pharmacy allergy pills as much as possible--I have found that this is the next best thing. It's not perfect and doesn't work exactly like Claritin (or the like) but it definitely helps w/ my seasonal allergies--and I don't feel bad/sick for putting it into my body.
5.0 - anti inflammatory…my perfect go to for seasonal allergies
Natural histamine, anti inflammatory…my perfect go to for seasonal allergies. What I love most is that once my body is regulated (no symptoms) I stop taking and can often go for months without.
5.0 - Dog's Allergies
I use this in my dog's food to help her stop scratching from allergies. This has worked wonders, thank you!
4.0 - It's a natural antihistamine....
This could be in my head, but I think it's works as a natural antihistamine. I take a Benedryl at night b/c of allergies so I can get a good night's sleep. I take a Quercetin in the morning.
5.0 - Hay Fever, allergies and Sinus problems cured
My wife had severe hay fever like allergy symptoms, she was so bad that she could not breathe. She insisted that I get her the allergy shot to help her. I researched and found about this product. I asked her to take 3 tablets every 7 to 8 hours. And guess what, with no Claritin, no allergy shots and only now quercetin(with bromelain)helped her symptoms disappear in 36 hours. It has been a month now and allergies are a thing of past.
5.0 - This stuff is great. Has helped my allergies and improved my breathing
This stuff is great . Has helped my allergies and improved my breathing. It is the cornerstone of my supplements from now on.
5.0 - Five Stars
Love this brand. We take this to help with our allergies, we think it works for us.
4.0 - Great product
I use this vitamin supplement along with stinging nettle tea and a netti pot and I my seasonal allergies are nearly non existent. I definitely beats using prescription medication.
5.0 - Not sure about Quercentin
I really like the Now brand and thought I'd give their Quercetin a try for allergies. Quercetin makes me bloat like a balloon so I use it sparingly.
5.0 - I take it in the morning and before I go to bed and I wake up a little better.
This helps my allergies. I take it in the morning and before I go to bed and I wake up a little better.
5.0 - Good value, pleased with how it handles my allergies
Good value, handles my allergies well.
5.0 - I can't live without it!!
I have many allergies and I am able to keep them under control with a daily dose of Quercetin. Works better than Allegra, Zyrtec and other antihistamines. You will need to regulate dosage as needed.
5.0 - quercetin
We love to use this during allergy season to help keep allergies down. Also good for digestion.
5.0 - Great product. My husband suffers from seasonal allergies
Great product. My husband suffers from seasonal allergies, and takes an Advil Cold and Sinus every day. He has since been able to stop the advil and just takes 2-3 of these each day.
5.0 - Quercetin - My only prescription for asthma and allergies!
I am a lifelong asthma & allergy sufferer and have never known what it was like to be able to take a deep full breath until this year. I battled constant wheeziness, breathlessness and seasonal allergies, even on meds. I have been symptom free since the first week I started taking it in June 2010. I take it in combo with bromelain, which aid in it's digestion. I've completely gone off asthma meds which I had been taking for many years. The meds were making me feel 80 when I'm not even 40. :-( I feel like a new person and I cannot say enough about this supplement. I have also been replacing dairy milk with almond milk since June and have more recently (2 weeks ago) stopped eating meat. I believe the diet changes partnered with the supplement is changing my life for the better. I have read that flax seed and tumeric are also very beneficial for asthmatics so I take those sometimes too. Good luck and don't stop until you find the right combination for you. I would have never believed I could reverse my asthma before, but I always prayed it would happen. I highly recommend the books, movie and other supplement I have linked with this review as they have helped lead me to this healing.
5.0 - Works great for allergies.
I trust NOW, so when I read that this product might help with allegies I decided to give it a shot. It completely drove my allergies away, however it also made me feel like what a meth user might feel like after a hit. Medications and herbal supplements often have a weird effect on me so my response to the product doesn't surprise me. Bummed that the side effects (for me) mean I can't take this, but I'm giving it 5 stars because for the first time in a long time I was completely allergy free. Can't blame NOW for my weird body chemistry.
5.0 - Five Stars
Best stuff to take to help with allergies
5.0 - Five Stars
Seems to be helping with my allergies
4.0 - Four Stars
Seem to help with allergies.
5.0 - Maybe it is just MY elixor for good health. Doesn't hurt to try if you were ...
There isn't a product on the planet that has helped me overall as much as Quercetin+Bromelain has. I am a firm believer! I have suffered from allergies, asthma, seasonal illness since well....forever but I started taking this product 3 or 4 years ago..100% change. I am the only one that seems to never get sick now. I went from being the one that gets EVERY COLD/bug to the one that never gets sick in the office. I am not saying it is a Superman elixor but for me I can't discount the benefits. I don't even take an allergy pill in the spring anymore as long as I am regularly taking my Quercetin+Bromelain. Maybe it is just MY elixor for good health. Doesn't hurt to try if you were in the same boat...
5.0 - Worked great for my dog with allergies!
I purchased this to treat my dog naturally for her allergies combined with fish oil and coconut oil. It has worked wonders. She had patchy hair on her hind quarters and now it grows healthy and evenly. She has stopped itching all over and chewing on her tail all the time as well. I will be keeping this in her diet. I just open a capsule and sprinkle its powder over one meal a day(I generally sprinkle the coconut oil over the same meal). She didn't like it at first but is now used to it and eats it up. I found this method easier than trying to force her to swallow it.
5.0 - No more allergies!
I love it, My allergies are so much better using this .
5.0 - Allergies
LIfe saver for allergies - natural and works.
4.0 - Bought this for Asthma/Allergy relief
I bought this for Asthma/Allergy relief, and while it definitely gets rid of allergies, it had little effect on my Asthma, I have to assume my Asthma must be caused by something else. Works great for allergies.
5.0 - Works!
I'm been taking this daily for about six months now. Except for a few really bad days, I've been able to completely stop taking Claritin/Zyrtec. I've suffered from mild indoor/outdoor allergies since a child and have taken either Claritin or Zyrtec more or less daily for years. Quercetin works as well and doesn't have any of the side-effects. I was sceptical before I tried this, but it really works. Happy to be free from my daily drugs!
5.0 - Excellent product.
Excellent product.....I ususally start taking this before allergy season . My allergies are very mild to non exsistant with the help of this product
5.0 - Five Stars
Seems to work to quell my dander/environmental allergies.
5.0 - Five Stars
This is great for allergies!
5.0 - LOVE
Lipstick this for my allergies! Works fantastic!
5.0 - This is the best natural supplement to use for allergies
This is the best natural supplement to use for allergies. I have had dust mite allergies my whole life, done the shots several times. Been on all kinds of medications. But when I started taking just 2 of these every morning I was able to give up all the medications within a few months. This is not a quick fix to take when having am allergy attack, stinging nettle works better for that. But if you give it time and take it every day then your body will build up an healthy immune system against allergies. I have taken this for over a year and have not had a sinus infection since. Never have my allergies been so tolerable.
5.0 - Happy wife.....Happy Life : )
My wife deals with allergies and has since she was a little girl. When I met and married her she always took sinus/allergy medicine ( walmart off brand along with others ) I have always hated her taking meds, but try convincing someone that is miserable without them that they shouldn't take 'em. If she didn't take it , me and the kids would make a special trip to get some because truth is " when she is happy, everybody is happy....... so off to get the meds we go. One day at a local health food store, they had free samples of this product. WOW, what a difference. However, since that time... we used other brands that took the edge off but didn't replace the meds, merely assisted them ( slight drop off of dosage). Recently we ordered this brand. It has been 2 full weeks and she has not taken ANY allergy/sinus meds and family still remains happy : ) Great product. I encourage the replacement of the pharmaceutical to the natural. This product does it. Takes a few days to get in the system but uphill from there.
4.0 - Works for allergies
Works pretty well at lessening my allergy symptoms and drying up my nasal passages.
5.0 - Allergy Relief
I have purchased this product several times, always good quality. I use these to relieve my allergies.
5.0 - Great stuff!
I suffer from sinus headaches & have found this stuff works! Take 1 in am & 1 in pm. Keeps the headaches away. I've tried twice not taking it & by bedtime the headaches are back. It's helped my dog with her allergies as well! Great stuff!
5.0 - Helped me get rid of allergies and sinus issues
This has helped me tremendously with my allergies which were mild but year-around. It also helped heal my sinuses (I used to get at least two sinus infections per year due to my allergies). I also supplement with Vitamin D (1000 IU) and take vitamin C. It has worked wonders for me. I hardly ever take allergy medicine now. Great natural remedy.
5.0 - This really works for my husband. He had sore ...
This really works for my husband. He had sore throat and coughing due to allergies. The cough caused him to not able to sleep at night. He tried Nyquil to knock him out at night but the next morning he was so miserable. He also tried Zytec but it caused him to be so drownsy. After I had him tried this, just one pill, he felt a difference. He took only one pill at night and now he is allergy free. Now, I am giving this to my 9 year old to try it since he is starting to have allergy symptoms.
5.0 - Good for seasonal allergies
Helps me effectively deal with my seasonal allergies, as long as I don't shove a bunch of fresh cut flowers in my face.
5.0 - Five Stars
Excellent for allergies and inflammation.
5.0 - powerful!! works for allergies!!!
i live in southern california and have terrible allergies when the citrus tress are in full bloom. i was told about using this and nettle. i was slightly skeptical after years of only being able to get relief from prescription nasonex. WOW!!! what a shock- this stufff is incredible. works great. i take several dosages throughout the day for maximum relief. highly recommend.
4.0 - Can't Give it a bad Review
It didn't work for me but I can't get it a bad review because it may have just been that I let my allergies get too bad before I started it. Once I'm well I will try again because I do know people that it worked for.
4.0 - So far so good, my wife has been using this to help ...
So far so good, my wife has been using this to help with her allergies and it seems to work for now
5.0 - Great for allergies, at a great price.
I've used Quercetin (along with Nettles) for 15 years to combat springtime allergies. I start them Feb 1 and by the time the pollen is out in March, I'm not suffering typical symptoms. I continue using them through Spring without hardly any symptoms. Now Quercetin is a good product and usually the best price.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great for allergies and hair growth!! It also seems to be tightening my skin/arms/thighs.
4.0 - Quercetin W/Bromelain
I use it year round for allergies. I find it works about the same as another brand I also use. I buy the one I find is cheapest at the time. I also like the free shipping.
5.0 - Excellent for allergies
This has helped with allergies that cause me to cough frequently during autumn.
5.0 - Worked great for me
Worked great for me. I was suffering from seasonal allergies, including a persistent cough and wheezing, symptoms I hadn't suffered from before. Within 2 days of starting this my cough was much better, and the wheezing reduced to a minimum. I would recommend these to anyone looking for an alternative to OTC allergy pills. These do not bother my digestion at all, and I've noticed no side effects.
5.0 - Good for seasonal allergies
Very good combined with Bromaline. Helps with allergies and inflammation.
5.0 - Excellent for
We can't live without this stuff!!! Excellent for allergies
