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1. Natural Factors - DGL Licorice Root 400mg, Supports the Integrity of the Stomach Lining, 180 Chewable Tablets

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5.0 - Works well for indigestion.
This is a natural remedy for GERD (severe indigestion). It does not have all the side effects of Nexium, Prilosec, Zantac etc. it works well for me.
5.0 - tastes great, and works pretty well (not as well as meds, though)
This product is delicious and helps me (my personal opinion) in treating GERD (though no substitute for doctor's care and opinion, with possible meds).
5.0 - Can't do without it for my GERD
I have GERD and I can't and won't take GERD medication. I chew these all day and they help enormously. I have tried other brands but they don't give me the same relief. I am also using slippery elm tablets to soothe my throat. I hope this helps.
5.0 - Cured my persistant GERD
Tried Nexium but had to stop due to severe cramps and bloating (after 3 wks on it). So bought the book - Natural Alternatives to Nexium, Maalox.....etc. and author recommended DGL - 2 tabs 1 hr before meals 4x/day - I only remembered twice a day - but it worked great. After 4 weeks, acid is gone. I can even have 1 cup of coffee in the am with no acid. I have sjogrens, which can cause GERD, so I expect to take these forever! And they don't taste bad.
5.0 - Real help for LPR or GERD
This helps augment any GERD/LPR treatment. Actually, though, I now buy the 150 tab, if it's available. It tastes good, too!
5.0 - Who would have thought ...
Who would have ever thought that this would help ease heart burn and acid. It does! Yay! I am so happy right now that I finally found something that eases and stop gerd
5.0 - Great all natural product
I have problems with digestion and mild GERD. After taking these 30mins before meal, no indigestion or GERD. Great all natural product!
5.0 - Five Stars
i like this dgl very much. it helps alot with gerd and i like that its all natural.
4.0 - Four Stars
some improvement in GERD
5.0 - Licorice tablets for GERD or heartburn
These tablets have a nice licorice flavor. I've been taking them several times a week
5.0 - No GERD and off CRP raising drug
So far it is working very well for my wife's GERD. She is very pleased with the taste and how she feels. She has been able to get off Prilosec which was sending her blood inflammatory marker (C reactive protein - CRP) very high. Since off that drug and on these natural pills, no GERD and her CRP tests have all returned to normal.
5.0 - Heartburn for 10 years, cured! Better than perscription!
I have had heartburn and GERD for YEARS! Ive tried every OTC, been perscribed Nexium, Prevacid, Omaprazole, and nothing has worked as great as these tablets! Also had side effects! They took a bit of getting used to the taste, but now I actually like it. My neighbor gave me half a bottle to try out and they worked so well I bought more. I recommend them to everyone I know. I feel they really repair any heartburn damage I may have had, and my heartburn has decreased tremendously to the point I can eat spicy foods (within reason) and have little to no heartburn.
5.0 - Great product
I have had stomach issues for YEARS - my first ulcer in my mid-20's. My stomach made me give up alcohol and smoking (both good changes) but I also have GERD and a hernia so I have to eat the last meal about 6 hours BEFORE bed. Still, the acid was hard to handle. These chewable tablets taste wonderful and my stomach is a happy camper now.
5.0 - Nature's Pepto Bismol...
Worked for my GERD.
5.0 - Helps with GERD
I really liked this product as it tastes good and it does seem to help with acid reflux. It is better than other brands in terms of taste.
5.0 - Great for GERD
I love this product. I used it regularly to control gastric hyperacidity when tapering off PPIs. It works as well as any prescription medication I have used to control my GERD. I also like the flavor.
5.0 - these seem to be doing a better job and without the extra calcium
While I can't be sure how these have affected my body's chemistry, so far I do believe my GERD attacks have diminished measurably and for that reason alone, I'll be buying them again. I'm not using TUMS anymore, these seem to be doing a better job and without the extra calcium. I find the flavor pleasant and love anise so no problems there.
5.0 - DGL: darn good licorice
I suffer from GERD. I completely weened myself off proton pump inhibitors with dgl. I feel good. It really helped me!
