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Best Supplements for carpal tunnel

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2. NatureWise Organic Curcumin Turmeric with 95% Curcuminoids, 2250mg Max Serving Per Day From Three 750mg Capsules, High Absorption BioPerine Black Pepper for Inflammation & Joint Support, 180 Caps

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5.0 - Would buy again.
Seems to do a good job helping with my carpal tunnel. The bottle is easy to open and the contents inside seem to be the correct dosage and right absorption materials.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great supplement. It has helped me with arthritis, carpal tunnel and my back. The company is great, theyrthey're sending me a bottle of it free!
5.0 - NatureWise Organic Curcumin is a wonderful product and I would highly recommend it
NatureWise Organic Curcumin is a wonderful product and I would highly recommend it. My lower back and neck pain have subsided and my carpal tunnel pain has also decreased significantly. I also received a free bottle which was an added bonus!
5.0 - I don’t know if it was coincidence but my pain ...
I don’t know if it was coincidence but my pain in my right hand and arm almost disappeared within days of taking this. I have severe carpal tunnel in my right hand that comes and goes, but not usually this quick
5.0 - Five Stars
Helps if you have slight knee joint pain when running. Helps with mild carpal tunnel to lessen pain
5.0 - The BEST for inflammation, arthritis, pain, etc.
One of the best I've used. You can smell the freshness of the capsules when you open the bottle. I have recommended this brand to several people because it helped me so much with carpal tunnel and foot pain. I don't like to take NSAIDs, arthritis medication or narcotic pain meds unless I have to, as I know how hard it is on the liver. I prefer to go natural/food based when I can and this product works great. I recently had surgery on both hands and used it in lieu of pain meds given by the doctor after the 2nd day. It worked. If you have chronic pain, take it a few times a day. I was so pleasantly surprised that they offer a free bottle to new customers and after sending in an email, I did receive one in the mail! Great customer service, responsive, courteous and best of all, quality supplements at a great price. I will look for their brands when I purchase other supplements in the future. Thank you NatureWise! You've earned a customer for life!

3. Superior Labs Boswellia Extract - Pure NonGMO Boswellic 65% Acids w/Bioperine Superior Absorption Zero Synthetic Additives - Powerful Formula Joint, Knees, Hips, Migraine, Immune, - 500mg Svg, 240 Veg

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5.0 - Helped my wife
My wife has had chronic pain in her wrist for years. Probably carpal tunnel from a lot of computer work. A relative suggested Boswellia Extract and so we ordered a bottle. After taking two pills twice a day for a few days, she was amazed that the nearly constant pain in her wrist almost completely disappeared. Then, one day, the pain returned. After thinking about it for a minute, she realized she had forgotten to take her Boswellia the day before! Good stuff. So long as she remembers to take her pills, no more wrist pain.
5.0 - Happy Customer
My husband and I have been taking Boswellia for 2 months now. After hearing that it can support fighting cancer, we decided to add it to our supplement regimen. It also seems to be helping with inflammation due to carpal tunnel syndrome. We have chosen Superior Labs brand because of its highest purity rating. Great product!
5.0 - have had carpal tunnel surgery on one hand, and ...
have had carpal tunnel surgery on one hand, and have had some pain in both from arthritis. Have taken this two weeks, 2 per day, the pain is less, and I seem to have more use of both hands. Really like this product!! Will continue to use!

