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1. Dr. Tobias CandidaFX - Extra Strength Candida Cleanse - With Herbs & Enzymes To Help Reduce Unpleasant Effects from Die-Off of Yeast - Easy & Effective Nutritional Supplement For Women And Men

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5.0 - This worked for me.
I'll be definitely be ordering this again. I just ran out, but for the last month while I took this I noticed my reoccurring yeast infections stopped, my athletes foot got a lot better, although not all the way gone, and my sugar and junk cravings were much less than before. I'm not sure it matters, but I got in the habit of taking it right before bed. I found that overall I felt much better while taking this. I suffer from gastrointestinal issues and my doctor said this was safe.
5.0 - Five Stars
My cravings for starchy foods went away within a few days of starting CandidaFX and haven’t come back.
5.0 - Five Stars
So far so good, only used 15 days, itching has went away, hoping the sugar cravings go away soon
5.0 - Increased Energy/Decreased Fatigue
It appears to be doing something. For some reason I have been less tired. A "lot" less tired. I purchased this because I just finished watching a string of anti parasite and anti-candida youtube videos. Those videos will make you feel as if you're close to death. I'm not disciplined enough to check my poop for dead parasites. My cravings for a cold Coke have not subsided so I may be continuing to feed the Candida. However, like I mentioned earlier, I have been able to get up earlier and I'm less tired throughout the day. For me, this new increase in energy is worth the 5-star rating alone. Especially since it was such an expected result. The changes in my energy appeared around week #2. Does it work for parasites? Probably considering the ingredients. Does it work for Candida? I don't know. I wish there was a way to perform a before and after Candida test. That's the only way to truly know IMO. Would I recommend it to a friend. Sure! It didn't kill me or make me sick and it made me feel better.
5.0 - helped monthly yeast infection, energy, and cravings
I initially ordered these candida cleanse pills to help a monthly yeast infection. I have been suffering from for a few years. Doc prescribed pills, tried OTC topical (it was an external vaginal infection) and nothing g really helped. A friend recommend I do a candida cleanse. I chose Dr tobias because of the high number of 5 star reveiws. 1 pill every night and my monthly yeast infections are gone (I got them 1 week before menstruation). And, as a bonus, within just a few days I stopped craving sweets, I could think more clearly and had more energy and willpower. I am recommending this to all my friends.
5.0 - Unbelievable!!!
About 8 years ago, my health took a nasty turn. I went from working 60-70 hours a week, to not able to get outta bed...overnight! After many doctors, specialists, tests, etc.; I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. So began a life of prescription drugs and disability. Within the last year, my sugar and carb cravings went through the roof. Especially 4 months ago when, without warning, my Dr. stopped prescribing narcotic painkillers. But no help for me...I weaned and detoxed from them ALONE. Suddenly, I had bad allergies, severe dermatitis, poor sleep, constant headache, etc.... Now I've been gluten sensitive for a few years, but it took me a good bit of time to figure out what was wrong. CANDIDA!!! Of course, my docs all laughed at the idea, but I was convinced. Particularly after I stopped taking fx early and one day ate pizza, birthday cake, and ice cream... within hours I was miserable! Thank goodness for Dr. Tobias! Candidafx is the answer to a prayer. I have a long way to go yet, but this stuff REALLY WORKS!!! Unbelievable that most docs just don't care enough. I will have this bottle of magic on hand along with my candida diet for the rest of my life. If you suspect candida overgrowth,give this a try.
5.0 - reduced sugar cravings, no die off symptoms
CandidaFX helped reduce my sugar cravings and other candida symptoms, and I experienced no die off symptoms with its use.
4.0 - Better stomach health
Helped with sugar cravings and helped my stomach problems.
5.0 - It Works!
For years I've had symptoms of yeast overgrowth: seborrheic dermatitis, what appeared to ringworm around my scalp, scaly cracked feet, and the worst of it: for about a year now I would get a yeast infection about a week before my period - I kept doing the creams or anti-fungal pill with no relief. My craving for sugar was off the charts! I started taking the CandidaFX and after a few days I begin to feel better, but then I really got cranky and REALLY REALLY begin to crave sugar and had the yeast infection from hell - I knew it was killing that stuff off -and it was fighting back. I also passed small white globs during the process. After about 2 weeks, everything begin to improve - my scalp is amazing-no sign of flaking, no ringworm, feet not as scaly, female parts feel good, sugar cravings - very little, definitely controllable - do the work - change your habits and diet and stick with this product -you will see results - I will continue to take it on a maintenance basis.
5.0 - I like it
Nothing negative. I find it has helped regulate Mt digestive tract. I believe it has really helped eliminate yeast overgrowth in my gut. I no longer feel drained, or sick all the time. This coupled with Shakeology has helped curve my cravings for sweets. I am not sure if it has gotten rid of my other yeast/BV issues that have lasted over 7months but I have noticed significant reduction in the related symptoms or issues.
4.0 - Comparatively better than another anti candida I tried before
This is the second candida product I have tried and I will say the the suppression of sugar cravings as well as die off has been much more significant with CandidaFX. I am slowly figuring out that long term maintenance and will power are the true keys to defeating this, but I will say that this is an effective product for kick starting the process and aiding in that maintenance. I have also upped my fiber and added bentonite.
5.0 - relief from candida, and support for discomfort associated with candida die off
i suffer from systemic candidiasis-- hand and foot fungus, nails in both areas and heavy keratin on skin, have also had jock itch several times, and a similar rash in the armpits,also gastrointestinal issues. i have cut sugars and carbs and using CandidaFX with good results. it seems my nails are slowly growing out, and i feel this product has helped me to still feel good during periods of die off, which usually give sugar cravings and flu like symptoms in the past. thank you for providing this great product,
5.0 - So far so good
It’s been 2 1/2 weeks and so far my gut is feeling pretty good. Tummy is flatter and no bloat (typical bloating for me at least 2-3 days per week). I guess I have fewer sugar cravings because i’m eating less. It just seems that I don’t have the desire to eat bad stuff even when there is no other option so I have just been able to wait until I can eat decent. I’m going to continue and update after I’m Into my second bottle. I bought one for my mother now who has severe stomach and digestive issues to see if it helps her.
5.0 - Since I start taking them, I don't have cravings ...
Since I start taking them, I don't have cravings for sweets or carbs :)
5.0 - Good stuff.
Since on this product my bowle movements have been amazing! And my sugar cravings drastically decreased.
5.0 - Candida is horrible. I have finger and foot nail fungus that ...
Candida is horrible.I have finger and foot nail fungus that never went away although Ive used over the counter would do better as long as I took the products but as soon as i stopped,everything returned.Also food allergies,carb and sugar cravings,weight gain,fatigue.I was told by an herbalist I had candida and had to go sugar and carb free for 2 months.Of course It was to hard and failed several times.But I finally decided to do it and decided on Dr Tobias and loved it I felt a difference and the first few days.I had the die off symptoms and felt like I had the flu .I lost 10lbs and will buy his products again.I bought this product at full price.
5.0 - I have a area on my thumb just above my ...
I have a area on my thumb just above my nail with fungus. Since taking the CandidaFX it has become smaller. I hope to continue and beat my sugar and carb cravings.
5.0 - This product has helped my sugar cravings, and has ...
This product has helped my sugar cravings, and has helped with some digestive issues. I will definitely purchase it again.
5.0 - Five Stars
Took away my bad cravings
4.0 - I've only been taking this for two weeks, but ...
I've only been taking this for two weeks, but so far i have not had any major die off reaction and my sugar cravings have been much improved. Hoping this will last continue to improve.
4.0 - Four Stars
It has helped me with bloating and sugar cravings.
5.0 - Don't hesitate-it works!
This is a great product. My gastro issues are so much better along with my allergies. I did not have die off symptoms like I've experienced with other cleanse products. The cravings for starch have subsided as well. I'm not completely free from it but I can see a great improvement. I will continue to purchase this from Dr Tobias.
5.0 - Have Candida? This helps get rid of it! Really!
My cravings for sweets are gone since taking Candida FX! I was also experiencing a growing skin rash with itching, severe at times but now, since taking FX and adhering to Dr Tobias's recommended Candida kill off diet, skin is slowly returning to normal and 90% of the itching is gone! I would highly recommend this Candida FX and the probiotic he sells along with it!
5.0 - No more sugar cravings
I received this quickly and started taking it 2 weeks ago. I am experiencing some ichy skin
5.0 - Feel much better. Less sugar cravings and bloat
Feel much better. Less sugar cravings and bloat. I didn't feel sick while taking this either as I have with other cleanses. Will use again!
5.0 - Helping So Far
This has really helped with on going foot and nail fungus issues and seems to reduce sugar cravings. Hoping for more benefits the longer I use this seemingly great product.
5.0 - This product really works!! Just after few days ...
This product really works!! Just after few days of using I stopped having sugar cravings! Of course there is still a habit to work with but candicaFX really helped me
5.0 - Less Desire for Sugar
I’m having less cravings for sugar. I feel like I have more energy. I haven’t experienced any symptoms of die off yet.
4.0 - Very good
It curbs my sugar cravings!!
5.0 - Just try it
I love this stuff. Honestly it helps my allergies, my immune system, my sugar cravings. I don't itch as much I'm not bloated as much I take this and milk thistle to try and detox as best I can. If I don't take this I get Stinky(I know gross), moody, my skin breaks out in hives, and I sleep awful.
5.0 - So far it's reducing my cravings. Updates to come.
So far so good. I have noticed a reduction in my craving for carbs. I will update when I finish my bottle. Customer service is outstanding.
5.0 - Only 2 weeks in
I purchased this product. I've only been taking this for 2 weeks. The first thing I noticed was fewer sugar cravings. I don't know how it's possible, but I wanted less sugar! Secondly, a small itchy area on my arm cleared up. I honestly think this product would benefit those with skin issues or eczema. I can't comment on any other product benefits at this time, just the two above (which is great for me). I will keep taking this since it helps with sugar cravings and clears up my skin. Perhaps I'll be able to post an update to the benefits once I use it for a longer timeframe.
5.0 - No More Sweet Tooth Cravings
helps with my sweet tooth cravings and I have seen some improvement in my energy levels
5.0 - I started getting a skin rash and having other symptoms like itching and very strong sugar cravings among other things
For several years, I've had extremely rough feet and thick, hard toenails. A year or so ago, I started getting a skin rash and having other symptoms like itching and very strong sugar cravings among other things. I never connected all of these symptoms together until I went to the doctor and was told that I had candida and I was given a prescription cream for the skin rash. The cream helped some but not enough so I started researching candida online and found that all of these symptoms I had been having were all due to the candida. Afterwards, I started looking for a more natural cure that would work better than the cream I had been given. After taking Dr. Tobias' Candida FX for about a month now, I've has significant improvement and would highly recommend this product.
4.0 - Good product
Good product and quick service. I guess it may be hard to tell for sure but I do feel as if I have less cravings for sweet things. I don't feel badly after taking this product either.
5.0 - I am sure to feel even better as i clean up my diet
I am beginning to feel an increase in my energy levels, and less stiffness in my joints. I am sure to feel even better as i clean up my diet, and hopefully my sugar cravings will fade.
5.0 - This stuff is a miracle! After years of antibiotics ...
This stuff is a miracle! After years of antibiotics for sinus troubles, I developed an overgrowth of candida. Within days of taking these, my bloated tummy began to shrink and sugar cravings subsided. This product along with a candida diet has been life changing. I’ve lost 12 lbs in three weeks (lots of fluid weight for sure), something I had not been able to do for years. I’ve ordered my second bottle and don’t see living without it in the future.
5.0 - Stops sugar cravings
So far has helped stop sugar cravings which makes it ten times easier to fight candida. Thank you
5.0 - Helped me to get rid of my yeast infection and reduce sugar cravings
Helped me to get rid of my yeast infection and reduce sugar cravings
I took nthis at night and for the first week felt body aches and headaches so i knew it was doing somthing but since then have noticed my facial complexion clearer , a clearer mind, better sleep , NO SUGAR CRAVINGS which i had very bad especially at night. I have added gutmeister prebiotic and the 30 billion probiotic product and my digestion and tummy feels so much calmer too . FEEL LIKE MYT BODY IS HEALING
5.0 - Great product! It has helped with my carb/sugar cravings ...
Great product! It has helped with my carb/sugar cravings as well as really help me stay regular along with the probiotic.
5.0 - Lifesaving product.
