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1. Host Defense - Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsules, Naturally Supports Immune Response, Healthy Digestion, and Hormone Balance, Non-GMO, Vegan, Organic, 120 Count

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5.0 - This is my second order of Turkey Tail Capsules. ...
This is my second order of Turkey Tail Capsules. I believe this product is helping my 10 pound, 13 year old, Maltese in keeping his cancer condition stable and prolonging his life. He was diagnosed with lymphocytic leukemia. Through a lymphoma cancer group on Facebook, I learned of this product, and the benefit of mushrooms for cancer patients. I give my dog one capsule a day.
5.0 - High quality, Great product, immune system is stronger & easy on the stomach.
Great product. Worth the money. I’ve used other cheaper brands and did not get the results I feel from these. Helped through flu season. Got the flu before getting the shot & think it was much less severe from using these. Have friends fighting cancer & it has helped them too. Planning to use long term for better health as I age.
5.0 - The best product for Turkey Tail Mushrooms
I am currently using this product during my cancer treatment to shrink tumors. I am taking 4 in a.m., 4 in p.m.. It is pricey for me, but I do feel it is working. The dosage is the lowest given in the clinical trials, so we shall see. I will continue with regular dosage once I am through my ordeal for maintenance.
5.0 - Host Defense by Fungi Perfecti Turkey Tail Mushroom capsules
Great product, recommended by my naturopathic oncologist for breast cancer. Check out the govt. study. I've been using this for 6 months and my medical oncologist writes in my patient notes, "Keep taking the Turkey Tail Mushroom".
5.0 - i feel wonderful after i took it in few days and it ...
i feel wonderful after i took it in few days and it works for me!! I am a brain cancer survivor!!!!
5.0 - Stage III Cancer and over-living any expectations
My mother was diagnosed with stage III cancer, it is the second occurrence of her cervical cancer 6 years ago. Now it metastasized to her intestinal and had to have a life-saving surgery removing 6 feet of her intestinal. Now she is going under serious chemo for 8 months in a row. Her life expectancy was 12-24 weeks 8 months ago. She is taking turkey tail (as it was in the NIH trial) and the Host Defense Immune support mushroom-combination daily. She has NO side effects of the chemo, she is living a full life without any sign of the illness. The doctors are shocked and happy for her. I keep buying her these and the Immune Defense caplets as long as she is alive - I hope for long-long time. Thank you for the makers and wishing the very best to those who can benefit from these.
4.0 - A friend suggested this for my daughter who has stage ...
A friend suggested this for my daughter who has stage 4 breast cancer. She feels it boosts her autoimmune system and so I am now taking it as well.
5.0 - Works great for dogs!
Gave this to my, very sick very senior, dog with sinus cancer. Originally the vet didn't expect him to make it through the month. When we started the capsules we saw almost immediate improvement in dogs health and energy. We and our vet were surprised and thrilled to see that within a few weeks the cancer actually stopped growing and shrunk about 25%. He went on to live for an additional nine months until sadly the cancer started to grow again. That being said, he spent the his last few months with more vigor and energy than the whole year prior. If he were a younger dog, perhaps we might have beat the cancer completely.
5.0 - proactive + prayer
I bought this for my cat, who has cancer. Last ditch effort to save her. Jury still out. 😖
5.0 - and I can happily say one year later
I have had my post cancer dog on this product for a year now, and I can happily say one year later, she is still with me and in good health! Thank God I found this product for her.
5.0 - Recommend!
My mom has bladder cancer and this has I believe has truly kept it controlled and at bay. She takes two pills a day. Recommend!
5.0 - Great anti cancer supplement!
I love taking this being a cancer survivor! Gives me peace of mind, and a lot of good data backed proof that I can do something to help prevent tumor growths. Love it!
5.0 - Five Stars
I take this regularly as a part of my post cancer care.
5.0 - Great Anti-Cancer Mushroom
Diagnosed and treated for cervical cancer. Watched Paul's TED talk on Turkey Tail and did some research. I have been using Turkey Tail ever since.
5.0 - Highly Recommended!
I'm still using them and my cancer numbers are still dropping. My oncologist wrote on my patient notes, "Keep taking the Turkey Tail Mushroom". I will, and will only use Host Defence Fungi Perfecti because it was the one used in the NIH trial that showed very good results.
5.0 - Anyone interested in their health and has a concern about ...
Anyone interested in their health and has a concern about cancer should read the empirical evidence on Turkey Tail. Get the research and show it to your doctor and they might be surprised. Our medical system generally only recognizes radiation, chemo, and surgery as solutions to our health issues but MDs will understand empirical research and should recognize the value of this product.
5.0 - No seasonal sickness yet!
Arrived on time, great product! I was drawn to try it by the NIH study with women having treatment for breast cancer. The results were good, and no side effects. So I am using it as an immune booster.
5.0 - Two a day Every Day for Me!
This supplement will always be a part of my nutrient regime. And here's March 2016 after having a breast reduction surgery, I was diagnosed with stage 0 Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS), yup...breast cancer. After I picked myself up from the floor, I began the education process. This led me to an NIH (National Institute of Health) study on breast cancer which talked about a recent study featuring Turkey Tail Mushrooms as helping reduce the rates of breast cancer reoccurrence (Google: breast cancer +NIH + turkey tail mushrooms). Then more research led me to a TedTalkMD (a youtube video) by the scientist that manufactures this product. So when I found it on Amazon, I ordered it. Then 60 days later it was time to have my mastectomy with reconstruction. By this time I had been on Host Defense Turkey Tail Capsules for about two months as well as eating a well balanced vegetarian diet. Now, let me just back up for a moment for clarity sake. Because my cancer was found during a breast reduction, the pathology was definitive, I had cancer and they could even tell what type it was...aggressive. After the mastectomy, the next pathology report indicated "no detectable cancer cells". Now, was it the diet, exercise, turkey tail capsules or God? I'll let you judge, but I can tell you that I now (and always will) start my day with PRAYER and my dose of Turkey Tail Capsules.
5.0 - Great For Health & Strong Immunity
There's research showing that Turkey Tail helps break down cancer and tumor cells, so my husband takes this in conjunction with several other herbal/natural supplements.
5.0 - Beat Stage 4 Cancer twice
My girlfriend suggested/insisted I take thesr capsules when diagnosed with stg 4 Lymphoma. She even purchased them for me as she was convinced they would help. Took them because of her belief. Survived and was doing well until stg 4 Endometrial cancer. Second Chemo regimen and now doing ok. Lymphoma present but not causing symptoms. Able to lead a normal life. Rode my bicycle 1500 miles last year. I don't know if the Turkey Tail works or not but I keep taking it because there's no way to prove if it made the difference ir not. I'm afraid to risk stop taking it and find out.
5.0 - Five Stars
Boosts my cancer stricken mothers immune system
5.0 - Amazing.. A must buy for anyone that needs immune support. Anyone having chemo.
Amazing product. I purchased this product when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was May 2013. It sounds ridiculous, but I have not been sick with a cold or flu since then. I tell everyone I know about turkey tail mushrooms. I purchased this supplements due to the implied claim on a video I watched to help cure cancer... I keep buying it since I never get sick. I had chemo.. I had Stage 3c breast cancer with 14 positive nodes, I hope this helps keep the cancer in check. My grand children are snotty nosed 2 and 5 year olds. They Always have colds.. I eat and ate at buffets and even went on a cruise while having chemo. I swear by this product.. I believe that this product is doing more for me then anything I have ever been prescribed by a Dr. I pray that this does more for me then just keep me from getting sick! But if that's it I will take it!
5.0 - Definitely a dynamite Defense!
This is one of the best things for immune defense for ANYBODY! Our dog's veterinary oncologist recommended it for him - and it really helped. My husband takes it to improve his immune defenses while living with cancer. Can't hurt - does help!
Paul Stanets who makes this product is an expert on healing mushrooms. This one is supposed to help with inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. I use it because if there happen to be any vagrant cancer cells in my body looking to make trouble, this will kill them off. I do not have cancer. I use these as a preventative. Be sure to watch Paul Stamets lecture on YouTube on his Moms recovery from cancer using Turkey Tail mushroom capsules.
5.0 - I really started feeling better and had a bit more energy
Started these about a week ago. Only taking one a day since I have cancer and take quite a few meds. I really started feeling better and had a bit more energy. Hoping this will get rid of my tumor. I have a lot of faith in this product. I quit my chemo treatments because I felt dead. We don't need those poisons to try to heal us. Chemo is another way for doctors and Big Pharma to make money off of us. This is a natural product that won't poison us and hopefully, will cure us.
5.0 - This product was recommended to me by my vet
This product was recommended to me by my vet, after my dog was diagnosed with operable but incurable cancer of his anal sac. I do not expect this product to "cure" his cancer, but since giving this to him (2 capsules 1x day) his bloodwork has come back perfect, meaning that it seems to be slowing the spread of this insidious disease and so far his cell count and organ function are perfect. My dog's appetite, behavior and energy level are completely normal and he is not suffering in any way.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great product. I use it instead of taking Arimidex and am a 5 year survivor from Breast Cancer.
5.0 - Fights cancer!
Great stuff! Fights cancer and also has been shown in studies to lower PSA. That's why my husband takes it.
5.0 - I'm blessed.
This brand and this mushroom are a first line of defense for cancer fighting. Check out the clinical findings. Buying on line adds another blessing especially with the simple ordering I've encountered.
5.0 - Seems to work.
My PSA level has been slowly going up. After taking 3 pills a day, my last PSA was slightly lower. I don't honestly know if Turkey Tail alone did it, but I'll take the results. It certainly can't hurt. It's approved in the Japanese medical industry as an aid to treat prostate cancer.
4.0 - my sister in-law recommend this product she said it pushed away the bad ...
This is my first time to purchased this sister in-law recommend this product she said it pushed away the bad cells.and I read the reviews that can cured cancer so I decide to purchased this product and continue to used this coz we have a history of breast cancer,I hope this product can help me prevent illness.i will purchased this again very soon!
5.0 - Cancer fighting immune boosting product
I use this product daily as part of my cancer prevention routine. The price on Amazon is competitive and beats the local health food store.
5.0 - Possibly a miracle
I recommended this for my father who was recently diagnosed with metastatic carcinoid cancer. I figured, it couldn’t hurt to add this in addition to his monthly injections. 5 months later at his checkup and his cancer was essentially declared arrested. Mind blown. I mean, it’s likely not completely because of this supplement but I can’t help but think it was a major contributor!
5.0 - Worked excellent for Lung Tumors
Last April my husband was given a Cat Scan that showed 9 lung nodules, in June a Pet Scan was done that showed probable lung cancer due to the uptake of the radioactive dye. Because he was not well enough for surgery we were told in July that they would keep an eye on the cancer and repeat the Cat Scan in September. He started taking the Turkey Tail supplement along with Curamed turmeric after researching alternative options in July, and in September the Cat Scan showed all 9 tumors were gone!! The research we have read, shows it is also good for other types of cancer including breast cancer and helping Chemo patients repair their immune system while taking Chemo.
4.0 - Turkey Tail
I take this product to boost my immune system since I'm stage 4 metastasize breast cancer patient. I only wish this product was less costly or have a sale buy one get one free since I take it on regular bases because it works .
5.0 - I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I took 8 ...
I was diagnosed with breast cancer June 2014. I took 8 grams (16 pills) per the study they did, along with a low carb, low calorie diet, no grains, no dairy diet. By the time the tumor was operated on (6 weeks), it had gone from 1.9 to 0.8. I am never sick.
4.0 - I hope it works!
Started taking this a few weeks ago for high grade PIN and prostate health. Researched the product and the studies. Looks promising. Also taking AHCC for cancer prevention and immunity. The founder has some good videos online although its hard to believe the turnaround in his mothers health on the video was just due to this supplement alone. If it was then it was a miracle but I am a believer for the moment.
5.0 - Good youtube on Paul Stametts TED talk
I am taking 6 grams a day for my leukemia. I combine it with 2 grams of Cordyceps, and 2 grams of 'Community' to help improve the effectiveness of the turkey tail. Good youtube on Paul Stametts TED talk. I empty the pills into a glass and add water instead of downing so many pills. It tastes nice and toasty like miso. Lots of research on cancer for this type of mushroom. Two months in, and I'm starting to see improvement, and at very least disease has not progressed. I am also eating only organic fruits ,vegies, grains, nuts, and no sugar or alcohol. I also take Artemisinin in whole plant form and in processed form with an optiferrin iron pill. I have energy, feel good, lost some weight due to the diet change. My blood pressure was high before, and is now wonderful. I will get a full blood work up in another month to see if results show, but I'm very pleased with results.
5.0 - I have ovarian cancer Stage IIIC and these were recommended by my gynecologic oncologist
I have ovarian cancer Stage IIIC and these were recommended by my gynecologic oncologist, who is one of the top ones in Southern California. I'm so glad he is open to and recommends these on top of surgeries and chemo and other treatments. I was given 1-2 years to live but it has now been 8.5 years and all of my doctors tell me that they don't know why I'm still alive, but to keep on doing whatever I'm doing. And I think the Turkey Tail mushroom capsules have helped lengthen my life.
4.0 - Natural medicine
Eager to try this product supposedly great for breast cancer victims to strengthen immune system. Hopefully it will help those in need.
5.0 - Prescribed by ND Oncologist for Endremetrial Cancer
My ND Oncologist prescribed I take 3 caps twice a day. I use this along with chemo ordered by my MD Oncologist. I am grateful for Integrative Cancer approach.
5.0 - So far, so good
It is hard to say if the defense against breast cancer is working as I (very luckily) do not have it but, I did not get any colds or influenza this past fall, winter or spring and I usually do so it seems worth it to me.
5.0 - A friend recommended Turkey Tail
I bought this for my 12 year old Golden, I found out end of July that she has a mass growing on the wall of her stomach. A friend recommended Turkey Tail, her elderly dog had an inoperable tumor on his spleen and he lived two years longer than he should have in comfort. I researched Turkey Tail and found it has been scientifically proven to have excellent cancer-fighting properties. I chose Host Defense for their careful growing/manufacturing practices and for their very good company reputation. My dog has been on this product for three months now and so far she seems to be doing quite well and I have not seen any adverse health issues.
4.0 - hoping for good
got for someone dealing with cancer---good product, hoping for good results
5.0 - great response
My 72 year old husband had sarcoma metastases to the lung Stage 4 which has a dire prognosis. Chemo helped stem the tide but did not completely resolve the cancer. After chemo was discontinued, he started on 6 Gm of turkey tail (12 pills a day) and 2 fermented turmeric capsules a day. Five months later, his PET scan shows continued improvement.
4.0 - Lots of pills
My understanding is that for cancer treatment coriolus versicolor should be taken in a dosage of 6-9g each of these pills is 0.5 grams. This puts treatment at $4.50-$6.75 per day. Not unreasonably high but certainly an expense and the bottles go fast.
5.0 - Effective tool!
Research shows Turkey Tail mushrooms are effective for breast cancer prevention or reoccurrence of breast cancer.
5.0 - He is doing great a year later
Started giving it to my much-loved Shih Tzu as part of his cancer regimen. He is doing great a year later. I'm taking it myself now.
5.0 - Five Stars
My vet recommended these for my dog that has cancer.
5.0 - ... that this product is helping me to feel really good.
I have stage 4 cancer and I believe that this product is helping me to feel really good.
My bladder cancer doctor suggested that I take turkey tail mushroom in addition to some other supplements that are recommended by National Cancer Institute (NCI) hospitals as well as eating foods to boost the immune system. Keeping my fingers crossed that these changes as well as the extraordinary medical care I receive will keep it at bay.