4. Great Lakes Gelatin - Collagen Hydrolysate Kosher - Unflavored Protein - 16 oz

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5.0 - Everything they say about this is true. This collagen ...
Everything they say about this is true. This collagen and 100mg of b-6 help my carpal tunnel and trigger fingers.
5.0 - No More Aching Knees! Love it!!!
After discovering this product on Amazon and reading the reviews I decided to see if this would help my husband and I with our aging and aching joints. I'm 52 and my husband is nearly 60 and we are both overweight by 40+ lbs. Because it is so expensive I went in search of a lower price online and found it much cheaper on the manufacturer's website. Thrive Market also has it cheaper and if you have a coupon for that site it could be cheaper than the manufacturer's website. Anyway, I purchased it in the 8-lb bag and we've been taking it in our coffee, 2 heaping tablespoons each, every morning. We often forget to take it in the evening. We have only about a week or two supply left and I'm ordering more. Within a few weeks of taking this my husband stopped complaining about his aching, popping, cracking, and painful knees. His knees had been so bad he was afraid he would need knee replacement surgery in the not-too-distant future. But now he goes up and down stairs without the slightest complaint from his knees. I've also experienced a big improvement in my knees, hips and other joints. My carpal tunnel still acts up but the arthritis pain in my hands seems to have improved quite a bit. My nails and hair are growing faster and my skin seems to have improved some as well, but that is just icing on the cake for me, my joints are my main concern. I've also lost 16 lbs in the six months or so that I've been using this product and the only thing I've done differently during that time is to cut out milk as a beverage (in favor of water) and taking this product. There is no way to know for sure if either of these had anything to do with my weight loss but I thought it was worth mentioning.
5.0 - quality of life
My spouse and I have been using great lakes green label since 1/2016..I had deep inflamation in my left knee..since I/m not an ovc woman all the recommended herbs I was taking was not working..had to go to use of a cane for balance..then I found great lakes collagen..i am back on my recumbent bike daily..walking wrist carpal tunnel..since I work fulltime..standing at my stove to cook spouse and I have seen 90% painrelief in our backs..he's a bowler..and my energy is back more than ever..and btw..we are both over 78 yrs old...I would recommend this for anyone that wants to see your energy come back and live a quality of life ....btw..we are back dancing twice a week..but you have to be faithful..once you start you need to consider it a staple in your diet...
5.0 - Five Stars
I have carpal tunnel on my wrist but after taking this gelatin, my wrist doesn't hurt anymore.

5. Pure Encapsulations - P5P 50 - Activated Vitamin B6 to Support Metabolism of Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins* - 180 Capsules

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5.0 - Five Stars
Only product I'll buy. Helps with Carpal Tunnel
5.0 - Excellant. Had a trigger finger for close to a ...
Excellant. Had a trigger finger for close to a year. talked to people that had surgery for trigger finger. I got the names of doctors I planned on going to. I just couldn't put up with trigger any longer. Then I stumbled onto this product. I decided to give it a try. and it completely 100% cured my trigger finger. It took months, maybe even 6 months. I took one in the morning and 1 at night. I still take it hoping it prevents it from happening again. It's been a year now and it hasn't returned. Be patient though it doesn't work over night. I also sleep with braces they sell at the drug store for carpal tunnel syndrome. Maybe the combination of doing both of them worked helped. anyway I no longer suffer from trigger finger.
5.0 - Good product
Help's with 'trigger finger' monopoly in the hands, carpal tunnel issues, which those things actually come from deficiency of P5P. A good amount comes in this bottle too.
5.0 - Your Loyal Customer
One of my coworkers told me about it. I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and this works miracles. I am much better now

6. Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine Joint Pain Relief - Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant Supplement with 10mg of Black Pepper for Better Absorption. 100% All Natural Non-Gmo Made in USA

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5.0 - Very healthy stuff. Easy to take.
It helps me for inflammation my hands: tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.
5.0 - I am amazed at the result
I am by nature, very skeptical of "on-line" miracles but I took the plunge, ordered the supplement and thought, "It's only twenty bucks". Wow. I've only taken it one time. Once. I am amazed at the result. I have severe carpal tunnel, arthritis, neuropathy, a trigger thumb and De Quervain's in my left hand. I was muddling through because I refuse to take medication (I'm pretty young and am looking for a life-solution, not a band-aid solution). I walked around thinking, "This is like a miracle." I was pain free with the exception of my trigger thumb and that's a whole other thang :0) I'm going to continue to take this and if it continues to prove effective, I will be ordering every month.
5.0 - No more pain.
I have carpal tunnel and arthritis in my hands. I am a gardener and golfer, and was in agony. I have been taking this with another primrose supplement for a month now and postponing surgery. Can’t believe I’m almost pain FREE. I’m going to wait until spring to see if I’m STILL THIS GOOD. Try it, what have you got to loose except the operation.
4.0 - Four Stars
Helps with my carpal tunnel pain. This will make you thirsty so i take this in the morning.