4.0 - Good but has sugars
I have GERD, IBS, Ulcers and certain forms of sugars are tolerable but Gi specialist suspects Celiac, Pelvic Floor dysfunction and Gastropersis. Chewing starts the digestion process by producing saliva, so DGL powders miss that process. So far I haven't found a DGL chewable tablet without some form of sugar. I chew these 20 minutes before a meal and also use an herbal supplement my Gi recommended along with 20UMF rated manuka. This helps but would be much happy without the sugar...who cares about taste when you're dying in GI pain!
4.0 - It worked
I take this like I used to take TUMS, only not nearly so often. Never liked licorice, but you have to do what you have to do. Also used D-Limonene and Mastic. But once I began these products the GERD got a lot better and I only used them when GERD is an issue, several times a week, but not daily. For GERD there is also an interesting jumping exercise if the GERD is caused by the stomach herniating through the diaphragm. Drink a glass of room temperature water before breakfast, then jump ten times landing on your heels--not too high. ASK YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. The weight in the tummy pulls the esophagus down through the diaphragm. This was helping even before I got the pills. Doesn't get five stars because I still have occasional GERD. Elevate your bed and sleep on your right side.
5.0 - Awesome supplement for GERD & gastritis
I got Gerd and gastritis result during Dec. Was having stomach discomfort for the whole noon, after took the first tablet of this before my dinner and my discomfort was gone and mins later I released a small steady wind from my butt. I believed this was working my guts or clearing it. I will monitor from now and see how it goes. :) They are EASY to chew and doesnt taste bad, as long the supplements work i am fine.
5.0 - Takes care of my digestive problems
This product is like a miracle for me... it eliminates so many of the symptoms of acid reflux (GERD) and stomach acidity that causes pain. I do not have ulcers, but do have GERD and IBS. The literature I have read concerning DGL supports the theory that this supplement helps heal gastric membranes. I feel it does just that. Neither Tums nor or other chewable tablets give the results that this provides. If I go a day or two without using DGL, my stomach pain returns. The Natural Factors DGL tastes good (sometimes a bottle of tablets may not taste very good -- especially other brands). The bottle of DGL received from Amazon not only tasted very nice, but the tablets were also very fresh.
5.0 - Yes it tastes like rotten bran flakes
Im off my Gerd meds! I take one pill in the morning, Yes it tastes like rotten bran flakes, but it works wonders! If you have GERD TRY this!

2. Enzymatic Therapy DGL Ultra Extra Strength Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice, German Chocolate Flavor, Chewable Tablets, Gluten-Free, 90 Count

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5.0 - awesome for helping with GERD
awesome for helping with GERD, also for me it helps with esophageal spasm I take 3 times a day before meals. I couldnit live without it. I like the taste of the german chocolate flavor. Great product and company.
5.0 - Great for GERD symptom relief
About two months ago, I came down with rapidly intensifying GERD. I went to a doctor who prescribed standard over-the-counter antacids (Prevacid) that I should take for two weeks. Having talked to a few other people who had previously suffered from ulcers (as well as reading standard internet fare on the subject) I decided to also pick up some of these DGL tablets to protect myself from the acid discomfort and to ease my body back into being off antacids after the two weeks. I continuously took them during and after the antacid course and they seemed to ease my symptoms and I never had the wave of acid overproduction that sometimes happens once you're off the antacids. I would take it in the mornings briefly after waking up so I wouldn't have empty stomach pain, and it worked well. So if you're feeling some discomfort, this product can certainly help--I really think it did.
5.0 - GERD relief
I've been suffering from acid reflux most of my life however in the past year and a half it has gotten drastically worse. It would wake me up in the middle of the night and leave me feeling as if someone was sitting on my chest. It would burn my throat and I would hear sizzling sounds in my throat after meals or whenever I layed down... it was awful. I was convinced I had h pylori bacteria but tests just showed chronic stomach inflammation. I was prescribed an anti acid which I had to take twice daily. Told by my doctor to lose weight and to watch what I eat, when I eat, and how much I eat. Told to stop eating tomatoe products, chocolate, coffee, etc etc. Nothing seemed to help. These were all things to help ease the symptoms but not to stop them. Each time I missed a dose of my antiacid or forgot to take it the acid reflux would come back twice as bad. I recently had a tooth infection and was given antibiotics. Within the first couple doses I noticed a HUGE change in the way my stomach felt.. I no longer felt discomfort and no longer heard sizzling sounds in my throat. Now I was even more confinced that causing all my problems for the last year and a half was due to bad bacteria. I looked up natural ways to relieve h pylori symptoms and came across some good alternatives from antibiotics. Along with probiotics and this amazing product I have been off my antiacid meds for over a week now and feeling better and better as each day passes!!!