5.0 - Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer.Patient
Conventional Primary Therapy - Low dose chemo. An ( one of several) adjunct therapies recommended by my doctor included 12 capsules per day (6 grams) Turkey Tail Mushrooms. Tumor markers are going down. Will reduce daily dosage when CEA reading stabilizes. Make no mistake this is not a cure - just trying to manage this chronic disease and extend survivability. See reference - University of Washington "Guide to Integrative Oncology for Clinicians".
5.0 - it is suppose to work for improving one's cancer and improve your immune system
my doctor,educated at Harvard, is a die-hard supporter of this product. He thinks it is important to take if one is diagnosed with cancer. If you go to their website, the owner's mother had stage 4 cancer and took 4 pills a day plus the comprehensive support...4 a day of that. FDA has not approved it for a "cure" for cancer but I feel that it does work by improving one's immune system. I took it a week before surgery because I had a high fever for 5 days and cough and didn't want the surgery postponed. The next day my fever dropped to normal and my cough improved. I still wasn't sure if I was well enough for surgery so I went for a exam and I was fever free and my lungs were clear the day before surgery. I feel that this stuff really works to strengthen my immune system. After my chemo ends I will start taking it daily. I don't expect it to be a cancer cure but am hoping it will yield some success by helping my immune system fight any random cancer cells in my body. It can't hurt and I am planning to use it not as a cure but as an extra insurance that it may help.
5.0 - Love this product!
Host Defense manufactures great organic mushroom products. I take a variety of them and would not use any mushroom products that were not organic. Mushrooms clear their environment of toxins, so I will only use organic mushrooms. Host Defense is the last word in mushrooms - they produce a quality product. The research on turkey tail mushrooms and breast cancer is amazing. I always have Host Defense Organic Mushrooms in my cabinet.
5.0 - Proven for breast cancer
Taking after breast cancer. So far so good after surgery!
5.0 - Glad to Get This
Did not get to use it as a friend with cancer needed it more than I do so will reorder
5.0 - Going forward from breast cancer
are easy to take, one order will last a month. After having a single breast surgery removal and being cancer free, no chemo or radiation required I am taking Turkey Tail. From reading the reviews and knowing that the NHI has approved them and the FDA is researching, I have decided not to take hormones. Based on the side affects of hormones and the success of Turkey Tail, I have decided to go forward with a natural healing, rather than take hormones. The discussions on Paul Stamets web page encouraged me to move forward with Turkey Tail. I am 65 and want to lead a clean drug free life.
5.0 - Pancreatic Cyst Shrinking
This product appears to be shrinking my pre-cancerous pancreatic cyst. I am taking the maximum recommended dose in conjunction with another product, Black Seed Oil. Please do your own research on dosing. The growth measures half the size after one month, 20 mm down to 10mm. No other therapies are being done except a no sugar or starch diet.
5.0 - Five Stars
Research has found these work against various types of cancer! Also helps reduce PSA.
5.0 - Turkey Tail and hemangiosarcoma
I had worked in the oncology department of the Clinic I currently work in, and a patient had mentioned he had taken these capsules- he is now a cancer survivor. My dear sweet 14 year old Corgi was diagnosed in April 2017 with a hemangiosarcoma in her spleen. I remembered our patient mentioning Turkey Tail, and put my girl on 3 capsules a day (she's 20 pounds). It's March 25, 2018 and she's still with us. I am going to ask for another ultrasound mid-April to see if the mass is smaller. I was beside myself when the vet gave me the diagnosis and thought she'd be gone in a matter of a month or so. Anything that gives you as much time as you can possibly have with your companion animal is a blessing and should be tried if you can try it. I want to state I am not giving medical or veterinary advice, simply providing my own experience with this product and that you might have the same results. I am grateful for Paul Stamets Turkey Tail and the extra time I have had with my girl!
5.0 - Retrieving the newspaper every day: sun, rain, snow, or whatever!
When my Golden Retriever's spleen ruptured we rushed him to a pet ER service and the veterinarian diagnosed the cause as hemangiosarcoma - a fast moving and deadly blood-borne cancer that attacks the liver, brain, and yes, the spleen - and gave my boy a prognosis of 11 to 90 days to live without chemotherapy and maybe 6 months with chemotherapy. We opted for the extra time with our favorite companion. Several thousands of dollars later and after the last chemo treatment, the vet mentioned a new immune boosting supplement made of the mycelium of the turkey tail (Trametes versicolor) mushroom. Supposedly there was a joint clinical study between China and some USA interest - I don't know the details, honestly.
5.0 - Great stuff
I wanted this for a family member ,for Cancer care , go to YouTube to see the information stories about Turkey Tail Mushroom
5.0 - I have only recently started using this product, so ...
I have only recently started using this product, so it's really too early to tell how satisfactory it will be for the breast cancer I'm dealing with. I'm taking 8 grams a day, so it becomes rather expensive, but I will continue with it as part of my healing regime.
5.0 - You can feel the difference.
When I got the product, I started using it and didn't notice a thing. However, when I stopped I noticed the difference. It is supposed to really help out with your immune system and helps fight cancer.
5.0 - Never Sick!!!
Best thing EVER.. I have not been sick in a year.. or while going through treatment for Breast Cancer!- update 10.2.15. Still no cold no nothing... Amazing little supplement. I am on anti expstrogen meds but the good news is this works have a good evening hope this is the cure for cancer. It could be
5.0 - Best mushroom medicine for breastfeeding cancer.
Cures Breast Cancer. So grateful for this product.
5.0 - Five Stars
Very good supplement, excellent for inflammation, pre cancer, 1st stage cancer especially for prostate issues.
5.0 - Great results for me and my dog!
I started taking these after seeing Paul Stamets' youtube video regarding his mom and her journey being cured of breast cancer via the Bastyr University study. Although, I haven't been fully diagnosed, I took them with the hope that they would relieve my prostate and colorectal symptoms and after about 2-3 months, I saw dramatic improvements. My prostate issues improved by nearly 70% and my colorectal symptoms went away for the most part. But I've also radically changed my diet and am now on a purely plant-based diet, the one prescribed by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn of movie "Forks Over Knives" fame. I had heart issues that just changing my diet have caused to go away. I eat mainly vegetables and hardly any fruit. No coffee, no chocolate, no sugar, no oils, only flax seeds for fat, no nuts, gluten free and I tend to follow Dr. Joel Furman's GBOMBS diet (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds) every day. (of course, no animal proteins, no dairy, no eggs, etc., pure vegetarian). Since I'm not a doctor, you should do your own research and consult a medical professional before embarking on improving your health. Good Luck! Oh, P.S. I do give my 45 lb Aussie an occasional tablet when he starts limping around. Amazing results, it clears his symptoms in 24 hours and lasts quite a while. So good for doggies, too, just reduce the dosage.
4.0 - hard to give 5 stars, but....
I will say it does not upset the stomach, it is easy to swallow, and supposedly these have been used for decades by asian culture as a cancer fighting agent. ( most ofte post radiation / chemo.. but I have only read these things, I have not been through it. They supposedly boost your natural killer cells fighting ability, which is a big part of your immune system. I a NOT a doctor, please do your homework and don't beleive me, but I am only trying to pass on what I had read in numerous reputable places online.
I am taking this as it is proven to be certified organic mushroom mycelium, with a full spectrum of constituents: polysaccharides (beta glucans, arabinoxylane, fucose, glucose, xylose, galactose and mannose), glycoproteins, ergosterols, triterpenoids and the native Mycobiome™, which are essential for Supporting Natural Immunity. Having had recent surgery for skin cancer, I have found that Turkey Tail Mushroom can boost the immune system. I want to do all I can to keep healthy.
5.0 - Highly recommeded by a friend dealing with cancer
Have just begun taking these, with no issues in terms of reactions. I did check this out in terms of how it is produced and processed and believe it to be safe and carefully managed through the growing to delivery stage. My friend is taking this along with several other homeopathic recommendations from her physician who addresses health issues from both the western and complementary sides.
5.0 - Anti tumoral, anti cancer, natural product. Even works on dogs tumors.
Great product, helps shrink tumors!
5.0 - Great product.
Turkey Tails help me on multiple fronts. From keeping me healthy while working at a school. To helping to reduce my cancer risks.
5.0 - Great product
Using this for my wife's breast cancer. She had a very small tumor and had a lumpectomy. She is undergoing radiation. I had read Paul Stamets books and also seen his discussion on Ted Talks. I believe this to be one of the best natural treatments for cancer available.
5.0 - HD Turkey Tail
I'm a breast cancer survivor that does not want to take Tamaxifin so this is my natural replacement! Love it
5.0 - she is doing good and she feels good
My mother has breast cancer stage 4, she is doing good and she feels good. I saw so many reviews of the turkey tail so I decided to buy it. On her last exams of blood, is hard to explain but explains the measurement of the tumors (something like that) not that specific but it explains if the medicine is working or not, and before using the turkey tail she got 98 which is pretty bad, and on the last exams using the turkey tail + her treatment of course, she got 55 which is great! the doctor was so happy, I truly believe that the turkey tail helps. On April 4 we will know exactly how is everything working, she is still taking the turkey tail, so hopefully everything is good!
5.0 - Great Product with extra benefits
I bought this product to help boost my immune system during cancer treatment. Not only did it help my immune system it also helped me get a good nights sleep. I have not been able to get a goods nights sleep in years. I started taking Turkey Tail and now I sleep through the night. It works for me so maybe it will help you too.
5.0 - Great product
This product is exactly what it says. I use it as a cancer preventative, which has helped greatly. A side effect to it that I did not expect was that it reduced the very large scar I had from surgery. The scar is about half the size, and less visible due in decreased redness. I can say it was a very pleasant side effect. It has also allowed my snpynthetic thyroid medication to be decrease from a higher dosage. My last shipment was late and they even called me say they were sorry and it was on it's way. They even gave me a 15%discount for my next purchase. The product and the company are both outstanding!
5.0 - Excellent. It has been keeping our senior beagle who ...
Excellent. It has been keeping our senior beagle who was diagnosed with liver and spleen cancer in Oct 2017 and was given a week to live running and playing like a puppy! We buy it monthly for her and hope to keep buying it for a long time
5.0 - Five Stars
Part of my daily regime to boost my immune system and remain cancer free.
5.0 - The Only Well-researched Anti-Cancer Supplement !!
It has helped to increase my immunity during chemo(Docetaxel/Taxotere+ Herceptin), at 4 capsules per day.
5.0 - great product
when my wife and I started looking for an immune system booster the naturopath recommended these. my wife is doing very well with these and I am happy with the results as she is a cancer patient. highly recommend
5.0 - So far so good
I am a breast cancer survivor who had to quit Herceptin early due to heart damage.
5.0 - Good for immune system
A friend with cancer recommended this item for a boost to the immune system. I have recommended this to another friend with cancer and his immune markers(?) came up so high his doctor wanted to know what he was doing differently.
5.0 - Five Stars
Very good product for helping to keep cancer at bay.
5.0 - Do your research these things are a maricle supplement
These things are amazing! I really belive they work and help cancer patients. I was very skeptical but my best friend is fighting cancer and he went from the worst case scenario to having a very posative outlook.
5.0 - Stops Colds and Flu from taking hold!
I got this as a cancer preventive for good measure, but realized that if I took one at the onset of cold or flu symptoms that within hours the symptoms would disappear. This has happened to me twice. I take one a day and had run out. I didn't take any for a week and felt symptoms coming on a day after a visit with my friend's sick kids and not sleeping well the night before. I immediately went to the health food store to see if they had some of these capsules and they did. Within a few hours of taking two capsules my symptoms disappeared. I also had a canker sore getting established in my mouth, which I can't feel anymore (the next morning). It sounds miraculous, but I'm telling it like it is! Works for me!
5.0 - Cancer patients this is a must
I would not believe this product but my mom has sclc extensive lung cancer and life expectancy was not supposed to be long- and she has had 9 months free of any colds flu going through chemo. Her immunity has been shot w chemo- and I swear this product saved her. Our whole family has been her full time care takers and we all have kids and we have brought pneumonia!, colds, flu, strep throat, and she has not been sick once! I can't say for sure its this pill but in my mind I'm pretty certain this is the miracle that has saved her immunity. And possibly helped with the cancer. I would take it myself but my thought is I may need it when I get sick- and wouldn't want to create an immunity to a miracle I may need later for something life threatening. However I recommend this for any patient fighting cancer! One bout of pneumonia could be awful for a patient. I don't write reviews but I feel so strongly about this product.
5.0 - Helped me through chemo - and more
I have or had stage 3C breast cancer. While going through chemo I ordered these supplements after some research and seeing Paul on TED TV. Since I have been taking these I have had only one mild cold that lasted 5 days. I had surgery in July and started taking this as well as high doses of vitamin D and a few other supplements purchased on amazon. I can't say what exactly the reason is.. Since I made a few other changes as well. My immune sustenance was compromised due to chemo and I flew through it with NO problems.. I even went on a cruise! Take your supplements and wash your hands.. I won't be without turkey tail capsules. I feel they have boosted my immune system when it was most compromised - I have sick grand kids and sick people I work with.. Ate at plenty of buffets during chemo .. yet I was only sick once since July!
Tukey Tail is traditional Chinese medicine, and is believed to have healing elements to strengthen the body against illness and disease. We have purchased and began taking Turkey Tail Mushrooms to strengthen our immune system. We also take it to reduce susceptibility to infections. We decided to take it daily, as my research reveals that Turkey Tail Mushroom is effective by enhancing the workings of one of the most critical cells, known as T helper cells. We all have to be aware of the workings of our bodies and what we put into them. Free radicals are the ultimate cause of illnesses and health conditions from premature aging to some forms of cancer. The problem is how to fight free radicals and anything we can do to battle the free radicals, we feel, we should do. We have also found that Turkey Tail has NO side effects. We feel better knowing that we are doing all we can do to keep our bodies healthy, from Healthy eating to taking the proper supplements. We won't be without Host Defense Organic Mushrooms. This product has had a positive effect on our overall well being.
5.0 - It may be working - will let you know in another month
I bought this for my neapolitan mastiff who was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. Had the tumor removed. His immune system seems to be better when he's taking Turkey Tail. So we are going to continue giving it to him
5.0 - Wonderful product
I started taking this product back in March to help fight cancer tumors and bump up my immune system. I feel it has worked for both problems. I will not go without them! My doctors are amazed at my progress, and I am now off all treatments. I will continue to take this brand of Turkey Tail for years to come.
5.0 - Dog has been cancer free for 3 years with this as part of her protocol
Three years ago, my then-8 year old female dog developed a mast cell tumor. While the studies for Turkey Tail primarily reference its effectiveness re: hemangiosarcoma, the overall cancer-inhibiting properties are undeniable. I started her on these capsules as she underwent radiation, in conjunction with switching to low-temp cooked whole foods and ultimately, a raw diet, as well as using turmeric, fish oil, and raw coconut water (the last one just during radiation). I still give these to her, and I am pleased to say that three years later, she is still cancer-free. The tumor was grade 2, very locally aggressive and on her leg, but she did not have to have her leg amputated with the care protocol that she received. Radiation can cause skin cancer years later, so the additional protective effect of Turkey Tail is worth continuing. I have recommended this to many people whose dogs have been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and those dogs are all much better than expected.