7. Smarter Curcumin - Potency and Absorption in a SoftGel. 95% Tetra-Hydro Curcuminoids. The Most Active Form of Curcuminoid Found in The Turmeric Root (1 Month Supply)

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5.0 - It is a bit pricey but worth it
I suffer from carpal tunnel and some knee injuries. I’ve taken this over a month now and it seems to have helped because I have not noticed the nagging swelling in both my hands when I type.
5.0 - Carpal tunnel was so painful I was unable to pick things up
Carpal tunnel was so painful I was unable to pick things up, or open a door. This has allowed that pain to almost be eliminated.
5.0 - Great product for inflammation and pain
Overall I have experienced a big improvement with issues I had with inflammation and pain in my stomach and this is helping me to have a better sleep during the night. The product is also helping me with my condition of carpal tunnel syndrome which I used to suffer with severe numbness, and pain specially while sleeping. Now I feel much better.

8. Vibrant Health - Joint Vibrance Powder, Support to Maintain and Repair Joint Health with Collagen, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Non-GMO, Orange Pineapple, 21 Servings (FFP)

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5.0 - The absolute best product i have found for joint issues
The absolute best product i have found for joint issues. Help a considerable amount with my carpal tunnel and arthritis.
4.0 - It works, but taste NASTY!
I am a photographer and spend a lot of time at my computer editing pictures. I noticed a great deal of pain in my right index finger that felt like arthritis. I also have really bad pain in my wrist (i think it could be carpal tunnel). I needed something bad because the pain was getting in the way of my work- and life being a mother. A lady at the health food store recommended this to me. I have been using it for a week and the pain in my hand and finger is going away. So i know this works. The only thing that sucks about it is the flavor. I have to down it fast and eat or drink something right after to chase away the taste. Bleh. My rating would have been 5 stars had it not tasted horrible. Even with that said it is still worth using because it works!

9. Organic Turmeric Supplement Curcumin Extract with BioPerine (Black Pepper Extract) and Ginger Powder Naturo Sciences 120 Capsules

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5.0 - Perfect timing!
When I first received the product I wasn't sure about it. I get nervous when trying pills. I've been detailing car/semi trucks for a couple weeks now & was very stuff. My right wrist/hand was throbbing. (Carpal tunnel or arthritis) i would wake up at night from the pain. I started to take these when I got them bc I had the symptoms & was hoping for some relief. That being said...i am happy to say it helped me tremendously!! I am going to have my husband start taking them too. I'm so happy I tried these!!
5.0 - Helps with carpal tunnel
I've been experiencing major inflammation and pain due to carpal tunnel and after taking this consistently for 12 days the pain is gone. I do take this every single day and always will. I also notice I never get stomach aches!

10. Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength, Vegan Liquid Capsules, 120 Count - Turmeric Curcumin Supplement with Black Pepper, Daily Joint Support & Healthy Inflammatory Response

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5.0 - Can't recommend enough
Been taking this suppliment for about 2 years now. Has greatly helped my general joint pain and carpal tunnel from cashiering.
5.0 - My best friend told me about these a week ago
OMG...I have had knee issues for last 3 or 4 years and pain in my wrist from carpal tunnel. I refuse to take any prescribed medications due to the side effects which keep you coming back. My best friend told me about these a week ago. I decided to buy some and I started taking them on Friday 02-26-2016 and I am amazed at how much energy I have and how great I feel. I wish I had discovered these years ago. Now that I am taking these, it has given me the motivation I need to walk.
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