At 32 years old after a round of strong antibiotics I became very ill. I became bed bound and a "mystery patient". Ive had thrush and Yeast since 2 years old since I was in diapers at 2. I struggled my entire life. A year ago I became so I'll I stopped being able to eat or function. At 32 I was developing dementia symptoms and fainting. Tachachardia. Truly thought I was dying and wanted to. I started researching and found a naturopath that took one look at my tounge and history and told me I had a serious Candida issue and have for 30 years (I knew that just didn't know it was in your intestines). I did a lot of research and found this product before my naturopath recommended anything. First few days die off was bad but I became mentally clear. My heart rate went down. All my mystery illness" started clearing up. Fibromyalgia fading. Brain fog. Chronic fatigue. Anxiety. Mood swings. Sorry for the tmi but I can see a TON of yeast in the toilet with urine or stool. I've never seen anything like it in my life. I didn't know it was possible for that to be poisoning my body. I continue to approve. It's only been a few weeks. I had to start with only one pill at night because die off was so painful but I'm a severe case. I'm up to 2 a day and can eat again! My appetite is back! The sugar cravings are fading. 30 years of my life make sense. Crashing mood wise around 3-5 pm daily for years is fading. My naturopath today asked me to see the bottle of this product and was shocked. He said "how did you find this? This has everything we use individually to treat Candida, parasites, worms and other bacterias". He was so
5.0 - Where have you been all my life?!!!!!
5.0 - Keeps me less bloated
I absolutely love this product. It does wonders for my gut. The added bonus is the sugar cravings disappear.
5.0 - Love it. Life changing.
Once my body adjusted and with some dietary changes (reducing dairy, sugar and carbs) my energy improved. Joint pain is minimised. Sugar and carb cravings are gone. I've lost weight as a result. Brain fog reduced. I'm excited to see what happens in another few weeks...
5.0 - Five Stars
My GI track is feeling better after just one week and my sugar cravings are down.
5.0 - I used to be sick and tired
I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I tried this supplement to help with my indigestion, heart burn, stomach pain, diahrrea, energy level and joint pain. In a week and a half, I was able to get out of a chair without having to push myself out of it. My joint pain is not completely gone, but it is greatly reduced! It took a little bit longer to get my stomach issues straightened out but it has resolved my indigestion, heart burn and pain issues. I am now having normal bowel movements and feel like my energy level is increasing. One side effect it has, that I wasn't expecting was that it crushed my cravings for sweets. I no longer obsess over candy, cookies and ice cream like I use to, which has led me to a healthier lifestyle change. In a month's time, I have lost 15 pounds. I am so glad that I tried these supplements. If you have vague symptoms and just don't feel like yourself and have low energy, give these a try for a month along with following a Candida diet and I feel like you will probably notice a change as well. In complete disclosure, I bought my first bottle and received a 2nd bottle free; but even if the company wasn't giving me the 2nd bottle free, I would still purchase these at full price. They are worth every penny for fixing my digestive issues alone, but the fact that they curb my sugar cravings(and I was a huge sweet eater-had to have something sweet after every meal and in between too) is a game changer. I think that if you have digestive issues and fatigue with joint pain and take these pills along with following a Candida diet, you will notice a change in how you feel. I told myself that I would give the pills and the diet (because I wasn't sure I could go that long without sweets/sugar in my diet for very long) a good old college try for 2 months but after taking them and doing this diet for a month, I am SOLD!
5.0 - More Energy
I gaining back my energy with no cravings for sugar or carbs.
5.0 - It kills fungus.
This product works and it does exactly what it claims it will do. It will heal you from gut candida. I also believe having a sweet tooth caused it. But my cravings for sugary items have also lessoned.
5.0 - Go for it!
Ive been taking Candida Fx for 4 weeks now, I sleep better, have more energy, and it has actually helped with my sugar cravings. Ive noticed an improvement on my tummy inflammation, and I also noticed a change on my weight, will continue to use!
5.0 - Cravings
Little die off! Sugar cravings were hone
5.0 - Five Stars
Gas and bloating have gone. I have more energy. Carb cravings have lessened.
5.0 - Works good! First two weeks has gone away by about ...
Works good! First two weeks has gone away by about helps with hunger and cravings I ordered on research alone no gimmicks or free bottles it works. just takes time and very little die off side affects
5.0 - ... 2 days of taking it but after I felt great my food and sweet cravings went down tremendously
I did feel sick the first 2 days of taking it but after I felt great my food and sweet cravings went down tremendously. I do have no ore nasal drip and my tongue is getting back it's colour.
5.0 - This supplement works best with corresponding adjustments to diet in place
I experience candida overgrowth as lethargy, sugar cravings and a general bloated feeling. This usually happens after I've been on vacation or let my diet slip a bit. So a few times a year I do a cleanse where I cut out sugar and carbs for a month and use this product to kill off candida. It always seems to work. My energy levels return and my digestion improves. From the research I've done, don't expect this product to work if you don't cut out sugars and carbs for a while. This supplement works best with corresponding adjustments to diet in place.
5.0 - Decreased Sugar Cravings
I used to crave sugar obsessively. After using CandidaFX for three weeks, my sugar cravings have decreased significantly.
5.0 - I'm so happy with it
This supplement has been helping me with sugar cravings, inflammation & joint pain associated with RA, & digestive issues. I'm so happy with it!
5.0 - Great product
I feel better, have more energy, and am less bloated - after 1 bottle. I just ordered another, because I hear that you should take it for 2 months to completely rid yourself of candida. I see from the reviews some people stay on it... I don't know if I will do that, but there's no doubt I'm feeling better. I've had doctors say I might have lupus, chronic fatigue, check my iron, etc... since I was in my 20's. I'd get dog tired in the afternoons, take a nap, still feel groggy all the time. I biked 10 miles a day 5 days a week to try and get my energy up, ate salads, stopped eating wheat, took adrenal tablets (which did help some), took supplemental shakes... anyway, I tried everything to feel how I feel right now. I can actually go all day and still feel good, I sleep better, my migraines are not lasting as long, and I'm not craving sweets anymore. My salt cravings are less severe too. If I have to keep taking it to feel like this, I guess its worth it! Anyway, if you're not sure if you need it, look up the candida spit test. Its easy.
4.0 - Sugar cravings
I have terrible cravings for sugar and have crohn’s disease so I need the probiotics and candida prevention. I definitely have not been craving sugar as much and my bms are more regular and formed. With crohn’s disease I often have loose bms so along with my crohns meds and this product, I am feeling better.
5.0 - My sugar cravings went away after 1 day. After ...
My sugar cravings went away after 1 day. After a few days, I had more energy. After 2 weeks, rashes that I have had for years are starting to disappear.
5.0 - Helps fight sugar cravings!
It helped significantly with sugar cravings, brain fog and short-term memory!
4.0 - Good stuff
had a food sensitivity test done and Candida came up as one of my triggers. I’d also read that Candida can trigger intense cravings for sweets and I noticed this to be true for me. I wanted to eliminate Candida from my body to ensure that my cravings were indeed my cravings and not the cravings of my gut bacteria or yeast. This product did what it said it would do. With Candida in control, I feel like I have more control of my eating with reduced cravings.
4.0 - Gentle, but effective
I liked that there was no stomach upset from this supplement. I did have mild die-off symptoms about 3 days after beginning the supplement, mostly just a tiredness and joint/muscle aches, that lasted about 48 hours. After 10 days, I felt a little brighter and less sluggish, and my sweet cravings nearly disappeared.
5.0 - Sugar Cravings
It has helped me to reduce sugar cravings and feel has improved my digestion.
4.0 - Four Stars
I find that it does what it says. My energy increased and my cravings for sweets decreased.
4.0 - Decrease in sugar and carb cravings
I have been taking this product for about 2 weeks. I have noticed a decrease in my sugar and carb cravings and a slight increase in energy in the morning. I hope to have a better review after taking it longer.
4.0 - Like it so far
I feel like it's working. I feel fewer cravings for things like carbs and sugar.
5.0 - Works well - only need to take to a day ...
Works well - only need to take to a day compared to 6 of another brand. Cravings for sugar have finally diminished and are manageable!
5.0 - Definitely curbing my sugar cravings. Feeling better
I like it. Will continue to use. Curbing my sugar cravings. Feeing better after the first week.
5.0 - Well worth it!
Product is amazing, and does everything and more than what's promised. Thank you so much, I'm getting my life back, and feel better than I have in years! The sugar cravings are gone, my body doesn't hurt anymore, my brain feels alive again and no longer foggy. Goodbye Candida and good riddance!
5.0 - works
Has helped me reduce my dependence on acid reduction medications and has helped reduce food cravings, especially for sugary snacks.
4.0 - My daily cravings for ice cream and sweets that hit me like a two ton heavy thing when I have yeast ...
Obviously, it's working. My daily cravings for ice cream and sweets that hit me like a two ton heavy thing when I have yeast overgrowth have stopped. It's nice not to feel possessed and driven to eat things that my rational mind knows is not good for me. I recommend the product to anyone suffering from intestinal yeast issues.
5.0 - Worked for me.
Like most I was skeptical-however after about a week I noticed a drop in my-sugar cravings- which can be caused by candida-now after 2 weeks they are gone. I have also lost 5 pounds. I feel better no doubt.
5.0 - Not instant, but working for me -
I am pretty impressed with CandidaFX - especially since I did not have the horrible symptoms usually associated with candida die-off (which is why, at first, I didn't think it was working). However, my sugar cravings are definitely lessening, my rashes are disappearing and my tongue is back to normal. I've also noticed my energy levels are up and brain fog is lifting. I've probably had this candida problem for years and just attributed it to aging, so I'm very happy with results so far. The fact that the ingredients are also natural and work with the body instead of against it are a huge plus.
5.0 - Love this product
I have more energy, less sugar cravings. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. I also have less arthritis pains and aches
5.0 - Helps with Sugar Cravings!
I take this supplement to help with sugar cravings. I have noticed that I have more energy. I have not experienced any die off side effects at all. I take two in the morning with a glass of water. I will continue to use this product as part of my dietary supplement.
5.0 - Five Stars
I am not as hungry and my cravings for sweets has gone down.
5.0 - People with depression and anxiety should look into the possibility that they have an overgrowth of Candida
I bought this for my son who was suffering from a case of Candida. He had been feeling mood swings, brain fog, and unreasonable sugar cravings and self diagnosed himself with Candida before going to the doctor. She insisted that he was too healthy to have candida, but he asked to be tested anyhow. To her surprise, he had thrush, and the white coating on his tongue was one of the measurable symptoms. He decided that he had probably been carrying around an overgrowth of candida for some time. If you're familiar with Candida you know that it is a fungus that lives naturally in your digestive system in a small amount, but if you don't have enough healthy bacteria in your system to keep it at a reasonable level, it can become overgrown. It interferes with the production of serotonin which is dependent on a healthy gut and can seep into your blood stream as well. We both take probiotics regularly, but he needed additional assistance killing off the excessive fungus. In addition to the Dr. prescription he wanted to strengthen his overall health, so he did some diet adjustments, took these supplements (as well as Dr. Tobias Deep Immune) and he said he felt better than he had in a long time. His symptoms of depression and anxiety were alleviated, and his brain fog disappeared. He also said his tongue was pinker than it had been for as long as he could remember. He now keeps an eye on his sugar intake, and watches his tongue for and whiteness and he's back to his normal happy, hardworking, charming self. If you want to restore your body to an overall balance, Dr. Tobias has amazing products! I highly recommend.
5.0 - I love this product
I love this product. I was craving sugar every night, then I start taking this product and my cravings were gone. Thank you for the excellent product
5.0 - Five Stars
Stopped my sugar cravings
5.0 - Suppresses Appetite for Carbs!
Dr. Tobias Candida FX works great! After one week, I have noticed that my skin has stopped itching, and my cravings for sweets, pasta and bread have completely disappeared! I am on a Carb-Cycling Diet where I only eat one meal every other day with Complex Carbs at dinner. I do intermittent fasting all day and have a large salad with Olive Oil & Vinegar dressing and either fried eggs in coconut oil or some kind of meat. On Carb Days, I allow myself to have a Yam or some fruit after dinner.
5.0 - This product cuts my cravings for sweets and help manage my weight.
I like this product a lot. I would recommend it for candida cleanse.
5.0 - Great Stuff
I have been ordering this for over a year. It has made a huge difference in my digestion, bloating, sugar cravings, and just general well-being. I have had a lot of stomach issues since I was a kid, so it is a big relief to find something that really helps. I'm a big fan of Dr. Tobias' line of products, and this one is no exception.
5.0 - Five Stars
I have more energy and regular bowel movements. Helps with sugar cravings.
5.0 - I can see some improvement already, although I will ...
I can see some improvement already, although I will probably need to stay with it for at least another month or two. I bought this product to help with thrush. I felt overall ucky with sugar cravings and mood swings. That has improved and the thrush appears to be gone