2. Turmeric Curcumin Complex with Black Pepper Extract - 750mg per Capsule, 180 Veg. Caps - Contains Piperine (For Superior Absorption and Tumeric Bio-availability) and 95% Standardized Curcuminoids

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This is an amazing product backed by an amazing company. First this is the same patented formulation (with Piperine, black pepper extract) that was used in the famous cancer treatment studies. Second it is packed in capsules for quick dissolving. Third the company is not only super fast, they actually called me on the telephone to make sure the order arrived well and that I was satisfied. SUPER!! Thanks bunches.
5.0 - Excellent product and price
We have been using Turmeric Curcumin C3 with BioPerine for three months now and feel that it is one of the most important supplements that we take along with Omega-3 and grape seed extract (resveratrol). All three work together to reduce inflammation, protect the brain, prevent cancer, and support heart health. Since BioPerine is added to assist in absorption of curcumin, along with the best price, make this product the very best choice.
5.0 - I'll stick with it!!
I am completely satisfied with VitaBreeze curcumin, even though I take several supplements, and it's hard to tell what does what. I'm into my 7th year of St.IV breast cancer, so something is keeping me here! Careful reading of the label convinced me VitaBreeze would work for me. The phone rep was more than cordial; she was so friendly. I have been taking one form or another of curcumin for several months, and I will stick with VitaBreeze.
5.0 - Definitely Worth Trying
I first learned about curcumin when I read an article in our local newspaper, which included positive quotes from physicians as well as noting research with the supplement at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Now, I'm feeling great -- better than I've felt in several years! My doctor even commented on how good I look. I just opened my second bottle and appreciate the fact that it's a full 90-day supply for me.
5.0 - Great for cancer fighting!
I am a cancer survivor and this is one of the best cancer fighting supplements you can take and has helped me tremendously with post chemo neuropathy and residual joint pain from radiation. Highly recommend!
5.0 - Five Stars
I love this product because it is all natural anti-inflamatory and anti cancer,seems to be working great so far...
5.0 - Being Healthy
I have taken different potency of turmeric for years and I very much like the 750mg extra strength complex. I take three of these a day. I need the anti inflammatory properties and I take it also because I feel it helps to stop cancer cell reproduction. That is my own prescription but it seems to have kept me clear for many years. Too, it is properly priced.
5.0 - and this one is great. The product came within a few days
I use this as an additional way to help stop my cancer progression. I have tried numerous products, and this one is great. The product came within a few days, and the staff at VitaBreeze were very helpful. Will buy this again!
5.0 - Quite pleased with this Turmeric
I have been taking Curcumin for about a year and a half now, as a defense against potential cancer. This product meets all of my expectations, and I will continue to use this brand.
5.0 - Very pleased with this brand
Very pleased with this brand. A good deal for the price. I think it eases aches and pains in my joints. I've read so many things about the benefits of taking turmeric, so I decided I needed to take this regularly. I also sent a bottle to my parents after reading about the helpfulness in preventing Alzheimer's disease as well as preventing or slowing the progression of certain cancers. I talked to my father-in-law about it, and he ordered the same brand as well. Worth the money!
5.0 - It is a great anti cancer supplement
I have been taking the Pure Tumeric Curcumin C3 for three months now. It is a great anti cancer supplement. I use it along with healthy eating to feel good and keep my immune system strong.
5.0 - My husband has cancer and curcumin was recommended by his cancer team as a good supplement to ...
My husband has cancer and curcumin was recommended by his cancer team as a good supplement to take. He is able to tolerate this supplement well,, and it does seem to us that his lab reports have improved since switching to this since it has Black pepper extract for better absorption.
5.0 - Five Stars
Took 8 grams a day for 8 weeks but not change in cancer
5.0 - VitaBreeze Curcumin is an amazing product!
I have been buying this product for almost a year. I originally ordered it for my father, who has esophageal cancer. I had read that there are studies that have shown that curcumin has been known to help fight cancer cells. With the blessing of his oncologist, I bought these VitaBreeze capsule for him, hoping that they might help. My dad's cancer has been dormant now for the past 9 months since he finished his chemo and radiation. He has been taking the curcumin since he finished his treatments. The oncologist is amazed that he is doing so well. I can't say that it is the cur cumin that is keeping the beast at bey, but it sure can't hurt! By the way, my dad is 85 years old! After reading more about curcurmin, I decided to take it myself for my skin and for it's natural anti-inflammatory benefits. My knees feel much better walking up and down the stairs, and my skin is much improved! I recommended it to a friend who has psoriasis, and two months after she started taking it, her psoriasis was totally gone. She ran out about six weeks ago, and guess what? The psoriasis returned. She quickly ordered more!! I have been recommending this product to lots of my friends and family members with various issues from arthritis to psoriasis and then some. This product is great because it is 95% Curcumin, (the best part of turmeric) and 5% BioPerine, which helps with absorption of the curcumin in the system. I highly recommend this product! The VitaBreeze people waste no time in getting the product out to you, and they even contacted me via email to make sure everything is okay! It doesn't get much better than that!
5.0 - Great Product! Must Buy!
I have been using this product for several months. I started taking it for the pain in my shoulder. I have noticed that I hardly feel it anymore. I also take it because of all the positive things I have read about Tumeric. It has anti-inflammatory effects and is a strong antioxidant. I have also read it may be useful in preventing and treating Alzheimer's Disease and heart disease. There is also evidence that it also can be used to prevent and treat cancer. I will continue to take Tumeric because of these amazing things it can help with. I like this particular brand because it has the black pepper which helps with absorption. I also like that its standardized to 95% Curcuminoids. This is a great product you must buy.
5.0 - We are happy to report that with this supplement and lifestyle changes ...
My husband was diagnosed with liver disease. Research states turmeric curcumin is beneficial for liver function. We are happy to report that with this supplement and lifestyle changes {weight loss and abstaining from alcohol} the 6 month ultra sound showed no worsening of cirrhosis and no cancer. I will continue to buy this product.
5.0 - Excellent product, excellent price!!
I take these pills daily in my Alternative Treatments protocols for battling breast cancer for the second time. Turmeric/Curcumin with BioPerine is highly recommended in this battle. I have shopped for a high dose, good price, low stomach upset, highly recommended brand, through many many companies over the last few years. This brand is the one I am staying with and I it is one of my main Subscribe and Save items here on Amazon for an even better price. I have my family on this brand now and I couldn't be happier with the results. Along with helping us with pain, I have seen good results in my cancer tests so far, and that is the most important thing to me and my family. Cancer runs in our family heavily so this is a big help in the battles and as a preventative. I couldn't recommend it more highly, and it works well with all the other supplements I also take. Thank you VitaBreeze for a great product and a great price.
4.0 - I used this product and found it to be easily tolerated. Everyone should be taking Turmeric
Turmeric has been shown to kill cancer cells. I used this product and found it to be easily tolerated. Everyone should be taking Turmeric!
5.0 - Curcumin and docetaxel chemotherapy
I chose the vita-breeze curcumin because it was certified 95% curcumin and had the bioperine to assist with the curcumin's absorption. The price was good also. Curcumin is know to complement the effectiveness of docetaxel chemotherapy which I am on at present. It is also a known alternative therapy for various cancers. I have no way of knowing that it is effective on its own, but I know the chemo plus curcumin and the other supplements that I take are working to push back my lung cancer. I give this product 5 stars for prompt delivery, good price and good packaging as well as being standardized to 95% curcuminoids.
5.0 - It will stop inflammation in about 2 weeks!
I have been using curcumin C3 for 1 month. I bought it because it was a lot cheaper than the one I was already using. This product had been working wonderfully. I had horrible pain on the sole of my feet, feet, knees, legs, and hips, the inflammation was taking over my body. I was seriously considering quitting my work. This pain is no more as I keep taking this product. It is convenient because this greater dose, 750 mg instead of the 500 mg I was using, allows me to stop adding curcumin and pepper to my food. It also allows me to forget a dose once in a while with no further pain consequences. Additionally; I will continue using this product because of its anti cancer properties. There are no side effects. This product is a wonderful and safe alternative to all the dangerous medications, and expensive medical procedures I had to endure for 4 years with no positive results. Moreover; I also had a painful big ball on my foot which is now down to about 10 %. I recommend this product with no hesitation. You won't be squandering away your money, time, and pain.
5.0 - Turmeric, the Golden Spice
Modern in vitro studies reveal that turmeric is a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, antimicrobial, and anti-cancer agent. As an antioxidant, turmeric extracts can scavenge free radicals, increase antioxidant enzymes, and inhibit lipid peroxidation. The use of turmeric as a spice and as a household remedy has been known to be safe for centuries. To date, no studies in either animals or humans have discovered any toxic effects associated with the use of turmeric, and it is clear that turmeric is not toxic even at very high doses.
4.0 - a perfect combination of the two
I have read many articles and research citing the powerful anticancer properties of tumeric. Through further research I discovered that most of the anticancer properties are lost if not consumed with bioperine. Then I found this product, a perfect combination of the two.
5.0 - I love the product
I love the product. I used to prefer Curamed, however I like the attributes of this product better. I had Stage 4 head and neck cancer 4 years ago and like that it supports a healthy immune system.
5.0 - Curcumin is amazing for your health...and this is the combo you are looking for!
I am so happy with this product. I have been sold on turmeric for years and have bounced around trying different brands. The last kind I got from a different company had such a thick gelatin capusule and was so hard I feared it might not even dissolve. I've been listening to experts who report on all of the health benefits. It has been said that it can help with up to 600 different health conditions. They discuss multitutes of clinical studies. Research for yourself, but I find the ones regarding tumors and cancer extremely interesting. One component that researchers highly recommend is to find a turmeric blend with black pepper. I was thrilled to find this one as it has been explained that having the black pepper aids in the absorption into your body and bioavailability of the curcumin. Basically you get much more bang for your buck. It becomes much easier for you body to use it effectively. I will certainly buy this again.
4.0 - Can t really at this date
Excellant followup from the Company--Been taking 2-3 per day for a month with my regular scripts for diabetes, cholesterol, hi blood pressure, depression (PTSD) and lung cancer after surgery. I have not been as tired (due drug intake) as I was before I began taking Turmeric on a daily basis so I guess its helping somewhat--- time will tell! I
5.0 - We are using curcumin because research shows evidence of benefits ...
We are using curcumin because research shows evidence of benefits against melanoma and prostate cancer, both of which are in our family. We’re also using it for its anti-inflammatory and pain control properties. Most of the results we expect to realize by using curcumin are so subtle that we’re basically using it out of faith of the most current research that we’ve found on the Internet. With regard to pain control, we do superficial experiments on ourselves to compare the curcumin to ibuprofen.
4.0 - but I hope that it is doing some good in the areas of cancer prevention and heart health
I have heard so many positive things about Turmeric that I will continue to take this. I have not noticed an overwhelming improvement in my pain, but I hope that it is doing some good in the areas of cancer prevention and heart health. I have not been sick in 1.25 years, so maybe I can contribute some of that to my daily use of this product. I plan to reorder from VitaBreeze long term.
5.0 - Great product choice
I am required to take this after my cancer diagnosis. I love that this is the correct dosage and enough for more than a month supply at once. I am very pleased with this product.
5.0 - Excellent product at a good price
I take curcumin C3 for its anti-inflammatory and cancer preventative properties, and the black pepper greatly enhances absorption. Excellent product at a good price! Would recommend!
5.0 - It really works !!
Wonderful product !! I had been having aching joint pain in my left leg, up until I started taking Turmeric... It defiantly reduces the amount of inflammation in your body. I take one every morning and evening, even when I am not having joint pain because there are so many other benefits of Turmeric, such as cancer prevention, controlling diabetes, reducing cholesterol, boosting your immune system, and many more !! I love this product !
5.0 - Joint Pains Gone - More flexibility - Pain free
Our Family Loves it. Joint Pains are a thing of the past. Knee pains gone. I can not overstate how much we love Curcumin. Also, after watching "The Truth About Cancer" series, where many of the doctors recommended Curcumin, it made me realize this is much more powerful than the MSM lets on. I like it so much, that I bought some for my other family members.
5.0 - Getting healthier
I haave been diagnosed with non agressive prostate cancer and elected to take a wait and see rather than the aggressive therapies professed by the medical profession all of which have serious side effects. Research has shown that curcumin maybe helpful in treating cancer without side effects therefore I decided to try it and see in a few months how it has affecter my PSA levels. I have also changed my diet to a low fat vegan diet and exercise daily. So far i have lost about 20 lbs and looking towards getting down to my ideal weight of 160lbs.
5.0 - Natural products are better then synthetic
My husband has osteoarthritis and this product has helped him manage the pain due to the inflammation in his joints. He no longer needs to take ibuprofen 800. I am taking this for arthritis and cancer. I am feeling great and I have recommended this product to several people. let food be thy medicine.
5.0 - great purchase
I purchased this product because I heard it was a good cancer preventative but found out after I started taking it that is good for inflammation and reduction of morning phlegm. The price is great and the customer service is wonderful.
5.0 - Great product. Growing up in India
Great product. Growing up in India, I am used to turmeric rich diet. Unfortunately western diet lacks this. I am using this as a daily supplement to help my spouse battle cancer. The pills have the rich smell of turmeric. I love the fact it has some ground black pepper. I take this with some fat- TBPS of olive oil or shot of warm raw milk. Will be ordering more these:)
5.0 - Great purchase !!!!
Excellent product . I had bladder cancer and this will help prevent re occurance !!
5.0 - so good. Had stage 3 colon cancer
Grandson had me take to help keep my cancer from coming back.
5.0 - I understand the BioPerine makes it absorb better. I have friends that give this to their ...
My husband and I both started taking this Curcumin C3 Complex a few weeks back and we both swear it has helped us in more ways then one...It is gluten free and non GMO to just add to the benefits. We feel it helps with the joint problems and the enhanced immune system as neither of us has had the slightest sniffle since we started taking this product???? I understand the BioPerine makes it absorb better. I have friends that give this to their dog to help it fight the cancer and they claim she is doing much better? I recommend this to anyone who wants to get and stay healthier.
5.0 - Tumeric is highly rated as an anti cancer supplement
I have done a lot of research on products , as a cancer survIvor it is very important that I take the right supplements. Tumeric is one that I take every day and this product seems to be of high quality and exactly what my Naturopathic Oncologist recommended. Thank you for a high quality product at a reasonable price.
5.0 - I am pleased that this product is an extra strength product as ...
I purchased Pure Turmeric Curcumin C-3 because of all the research on Curcumin. It is anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory. I was looking for a product that contained extracts. I am pleased that this product is an extra strength product as well. Also, the fact that it also contained BioPerine Blace Pepper Extract was important to be because it makes the ingredients more bioavailable. I take one capsule for breakfast and one for dinner. I’ve been using it for just about a month so far. Bob S.
5.0 - Great product
I've been using this product for almost two months. I'm using it for a long term benefit related to empirical evidence that it helps reduce certain markers for a particular cancer that runs in my family, so it's way too early to say whether it works or not, but if it doesn't, it wouldn't be the fault of this particular product, but just that Curcumin/Tumeric in general didn't work for me.
5.0 - Excellent Product at an Excellent Value
This is my 2nd brand of Turmeric Curcumin that I have purchased. Off the bat this one actually smells like turmeric vs the Now brand version, so it made me feel it is actually what it says it is. I have been using religiously since it arrived and am very happy with it. I purchased it initially since I have had cancer and want to use it more as preventative, but I have also notice with a recent knee injury it has helped with the inflammation and pain as well. Definitely will be purchasing again!
5.0 - Not only does it contain the best supplement available anywhere for arthritis
Buy this stuff. Not only does it contain the best supplement available anywhere for arthritis, knee, back, and neck pain, this brand has the extra ingredient that makes if highly bio-available. This one also provides a large dose that is easy to swallow. As a little side benefit, recent research suggests strongly that Trumeric/curcumin has anti-cancer properties as well. What is not to like?
5.0 - Helps with Inflammation and pain. Great Product!
My son told me about your product, as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2009 and 2015 I was diagnosed with cancer. Your product has helped me deal with my pain and inflammation as I can no longer take my RA medication. Thank you for putting Tumeric Curcumin out there. Sue F 2/17/16
5.0 - Curcumin being studied as a cancer fighter
After researching for months about breast cancer and how to reduce the risk of recurrence, I found numerous mentions of curcumin in articles and have even had a personal reference from a physician at a leading university hospital. More research on multiple curcumin products led me to VitaBreeze for it's value as well as the BioPerine which makes it more absorbable by the body. I take one capsule daily and likely will continue the rest of my life.
5.0 - Nobody claimed that this product will cure or prevent cancer but that it is an excellent anti-inflammatory and that in conjuncti
Recently lost a close relative to cancer. When I learned of her diagnosis I began researching the subject and among the information I found was the benefits of Tumeric Curcumin (only with BioPerine to help with absorbsion). Nobody claimed that this product will cure or prevent cancer but that it is an excellent anti-inflammatory and that in conjunction with strong antioxidants is a great preventive health supplement. In all my research, I could not find any harmful side-effects and have not experienced any.
5.0 - I will buy it again
Fast shipping, good price. Appears to be quality ingredients. I do believe it relieved my back pain right away. I'm taking it for the overall benefits and believe it does what it should. I take two a day, will start taking 3 for a while as a cancer preventive, also.
5.0 - Good product
Thanks for following up regarding the Turmeric supplement. My husband takes these every morning and he feels like he is better since we have switched to your brand. He feels that his knees are not so sore and stiff and overall feels less achy. For me, I am a cancer survivor so I use turmeric for general inflammation and well-being.
5.0 - Melting away my cancer cells
I am a very satisfied customer of this product. At the moment I am going through chemo treatments and my naturopath doctor had given me a treatment protocol of supplements I should take to counteract some of the bad side effects of chemotherapy. Luckily for me my oncologist is on board with this treatment plan and is willing to work with my naturopath doctor. I'm taking this product to also help kill cancer cells and so far I am doing really well. I had a complete hysterectomy for uterine cancer and my cancer marker test CA 125 at the time was elevated at 85.8. I am doing a total of 6 rounds of chemo every three weeks and right now I had just completed my 4th treatment and doing well, A good range is anywhere from 0 to 20. In my first round of chemo my CA 125 dropped to 4. Second round of chemo it stayed the same at 4 and my last test from my third chemo showed that it had dropped down again to 3. I have been very pleased with my progress and can't wait to see the result from my 4th treatment. Thanks for a wonderful product!
5.0 - Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex with BioPerine
This product is taken for its cancer-fighting characteristics. It arrived on time and as expected completely sealed and fresh.
5.0 - My wife is battling cancer and we purchased this product ...
My wife is battling cancer and we purchased this product as part of the alternative treatment campaign in her fight against breast cancer. I can report that the Curcumin C3 combined with B-17 and pancreatic enzymes is literally melting the disease away. This seems to be the most bio-available product out there from our stand point - the other Turmeric didn't have the 'punch' that this one seems to have.
5.0 - A good additon to my supplement arsenal
I take curcumin as a preventative measure, since it is a potent, natural anti-inflammatory (it has also demonstrated some anti-cancer effects in lab tests, but the verdict is still out on that one, since no human tests have been conducted). So I can't really attest as to its pain-relieving qualities, as I currently have little to no problems with my joints. I will say this, though. I was in a scooter accident a few months ago and wrenched my left knee pretty badly. It has some residual stiffness that is healing slowly, but I never lost use of it. I was able to run a 3K and get back to inline speedskating in record time. Skating also takes a toll on my joints (it's extremely low impact...until you fall), but my joints are in great shape. I'm confident that this curcumin is a good addition to my supplement arsenal. I used to take Doctor's Best curcumin with BioPerine, but it was slightly more expensive and had stearates in it. Then I found VitaBreeze and switched over. It's got good color and smell, and my joints seem happy to be on it, since they're still performing well after quite a bit of abuse.
5.0 - I am very happy so far
I was attracted to this product because it comes with BioPerine and it is non GMO. I am very happy so far. I take it for overall health, I have done a lot of research on Tumeric and know it is a powerful anti inflammatory and is also anti cancer. I don't have cancer, but I figure why not pre-empt it? I think this is an excellent product.
4.0 - Just started using this product for it's anticancer properties would ...
Just started using this product for it's anticancer properties would rate it higher but I only have internet articles to go by, not extensive person experience yet.
4.0 - I have been using Turmeric for a few months following ...
I have been using Turmeric for a few months following a report by a doctor on the benefits of turmeric. I am taking turmeric for its benefits especially based on research that it may have benefits against colon cancer.
5.0 - Best quality and value I could find...
I was first introduced to the supplement Turmeric (and thus it's most active constituent Curcumin) through a tennis pro who advised that I take this product to reduce inflammation and encourage healing in an injured knee (torn meniscus). She gave me her partially full bottle for me to get started. After a about three weeks, I noticed a marked relief in pain (I'm on my feet a lot at my job). I was impressed! What impressed me further was when I went on the internet to research this supplement and discovered the "laundry list" of significant benefits that have been found! Turmeric with concentrated Curcumin has very powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits that heals tissue damage as well as improve the function of many organs of the body. The anti-cancer, anti-heart disease, anti-arthritis, anti-alzheimer's... properties certainly grab one's attention! Read up on the product to find out more.
5.0 - This product works great for me after working 12 long hours at a ...
This product works great for me after working 12 long hours at a trauma hospital. I know long term use of COX -1, and 2 products are not good for anyone long term and I research this product for a while before I purchased it. I first tried the teas, but could not stomach the taste even with honey and black pepper. I recommend this product because it has the black pepper included and it is needed for uptake of the turmeric into the cells. Very promising health effects in human trials with cancer and cognitive function.
5.0 - Great product
This is the best, highest strength dose available plus combined with BioPerine which is needed to help with absorpsion giving you the complete package. As a cancer survivor and not a fan of radiation or chemo I am going for the most amount of antioxidants I can take. This product has it all, too many benefits to list. Love the product. Nicholas T.
4.0 - Potent preventative supplement
Having been doing some reading about the benefits of curcumin as an antiinflammatory and anticancer agent, I decided to make it part of a daily regimen for myself and my husband. We both have inflammatory conditions. My husband also has some eye issues with glaucoma and iritis which has caused a severe loss of sight in a flareup situation. I credit the curcumin with saving his sight. For myself, the improvement has been slower. We have only recently switched to this brand (as I found it to be a more concentrated formula). We have both been taking just one capsule daily, but may up the dosage. So far I am very pleased with the product, and feel good about putting something good in my body!
5.0 - The difference is remarkable
I take this for general inflammation that has been causing brain fog, elevated b/p, lipids and blood sugars, faulty digestion, aches in joints and muscles, and for post colon cancer surgery to help prevent recurrence. It really helps on all fronts. I started feeling good, eventually ran out of curcumin, and didn't reorder. I was feeling good, right? I "didn't need no" curcumin! Well, within a few weeks, all my signs of inflammation came rushing back, the first being my brain fog!
5.0 - Much needed relief from cancer pain!
I bought these pills after reading about the benefits of curcumin. My mother in law has a rare form of cancer and pain meds were not helping at all to relieve the terrible pain she was experiencing. We tried Tylenol, Advil, Percocet, and Tramadol and nothing worked.
5.0 - Turmeric Cancer Support for our dog
We bought the VitaBreeze Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex for our dog who is battling cancer. After much research we found that the C3 compound with BioPerine seems to be the most popular and has the best bio-availablilty. Our dog has tolerated the formula well and takes it easily when we camouflage the capsule with some cheese. I am happy to say that she is still with us today and has far exceeded her original prognosis.
5.0 - Turmeric- a product for life.
I've been trying a number of turmeric compounds because of my need to find an anti-inflammatory. I lost one kidney to kidney cancer and I can't take the usual ones. As I began to read about different turmeric products I realized absorption is a problem that can be improved by the use of black pepper or bioperine as an ingredient. Those that I tried before didn't seem to have much effect even when taking two a day. This product contained bioperine so I was drawn to it and with a great number of positive product reviews it seemed to be a good choice. It is always hard to know how good something is when the measure is subjective so you just have to go by how you feel literally and figuratively. I've decided that turmeric will be a part of my daily regimen, along with fish oil. I seem to have fewer aches and pains since I've been taking this turmeric. Perhaps inflammation was the cause and this has reduced it. In any case I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to reduce possible inflammation in their body.