5.0 - Great Quality
I have been using Now products for many years and am impressed by their quality. I have been using this brand of quercetin for several years and have always been pleased by this product. I have allergies to fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts, as well as environmental allergies of all sorts. Taking these supplements have helped my allergic reactions almost completely disappear. I really trust this company!
5.0 - This is what having open nasal passages feels like!
I have horrible allergies of every sort, and taking this particular formulation of Quercitin and Bromelain has been life-changing. It is a slightly larger dosage, and that seems to really have made the difference for me. For the first time, I can actually breathe through my nose without having to take a decongestant! It also helps significantly with hives and other allergic reactions caused by mast cell activation. Since I have added this to my daily supplements, I have had a notable decrease in histamine induced reactions and their intensity!
5.0 - Price is great - and the product really works
I buy these all summer long for my allergies. I take them with my regular allergy pill when my allergies are unbearable. I can tell when I don't take them. Price is great - and the product really works! I highly recommend them.
5.0 - Allergy herb
I have been taking this product since late spring and there seemed to be a little difference in my allergies although not much. I wish I found this product earlier. Looking forward to the next spring to see the real difference. I have pretty bad allergies every spring.
5.0 - which is great, as I'm a avid cyclist
I've used this Quercetin combined with 100mg of Vitamin C to help with my allergies. I take 2 Quercetin in the AM, along with a 1000mg Vitamin C. Cheaper than over the counter medicines, and works just as well for me. If I'm really having issues, I'll take 3 Quercetin instead, and repeat the dosage in the evening.
5.0 - Quercetin Bromelain -great for allergies!
Originally bought QB to help with my daughter's inflammation, which it addressed quickly. This time I needed something to stop drainage/post nasal drip. Quercetin Bromelain stops this quickly, calming the mucus membrains as well. It's usually very difficult sleeping at night when my allergies trigger infections or that lousy feeling you get when a virus hits on top of the allergy issue (especially when people around you are shedding after flu shots). Quercetin calms it all down giving me easier function and recovery! Highly recommend the Quercetin Bromelain vegan capsules as I've gotten faster relief than when using the tablets. This supplement completely delivers!
5.0 - Thank You Now Foods!!!
I work at a library and I'm not the only employee that's constantly sniffling. We're not sure if it's the dust from the books or something else, but many of us seem to have mild dust allergies. Kleenex are gone through like water. I don't have any other type of allergy except when I'm at the library. I've been taking this stuff for a week and no more sniffling!!
5.0 - Knocks my allergies out cold.
Have had allergy problems for decades. Most, if not all the big pharma stuff has been found to cause pretty bad side affects. Didn't expect much with this stuff but was very happily surprised. I can actually spend hours weed wacking and now I don't spend the next 2 days sneezing. Absolutely wonderful product.
5.0 - Drainage
I'm on my first week of taking these and within the first 2 days I've experienced nasal drainage which is something of a mystery to me because I suffer from chronic allergies from animals house dust and a deviated septum. My whole life I've had closed nasal passages, swollen cheeks, constant pressure in my ears, black bags under my eyes from my swollen sinuses & this product really works I can't even believe it MY NOSE IS DRAINING I have never been more satisfied with a purchase in my whole life. If it wasn't for the reviews of this product and being so sick of not being able to be breathe properly out of my nose and searching sinus in the Amazon search bar I would've never found out about this miracle pill which is why I'm writing this.
5.0 - Helped a lot
This really helped me with my allergies. I use it along with Allergena for my zone.
5.0 - Five Stars
This has helped with my allergies very much, I will order again.
5.0 - I'm a believer!!
I started taking Quercetin with Bromelain last October hoping to build up my immune system and help my allergies. I am proud to say that for the first time in many years I have not had to make a trip to the doctor this Spring with my sinuses and ears. I normally develop a hacking cough that does not want to go away for weeks once the pollen season kicks into gear and I have had none of that. It may just be a conincidence, but I'm a believer and will be taking this stuff for a long time to come.
4.0 - Great for allergies
Great to reduce hives from food allergies.Even better when taken with
5.0 - Great for seasonal allergies and no side effects since they ...
Great for seasonal allergies and no side effects since they are natural. Better than over the counter stuff. Take with vitamin C for more power.
5.0 - Great for hives!!!
Purchased these capsules to help with my extreme case of hives that have subsided ever since I started taking NOW quercetin. When I run out and stop taking them that's when the hives come back- so I have to order these on auto-ship these work very well with NOW L-Glutamine. I carry these capsules and a bottle of water in my purse- I take it right 20minutes before I eat to reduce risk of hives, and/or at the onset of allergic reaction... Hives subside and go away completely. This product is great for healing the gut- which is where all disease/ailment/allergies start from. Cheers to gut healing! Great product! Awesome price!
4.0 - Spring allergies help
Got this to help with seasonal allergies and sinus issues. So far I get a good effect. Will hope it helps when the real challenge comes-Spring in TN.
5.0 - Great Supplement for Seasonal Allergies for Dogs
My bloodhound is plagued with seasonal allergies during the spring, summer, and early fall months. He has been seeing a holistic vet for acupuncture and she recommended Quercetin with Bromelain. It took about two weeks for there to be a positive impact, but so far he is symptom rash and no itchy, bloody paws. By this time, he is usually miserable.
5.0 - Help with histamine
I have a high histamine level, so I react significantly when it comes to bites or stings of fire ants, mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks, etc. A friend had mentioned that quercetin helped with her allergies, so I decided to give it a try. I was impressed with the results. It has helped take the edge off the bites. I have recommended this to my daughter who struggles with allergies.
5.0 - Life Saver for Allergy Sufferers!
I have suffered from seasonal allergies all of my life. It used to be that I would end up with a sinus infection, then bronchitis twice a year. I have been taking this for the past few years, along with D3, and have been able to dodge those bullets ever since. Sure, I will get a small allergy issue here and there when the weather gets really dry or when the pollen is high, but nothing like before. Highly recommend! ..and this product is the best!
5.0 - Works pretty well
While it doesn't completely clear my allergies, it does prevent the major 'allergy attacks' I sometimes get
5.0 - Highly recommended!
I have used this supplement consistently for two years now and it has made a big difference with my seasonal allergies. I also tended to get very red or develop a rash when I exercised in cold weather, and that has almost gone away completely after taking this. All in all this seems to have helped lessen the inflammation in my body more noticeably than any of the diet changes I tried in the past.
5.0 - Good for allergies.
Great to deal with allergies.
5.0 - Five Stars
My daughter has horrible seasonal allergies and this really helps.
4.0 - My mom is so happy to get relief from her misery that she would ...
My mom has had allergies for the past 40 years that cause ear canal itchiness. She has been using cortisone topical ointment inside her ears for so many years that the skin has significantly thinned. Most typical antihistamines (benadryl, zyrtec, claritin, etc) don't help. She read about Quercetin with bromelain in book and for the first time, she has relief from her allergies. She initially took a high dose (3 capsules twice a day) but as her symptoms disappeared, she is now on a lower maintenance dose of 1 capsule twice a day. My mom is so happy to get relief from her misery that she would rate this as 10 stars.
5.0 - Five Stars
These are helping me with my allergies and reaction to chemical.s
4.0 - I'm very bad with consistency when it comes to pills
I noticed a decrease in my allergies while using this; however, I did have to take about 6/day for a few weeks before reaping the benefits. I'm sure I would have been able to get it down to a maintenance dose after awhile but did not allow myself to get to that point. I'm very bad with consistency when it comes to pills, even when I do acknowledge the benefits. If you're not like me, you will likely see an improvement within a couple of weeks and be able to maintain it. I am considering repurchasing.
5.0 - Five Stars
Seems to be very helpful for my allergies this time of year.
4.0 - Four Stars
I take it for allergies. It does help, especially when taking Mukta Vati.
4.0 - This helped some but I found more success with Nettle Leaf I know it may work better for others
I have used this as well as Nettle Leaf as an alternative for treating allergies, as none of the OTC stuff helps me. This helped some but I found more success with Nettle Leaf 
4.0 - This stuff is amazing! Now our whole family takes these for allergies
I was skeptical, but decided to try it in hopes of keeping my dog off allergy drugs. This stuff is amazing! Now our whole family takes these for allergies, both human and canine. If they didn't have Magnesium Stearate in them I would have given 5 stars.
5.0 - My Cat Is Much Happier!
So I ordered this for my cat who has Spring allergies. She was scratching so badly that she would rip off her hair and sometimes down to the skin. Vet Doc only gave her some allergy medicine that made her worse, so I started to do some research. I found that cats and dogs can take Quercetin because it is an all natural allergy medicine which will not hurt cats or dogs as well as humans. Several articles I found also said that Bromelain helps with the absorption of the Quercitine, so they recommend getting one with both. I took a chance after seeing her suffer for so long and now I am happy I did. My cat not only stopped ripping her hair out, she is much happier. She now comes up to us for love like she usually does when it is not allergy season. Her hair has started growing back and she now plays around like crazy. If you have a cat with allergies, I do recommend you use this, it worked for us. Just in case anyone is curious, the recommended dose is done by multiplying the cats weight by 1000mg then divide that by 125 this will give you the daily dosage. Divide the daily dosage by 2 to get 2 doses (1 dose in wet breakfast food, and 1 dose in wet dinner food). For example, my cat weighs 7 pounds (7*1000=7000/125=56 daily dosage 56/2= 28mg twice a day). Caution, always consult a vet when giving any meds to animals.
5.0 - One of the best supplements someone can add to their daily regime.
This stuff is a very cost effective lifesaver if you have seasonal/spring pollen allergies. I take 2 of these in substitute of the Quercetin half of the Allergy ReLeaf products 
4.0 - So far so good
Dealing with migraines for most of my life...I understand they're inherited from my mom's side but they flare with hormone changes & environmental allergies
5.0 - So far, so good!
Both my dog and I take it for allergies. Allergy tablets haven't worked for either of us and time will tell how these work out.
5.0 - This brand was every bit as good as the higher priced brands I previously ordered
This brand was every bit as good as the higher priced brands I previously ordered. I am ordering again to day to help with my nasal allergies.
5.0 - This stuff really helps and I can't be without it ...
This stuff really helps and I can't be without it! It helps with allergies in allergy season and it also helps to minimize my allergies (sensitivities) to foods that bother me.
5.0 - Great product!
Great product for the relief of allergies and sinus issues. Works well and naturally without side effects. Would reccommend this product!
5.0 - miracle in a bottle
living in new braunfels tx my allergies were so bad we moved but i still had sinus problems. my nose never stop running no energy within two weeks of taking this product i feel like a new person. i have spent thousands of dollars on doctors and pills with no results. i will never stop taking these. thanks for giving me my life back.