2. Sobrenix - Anti-Alcohol & Alcohol Support Supplement | All-Natural Liquid Formula for 2X Absorption | Kudzu, Milk Thistle, B Vitamins & More

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5.0 - The taste is not great but for someone with a drinking problem that should ...
This stuff works. Do not listen to the 1 star negative reviews. This has all the ingredients to prevent cravings and help restore your body and liver. The taste is not great but for someone with a drinking problem that should be the last of your concerns. Yes you need will power as well but this 100% helps with the process. Great company to buy from and will recommend to anyone trying to cut back on drinking. There is also a promo code if you buy multiple bottles at once.
5.0 - I believe it helps
I like this product and find that when I use it as recommended, it helps with the cravings and also helps to lessen my alcohol intake.
5.0 - Excellent product! Definitely lowers cravings and gives your body ...
Excellent product! Definitely lowers cravings and gives your body the kick it needs to recover from a hard night of drinking too much. It also gives you a healthy boost of energy and clarity of thinking and with all natural herbs. Got my third bottle today. Love it!
5.0 - This product is amazing! I am still in awe
This product is amazing! I am still in awe. I have alcoholic parents and alcoholism in my family. I've worked hard to monitor my drinking, however, still struggle. This product completely eliminates cravings and when I do drink, I have about 2 drinks and am done! This has NEVER happened in my life. I am amazed and will be a lifelong customer. I don't know how it works, but it definitely works!
5.0 - Definitely worth it! Seriously try it out!
I stopped drinking to lose weight thinking it would be easy to stop. I didn’t really realize how strong of a hold my nightly scotch really had on me. I know for sure I would not be 15 pounds down and 45 days sober without this product. It really has helped me not drink. I’m on my second bottle of the stuff and I take it every morning before the gym. I also take it when I’m craving a drink. I like the taste of it, and it has all 4 of the ingredients shown to help with alcohol cravings. It is THE only product out there with a liquid delivery and the 4 necessary ingredients. Seriously try it, I’ve never written an Amazon review before, so that should tell you I’m seriously grateful for this stuff!! Also a tip that’s helped me, replace your booze with another healthy drink you like. I’ve been making diet virgin gin and tonics. Some diet tonic, grenadine, cherries, and lime. Good luck!! Stay strong one day at a time, remember there’s no magic potion that can make you sober, you have to make that choice each day, but this stuff sure does make it an easier choice to make.
5.0 - I have no cravings once I take it it’s like magic for me
This product really worked for me. I’m on my 3rd week and, I have no cravings once I take it it’s like magic for me. This product is heaven sent!
5.0 - Excellent product. Convenient to take
Excellent product. Convenient to take, you don’t need water, a lot of good nutrients. Can’t say the cravings are less but like the nutrients it offers
5.0 - Quality ingredients
I purchased this product to help assist me with an cleanse where I was eliminating alcohol from my diet. I can say that this definitely supported my efforts (especially through those first 2 weeks). I took the supplement by mouth in the morning and initially in the afternoon when the cravings for alcohol would start. Almost 2 months in, I will take when I get an occasional craving in the late afternoon. It worked for me and I can say it really helped me to get through the initial first, tough few weeks.
4.0 - it helped.
It works. It's nothing magic. I found it helps most when I do not want to drink at all. I haven't noticed it helps on days I do drink for less consumption. It might. It definitely has helped to reduce cravings for alcohol on the days I have planned not to drink.
5.0 - This stuff really WORKS!!!!!!!
Being a very heavy drinker for years & years, I have tried numerous times to quit on my own, but I always kept reaching out for the bottle. Then I found Sobrenix............ WOW what a difference this product makes!! 22 days sober today and NO cravings for alcohol whatsoever!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Sobrenix for giving me my life back!!!! If you are struggling with Alcohol addiction, this is a MUST try!!!!!
5.0 - This works
This does what it says, I ordered another one. Struggling with my weight, so trying to stave off cravings for wine. Glad I have this to help now!
5.0 - but i am glad I did
Does exactly what it says. I have been using it for about 6 months. It drastically reduces my cravings especially during my trigger hours. When I do drink, it does keep me from drinking too much. I really do not think it will make anyone quit if you're not looking to. Anyone looking to try something that may work for them, it is worth the purchase. I have tried several other things, but they were no help. I was skeptical about trying this, but i am glad I did.
4.0 - Seems to help
I have been using this product for a couple months. I take it every morning. It really does help with cravings in the evening, when I remeber to use it multiple times! If you are trying to curb, or quit, you really should give this product a try.
5.0 - Reduced my cravings.
This product definitely helps reduce cravings when taken as directed. I used it to cut back from two glasses of wine daily to one, or none. I can say that this product, along with just a little willpower delivers!
5.0 - Try this product, it really worked for me!
I have recently quit drinking alcohol (horrible detox) and have been searching for something to help with the cravings without having to take prescription medication. I read all of the reviews (mostly positive) and decided to give it a try. Well, I have to tell you that it definitely works and that is a big deal for me. I have been drinking all of my life, I come from a small town and family (that drinks) where everything revolves around drinking alcohol. I highly recommend this product, especially if your drinking is getting or has gotten out of control. I have been alcohol free for a month and doing great, I feel so much better ( I am always in the moment now, not drifting off somewhere or too tired (drunk) to give a crap! I am spending quality time now with my grandchildren, which means the world to me! If you have been searching for something to help with cravings, try this product, it really works!
5.0 - like the fact that it helps with detoxification
Does help curb the fact that it helps with detoxification, has vitamins B6 and B12 and proprietary blend is all natural.
5.0 - Helps you to quit
So I decided to quit drinking alcohol for a minimum of thirty days, but before I stopped I used this two weeks prior to stopping. I would take a couple of drops before drinking along with charcoal supplements and then whenever I felt cravings after stopping. After a week and a half I have zero physical cravings.
5.0 - Something that has finally worked for me
So I am the type of guy that has tried for years to cut back on beer. Average of 4 to 8 per evening. I have tried everything, even rehab. This, along with Kudzu Root extract and Mitadone (extra strength) (bought all from Amazon) has been a pure God send for me. After a week and a half or so, I no longer have the 4pm cravings and the car doesn't automatically drive to the liquor store after work anymore. I have been on the products for a month and feel so much better, even exercising now. If there is anyone in my shoes, I would say definitely give it a try. You have nothing to lose. Greg
5.0 - This product worked for me and continues to work
I have been using Sobrenix for over a year. I bought it to help curb my cravings to drink. I was drinking way more than I should have been and I felt it was becoming a problem. It has helped with the cravings, my drinking has gone from every day to now only drinking when out with others( couple times a week) but it also helps the morning after you have had a few to man the night before. I recomment this product to anyone who feels they need to cut back on drinking.
5.0 - I would recommend this product
This product helped get over a night of too much alcohol and also helped significantly reduce cravings for a future drink
5.0 - Really does cut the cravings!
I bought this for my husband and it is working great! He went thru 1 bottle and we just ordered a second. I would recommend this product if your are struggling with alcohol. Really does cut the cravings.
4.0 - I've been using the product for a week and can ...
I've been using the product for a week and can feel the difference. I'm surprised that it helps me sleep too, not to mention the reason I purchased it was to curb my alcohol cravings during the week. I've reordered it and plan to make it part of my daily supplements.
5.0 - Lowers Cravings
This product significantly lowers alcohol cravings.
4.0 - Not sure if it really works?
Not sure if it works or not? After being a heavy drinker for 20 years I decided to ween myself off the whiskey. I take a couple drops of this whenever I have cravings....I still have the cravings but I have been sober for 3 weeks so may be this is helping? Not sure. I'll keep taking it just in case
5.0 - I'd recommend buying two bottles to start to help with the ...
It works! It's a little expensive for the small amount you get, but the benefits of not drinking are worth it. I'd recommend buying two bottles to start to help with the initial cravings. STICK WITH IT!!! If I did it, so can you.....
5.0 - Simply amazing
This product is very effective. It kills any cravings for alcohol and helps calm the nerves down. I was able to stop drinking immediately.
5.0 - You have to get use to the taste at first.
This is really a great product that someone recommended to me. It really helps with the cravings. If I take it when I first get up I might not drink any alcohol beverages at all that day. Works great for me. I hope this helps someone and works for them as it works for me. P.S. Get two bottles so you don't run out until you figure out how often you need it.
4.0 - Healthy Helpful Supplement
I have found this to be a very good nutritional supplement as well as it helps control cravings. It is made with all natural healthy ingredients which is very important to me. I have been taking this supplement for over a month and highly recommend it.
4.0 - It helps
You definitely have to have the will to quit in order for this to work, but it does help curb cravings. If you're determined to drink you will. But if you want to quit, this can help make you not go buy that second bottle when the first one is gone.
5.0 - It really works!!
Sobrenix does actually work! I've been a nightly drinker, 2 strong 24 oz vodka and diet sprites, (more vodka than sprite) for the last 5 years.. I really want to quit drinking. I've tried for years. I bought Kudzu root.. tried taking that, but it really doesn't help much with cravings. I saw all the great reviews for Sobrenix and thought I would try it. I use a full dose, under my tongue, and within about 15 minutes my cravings have cut in half. Then when I do have a more vodka, just wine. I'll pour a glass, maybe drink half of it and dump the rest out. I may not have fully stopped drinking, but when I do have a half-ish glass of wine its only once or twice a week.
4.0 - Helps cravings
This product does cut back on alcohol cravings. And it helps you not feel so sluggish the next day after drinking.
4.0 - but I am able to control them somewhat better.
It is somewhat helpful. I still get cravings though, but I am able to control them somewhat better.
5.0 - Helps with cravings
My husband has been drinking heavily for 23 years. He decided he wanted to stop but when he tried he was having too many cravings. He started Sobrenix and in the first week he was having less cravings and feeling better overall.
5.0 - Five Stars
This definitely takes the edge off of cravings
4.0 - I am not a regular drinker but once I have ...
I am not a regular drinker but once I have a glass of wine, I have to have several glasses and I want to get it under control. I ordered two bottle of this after reading other positive reviews hoping it will work. It suppresses your cravings, but I think the one lesson I will state is: use it diligently for a few weeks to ensure your habits shift/change. I'm looking forward to the changes that come with this.
5.0 - Takes the Edge off Cravings
I have a pretty significant drinking problem. I tried other calming supplements, but this one seems specifically tailored to alcohol dependence. I take it 30 minutes before my first drink, as it suggests, and I am able to slow down my consumption. It simply makes me not crave more. It tastes nice and it takes the edge off my cravings. I have it when I really want a drink and my craving dies down. Really awesome product. I would highly recommend it if you are trying to control your consumption!
5.0 - Great product
love this product, reduces cravings and is great for your liver as well
5.0 - Very little to no cravings ***update***
I’ve only been taking it a few days but this has really worked for me. I struggle with anxiety and depression that really got worse after my first deployment and I started to self medicate with alcohol. I would usually stop drinking for awhile and then something stressful at work, or some other life event like a breakup etc would happen and I would continue to turn back to it. So far this has really been helping with the cravings. I have also started to exercise more and have started to eat a little better so maybe that in conjunction with this is helping. The ingredients list some concentrated vitamins and a couple other things, so maybe I was deficient or maybe it’s a placebo effect, either way it’s working for me so far. I will give an update after a couple weeks. ****update**** it’s now March 7th and I’ve only drank on one occasion with a friend and after having 1 drink, I didn’t feel the need to continue to drink or like I needed more. Before starting this product, I would’ve drank until I was pass out drunk and this time I even left a bottle full of alcohol plus a half of one at the friends house. This product has really helped with cravings etc. I still get that urge every now and again but nowhere near as strong and I can drive past the liquor store without feeling compelled to go in. I will definitely be ordering another bottle. This stuff works
5.0 - Products work great if you are committed!
I love this product. It takes about 5 days to kick in and work its magic. However, you need to use it consistently and be of the mindset that you want to quit or get control of it. It stops the cravings but if you are determined and dead set on drinking you might need medical attention/help to stop. I love the product but it's not a miracle drop and you need to have the mindset for it to work.
5.0 - Buy It
Love this product. I ordered a bottle and a week later they sent me another bottle for free. Great deal and I’ve noticed I’ve had less cravings already.
5.0 - Reduces cravings!
Reduced cravings after 30 years of drinking alcohol. Thank you so much for your product!
5.0 - First of all you do want to have to stop ...
First of all you do want to have to stop drinking. I have found it does curb the cravings especially the morning ones. Corey B. Registered Nurse
5.0 - Update - I am on my 14th day sober! A few drops of this when I get home from work (usual wine time for me) and I'm over it!
Has really helped with the cravings as I reduced and quit drinking alcohol for over 20+ years! So glad I tried this.
4.0 - It’s great that you’ve realized you’ve got an issue and this product could definitely help...
This is the product I’ve needed. You’re obviously looking at this product because like me, you’ve realized that you probably have a problem with alcohol, and like me, you want to do something about it. I have been drinking steadily for 12 years, but after landing a career in the nightlife industry, my drinking became much heavier in these past 4 years. Whether it was at an event or just on my drive home from work, I couldn’t wait to grab that 6 pack or some quality vodka on the rocks. I used it to cope and to mask what my real underlying issues were and I would never have been able to address them if I continued on the downward spiral that was my drinking habit. After 2 weeks of use, this product has truly helped me curb my cravings and I’ve already recommended it to several friends.
4.0 - Really good supplement
It really did make me feel better when I quit drinking. I felt like it was clearing out the toxins I had built up from years of drinking daily. I'm not going to say it gets rid of the cravings though. You have to work on yourself to stop drinking. There is no magic solution. But this product does help your liver recover.
5.0 - Seems to work
I got this for a friend to help him stop drinking so much all the time. He says that he had noticed a difference in his cravings, and this has helped to deter him sneaking drinks here and there. I think for someone who wants to really quit drinking, this product would pair nicely with some AA classes and a sponsor.
5.0 - Cravings NO MORE!!!
We have neighbors that drink nightly. Many times I join right in. I just could not say no when offered a beer or a mixed drink. I felt it was becoming a problem so I bought this. Not a single craving since day one and saying no thank you is easy! I only use it once a day, in the morning. If there is a big party and I feel I may give in, I use it once more before going outside. I highly recommended this product.
5.0 - Quick shipment. Helps with cravings.
Quick shipment. Helps with cravings.
5.0 - It works in thats a whole fact💪
All imma say I'd I'm only on day two this stuff is amazing I have had no cravings at all what soever. I sleep wonderful I feel different I can't explain it I guess that's where the balancing kicks in.... No cold or hot sweats no anxiety no nothing I feel amaxing... I want to thank all of u for your reviews because I read just about all of them and they were absolutely true..,. The only thing I don't understand is how u have one or two drinks with this stuff it takes all of your cravings away period I even threw my cigarette out it didn't taste the same so I'm super exited for that... Good luck you all I will be buying again until I don't need it at all.
5.0 - Working
I have been drinking for 15 years after work. I have quit before and this really helps the cravings allot. It's no Miracle worker but it DEFINITELY cuts the urge down ALLOT!! Its only been 7 days which is always the hardest part. Will add update in a month or so. Good luck!
5.0 - Get your head in the right direction first
I haven't had a drink in 2 weeks, which is a long time for me, I don't always over do it, but I drink often and am trying to cut back to one night a week. But I had cravings and would drink when I told myself that I would take the night off. First and for most, for anything to ever work in any aspect of life, you have to SET A GOAL! This is not a magic potion, it is a supplemental aid. You have to be ready to make a change and be determened to better yourself.
5.0 - This stuff saved my life
I struggled to quit drinking for 3 years and failed. 60 days after I started taking this I am sober and have been for 3 months now. Anytime I have a craving I take some and just wait, after 15 minutes my cravings go away.