3. Host Defense - MyCommunity Multi Mushroom Capsules, Comprehensive Support for a Robust and Resilient Immune System with Lion's Mane, Turkey Tails, and Reishi, Non-GMO, Vegan, Organic, 120 Count

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5.0 - Recommend it for anyone - not just cancer patients
My mom has been taking these for years in her fight against cancer. She/we are so thankful to have them as a weapon to help rebuild her chemo-assaulted blood cells. Recommend it for anyone - not just cancer patients. In fact, I have been taking them myself and giving them to my family for extra defense against all the crud that seems to go around in the winter months here.
5.0 - they work and I love the product
It's true, my stage three cancer has not came back so far, and I have been using these mushrooms, at least six capsules opened and poured over my food for a year and a half now every day or other day if I forget. As you can see I use them all and rotate them. Yes, they work and I love the product! Thank you....
5.0 - Great product by great researcher
I started taking this product a month ago for my immune system and because I am being tested for cancer. I was impressed by the research I did on Paul Stamets who has studied mushrooms and their medical properties for many years. I have not been sick the month I have been on them and I will know on Oct. 14 if I do or do not have cancer. Either way I will stay on this product and will see a naturopath as I refuse to do chemotherapy. I know it will take longer than a month to see all the benefits of this product and I look forward to seeing even more improvement in energy and immune function.
5.0 - My seasonal allergies have not bothered me enough to take ...
My seasonal allergies have not bothered me enough to take allergy medicine since I have taken these supplements. I started them after having breast cancer in the hopes of never having it again. I have taken them for a year now.
5.0 - My dad has advanced cancer and takes this religiously.
My dad has advanced cancer and takes this religiously. Went from 3 months to live to 2 years and still going he thinks this has a lot to do with it and a clean eating diet
5.0 - Helping my cat's liver
I took my cat to the vet last week as she had been leaving food in her bowl over the weekend. This is not like her, she typically enjoys her meals. I thought that it was just a hairball so I started giving her the hairball remedy. Nothing was showing up in the litter box and by Monday she still wasn't eating much. The vet noticed she was looking jaundiced and the liver values were elevated. But the vet was not convinced that we were dealing with hepatic lipidosis but something else maybe even cancer and it could only be confirmed with ultrasound and possibly biopsy. Since the treatment was pretty much the same for most causes of elevated liver enzymes no matter what the diagnosis, I opted on the conservative approach to see if we could get her feeling better before considering the ultrasound which my vet could not do anyway. So armed with RX canned food, 2 kinds of antibiotics, pain meds and anti nausea meds, I started doing syringe feedings and giving her milk thistle extract and sam-e as well for her liver. Then it occurred to me one late night, maybe Thursday or Friday that IF it was a virus or cancer then maybe medicinal mushrooms would be helpful. So the next day I drove to the vitamin store and stocked up more milk thistle and came home with a bottle of these mushroom capsules and started her on them that day. Her eyes are no longer yellow but they're still muddy looking and not quite bright white. By Saturday she was trying to eat some kibble in the morning and some canned at night but just a few bites. I started her on 5mg of prednisolone per the vet yesterday. And this morning she ate more kibble for me. Afterward I syringe fed her some of the vet provided canned food with her mushrooms, milk thistle, sam-e and some b-complex. She hates the liquid sam-e (by Cell Food, its very bitter, I've tasted it but it's a quality product and easy to give her), hates the milk thistle and mushrooms, but she's a good patient and only growls and calls me bad names and tries to push my hand out of the way. Overall, she's pretty compliant with the feedings 4 times a day and all the nasty extra stuff I'm giving her. I know the mushrooms have healing properties for the liver so she will be staying on the mushrooms regardless as well as the milk thistle and sam-e. I've ordered the 10 Mushroom Blend 8oz powder from Jetsu to use when I finish up the capsules. I'm dosing her 1 capsule a day right now, she only weighs about 9 pounds.
5.0 - Life saver??
I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in April 2010, I started taking this in Dec. I have colon cancer with mets to my liver lungs and lymph nodes. I am still here and my cancer is stable. I have a KRAS mutation which means I have less drug options and a theoretical 6 month shorter life span than those with the mutation. Sadly for my cancer buddies, I am doing much better and have outlived most. I only take this and an oragnic vitamin and probiotic and a baby aspirin every day. I have tried other supplements but they cause various side effects. I think it is a life saver and I would never give it up.
5.0 - they work and I love the product
It's true, my stage three cancer has not came back so far, and I have been using these mushrooms, at least six capsules opened and poured over my food for a year and a half now every day or other day if I forget. As you can see I use them all and rotate them. Yes, they work and I love the product! Thank you....
5.0 - Five Stars
Good for fighting cancer and everyday for your immune system
5.0 - WORKS!!!
This works!!! My mom got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last year, the doctor said that it didn't make sense for her to do chemo because it would do more harm than good... we refused to give up without a fight,so we decided to try the chemo. I got this for my mom & she's doing great! No infections; 6 months later, the doctor can't even say anything because he's in aww about how good she's doing. I don't really get sick, but I even ordered some for myself.... It's worth the price.
4.0 - I am not sure why anyone would call this product ...
I am not sure why anyone would call this product a sham since Tumeric/Curcumin has proven to be a cancer deterrent in scientific trials unless the reviewer believes the capsules do not contain any curcumin which I find difficult to believe.
5.0 - Host Defense
All I can say for myself is this package was shipped on in good condition. The reason I bought it is because I was giving them to my husband for 3 weeks before he passed away. He had colon rectal cancer and passed due to complications from the chemo treatments. Since May his hemoglobin had not been above 8.2. Someone who has breast cancer told me how they raised her levels. I can say I did get to see those results with him in just 3 weeks, his hemoglobin was 10.2 just before he passed. They said all his levels were good.
5.0 - it helps the main one work better. Lots of good mushroom mycellium in this one
I use this with Turkey tail in my cancer plan. The idea is that if you have some other mushrooms in system, it helps the main one work better. Lots of good mushroom mycellium in this one.
5.0 - Love this product
I have been using this product for a few months now and love it. I am a cancer patient and I am using the mushroom complex to boost my immunity. I find that the Paul Stamets product are rich in different mushrooms and that creates a good balance. I have even doubled up on the shoe on the days I feel like I am catching a cold or something and I do feel better the next day.
5.0 - Great product and high quality
My acupuncturist has been recommending this product over the 10 years I have been going to her. This product is high quality and is really helpful for the overall body. Especially when one is dealing with Cancer...great food and supplements help keep the body in a less receptive space for cancer to grow.
4.0 - Cancer fighter
My homeopathic Vet recommended this for my dog who has oral melanosarcoma which is very progressive cancer. This product along with an intensive protocol of homeopathic medicine and supplements have kept her energetic and eating. I was told she was suppose to cross the rainbow 8 months ago.
5.0 - So far I like it and will continue to use it
I have had no usual infections or allergies since few weeks of use which are common in this season around my city. So far I like it and will continue to use it. I have recommended to several of my clients suffering from different cancers and I will post a detailed review once I have more experience with this product.
5.0 - Consistently great experiences with Amazon.
This is a staple for my cancer therapy and it was a great price and fast delivery.
5.0 - Strengthen one's Immune System!!!!
Too many benefits from this mushroom melange to list....totally a force to be reckoned with!!...Hear that cancer!!!!
5.0 - I believe in this product
I use this product after doing some cancer research. I was looking for something that could boost my immune system to maybe help fight off the cancer. While i have no anecdotal evidence of it helping with cancer, I can say that I have remained otherwise healthy and have not caught any colds or flu since taking this product. My cancer is currently in remission - again I cant claim this product is the reason - and I am still taking this as a part of my daily routine.
5.0 - AMAZING - I use these instead of antibiotics
If I get a mosquito bite, I take one, so instead of scratching my skin off and ending up with a scar, the inflammation and itching goes away in about 1 hour or less. I am currently in the middle of a chest cold, which I think was brought on by working in a woodpile without a mask (won't be doing that again). As soon as I felt the cold come on in my chest (I used to run to the doctor's office and request Zpack) I now take two Host Defense in the morning along with a probiotic capsule and do the same in the evening. I know that without this, I would have a cold for 2 weeks or more. I am on my third day with this and my lungs feel 95% better (it's still there a little bit). This supplement is a lifesaver. Be careful with this if you have bleeding problems or liver problems - will increase likelihood of bleeding and could cause liver toxicity. CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR OR NATUROPATH. (which of course I have not) I take these because it was SUGGESTED by a wonderful pet psychic Wendy Van der Poll to give Power Mushroom to my dog to keep her from getting cancer (and she never did and those pills are wonderful, I take them too) and then I started investigating them and taking them and they have a made a major difference in my life. Thank you Wendy!
5.0 - Exceptional/Excellent TEN STAR CANCER TREATMENT
I have been fighting an aggressive breast cancer which spreads tumors. One tumor spread from upper part of her chest to bottom of her stomach. It was expanding in width and I was able to beat the tumor back to an encased glob. I use AHCC AND GANODERMA MUSHROOMS, TOO. Every five hours I open an AHCC AND GANODERMA pill, mix w a few drops of water and spoon into her mouth. The Fungi Host Defense is added to her food. I open pill and mix two times a day. I started adding two pills 2x day because while I was on vacation and not aggressively treating, tumors started to grow again. I also use VITALITY SCIENCE'S cancer protocol. Careful of hormones in the meats and turkey..try and get food from a Health Food store or get Holistic vet involved. While feeding raw turkey... cat is on raw food diet, tumors grew. Hormones in food trigger growth. Without Host defense/AHCC/GANODERMA MUSHROOMS... CAT WOULD HAVE DIED. SHE IS LIVING TWO YEARS WITH AGGRESSIVE CANCER..VET SAID IT WAS UNHEARD OF. Her quality of life is excellent. The sad part is our vets and own doctors don't care to know about how mushrooms interact to stop cancer growth. This keeps cancer from growing and CAN NEVER BE STOPPED.
5.0 - Good Products
this is anecessary product. 5 Years ago when my daughter had breast cancer, Fungi perfecti helped me with enough information on medicinal mushrooms so that I could choose the right mushrooms and also choose a dose for her situation (and all without giving me specifics, since that would have been illegale)They were great and I was able to figure it all out!!!!
5.0 - mushroom complex
This was something I wanted to supplement my husband's cancer treatment. It was recommended by the oncology nutritionist and it came quickly and was packaged well. We add it to our smoothies!
5.0 - Highly recommended by my ND
I am a cancer survivor and see an ND to assist in making sure it does not come back. Although I used a different natural supplement during chemo, the ND recommended Host Defense to keep my immune system operating in top shape over the long term.
5.0 - The healing properties of this mix is amazing.
This is my son's account and I'm writing the review because we are using 6 of these per day to bring my husband back to health from throat cancer. This is one very important part of his healing. Paul Stamets is THE mushroom guru who healed his own mother of Stage 4 breast cancer using Turkey Tail supplements he discovered! The healing properties of this mix is amazing.
5.0 - I don't know what it does for me, but I do know it helps.
I've rated this product before because I'm a regular purchaser. People around me get sick, yet I don't. I had terminal cancer, and now am cancer free. I take it intermittently with a break of a month or so in between. I don't know what it does for me, but I do know it helps.
4.0 - don.t know if there working
Don't know if there working or not I take them as well as my dog, he has cancer, so far so good
5.0 - great for the immune system and can greatly help with cancer in humans and animals.
it will greatly help with any cancer, make the patient's life more quality and prolong life. personal experience. for a cat or small dog give half a capsule twise a day.
5.0 - Mushrooms
Mushrooms is what this product is an amazing product. I have prostate cancer and this product helps me a lot. I am taking this product for 6 months now the results are great....I am feeling better. I will recommend this product to any one who have cancer it will is a bit expense,but try it bottle.....
5.0 - Seems to work
I first tried this a few months back after reading about and doing some research about mushrooms supplements. The claim is that they have anti cancer benefits as well immune system benefits. I have bad allergies and am prone to ear and sinus infections especially in the winter and spring. While taking them through the winter and the first part of spring I did NOT have any Infections, then I let myself run out and told myself I would be fine without them. Well I wasn't, after about 3 weeks without them , I got a bad sinus infection along with an earache, lesson learned. I can't say they will cure all, but this was the first winter I can remember not getting sick, I'm sold.,
5.0 - Amazing medicine!
Boost you immunities with this amazing product,,,a combo of Many medicinal mushrooms! I bought it for a friend who has cancer, and my mother who has MS takes it.
4.0 - Four Stars
Bought this for my wife. Cancer survivor All we can do is hope it helps her.
5.0 - This is a great preventive product just in case you may have something ...
This healed my stage 3 pre cancer in 2 months. When healing for it generally takes 2 years. No detection. Not even just digress to stage 1 or 2. Gone. This is a great preventive product just in case you may have something looming in your body not yet detected.
5.0 - AND it is a good adaptogen, which is good for my auto immune ...
I have been battling a long war with auto immune disease, that was not recognized by docs. Now I have breast cancer. The Oncologist agreed that the door to cancer was opened by being untreated for so long. I read that My Community could help fight cancer, AND it is a good adaptogen, which is good for my auto immune problems. Had I found this sooner, perhaps I would be well, with never having gotten cancer.
5.0 - So far, so good. Lets see if it shrinks my non-cancerous growths. They seem to be getting smaller.
So far, so good. Lets see if it shrinks my non-cancerous growths. They seem to be getting smaller.
5.0 - Grateful
This product was purchased on behalf of my sister who is undergoing cancer treatment - chemotherapy - and after much research, I felt this would be the best support for her immune system.
5.0 - My Community is supporting my immunity!
I am newly diagnosed with Myeloma by accident. Went over speed bump, broke by back and found Cancer in my spine. Repaired broken back, did radiation & now Chemo. I am a Nurse and my surgeon & Oncologist said my biggest challenge was my immune system. I started the research with blogs, nutrition & supplements. I take CBD Oil already but read about Host Defense & organic mushrooms. Started taking when I started Chemo. My immune system dropped after radiation but taking the “My Community”. Both my Spine Surgeon & Oncologist are on board, which is great!! Great to hear it is helping so many!!
5.0 - Love this product
I have stage 4 cancer. My son did some research on this product and told me about it. I took it to my doctor , he said no resurch has been done. But you can take it. That was the 4th chemo treatment and the next day I started taking them. I had really struggled with my immune system. My blood work sucked the page was full of red lines . Nothing was in the normal range. That was 3 weeks ago. I went for my chemo yesterday and all my blood work was in the normal range. I feel great. I wished I would have found this 6 months sooner.
5.0 - ... a 2 time cancer survivor and a knowledgeable friend recommended then to me
I have been taking these for years as I am a 2 time cancer survivor and a knowledgeable friend recommended then to me. I don't take a lot of supplements but these seem to be worthwhile.
4.0 - Amazing Product, I basically purchased this product from viewing ...
Amazing Product, I basically purchased this product from viewing the reviews here on Amazon. After a few weeks of taking them, I notice a dramatic change in inflammation in my body, although I did feel a little tired and lethargic when I first started taking these pills, it vanished after a couple of weeks. Great for HPV/Cancer
5.0 - Great product; Paul Stamets got it right!
For those unaware of the work that Paul Stamets, the creator of this product, check him out at Latest peer-reviewed medical studies suggest that many of the compounds in this product have significant anti-cancer, anti-tumor, and anti-bacterial properties. Research for yourself, check out Paul Stamets and be healthier with Host Defense products!
5.0 - Top notch product
Product arrived as advertised. We are using this product to build the immune system of my wife due to stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis. This product was recommended by a top cancer researcher that dedicates all of his time to cancer protocols that work or not. The founder of this product used this for his mother that was stage 2 and now she is cancer free.
5.0 - Great immune booster
These are amazing. I bought them for my dog when she was diagnosed with a small cancerous tumor to help boost her immunity. She also had a slow healing infection on her outer ears from fly bites which was being treated with antibiotics. I gave her the first dose and the next morning her ears were noticeably better. They completely healed in a couple weeks. Cancer was successfully removed, but I am keeping her on these for maintenance.
5.0 - An amazing product. When my then 16 year old cat ...
An amazing product. When my then 16 year old cat was diagnosed with cancer, the vet recommended medicinal mushrooms. Along with a probiotic, the cat lived for another 3 1/2 years. Now all of my older cats are on the same regimen.
5.0 - My husband has been on 4 of these mushroom capsules ...
My husband has been on 4 of these mushroom capsules daily since his stem cell transplant for multiple myeloma. He has been on lowest dose or oral revlimid also. Between prayer the chemo pill and the mushroom capsules: I believe there might be some significance to using them along w standardized treatment . It has been 2 1/2 years and his M protein has remained below .5. Only those with this type of cancer would know the significance of this number!!!
5.0 - Great blend! Host Defense is the BEST you can get.
Excellent blend of mushrooms. I bought these to help my mom's immune system out in her battle with cancer. The reviews led me to this brand. Praying they help.
5.0 - Getting colds? Going through chemo? Sick to often? Take control!
Swear by this! Take one a day and you won't feel anything at all... But over time you will see you don't get sick at all! If you are looking to feel better this is not the magic pill. If you don't want to get sick... You really have to try this! Best of so far cancer free.. From stage 3 c with 14 + nodes. Praying this is the magic pill for that! They truly are amazing...
5.0 - A universal medicine
Peace of mind for a cancer (standard of care) survivor.IF a recurance,THIS will be my cure.
5.0 - Using it to prevent breast cancer recurrence
I am a breast cancer survivor (4 y). I bought this product for its cancer fighting attributes.
5.0 - I Depend on These for Peak Health
Helped me get me thru a stage four cancer, in very good shape, and out the other end. I really depend on these...since starting two years ago I have not even had a minor cold.
5.0 - Stay healthy the natural way
Outstanding supplement for immune support. Recommended by many. I am a METATSTIC cancer patient and need additional support to fight off active germs. These are just the trick and do not interact with my other Meds.
5.0 - So far so good. 4 years post cancer
I'm taking this supplement as cancer preventative. So far so good. 4 years post cancer. Thank you for your product.
5.0 - Immunity
Great supplement for immunity and cancer prevention.
5.0 - Fungi Perfecti has kicked many sicknesses from my kids and ...
Fungi Perfecti has kicked many sicknesses from my kids and myself before it had a chance to take hold. It has also kept me well when everyone around me was really sick. There really is something to this stuff. In my Health Coach certification class, we learned about the cancer fighting abilities of mushrooms, especially for breast cancer. Why doesn't everyone know this? I actually know the answer to that...