3. Solgar Quercetin Complex with Ester-C® Plus, Unique Synergistic Formulat Immune Health Support, 100 Vegetable Capsules

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5.0 - Great benefits.
In the last few years I started having horrible allergies;pollen, grass, dust, you name it... I have always had a post nasal drip problem but it got really bad, where for the first half of the day all I did was clearing my throat until I couldn't talk anymore. Very irritating. I also had mild headaches, from sinus issues. All in all, I knew I needed to do something. I prefer natural ways over drugs to help my body so after some research I stumbled upon Quercetin . I knew you find it in red wine and other items, but even thought I eat pretty healthy I would never get the amount needed for a great boost.
5.0 - They worked really well to help me with my allergies ...
They worked really well to help me with my allergies, which is what I bought it for. I will definitely continue purchasing.
5.0 - No more breakthrough allergy symptoms!
Even though I still take conventional allergy medicine, this quercetin keeps my allergies from breaking through. I've always had severe headaches, earaches and toothaches because of allergies. This makes it so I don't have them. Very pleased.
5.0 - A student -- who now owns a GNC -- recommended this exact formula to me about 5 years ago ...
This stuff has cured half my allergies. A student -- who now owns a GNC -- recommended this exact formula to me about 5 years ago and I've been taking it every day since -- except for the days I miss and notice.
5.0 - Nice blend
Quercetin is one of those supplements that don't give any type of instant energy boost but can still provide some beneficial impact over the long haul. I've been taking quercetin by a different brand for about five part because of the claims that it has protective value to the heart and also for allergies. I noticed little to no impact so now I'm going to give this one a try and see how it goes. I like the vegetarian option and glass bottles for storage. I also like this blend/ normally I stay away from blended products because there is so much overlap it is hard to keep all the supplements straight but this has things like vitamin C etc that is water soluble so really not a problem. Does not seem to upset my stomach either.
5.0 - This supplement is recommended and used by the DC Shiba Inu Rescue Org ...
This supplement is recommended and used by the DC Shiba Inu Rescue Org for rescues - dogs with allergies, some of them quite severe with missing fur, bald, etc. My 12.5 yr old rescue from them gets 1 tablet daily, along with other supplements So far, so good.
4.0 - Quercetin, (together with saw palmetto and cranberry) cured my husband's prostatitis
Quercitin is a plant based substance known as a flavonoid. It is an anti inflammatory agent and an antihistamine. Many people take it for allergies. Here's our story: for years my husband suffered from periodic bouts of prostatitis. This is sometimes caused by bacteria, but often it is caused by a virus. My husband went to several internists and a urologist. All they did for him was prescribe every stronger antibiotics. Which did nothing. The prostatitis would nor resolve after the antibiotics. It would just take weeks or months to recede and always returned. I started reading online and came across three things that were said to help end and protect against prostatitis: cranberry extract, saw palmetto, and quercetin. We stocked up and he has been taking these three supplements consistently for the past few years. The prostatitis has pretty much stopped. It returned just once or twice and as soon as it did, he immediately doubled up on all three of the supplements, and the prostatitis ended. That's our experience. We will never be without these supplements. I like the Solgar brand for Quercetin and several other supplements and vitamins, because they use the highest quality ingredients and processes. If you're going to take supplements, which are not regulated, it seems to make sense to buy a brand that you can have confidence in.
5.0 - Five Stars
This product helped reduce seasonal allergies last year and I am using it again this year.
5.0 - Five Stars
clears allergies with no side effects!
4.0 - Possible Seasonal Allergy Support
My husband and I have been taking this supplement every day for a little over a week. He has taken daily Allegra for a long time because of severe environmental allergies. I deal with seasonal allergies myself. My husband really hasn't noticed a notable difference in how he feels. I'm not noticing anything dramatic either, but I haven't had a runny nose or cough—even during the weather change—which is great.
5.0 - Five Stars
Allergies a lot better when I take this product.
5.0 - Works well for my severe pollen allergies, still need ...
Works well for my severe pollen allergies, still need prescription meds, though. However, this formulations seems to provide whole-body relief of allergy symptoms, which is kind of difficult to define...well worth the price to help with allergic symptoms, Will buy again.
5.0 - Great product and will order again
This is a great product. As I get older, my allergies have been getting worse. Quercetin has helped intensely. My sinuses have cleared and headaches have reduced greatly. It has literally changed my life as I have spent many days unable to do anything because of how lousy I was feeling. I base the dosage upon how I'm feeling and if my allergies are really bad I also take an allergy pill. I highly recommend it. The product comes quickly and wrapped.. I love the fact that it's all natural and that there are no additives. I highly recommend this product.
5.0 - Highly recommended by dietitians
This is part of my daily supplement regime as recommended by a award winning nutritionist and my picky sister. It is especially helpful for allergies, which I have many. But more than that. Amazon has the best price I have found, sorry local stores! I was supposed to be taking allergy shots--but have found this helps me to go a different route. Not claiming that is the case for others.
5.0 - Wonderful alternative for Neuroprotek and cost effective
Excellent for allergies and Mast Cell disorders. I use daily and it has made a huge difference in my life. This product literally changed my life. Only once did a bottle arrive broken and I was refunded immediately. *I am not a Doctor so please consult yours before trying this and do your research. Just because it works for me , does not mean it will work for you.
5.0 - Five Stars
helps with allergies
5.0 - Much better than benedryl
This is the only supplement that keeps my allergies & sinuses under control. Much better than benedryl.
Before I begin a supplement (in this case for allergies), I do thorough research, not only to what might help me, abut about the ingredients of a particular supplement. I looked at about ten different brands and determined this one had the best form of vitamin C as well as an effective dose of quercetin. Quercetin helps prevent the bursting of mast cells which causes histamine release. YES, this duo helps prevent reactions to pollen in the spring and fall. The thing to remember is to take it about a MONTH before the pollen seasons begin to support your adrenal glands and help those mast cells defend the assaults. This is my brand. I occasionally do further research of allergies and other brands. This is the brand I have used for about five years with a great amount of confidence that this works! BEGIN EARLY and be consistent and you will have helped yourself out a lot if your eyes and nose go crazy with things like ragweed or tree or grass pollens! I should know......I had allergy shots for SIX years and THIS was the real answer!
5.0 - Holy cow if you have allergies you need this I ...
Holy cow if you have allergies you need this I take 4 every day and this stuff works you got nothing to loose but allergy symptoms I tell everyone about Quercertin
5.0 - Natural Allergy Remedy
I use this formula to combat my allergies without the use of chemicals and it works wonderfully!
5.0 - Nice Pills
Quercetin complex is very healthy for those with allergies. This is a good value because there are 100 pills which mean you get a nice 50 day supply. Suggested dose is 2 pills. I would try just one first to see if you tolerate some people get an upset stomach from Quercetin. The pills also include vitamin C which has great immune system boosting power. I am a regular Quercetin user, and the benefits are real and have helped me reduce my reliance on steroids, which have helped me lose weight and is better for my health.
5.0 - Great supplement
Excellent supplements. I take it during a year with one month break, and for the past five years never had any flu and major allergies.
5.0 - I'm SOLD on Quercetin Complex!!!
I am a 58 year old woman who began taking the required dose (4 capsules daily) of Quercetin Complex on December 22, 2015 because I have allergies and am susceptible to sinus problems, especially when the allergens are rampant. I have to say I am so pleasantly surprised that, not only does the Quercetin keep my allergies in check but this "cold and flu season" has not affected me AT ALL!!. Normally, my two co-workers will get several colds during this time of year and I usually catch at least one from them. Also, my sister who lives with me will get an occasional cold a few times per year and I will catch it from her. Well, my co-workers have had 2-3 colds since December and so has my sister and I have not been sick, not even once. I attribute it totally to the Quercetin Complex and am so glad that I saw an ad in a magazine about it and decided to give it a try. I'LL NEVER BE WITHOUT IT!!
5.0 - I was sneezing with a very bad nasal drip took two capsules and all of the ...
My son was having allergies symptoms with coughing. He suffers with asthma . He started to take the quercetin tabs and the coughing stopped. I was sneezing with a very bad nasal drip took two capsules and all of the symptoms disappeared.
5.0 - Love this
I bought this product to take in combination with Pycnogenol because I have severe allergies. I have gained a lot of weight since being on Zyrtec and I wanted off the antihistamines BAD! This complex in combination with the Pycnogenol (100mg) have been a god send for me. I have lost around 10lbs in the few weeks since I have stopped the Zyrtec and my drowsiness is improving. I also bought Lavi nasal spray to use daily as well. My only suggestion would be that if you are on Zyrtec in particular, that you wean off slowly as you start this product. I went off cold turkey and it was the worst experience ever because of the extreme itching that lasts around 10 days. I am very happy with this product and I have already reordered to make sure I don't run out. Good luck!
5.0 - Helps me!
I've been using various brands of quercetin for my seasonal allergies for a few years now (I want to say four but I haven't carefully kept track if I'm honest.) This brand works well and contains Ester C which I also like. I haven't done any scientific experiments on myself to get hard data about its efficacy but I can absolutely tell when I don't take it for a few days during allergy season because my symptoms worsen - even if it's a placebo effect I'll take it versus the horrible sneezing, watery eyes, and general feeling of malaise. I usually only take one a day but I increase to the full dosage on the package if needed.
5.0 - I stopped taking a drug for my allergies and was ...
I stopped taking a drug for my allergies and was searching for a substitute. Thus far I have been impressed with the results!!!
5.0 - I have to take two several times daily because my allergies are so bad but it helps
These really help my allergies. I would rather take these and cut down on the antihistamines. I have to take two several times daily because my allergies are so bad but it helps. I like the fact it is also a antioxidant.
5.0 - Allergy Relief
Since I started taking this daily years ago, I no longer have seasonal allergies. If you're an allergy sufferer, I highly recommend trying this product for a few months.
5.0 - Five Stars
I like this product for this allergies helps with headaches
5.0 - Five Stars
Good product. Helpful for allergies.
5.0 - One a day keeps the allergies at bay
Our dog was having trouble with allergies and bronchitis. Our vet recommended this brand of Quercetin and it has made a dramatic difference for our dog.
5.0 - Highly recommend. Mike Adams recommended this and it works
Highly recommend. Mike Adams recommended this and it works. My allergies are soo much better, and I have plenty of them.
5.0 - taking for allergies
I give this to my husband & daughter. I love that it has ester C in it as well. It is supposed to help with allergies. My husband struggles with them, so we'll see it helps once spring comes!
5.0 - Changed my life.
I absolutely love this product. Not sure how I lived without it for so long. Solgar is my favorite line of supplements and I can get this product at a local grocery store cheaper than anywhere else I've found. Over the last few years my seasonal allergies (which were already a problem) started becoming year 'round problem. My family, friends and clients would all comment on how horrible my allergies always were. People were seriously worried about me. I was at the point of looking into allergy shots when I stumbled upon an article about quercetin and thought, what the heck, it can't hurt. Not only did it not hurt but within 24 hours I noticed a positive difference. I took one pill in the morning and one at night and in 48 hours I had hardly a symptom of my rag weed allergies (the worst of my allergies). I couldn't believe it. Occasionally, I feel so good I forget that I have allergies and run out of the house without taking my pill. If I miss one day, I'm ok. If I miss a few in a row, my allergies start coming back. If they're really bad, I take 2 at the same time and within an hour I'm good to go, again. I make sure to take one before bed so I can sleep well and wake up without sneezing or coughing. If you're suffering from allergies and considering this product, I highly encourage you to TRY IT!! It may change your life. It changed mine!
5.0 - Helps nip colds, allergies, and sinus infections in the bud
Quercetin should be taken with bromelain for absorption, and the Solgar blend contains both. (Note that the Now brand does contain more bromelain, though.) As well, this complex contains about 800% of your daily vitamin C (which the Now brand does not). We take quercitin not daily but when we are suffering from colds or allergies. It really helps with congestion but with no side effects, like drowsiness. Whether I'm using this brand or Now, I can easily cut the capsules open and mix the contents with applesauce for my daughter, who doesn't swallow pills (this is your standard-size capsule, so kind of large). This must have a pretty mild taste in the applesauce because she doesn't complain. It seems to get her back on her feet after a cold more quickly than her peers.
5.0 - Relief from seasonal allergies
I read something about using quercetin and dried nettle leaf as a "cure" for seasonal allergies. I used my 19-year-old son as a guinea pig and tried this out. He had just arrived home from college in the spring and the constant sniffing was driving me NUTS. I love him, I really do but the sniffing is unbearable. Also, he's had this his whole life and I've asked people with allergies and they all say the same thing--there is no cure. They get shots and still sneeze, they take pills which make them drowsy and still have a runny nose. I bought the nettle leaf from an online herb company and brewed it just like tea and he drank that and took two of the quercetin complex capsules (recommended dose) every day. I'm no herbalist or woo-woo new age medicine woman but WTH!? It worked. Like, really worked. He cut lawns, played basketball, spent days at the park playing football with his buddies and no symptoms! Anyway, for what it's worth, there are a lot of quercetin capsules on Amazon and I sort of chose this one at random but I would def recommend. CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. Natch.
5.0 - These work very well for allergies
This is awesome stuff. Really helps with allergies.
5.0 - Amazing Immune Booster!
Great for preventing sickness, shortening your sickness, and helps with allergies too! I take this almost every day and it’s been years since I’ve had anything more than a minor sniffle.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great for allergies.
5.0 - Pollen Season
Great for allergies.
5.0 - Five Stars
This helped alot with my allergies.
5.0 - Five Stars
have been taking this for over 1 year now. it really helps with allergies. no more antihistamines for me.
5.0 - Good product
I use this for seasonal allergies (sneezing.) It works after 1 day of taking it. (I take 2 each time, twice a day, following the direction.) On the bad day, I take 1 more time during the day. It totally works well.
5.0 - Anti-histamine substitute
My doctor recommended i purchase the Solgar Quercetin Complex. Due to contracting Alpha-Gal and my inability to have any mammal products (they are so so prevalent in almost everything). I take it once daily at bedtime. Great coverage. Really lessens seasonal allergies too.
5.0 - and have recommended it to others
Really helps to tone down the allergies. Have been using it for over 3 years, and have recommended it to others. It really works! You have to take it for a few weeks before you may notice a decrease in your allergy symptoms
5.0 - Great product, I take this 3x per day to help manage my allergies
Great product, exactly as described. I'm going on my 3rd bottle, I use this to control my allergies instead of taking allergy meds, which don't agree with me. I take 1 capsule 3x per day: when I get up in the morning, around 2 or 3 p.m. (when I remember) & right before I go to bed. This is doing a great job for me.
5.0 - Works great for allergies!
Fantastic!! Kicks my husband's allergies! He hasn't had an allergy problem (usually hay fever) since we have had these. We will ALWAYS make sure we have them in hand. He only takes them when he feels like a reaction is starting and feels great in a few hours.
5.0 - Allergy sufferer
I've been using this product for some time, as am well pleased with how it helps with my allergies. Also, can't beat the price.
5.0 - Great for seasonal allergies...
I take this on an empty stomach for my seasonal allergies.... IT WORKS!!!
5.0 - A+
Repeat customer! These are great natural enzymes and fantastic for my allergies.
4.0 - Great brand... I have many allergies and this brand is excellent for people like me!
An excellent product. Prescribed by my doctor!
5.0 - Very effective.
Excellent product. Very effective for controlling allergies. I take 3 capsules in the morning and the effects seem to last the rest of the day. Controls post nasal drip and watery eyes without drying me out.
5.0 - Allergy relief
Seems to help my dust allergies. I can breathe better-less stuffy/runny nose.
5.0 - and when pills gone perfect glass jar to reuse
I just got today. Wow. 😀Fast shipping, safely packed, and when pills gone perfect glass jar to reuse. I suffer severly from outdoor, seasonal allergies, have extreme dry eye condition, digestive issues, and my eyes swell allot underneath. Upon receiving today i took recommended dose for the day. Omg where has this been for years. I feel 100 percent better already. I. Will for sure be taking these. Highly recommended from me. Thanks for making such a perfect product.
5.0 - Allergy, sinus and digestive relief
Great item to support allergies and sinus. And helpful for calming the digestive track.
5.0 - Works better than Pharmaceuticals and in more ways than expected
Over the past year-and-a-half I've become a complete and total hippie, partially because of severe allergies including food allergies that started last New Year's with anaphylaxis. I don't take any pills of any kind, except of course antibiotics when needed and other generally necessary things like pain medicine after my wisdom teeth. My boyfriend thinks I'm insane, or at least stubborn, but I look and feel amazing on the Autoimmune Paleo Diet. I'll tell you this stuff works all the time but sometimes I'll forget a dose and I won't even notice. I'm not sure if it's because it's has transition to Summer and is no longer early spring, but sometimes I'll skip 24 hours of these pills, walk out into my yard and not have any allergies. I attribute this to the reduction of inflammation through diet and lifestyle, I have learned to calm down a lot and not be so resistant.
5.0 - I love this. I have spring allergies and fall
I love this. I have spring allergies and fall. If I take this all year long, I am much better and my sinuses are also better
5.0 - Five Stars
It helps my allergies
5.0 - No complaints
My husband takes these for his allergies. They help and he has been taking them for years.
5.0 - This stuff is awesome!!
This stuff is awesome!!! I am allergic to grass pollen. Yesterday I mowed our 2 acre yard and this is all I took for my allergies. Normally I take two in the morning and two more in the afternoon if I feel I need it. I've been using this brand for years and it is way better then Zyrtec.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great for anyone with allergies
5.0 - Five Stars
helped my allergies