3. Pure Chromium Polynicotinate Supplement - Made In USA - 200mcg + Vitamin B3 for Optimal Absorption, Veggie Cap, 14 week Supply, 100% Money Back Guarantee

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4.0 - Seems to be the right form of chromium
This seems to have reduced my cravings for sugar and carbs, almost immediately. Too soon to tell if it will help with weight loss.
5.0 - Helped with cravings as I stopped eating any sugar or high carb foods.
This helped with cravings as I stopped eating any sugar or high carb foods.
5.0 - This product works for me!
This product works for me! I like to keep keep to a healthy diet, but sometimes in the evenings even after I have had dinner I found I wanted a snack-usually a junk food snack. I thought I would try this product to see if it would work and not upset my stomach, keep me up at night I oredered it, started taking it and.what I found is that cravings for carbs that I usually have in the evening just seem to have disappeared. I take it once a day in the afternoon with lunch and by dinner and later on I eat sensibly. Happy with it for sure.
5.0 - This product works!
I absolutely love Pure Chromium Polynicinate by Superior Labs! I noticed a difference in my appetite and my cravings were not there as of the first capsule I took! I will continue to buy this product and tell my friends and family about it!
5.0 - Killed my sweet tooth!
I purchased this product, along with SuperiorLabs' magnesium, to help with sugar cravings so my gut could heal and I could lower the amount of candida yeast (feeds on sugars) circulating in my body. I have taken this first thing in the morning for the past couple of weeks and I have been able to control my sugar cravings.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great product! It really helps decrease cravings for sugar and improves metabolism.
5.0 - I would highly recommend this product
I just switched from a different chromium supplement, and in just a few days I can see a difference in its response to my body. It helps the sugar cravings, and as a result, I eat more healthy. I would highly recommend this product.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great product! I love how it completely eliminates my sugar and carb cravings with no side effects at all!
5.0 - Weight Control and Cognitive Clarity:Pure Chromium Polynicotinate with Vitamin B3 by SuperiorLabs,llc--Yes!
This product works for me! Having the needed B3 included for proper absorption is a no-brainer, making the necessary combination an easy, 1-pill dose. Thank you for that! Struggling for years with sugar and carb cravings, and post-op roller coaster blood sugar levels led me to research Chromium Polynicotinate. Early on, I had some success with Chromium Picolinate, but it was short lived and just didn't work long-term. I had a successful RNY gastric by-pass back in the 90s, and although I dropped 243 pounds, the sugar and carb cravings in my brain eventually resurfaced, and I picked up extra weight. The cravings have little to do with stomach size; it's brain chemistry that runs the show. Combining the cravings with blood sugar spikes and plunges (after eating carb-based meals that bring on a food-drunk or drug-like sleep, and the potential damage as a result) pushed me to cut WAY back on carbs and dig until my personal research concluded that this form and specific brand of Chromium (Chromium Polynicotinate by SuperiorLabs), enhanced by the inclusion of B3, is the best form for bio-availability, giving me the results I need. Full disclosure: I'm Italian. Never eating pasta again isn't realistic! Depending on the meal, I still search for sweets after dinner (and some of that is definitely habit!), but I'm not totally obsessed with post-meal sweets as in the past. I'm convinced that with time and continued use, I'll be after dinner-hunting less and less. That's no small success for a night-eater that owns a food business and requires little sleep! The OTHER and most important MAJOR BENEFIT I'm finding is in giving it to my 85 yr old father who struggles with cognitive impairment and memory loss (Dementia). He takes NO DRUGS! Taking the Chromium Polynic daily with breakfast (along with the other supplements for his specific needs) is helping control his repetitive thoughts and statements, preserving MY sanity! His mood is also MUCH lighter, making him able to cope with the recent loss of my mother. THANK YOU GOD!! ("Yes Dad, your license expires in TWO YEARS and 3 months...we'll take care of it then!, "No Dad, your "fire" (furnace) won't go out.") I'm also noticing his after dinner fretting (Sundowning??) is vanishing. It seems apparent that Dementia is Diabetes of the brain, so balancing blood sugar in the elderly is paramount! I can't rest if he can't rest, and his mind is constantly ON! So, ANY bit of relief we can BOTH enjoy is GREATLY APPRECIATED! I'm hopeful! Bravo to SuperiorLabs! - Susan
5.0 - Love this product!
I just received my Pure Chromium Polynicotinate Supplement four days ago. I must say that thus far I have been very pleased with the product.. I have tried other brand named same supplement product that I was not happy with. After reading about this supplement I decided to try it again and ordered this from SuperiorLabs. The first day taking the supplement I noticed that I felt as if I had more energy. I did not seem to have the cravings that seem to hit around 3:00 every afternoon. Ever though I have more energy I do not feel jittery or talkative - some side effects that I have had with other weight loss supplements. I have only taken the supplement for four days I do feel that this is an effective products and look forward to continuing use!
5.0 - Great Product and Great Customer Service!
I really am happy with this Chromium. I found this company and ordered it through Amazon. I did a lot of research on Chromium and wanted to find the polynicotinate rather than the picolinate since I feel it's a better. This product is great! My blood glucose is headed down (I'm prediabetic) and my cravings have dissipated. I feel I have more control now over what I put in my mouth. I love that it has Vitamin B3 in it to maximum absorption. I believe that is what really helps with the cravings, I will definitely order this product again! Superior Labs goes above and beyond in its customer service. I was contacted within days to see if I was happy with the product. In a time where customer service has gone by the wayside, it is very refreshing to see that there are still companies out there who care for their customers. I highly recommend Pure Chromium Polynicotinate and Superior Labs!
5.0 - I finally have control on my sugar cravings.
I finally have some control over my sugar cravings! Infact I turn down a sugary treat now. I also don't seem to have the ups and downs between meals. Nice. I will be reordering !
5.0 - Carb cravings curbed!!
I started taking this supplement to try to get over the first week of crazy cravings that keep sabotaging my weight loss. I am a salty, carb loving momma and have very often gone the quick route of frappes and granola bars or other unhealthy snacks instead of a well prepared meal to get me going in the morning rush. With two school-aged children, I gave in easily to a quick fix too often.
5.0 - and i feel great! it's been keeping my carb cravings in check
I've been taking it for a few weeks now, and i feel great! it's been keeping my carb cravings in check, and hasn't caused any upset at all!!
5.0 - Back for more
Back to order more of this product. It really tames my sugar cravings. Even though the dosage reads one capsule daily, I googled chromium and you can take more. I've been taking two a day. I take the second with lunch and it gets me through that 3:00pm crash, when I'm really craving sugar. Helped with my a1c too.
5.0 - This is a wonderful product!
I bought this product in the hopes of curbing my appetite for non-nutritious foods. After losing a great deal of weight about eight years ago, I have found myself increasingly craving the foods that I had previously eliminated from my diet and I'd thought I'd changed my perspective on them for the rest of my life. Turns out that a few bouts of emotional eating changed my cravings and habits back to what they were pre-weight loss. I HAD been diabetic but it was cured due to the weight loss. I have gained more of the weight back than I am willing to tolerate and I can see diabetes being in my future if I don't get a handle on this issue. While it is still early in my use of this supplement, I can say that I have been able to drastically cut down on sweets and other treats. My blood sugar seems to be more in control. As I continue to use SuperiorLabs Chromium Polynicotinate I expect more and more success! I whole-heartedly recommend this product to anyone who is experiencing similar issues!
5.0 - ... I am not hungry nor have cravings is really better than what I expected
Is incredible I am not hungry nor have cravings is really better than what I expected.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great product helps my cravings for sweets.
5.0 - Kills Sugar Cravings
I decided to try this supplement after hearing how chromium polynicotinate helps curb sugar cravings and supports weight loss. I've been very satisfied with my progress so far and don't think about eating sweets at all anymore. I also think it helps me sleep well.
5.0 - 2nd time ordering. Truly helped with carb cravings which ...
2nd time ordering. Truly helped with carb cravings which, in turn, helped with my weight loss efforts.
5.0 - The help I needed.
I bought these in desperation for help with PCOS symptoms. I was gaining weight at an alarming rate. My energy was extremely low and I had cravings for everything bad. Within days of taking 1 pill a day I had lost 2 pounds and my cravings for sweets, sodas or sugars was almost completely gone. I have began to exercise almost daily and it is truly a turn around for me. I will continue to buy these even past when I finally reach my goals and hopefully get back in control.
5.0 - No More Cravings
I have PCOS and have struggled with my weight for the past 20 years. I have tried and failed to lose weight over and over again, almost always because I give in to my obsessive cravings. I'll be good for a few weeks but once I get deeper into my cycle my cravings of all foods bad, typically chocolate and salty fried foods, become overwhelming and I can't seem to keep myself in check. I read about chromium polynicotinate on a PCOS weight loss blog and decided to give it a try, and I am so happy I did. I have gone through a cycle and the two weeks where I normally think "I'm going to lose my mind if I don't have chocolate right now" became one day of "it'd be nice to have a piece of chocolate, but I can live without it." It has given me control and power over my cravings and I am seeing the changes in my body because of it. I am on a very strict low carb, low fat, no dairy diet, basically vegetables and protein, and in the past I would have quit by now, because it is difficult, but it's not as hard as I thought it would be, simply because I'm not really craving the usual crappy food that I used to crave. I sincerely hope this works for all the cysters as much as it has for me, because it has made a big difference in my eating habits, and therefore my life.
5.0 - Lifestyle Changed
I haven't been using the Pure Chromium Polynicotinate Supplement for that long but for the short time I've been using it with out taking breaks it's proven to be something that I'm sure to keep in my daily regimen. I heard about this supplement when I bought this book called 90 - Day Immune System Makeover written by Janet Maccaro. I've been on this journey to improve my daily eating habits for some time now and with being a 35 year old woman things start to slow down and my cravings have been over the top.
5.0 - Five Stars
This product works as advertised it brought my glucose levels down and reduced the cravings
5.0 - Five Stars
It really does help me curb my sugar cravings.
5.0 - Five Stars
No more cravings
5.0 - Great product worth the money !!
I love the product helps me curb most of my cravings. Lost excess weight successfully which has been an uphill task with my PCOS for more than an year
5.0 - Great Product and Great Service
This product has helped me tremendously with sugar cravings and balancing my blood sugar. I originally bought a different brand from Vitamin shop, but after reading about the way this product is absorbed more efficiently with the B3 I wanted to give it a shot. I could most definitely tell the difference. Cravings are so much more under control and I just feel the product works better. The customer service is also very professional and for in combining the two of these factors I give this an A+
5.0 - Five Stars
This a superior type of chromium that really keeps blood sugars balanced and reduces cravings for sugar
5.0 - Worked for me
I ordered this product to help with sugar cravings. Even the first day I took it I noticed a difference.
5.0 - Great product. Curves cravings for sweets
Great product. Curves cravings for sweets.
5.0 - Great Product that Works
Great Product that Works! If you are looking for something to help you with cravings, this is the product for you. The capsules are easy to take and do not irritate your stomach like some other supplements do. I am very satisfied with my experience using this brand of chromium and plan to continue using it as long as I possibly can to help me maintain the weight I've lost.
5.0 - This is Good Stuff!!
I have only been taking this Chromium for almost 2 weeks now. This product has helped me tremendously with sugar cravings and balancing my blood sugar. It curbs my appetite and doesn't give me the jitters. I bought this one after watching the Doctor Oz program where he recommended it for balancing sugar metabolism. This is a super solid product and I highly recommend it. I received a discounted price for this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
4.0 - Just been taking this for about 2 weeks. But ...
Just been taking this for about 2 weeks. But already see a difference in my sugar cravings at night.
5.0 - Stop getting hungry after 8 PM with this unique Chromium
This is the right Chromium to finally put a stop to your binge eating at night. Night time cravings are known to increase weight and this Chromium sensitizes cell receptors to the effect of insulin allowing them to absorb already circulating sugar in your blood, thus avoiding hunger. Did you know that Sumo wrestlers eat bowls of rice before going to sleep to gain their incredible weight? Do yourself a favor and buy this. An inferior quality chromium picolinate from the local pharmacy won't work, in fact, those cheap ones might make you gain weight. You see, with Chromium it is either the quality stuff or nothing. If you value your health, no... your life, then you will try this.
5.0 - Great product!
I wanted to give it several weeks before leaving a fair and honest review. For me, this product without doubt helps reduce my binging and cravings for sweets.
5.0 - I'm very pleased!
Since I have been taking this product, I have noticed a reduction in my carbohydrate cravings. I use to snack between my meals and now, I eat my meals sensibly without the crazy snacking in between. I do try and eat a sensible diet and exercise regularly but this has been a great addition to my regime. This will definitely be a part of my regular diet. Thanks for a great product!
5.0 - CP-cravings punctured
i was skeptical but cravings of late had been very persistent so why not try it?! I am very satisfied and cravings have diminished considerably and I also seem to become full more quickly on less food. I just don't feel I want or need to keep eating to the point of being uncomfortable. I have no other explanation for these changes except use of one tablet each morning of CP.
5.0 - Something that helps.
This really is helping with the Carb Cravings. Thanks So much. I need to take 2 in the morning but they work for me.
5.0 - Rarely clean my plate and never want dessert!
I can tell a substantial difference when I take this product with my first meal of the day, typically around 10am! My sugar cravings drop to zero, and my appetite seems to be in check with routine meals. I notice that I do not eat as much in one sitting, rarely cleaning my plate and never having second helpings. I do not desire to have dessert or snack throughout the day. A staple in your supplement arsenal!
5.0 - Great company, great product!
I initially purchased this product because of its purity. I have multiple food allergies and intolerances and because of this issue do not get chromium through my diet. I also have to be careful of most supplements because they contain some of the things I am allergic to. This Pure Chromium Polynicotinate simply works for me in the aspect that it contains none of my allergens. That being said, it also works for me in controlling my blood sugar levels and thus my hunger and sugar cravings. I also seem to have more energy and better muscle tone. I'm hoping my elevated cholesterol levels will also drop but have not taken it long enough to have blood tests taken. I'll update this review when I get the lab results back. I have also found the company to be professional and responsive to any questions and concerns. This fact is a rarity in today's world and one that I greatly appreciate. Do I recommend this product? You bet I do. I hope it helps you too.