4. Premium Kinoko Platinum AHCC Supplement - 750mg of AHCC per Capsule - Supports Immune Health, Liver Function, Maintains Natural Killer Cell Activity - 60 Veggie Capsules

View this supplement on

5.0 - Doctors Recommended Turmeric Curcumin with triphala and black pepper
I have given this product to my husband. My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in April 2016. He was put on a research study drug and his cancer came back with a vengeance. During this time being on the research study we had to stop all natural supplementation he was on. He was put back on a chemotherapy cocktail that has worked before but seeing how worried his oncologist was, I was on a mission. I put him on Quality of Life Kinoko Platinum AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compund), Nature's Green Tea Extract, Doctors Recommended Turmeric Curcumin with triphala and black pepper ,Essiac Tea and Simpson Oil. He had a chemo treatment once every 3 weeks and completed 3 treatments. He just had another cat scan done and the new two spots on his left lung are gone, a reduction of the size of the mass in right lobe and a clearing of the lymph angetic system in the right lung!!!! We always waited a few days after treatment to start him on the natural supplements so to be sure we were not interfering with the chemotherapy regimen. I am very grateful to our Lord answering our prayers and His guidance in helping me finding other solutions to keeping my husband's cancer in remission. His cancer has always been inoperable so that was never an option or radiation. It has always been chemotherapy. I am sharing this with the hope of giving others some options to consider fighting this monster which so many suffer from.
4.0 - Good product; story not played out...
This supplement is supposed to provide a real boost to one's immune system. There is literature indicating this supplement can help with reducing the probability of cancer. I am using this as an insurance policy for this purpose. So far, so good. The product itself is well packaged and comes in a glass bottle. I am giving this 4 stars only because this story has not totally played out....
5.0 - The best immune support
I had some precancer cells and ı fight with it with this product. Doctor said ı have immune defficiency , it was like shut down. Then ı used this 4months everyday and my precancer cells gone! Totaly gone! And my immune system blood tests says it is working. And I continue to use it. I am very thank you who made and sell this because it changed my life.
5.0 - Really. Might be reducing tumor through immune system
Several supplements working together, and careful diet control, have begun to reduce the size of a cancerous tumor. Cannot guarantee it was this one but it has been well researched in Japan and somewhat in USA for anti-cancer immune support, as the product info says (I read some reports myself). Also the tumor continued to grow until this was added to the regime, then 1-2 weeks later finally it subsided a little. So buying more of this same brand to hang in till surgery. Although would prefer to have it without additives and organic.
5.0 - my alternative Doctor recommended me to use AHCC
I am terminal Lung cancer , my alternative Doctor recommended me to use AHCC.It is really good benefit for me.
5.0 - This is an amazing high grade immune supplement
I liked the fact this product helped my immune system to heal pre cancer
5.0 - This is a professionally prescribed product to combat my cancer holistically.
I have been taking this for five years for my cancer as part of a holistic regiment of clinically prescribed herbal remedy from Winthrop Research Hospital. So far it has worked great.
5.0 - The oncologist increased the dosage. His cystology came out perfect his tumor is gone completely.
Husband takes for bladder cancer
5.0 - Improve Immune Health
I am using this product to improve Immune Health to fight Prostate Cancer!
4.0 - Will use for 6 months before I can post review
Using this after hearing effectiveness for women with PreCancerous Cervical cells. I will use this (in conjuction with Beta Glucann) and regular multi vitamins, Vitamin D3, etc along with a healthy diet and exercise and have my OBGYN retest my pap in January/February to rate the effectiveness of this product. I will say, no ill side effects and I take 4 each morning on an empty stomach and then take 3 Beta's about 30-45 minutes later, then multi vitamin and other supplements with coffee/breakfast 30 minutes after that..
5.0 - Get rid of high risk HPV! It's GONE!
Wonderful product! Taking 3gm of it daily (4 of their 750mg capsules) for 12wks (as per MD Anderson center, etc.) has been shown to eradicate a positive high risk HPV diagnosis -- and it works! (Personal testimony: test is all negative now! Praise God! And it doesn't hurt to pray along with it too!) :) It is totally worth the co$t if you need it (for the 6 bottles)! High risk HPV can turn into cervical cancer or even head & neck cancer! Thank you, Quality of Life Labs, for making this supplement available - and for its amazing healing powers! So grateful!
5.0 - (no pun intended) My nutritionist recommended it to me years ago as an anti-cancer supplement
I will not live without AHCC. (no pun intended) My nutritionist recommended it to me years ago as an anti-cancer supplement. I know it has really helped my immune system as I take care of my grandchildren 5 days a week. They get sick, but I don't. My son, the ultimate supplement skeptic, takes this everyday too. He really noticed that his usual afternoon fatigue no longer exists. I highly encourage everyone to use AHCC if they value their immune system.
5.0 - A wonderful addition to my supplement arsenal
You must check the website AHCC research and download the free PDF. There is so much useful data available to support the use of this product from the common cold to cancer.
5.0 - HPV Free With this!
In 2016 I was diagnosed with Stage 1b1, Cervical cancer from HPV. I was fortunate enough to have only had to undergo a radical hysterectomy with no chemo or radiation. Fast forward to March 2018, I had a six month follow-up and was not told at that time the hpv was back. Fortunately, in May 2018, I came across a youtube video by a girl with a call name of HannaBanana, How to clear HPV. She stated a healthy diet and AHCC . I read the research study she cited on AHCC effectiveness on clearing the HPV virus. Not that I thought I currently had the active virus, but I thought to help my immune system I would take the recommended dose of four capsules on an empty stomach. That was May 22, 2018 I began taking the supplement. On September 26, 2018, I had my next six month check-up. My doctor told me the hpv was back according to my March 2018 check. Three days later, they contacted me and stated my May check-up was HPV NEGATIVE!!!! So in four months time, the virus cleared!!! I couldn't be more thankful!! This product is worth its weight in Gold!! I will continue taking it until Dr. Judith A. Smith, The University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, completes the second phase of the clinical research trials on AHCC and HPV, expected December of 2018 and provides a report. I am hoping I can go to a maintenance dose, as four capsules a day is quite expensive. However, not as expensive as losing your health. In addition to this, I also have a pretty clean diet and do supplement with Transfer Point Beta Glucan as well. I will tell you, I was on Transfer Point Beta Glucan three months prior to my March 2018 check-up. I think one needs to have a clean lifestyle, eating clean , exercising, etc.., however, I think this formula is the bedrock. If you are on the fence about cost, PLEASE, PLEASE consider all the things we spend money on that are not necessary (fancy coffee daily, nails, pedicures, eating out, etc). What is 140 a month. There is not much out there more traumatic than a cancer diagnosis, and going through treatment further traumatizes the body and emotions.
5.0 - Complementary chemo treatment
This product was listed on the Sloan-Kettering website as having a beneficial effect along with some cancer chemotherapies. My husband began taking it when he was on gemcitabine and cysplatin. His oncologist approved of his taking it as it is in stage I clinical trials. Apparently, as long as he was taking it, it had a protective effect on his kidneys. He stopped taking it at the doctor's advice because his liver enzymes were going up, and they didn't know why. It turned out to be a blockage in his liver. Unfortunately, the very next chemo treatment damaged his kidneys, and he ultimately died of kidney failure. Amazon had the best price we could find on this product. When you are fighting cancer, you can only try to make the best decisions with the information you have at the time. Everyone's cancer is different. I would wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone taking those chemotherapy drugs. Not as an alternative, but as a complementary treatment.
5.0 - I have prostate cancer and am on two hormones. ...
I have prostate cancer and am on two hormones. Lupron and bicalutamide, which makes me very tired with mood swings. It's a chemical castration. The Kinoko Platinum AHCC seems to help tremendously with my energy, so I can go a full day without having to take a long nap. It doesn't seem to help with mood swings. I'll have to look elsewhere for that problem.
4.0 - Prostate Cancer Sufferers
This is a great product for Prostate Cancer sufferers. It shows promise to kill off Prostate Cancer cells and lower PSA levels. will answer all your questions on alternative therapy to prostate cancer and I trust them. Of course,PCSPES and POMI10x are the best proven supplements to date.
5.0 - AHCC....A great product
What I like about this product is the effect it has on my body within a week of using it...I recently had surgery (cancer) and I was informed that I should take an immune booster supplement...I did a thorough research and came across AHCC....I have no regrets...This product really helped with my healing and the bad feeling I got from taking very strong antibiotics....I have been recommending this product to friends and strangers who are ill or recovering....So far a number of them told me they purchased it and they really do feel a positive difference.
5.0 - Buy It
Highly recommended to fight cancer by the book
5.0 - According to research this is a good product for his type of cancer
This is one of things my husband is on for prostate cancer and was prescribed by his naturopath. He is doing extremely well but this is only one of things he is using. According to research this is a good product for his type of cancer.
Have taken for 8 years and started after a lobe was removed from my right = lung due to cancer. GREAT STUFF !
5.0 - Ounce of Prevention....
I take this as a preventative supplement, Dr. Mercola recommends it and from what I've read it seems to be great. Thankfully I don't have cancer, but if this helps me to never develop it, great. My father and a friend who are both cancer survivors have this on auto-ship.
5.0 - I bought this product from amazon for the great price. I have colon cancer I took 1500 ...
I bought this product from amazon for the great price. I have colon cancer I took 1500 mg throughout my 6 month folfox treatment my liver enzymes were never high and my bloodwork was always good. I still take 750mg a day and haven't had a cold or infection
4.0 - Four Stars
My son has cancer and takes this for immune support. I think it helps.
5.0 - and excellent for prevention/treatment of immune problems
AHCC is one of the most-tested, most-used mushroom products, and excellent for prevention/treatment of immune problems, and for adjunctive care in cancer (it's widely used for this purpose in Japan). It's pricey, but I think it's worth it. Highly recommended!
5.0 - Working for my dog with cancer
I use these for my dog with osteosarcoma, I didn't know if they were working or not [ give a lot of other supplements] but when I ordered from another seller, I never recieved was out for almost 2 weeks, finally ordered more in that short time cancer spread to his head, went blind in one eye. I was going to put him down, but now with these, and alot of anti-inflammatorys, hes doing better. Don't know how long we have left, but these will be with him till the end.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great supplement! My husband has cancer that is in remission. This has helped him tremendously.
5.0 - AHCC for adjuvant cancer treatment.
I researched this product when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer eight months ago. I credit AHCC with helping her through chemo and surgery with less side effects. She takes the product every day and is well and cancer-free. I strongly recommend this Kinoko Platinum AHCC.
5.0 - Great nutrient
I take many supplements for my pancreatic cancer. My oncologist at Johns Hopkins says that I should start a blog. This type cancer is deadly usually fatal in a year. I have survived since October of 2014. Think that AHCC is one of the reason that I am doing so well.
5.0 - AHCC and hpv
After having high risk HPV for 6+ years, I took this supplement that I've done a lot of research on and somehow after two months of taking it, I'M FREE OF HPV!!!!! I'll go back in 6 months for another pap just to make sure. But when the doctor called and told me that I cried, almost hysterically. I've had complications in the last year with the HPV bc it has caused abnormal skin cells to grow that, after biopsy's identified their seriousness, I was told I was in the last stage of abnormality before the areas were considered vulvar and cervical cancer. I did have a surgery to remove several large pieces. But now 9 months later I'm clean of all but one small spot on the cervix. I will update in December if it is gone too along with the HPV still being gone. Thank you Quality of Life labs this has truly blown my mind.
5.0 - Seems to be helping my mom who is battling cancer ...
Seems to be helping my mom who is battling cancer. I hope this continues as she has nothing left except to take immunotherapy, which I read has a lot of negative reviews.
5.0 - Great product
Please save your life. Buy this product. I was diagnosedwith cancer cell. I bought this product took it for 2 months. I just retested and everything was clear.
5.0 - Cancer Cure Supplement
Thru the research at MD Anderson Cancer Center here in Houston TX we have AHCC the most powerful cancer supplement that can cure most cancer along with the most advanced new chemo-drugs.
5.0 - This product has shown some evidence that it may be helpful in cancer therapy.
Using this product for ovarian cancer.
5.0 - Miraculous
Using this for over a year to aid in keeping my immune system healthy. I have been living 5yrs with stage 4 ovarian cancer and my oncologists are amazed at how well I am doing. it is a miracle.
5.0 - it fight cancer
help keep my white blood count down dose a good job...
5.0 - I love this product
I have a history of breast cancer and take this supplement to optimize my health. I love this product!
5.0 - I think his chemo team is pretty surprised that he is doing so well
My husband, 81.5 yr old was diagnosed with Stage IV Small Cell Lung cancer extended 7 months ago. He was so ill the doc advised he be hospitalized to begin immediate chemo. It's been 7 months now, with chemo 3 days in a row, every month, and now off 2 months to begin again. (first 3 months, after diagnosis, he was so ill he could hardly walk, I took off 3 months work for his care, and we had Home Health services) He's heading to point in time that about only 50% patients with his diagnosis make to, with treatment. I think his chemo team is pretty surprised that he is doing so well. Of course this is non-curable and treatment is pallative but we keep setting our goals out further and further. I'm going to give some credit to his Oncologist for choosing the best chemo treatments and to our healthy lifestyle, and, although there is no proof that the AHCC is "working" he certainly is beating some odd s. He's taking 6 x 750 mg, one dose, at night on empty stomach. For me.... by this time or year I've normally had several debilitating cold/flu viruses that put me in bed for several days. I'm taking 2 x 750 mg caps a day and I've not missed a day of work once I returned to work. We both come from medical field, M.D. and me R.N... Just saying....
5.0 - Have been using it for my 82 year old mom ...
Have been using it for my 82 year old mom with colon cancer. He immune system is stronger than ever so is her energy. Her levels are dropping will be a customer for life.
5.0 - High Quality and Excellent value for money
Quality of ingredients and safety are first on my list. Then value for money. This brand hits all three with top marks! I travel a lot, and am often exposed to various viruses and microbes. This has seemed to make a real difference to preventing illness. It also has fairly strong evidence supporting claims to help the body resist as well as overcome cancer.
5.0 - Five Stars
This is new for us but when you're fighting stage 4 cancer it's worth a try!
5.0 - Great
Best quality, have had cancer docs says this product is a must
5.0 - Here because you have HPV? Read this!!!
Like many women, I'd been told in my mid-40's that I suddenly had both Type 16 and Type 18 strains of human papillomavirus (HPV) present when I went in for my yearly PAP. These are the two strains that are most prone to causing cervical cancer. These viruses are contracted by many women, but remain dormant in most. For some women, though, they can suddenly become active (particularly in women over 40 years old). This leads to a lot of stress and worry, since modern medicine uses a "wait and see" approach to see if an active HPV infection turns into cancer. I was not into the waiting game, and I'd read about a promising 10-person pilot study by the University of Texas that had some good results using 3 grams (3,000 mg) of AHCC/day to treat active HPV infections in women. I started taking Premium Kinoko Platinum AHCC Supplement – 750mg of AHCC per Capsule for two months, only to find that it gave me the runs. Pretty badly. So I switched to a different brand for another 4 months with great improvement in my digestive issues. Now, 6 months after starting AHCC, I get another PAP test and find out that BOTH strains of HPV are GONE. And I'd been struggling with them for close to two years! I can't say if one brand of AHCC I took was better than the other as far as viral elimination, so I am leaving this review on both brands. I intend to take AHCC for another 4 months, just to be safe, but it's good to know that there may be options for those of us who can spend the money to hopefully avoid the dreaded waiting game.
5.0 - Discovered in Japan and is now one of the leading ...
Discovered in Japan and is now one of the leading anticancer therapies used in Japan. This product is being used by a member of my family to help in her fight against cancer and her lab values prove it works, not only as an adjunct but perhaps as a stand alone as well. Had we know about it and taken it daily we might have avoided cancer altogether. Virtually no side effects and works along side of many chemo-theraputic meds.
4.0 - Four Stars
This is an important addition to my wife's cancer treatment and will be significant in its cure.
5.0 - That it is fighting the cancer progression by getting my own body to fight it.
Using to ramp up immune system as I am fighting stage 4 recurrent Head and neck cancer.
This is an excellent quality product for a reasonable price. My husband had cancer in 2000 and started taking AHCC right after surgery. They gave him 5 years at best and he is still cancer free 18 years later. He will take this for the rest of his life. I was so happy to find this on Amazon at such a good price
5.0 - Five Stars
Haven’t had a cold or any new skin cancers in over a year since using this product. Incredible

5. NatureWise Organic Curcumin Turmeric with 95% Curcuminoids, 2250mg Max Serving Per Day From Three 750mg Capsules, High Absorption BioPerine Black Pepper for Inflammation & Joint Support, 180 Caps