4. Eclectic Institution Nettles - Quercetin 90 Caps

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5.0 - Five Stars
Amazing stuff for allergies, from grass to food.
5.0 - Springtime Allergy Free Now
This will be my third year using this product, I swear by it. My acupuncturist told me about it when I experienced springtime allergies after I moved to the Sierras. I start it mid January and take it until June. It has worked wonders with all those awful allergy symptoms, runny nose, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, coughing and sneezing. I was free of all that taking my quercetin once a day. I experienced no side effects that always bothered me with allergy meds.
5.0 - I have terrible allergies. Itchy throat
Works really well! I have terrible allergies. Itchy throat, eyes, skin, runny nose..the works! The trick is to take 2 as soon as I wake up. If my allergies start later in the day I just take one more immediately. I've tried every natural allergy possible so glad this one works.
5.0 - Great for alergies!
I have really bad allergies during the spring and summer time and was looking for an alternative to typical allergy drugs. This is a great natural product. I take two a day and now I hardly sneeze, maybe three times a day at most. Before I would sneeze constantly throughout the day and my eyes would be itchy and I would have to blow my nose all the time. I take this product along with local honey and my allergies are almost completely gone. Overall, I'm so happy for the result of taking these Nettle-Quercetin caps and bought them based off the Amazon reviews alone.
5.0 - great for allergies
excellent combination feelbetter after 3 days im a smoker and altho ive got back a lot I still induge this nettle remedy alleviates that heaviness in my chest and helps my sinuses tremendously ive already got my daughter taking it shes bothered by allergies and the price allows me to keep buying it im very happy with this product
5.0 - Allergies suffering is virtually gone!
My husband has severe springtime allergies. I was reading online about using herbs to help with allergies and convinced him to try this nettle and quercetin combination. It has worked wonders for him! Last year was the first time that he tried this, and we were both astounded by how few allergy symptoms he experienced compared to his usual suffering! Once again he is experiencing a tremendous amount of relief of allergy symptoms during this allergy season. He has begun taking them at the beginning of April through mid-June. Typically mid to late May are the worst times for him here in Pennsylvania. He has occasional days when he has cut the grass or spent an entire day outdoors that his allergies will flare up, but then he returns to normal within a day. He no longer uses other pharmaceuticals to treat his allergies--just these herbal capsules. His allergy suffering is virtually gone!
5.0 - Nettle-Quercetin
this helps with my allergies and my husbands hay fever!
5.0 - Five Stars
Good for allergies
5.0 - This has saved me
This works wonders. I suffer from seasonal allergies and it has changed my life.
5.0 - Spring Times Allergies...Under Control!
After using all of the "big named" allergy products, "you know the ones that I speak of". This product was the only thing that helped my daughter with severe spring allergies. So it's now a kept on hand at all times.
5.0 - Amazing allergy help!
FANTASTIC stuff. I have been struggling with allergies for years: not typical seasonal allergy stuff but more the frustrating, undiagnosed allergic-to-something stuff. When I consistently take this it helps immensely. I carry some with me in my purse so that if I feel that little hint of yuck, I can pull it out and take it immediately. While I believe this helps, I definitely benefit more from taking it consistently so it builds up in my body and that external junk can't get in and get a foothold before I address it. This particular brand was recommended to me by a friend who had also benefitted from it. While stinging nettle (and of course the quercetin) is helpful, this particular brand contains freeze-dried stinging nettle so it's more pure and potent than the brands with the more processed nettle. If you're looking for natural allergy remedies, I HIGHLY recommend that you get this and take it regularly to see if you have improvement like I have! Good luck!
5.0 - Good item.
This really helps my son during allergy season. The first summer that he went to camp, he came back hoarse from allergies. Since then, I have had him taking this twice a day while in camp, and he says that his allergy symptoms are under much better control. It seems this works best to head off the allergy symptoms, rather than taking them once you're all stuffy.
5.0 - Five Stars
Works great for allergies!
5.0 - Best allergy medicine ever
This is the best allergy medicine we have ever found. It works fast and does not have side affects like over the counter stuff. This is our second yr using these. On really high pollen days my husband will take 2. It was recommended to me by someone else as well. I think anyone who suffers with allergies will find this or even just the nettles by this brand to be very good.
4.0 - Actually did help!
I have to say that I was surprised at the usefulness of this product in reducing my allergy symptoms. I generally took two capsules, three times a day. It was strange. I would take it, and it would feel like my allergies wanted to act up but they couldn't. Hard to explain. It primarily reduced my sneezing, itchy nose, mouth, and throat. It did not do a lot for my itchy eyes. I cannot say it made me feel "allergy free" but it was useful. I live in the middle of fields and trees, so allergy products can only do so much for me I think.
5.0 - I have terrible hayfever and these have saved me this year
I have terrible hayfever and these have saved me this year! I take two capsules 3 times a day and my allergies are completely under control.
4.0 - Works to reduce allergies
I was advised by my doctor to try Nettle and Quercetin for my allergies. This is not a one pill wonder. It takes time to build up in your system and you need to take it everyday. I have been taking it for a year now and I do see a difference in it making my allergies lighter. Two other family members are also taking it, one with terrible allergies and it has clearly lessened the severity of her allergies over the last year. There are no known side effects. I do recommend this product.
5.0 - The best solution to seasonal allergies.
I used to have the worst allergies. I would often spend most of spring indoors and popping Zyrtec daily. Allergies were a part of my life since early childhood. I did some research and found out that drugs like Zyrtec were really not good for you, to say the least and decided to wean myself off of it. That was a 14 day nightmare of extreme withdrawal symptoms!
5.0 - Helps immensely with my seasonal allergies
This had made all the difference with my seasonal allergies. I take one first thing in the morning and another early afternoon, for a day's worth of relief.
5.0 - Teenager Son Requested another bottle for Seasonal Allergies STAT!!
This was suggested by my local CO-OP my 13yr old son has a terrible time with allergies. He uses Claritin and Flonase for itchy watery eyes, stuffy nose, sore, scratchy throat, coughing wheezing allergies.
5.0 - LOVE IT
AWESOME! HELPS WITH ALLERGIES AND INFLAMMATION. This is a brand known for their potency and reliability as well.
5.0 - works well
this product and brand are great quality. Works well on allergies - runny nose, sinus, watery eyes. works fast as well
5.0 - GREAT stuff for seasonal allergies!
I start taking it in March to prevent seasonal allergies. This stuff REALLY works. Been taking it for about 7 years.
5.0 - Works great for my 11 year old
Works great for my 11 year old....he has hayfever and crazy itcy eyes during spring. Usually I'm using every OTC antihistamine I can find, along with eye drops. This spring I tried this....2 pills in the a.m before school and he was great until school ended and then I'd give him another dose; he'd still use his eye drops at times however. But essentially this replaced the OTC drugs he took internally. I also read ginger tea helps with I'd boil some sliced ginger root and made a tea with honey (mixed with herbal Lemon tea) and gave it to him too, but just on the worst days of spring. Those 2 things together and we're more drugs. So happy.
5.0 - ... been a lifesaver for my 5year old with very bad seasonal allergies
This has been a lifesaver for my 5year old with very bad seasonal allergies. We tried all the OTCs and Rx the doctor recommended. Thy all made her more annoying and no less symptoms. 1-2 of these 3times a day made the sniffles, drippy nose, sneezing, watery eyes and head fog behavior disappear.
5.0 - Life saving
If it wasn't for this product I wouldn't be able to get through my day. My allergies are very bad and I had tried everything I could but wanted something with no side effects of drugs. I was skeptical but when I tried it for a month and then got off of it my allergies took over and made me sick. If I skip even a day without these capsules my allergies get so bad I get sick all over again. These are miracle. I still get a stuffy nose and allergy symptoms but if I didn't take these I would be ill all the time. Thank you for this miracle.
5.0 - Good quality
bought it for seasonal allergies--seems to help and I like that it is sourced organically in U.S.
5.0 - Threw away the Zyrtec after 20 years
For the first time in 20 years I can skip my Zyrtec allergy pills. While trying to reduce brain fog my research showed it was a contributing factor to fog. At first I had to take two a day and avoid dairy and eggs to avoid sinus allergies. Now evened out to one or two a day, more if needed. I am loving it! Thanks for a wonderful product.
4.0 - Nettle-Quercetin
Works really well. My husband takes it and had good relief of his allergy problems. He has to take at least 6 capsules but he says it works good. I also give it to my dog for his skin allergies.
5.0 - Helps with my allergies
I read up about natural cures from Dr. Andrew Weil, a great physician, blending traditional cures and the science of a Harvard MD. He recommends several things to naturally aid in the treatment of allergies. Nettle and Quercetin among them. I am in the process of trying this and it has been beneficial so far! He also recommends a HEPA air cleaner, which I purchased from Amazon, and to also cover your mattress and pillows with a allergy preventive cover to control dust mites. I have never felt better!
5.0 - It works
I like this mix for allergies, and for nails and hair. The order came promptly, was well within its expiration date.
5.0 - Really works for allergies
I use this faithfully during pollen season.My symptoms are minimal,even when in the yard when using this.
5.0 - The Best!!
my Naturopath recommended this and am I glad she did. If you've got allergies, a cold, or any little nose stuffiness, this will help tremendously. What a great natural way to keep your nose clear without any side effects.
5.0 - Quality product. Works for me.
Seems to help keep my allergies under better control than without it.
5.0 - Quercetin is always a necessary supplement
great for allergies and sinus problems but sometimes must take 6 caps per day. At the least a maintenance dose must be maintained.
4.0 - Natural Allergy Supplement
I started taking this to help with seasonal allergies.
5.0 - Highly recommended
This product does a good job of managing sinus drainage resulting from environmental allergies. It works as an anti-histamine.
5.0 - Eclectic Institute Stinging Nettle with Quercetin
This is an AMAZING product if you have seasonal allergies. It even helped my migraine headaches I was experiencing. The company is fantastic. I discovered it at the Coop this Spring. They said it fly's off the shelves. It provided sinus relief & minimized headaches I was getting throughout summer... and my daughter (who is diagnosed with allergies). You get 90 capsules for about $14. (the Coop is 50 caps for the same price) I choose to purchase mine on Amazon as I get more for my money. :) Stinging Nettle has many other health benefits (calcium, Vit A, magnesium, B-6, iron and fiber if you ate a cup of it). It's believed to be good for reducing inflammation. So you get a lot more out of it than just Allergy relief. It says you can take up to 6 capsules per day. I space out 3 per day and have great results. :)
5.0 - Five Stars
My allergies are terrible and quercetin, being a natural antihistamine, helped.
5.0 - Who knew?!
Puts an end to my pollen allergies
5.0 - Try these before toxic RX or other OTC allergy meds!
These do work. My husbands allergies act up before mine do every season and because of these he hasn't had to take any OTC or RX allergy meds yet. We also eat local raw honey in small teaspoon doses daily to boost our defenses. You may want to eat a little bit before taking them if you have a sensitive stomach. My husband can take them on an empty stomach just fine so the reaction is unique to the person.
5.0 - Great product!
Excellent product! I have been using this for years to deal with my year-round allergies. I got to know about it as it had been recommended by Dr Weil. Then, it was just Nettles, but now that it is also adding Quercetin, I am delighted that I don't have to take another pill but get both in one. The only drawback it its half life: about 3 hours. But I also experience the same with antihistamines that claim 24-hour effectiveness.
5.0 - for food allergy sufferers.
As I move further into late 30's, I may be developing food allergies? 2 episodes in a 8 months. Extreme inner itching and rash on legs & thighs.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great stuff. No more allergies.
5.0 - Eclectic Institute Nettle Quercetin
I have pretty bad allergies and these seem to help. We will see how beneficial they are when spring gets here and my allergies are full blown. So far, so good.
5.0 - This year he is doing great. Has some itching but not like he normally ...
Purchased the Eclectic Institution Nettle Quercetin for my dog who has summer allergies. He usually ends up with bald spots where he has pulled his coat out. This year he is doing great. Has some itching but not like he normally has and has a beautiful full coat. Will definitely keep this on hand.
5.0 - It changed my Life.
Say goodbye to allergies, yep. This has worked great for me. My nose used to run all the time my eyes itching and red, ear infections to sinus infections all year long. No more Dr. visits, antibiotics, puscription allergy meds. Nettles with Quercerin changed my life.
5.0 - Highly recommend!
My sister and I swear by this for allergy season. We don't like taking drugs for allergies, and nettle is a great women's herb.
4.0 - Better Than Expected
My 13 year old has very bad seasonal allergies and we have tried every OTC and prescription medication without much effect. The only other herbal allergy supplement that helped him for a while was Bell's but after a time, it bothered his stomach too much. This nettle quercetin blend has kept him from becoming sick with other things that develop when his body responds to allergens. Usually he has severe sinus infection, bronchitis and strep develop in May and again in October due to allergies So far, we made it through May without needing antibiotics, inhalers, nasal flushes and nasal sprays. He has been outdoors more than usual this week and seems more allergic and congested. We doubled the nettle quercetin dose to two tablets, added a generic Mucinex to help combat mucous. He is needing tissues for the first time since spring and we are now mid summer. I am hoping he has not built up a tolerance to this herbal supplement because it seemed to be working so well and kept him out of the doctor's office this spring. I am wondering if switching off this to something else for a month and then coming back to this for the ragweed and goldenrod onslaught in early fall will help him stay well this October.