5.0 - Wish I would have started taking it sooner
I have GERD really bad. My doctor put me on Prilosec. The Prilosec helped a little, but I was still having horrible heartburn and I was having side effects. I knew my doctor would put me on another PPI, which I didn't want, so in desperation, I started researching natural remedies and read about DGL. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I ordered a bottle. After a couple of days taking the DGL, my GERD symptoms vanished. I stopped taking the Prilosec and now just take the DGL before meals. I feel much better than I did on the Prilosec. The chocolate flavor isn't bad. The flavor and texture reminds me of the chocolate freeze dried astronaut ice cream. I hate licorice and can not taste it at all.
5.0 - Five Stars
Fabulous product! Very effective for GERD!
5.0 - Highly recommend, great taste
Natural GERD relief. Highly recommend, great taste!
4.0 - It does help with Gerds/acid reflux, but beware of the fructose in it!
This seems to help with my gastritis and gerds/acid reflux. I like the taste BUT it has fructose in it which I should not be having. It tastes like candy, because it is like candy. It's not a miracle, but it does help if you take more than directed. I can't recommend doing that, though.
5.0 - Works for GERD
My husband has GERD. Rather than take the proton pump inhibitors he takes this 3x a day. It works like nothing else and tastes good too.
5.0 - Keeping GERD at bay
I tried the Prilosec, etc. drugs, but digestive enzymes and this DGL Ultra seem to be much more effective for me long term. In particular, I find that NOT eating at night before bedtime is a continuing hardship for me. But sometimes, just popping two of these in my mouth gets me past that urge and through a good night. I find them tasty enough to continue to use them.
5.0 - Good for gastro pains & tastes decent
I am battling a stomach ulcer and as I started taking these as needed before meals or if I felt pain. They have definitely helped with my symptoms and taste fine. I was also afraid they wouldn’t mask the licorice or would just taste gross but I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend if you’re suffering from gastritis, GERD or ulcer pain. My ulcers aren’t gone but this has made things more manageable while my stomach heals.
5.0 - Great taste
This really helps with my GERD and if you don't like licorice this doesn't have the taste at all.
5.0 - Ease GERD symptoms
Just received these and they are helping calm GERD issues including tightness that gives me breathing issues. I am transitioning off Omeprazole, which causes bone loss. Using a different medication but at this point, the withdrawal from the Omeprazole is strong. The DGL makes an immediate difference.
5.0 - Amazing product for relief of GERD!!
This stuff is amazing let me tell you! My doctor put me on Prilosec and I took it for a month. I don't care for prescription drugs, I would rather take a natural approach if possible.
5.0 - Works very well for suppressing GERD symptoms, but not necessarily a cure!!!
This product is very effective in suppressing GERD symptoms, but is not a cure for the root cause. I have suffered from "GERD" for over 4 years now. The Air Force started me on Prevacid after mentioning the word "heartburn", and then switched me to Nexium later. When I got out in 2008, I started buying Prilosec OTC. Then Prevacid OTC came out and I started taking that because it seemed to work the best at suppressing my heartburn.
5.0 - As Promised
I deleted my bad review when it did finally arrive. It is a FANTASTIC product for GERD and, seems to be for me at least IBS. I hate to get my hopes up, but this is the first thing in 10 years to give me a break from IBS-D. If you suffer from it, you know what I am trying to say. AND the taste is yuck, but so what. I would do about anything for relief.

3. Enzymatic Therapy DGL Ultra German Chocolate Fructose Free/Sugarless Chewable Tablets (90 count)

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5.0 - GERD Relief
Have used this product for several years and like it a lot! It's been great for my acid reflux.
4.0 - 95% positive - pretty good for a supplement
Will keep GERD under control, most times. Taste OK however, aftertaste influences food taste.