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5.0 - we are very satisfied.
we use this product for pain due to sciatica and for cancer healing/prevention. we are very satisfied.
5.0 - Helps incredibly with my arthritis.
I have bad arthritis in my back and neck and this turmeric curcumin makes a huge difference and dealing with my pain. I also now have Baker cyst behind my knees and it also helps me with that. Not to mention the anti-cancer properties it has, that alone is worth it. It's an amazing spice.
5.0 - After doing thorough research on the best curcumin I could find
After doing thorough research on the best curcumin I could find, I couldn't be more pleased with my choice from Nature Wise. I love that it's organic and has no artificial ingredients not to mention the added ginger for more benefits. Recently being diagnosed with breast cancer, my doctor told me to take a good turmeric/curcumin supplement as it has proven benefits to reduce inflammation, induce cancer cell death and inhibit the growth of tumors. For that reason alone, even if you don't have cancer, you should take this supplement alone for prevention. I've also found my joints/back pain has subsided since starting to take it.
5.0 - Awesome product. So many benefits derived from it
Awesome product. So many benefits derived from it. Never any need for ibuprophen since taking this. Great anti inflammatory. Also a great cancer inhibitor...
5.0 - Great product.
This is the best tumeric product. I have fibromyalgia and survived multiple myeloma - both of which cause a lot of aches. I am feeling so much better after taking curcumin. My oncologist has a patient who is warding off cancer treatments by consuming a lot of tumeric daily and with this product I am hoping to ward off a relapse. I feel good physically and mentally being so proactive with something natural! Thank you!
5.0 - Best Curcumin I've had
I've been taking Naturewise Curcumin now for a little over 2 mths for inflammation & precancerous cells. Before I started this supplement I felt horrible all the time, my body joints just ached night after night, with no relief with prescription drugs nor over the counter, after about 2 wks of taking this herbal supplement my body started going threw changes & I was moving around better. I also was fighting precancerous cells on my skin, & after 6wks the cells started to actually subsided, my Dr couldn't believe it nor could I!! Since the results were so great I have since been buying more & more Naturewise products & began my teenage son on them as well! Thank you for your amazing products!
4.0 - Taking for general health as over 50!
Reported to help fight cancer causing cells. Have been taking this faithfully every day. Am in excellent health (knock wood!).
5.0 - Five Stars
Yes definitely recommend, great product for building immune when fighting cancer too !
5.0 - Eases inflammation.
My mom and I started taking this every day together. She was diagnosed with terminal small cell cancer, and has been in much pain from chemotherapy and the cancer. I have struggled with severe joint pain and spinal inflammation, as well as wear on my body from taking care of her. This curcumin seems to help reduce our pain and inflammation, and is very high quality, as well as richly colored. We also received a free bottle from Naturewise after completing a very short survey and received the bottle right away. A wonderful product all around.
5.0 - My holistic doctors and practitioners report this helps most of the conditions they treat
Inflammation, Candida, UTI’s, hypertension, IBS, arthritis, liver and kidney function, diabetes, cancer and many others. There’s a reason Indians have lower rates of cancer cause Turmeric is n most of their foods. This Naturewise is one of the highest potency curcumin products on the market.
5.0 - More energy & less pain
This is a great product. I have been using it for a couple months now and have noticed that I have more energy and less joint and muscle pain. I take 2 capsules a day with dinner. Plus, the extra protection to help prevent cancer is always a good thing.
5.0 - I am a cancer survivor and a doctor friend of ...
I am a cancer survivor and a doctor friend of mine has suggested this product to help with pain issues and antioxidant support. Customer service was outstanding with a 2 day delivery. Product as advertised and I am looking forward to a long relationship with NatureWise.
5.0 - Great product!
I'm taking this as an anti-inflammatory and cancer preventative. I definitely have noticed an improvment in decreased imflamation since starting the procuct. As far as cancer preventative, I can't say. I've never been diagnosed with any type of cancer and certainly hope I never will be, but from what I've read, the curcumin has some promise as a possible cancer preventative.
5.0 - Quality product at an affordable price!
This quality product has become a part of my cancer reversing protocol. In choosing to avoid chemo it has been essential to find and incorperate high quality supplements to include in my protocol.
5.0 - Excellent
Excellent product...using as part as a post cancer regimign.
5.0 - But what I love about this brand is that it's organic
First off, I want to say that I did agree to do this review for receiving a second bottle for free. I'm a strong believer in curcumin and I have been taking it daily for 3 years. A couple of times I've quit taking it and I can always tell. I take curcumin for its many benefits; fighting cancer, heart disease, stroke, and dementia. I also take it for pain relief. NatureWise's Organic Curcumin did seem to give me the same relief that the other brand that I had been taking provided. But what I love about this brand is that it's organic.
5.0 - Using it for stage IV Lung cancer
My sister is battling with stage IV lung cancer and we have heard of the amazing power of this product and Naturewise. Without any doubt we ordered it for her and will continue spreading the word because not so many know about the benefits of organic turmeric curcumin!! We are so glad and happy we will receive another bottle FREE! Thank you Naturewise
5.0 - I have also taken increased dosages when I feel like I am getting sick and it seems to help ...
I am 38 and have slight foot and knee pain, but moreso began taking curcumin for the anti cancer/anti inflammatory properties. I have also taken increased dosages when I feel like I am getting sick and it seems to help with immunity. This brand has worked great for me so I will be sticking with it.
5.0 - Good Product, the best I have seen. . .
I like the 1500mg amount of 95% Curcumin that your product has in it. I use it as an Anti-Inflammatory for my Joints and for inhibiting cancer growth. The Ginger and Black pepper are a great tough for absorption. Beware the (mg) content of 95% Curcumin in other products they just don't match up. . . !
5.0 - ... it has reduced the inflammation in my joints I recommend
Turmeric is an all around good supplement for anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, brain function, anti cancer, heart function among other things. I trust this brand and take it regularly. Tumeric is a Godsend."
5.0 - but I do know that I already feel better and have no pain and am willing to try ...
I bought this product because I was diagnosed with stomach cancer and was told it was incurable. I am undergoing chemotherapy and am using this along with other supplements in the hopes of having a fighting chance. Together with changing the PH of my body and reducing available sugar that feeds the cancer I am using natural means as well. I don't know if it will help, but I do know that I already feel better and have no pain and am willing to try anything. I read that Curcumin has anti cancer properties and have decided to give it a shot. It is a quality product.
5.0 - It has helped my joint pain and I have experienced ...
It has helped my joint pain and I have experienced an increase in flexibility. When I feel a cold or cough coming on I double up on what I normally take and it seems to shorten the duration of whatever is bothering me. Family members have recently been diagnosed with cancer so I am taking this curcumin as a cancer prevention.
5.0 - Great organic product and effective with the addition of black ...
Great organic product and effective with the addition of black pepper to maximize its potency. Not all tumeric supplements have this key ingredient. I take this as a part of my overall health program and it was also recommended by my holistic doctor as a cancer preventative boosting the immune system. Quality product and company at a competitive price for an organic supplement. You should try it!
5.0 - This seems silly but I even like the packaging and have cut out the
I have been taking this supplement for several months now, having heard about it from a family member who has researched it following a cancer diagnosis. I also benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties as I have some arthritis in my knees. My morning routine includes giving one to each of my large dogs, both of whom have had mast cell tumors and one of which has arthritis. This seems silly but I even like the packaging and have cut out the, "more...hugs..road" and have posted it on my frig.
5.0 - Curcumin
I started buying Curcumin for my mother as I felt helpless to do anything to help her with her Pancreatic cancer. All the literature suggests that it may be of help to fighting this horrible disease. She takes it without problem, 2 tabs every morning without stomach irritation, and all her physicians agree with having this on her med list.
5.0 - Looking for an organic curcumin? Look no further!
Have been looking for an organic curcumin product for some time now. Found this on Amazon, and have been taking for around 2 weeks now. Easy on the stomach, and mixes well with smoothies and/or protein shakes. Been on the health kick lately about the health benefits of curcumin, and I'm taking this daily. My dad takes it for inflammation, and for cancer prevention. I do as well. So far, I'm happy with this product, and I got my dad to who is 69 to get on this as well. Thanks for making an organic product with good ingredients!
5.0 - Terrific product worth the price
I am a breast cancer survivor and this is a supplement I have been taking since my surgery. I switched to this product in particular because of the ginger. I recommend it highly.
5.0 - Works well in place of common anti-infalmmatory medications, without the body damaging side effects.
Using curcumin to fight back pain and as an anti-cancer regimen.
5.0 - Knocking Multiple Myeloma Down
I have Multiple Myeloma cancer. I am in maintenance chemotherapy, have monthly lab tests, and after a period of time my "bad" lab numbers (Free Kappa and Lambda Light Chains) had started rising. I first tried another highly touted Curcumin product, but my bad lab numbers still kept rising. I switched to a NatureWise competitor, who makes a similar Curcumin product, and my bad lab numbers started decreasing to the point that they were out of the danger zone. I switched to the NatureWise product due to cost and my bad lab numbers continued to decline. I am so relieved that I have been able to extend my remission! I think it is also working on my arthritis, but I do not have lab numbers to prove it.
4.0 - I bought this for my husband to help with the ...
I bought this for my husband to help with the aches and pains from all the cancer treatment and immunotherapy. He had patches (opiods) for pain but they does not get rid of it. He tells me he cannot tell any difference but I know he's still taking them. I am also taking them and can tell they help as I seem not to be as sore when working out on the yard. If you take other medications check with your doctor before starting this to make sure it will not interfere with how your medicines work. My husband takes Coumadin and they did not have to adjust it but his oncologist was against it.
5.0 - Great price excellent quality
Wife had cancer last year and we have committed to an anti cancer, pro health routine; curcumin & other supplements are an important part of our lifestyle now. The quality and price of naturewise curcurmin makes it our top choice.
4.0 - Stage4 Throat/Neck Cancer fighter
This seems to be one of the More Potent Curcumin and price wise it appears to be a really good deal.
5.0 - Works great for inflammation of my knees and ankles
Works great for inflammation of my knees and ankles. I also like the idea it can help with cancer (not getting it). I plan on taking this for many years to come!!
5.0 - So Far So Good
I received my order quickly and as expected. This is my first time trying curcumin but as a breast cancer survivor I am adding it to my regime for long term health and preventing reoccurrence. I look forward to updating my review as I continue to use this product. So far, so good.
5.0 - I feel pretty good. I hope the curcumin is working
I have nothing negative to say about NatureWise Organic Curcumin with BioPerine and Ginger. Curcumin is believed to have many health benefits, such as helping to prevent cancer, helping to protect bone cartilage, and promoting a healthy brain. I have been taking curcumin for 21 months. I feel pretty good. I hope the curcumin is working. I plan to keep on taking it.
5.0 - Good for yourself
Turmeric is the best. Cancer is scared of it. Try it.
5.0 - Love this product
Curcumin Tumeric is so important for one's health and has benefits like helping defeat cancer and a boost against Alzheimer's.
5.0 - I was happy to find this on Amazon after this line was ...
I am a breast cancer survivor and have been looking for a Curcumin supplement that is sourced well to support my recovery from treatment and ongoing health. I was happy to find this on Amazon after this line was recommended by a friend. I am very happy with how I am feeling and the price point for an excellent product!
5.0 - Taking for breast cancer
Totally satisfied
5.0 - Worked as well as Rx NSAID
I’m taking it instead of the Mobic prescribed by my doctor for pain related to two cervical spinal fusion surgeries. I have found that it is just as effective as the Rx but without any adverse side effects. The Mobic made me very dizzy and raised my blood pressure. My mother takes curcumin for its anti-cancer benefits and she’s the one who told me it could work for inflammation related pain as well. She was correct.
5.0 - I like it.
I’ve been using this product for years as apart of a natural remedy to try and keep my cancer at bay.
5.0 - Actually does what is says.
I will continue to take this product, as I do believe in it helps ward off cancer. And my Mom has Alzheimers and dementia, I do think this will help with these diseases too.

6. American BioSciences ImmPower | Enhanced Immune Support, Natural Killer Cell Activity & Cytokine Production | 30 Vegetarian Capsules, 500mg of AHCC per Capsule (2 Pack)

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5.0 - Great supplement
Have had cancer for years. This stuff really holds it at bay. Pricey but worth it. Does not replace conventional medicine, but good as maintenance.
5.0 - I0 days of this product and 3 years later she is a happy full of life little dog
My little Rat Terrier 12lbs was diagnosed with Lymphoma she did 14 treatments with chemo, with no luck.. I took her off chemo and then found out about this product a month later her lymphoma had spread to all lymph glans she was given 3 months max to live. I0 days of this product and 3 years later she is a happy full of life little dog.. I did stop the ImmPower about 1 yr ago and her lymphoma started coming back so i started it back at high doses and it went away...I would not stop taking this if you had cancer and it worked for you... Good Luck It does work on Lymphoma..
5.0 - Five Stars
Good for maintenance after a cancer scare. Great for immune system.
5.0 - Five Stars
Recommended by our naturopath in Seattle for my son who has cancer.
5.0 - Really helps my Caramel
I hope I can use this a s a cancer prevention effort for my little one(cocker) Thanks for the hope
5.0 - I'm cured
I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2013. I've been through chemo, surgery, radiation, target therapy then I read about this product on a publication by HSI. I bought it and followed the instructions on the article for 90 days and my doctor told me yesterday that I was cancer free. Hard to believe!
5.0 - Am using on my Golden Retriever to cure bone cancer ...
Am using on my Golden Retriever to cure bone cancer - along with Ave Ultra. This is Dr. Steven Eisen's protocol for dogs with cancer. Will let you know if its working after June xrays.
5.0 - ImmPower Review
My mom was diagnosed with Large B Cell lymphoma early last year and went through three sessions of chemotherapy (horrible, horrible, horrible), ending up in the hospital two different times due to the chemo. After reading about ImmPower, she started taking the recommended 6 capsules a day for three weeks and at the end of the third week, she had her blood tested and her white blood count had improved, considerably. She continues to be cancer-free and continues to take the maintenance dose of ImmPower. We choose to believe her improved health is due to this supplement.
5.0 - Rev up your immune system.
I've taken Immpower for years to up my immune response to many things, including cancer. At almost 84, it seems to be working very well.
5.0 - Stage 4+ Matastasized Cancer Patient
I found out about these from a friend that had Hepatitus C and Lymphoma.His counts went way up.Good Blood Counts..... HERE IS THE CLINCHER.He stated 6 Tabs a Day .Yes 6........I read i am taking 1 or 2 maybe 3.......WHAT IS YOUR LIFE WORTH....That is WHAT YOU HAVE TO ASK YOUR SELF...... WHAT IS MY LIFE WORTH.They will not work effectively at 2 pills a day........I take 3- 6 and I also take a Mushroom blend 300 count from a vitamin store.They do not pay me so I do not promote.I will help whom I can.........I am a Survivor.I was Given 2 months........I had Stage 4 + Metastesized colorectal cancer.It spread to my Liver ,Scarum,3 different lung chambers and my colon.I have had over NINE Operations.My doctors and team of ten surgeons call me a walking miracle.No ,Just a man.If you want these to work.Pull out the wallet or Pocket Book.I did not mention my vitamin store, because I was getting discounts.Now they stopped.I spent over $ 2300.00 of my own money to buy.Better than Chemo at $ 120,000.00........Yes , 8 sessions $ 120,000.00.I am still here, That is AllI have to say about that.....I thank God, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, My Surgeons.My Onocologist's I had 2 of them.I was Bad.And my Family.Be Blessed.God Bless You.
5.0 - very good capsules to improve your immune system
Doctor gave mom only 2 months to live from diagnosed terminal cancer. This medication gave her a whole year with not infections due that she refused to receive chemo. It was awesome how it works for her. She passed away 4 months ago but im very pleased to this medication that improved her immune system w/o infection until God call her to be w/ him.
5.0 - Fighting cancer with mushroom extract - having success!
Upon recommendation from a top-notch nutritionist and several other 'experts', this product is helping me keep metastatic breast cancer under control. There is no replacement for an oncologist's care; but this product can assist in keeping the body low on inflamation and fighting the cancer cells. My tumor markers have dropped steadily and I am taking 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon every day. I believe completely in this product. My mom's husband has kept prostate cancer from recurring and he too takes this supplement. There are many studies showing that mushroom extracts help the body's immune system to fight cancer. This price is the best price on the Internet as well.
5.0 - Great product, just a bit expensive!
My husband has been taking this product since August 2017, now Jan 2018. He went through chemo and radiation for lung cancer prior to taking this product. I have kept him on the 6 capsules daily, in three doses throughout the day. Directions says after a week or two on the high dosage you can cut back to 2/day. I have been afraid to cut him back, inspite of the high cost of the product. He is feeling pretty good, his COPD has improved greatly, also taking Chinese Herbal Medicines to improve the COPD. He is on an aditional protocol of herbs to reduce tumor mass. All my research spoke to boosting your own immune system to help kill off cancer cells and other illnesses. He has not had a cold or flu since starting the product. I would love to take it myself, but the cost is prohibitive. We will continue ordering this product recommended in several of my readings about alternative medicines. The herbalist and conventional doctors he sees knows he is taking it and said they didn't think it could hurt him, so we continue. Just found out that my sister and her husband are also taking the product, 2 per day each.
5.0 - Its a Godsend
I like it very much both as a "magic bullet" against cancer and also as an immune builder that stabilizes
5.0 - I've been using ImmPower for 20 years or so, ...
I've been using ImmPower for 20 years or so, and while I can't say that's why I've been cancer-free so far, I CAN say that I HAVE been cancer-free so far!
5.0 - My dog passed away due to age-related chronic ailments 2 years AFTER diagnosed with melanoma
At14.5 y/o, my German Shepherd dog mix was diagnosed with an aggressive melanoma and given a prognosis of 6 months AT BEST. The vet removed the toe on which the melanoma was located but, due to the type of cancer he found, did not expect to see my dog alive again.
5.0 - Not a Day Without ImmPower
I recently had chemo for colon cancer. It tore my body down badly. A friend recommended ImmPower. Within a couple of weeks I felt renewed. All my doctors are impressed at how quickly I bounced back. I now feel better than I have in years. This is now a staple at my house.
5.0 - A friend who is battling cancer began taking ImmPower & his results were so good his doctor asked what he was doing differently
I battle fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue & other immune system challenges. ImmPower has increased my ability to fight off colds & viruses I am exposed to (all you have to do is go out in public & you can be sure to encounter someone who is sick). I didn't get full bronchitis this year, I battled it & had to stop & get lots of rest, but when I started taking ImmPower it really made a difference. I have noticed an increase in my energy level & ability to think clearly & focus. A friend who is battling cancer began taking ImmPower & his results were so good his doctor asked what he was doing differently. Great product! I am grateful to the friend who recommended it to me!
5.0 - Five Stars
I take it as part of an anti cancer regime and it is working!
5.0 - Unexpected benefit
Amazing product, I was bald and am now regrowing hair as a side effect. My wife was diagnosed as Stage IV cancer over 2 years ago. She takes 6 capsules a day and her cancers are growing smaller or staying the same in her CT-scans. We have not had a cold or the flu for over 2 years now.
5.0 - A Great Product.
I ordered this product as I use it for my dog who has cancer. I have no way of knowing if it is truly helping, but she is now going on 10 months form the time she was first diagnosed and is doing reasonably well. The product came very quickly after I ordered it.
5.0 - Standard Bearer
Sets the standard for boosting your immune system to help fight off colds, flu, or other sicknesses. Helps your immune system to identify and kill cancer cells also.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great product for healing from Cancer.
5.0 - a believer
my husky was diagnosed with a cancerous lump on her throat 1 1/2 years ago. I could not make
5.0 - Great antioxidants in these pills
I first purchased the older form of Immunopower abut 8 years ago when it came in a version that had about 12 pills per day and cost $120. Apparently the company had to lower the amount of pills and decrease the price of these vitamins.Originally I found them from reading the Curing Cancer With Nutrition Book written by the doctor who makes these pills when my hubby was diagnosed with Kidney cancer.. I was so impressed when his surgeon at Johns Hopkins said it had great antioxidants when he saw the ingredients; Fortunately hubbies cancer was caught in time and he has been in remission for 8 years-and I still get these vitamins. Not saying that they cure cancer-but they sure can't just. I take them myself.
5.0 - Recommended
This was recommended to me by 2 Complimentary Medicine practitioners, and I have read many studies linking AHCC to better cancer outcomes. Have been taking it for 2 years.
5.0 - Fighting cancer
Since I have been using this product, my markers are normal and my blood count is good. I'm fighting stage 4 breast cancer and this is the first time in a year I have had a good report.