5. FRONTIER Organic Cut & Sifted Nettle Leaf, 1 Pound

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4.0 - Recommended
I am planning to make a tea to control my mold allergies. I used a similar product before, seems to be helping.
5.0 - Helps with my allergies.
still learning how best to use it. It seems to be helping with my allergies. as a tea its not bad. I'm hoping to see other benefits like better sugar numbers. Thanks for the product. Very fast delivery/
5.0 - Used on my horse with heaves
Feeding this To my horse who has respiratory problems due to allergies (we live in the south). It seems to be helping to give us more time before we have to start back on steroids.
These are my most POWERFUL TOOL for allergies! Many years ago, I used to take Sudafed Headache for sinus headaches that I get every year in Spring; but I stopped taking all meds several years ago. I tried some Organic Nettles Tea a couple of years ago for the sinus headaches and it seemed to help. Then, I kept on doing it and I really began to notice how nice it made me feel and the headaches slowly drifted away. My husband tried them and he liked it too after working outside all day breathing all kinds of pollen, dirt & dust. So, I decided to purchase this huge bag of looseleaf Nettles - I LOVE IT!! This is the greatest stuff on earth to us and I will continue buying this as long as I can get it. :)
5.0 - Five Stars
Helps with allergies and other heath issues.
5.0 - Using to make tea. Keeping my allergies under control ...
Using to make tea. Keeping my allergies under control.
5.0 - Five Stars
Love this product. Works well for my allergies. Shipping was fast and prompt.
5.0 - the bag is huuuuuuge
tea tastes nice - having my first cup now so I don't know the effect it'll have on my allergies, yet. I'm hopeful.
5.0 - Great tea for my allergies
THANK YOU FRONTIER. I drink nettle tea for my allergies instead of any medicine and it’s amazing. I like to mix it with the raspberry leaf tea and then some candy cane lane/ mint green tea and sometimes a little honey. Fantastic quality
5.0 - Reduce Allergy Problems
I bought this for my husband who suffers terribly from allergies. He has become a believer and uses this on a daily basis
4.0 - Tea For Life
I saw on Web MD about natural products for allergies, I mix with other herbs and green tea for a great breakfast tea with helpful benegits too.
5.0 - Tastes Good, AND Helps Allergies
Tastes good, and it really did help my allergies. I have asthma, and it is very painful, but this actually helps. I didn't think it would. It did help me, and continues to. It tastes good too. That was a huge relief because I thought it would taste awful if it worked.
5.0 - Great product to help fight allergies.
Clean, well cut product. Fast delivery.
5.0 - Great for allergies!!
Love this product! It has helped me so much! I no longer drink over the counter products for allergies. This has helped so much providing natural histamines that seem to be enough to support my immune system. They smell great and I love the flavor warm or cold. I make a large batch and keep it in the fridge and drink a glass every evening! Another plus are all the other nutrients available in these leaves. The packaging is great! The leaves smell wonderful! Very happy with this product all around!
4.0 - Very Helpful
Very Helpful for allergies
5.0 - Great for treating allergy symptoms
This works amazingly well! I start to feel tightness in my chest from allergies and make a cup of this tea and it goes away for many hours. I'm going to drink this tea for the rest of my life!!!!
5.0 - This is the best price that I can find for loose leaf nettle
This is the best price that I can find for loose leaf nettle! I drink it nearly every day for my allergies.
5.0 - Fresh and tasty
On my goodness! I haven't stopped eating it since I got it. I've made tea by boiling a couple tablespoons in 2+ cups water for 5-10 minutes. I added about 1/4 cup nettle to my beans that were boiling. My allergies have mildly improved.
5.0 - Looking forward to the benefits
I've only taken it once so far and I slept like a baby without any medications. The taste is pleasant, and I'm looking forward to the health benefits that I've been reading about, as I now suffer from allergies. The product looks clean and natural as stated. Because of the massive amount of product, I was able to share it with my family, and I'm predicting I'll have enough to make tea for about 6 months easily.
5.0 - I failed to comprehend how much space a pound of ...
I failed to comprehend how much space a pound of tea would occupy. And after worrying that I got a kilo of blow I used it to help me with my allergies. This is my first experience with stinging nettle tea and I found it helped me a lot, I'd just warn that drinking multiple cups made me have a reaction to that as well.
5.0 - Why aren't doctors making their patients aware of this stuff?
I consume (eat) one quarter tea spoon once every three days or so. For allergies and inflammation headaches I was getting from working out (which seems to have hit me when I hit age 52).
5.0 - Helps Ease Allergies
I make a pitcher of iced tea a day out of this. My 13 year old keeps it in her highly allergic system all through allergy season and it helps a lot. The taste is excellent. Not too bitter. She especially likes it mixed with a little Italian Sweet Cream coffee creamer. Reminds us of Tea Terik (pulled tea) from when we lived in Singapore.
5.0 - I love it. Some stinging nettle has a very bitter ...
This is my second purchase of this tea! I love it. Some stinging nettle has a very bitter aftertaste, and can even cause me heartburn. This one is so mellow and absolutely delightful and it seems to soothe my stomach. I always feel better both immediately after drinking it, and overall. Highly recommend for arthritis, inflammation, gut issues, and allergies!!!
5.0 - Five Stars
Has really helped with my allergies.
5.0 - Helped my headaches
I suffer from headaches, both migraine and from allergies. I've been drinking this tea everyday for the past month. I was just thinking to myself the other day that I have not had a headache in several weeks. I just read that low iron can be linked to headaches as well. So now I'm not sure if this tea is helping from the iron it contains or if it is helping with the allergies, but at this point I don't care. I know I'm going to keep drinking it. I just purchased a second bag.
5.0 - Nettle Tea was recommended by my Dr for allergies
Nettle Tea was recommended by my Dr for allergies. I have not used it long enough to notice a difference but the flavor is great, and yes as in the other reviews the packaging could be better.
5.0 - Taste like whole milk and I think it helped my allergies?
I love the taste. It's kinda similar to whole milk lol. And I did the 1 quart infusions each day for a few weeks and I think it really helped my allergy spell... though I've been told I'm a hypochondriac... so maybe it's in my head? Lol. At least I'm getting other good vitamins from this stuff... plus it looks pretty in a glass jar.
5.0 - Very nice tea
Tastes really nice, makes a great tea. Anxious to see how it works on allergies, will report back.
5.0 - Good fresh product
Great product. Fresh. Think it's helping with my allergies and sleep
5.0 - My third bag!
This is my third bag! I use this for allergy season and as a diuretic and its really helps for both. I've gone through so much because I give it to family and friends to try because I believe in it so much. My allergies and congestion are much more mild and it helps with my leg edema. Of course, not a cure-all but it definitely has lessened all my symptoms. I have been using it for more than a month so it could possibly work even better because I started right at allergy season. Don't drink too much right before bed or you will be up all night!
5.0 - Adds body to any tea
I like to use this with German Chamomile because it adds body to the team and the combination seems sooth my allergies.
5.0 - Good!
Good product! Will re-order. Helps me with allergies during allergy season
5.0 - Good stuff.
Great quality, and price. I used this to make a tincture and I also use it to make tea. Not too bad- I'm sure some wouldn't like the flavor, but with a little sweetener, it doesn't have too overwhelming a flavor. Helps me with allergies and detox.
5.0 - One 1 Lb Nettles Leaf, Cut & Sifted,.
I used this in my smoothies to help with allergies. Both my wife and I really think it helped with the spring allergies this year.The bag is quite large and will continue year round. I have given some away to be used as a tea for allergies,nothing to report there.
5.0 - helps me with my allergies
I make a strong infusion to use for sinus allergies. Good stuff. I keep Zyrtec D around just in case but rarely need it now. I am growing nettles but not enough yet.
VERY VERY effective in fighting seasonal allergies!@!!! Can't say enough good things about this!!!! Great mfg. processes, high quality at a bulk price. Have turned many people on to this little gem for their allergies. Tastes kind of like grass in tea, so add something you like to drink, like peppermint or chamomile. Or plain. Its not an offensive taste at all, just not really "interesting." Drink several times a day when in allergy mode or attack! Works like a charm. Brew it with the OXO twisiting tea strainer on, as it holds a good dosing amount.
5.0 - Well worth it
Excellent quality. Brew the leaves and the taste is quite good. You can brew them short or long, it doesn't get bitter. My allergies seem relieved (not gone, but greatly reduced).
5.0 - Good for allergies, I thiink.
Frontier products, in my experience, are always top quality. After taking a daily dose of nettle tea for several months I believe that my histamine reactions have calmed down quite a bit. Few "natural cures" are prefect but this one, I think, has noticeably helped with contact dermatitis, among other things.
5.0 - Beautiful, deep green nettles
Beautiful, deep green nettles! Making tea from these is my secret weapon against my seasonal allergies and they're working great!
5.0 - I'M HOOKED
This tea works great for my pollen allergies. It doesn't have to be very strong.
5.0 - Good price for a helpful herb
Stinging nettle is supposed to have immunotherapeutic properties (think: allergy shots) especially for hayfever, ragweed, etc; having just been diagnosed with several such allergies I am giving stinging nettle infusion a try. Hopefully it will help, but it can't hurt and is a great source of minerals and other nutrients. This is a good price; it shipped quickly and I'm glad to have bulk quantities on hand.
5.0 - Amazing price great tea.
I use nettle tea to help with my seasonal allergies. This 1 pound bag comes in a bag that allows no light to penetrate it, this helps with the shelf life. The flavor of this tea is a strong but I prefer it over some of the others I have tried. I brew a strong pot each morning and enjoy it both hot and cold. The amount of loose leaf tea you get for the price is amazing.
5.0 - Five Stars
Tastes yucky but very effective for allergies!
5.0 - Use it for my seasonal allergies and asthma and it ...
Use it for my seasonal allergies and asthma and it works wonders. Keep to a schedule in taking it .
5.0 - It's interesting how much I enjoy the smell and flavor of this herb now that ...
Very tasty herb. It's interesting how much I enjoy the smell and flavor of this herb now that I've been using it for about 1 1/2 months. I make an infusion of this with Red rasberry leaf and Oatstraw...drink daily. It has improved some of my issues...heavy periods, seasonal allergies...weak nails. Fontier packaging could improve. Would be nice if they used a resealable bag,..but, I'm very pleased with quality of product. Highly recommended.
5.0 - Nettle Tea gets rid of allergies
wife here: I bought this nettle tea because I heard it helps with allergies. It does!!! It is amazing. Here is how you make it: 1)Warm your teapot; 2). Measure 1/2 C of nettle tea and place in teapot 3). Pour boiling water over nettles. 4). Put lid on teapot and cover with tea cozy. 5).

6. Nettles Freeze-Dried - 90 - VegCap, 300 mg

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4.0 - Allergy sufferer?
I take thes etwice a day during hay fever season to alleviate my allergies. They seem to work as well or better than OTC meds, but your mileage may vary.
5.0 - Great potency!
Good quality, great for allergies and keeping histamine under control. Would recommend.
5.0 - Five Stars
This helps me with my allergies.
5.0 - Am very encouraged at the combo of Nettles, Quercetin ...
Am very encouraged at the combo of Nettles, Quercetin, and Colostrum for my son's seasonal allergies! Hoping to not need allergy meds anymore with the use of the natural stuff!
5.0 - The best form of nettles
What a difference the freeze-dried nettles make! The potency helps so much with Spring seasonal allergies...I mean no product is 100% but on a bad day, I make sure I take 2...and am virtually free of itchy eyes, sneezing , fatigue and foggy brain! Highly recommend this product :)
5.0 - Five Stars
I like this product. It helps me with my seasonal allergies!
5.0 - Allergies Be Gone!
I am very happy with my purchase, great quality and definitely helped with my appergies.
5.0 - Homeopathic Anti-Allergy Use
Works like a charm for pollen allergies in spring when taken between meals, not with food.
5.0 - Five Stars
The answer to allergies and no side effects!
5.0 - Put yourself back into the game.
Until tried, you will not believe how outstanding this product is for bronchial allergies or flu.
5.0 - No alternative / natural remedy has worked better for my allergies
No alternative / natural remedy has worked better for my allergies. Sneezing is clipped if I take a few of these at onset.
5.0 - Goodbye Allergies!!
I've used just about every OTC medication for my allergies every spring and fall. I usually have to switch off after about a few weeks because it stops working. Not with stinging nettle. It works the entire season. I like that I can take just one if it's a good day but a couple more if I need to, just depends on my symptoms.
4.0 - Helps relieve seasonal allergies
I suffer from bad seasonal allergies here in Fairfax County, VA. Prior to spring 2012, I took the "one-a-day" pills (Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra, etc.) to mitigate the symptoms of my springtime allergies. In spring 2012, I experimented with some more natural allergy relief products, namely, these freeze dried nettles, Butterbur Root extract, local raw, unfiltered, honey, and a diet low in dairy products. This regimen produced as much relief from the effects of seasonal allergies as did the "one-a-day" pills for about the same cost, ~$1/day. Because this regimen worked in spring 2012, I adopted it again for 2013 and experienced the same level of relief.
5.0 - No more stuffy head
Clears up my allergies all day long!! Only have to take one pill in the morning, and I get relief immediately.
5.0 - Great product
I have known about stinging Nettle for years, but had never tried it. After trying pretty much everything that our government has left on the market, this was my last resort. I have been suffering from allergies, as well as, earaches for the past seven months. I also had numerous tests run to try to find the problem, but nothing was ever found. On March 8, 2013, I quit taking ALL OTC and prescription allergy .
5.0 - This product is good for anyone who suffers from allergies
This product is good for anyone who suffers from allergies. It has totally cleared up my brother-in-laws allergies who suffered terribly every year. This is natures cure to allergy problems.
5.0 - Cured my allergies! Just 1 pill a day!
I usually take Beta-Glucan for my allergies but I was reading that it should be cycled. Thought I'd give this a try. Works PERFECT. Or should I say "Purr-fect" since it got rid of my cat allergies too. I end up taking only 1 capsule a day, but the directions say 1-3. One is enough for me. I breathe great and my eyes don't itch or water!
5.0 - AMAZING!
Got rid of my seasonal allergies (extremely itchy eyes, nose & throat). Zyrtec, eyedrops, nasal sprays weren't working well enough, so I tried this. AMAZING!
5.0 - Thankful for Freeze-Dried!!!
My stomach is sensitive to so many things and the freeze-dried doesn't bother it at all. I tried spending less, getting something processed differently, and it didn't go well. So back to the freeze-dried! Nettles have helped me so much with my allergies, I take them with quercetin and I've improved a lot. I have food allergies that can cause difficulty swallowing and nasal congestion and nettles has helped with both of those reactions as well as helping open my smaller airways. Thank you Eclectic, for offering this item.
5.0 - Helps with allergies and sinus issues
I read about stinging nettles and finally got them - I am now a believer. Helps with drying out my sinuses. I take one in the morning, and then if I'm having more symptoms, I take another one in the middle of the day.
4.0 - Helps with allergies; runny nose and congestion
This product does help with congestion and a runny nose. It does not make you sleepy. It works so subtly you almost don't realize you can breathe freely. I bought my second bottle, and I plan to continue to buy this.
5.0 - wonderful alternative to conventional allergy meds
I purchased stinging nettle for my allergy issues. I live in TN and every spring and fall suffer from the awful sneezing, runny nose, itchy throat, sinus drainage and general disgustingness that accompanies allergies in the south. I was sick of the side effects of benedryl, Claritan D, Sudafed, etc. I googled herbal remedies for allergies and decided to try stinging nettle and oregano oil. Usually the nettle works good enough on its own but when it's really bad I take a capsule of oregano with it. Works like a charm, lasts 4-6 hrs, and I never have to bother with side effects or worry about accidentally taking to much. I've given it to my son who unfortunately has major allergies himself and it works great for him too.
5.0 - No more allergies or sinus infections!
This product works beautifully for my allergies! I very rarely get sinus headaches, itchy eyes, a runny or congested nose, or any other allergy symptoms. I do not even get sinus infections anymore! I highly recommend trying this instead of the usual allergy medications. This is safe and natural, and it works! I cannot live without it! It does take at least two weeks before you notice anything. I also have to take it every day to prevent allergy symptoms. If I miss too many doses I get a major sinus headache that reminds me to start taking it again!
5.0 - Helps minimize the seasonal allergy impacts
I give this five stars since I feel it does what it should. It isn't a cure all, but, it does minimize my allergies. I don't have severe allergies, but in the spring I get itchy eyes and some sneezing - and I don't like taking medications as I don't like the side effects. This removes enough of the itch that I don't need to rub my eyes. That's great for me!
5.0 - FINALLY Something that works for my Hay Fever
Over the past 10 years I have tried nearly everything for my fall allergies. Prescription oral medication, over the counter oral medication, nasal sprays, netti pot and saline rinse among others.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great alternative for allergies
5.0 - Good for allergies
If you have seasonal allergies get this
5.0 - Great for Allergy
I have seasonal allergies to grass and weed pollen and this helps to relieve some of the symptoms of itchy eyes
5.0 - Natural Allergy Relief
Fantastic for seasonal allergies! Really works well, for about 3-4 hours after taking it, and as a bonus, it is a diauretic pill, meaning you will lose some water weight. What could be better, no side effects!
5.0 - Great for Sinus headaches and related allergies
I use this product for nasty sinus headaches, watery eyes, sneezing and a runny nose. I take it just when I feel symptoms coming on since I believe it works better if you can catch issues before they get out of control. My Naturopath recommended this product to me since she believes the freeze-dried nettle is the most effective.
5.0 - Stinging Nettle = Amazing!!!
I have been having a really bad time with allergies this year and have been taking Zyrtec and Claritin with not much relief. I wanted a more natural remedy so I did some research and found out about stinging nettle. I took one pill in the morning and could not believe my results, my allergy symptoms were gone in ONE day! I keep taking 1 pill a day and am still amazed by the results. Now I've made my hubby a believer too! He's always asking me where the stinging nettle is! LOL This product is fantastic, I would recommend to anyone suffering with allergies.
5.0 - Works well for my allergies
This brand of freeze dried nettle seems to work well for my allergies. It works better than another brand that I have used for the past few years. I just take it when I feel that I need it, not on a regular basis. I will re-order.
4.0 - Freeze-Dried Stinging Nettle
I accidentally ordered just the Nettle instead of the Nettle with Quercetin. My mistake. As far as the comparison of the two, I would recommend getting the Nettle with Quercetin. My husband suffers from terrible allergies, he should belong in a bubble, and the Nettle with Quercetin is one of the only things we have found to help. The plain Nettle is just not as effective.
5.0 - Awesome for my allergies!!
Love this stinging nettles, I use it to help with my allergies!!
5.0 - No more allergies!
These pills are unbelievable! My husband and I suffer from severe allergies and have tried everything over the counter and I mean everything. Until I did some research on stinging nettle I thought it was something we were going to have to live with for the rest of our lives. After just one day of 2 doses both of our allergies magically disappeared! My husband can breath at night when he's sleeping and I haven't had a migraine at all since taking them. We both don't have itchy eyes anymore and no more runny nose for me. I mean wow! I can't believe I spent all of my life suffering and all I needed was this wonderful supplement. Thank you so much for your great product! We love you , lol.
5.0 - Recommended by my herbalist
This works so well treating asthma and allergies, I have dramatically cut back on OTC antihistamines!