4. FitMiss Delight Protein Powder- Healthy Nutritional Shake for Women with Whey Protein, Fruits, Vegetables and Digestive Enzymes to Support Weight Loss and Lean Muscle Mass, Chocolate, 2 Pound

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5.0 - Super Good Stuff
Super good! Feel full and help decrease cravings. Helps digestive system:] Love It
5.0 - I love it!
I love it!! I started using this product and I'm in love. Helps me with my cravings, energy, stress.. I've lost already 29pounds and I've been using it for almost a month. :) So HAPPY!!
5.0 - Five Stars
Love this! I feel full for hours with no cravings
4.0 - Good, but not as filling as I’d like
There’s no denying that this protein powder tastes just like a chai latte, however it doesn’t fill me up quite as much as other shakes have in the past! It is a good “snack” and will curb those sweet cravings. If you’re looking for something more filling, I’d try something else unless you enjoy throwing 20 ingredients in a blender!
5.0 - INCREDIBLY impressed with this product!!
I don't normally write reviews but this product is so wonderful I just had to. I love the taste (vanilla chai) and have been using it for 1 week as a mid-morning/afternoon snack daily. Thus far I have lost 7lbs, along with healthy eating and exercise of course. The shake leaves me feeling satisfied, curbs my appetite and helps with cravings. I would highly suggest this to anyone looking for a healthy addition to their day.
4.0 - Pretty good
The taste is actually not bad, I like to add a banana and it gives it a better flavor. I was scared to try it at first, I've tried different shakes before and I hated the taste, but this one is something that I can drink. Now for the curbing hunger, I think it has helped me curve my hunger a bit and helps control my cravings.
5.0 - Delicious and settling.
I've tried quite a few proteins. Some made me feel bloated but not full, some tasted terrible or had a weird texture. This one does neither of those. I got the chocolate bc my cravings for chocolate have been insane. It tastes like chocolate milk from Yoo-hoo. And I don't feel bloated or still feel like I have to reach for carbs. Can't wait to see results. Also the buyers fast and professionally.
5.0 - Absolutely love this protien shake
So I was very nervous to try this protien shake just because I have tried so many protien shakes and hated them but I read the reviews on this one and decided to give it a try. I got the chocolate protien powder and my goodness I absolutely love it. I mix it was almond milk and put a spoon full of chia seeds in it every morning and drink it on my way to work at 6:30 am, it keeps me full until lunch time at 12:30. I don't have my sweets cravings anymore which is huge for me becuase the candy is my downfall but ever since drinking this in the morning I don't get those cravings anymore. I've have been drinking this every morning for a week now along with working out for an hour three times a week and have lost 5 pounds so far. I have a long road ahead of me but this shake is really helping curb my appetite so I don't feel like I need to snack all the time
5.0 - Very good, & keeps me full!
So yummy and when I drink it before work in the morning and eat a banana with it, holds me over with no cravings till lunch time! The vanilla chai is really good! I drink it with unsweetened coconut milk, or water to keep sugars low as I can!
5.0 - I can't recommend this enough
I can't recommend this enough! I've tried so many protein powders and hated them all. The Fitmiss Chocolate Delight tastes like chocolate milk. It may be too sweet for some, but I love It! It also helps curb my chocolate cravings. I substitute two meals a day with this and it really does leave you feeling full. I use either skim milk or Almond milk, to add extra protein. I also add 2 tablespoons of PB for taste and even more protein, and ice. Tastes like a Reese's milkshake. I started this 2 days ago and I've already lost 3 lbs! It's a bit more expensive than most protein powders, but it's so worth it. I highly recommend this product.
5.0 - Delicious and keeps hunger away
This protein shake is not only delicious, it keeps you full all day. If you're looking to lose weight this is a great keeps you full and keeps cravings away. Highly recommend!
5.0 - I love that it's vegetable based and has a lot of ...
For someone who works out 5 days a week and is almost always hungry, this is my new go-to meal replacement. I drink it with 12 oz of almond milk and it definitely keeps me full and curbs my sweets cravings! I've been struggling with craving sugar and this hits the spot! I love that it's vegetable based and has a lot of protein in it. I'm hoping to see weight loss results after I drink it for a longer period of time.
5.0 - Actually tastes good
Not a fan of protein powders, but I recently started getting in a workout and wanted to add more protein to my daily diet. After reading reviews that this powder actually does taste good, I purchased the chocolate. It doesn't taste great with water but with almond milk it's good. I imagine it would taste better with more smoothie type ingredients but I'm too lazy for that. It kind of curbs my sugar cravings and does give me a bit of sustenance before my next meal. I usually only drink it when I've worked out earlier in the day but I'm about to incorporate it into my daily diet.
5.0 - AMAZING!!!!
This shake is amazing! Tastes great with almond milk. I drink it every morning and stay full till around lunch. There are no hunger pains or cravings. The taste is so much better than regular vanilla. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to try it!
5.0 - Five Stars
It is too sweet for my taste but is delicious and is perfect for my sweet cravings.
5.0 - Good tasting and worked for me
I bought this because my usual post workout Protein powder from GNC was reinvented and the new stuff tasted horrible!!! I was a little skeptical about this brand despite reviews because I usually have to try multiple products before I find one that works for me. I have just finished my first container of FitMiss and will continue to use this protein powder. I got the Cappuccino flavor and I love it!! No weird after taste and it works for me. I work out 5-6 days a week for 1-1.5 hours doing both cardio and lifting. I drink 2 scoops as soon as I am done at the gym and I feel satisfied. I need to eat again 2 hours later but I expect that. That said if I start getting snacky after dinner I drink a single scoop with water and my cravings go away and I am good. I do think the appetite suppressant also works because I don't feel the need to snack as often and I don't really have too many cravings. In 3 weeks I am only down 2 lbs but I have lost 5 inches and a pant size while still eating normally (simi healthy while still eating ice cream, birthday cake and pizza. There have been 4 birthdays in the last month.) I am excited to see what happens when I take this month a little more seriously.
5.0 - Delicious!
I'm super lazy when it comes to reviewing but I felt if my review can help someone else make a decision, then I'm all for it. This shake tastes amazing. I've been drinking this other "raw diet" chocolate thing that was ok but I'd get grossed out by it sometimes. This blends really smooth and, it doesn't really take like a vanilla chai, but that's ok. It's vaguely eggnog. I like to mix it in a bottle blender with 1 cup water, 2/3 cup 2% milk and ice. Delicious! It's helping me kick my desert cravings. Sometimes, I just really need something sweet. And now, instead of reaching for the ice cream, I'll have this! Winning.
5.0 - Five Stars
Awesome stuff. Lost 26 lbs so far with this product combined with exercise. Satisfies hunger cravings for hours!
5.0 - Thaknk goodness for this
I would be rolling like a barrel had it not been for this. I recently was taken off a medication that one of the side effects was loss of apetite (YAY!). Once the medication had flushed out of my system the hunger started. It was relentless! I would be in be ready to go to sleep and then I would get out of bed to grab something to eat. What's even worse....I could eat a full meal and I wouldn't feel full. I could go for seconds and thirds and who knows how many more times. Since I started taking Fitmiss Delight, my apetite has been curved. I eat normal size portion meals. No snacking in between meals, no needing seconds and best of all NO SUGAR cravings! My sweet tooth is the death of me. I have already lost 6 lbs. I'm saved!
4.0 - Yes and No....
I'm trying to decide if I like the taste or tastes a bit too sweet for my liking, and that's from just using water with it. But, it does make me feel full, and curbs the cravings. Not too bad for the price, either.
4.0 - I'd give it a B+
A good product that helps with the cravings and kick start metabolism. I bought this thinking it could be used as a meal replacement but it is not filling enough for that. It does help overall.
5.0 - I love this product
I love this product! I started taking it a few weeks ago, and it is something I plan on taking for a long time! I was looking for something to curb my appetite and cravings and this does both without making me jittery or bothering my stomach. I have tried many products over the years and have never found a product that actually worked and made me feel good at the same time. Thank you for an awesome product! Elizabeth DiResto
5.0 - Really great taste! I do notice a reduction in food ...
Really great taste! I do notice a reduction in food cravings when I choose this as my breakfast meal over my usual half of a bagel. I wish they sold bigger sizes of this, however, you get many uses of of the container. I am just thinking about those who may drink this everyday, whereas I only drink this shake about 3 times a week.
5.0 - Happy First time protein drinker!
I have never been a fan of protein drinks, but I wanted to find a way to speed up my weight loss journey and this has helped so much! I got the vanilla chi and it tastes DELICIOUS. It curves my appetite all day and I have noticed a big change in my cravings and sweet tooth. I've continued to loose weight drinking this for breakfast every morning. When I received it, it was not sealed and the protein powder had spilt all over the box. They sent me a new one very quickly by the next day. Highly recommend!
5.0 - Love Fitmiss products!
I am not by any means new to fitness and bodybuilding, but am new to the fitness supplement world. Doing it "naturally" is just too time consuming and too costly as far as meals go. So, I bought this at a drugstore and have to say it tastes fantastic! I have tried lots of other protein powders...I do not like chocolate flavors and other powders taste like dried up grass and dirt. I use this with my blender/extractor along with a little kale and an apple, almond milk and ice and it's so delish! I Also drink it straight with what I call my "snickerdoodle" recipe, with just almond milk (or regular) and a generous amount of cinnamon! Artificial sweeteners give me heart palpitations, and this has 1g of sugar but no palpitations whatsoever so I feel that this is safe! It's pretty sweet too. I am taking Fitmiss Burn and in 10 days I lost 2.2 lbs. I did moderate exercise and really cleaned up my diet. Fitmiss Burn seemed to crush my carb cravings.
5.0 - I recommend this as a meal replacement and alternative to junk ...
Tastes delicious and is filling. I recommend this as a meal replacement and alternative to junk food cravings. You can use coconut milk or any other alternative with this.
5.0 - Worth it
I LOVE LOVE THE TASTE!! Satisfies my chocolate cravings. I haven't had protein powder in years, this is amazing.
5.0 - Wonderful!!
This stuff is great!!! First off the chocolate tastes amazing!! I just got it this week and have only had it for 3 days.. Normally when I eat breakfast in the am I'm starving at work around 10:30-11.. Well the past few days every morning I've Been putting 1 scoop with Soy milk and I have been full until around 1 pm and even then I'm not starving. I have always had bad cravings for sweets especially during the day at work and always crave snacks. Since using this product I've had no cravings at all. As far as weight loss goes it's too early as I've just gotten this but I really believe it will work especially with exercise. I also added this to a smoothie of frozen mixed berries banana and plain low fat yogurt and it tasted amazing!!
5.0 - Pleasantly surprised.
I have never fallen in love with ANY supplement products...and I also don't typically fall for the products marketed towards women. I LOVE this line of products. Tastes great (almost too sweet), keeps me full for hours (and I am usually ALWAYS hungry). I am pretty muscular and I really struggle to get down to 145. After 3 days of doing a shake for breakfast, Ignite before workouts, and using Burn...I am at 142 and holding steady. No jitters, no cravings and TONS of energy and focus at work. I am a this is extremely helpful to me! I really am impressed.
4.0 - Sweet
This product is very sweet. It will cover any cravings for sweets. I found it hard to get the lumps out though.