7. Life Extension Super Bio-Curcumin, 400mg, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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5.0 - Has never felt better before. Thank you so much
Bought this for my dad who is battling cancer. Has never felt better before. Thank you so much!
5.0 - Treating K9 Cancer
Best price for quantity of the BCM-95, which is a better absorbing, thus more expensive form of curcumin. We are giving this, along with turkey tail mushroom, milk thistle, CBD oil and other supplements to one of our dogs that has cancer. It’s been over a year now and she is still with us. She will turn 11yrs. old at the end of this month. We hope to keep her around, healthy and happy for as long as we can. We are so blessed and thankful for every day!
5.0 - ... toy poodle with cancerous tumors and my holistic vet recommended this product
I have a toy poodle with cancerous tumors and my holistic vet recommended this product. She has been taking it for 6 months and seems to be doing great!
5.0 - Possible Miracle Cure?
I have IgG lambda MGUS, a precursor to multiple myeloma, an incurable cancer. I have gone to an oncologist on a regular basis for years, so as to keep check of the amount of abnormal protein (from the MGUS) in my blood. After being on Bio-Curcumin for less than a year (taking one capsule every other day), the levels of abnormal protein in my blood dropped significantly. My oncologist is now letting my regular doctor follow me. It is my belief that the Curcumin has played a role in this reversal. I am 61 years old.
5.0 - Helping me battle cancer PLUS
The problem with curcumin is that it is difficult to absorb. Yes you can take it pepper laced food but even with that other brands I have tried had not been giving me the effect I had been looking for.
5.0 - This is an anti cancer supplement that is also taken ...
This is an anti cancer supplement that is also taken for inflammation and sore muscles .I take one a day and have done so for the last two years .I won't go without it !
5.0 - Love this product
I was diagnosed with end stage blood cancer (multiple myeloma) in 1996 and the Lord has seen to it that I have defied all the prognoses of the doctors, to their great joy. I have always chosen non-agressive and palliative treatments while waiting to heal ... and curcumin is high on my list. It not only helps with the constant pain, but has definitely helped me through many infections as well, including H1N1 with double atypical pneumonia, when my antibodies were nearly non-existant from the cancer med I was on. I am very grateful for the Lord's leading me to this product, as I can take much less than that of the C3 Complex I was taking before. Just two a day relieves most of my joint, bone, and muscle pain. I went a week without recently, when my order did not come in as I had hoped, and I certainly felt it! I highly recommend it to anyone with cancer, pain, those with frequent infections, and anyone who is looking for an alternative to meds that eat bone and are toxic to the liver and kidneys. Curcumin has even been shown in some medical studiies to restore bone, a huge issue with those of us with MM.
5.0 - A fantastic medicine
It's a fantastic medicinal discover. It has proved that it helps on fortifying the immunological system and against all kind of cancers and other illness. A friend had a big tumor in the lever and after taking this medicine, the tumor reduced dramatically its size and after a while he could heal from this terrible disease.
5.0 - Alternative use in this case.
I heard about curcumin on NPR's The Peoples' Pharmacy, as an anti-inflammatory supplement. Anecdotally, a listener mentioned its benefit for those with psoriasis. That's me. So, I ordered, took 3 per day and wow, what a difference! My situation has vastly improved, with almost all callous buildup gone, and no achy hands and knees (common in psoriatic arthritis). I have found that by bumping up or cutting back, the effect varies. Cutting back for several days actually meant no changes noticed for those 5 days, while bumping up actually made the redness of the plaque sites fade noticeably. Of course, discontinuing would probably mean a return to my previous condition (this is not a cure, but a treatment regimen). Very interesting, and the literature says people have been shown tolerant up to over 7000mg per day, without significant side effects. I absolutely will not take an immunosuppressor drug unless there is no alternative and I have lost almost all function. The risk of opportunistic infection is simply far too great, including vastly increased cancer risk. This product (there are many sources and strengths) seems to provide a great benefit. And, as a natural skeptic, I am fairly certain it is not placebo effect.
5.0 - Super Bio-Curcumin
I have been giving this product to my husband for years. He has a bone marrow cancer and his cancer has been in remission for approx. 8 yrs. It was expected to return 2-3 yrs and so far has not. I believe this product has helped him stay in remission. I also take it myself as a preventative.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great to help fight cancer
5.0 - Five Stars
used as an anti-cancer supplement during chemo to assist killing the cancer cells.
5.0 - Potent anti-oxidant
I take nine capsules of curcumin each day to help keep my prostate cancer under control. The Super BIO-Curcumin from Life Extension is absorbed well and causes little or no intestinal problems. Inflammation plays a role in many diseases, and curcumin is an excellent anti-oxidant which is effective at fighting inflammation.
5.0 - Exceeded my expectations
Saw an article in a waiting room in Webmd magazine praising curcumin for everything from arthritis to cancer. I am a skeptic, but after living with type 2 diabetes for the past twenty years I am willing to try one more.
4.0 - Good product - I'm told there are better
How do you know the curcumin you are taking is the most bio-absorbable and most potent? This one seems fine, but I have been told by healers that there are even more effective formulas out there. If you are dealing with specific health issues - osteo-arthritis, or cancer - the more intensive formulas may be even better. I don't have those conditions, so I am sticking with this formula, as it well-priced and good quality.
5.0 - Cancer fighter
This is a concentrated derivative of Turmeric, which some say is a powerful cancer fighter. Easy to take and good for peace of mind.
5.0 - Great supplement
Super bio-curcumin extract is a very beneficial antioxidant supplement for all ages. It has a variety of benefits including improved immune function, improved hormonal balance, improved skin appearance as well as a slight boost to overall health due to strong antioxidant activity. In fact, curcuminoids have been recently studied in the treatment of cancers and hair loss.
5.0 - Great
I take a lot of supplements and this one supposes to help prevent cancer and neurotoxicity from prescription drugs. I think it helps.
5.0 - This is an outstanding product.
This product provides wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits without side effects, without drug interactions and without the immune system impacts of over the counter drugs. It has amazing digestive health benefits, anti-cancer properties and brain protection benefits. I like "Life Extensions" because they are a high quality manufacturer using the patented BCM-95 compound. This product has changed my life for the better!!! I use this with SolaRay brand Boswellia for a potent 1-2 punch against joint pain.
5.0 - Great stuff. I noticed within a week that inflammation ...
Great stuff. I noticed within a week that inflammation in my body was going down. My digestive system has improved. I am basically taking this as a cancer preventive since I have read so much on curcumin. The BCM formula sounds good and reading on Life Extensions formula, thier product stays in the system longer for possible absorption than other. Going in for a blood test to see how I am doing in a few weeks. I am hoping it helps but the way I feel now after taking for 3 months lets me know something good is happening.
4.0 - Finally a natural pain reliever!
I started taking bio curcumin 5 weeks ago and thus far it has proven to relieve my joint pains. As a result of taking Femara (for breast cancer), joint pain is one of the side effects. Initially, I felt a bit "strange" when I started taking it. I did some research and deduced that I should not take it with aspirin. I then adjusted the intake schedule of my other meds and supplements, specifically my low dose asprin regimen. I now take my aspirin first thing in the morning and my bio curcumin after a nice lunch. I gave it 4 stars for now and no doubt I will rate it with 5 stars with my next order. Thank You Life Extension for making a effective product and thanks to my Son and Daughter-in-law for recommending the product to me!
5.0 - Migraine pain reduction
I have chronic migraines, which means they come so frequently that I can't take the abortive drugs, and none of the prophylaxis drugs have worked either despite years of seeing some of the best neurologists on the West Coast, so I have had to search for alternative treatments. Without going into boring detail, let's just say I have tried everything possible. After much trial and error, the best treatment I've found to reduce the severity and frequency of these monsters is a combination of twice-daily feverfew, peppermint (mainly to mask the bitterness of the feverfew), butterbur and curcumin. They all contribute, but the curcumin makes the most difference. I never want to run out of it. I am also a cancer survivor, so its cancer-fighting properties are a nice bonus.
4.0 - Very happy with it
Read an interesting article about the benefits of Curcumin and Boswella in regards to cancer treatment and prevention. Here it is:
4.0 - Cancer preventative
I have been on this supplement since having cancer in 2007. I was doing some reading on line and came across articles about studies done at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. These articles showed that Curcumin is very helpful in not only preventing various cancers, but also in some cancers the researchers have even seen tumors shrink.
5.0 - This brand was recommended by my naturopath after breast cancer treatment
This brand was recommended by my naturopath after breast cancer treatment. Curcumin is known to reduce inflammation. I love it and take it regularly!
5.0 - Very versatile anti-inflammatory
Our family has used this supplement as an anti-inflammatory that is safe and effective even for our pets. Life Extension has always been very reputable and this version of curcumin is more bio-available than curcumin by itself. It has been a part of my father's supplement regimen during cancer and even for the family pet with hip dysplasia issues. Always a staple in our cabinet.

8. Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C , 0.2 fl oz. - 30 Packets | 1,000 mg Vitamin C Per Packet | Liposome Encapsulated for Maximum Bioavailability | Professionally Formulated | 100% Non-GMO, Ultra-Potent Vitamin C | 1,000 mg Essential Phospholipids Per Packet

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5.0 - Works fantastic and your body can use more
I have been using this for over a year now and first started it with my sister while she was fighting cancer. While i don't want to make any claims here, vitamin c is great at fighting inflammation and this vitamin c allows you to take more without the bowel intolerance issues. i always take a few packets a day if i start feeling under the weather and it kicks the cold in a day or two. It is a little pricey and i wish it would come down a little more in price, but i still use this to supplement just taking ascorbic acid.
5.0 - Amazing product
Started looking into this product because of a family member with cancer. This is an amazing product making vitamin C more bio available and absorbable than vitamin C pills/capsules because the liposomes protect the vitamin C from digestive enzymes in the stomach. We use this vitamin C orally as well as topically and have seen god results. Have even seen precancerous spots disappear after applying this topically. We will always have this product on hand.
4.0 - Expensive
It is too expensive otherwise 5 star. I make my own for most days after investing in the necessary materials. I would use a lot more for my brain cancer follow if bulk lower price. I take 6 a day
5.0 - Liquid Vitamin C
Vitamin C is critically important to remain healthy. Chewing tablets is not the same as drinking concentrated liquid vitamin C. This product is superb and an absolute must to combat flu, for smokers (smoking destroys Vit C) and for cancer patients who need concentrated Vit C in their body everyday as part of their recovery protocol. The liquid in each packet is super thick and concentrated. Each packet is mixed with water of juice and then drank. The taste has no bitterness and blends into the liquid mix. One packet a day is great but more than one packet may be used, especially if sick as well as for daily health care. I recommend this to everyone.
5.0 - I'll share a few and some of them have felt better within hours
I start every day with a packet of this in orange juice. I seem to never get sick, while colds and flu rage around me. When I have a friend who can't get over something, I'll share a few and some of them have felt better within hours. What's not to love? I believe this is an easy, natural path to a strong immune system and I believe it "works". What's better than having your own immune system strong enough to fight for your health? PS Started on this when Mom was fighting cancer and it was highly recommended for her. Be sure to read the testimonials online .
5.0 - Life Saver
I have been fighting breast cancer for 4+ years naturally. I also have Crohns and high doses of Vitamin C have not been possible. I was skeptical about this Lypo Speric C at first but my cancer coach told me it by-passes the stomach. I did try it and found it is possible to take 8 or 10 of these packets with NO stomach upset. This is a great product.
5.0 - I am really starting to believe this product is working ...
I am really starting to believe this product is working. I have stage 4 cancer and in just two weeks I am not as fatigued as before. I bought for my children as well. Big thumbs up..
5.0 - I would not be without my Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C!! A+++
This is my absolute favorite brand of Vitamin C! When I do not make my own, this is my go-to. I've used it for a few years now and love the results. If I start to feel a really bad bug coming on, I immediately begin taking at least two packets a day of the Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. and usually avoid worsening conditions. I would highly recommend doing further research into the benefits of this particular type of Vitamin C., Not all are created equal. There are many people that rely on strong doses of Lysosomal encapsulated vitamin C to aid in treatments from colds to cancer. I keep this on stock and would not be without it! The best method I have found for taking this is to swirl not stir! Simply add the contents into a glass of orange juice, swirl and drink. You will hardly taste a thing. It does have a vitamin flavor to it but it's also easily masked via the swirl method.
5.0 - Excellent, best absorbing vitamin c on the market
Excellent, best absorbing vitamin c on the market. Fundamental basic in my quest for curing liver cancer. Highly recommend this vitamin c if you don't want most of it going down the toilet.
5.0 - Vitamin C
I buy this each month for a love one with Cancer.
5.0 - Life Saver
Been using this product for years. It is the gold standard with regard to Vitamin C effectiveness. I take it at the first sign of cold or flu, which includes sore throat, body aches, weakness, stomach ache, etc. And I breeze right through flu season. I also take it when I think I may have food poisoning, before any nausea hits when the first stabbing pains occur. You know what I mean. It works on that too. I have put it topically on non-cancerous skin growths and within a few weeks, they fall off never to return. It isn't magic and doesn't remove all the skin growths I've tried it on. But, it removed the unsightly ones that were growing rather rapidly across my chest ( I had them checked out by a doc first to determine they were benign). It is as basic as hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, Neosporin, and pain meds, in my medicine cabinet. I have treated some really nasty infections with it and 9/10 it heals me up and rapidly at that. I've taken up to 3 packets 3x per day without any side effects in order to prevent flu. Wouldn't recommend high doses like that over long term as it can affect absorption of other nutrients. I wouldn't be without it.
5.0 - Breast Cancer (Stage 4) - More Energy
Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in April 2017 (with cancer also found in lymph nodes and lungs). Chemo was the only suggested route. She refused.
5.0 - I take 2 a day
I take 2 a day.. Great for those with cancer or just lacking vitamin C
5.0 - love that the vitamin C is actually absorbed
Post cancer and radiation. love that the vitamin C is actually absorbed..
4.0 - Four Stars
Using this 6gramsyou per day to fight cancer. Ill let you know if it works!
5.0 - Already working great
I bought this after reading in the book "Vitamin C: The Real Story" that vitamin C treats cancer and bacteria. I'm trying it for my ankylosing spondylitis and my mother for cancer. After only a few days my mother feels lots of energy and looks more "alive" after her chemo treatments. Just that in itself made this purchase worth it! I'm ordering more before we run out! My rheumatologist wants me to take vitamin C as a treatment; I just started, we will see how that goes.
5.0 - Five Stars
The best cancer fighter ever
5.0 - Lots of benefits
This is really a wonderful product. There is a lot of literature out there about how good Vitamin C is for you in large doses, and can even be used to help fight serious diseases. I do not have any illnesses, but I am prone to colds (especially in the winter) and have been taking two packets a day for a couple of months now. I just tear open the packets and squeeze it in my mouth, then drink some water. I don't think it tastes that bad, though I do take it on an empty stomach because I have noticed SLIGHT stomach upset when I have it close to food. I have not been sick since taking this regularly. If I feel a little off, I'll take a 3rd packet during the day and so far, that has done the trick. I've also had a nagging pain in my shoulder from working out, and that has gone away (not completely, but is much less of an issue). My skin feels different too. Not sure if all of these things are related to the Vitamin C, but I do think it has helped. If it can help people combat cancer as some articles suggest, just think of all the good things it can do for a healthier body!
5.0 - I can't say for sure it's this vitamin C, ...
I can't say for sure it's this vitamin C, but it's been really helpful in providing immune support for a cancer patient.
5.0 - This is the best.
Although I wish it were a bit cheaper, I do find that the health of my family or self is worth it. My mother started taking this as apart of her cancer treatment a few years ago. She was doing both oral and intravenous high dose Vit. C treatment. It made a big difference in her recovery. I've been doing a similar dose whenever I'm feeling under the weather, and I also come out of it quickly. I strongly recommend. Great product.
5.0 - Great Product...
This product seems to be working very good, however, I really bought it for my mother who has terminal cancer and the Dr.s have basically told her to go home and die. I am taking this and feel some better, only just started so won't know I guess for a time.
5.0 - Great for Energy after Chemo Treatments
Excellent product. It really boosts my energy level and helps my allergies. I also purchased a box for a friend who has bone cancer. She too loves Lypo_Sheric Vitamin C and reported it really helps her energy level after chemo treatments.
5.0 - As Close As You Can Get To A Vitamin C IV Without Having A Needle In Your Arm
I take one packet per day and it really does seem to keep my immune system working. If I ever feel like a cold is coming on I double up and that seems to knock it out before it ever gets ahold. Also, I had some recent surgery for skin cancer and this helped speed the healing of the surgery site. Both the Dr and nurse commented on how quickly I healed. Individual packcets are great for travel. With Liposomes you get the benefit of the vitamin c as opposed to it getting destroyed in the gut.
5.0 - I'm delighted--it's also a skin treatment! (I'm not a dermatologist, so this would probably be called "annecdotal evidence.")
This is D.H. White's significant other. I had heard vit. c has been used to cure cancer, which is why I was taking this particular liquid form of it, which they say moves quickly into your bloodstream. Several doses a day are supposed to be as effective as a vitamin c IV treatment, if a YouTube video by a doctor is to be believed. Although I can't really know the actual effectiveness of this vitamin C in my body, I DO know that it helped heal a troubling spot on my face. I had a dime-sized, rough, darkened spot on my face for over a year, which was growing slowly toward the corner of my eye. No ointments, including tea tree ointment (great stuff), helped, so I started to dab a bit of this lypo-spheric vit. c on the spot once a day. I thought, if it is safe enough to ingest, it shouldn't hurt my face. Within 2 weeks the spot had lost the roughness and was 1/2 its former size. Now, after a month just a small dark spot is left, about 1/3 of the original size. Lightening the dark spot might be as easy as putting lemon juice on it, but I'm confident that this product not only lightened the spot, but halted its growth, cured the roughness, and shrank it. By the way, I find this product easiest to take in a shot glass with a little water and lemon juice, or with any juice. It's not nasty tasting, just has a slimey texture.
5.0 - Five Stars
Using it for my brother who has stage4 cancer. His PSA is going down and he's gaining weight

9. Superior Labs Boswellia Extract - Pure NonGMO Boswellic 65% Acids w/Bioperine Superior Absorption Zero Synthetic Additives - Powerful Formula Joint, Knees, Hips, Migraine, Immune, - 500mg Svg, 240 Veg