7. Vital Nutrients - Aller-C (Quercetin, Vitamin C, and Bioflavonoids) - Respiratory & Sinus Support - Gluten Free - 200 Capsules

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5.0 - Wonderful high quality product from a reputable brand
I take this every night to help me hurt less when I sleep and help with any allergies I may experience. It works really well. I will definitely keep taking it.
5.0 - My acupuncturist recommended them and they have made a huge difference for ...
These are a must-have for me. My acupuncturist recommended them and they have made a huge difference for me with some skin allergies. Amazon is where I found the best price on them.
5.0 - Works for my dog allergies...and I live with 3.
Stopped taking Zyt-D & suda__ as soon as I started this supplement which I bought solely based on the Amazon reviews. Thank goodness for Amazon reviews.
5.0 - GREAT for seasonal allergies
If you have seasonal hayfever like me, this is the answer. It's more expensive than OTC meds, but...
5.0 - This is a great product we've been using for several years
This is a great product we've been using for several years. It helps control seasonal allergies without all the side effects of prescription drugs.
5.0 - A magic bullet!
This has become my magic bullet! What I thought was a head cold earlier this year was actually the fact that I had developed seasonal allergies and this product was recommended by my naturopath. Last year I was hit hard by the cold season and got sick about 3 or 4 times. This cold season, I just up my intake of Aller-C whenever I feel like a cold might be coming on and it goes right away. I can't say enough great things about this supplement, I take it every day.
5.0 - Works great.
My husband takes this for his seasonal allergies. Gives him great relief. Doesn't need any prescription meds anymore.
5.0 - I've been taking this supplement for about a week. ...
I've been taking this supplement for about a week. 2 capsules once a day I also purchased an air purifier for my bedroom. Between these two additions to my lifestyle I feel as though my allergies are not as severe.
5.0 - Fantastic product!!!
I have had truly terrible seasonal allergies for many years and have endured countless sinus and ear infections as a result. Two seasons ago a naturopath referred me to aller-c and when paired with fresh or freeze dried nettle is vastly more effective than prescription decongestants have ever been.
5.0 - I LOVE this product
I LOVE this product. I have had lots of allergy trouble throughout my life and my chiropractor introduced me to Aller-C about 6 years ago. I used it during both pregnancies and it has helped immensely with my allergies. I hardly ever struggle with the watery eyes, runny/sneezing nose that I did before I got this product. It is helpful to keep taking it as it builds in your system and works better. I use about 3 tabs per day in the summer and 2 or 1/day in winter. Also, I've founds that Amazon has the best deals on this product, so now I buy it through here instead of the chiropractor office. Hope this helps you as much as it has me. Blessings!
5.0 - Great product. Was recommended to my by two different ...
I take this not only for allergies but also to help shorten colds. Great product. Was recommended to my by two different naturopaths.
5.0 - Effective relief from juniper misery
I was miserable, barely functioning, with allergies to blooming juniper; over-the-counter remedies either put me to sleep or did nothing. My sister's doctor recommended this for me. I began with three doses of two pills daily, and am now down to one dose of two pills daily. My eyes and ears are no longer swollen, and I can breathe normally. I am aware of no side effects. I am eternally grateful.
5.0 - highly recommend!
I used to have terrible allergies and frequently caught colds/sinus infections that lingered for weeks. I started taking AllerC at the suggested of my naturopath. After taking it twice a day (2-4 caps/day) for about two years, I am off all allergy medicine and rarely get sick. Any time I do feel a cold coming on, I take a higher dosage (again, as recommended by my naturopath), and almost always feel better by the next day. Love this stuff!
5.0 - Aller-C
This is a great herbal supplement for anyone with allergies. It was recommended by an alternative medicine dietician and it works great. I like taking a natural supplement instead of the others. If allergic to grapefruit, this would not be an option.
5.0 - Helps with my food allergies
Helps with my food allergies. I use it as needed when I am going to be eating something that I know will get me congested.
5.0 - Five Stars
Only thing that has ever worked for my seasonal allergies.
5.0 - Allergy symptom free!
My naturopath put me on these capsules, and they are a miracle! I have had allergies since childhood - every spring I suffer from tree and grass pollens. After starting this product, I've slept with the windows open at night and have had no allergies this whole spring! It's amazing! My Dr. suggested you front load 2x a day for a week to get it built up in your system. Then 2-6 tabs a day through allergy season. I'm a believer!
5.0 - and my doctor recommended Aller-C, and it helps
I've had problems with allergies as I grow older, and my doctor recommended Aller-C, and it helps.
5.0 - No more Allergies!
Same here. My allergies were so horrible, I lived in my recliner with a bag of frozen peas on my eyes. My Natural doctor put me on these PLUS the VitalNutrients Fish oil and like magic, no more allergies!!! Truly AWESOME miracle worker along with the fish oil. Make sure you begin taking these a few months before allergy season to build up your system.
5.0 - Five Stars
Finally found a cure for my allergies! This stuff is amazing!
5.0 - Saw an immediate difference. I have mild allergies year ...
Saw an immediate difference. I have mild allergies year round. I take a dose at night and in the morning.
4.0 - Help Your Allergies
Really an amazing way to deal with allergies and sinus that doesn't involve feeling "dried out". I originally got this from my doctor and have used it ever since.
5.0 - the only thing that works for my allergies
I suffer from severe allergies and sinus infections all year long. Whenever I have symptoms I take these and they are gone within 30 minutes. Give these a try if you have runny nose, watery eyes, etc. on a regular basis. I've tried claritin, benedryl, and even a very strong prescription medication and all have failed to help me. This product has worked wonders for me so it may help you too! Try it, it's worth the price.
5.0 - Works great for my allergies
Works great for my allergies. If I run out, I notice within 12 hrs that my eyes start itching and watering, my throats gets scratchy and my nose starts running. I get an order in and the symptoms are gone almost immediately after taking a dose.
5.0 - Five Stars
What a perfect combo to battle my allergies. Works Great!
5.0 - Five Stars
this plus nettles-allergies are now controlled
5.0 - My daughter's doctor recommend this for her allergies
My daughter's doctor recommend this for her allergies. It has been a life saver. Her chronic inflammation and skin rashes were gone after only a week of usage. Now she just takes one morning dose to maintain her allergy free symptoms. I also up the dosage when she says she feels a cold coming on. In years past, these kind of infections would last for over a week, sometimes two. Now they are gone in 1 - 3 days. Of course this is in conjunction with eating very healthy and drinking a ton of ginger tea and using sinus washes, but those were all things she tried in the past and the cold infections would still take forever to go away. I think the Aller C was the missing link. Amazing product!
4.0 - Four Stars
Helps control my allergies.
5.0 - Works great!
I have terrible allergies year round, and this product helps keep my nose and respiratory system running clear and smooth.
5.0 - I have horrible seasonal allergies and my kenesiologist sold me these for ...
I have horrible seasonal allergies and my kenesiologist sold me these for the sinuses!!it really works!where had it been all my life?! Keeps sinuses from inflammation and no headaches!!only if i miss a dose will i get a headache! Highly recommend!!ill never go without it
5.0 - Relieved Long-Standing Sinus Drip
This stuff works for me-- reduced chronic allergy symptoms that were long ignored, but had created enough obstruction at night to wake me up. Maybe it's food allergies, but whatever, Aller-C seems to work for me.
5.0 - Great allergy relief!
I try to eat healthy and avoid chemicals and preservatives in my food and medicine. I love that this is a natural product that keeps allergies to pollen at bay. I always have some with me and take 1-2 capsules as part of my daily supplements.
5.0 - Perfect for all types of allergy relief
Bought this to replace OTC ALLEGRA which was giving me terrible indigestion! My naturopath suggested it!! Saw results in first day of taking it. After being on it for the course of one bottle. Cutback to two a day in morning and increased intake of vitamin C in afternoon n evening. Seems too keep allergies under control perfectly!
5.0 - Highly recommended
I love these! I have asthma, which is triggered by allergies. My naturopath recommended two pills per day, and I made it through allergy season with no issues! I recommended it to my dad, and he survived hay fever season with no issues as well. I think it just reduces my inflammation and body response I triggers. I even used this during pregnancy when I was trying to avoid benadryl and typical allergy responses- prevention was the best answer for me. I highly recommend this product!
5.0 - Best natural allergy medicine on the market!
Best for allergies that is all natural and has no drowsy effect.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great product for helping to calm my seasonal allergies
5.0 - I stopped taking zyrtec after 20 years and had horrible allergy rebound issues
Works really well for seasonal allergies. I stopped taking zyrtec after 20 years and had horrible allergy rebound issues. Vital Nutrients Aller-C helped get me through the relentless Zyrtec withdrawals and now has help me with my pollen allergy and my son with is seasonal allergies.
5.0 - AllerC
Great product for those summer allergies and seasonal problems with out the drowsiness associated with regular allergy meds. Recommended in this household to many.
5.0 - Controls seasonal allergies!
Taking three of these at a time during the summer months - along with raw local honey at a separate time - keep my seasonal allergies at bay. Love my Aller-C!
5.0 - Remarkably effective
I have severe allergies (to pretty much everything). I use this, combined with Pe Min Kan Wan, and I get *better* symptom relief than from any of the prescription antihistamines. Hard to believe, I know. And yet, just a minute ago another one of my local friends complained about an allegedly horrible allergy season, while my sinuses are completely clear. Allergies? What allergies?
5.0 - Five Stars
Works great for allergies!
5.0 - Great product, I have taken it for years now ...
Great product, I have taken it for years now and it has helped me w my seasonal allergies so much!
5.0 - It works!!!! Finally found something that works
I have been in allergy hell for many years and recently I have been experiencing extreme side effects from traditional antihistamines. My heart beat would slow down so much I felt like a zombie, affecting my work and relationships. I literally could not functions from May - Aug. I finally reached out to a naturopathic doctor for help and he gave me this to take about 12 tablets a day, pre-allergy season and 8 during allergy season. This is the first spring I have had no hayfever symptoms !! It works and I thought I would share with other allergy sufferers. Please consult physician on dosage ... It did not eliminate my dog allergies, if I snuggle my dog too long I will break out in hives and I'll start sneezing but --- it has eliminated seasonal allergies.