5. NatureWise 5-HTP 100mg 4-Month Supply | Natural Mood & Sleep Support | Curbs Appetite to Support Weight Loss | Enhanced with Vitamin B6 | Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, 120ct (Packaging May Vary)

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5.0 - excellent product for those of us TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT
excellent product for those of us TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT!! this is an excellent appitite supressent , a fell good supplement that helps you to relax. And lots of vitamin B which releases Serotonin, which adds a feel good aspect to the supplement. It get rid of cravings and helps you to relax and will also help you to sleep better. I can't say enough. below is the link to get to this product.
5.0 - Five Stars
Helps with sleep after workouts! Reduces cravings to eat right before sleeping.
5.0 - LOVE this product
LOVE this product. It helps with improving my mood, sleep and reduces my food cravings at night. Dr. Amen, the leading neuropsychiatrist in the country recommends using 5 HTP and this brand is great.!!!!
4.0 - 5HTP
This was a great product i normally check reviews before i purchase something. And most of the reviews were right on point. I have had more energy my mood has been great. Appetite has been better having less cravings. I was asked to give a review for this product by naturewise for a free bottle. Even if i was not getting a free bottle i would give a review i am very pleased with this produt and will certainly order again. I saw a difference a week into trying this product.
5.0 - ... assist with my pharmaceutical medication and to help promote better moods and sleep
I started taking this supplement to assist with my pharmaceutical medication and to help promote better moods and sleep. After just a few days of taking the advised dose I was feeling much better. It even has helped reduce my food cravings, which is a wonderful bonus. I will continue to purchase this product and highly recommend trying it for yourself.
5.0 - Weight control and improved sleep!
I love this product!! I have been having a lot of trouble with night time cravings and they are totally under control now. I just take one (or even half aka 50 mg) about and hour before my dinner and I don't crave a bunch of junk right before bed! Really helping me to maintain my weight. An amazing surprising side effect is the quality of my sleep! Since I started taking 5HTP every evening I have woken up totally refreshed and energized. There's no going back :)!!
5.0 - Yes, yes, yes!
We always take 5-HTP about an hour before bed. It starts putting the breaks on our brain - and we couldn't be any happier with this product! It also helps control those late night cravings!
5.0 - The Best 5-HTP Product that I've tried!
It is working great. It is helping me manage my appetite better. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to better manage their appetite and curb cravings.
5.0 - Decreased sweet cravings and easily able to fall asleep at night
Decreased sweet cravings and easily able to fall asleep at night, rather than laying there for hours like I used to!
5.0 - Five Stars
I am pleased with this product. I have noticed a difference in my cravings.
4.0 - modest improvement noted, worth continuing use
I've been taking 5-HTP for about a month now. I decided to try it to treat my mood and sleep. As an added benefit, I noted that 5-HTP can help curb cravings. After a month I can report a mild improvement in all the areas I was seeking to treat. Nothing dramatic for me, but I think it's worth continuing taking the product. Hopefully it will have a cumulative effect too :-)
5.0 - One Of My Faves!
I started taking five HTP a few months back as an alternative to antidepressants. I take it in conjunction with Tumeric and omega fish oil. I believe that biochemically I do not produce enough serotonin and a supplement helps my body to naturally produce more of it. I have seasonal affective disorder and also generalized anxiety and my mood has been stable and my spirits have been high since starting this natural regimen. I ran out of it for a few weeks and I noticed a difference. I was more anxious and definitely more moody. I also think the supplements helps me curb my cravings for sweets. I noticed that my appetite is not as in satiable when I am taking your supplements. The pills are tiny and easy to swallow and I love the amber glass bottle. This is definitely a quality supplement for the price and I will probably be taking us for a long long time.
5.0 - Five Stars
Have been taking it for 2 weeks and feeling great, more energy, less food cravings.
5.0 - NatureWise 5-HTP
I've always been a big fan of NatureWise products, that's why I jumped at the chance to take part in their free promotion. In my opinion, this is one of their very best products because the results were clearly visible after just a week of use... It has suppressed my cravings for junk food, improved my mood drastically and I feel much stronger in the gym... Worked a lot better than just about all of the products that I've used from more known companies... I feel guilty because I got it for free! Definitely will be ordering again this when it runs out... Thank you Nature Wise!
5.0 - Great
It has helped massivley with my hunger cravings. Something that i have struggled with for far to long.
5.0 - I recommend!
I have bad food cravings at night and this definitely seems to help. It doesn't completely take the cravings away, but it makes it manageable.
5.0 - Great product
Great product. This is my 3rd bottle. My sleep is much better with this supplement. plus it also helps to control your cravings between meal. Love this product.
5.0 - Helps with my cravings
It helps me with my appetite , I don't eat as much.
5.0 - This product works great for my mood and helps me to get to ...
This product works great for my mood and helps me to get to sleep at night i feel a lot less stressful in the mornings before work. It also keeps me from getting cravings during the day. Great product !
5.0 - Five Stars
Controls sweet cravings!!
5.0 - Really helps my PMS
I love this product because it helps with my mood swings and my cravings during my cycle .
5.0 - Helps with sleep, depression, anxiety, and also good to take when quitting smoking
I have been taking this for a few weeks because I have problems with my mood and have insomnia. I have recently quit smoking and am taking Wellbutrin/Zyban to quit smoking and I have read that 5-HTP also helps nicotine cravings and I haven't smoked in a few weeks and I am sleeping better. I have taking many NatureWise products and believe how they have dark bottles to protect from sunlight helps from the product to not degrade. I also have anxiety and had to take anti-depressants but I did not like the side effects. 5-HTP works and I don't notice any side effects. I recommend this product over the other 5-HTP products because NatureWise is known for their quality and it also it also includes vitamin B-6 which others don't.
5.0 - Excellent appetite suppression aid
Been searching for something natural to suppress my appetite and finally found it. This stuff is amazing! Virtually no more carb cravings and already notice the weight coming off.
5.0 - Free 5-HTP
Since I've been taking the 5-HTP, my sleep had been awesome. I'm not a good sleeper at night and I must say that I have been so peaceful lately. It has definitely kept me on track with my diet by keeping my crazy cravings under control! I'm so happy I was able to receive the free bottle from NatureWise to give it a try! Thanks so much for making my life a lot more stress free!
5.0 - Liking the 5-HTP
I feel a lot better and noticed the cravings are less when I take it as directed.
5.0 - The appetite suppressant aspect, is indeed effective
Almost two weeks in, and I've lost 7 pounds. Granted, this was coupled with a daily 15-30 min workout program; nothing too intense, some running and weight training. The appetite suppressant aspect, is indeed effective. My stomach has shrunk and I only get occasional cravings. By way of food, I have also shifted to just having a Garden of Life meal replacement for breakfast and dinner and a small organic lunch. I offset cravings with the meal replacement shakes.
5.0 - I have been taking 5htp for years and find it ...
I have been taking 5htp for years and find it very helpful for sleep, cravings and mood. This formula has taken it up a notch with the addition of the P5P, which seems to enhance the effects.
5.0 - Five Stars
I am sleeping through the night and have less cravings for sweets! Down 2.5 lbs.
4.0 - Four Stars
Helps me with my mood swings and food cravings and also helps to regulate a healthy sleeping cycle
5.0 - Good
Truly helps decrease my appetite when I take it. I'm probably not as consistent with it as I should be. But it does decrease cravings and appetite.

6. NatureWise 5-HTP Max Potency 200mg | Mood Support, Natural Sleep Aid & Helps Curb Appetite | Delayed Release Capsules Easier on The Stomach | Enhanced with Vitamin B6 | Non-GMO, Vegetarian, 60 Count