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4.0 - Cancer Prevention
I would have given it 5 stars, but not enough time has gone by. My main reason for purchasing the Boswellia Extract is as a cancer preventative which I read about from the book the truth about cancer by Ty Bollinger. The reason I picked this particular product was because I don't like added fillers and this seemed natural and bioavailable because of the added pepper. My Husband has a hx of hodgkins lymphoma and also suffers from arthritis in his back and neck so it seems like a win-win...It hasn't been enough time to notice improvement on the arthritis, but its definately something I will keep in my arsenal to keep his cancer at bay.
5.0 - Fabulous Deal
I love that this product is made in America and has no synthetic ingreditents. Boswellia is good for inflammation, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain (rheumatism), bursitis, and tendonitis. Other uses include ulcerative colitis, abdominal pain, asthma, hay fever, sore throat, and cancer. The product arrived on the date I expected in excellent condition! Boswellia has been used for many years in Ayurvedic medicine. I would much rather use a natural product than a prescription medication! If you have any of the above conditions then you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it. There is a money back guarantee and the company stands behind the product. It's a fabulous deal!
5.0 - Take it daily!
I am using this as part of an anti-cancer holistic regime -- I have done a lot of research on this product and I feel this is a great product for everyone to use. It came quickly, I have no issues taking it and it has never upset my stomach or caused any problems.
I bought this product for a friend who has stage 4 cancer and is determined to go a holistic route. In conjunction with the Boswellia extract, she is taking a Pacific Yew supplement (Immune XL), eating fresh vegetables and fruits, has eliminated sugar, has stopped smoking, and is meditating and visualizing a healthy body. In just under a month’s time, her pain level has reduced and her lymphocyte and monocyte numbers have gone down. So far, we are very pleased with the results!
5.0 - Using it to prevent canver recurrence
I am a breast cancer survivor (4 y). I didnt buy this product for its joint enhancing features, but for its cancer fighting attributes.
5.0 - Good price and service
Just learned about Boswellia recently. Went to the article on and was quite impressed by the scientific support for its claimed anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. Ordered from SuperiorLabs as the price was right. Delivery was by Prime, no problem.
5.0 - Where has this been all of my life???
I originally purchased this to assist with my IC. I have IC and at times it is hard to manage. It has definitely made a huge difference in my IC symptoms. I have more relief. I take it twice a day and I can tell a huge difference. It has also really helped my skin! I do not have to wear any makeup when I take this. My skin is even and it has a glow to it. It has also helped to alleviate several of my joint issues (bad ankle injury and wrist injuries). It has helped to resume my activities that I enjoy....Yoga and running! I love this product and I will never be without it again. Plus, Boswellia is a cancer preventer, helps to ward of inflammation. I highly recommend it!
5.0 - also read great thing about Boswellia herb having anti cancer as research ...
started using this product with curcumin and feel relief for joint pains and mobility,also read great thing about Boswellia herb having anti cancer
5.0 - good suff by good folks
The extract is quite effetive for inflammation (lower back pain) and inflammation, and for help suppressing NF-kB, an issue in cancer. Superior Labs was quick, helpful, and ther product was the best value.
5.0 - Natural Cancer Fighter!
I am a believer of natural remedies. I have read many studies on Boswellia. Many studies found that it is a natural cancer fighter.It fights the pain and the inflammation. It also strengthens the immune system so your body can fight any type of bacteria or disease away.
5.0 - The BEST Boswellia there is! Bye Bye other liver killing pain relievers!
Excellent quality, I love this Boswellia. I had been taking another brand and it wasn't doing anything for me. I have had some major issues with serious low back and sciatica pain this past year, joints aching, and much more. Been going to the chiropractor but then after adjustments I was so so so sore (unusual for me, so I knew my body was crying out for help) and wanted to try Boswellia again but with all the rave, I knew I must be missing something in my buying decisions of it. So I decided to do some serious research and time and time again, up came this Boswellia and I decided to give it a try. What a difference! Like night and day! This Boswellia works great! I noticed a difference right away, day one, but then that seemed to I upped my dose from 1 a day to 2 a day, one in the morning and one at night. I was able to get away from the daily ingestion of ibuprofen and sometimes aspirin (i'd switch off to give my liver a break from the ibuprofen). I highly recommend this Boswellia, don't give up on it right away, takes a week or two to make a big difference but boy what a game changer this has been! I have to say I'm sold on it, but you have to know to get the real pure stuff, and this one is it !!! Don't skimp or waste your money on other brands, because in my research they are not all the same by any means! This one is the best. I've tried it and I'm telling you I'm back to walking again without pain (I've been active and a hiker, etc. and only 53 years of age) walking several miles a day. And my joint pain is down 90% and my sciatica stuff and low back pain, is 90% gone. And the benefits of this as a possible cancer fighter, is in my mind a huge BONUS. Thank you Superior Labs! You rock!
5.0 - Good stuff ...
I was living on Aleve. Not good. Did some research on Boswellia Extract and found that it works to control something called 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX). While NSAIDS will do the same thing, they also contribute to toxicity, to say nothing of bleeding. They do this by inhibiting the Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) enzyme. However, they also inhibit the expression of COX-1, which is needed to protect the stomach lining, and GALT - Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue. Both enzymes are secondary to the deleterious effects, however, of 5-lipoxygenase . Enter Boswellia Extract, which controls not only 5-LOX, but other pro-inflammatory enzymes as well, such as tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-a). TNF-a is actually beneficial. However, an over expression of this pro-inflammatory cytokine is not. Boswellia Extract is selective. Through negative feedback mechanisms, TNF-a is held in check. While I'm happy this supplements reduces my dependence on NSAIDS, I was equally as pleased to discover that it is being investigated for atherosclerosis, cancer, asthma, and arthritis. This particular brand has MANY five-star ratings, and for good reason - it works.
5.0 - Healthier and More Effective than NSAIDs with Anti-Cancer Benefits
After having used Boswellia Serrata essential oil to heal a large squamous cell and subsequently trying some 95% Boswellic Acid powder, I decided to try this product because of its high rating. I have found it to be at least as effective as the 95% acid powder I had tried -- probably even more so -- in eliminating aches and pains in a 64-year-old body AND (I suspect) providing anti-cancer benefits. And it has been great to have it in the convenient form of two capsules, one in the morning and one in the evening. I highly recommend it for those who seek a more effective and much healthier relief to body inflammation than NSAIDs and for those who want to support their immune system's defense against cancer.
5.0 - Great anti-inflammatory supplement
I am in my mid-seventies and have been very happy with this brand of boswellia extract, primarily because it is non-synthetic and has added BioPerine (black pepper) for good absorption. To combat inflammation, I take it once a day with a meal and have had no stomach upset or other bad side effect from this product. Several months ago, I had a large mole on my face and made a paste of a crushed Standard Labs Boswelia Extract tablet along with a couple of drops of frankincense and myrrh essential oils and a carrier oil. With daily use of this paste, my entire mole was gone in about 3 weeks and has not returned. Recently, I had cataract surgery in both eyes. The prescribed, steroidal eye drops were greatly raising the eye pressure in my eyes, putting me nearly in the range of having glaucoma. I stopped using the eye drops and instead took the Superior Labs Boswellia Extract to help reduce inflammation from surgery. My eye pressure quickly dropped to normal, and my recovery went well. Of course, I don't know for sure if I would have recovered just as well without taking any supplement. My sister recently died of breast cancer, and I'm taking the Superior Labs Boswellia Extract, hoping that it will help prevent cancer (along with my having good nutrition, exercise, sufficient sleep, stress control, and adequate vitamin D). Generally, I believe that taking the Superior Labs Boswellia Extract is good 'insurance' in helping to prevent a wide range of chronic diseases.
4.0 - Taking it for BPH
I bought this supplement for my husband's BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) because the doctor suggested to use Boswellia extract for BPH. This is the first time I hear to use Boswellia for BPH. My husband has been taking other supplements for his problem but never tried Boswellia. So we decided to give it a try. Although it's too early to see the effect, Boswellia is known to be good for anti-inflammation, which generally happens to older people. Anther reason he is taking it is, hopefully, to prevent prostate cancer since Boswellia is also know as frankincense, which has anti-cancer property.
5.0 - Very pleased with purchase of Superior Labs Boswellia Extract
When my husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer earlier this year I suggested that he take a variety of supplements to support his immune system during the surgery and treatment as well and that he continue to build up his immune system in order to prevent recurrence. One of these was Boswellia, however after some months he complained about the taste of the capsules so I looked at other brands that might not bother him. After much searching I came across the Superior Labs brand and was pleased with the fact that it was free of fillers and expedients. As the cost was not prohibitive I decided to order it and see how he responded. The product seemed to be of very good quality and worth trying. My husband immediately noticed a difference in that he did not perceive the strong and (to him at least) taste and smell of the capsules we had used previously (two different brands, both professional grade and organic). He is very happy with these and takes them with no problems thus far. Given this experience and the reasonable price of this product and the responsiveness of the company I am interested in replacing some of other supplements we are taking with ones from Superior Labs to continue gaining better health for both of us. We are both in our mid-sixties and besides both of us having had cancer we each have other chronic health challenges.
5.0 - IT WORKS!
I am using this for cancer prevention (I've had thyroid cancer) as I've read in many articles than frankincense fights cancer cells. I was also have leg and joint pain after having my thyroid removed and I read this could help, and it really has. However, when I was just taking one capsule per day it was not doing much at all. I then read a review from someone saying he takes one with each meal. I increased to 3 a day and it has really made a big difference for me in leg in joint pain.
5.0 - I heard boswellia can contribute to apoptosis of cancer stem ...
I heard boswellia can contribute to apoptosis of cancer stem cells. Frankincense was one of the gifts of healing the wise men brought Jesus. Customer serive was fast and product size and potency was exactly what I needed.
5.0 - Happy Customer
My husband and I have been taking Boswellia for 2 months now. After hearing that it can support fighting cancer, we decided to add it to our supplement regimen. It also seems to be helping with inflammation due to carpal tunnel syndrome. We have chosen Superior Labs brand because of its highest purity rating. Great product!
5.0 - Preventing inflammation with brain cancer
Have been giving to my Dad since after craniotomy, chemo, and radiation. Didn't want him going back to corticosteroids, so have been using this twice a day along with liposomal vitamin c packets. Since he's started these capsules, he has not needed his prescribed headache medication. I waited a few weeks before reviewing this to make sure this was really helping. I'm relieved to write this, and thank you. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to control inflammation.
5.0 - I love this sup more than I thought I would!!!
I have heard great things about the oil Frankensence and was looking for a supplement to take daily. I use the oil but wanted something I could internalize. I found Boswelia extract on Amazon and thought I'd try it. It has worked better than I imagined. I am a cancer patient and finished chemo about 6 months ago, I will add also that I haven't had a cold in years! Which I have found out is a bad thing and reeks havoc on your body. I've now been taking this suplement for 2 weeks and I finally Got a real cold!( I know it sounds weird but it's actually really bad if you never get sick! I haven't been sick in about 7 or 8 years, everyone in my family will be super sick but me, it started to get really odd and then I got cancer and realized my immune system was just not working). Also I have been sleeping way more sound and my skin is clearer. I'm taking this for the cancer fighting benefits but have come to realize I am seeing all kinds of benefits from it. If your looking for post cancer treatment or alternative treatments (instead of chemo) this is a great addition to your supplement regiment!
5.0 - Good Stuff
Boswellia Acids have legitimate medicinal value.If you suffer from rheumatism,inflamation,cancer,gastro this resin acid can help cure oneself.I have rheamatiod arthritis,its an unpleasant affliction.Stiff,cracking, painful,dislocated joints(I have a rib that dislocates from my sternum,sorry.)Anyways since taking these supplements my symptoms are drastically decreased and feel like my joints/connective tissues are getting stronger.Along with a heathly diet (basic foods),exercise (walking),I am improving. Happy with product.High Five
5.0 - A Very High Quality and Potent Product from a Good Dependable Company
I have been impressed with the positive results of Boswellia extract . I feel it has a positive effect against my liver cancer . I became aware of Boswellia extract through studying what MD Anderson clinics use in their anti cancer treatments .
5.0 - A must have for aid of overall health
I ran across the Boswellia extract while researching the cancer healing benefits of frankincense essential oil. In addition to my essential oil, I am glad to be able to take it in pill form as well. Frankincense, or boswellia extract, has many other healing benefits besides cancer. It helps with fatigue, balancing hormones, headaches, signs of aging, kills germs, boosts immune system and helps reduce stress, just to name a few.

10. NutriGold Turmeric Curcumin Gold (Features C3 Complex w/BioPerine), 500 mg, 120 Vegan Capsules

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5.0 - This product WORKS for me
I have been taking Nutrigold tumeric curcumin for over a year now, and I just took it for granted that it was helping prevent cancer along with other healthy choices, but didn't think about the anti-inflammatory benefits as I was not really having any pain when I began taking it.
5.0 - Cured my dog's cataracts in 30 days
I cured my little dog's cataracts with this product in one month. She was a small Maltese @ 10 years old, I gave her one capsule every morning and every night and she got totally clear. She was about 5 lbs. for reference point. Please spread the word. She was early on with cataract development, I am not sure if advanced could have the same results. This curcumin stops cancer in its tracks too. But better to be proactive and start on it preemptively..
5.0 - Powerful anti-inflammatory!
Has been taking the place of my Celebrex, which my healthcare insurance refuses to pay for! Great anti-inflammatory. And the anti-cancer effect proven in clinical trials is a nice benefit, too.
5.0 - Interesting Outcome
While researching Sodium Chlorite 28% Solution MMS Water Purification Drops, I happened upon a YouTube video, which demonstrated how to mix the two ingredients. This gentleman, suffering from cancer, mentioned he was also ingesting "Indian herb." I further researched the Indian herb to which he was referring and found many documented, medically researched, benefits for Turmeric Curcumin. Which is Best: Turmeric Extract or Curcumin (Curcuminoids)? Since turmeric contains very small concentrations of curcumin, look for standardized 95% curcumin (curcuminoids). Why? Hundreds of scientific and technical papers confirm: clinical results were obtained using curcumin (curcuminoids). Most consumers may not realize pure curcumin (including all known curcuminoids) is very poorly absorbed into the blood after oral ingestion so many studies achieved effective blood levels of curcumin by intravenous injections (directly into the veins). Until recently, very high doses of curcumin were required to obtain desired blood levels. The new curcumin is comprised of a specific ratio of curcuminoids and a high content of turmeric essential oil compounds. Turmeric Curcumin GOLD with 95% Curcuminoids, 500mg, 60 Vegetarian Capsules (Featuring Curcumin C3 Complex, BCM-95, and BioPerine) solves this dilemma with an oral supplement.
5.0 - great for inflamation
I started taking this for anticancer properties. After a few weeks I noticed my knee was no longer aching when I run. What a nice bonus. I have frequnt heartburn and this does not effect it. After much research I belive this is a good brand (you want the kind with black pepper) I am on my 2nd bottle
5.0 - I use this daily for my dog for his anti-cancer ...
I use this daily for my dog for his anti-cancer diet. I chose this one because of the pepper extract that enhances bioabsorption. While I can't speak to the effectiveness of this supplement alone- using it in a regime of supplements with my dog's anti-cancer diet has given him a lot longer to live than the vets estimated (terminal osteosarcoma).
5.0 - Turmeric
I have been using Turmeric for about 4 years now. I am a cancer survivor and a lot of data shows that Turmeric works to reduce inflammation and reduce rates of a lot of cancer. I like the Nutrigold brand - it has a high potency of Cucumin which is the active compound in the Turmeric that fights inflammation. The caplets are easy to swallow and digest well. My husband also uses to help with joint pain and it works well for him. Great product.
5.0 - By His Stripes, I am healed...
I knew none of these alternative solutions at the time of being given 3 months to 3 years to live, so I looked on line with a Bible search engine every passage I could find on health - found hundreds in both the Old & New Testaments & claimed those as my own, taking the Word like medicine (Proverbs 4). I have since learned the Lord has provided hundreds of low cost natural cures like this one - no chemo or radiation needed (both known carcinogens). I am SO grateful I wasn't duped by the fear-promoting cancer industry.
4.0 - Very Good results!
I purchased this product after doing some research and decided that this was the best 1st try to see how effective this approach might be to deal with joint pain. I have been taking two capsules a day (1 in the morning and one in the evening) for several weeks and have noticed significant improvement in the chronic pains in my hip and lower back. I have also used them to replace the Omega 3 supplement that recently was sited to cause a higher risk of prostate cancer in men over 50. I can't judge it as a general anti-inflammatory replacement for Omega 3's but it most certainly has dramatically reduced and in some cases eliminated much of my chronic pain. I would certainly recommend it, and if it helps with pain I can only assume that it is doing the work of an anti-inflammatory as well in general terms. Also note that you can take up to 3 a day, but I started slowly and have found thus far that 2 a day work very well for me.
5.0 - Great stuff
Curcumin is supposed to have a lot of health benefits, such as preventing inflammation, helping with digestive issues, being an anti-oxidant, preventing some types of cancer, treating Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, treating diabetes and even treating depression. This phytosome form enables increased absorption of curcumin to a level 29-fold higher than that of traditional curcuminoid products.
5.0 - A nice package.
My favorite Curcumin supplement out there. Sure, you may not absorb everything but it's my opinion that if you are not treating cancer these are still helpful in the long run. There is simply too much evidence about the good effects of this supplement even in smaller doses, not to mention a whole host of ancient literature that has prescribed some for of this for thousands of years. Curcumin and it's main source Turmeric have been used for so long that it would be stupid to think they are simply a useless supplement imo. This one has black pepper to aid digestion and assimilation and I'd say so far this is my new favorite company for everyday supplements and few of these plant extracts. A little spendy but I think overall it is worth it with their standards, which are above and beyond most of the companies out there.
5.0 - Super Happy with this product and the company.
A friend bought me Curcumin from Nutrigold and I love it. I have back problems and it seems to reduce my pain. I did my research on Curcumin and the effects it has on reducing back pain and I'm sold. It does have a lot more benefits. Some researchers believe that Curcumin may be helpful in treating Alzheimer's disease, Diabetes, allergies, arthritis, and preventing and treating cancer (that's a big one). I saw a Dr.Oz show and he recommended taking Curcumin. I'm a true believer in what Dr.Oz recommends. With computers now a days research is easy to do. I've done mine.
5.0 - Recommended by cancer oncologist and naturalpath
We have tried other brands of tumeric and always find ourselves coming back to this one. My husbands naturalpath, who works with his cancer oncologist, strongly recommends he take a tumeric curcumin supplement. He has stage 4 melanoma and this has always been recommended as a supplement to help his body fight this awful cancer. We have found this one to meet and exceed the required recommendations from the doctor. I believe this is the best one we have tried, and although we received one bottle at a discount for an honest review, we have continued to purchase this one! Highly recommend for anyone that has a compromised immune system or is fighting cancer.
5.0 - Truly a life saver
I sent a bottle of this to a friend who found out that he had cancer. He took it for a month, and when he had surgery to get his tumor removed, the doctors said no chemo or radiation was required. He was completely cancer free!!! A combination of the power of prayer and this inflammation stopping supplement saved my friend's life. I'm recommending it to everyone I know.
5.0 - Curcumin may inhibit cancer.
Curcumin is reputed in numerous studies to inhibit cancer growth. My oncologist seems unaware of these studies and prescribes standard chemo treatment. As I distrust BIG PHARMAs motives I'll stick with clinical studies.
5.0 - Meriva Curcumin
I was recently diagnosed with early-stage, non-aggressive uterine cancer. After my hysterectomy, my MD, who is also into some alternative treatments, recommended that I take only Meriva Curcumin as it has better absorption than any of the others on the market. Since I am an avid Amazon shopper, my first source was Amazon. At first I thought that Meriva was a brand but quickly found out it was a way of processing the cur cumin. I found this product and take it daily so that I never have a cancer recurrence.
5.0 - Cancer prevention.
Best cancer prevention available. Discovered at M.D. Anderson in breast cancer research. Research it!
5.0 - Great product and works well!
I was at a plateau in my loss efforts despite attending 8 - 11 fitness classes every week and eating healthy foods. I read about Curcumin in my Women First magazine about how they found in a laboratory that not only did this help with cancer but also in losing weight. Other research shows so many good things that there's no excuse to not try it. Amazingly, I started losing weight on just one a day! Not a lot of weight, but about 1/2 lb. a week without really cutting out the occasional dessert! If I take it twice a day it seems to have a better affect. I recommend this to everybody I know even if they aren't looking to lose weight because of all the other benefits and no side effects!
5.0 - Relieved Joint Pain
I started taking Nutrigold Turmeric Curcumin Gold because I read it had anti-cancer properties. I noticed after a few weeks the joint pain in my knees and hip was gone. I ran my first half marathon in 2011, and my joints did not recover until I started taking Nutrigold in 2013!!
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