8. Snifflex- All Natural Cold and Allergy Relief for Children; Quercetin and Bromelain for Children

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5.0 - This product works great. I have been looking for a natural supplement ...
This product works great. I have been looking for a natural supplement to help with my daughters allergies. This is really working to clear up her sinus' without any added drowsiness or fog that usually comes with allergy supplements.
5.0 - Safe alternative that works great!
We are SO happy our pediatrician (Dr. Natalie) recommended this. My almost 8 year old daughter was taking kids Zyrtec daily for her almost year round allergies. And she was acting so emotional and out control!! Dr Natalie mentioned that Zyrtec crosses the blood brain barrier and affects emotions. What?!?! Well that’s all I needed to hear to try this stuff. And we are never going back. This stuff is amazing! And my kids love the taste (sometimes too much—they fib to try and get more). Buy this right now, you will not be disappointed!!
5.0 - Great supplement for cough, colds, flu, allergies
Great product. Works wonderfully for my kids when they have a cold or allergy symptoms!
5.0 - Fantastic product!
We could not be happier with the results we've seen using Snifflex. Our young boys have numerous allergies and this product - by far - has been the most effective one we've tried in a long time. Thank you for making a product parents can depend on - one that doesn't cause drowsiness and other negative effects. Our boys love the taste of these tablets and they actually look forward to taking them every day. I wish there was an adult version for myself. This review has been provided by a very satisfied customer.
5.0 - Great product, repeat buyer
I'm on my 5th bottle of this. It works great for allergies and colds! The best part is not having to fight with my kids to get them to take it.
5.0 - Good for sinus and allergies
We use Snifflex as prescribed by our media because it is all natural and non-drowsy. Kids like how it tastes.
4.0 - Removed several prescription meds with this!
My son has horrible environmental allergies and is typically on three or four different medicines per day. I was able to remove two of them, for this!!
5.0 - Worked fast!
We have tried other d-hist products, but this one worked the fastest by far. We happened to begin using this brand after we had run out of our other brand for a couple of weeks. My daughter with year-round allergies and asthma was in the midst of a bad bout of wheezing and sneezing--the works. I gave her a loading dose of 2 tablets when they arrived in the mail and then 1 more that evening. It was her first night in several that she did not need a puff of her inhaler or wake up sneezing and scratching her throat (which wakes me up!). I am happy to see her feeling better and we are all sleeping better at night! I will certainly be getting this brand from now on!
5.0 - This works!!!!
I honestly cannot praise this stuff enough. We have struggled for YEARS with allergies and asthma with my now almost 9 year old daughter. She was on singulair for quite a few years and that stuff was absolutely AWFUL for her....changed her personality and made her seem out of control. I was always searching for something alternative that would keep her out of the hospital and out of her bad asthma spells. THIS STUFF was the ticket for her! Since starting on this regularly over a year ago she no longer is on her inhalers and is healthier than she has ever been with her allergies and asthma.
5.0 - does the job
So I went against the rules on this one, I used this product for myself! I do not have crazy allergies so I figured that I could use a child size does and medicine for them. And they have been really working for me, they curb the sniffly nose I get sometimes in the spring with all the pollen floating through the air. It always seemed that I would have to itch my nose, this really helped with this and it makes me feel a lot better knowing that I am not putting crazy chemicals in my body just for a stuffy nose. The design on the bottle is really cute as well, I have about another weeks worth of use so we shall see if I buy it again. I received this on discount on review but my opinions are my own.
5.0 - No more allergy sniffles here
We bought our first bottle of Snifflex. My kids love the taste and it has helped so much with their seasonal allergies! Even my teenager loves the stuff, his allergies are pretty bad. Personally love that it works without the side effects you get from regular old allergy meds. We will be ordering again.
5.0 - Life saver
Was able to get my child off allergy meds with this. Keeps allergies at bay. Will not run out.
5.0 - No side effects! Works like a charm!
Our son was on zyrtec forever and was, in general, a difficult child to manage. It wasn't until I realized that other parents had behavioral problems with zyrtec that I put the two and two together and I dropped that medication completely. I searched for a more natural product and stumbled across this. I am very happy with this product as it helps with seasonal allergies and does not have the terrible side effects of zyrtec. Thank you very much!
5.0 - Safely treats my kids allergies and tastes great too.
My youngest two children take this daily. They love the taste and I love how effective and safe it is at treating their allergies! Our pediatrician recommended it and I am so grateful!!
4.0 - Great product!!
We have been very happy with this product. Our 4 year old daughter struggles with environmental allergies and this seems to help. We were having to give her Zyrtec or Allegra every day before we used this, but now only have to use those when seasonal allergies are really bad. She likes the flavor as well.
5.0 - A natural and effective solution to allergies.
We have been ordering this about every month for the past six months and have had great success. Our six and seven year old boys take one tablet every day with breakfast. During allergy season or if symptoms are present, we'll up the dosage to two tablets with breakfast and sometimes take another in the afternoon. The kids love taking these... they even ask for them if we forget. We tried other homeopathic allergy tablets, but have found Snifflex to be the best!
5.0 - Grandson likes it
This product seems to work and help my grandson with his allergies. He likes it so there is not a fuss every time he needs to take it.
5.0 - Wonderful substitute for asthma and allergy pills
My 7 yo son has asthma and allergies. The doctor prescribed Cingulair every night, but it didn't help much, and Allegra for other allergies. Now I give him one of these pills every night, often dissolved in a little water or juice because even though they are chewable he says they taste good with liquid. I find these work much better. Also, if he has any reaction like hives and itchy, watery eyes I give him another one as It's ok to give a child up to 4 pills a day. So far I haven't given him that much. I definitely feel better knowing this is a natural alternative with no side effects for long term use and it's even cheaper than otc allegy medication I used to give him.
5.0 - AMAZING!!! for Seasonal Allergies!!
My 7 year old suffers from bad seasonal allergies which always leads to him having to use the nebulizer or his inhaler. I have been reading a lot on Bromelain (helps with inflammation) and Quercetin (helps reduce allergic responses) and the amazing benefits. So i decided to give Snifflex a try. My son has been taking these for about 2 weeks now and I already see the difference. It tends to get very windy where we live and that usually causes him to have itchy red eyes and 90% of the time a cough. It has been windy the last few days and my daughter (9 yr old) and my self have both been sneezing nonstop and both have stuffy noses. My son on the other hand has not!!! I can not begin to explain how happy this makes me.
5.0 - Helps allergies and chronic ear infections!!!
This stuff is amazing. My son was getting chronic ear infections due to his allergies. Doctors just wanted to fill my son with antibiotics with every ear infection. The first round of antibiotics didn't work, so I decided to do some research. I read that quercetin is great for allergies. A quick search lead me to Snifflex. It has everything you need to help boost the immune system: vitamin c, elderberry, bromelan, quercetin. My son wont take any chewable vitamins, so I crush this up, add it to 10 ml of water and then put it into a liquid syringe and I give it to my son that way. I give him 1 tablet in morning and one in evening. When giving him this, my son's allergies are gone! And he doesn't get any ear infections. The few times that I have ran out of this, my son's allergies flare back up and, bam! an ear infection pops back up. I love this stuff
5.0 - I found this and it has been just as good to help with allergies and colds
We had been using d-hist jr for my son's allergies that would sometimes give him ear infections. When the price of that went up to $55 I looked for an alternative. I found this and it has been just as good to help with allergies and colds!
4.0 - I think its working for seasonal allergies.
I think it's helping? My son was on day 6 of frequent coughs + constant throat clearing and I believe it was due to seasonal allergies. I tried a few homeopathic products that I ordered here that did not work. Also tried Childrens Zyrtec. However his symptoms didn't improve until today which was day 2 of taking this product.
5.0 - Great Natural Option for Parents with Seasonal Allergies
I bought this for two of our boys who have spring allergies. The youngest, 2.5, had a constant runny nose and the oldest, 7, was coughing intensely. The runny nose stopped within 48 hours and the 7 year old's coughing ceased in 72. I really recommend this product for health conscious parents of kids with allergy problems.
5.0 - Wish I had used this years ago.
This cures both my son and I’s Chronic sniffles from allergies. It’s just plain amazing.
5.0 - This product is a WIN WIN - NATURAL AND HELPFUL
I bought this product for my 12 year old who has seasonal allergies. She starts taking it a month before the allergy season starts. This year the season started earlier and I was not prepared. The company that made the chewable allergy product she took last year (which we were very happy with) had discontinued that product. I searched the internet to find an alternative. I was amazed to find Snifflex! The ingredients are almost identical to the product we used before. I was very grateful. The product arrived very quickly (via Amazon Prime)... which we needed it to! My daughter said the product was very helpful and we are both very grateful it is natural with no side effects. It took away a good deal of the congestion and 'blah' feeling of allergies. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone who wants to support their body's natural ability to fight allergies. My 12 year old thinks it tastes good. It has a fruity sweetness and you allow it to dissolve in your mouth. Intense allergies have not started yet, so I am not sure how the Snifflex will work at that point. But, at this point it works very well. The bottle says not to exceed 4 tablets in 24 hours - and you take two at a time. I may call the company and ask if this limit can be extended on bad allergy days.
5.0 - Great for 6 yr. old's allergies
My daughter has had icky spring/mold triggered allergies and this has been amazing. I look forward to trying other products for our entire family!
5.0 - Helps Hayfever & Allergies, naturally
Excellent alternative to standard OTC antihistamines, if you're looking for a natural solution for seasonal allergies.
5.0 - this has been the best thing for my grandsons allergies
this has been the best thing for my grandsons allergies! first year he has shone a boost in his immune system, even with the flu season being so bad this year.
5.0 - We were avid Zyrtec users because my son has horrible allergies year-round
We were avid Zyrtec users because my son has horrible allergies year-round. We were introduced to Snifflex as a safer alternative, and we have never looked back. My son doesn't sneeze a million times a day when he takes it! Thank you!!
5.0 - This product is great! My son suffers from seasonal allergies
This product is great! My son suffers from seasonal allergies. The worst symptom is coughing at night!!! It keeps us all awake. In search of a product that I could give him regularly, I came across this and purchased it. Since he has been using it (several months now, through allergy seasons), he has not had one day of congestion, no cough, no sniffles, nothing. I recommend it to everyone!
4.0 - Great for Seasonal Allergies
This is a great natural supplement! It helps my son to get through allergy season more comfortable and supports his immune system at the same time!
5.0 - Best natural medicine for allergies
This is my second bottle I have used with my entire family. My daughter has excema and this helps take away the itching and help with any cold virus. I have a 3 year old and a 6 year old and both have seasonal allergies. I am really pleased with this natural product