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4.0 - Great Product
I have been using the 5 HTP Plus Naturewise product now for about 2 weeks, and have started to notice my mood has been much more upbeat and getting more of a restful sleep. In no way has it upset my stomach like other supplements I've tried, I take one capsule at lunch and keeps my appreciate suppressed for the rest of the day and don’t get the 3pm snack cravings!! So far loving it! PLUS I am receiving a free bonus bottle for sharing my experience, so you can receive a free bottle, too!
5.0 - Five Stars
Helps me sleep and controls my cravings!!!
5.0 - This brand I love so far
I have tried 5 HTP from few brands. First, I am always considering ONLY the companies who use no additives. This brand I love so far, I have been using it for few weeks now. I don’t know if it makes me more relaxed, but I noticed that it really helps me to control my cravings. I guess it does effect my brain in a good way, so I am hoping if I continue I will notice additional benefits, as far as sleeping. I also ordered CLA same brand, and maybe the combination of both keeps me on track. I am also thinking to check this brand for ubiquinol and vitamin D. I am not really interested in Garcinia, because I don’t want to use any herbs for appetite suppressant – it doesn’t help me. I will keep you updated in 6-8 weeks.
5.0 - Great for mood and sleep when taken regularly at lunch/dinner ...
Great for mood and sleep when taken regularly at lunch/dinner time. No MAJOR change in appetite at 1 week in, but my cravings are a bit stymied.
5.0 - No more cravings
Helped cut my cravings and helped me relax at night to sleep better.
5.0 - Relaxing and reduces nighttime cravings
I like it a lot, but I do try and take it later, as I've noticed it relaxes me. Helps reduce the nighttime urge to nibble too!
5.0 - give it time to work
works as described took couple weeks to work but much less sugar cravings
5.0 - i find that i dont crave sweets as much (still get the cravings but not as bad) and best of all it helps with sleep which is a ...
I use 5 HTP to help with appetite control. This product really works, i find that i dont crave sweets as much (still get the cravings but not as bad) and best of all it helps with sleep which is a bonus for me since i usually get about 3 to 4 hours of sleep. Since taking this my sleep pattern has improved.
5.0 - Loven' It!!
Noticed a difference in my mood, energy and my sugar cravings have also lessoned.
5.0 - So far, so well!
I've been taking these for a little over a week and I definitely feel the difference. Before I would get easily angered and my anxiety was the worst when I was stressed. Now, I have a lot more patience with my children and I am much more calm. I take mine a few hours before bed and I rest wonderfully, when I wake I feel so rested and ready to conquer my day. I take these along with Garcinia Cambodia, these combos help me fight my bad food cravings and suppress my appetite.
5.0 - SO happy I tried this!!
I recently went through a divorce and lost my life as I knew it. I was stressed, anxious, scared and couldn't sleep at night. I gained weight and fell into a deep depression. Within 10 days of taking this, I began to feel as if there was hope! The depression lifted, I started sleeping and I've lost 6 pounds so far! This helps me feel content and like I can handle my problems. I'm able to stop eating after dinner (I used to be a midnight snacker) and don't have junk food cravings anymore.
5.0 - ... taking for 4 days now and it works really good, it has help control my sweet cravings
I have been taking for 4 days now and it works really good, it has help control my sweet cravings, I love it.
5.0 - NatureWise 5-HTP Plus+ Advanced Time Release...
I have been using the 5 HTP Plus Naturewise product now for 3 weeks, my overall mood has improved, I feel like I am able to rest quicker and more peacefully, I have had no side effects from this product. I take 1 capsule at midday which seems to make a noticeable improvement in my appetite and I am having less hunger and cravings. I received this bottle free to try.
5.0 - Appetite Control
Great product. Increases energy, helps me sleep at night but most importantly completely takes your cravings away. When you do eat it gives you that full feeling fast.
5.0 - Good product
I have been taking the NatureWise 5-HTP for a couple of weeks now and I am very satisfied with it. My sugar cravings are much more managable now. I do not have food cravings in the afternoon like I used to. I am sleeping much better. I will continue to take this product. I am receiving a free bottle from NatureWise for my review.
5.0 - minimizing sugar cravings
I have PCOS and struggle with very strong cravings and binging. I take multiple supplements to try and alleviate my symptoms but since starting 5-HTP I have noticed my cravings diminishing. It's still hard not to eat constantly, since it has become a habit, but realizing that there is no incesent nagging for sugar is a big step towards healing.
5.0 - helps with overall mood and cravings
I take this when I get home from work a few hours before bed. I feel more relaxed and less "snacky". I feel like it helps with my moods and cravings.
4.0 - So far so good !
So far noticing a difference with my cravings and also increased energy. Not sure about mood yet
5.0 - The product is minimizing my panic attacks, and it ...
The product is minimizing my panic attacks, and it is also helping me to stick to my diet. I am trying to lose 60+ pounds, and I struggle with cravings.
5.0 - 5-HTP Plus+ has been a lifesaver!!!
I've had issues losing weight after a hysterectomy because I just love to eat especially snacks, I also suffer from bipolar 2 disorder and depression. I've been taking the 5-HTP Plus+ for almost a month now once a day at night I've since been able to stop taking Cymbalta, Wellbutrin and Seroquel. My mood is actually better with the 5-HTP which I use in conjunction with Lamictal. I not only feel and sleep better I've also lost almost 10 pounds and no longer have cravings for the sweets and snacks like I used to, my appetite has definitely decreased by at least 50% and I'm loving it, I would buy this by the case if I could it's done wonders for me. I'm happy I wish I would've found this product years ago!
5.0 - I have noticed that I am sleeping better, overall mood is better
I am half way through my second bottle. I have noticed that I am sleeping better, overall mood is better, and I am not craving sugar. I usually have a hard time falling asleep at night because my mind races. Now I am actually sleepy at night and feel a relaxing calm. I am not sure if this also helped with my sugar cravings or it's a coincidence, but hey I'll take it. I would think it is these capsules since that is the only change I have made. I will be purchasing more. I purchased one bottle and got one free in exchange for my honest review.
5.0 - 5htp really works!
Talking 5htp has curbed my cravings and has given me control of what I do and don't eat.
5.0 - I am sleeping better and my mood has improved
I am sleeping better and my mood has improved. I seem to have less cravings. I like that it is naturally sourced.
5.0 - Very Impressed!
This stuff actually works! I was not expecting it to, but it has made a big difference in the quality of my sleep. And I feel much better in general. As a bonus it has cut my carb cravings DOWN to almost none. I can't believe this is working. I just ordered my second bottle. Very Happy with the product. Try it and give it some time to do its magic , you'll be happy you did.
5.0 - decreased my sugar cravings
While I do not feel it is helping my sleep. I definitely feel it is helping my sugar cravings and overall mood. My job is fairly stressful so it is great to find a product that helps to lower my stress levels.

7. NutriFlair Ceylon Cinnamon (made with Organic Ceylon Cinnamon) 1200mg per Serving, 120 CAPSULES - Healthy Blood Sugar Support, Joint Support, Anti-inflammatory & Antioxidant - True Sri Lanka Cinnamon

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5.0 - My Overall Health Has Improved
Taking Ceylon Cinnamon has improved my health including metabolism. This is my third bottle and my doctor is impressed with my blood work. Great for reducing A1C blood sugar levels. I have recommended to my co-workers, family and friends. I swear by theses and will not take any other cinnamon capsules. They are easy to swallow and I have never experience any side effects. The price is reasonable and the shipping with Amazon is fast. I take 2 capsules first thing in the morning before a meal and it really boost my energy level. I also noticed that my sugar cravings has gone way down. Great Product.
5.0 - it really is easy to swallow and you can smell and taste the ...
Although a big capsule, it really is easy to swallow and you can smell and taste the cinnamon. Not to mention it's good for you. My sweet cravings have literally stopped. It was like one day I simply noticed that I wasn't craving my normal chocolate chip cookies at bedtime. Love this product.
5.0 - over all i feel better when taking it & plan on continuing
Helps me with sugar cravings, over all i feel better when taking it & plan on continuing.
5.0 - it seems like worth the commitment
I have recently transitioned from being a vegetarian into a vegan and have added a lot of supplements to my daily regimen. I am almost done with my first bottle of the Ceylon Cinnamon in hopes it will assist with fat metabolism and circulation. I am uncertain if it can help with sugar cravings, but I have noticed my sugar cravings have decreased since I started taking this product. Sugar has been very difficult for me to give up! I am going to keep using this product for a few months to give it a fair chance to show what it's made of. So far, it seems like worth the commitment.
5.0 - What a life changing Product!
My story is very rewarding I have to admit. I have been a type 2 diabetic since 2016. I wasn't controlled and I tried to eat right and not take any insulin. Well, For 2 years I went on like this and on January 17th 2018 I landed in the hospital 2 days before my 51st birthday. I was devasted, scared and I really thought I was going to die. I ended up staying in the hospital for 1 week until my sugar was controlled because when I went in I was reading at 400 on the blood check. I was having heart palpatations , and such nervousness and uncertainty of how I was going to fix my life. I was weighing at 366lbs and I felt crappy. Well to make a long story shorter, I got better with insulin in the hospital and was sent home with metformin and some insulin pens. I wasn't a happy camper because I like to do things on a natural level. So, my son went to searching products to lower my sugar and get me back to health. My son is 15 years old and very strict on my health now that the hospital episode happened and he didn't want me to die from this diabetes scare. So, he found Ceylon Cinnamon. We ordered it at Amazon right away and I received it in 2 days from Prime. I took it the same day and saw results right away. My numbers started lowering and I started feeling so much better. I take Apple Cider Vinegar as well and it has been a world of difference in my sugar cravings and i've lost weight. I now weigh 299 and i'm trying to get to 250 for my goal weight. Everyone notices my energy level and I'm looking and feeling awesome. My doctor says she really has seen a big difference in my overall health and my AC1 was at 13 when I landed in the hospital and today i'm at 8 and i'm trying for 6 to reach my goal. It's been a great opportunity to have a second chance in life and to be able to walk and exercise again. I have a YMCA membership. My son and I go and enjoy swimming and the gym room. Life is now better for me and my family . I recommend this product "Ceylon Cinnamon " as a wonderful help at changing ones life direction to the better. Mistee67
5.0 - High quality product with great benefits.
This product is great, I have boosted my metabolism and even cut my cravings for sweets as well.
5.0 - Surprisingly Effective
It is not hard to swallow, does not taste bad, and helps me a lot. I feel more energetic and focused, and my sugar cravings have gone down. While this is not a substitute for healthy living, it is a great way to reduce the desire to eat sugar and feel better.
4.0 - Its good
Definitely is cinnamon. Does curb my sweets cravings. You will be burping cinnamon for a little while
4.0 - have stopped having late night sweet cravings but also will power helps as well
Started taking them about a week ago, have stopped having late night sweet cravings but also will power helps as well. so will update if notice any further changes
5.0 - Very surprised-helped with PCOS
Love it! I didn't think I would feel any different but it's a big improvement within a few weeks. More energy, less cravings. I haven't lost any weight but I'm still happy with my results so far. I have PCOS and insulin resistance, and my cycles have become more consistent after a couple of months of using this. I usually just take the two capsules in the morning, but sometimes I'll open one up and sprinkle it on my toast. Tastes much better than standard cinnamon.
5.0 - definitely felt the suppressed appetite by the second day. ...
definitely felt the suppressed appetite by the second day. I don't NEED to lose weight so this is mainly for sugar cravings and getting back to being in more self control. An injury with a long recovery can cause set backs including a couple of pounds.I've experienced nothing negative and plan on continuing this.
5.0 - I love this product!
The Ceylon Cinnamon has made a world of a difference for my overall health. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to feel great! Also Ceylon Cinnamon is a sugar buster and can assist a diabetic with carb cravings and weight loss. Awesome product!
5.0 - Ceylon Cinnamon
I have only been taking this for approximately two weeks but it has helped to eliminate my sugar cravings. This is a huge plus for me!
5.0 - Making Healthier Choices
I am very satisfied with this product. I am having far few sugar cravings. My appetite has decreased. I am eating smaller meals. I am making healthier choices.
5.0 - Wonderful Ceylon cinnamon
This is the real stuff. I take just one a day to help control sugar cravings. Works well.