4.0 - Works for GERD
Good product
5.0 - Great for GERD
Tastes great & helps with acid reflux! I use these instead of tums
5.0 - Five Stars
No gerd from now
4.0 - Works well
I would rate it higher, but I am on a number of over the counter and prescription meds for GERD. THough I believe this product helps me, I am still with symptoms
5.0 - I cured my GERD with this product BUT...
I love this product!!! I had full blown erosive GERD and had been on all the prescription meds, which weren't working anymore. I was worried about the possibility of other problems because of the 15 years I had been of drugs for GERD--I have osteoporosis, which could possibly be attributed to the GERD meds. Anyway, my chiropractor suggested DGL and these were the first ones I tried. The plain licorice ones are great too, but I'm a chocolate hound so I knew I was going to love these. And, they WORKED! When I had the last endoscopy, there was no sign of erosion, as there had been for many years prior. I hardly ever even have reflux anymore.
5.0 - Farewell to GERD
These have proven invaluable in preventing the GERD that has plagued my Husband for years: he can really tell whenever he fails to take these prior to eating. It's a plus that he is a lover of chocolate.
5.0 - Keeps the stomach squeeze away with a managable taste. Purchased more that once.
Helps me with heartburn. I couldn't handle the licorice flavor, but this certainly works for me. Would recommend if you have GERD as it really does help that indigestion/heartburn and fairly quickly too.
5.0 - Good for guys with GERD or reflux symptoms
Soothed my acid reflux situation
5.0 - Nexium b gone
Helps a lot with GERD, especially when getting off of Nexium.
5.0 - Lifesaver for GERD!
I've had acid reflux very badly for nearly 8 years now. I've tried a variety of OTC and prescription medications combined with dietary changes that were not helping at all. Chewing even just one or two of these per day has been a lifesaver! I don't get acid reflux anymore, despite previously having it so severely that I would sometimes throw up stomach acid. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a natural solution to their GERD.
4.0 - Four Stars
Taste was very good, can't say it helped with GERD symptoms.
Several years ago I was suffering from GERD/Acid reflux. Prescription drugs were not working for me. One of the products Dr. Jonathan Wright recommends in his fabulous book WHY STOMACH ACID IS GOOD FOR YOU is DGL. I originally bought it at my local health food store and paid $13.99, but since I was suffering so much I didn't really care about the price. For me, this product is wonderful. I now purchase it through Amazon...couldn't be happier...price is great and delivery always on time. When my GERD was very bad I was also taking Digestive Enzymes and Hydrocloric Acid, both also recommeded by Dr. Wright. My GERD isn't bad anymore, but I still get an occasional acid reflux and when I do I take the DGL and it always helps.
5.0 - Tastes great, works great!
Awesome product. Tastes great and, more importantly really works to resolve symptoms of GERD. No need to take harmful drugs with side effects. This works better.
5.0 - These are the best! I no longer take anything else
These are the best! I no longer take anything else. I have had surgery for gerd. Wish I had these years ago.
5.0 - GERD sucks!!
So far I taken this for about two days. My GERD is terrible. I don't even know if this what I have I went to several doctors they all gave me different things because I get a mucus and choking feeling like I am going to throw up often. I was scared cause no one could diagnose my problem and felt terrible all the time. I tried changing my diet before I knew what was happening to me all I knew is I didn't have acid come back up during eating or after. I usually would get like a feeling and whenever I had to go pee if I didn't go I want to throw up. I tried many other things herbs, diets, anti-acids, Special pills for acid reflux. One doctor even gave me antibotics thinking I had an mucus problem only. I asked them to run tests on me they come back fine blood and urine. I had X-rays done and even EKG. I went to an ear nose and throat doctor rather than a general doctor. He said I think you have GERD. I said what? He said you have mucus that is probably being generated by you throwing up in the night. Hmmm. Well he was the closest so far. So he gave me some spray for my nose and some pills for GERD or stomach. I really didn't get better from those pills. The nasal stuff helped a lot. I wasn't getting better from those pills so I stop taking them then changed my bed around so I sleep elevated by my head about 6 inches higher I just put 4x4 wooden fence pole under the mattress. This seemed to help a lot way more than pills for the mucus during the night and waking up anyways. During the day now I still feel like throwing up often still when I have to go to bathroom. Maybe someone can tell me if that's what GERD is to them. I like to state so far I used these little DGL German Chocolate flavor for 2 days they are very helpful so far I take them 30 mins before I eat then eat. I even felt like throwing up a bit after my meal before. I took one more a few hours later. I didn't have a problem after that. I don't know if these are safe how many to take per day isn't really clear what's safe. It says 30 mins before meal and 1 pill. If this solves the problem that would be great will update you guys or girls later.