9. Planetary Herbals Freeze-Dried Stinging Nettles 420mg - 120 Tablets

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5.0 - Excellent Product
Freeze-dried is the most effective way to take Stinging Nettle. My entire family had excellent results with this product. It almost eliminates the need for antihistamines except on the worst days. Allergies are just one of the ailments that nettles alleviate, however. There are many health benefits.
5.0 - Five Stars
Whoa! This actually helped me with my allergies!
5.0 - Like benedryl but better!
So far so good! Stopped my spring allergies like a charm.
5.0 - It works!
Works better than any allergy medicine I have tried for my seasonal allergies.
5.0 - Whoa-it actually worked
Was skeptical after trying several different medications. My allergies are nowhere near how horrible they usually are after taking this. Will be buying again and again.
4.0 - Four Stars
Works great for my allergies
5.0 - Miracle for seasonal allergies!
I wish I've known about this years ago. I've had seasonal allergies for over 30 years. Typical symptoms included itchy eyes, sneezing, and runny nose. I started taking this supplement twice daily, one pill in the morning when I woke up and one before bed at night. So far the whole month of March I've noticed 95% reduction of allergy attacks and symptoms. We are talking about Spring in Texas, which is probably the worst place for allergies. I'm not taking any other OTC meds. This stuff really does work!
5.0 - Much better than Claritin
These work better than Claritin for allergies. No side effects for me. Perfect!
5.0 - Great for Old Farts with Stuffy Noses and Enlarged Prostates
This stuff works great for my allergies and sniffles. I especially appreciate it because for us old farts, pharmaceutical decongestants like Sudafed have an unpleasant side effect of swelling the prostate, making peeing an all-day affair. This product doesn't. In fact, some people take it specifically to relieve prostate-related urinary problems.
5.0 - Great Results!
I was really impressed with this product. My allergies have been horrible this past year (even in the winter!). The only thing I've been able to take that works is Benadryl, but it leaves me groggy at my job. I was so relieved when I read that freeze-dried stinging nettle would help lessen my allergies without the drowsiness. You have to play around with the dose (I need about 6 tablets on bad allergy days) but it does give comparable results to Benadryl.
5.0 - I will never be without this product again.
My husband and I have suffered with seasonal allergies for many years. We have tried multiple prescription and over-the-counter allergy meds with little success. A friend of ours recommended this product to us and it has been a Godsend. We take one a day and our allergies are almost non-existent. We were having problems about every other month and now we may have issues once to twice a year at the most.
5.0 - Five Stars
My mom, who has asthma, has noticed a difference in her breathing as have I with my allergies.
5.0 - Works immediately & very effective with just a touch of sleepiness
Works immediately the 1st time I tried. I'm impressed with how fast this worked for: itchy eyes, inflamed nose & sneezing. Took this and within 15 min: eyes stopped itching, nose stopped inflamed. However, I got sleepy and took a short nap ... felt good afterwards. I like this since it doesn't cause dry mouth nor disorientation like other meds. This works faster than other meds during my 40 years of allergies & hay fever. Took it the 2nd time before bed: cleared up my stuffy & inflamed nose within 15 min. Thank God this is in a tablet form: faster to dissolve .. I once soaked a capsule in vinegar and that took more than an hour to dissolve.
5.0 - I take this with vitamin C and my sinus allergies ...
I take this with vitamin C and my sinus allergies are reduced by 90%. I have taken it for a year and have experienced no side affects. Tea is made from the same plant that this comes from. The quality is high. It comes in a dry tablet format that I let dissovle in my mouth but keep a drink nearby. It doesn't really have a taste. I highly reccommend this product for allergies but you should check a medical professional if you are taking prescriptions or have amy medical problems.
5.0 - Allergies be gone!
I use stinging nettles to fight year-round allergies and find it works great without any OTC or prescription medications. I will most certainly buy again and recommend to others as well. Thank you for a great product.
5.0 - This is helpful in my continuing fight against seasonal allergies.
I take one each morning and one every afternoon and it really helps
5.0 - Five Stars
work excellent for allergies
5.0 - Allergy Relief
This really helps my allergies.
5.0 - Freeze-Dried Stinging Nettles - Great for allergies
I decided to try Stinging Nettles after reading about them in Dr. Andrew Weil's book, Self-Healing Strategies, in which he recommends them for allergies. He stated that the freeze-dried form seems to be the most effective. I have used other Planetary Herbals products for some time now and have always been pleased with them, so I purchased their 420 mg Stinging Nettles Tabs.
4.0 - ... help with my allergies / asthma and I was amazed to find they do actually help
I was gifted these one Christmas to help with my allergies / asthma and I was amazed to find they do actually help. I'm not cure of either ailment but I find my self to be far less wheezy when I've taken them regularly.
4.0 - Good for allergy relief
I've suffered for allergies for 10 years, developed in my 20's. I've tried everything and that is no exaggeration. This will not rid you of you allergies but will definitely make them more manageable and not so miserable.
5.0 - Five Stars
These definitely helped me with my seasonal allergies.
5.0 - Completely replaced Claritin!
I used to take a Claritin everyday to keep my eyes from itching due to allergies. Didn't have any side effects, but wanted to clean out a little.
5.0 - This stuff is amazing!
I have had pretty bad allergies for as long as I can remember, and this stuff has really amazed me with how effective it is at controlling the symptoms. We are in the middle of major pollen season, and I can count on one hand the number of sinus headaches I've had, and that is a big deal for me. I take one in the morning, and two before bed, and sometimes I might take one mid-afternoon if I feel like I'm getting symptoms. This has worked better for me than OTC allergy drugs, and believe me, I've tried them all! I do take Singulair, due to mild asthma, but that alone did not control all the sneezy, runny, headache symptoms. Adding nettle to that gives me the best control of symptoms I've ever experienced, and I haven't really noticed any side effects. I highly recommend giving this a try. Nothing will completely stop all the symptoms if you have bad allergies, but this has definitely made me feel better than ever! Highly recommend.
5.0 - great for allergies
awesome nettles. freeze dried works best for allergy relief~ They also do not give me the burps like some nettles do.
5.0 - Works!
Been using this product for years. It does a great job on my allergies, albeit only for a short period of time. I use it when my prescription allergy medicine is not enough. It's a great short term fix!
5.0 - great for allergies
This is a great product for allergy support. Helps tremendously to prevent my husband's allergy induced asthma attacks and need for inhaler.
5.0 - Really works for allergies and sinus congestion.
I have been on expensive prescription nasal sprays for over a year. By taking this stinging nettle preparation, my sinus drainage is decreased and I only occasionally still augment with an allergy nasal spray. A friend recommended me to try this. her doctor told her about it and she also got off nasal sprays for congestion.
5.0 - THE go-to solution for allergies!
This product is what enables my husband to breathe clearly all day and sleep through the night without snoring.
5.0 - A natural remedy for allergies
As an allergy sufferer, this is an amazing, and natural remedy. It absolutely works for me, and for my husband. Sometimes one pill works for more than a day and sometimes not. Just pay attention to your symptoms, and drop one when you need it.
5.0 - Bye-bye puffy face, stuffy nose
As I get older, I am getting symptoms of allergies. They are not pronounced enough for me to seek medical attention, but just enough to be a little annoying. I got these pills because my face is terribly puffy in the morning and my noes was congested. After starting with these puppies at bedtime it has all but eliminated the puff and the congestion. I have been very happy with these. If I forget to take one at night there is a marked difference in the a.m.
5.0 - Five Stars
Helps with allergies.
5.0 - they made a difference for my allergies
The stinging nettle taken on an empty stomach definitely makes a difference for me, and no side effects. Highly recommended.

10. Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Allergy, Vegan Liquid Capsules, 60 Count - Turmeric Curcumin Supplement for Seasonal Allergy Support, Non-Drowsy Formula with Quercitin, Stinging Nettle

View this supplement on

5.0 - Five Stars
Great product! Really helps my seasonal allergies.
5.0 - I know turmeric is great for other conditions
Got this to try instead of my usual Nettle. But honestly cant say I see much difference. I prefer the Nettle Leaf by the same maker. I got this for my allergies/ eczema. I know turmeric is great for other conditions. But did not see the difference for what I wanted it for. Still gave it a 5 - I will not knock it - It's great for Arthritis - Pain which My parents uses it for - They like it
5.0 - I don’t believe it!
I urge anyone with ongoing sinus pressure from allergies to at least try this - it has turned out to be an absolute game changer! I suffer from chronic sinus pressure every allergy season. It always results in a sinus headache and ear pain, with dizziness when the pressure gets too great. In the past I have relied on sudafed to get me through the season (not the best plan long-term, but Claritin and Zyrtec never did anything for me), but recently I was told by my doctor to avoid sudafed due to some heart palpitation issues. I tried Neti pot and saline spray, which were a little helpful (and more natural) but certainly did not relieve my symptoms completely. I’ve had sinus pressure and related dizziness now for the last couple of weeks and it has made normal daily tasks a huge chore. Picked this product up yesterday from a local store, and have taken one capsule with each meal today and yesterday and I swear to you my sinus pressure and dizziness are already SO much better! It seriously feels like a miracle. Anyone curious should just try this supplement- since its natural there are no side effects to worry about! It’s on the pricey side for anyone taking it long term, but honestly I’m just so excited to be feeling normal I don’t even mind at this point.
5.0 - Work really well and highly recommended for allergies
Work really well and highly recommended for allergies! Wish it was less expensive and didn't have to take 6 capsules.
5.0 - I have HORRIBLE allergies and this is the only homeopathic for allergies ...
I have HORRIBLE allergies and this is the only homeopathic for allergies that I've noticed make a difference. I still take Zyrtec, but when allergy season is low, I switch over to only taking this and it helps maintain my baseline.
5.0 - Helps with Fig fruit Inflamation on the body!
My mom ate a green fig that looked ready enough to eat then she noticed that the tip that sometimes has a milky substance had the substance and landed under her tounge. Her tounge became swollen and the part underneath and it hurt to talk eat and swallow so like 2 or 3 days pass and it only reduced by a little. I told her to go to the doctor she said she would but later changed her mind, then i remembered i had these babies and i gave them to her 2 caps twice a day for 2 or 3 days straight and now she feels just the bit of irritation from the milky substance of the fruits effects and the swolleness is gone completely. 😍 Great product i highly recommend this as it says for allergies. This was an allergic reaction! 💖
5.0 - best
Best way to alleviate allergies
4.0 - Works great for my allergies.
The best for seasonal allergies. Works great without the side effects of other drugs.
5.0 - I can't recommend this product highly enough
In as long as I can remember, this is the first allergy season where I haven't had to live with a constant sinus headache. Every Spring without fail, the headaches start up around the beginning of March. I had been taking a general turmeric supplement and decided to give this a try for allergies this year. I have tried so many different things, and this works. The *only* downside is that the bottles go quickly. The bottle recommends taking 2-3 pills twice a day. If you go with the max, the bottle is gone in 10 days. Otherwise, I can't recommend this product highly enough!
5.0 - I purchased this product for the anti-inflammatory action of the ...
I purchased this product for the anti-inflammatory action of the tumeric. Also, I have been having a bit of a stuffy head feeling which I have put down to summer allergies. I have taken this for about a week now and do seem to have a clearer head.
5.0 - Really Works!
I was surprised that it really worked so beautifully on clearing my allergies!
5.0 - My husband takes these for his allergies, which are ...
My husband takes these for his allergies, which are severe, and he hates taking the overcounter. These have provided some relief, not all the time, but he will take what he can.
5.0 - I recommend this to anyone who complains of allergies!
After having so much luck with the "pain" version of this product, I gave the "allergy" version a try. I get really bad seasonal allergies at the start of spring - to the point where I am 2 seconds away from a sneeze all day long. I have taken 24 hour Claritin to combat this in the past, but then starting getting crazy mood swings from it this season. I was able to switch from 24 hour Claritin to this product successfully. I highly recommend it for anyone who does not want to be dependent on chemical medicines.
5.0 - Great Product
Great product for seasonal allergies and sinus issues
4.0 - 3 capsules a day (one with each meal) keeps my ...
3 capsules a day (one with each meal) keeps my allergies at bay without the brain fog that prescription medications caused.
5.0 - I've had a horrible cough for a year
I've had a horrible cough for a year, with lots of stuff coming up. Had expensive tests, eliminated stuff, nothing helped. Have never had seasonal allergies, though I do have chemical allergies. Decided to try this. Taking two pills a day, find it a bit drying, but my cough has stopped. Really, it stopped. Will keep taking this product.
4.0 - allergy assistance
Love this, helps my allergies
5.0 - Five Stars
Works great on allergies. Great product
5.0 - Frequently bought, Frequently recommended!
I recommend this product (and other from Gaia) to friends all the time and everyone experiences good results. It may take a few doses, but this will head off seasonal allergies without all of the uncomfortable side effects of non-herbal allergy medications.
5.0 - Five Stars
Works great on my seasonal allergies! And it is natural!
5.0 - This product works.
It helped my allergies right away. Definitely works.
5.0 - Great product for allergies
I take turmeric daily and find it to be great for inflammation. I decided to try this version as I suffer from seasonal allergies. What a great product. This allergy season has been easy for me because of this product. I can really feel a difference. I have ordered multiple bottles and taken it for several months. I have tried a number of brands previously but really like this one. It is pricy but given the results, I plan to continue to use it.
5.0 - Gaia Supreme Allergy
Great product. I like this for allergies because it does not make me drowsy and it has natural. It works great for me.
5.0 - Five Stars
Works great for allergies!
5.0 - Get Rid of and Maintain Allergies
Love this product! My allergies act up in the spring and fall, so I make sure to take this every morning and night. Great natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. If your allergies are really bad take this and other medications until it gets better. Than just continue on supplement to keep it maintained. Will recommend to everyone!
5.0 - Absolutely fantastic! Fixed my husband's allergies!
Amazing stuff! Helped clear up my husband's allergies and improved his breathing. All the scientific literature shows that black pepper improves the potency and function of turmeric and this product combines it for you! We take it every day!
5.0 - My son suffers from terrible allergies. He gets congested and his eyes get ...
My son suffers from terrible allergies. He gets congested and his eyes get watery. This product really helps him. He is only 10 years old, so I give him about half the recommended doze. Thank God, he has no side effects to this supplement. I highly recommend this product.
5.0 - I was super congested and had a slight fever and overall did ...
SOLD! I started taking this during the onset of my initial (horrible!) spring allergies (mid-late March). I was super congested and had a slight fever and overall did not feel well. The pollen count was an 11 out of 12 the day I started taking this and I must say this product is a life-saver. I'm not one to write reviews, but I have to share since it helped me so much. Within about two days (taking up to 6 a day initially), my allergy symptoms declined drastically. Within a week, I suffered no symptoms and felt great -- congestion was completely gone, even though everything was starting to fully bloom and pollen was everywhere. I finished the bottle about 4 days ago. I didn't realize how much it was helping me....until now. Upon completion of the bottle, within about 1 - 2 days, my allergies are back. I can't breathe and have had two nose bleed and once again everything is inflamed. I ordered more yesterday and can't wait for it to come in the mail tomorrow and immediately start taking. Why suffer all of spring, when you can take all-natural turmeric (which is great for you anyway), with no negative side effects?! I would take this over Benadryl any day of the week. If you are wondering if this would help your allergy symptoms, give it a shot --- it can't hurt! I'm so thankful I found this.
5.0 - Worked well for allergies and asthma
This worked well for my allergies and my asthma.
I went to Wholefoods because I was having an allergy attack on top of a cold. The rep recommended I try this. I was desperate at this point because Allegra wasn't working. I also prefer something natural. This stuff is AMAZING!!!!!! The ragweed count in Houston is extreme during this season and I look flawless today. It's been about a week that I've been taking 3 pills once a day. No allergy symptoms and the cold I had was cut in half. I've also had three knee surgeries on my left knee. It has even helped with the numb tingling/pain in my knee. I can know sit on my heels without having tension in my knee. Just to give you an idea about how bad my allergies are in Houston, I take 4 allergy shots once a week!!!!!! I plan on taking this for many years to come.
5.0 - This works really well. It's not immediate but then natural is not fast like meds..however you do get much relief from allergies
Fantastic works great for allergies! Love Gaia
5.0 - Works = to 1 benedryl without the drowsiness!
This works perfect for my husbands allergies which have been terrible! He has allergic asthma from the environment, and this keeps it 100% better! Forget benedryl for allergies! Use this!
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