8. IntestinePro Intestine Support for Humans with NON-GMO Wormwood, Black Walnut, Echinacea + 15 More Premium Ingredients, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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5.0 - Effective treatment needed....product fully delivered!
Have now completed the treatment and am very pleased. Took 4 days before I started seeing results with less muscle aches and joint pain and clearer thinking. Some cravings also disappeared. Will likely do another treatment in a few weeks to be sure the beasties are vanquished.
4.0 - My sugar cravings went away almost immediately.
I purchased two bottles of Intestinal Pro. After taking two doses(2 capsules per a dose) my cravings for Pepsi completely stopped! I was actually waking up throughout the night and drinking it due to an incrediable craving for it. I was also consuming it throughout the day. It has been 2 weeks and I have only had 2. I did lose my appetite for a few days as well, but it returned. However, I am no longer craving foods that contain sugar like I was before. For the past two years I have had a lot of phelgm in my lungs and sinus problems. It has all gone away! And yes, I have been passing a lot of parasites. I am con my second bottle now and still passing them. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long process. As far as any complaints, I did have one really bad sinus headache 2 days after starting the capsules, but like I said earlier my sinuses are completely clear now after years of congestion and pain. Based on my experience I would recommend this product.
5.0 - Take as directed. Obstain from sweets and pork.
This was my second order of IntestinePro, I highly recommend this product. In addition to losing weight, it curved my cravings for sweets. I do plan to order if again. BTW I haven't been eating red meat or pork for at least 6 months now. No cravings for that either.
5.0 - ParasitePro Really Works!
Ok folks...You gotta try this product. I received ParasitePro within 2 days of placing order thru Amazon. I ordered this cuz I had extreme carb cravings and felt bloated and felt "not right". I started taking the capsules immediately as per directions. Within 2 days I expelled these clear, flat, 1/2" white "things". The stomach bloat disappeared and the carb crave diminished after 3 days. I wasn't sure about achieving any results at first, but after experiencing ParasitePro, I am truly a believer in this product. The only effect I experienced, was a dull headache which lasted only 3/4 days. I would definitely recommend this product and plan to purchase again. This is my honest opinion, as I was not given free product or paid for my use.
4.0 - Excellent product.
I bought this because I noticed it was becoming harder to focus on my studies and I kept getting flu like symptoms which was unusual for me. Within a week of taking ParasitePro (PP) I started having breakouts of a fungal like rash on various parts on my body. I assumed this to be a side effect of the parasites trying to escape the hazardous environment that PP created for them. In addition to taking PP I also cut back on sugar and yeast in my diet. During the first two weeks I had very strong cravings but they quickly subsided. By the third week I began to notice that I was able to focus, the rash went away and as an added bonus my athlete's foot went away as well. All in all I was pleased with the product. I think my only really issue is the pungent body odor that occurred for me, I had to ensure that I was always hydrated or I'd be able to smell myself. I hope this review was beneficial to anyone struggling with the idea of whether or not to buy this product.
4.0 - Great product. I bought it because I was grinding ...
Great product. I bought it because I was grinding my teeth at night. So far, less grinding (no longer waking up clenching my teeth). I've also notice less fatigue and less sugar cravings. I'll be doing a blood test soon so I'll hopefully be able to see less parasites in my blood (My blood was filled with parasites prior to the cleanse). Will update review upon this test. 4/5 stars because I wish it was an extract form. The potency of herbs in powder form is extremely short compared to their extracted counterparts. Overall, great product.
5.0 - Nothing extraordinary happened but it did make me feel better and also felt more full and had less cravings ...
Worked well for me. Nothing extraordinary happened but it did make me feel better and also felt more full and had less cravings for food. Good detox and easy on your stomach, at least for me. If you normally use the bathroom you may not notice too much change as some of the other reviews I have read. It did make me feel more refreshed.
5.0 - Actually works well
This stuff works quite well. Be prepared for die off symptoms. A week in I have more energy, lost fat off mid section, way reduced cravings for sugary foods. Things are still dying off so I’m got another round with my second free bottle.
5.0 - Great product
After doing extensive research, this product was the best priced for a parasite cleansing formula. After day 1, I experienced stomach upset and garlic burps. Day 2 wasn’t as bad, but my body was definitely still adjusting. Say 3 I saw small white worms in my bowel movements that day (3 each day since taking this supplement). I did experience quite a bit of fatigue during this cleanse and a little bit of weight gain. After doing research, I learned this is normal when expelling parasites. Day 5 I started to see eggs (look like sesame seeds). This product definitely rids your body of any parasites. I didn’t find much, but I also didn’t investigate as much as others (because ew!). After the cleanse I do have more energy and my suga cravings have lessened. I may try this again in a few weeks just in case not all parasites were killed off. I would definitely recommend this procuct!
5.0 - I got more energy and no more exessive sugar craving
I am really happy to had tried this product. Before IntestinePro I suffered fatigue and sugar cravings all the time. After I finished my cleansing with I started to feel more energetic and I stopped craving all the bad stuff. I definetly feel so much better and I also been able to loose couple of pounds.
5.0 - 13 FEET of worms in 10 days!
Lost 13 FEET (over 130 inches) of worms days 7-9!!! Most of the worms were 1/2 - 1 inch in diameter, some 1.5 inches. They were up to 1 foot long! Unbelievable! On day 7 & 8 I added 3/8 teaspoon of FOOD-GRADE diatomaceous earth. I've been literally deathly ill for 5 years and have gained 35 pounds during that time without explanation - up to 15 pounds in 6 weeks. I've spend many, many, many nights in the emergency room with serious heart problems, had a TIA (stroke), lost my ability to run (and even walk without a walker for a year- I'm only 50!), and my quality of life was zero. I didn't have enough energy to walk around the block and aged 20 years during this time. I went from cute and thin to 100% gray hair, overweight, and handicapped. I constantly felt full and was misdiagnosed or told I was "fine". Now that I know what is going on, I can continue to address this parasite problem that is clearly affecting every part of my body. Obviously my waist is much thinner, I've been bike riding 30 minutes almost every day (since day #6) with almost NO heart or joint problems, walked for over an hour yesterday, and had the best Mother's Day ever! Days 7-10 there was a LOT of movement in my abdomen. Pretty gross! I still don't feel great but at least I don't feel like I have a death sentence and can get through the days and I finally have HOPE! (Bonus: Intestine Pro will decrease food and sugar cravings dramatically. I felt significantly better: energy & clarity within 1-2 days.) If you've been ill or had unexplained, dramatic weight gain - especially in your abdomen - I highly recommend this! Good luck!
5.0 - Yep.
It was a rough first few days, but now I have more energy, less cravings, and a clearer mind. Amazing.
5.0 - Amazing
I was having crazy sugar craving and I breed dogs and deworm them all the time and someone said have you ever though about using a dewormer for yourself. People who crave a lot of sugars tend to carry worms tend to crave sugars. So I figured what do I have to loss, after a few days no more sugar cravings. love it!
5.0 - it felt like someone was being opened up and cleared away
Outstanding product! Upon taking this I could tell immediately that it was working on my system in various ways. Have had the hunch that I may have been dealing with some critters for a little while now and finally got around to attempting my first cleanse. Noticed an effect on my lungs and intestinal track, it felt like someone was being opened up and cleared away. Definitely noticed the crawling feeling and shortly after my cravings for sweets subsided dramatically to being basically non-existent. Thank you!
5.0 - I feel great. Let's see how long this feeling last
One thing I really notice is that it took most of my cravings away and I don't eat as much. I feel great. Let's see how long this feeling last.
5.0 - Great product
I took the dosage as stated as 2 pills 3 times a day. The formula was gentle on my stomach and the product does not leave me constipated or running to the bathroom. After the 3rd or 4th day I could notice what I guess might have been worms but unsure. The product left me feeling I bloated and also I had no cravings for sweets while taking this product which was nice as I have a sweet tooth.

9. Green Tea Extract Supplement with EGCG for Healthy Weight Support- Metabolism, Energy and Healthy Heart Formula - Gentle Caffeine Source - Antioxidant & Free Radical Scavenger - 120 Veggie Capsules

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4.0 - Less cravings
- less cravings during the day
4.0 - i like that it doesnt make me feel nauseaus and it's ...
Iv been using this tea for 2 months now.i like that it doesnt make me feel nauseaus and it's very light on the stomach.I noticed that it helped me stop my sugar cravings.Higjly recommended
5.0 - Its Concentrated Green Tea!
First off, it should be stated that this is by no means a super pill and it's unrealistic to expect weight to magically fall off. Yet at the same time I still seem to be looking for those types of products anyway. Honestly, regardless I will say that there are a few qualities that I have enjoyed and the results from this product have been positive. I actually bought this on a lightning sale from Amazon a few months ago and I have been buying ever since. At first the bottle is relatively small compared to some that I have tried in the past but the quantity and quality of the pills as a dieting product is amazing. The pills are powdered green tea extract so they shouldn't be taken alone as it can be chocking hazard and it should also be noted that taking more than the instructions recommend can lead to headaches and other symptoms, however, when paired with a healthy fruit snack and shake. It's perfect. For the first day I didn't notice any immediate results but with any diet, consistency is key. After the first few days I began to feel more energetic which seemed to be long lasting and kept me up through out the day with no negative side effects. Most times I would get nervous jitters or unusual shakes but this pill was nothing like that. My cravings for heavy foods subsided and after a while I made a habit to drink more water which also made me feel fuller longer and that seemed to boost my weight loss even more.
5.0 - The green tea extract increased my energy and decreased my ...
The green tea extract increased my energy and decreased my food cravings. I take it twice a day before breakfast and lunch. I think it also helps me concentrate and has increases my mood.
4.0 - Fewer cravings
Eating less and fewer cravings. I have only used for a couple of weeks and feel with long term use will definitely see the weight loss I’m after. Also no jitters!
4.0 - Helps curb cravings
Like it a lot. It's to helped to give me a boost in energy and helps curb cravings!
5.0 - Absolutely thrilled with the performance of this product
While I have only been using this product for a few days now, this product seems to have helped level off my food cravings. This is something that I was definitely looking for because I was constantly craving food. I’m not saying it kills my appetite completely but it does curb it so I don’t want to eat as much which for me is a huge plus. It comes in a bottle and all you have to do is take one to two pills a day and you’re good to go. There could be a little more caffeine in it to balance out the slight drowsiness that occurs on occasion, but it’s nothing that a person can’t work through with little difficulty. I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.
5.0 - I've absolutely noticed a difference using this! I take ...
I've absolutely noticed a difference using this! I take 2 capsules a day (one before breakfast and one mid afternoon). I have been too busy to go to the gym the past few weeks, but I've noticed weight loss! Definite increase in energy and decrease in food cravings! About to buy my second bottle!
5.0 - Give it a try you won't be disappointed !
These are easy capsules to swallow and no after taste. I have been taking these for a month and notice I'm not fatigued as much and my food cravings are not as often. I take one in the morning and another around noon. They don't affect my sleep at all. Give it a try you won't be disappointed !
5.0 - Great for energy!
Great product! I've been taking this for about a month and its been great for energy. I also think the lbs are slowly coming clothes fit better and I'm not having any cravings.
5.0 - First thing I've ever tried that actually works
I've take this for 60 days now. I only take one pill a day. I also started ww at the same time so I am trying to watch what I eat. I don't feel hungry in fact I think eating so little actually causes me to lose slower but I have lost 20 lb and I'm ready to start my 2nd bottle. I'd say try it, but when you do stick with it for atleast a month. Like I said I only take 1 a day but cravings are very controlled.
5.0 - Easy
Prompt shipping. This is a good product. Helps with the sugar cravings. Taking the capsules is convenient and easy to travel and keep the benefits of green tea.
LOVE THIS STUFF. Just green tea extract without a bunch of other junk added. Gives me a great boost of energy and helps curb cravings :)
5.0 - Five Stars
I liked that the Green tea tablets gives me more energy n helped to curb my hungry cravings!

10. Nature's Answer Alcohol-Free Gymnema Leaf, 1-Fluid Ounce

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5.0 - It Really Works!!!
It really works!!!..Im a big sugar addict..This really did help to kill those cravings..It not only kills the cravings, if you try to eat sweets after taking this, It makes sweets taste bad
5.0 - Nature's Answer has a few excellent products. The Gymnema Leaf works well for those ...
Nature's Answer has a few excellent products. The Gymnema Leaf works well for those having sugar cravings. The Liver Support is my favorite of their herbal remedies, and their gluten-free, low alcohol Goldenseal is the best on the market.
5.0 - Nature's Answer Liquid Gymnema Leaf is a great product and it works
This product works with no side effects that I can tell. I simply put 28 drops (1 full dropper) in a shot glass and top it with water and drink it down. The taste is bitter for a moment, reminding me of Aruvedic medicine I have taken in the past. Because it is liquid and not a pill it works immediately on the taste buds. It definitely takes the taste for sugar away which eliminates the desire to eat sweets. I also noticed I feel less hungry and I will eat when I know it is time rather than because I have cravings. I am also making better choices on what to eat. Now I like fish and vegetables and complex carbohydrates, which seems quite a stretch for this sugar addict. I started beginning of December 2013 and even with all the holiday activities I have lost 7 pounds in 5 weeks. I use it once or twice a day depending on how I feel and I have skipped days as well. For me this is a great product and a great tool towards my fitness and healthy lifestyle goals.
4.0 - sugar cravings are starting to subside
so far so good. sugar cravings are slowly going away
5.0 - Godsend for sugar addiction
This is a godsend for sugar addiction. I felt like I was on this roller coaster of sugar addiction. I just couldn't get away from the sugar, breads, cakes, muffins i.e. Carbs!!!!I truly truly thought I was out of control until I started taking this product! I take it in a shot glass. One dropper full and water in a shot glass in the morning and it shuts down my sugar cravings to the point where I do not consume sugar anymore!!!!!! If you knew me you would know that that is HUGE. I'm in love with this product and have ordered my second bottle already. I don't want to be without it it helps so much. Also when applied directly to the tongue it blocks the taste of sugar so if you play it directly to your tongue and then suck on a lollipop there's nothing there it is so amazing how you smell the lollipop you know what sugary but when you put in your mouth you taste nothing like NOTHING.
4.0 - Four Stars
I bought it to help with sugar cravings which it does.
5.0 - Five Stars
Tastes horrible, but definitely tames cravings for sweets and makes any sweets eaten in proximity to use taste terrible!
5.0 - Helped me quit table sugar
I used this to help me with my sugar cravings as I was starting a low carb diet. It worked, but man it's not a pleasant taste, just put it in a small amount of water and chug it fast.
5.0 - it will just taste like sand.
This really really works for blocking the taste of sugar. It really helps me get through cravings. If you take this, and then put some grains of sugar on your tongue, it will just taste like sand.
4.0 - My natural path recommended it to be added to my lemon water
If you are trying to get off sugar, this product could be for you. My natural path recommended it to be added to my lemon water. When I remember to take it, it does reduce my sugar cravings. It changes the taste in your mouth and alone, would not recommend. Not a great taste alone.
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