5.0 - Great for GERD
I was skeptical about this product a little bit, and had been taking Prilosec OTC for literally years for GERD problems that actually hospitalized me a few times over the years. I really wanted to get off Prilosec, which is rumored to have bad long-term use side effects and go for something more natural (Prilosec had long stopped being effective anyway). Thank God DGL exists. I can't say if it will work for everyone as well as it did for me, but I honestly cannot be more happy with how well this product worked for me. I've been off Prilosec for almost 2 months now, and feeling so much better - I can even eat some of the foods that triggered symptoms previously. It tastes pretty good and you just take a tablet three times a day before meals. Give it a shot, seriously.

4. George's Aloe Vera Supplement, 128 Fluid Ounce

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5.0 - Easy to drink
Easy to drink. No flavor or odor. I purchased this to treat GERD when recommended by a friend. We'll see.
5.0 - Strange but true
I was quite skeptical about the 'special' aloe juice, especially as people said it would taste like water. Had 'silent' reflux for years and didn't want to use prilosec all the time. Tried the juice because of many good reviews. It's been about three weeks in, and I'm surprised to say that it helped within a few days of taking 2oz in the morning and evening. Tastes pleasant, just like soft water. While it makes no sense from looking at it and no scientific mechanism is given, the result speaks for itself. Had no gerd episodes since I started and will keep on using it. Recommended it to neighbor and he had the same favorable experience. Two thumbs up.
5.0 - Tastes like water
Tastes like water! Perfect for my child with GERD who hates the bitter taste of all the others we've tried. Pour it in his water cup he doesn't know the difference. Probably not as strong as others but now he gets it everyday as he should. Pick your battles, I suppose!
5.0 - This product is great for those suffering from GERD
This product is great for those suffering from GERD. It is tasteless. I prefer to refrigerate it and drink it cold-that's how I like my water!
5.0 - Wow, great product!
Wow, amazing stuff. High quality product, it has no taste, like drinking water. Shipped promptly and arrived in good condition. Recommended by a friend to help with my GERD, seems to be working to calm my entire digestive track and beyond. Has many other uses as well. Will buy again.
5.0 - Great for GERD!
I have been using this stuff since the summer. It's really great for acid reflux. I started out buying the half gallons. Now I just buy it by the gallon. Saves me extra money, especially since I am using it on a daily basis.
5.0 - I made this purchase with the hope of getting rid ...
I made this purchase with the hope of getting rid if severe GERD coughing. After just 5 days I see a difference and sleep at night. I did use more than the 2ounces but worth it to stop GERD cough.
5.0 - Tastes like water. I've already bought it twice
I think this helps with GERD. I use it every day. Tastes like water. I've already bought it twice. My Dr. Even recommended it.
5.0 - Nothing beats Georges
PLEASE READ: After my husband was diagnosed and treated for Stomach Cancer in 2008 at age 31 we changed everything we do. He suffered from horrible acid reflux (GERD) for years and years, only treated with chewable antacids. Surgery, treatment, then hours and hours of research. No more cancer but now has Barrett's esophagus (precancerous esophageal cancer) from all the vomiting of bile for years after surgery. 2nd surgery in 2011 to help stop vomiting and bile production. More research...found aloe helps acid reflux on top of being an antiinflammatory, antibacterial, and immune supporting. Found Georges Aloe...
5.0 - A miracle juice for Acid Reflux (LPR/GERD)
I started taking this Aloe Vera juice a month ago and it’s really helping my nocturnal acid reflux (LPR and GERD). I used to wake up choking from reflux at night, heart burn at times, and wake up with a sore throat, but after 3 weeks of drinking this, 2 oz per day, I don’t have these problems anymore. I’m finally sleeping through the night and my throat is really healing. My theory is the enzymes and the anti inflammatory properties in Aloe Vera really helped my digestion. I used to have a lot of belching after meals with food fermenting and creating gases which caused the LES (lower spinchter) to relax and let acid up. I no longer experience this. My stomach is emptying as it should now. I researched side effects of Aloe Vera juice and this is the best kind. Unlike the other Aloe Vera juices, they removed the toxic ingredients that have the laxative effect. I also love how they removed the bitterness from this juice and it’s free from preservatives. This is the only kind of Aloe Vera juice I would dare to take long term. It’s a fantastic product. Now when I know it’s helping I take 2 oz twice a day before breakfast and dinner. I’m combining this treatment with eating slowly, chewing well and smaller meals but I have been able to have wine and dessert without having any problems.
5.0 - the greatest
I suffered from gerd, in turn my epsohgus was irrarted to the point that every time I ate it felt like something was stuck in my throat, my throat felt full all the time and hurt like a pain i cant explain. My GI dr, gave me sample of a med, pain still the same. My sister-inlaw sugessted aloe vera juice, I had tried George's aloe in the past. I uesd it for a week and a half, 2 oz before morning meal and the same at dinner, omg, i have no problem's now the feeling is gone, my throat is better. Better then any med my dr could suggest, I am so happy found this product again, love it.
5.0 - Five Stars
No taste - helps with my GERD.
5.0 - Great really works
Love this stuff! Dr wanted me to go on med's for GERD and since I have used this in past for my ulcer and it worked, even when I have nausea due to IBS it calms it right down.
5.0 - AWESOME.
This product is just outstanding. Cured my GERD, and my digestive issues.
5.0 - Miracle cure for acid reflux
This feels like a miracle to me. I suffered from acid reflux for 10 years. I took Omeprazole (Prilosec) every day. If I missed a day, I was in pain. My stomach and throat would burn. My doctor recommended a scope to see if I had an ulcer. Not wanting surgery, I weaned myself off the meds and started drinking George's aloe juice every day. It's crazy, because it works. I don't have GERD anymore. I was so worried that I would have this stomach pain all my life. I have tried many other aloe juices and they taste bad or don't work. This is the best stuff ever!

5. Best DGL Licorice Extract 3800mg 200 capsules (NON-GMO & Gluten Free) - Supports Digestive & Respiratory Function ★★★100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Order Risk Free!★★★

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4.0 - So far so good
So far so good.. I think I need a double dose ... but I think they are helping with gerd ... but not wiping it out entirely
4.0 - give a try
I have been taking this product with two other herbs as a protocol for Gerd. It seems to help.
5.0 - Works!
If you want to get off Omeprozale, this will do it. I had terrible & painful GERD. Amazing!
5.0 - Five Stars
These have worked great for my GERD. I have not had any reflux since being on these.
5.0 - Dangerously good ... works!
So I read and article and of course ordered some DGL Licorice. I'm a bit overweight and have GERD due to it and am on two proton pump inhibitors.
5.0 - Good stuff
Good stuff really helps my GERD condition
5.0 - A good substitute for Prilosec
I stopped using Prilosec after many years and have changed to DGL Licorice. It has been a couple months now and my Acid Reflux/Gerd is in check. So far I'm very happy with this product!
5.0 - Five Stars
Good product for stomach issues caused by GERD. I would highly recommend it.
5.0 - the best supplement to control GERD and settle the stomach
Used DGL from other manufacturers. NUSA is by far the most effective.
4.0 - Helps my GERD
This supplement is a great addition along with digestive enzymes to prevent GERD. I use it on a daily basis.
5.0 - Acid Reflux Aid
I purchased this as an aid to increase mucous protection and healing in my esophagus due to acid reflux/GERD. It helps a lot and is very noticeable over other DGL products. This is of course a much higher dose too generally.
5.0 - Great product, great potency and great price.
Great product, great potency and great price. My GERD symptoms have decreased and I am only part way through the bottle. I did start some slippery rlm powder st the same time so I’m not exactly sure.
4.0 - but just tried the chewable kind and they seem to work faster and better then this
It's ok took for GERD, but just tried the chewable kind and they seem to work faster and better then this, only drawback in chewable is the added sugar or sugar substirute, I prefer to take it without any added sugar so I will use this product and the chewable.
5.0 - great product.
Purchase and delivery perfect. Still testing the licorice extract for acidic stomach. Or GERD. Got of Prevacid because of the kidney danger. The extract seems to be working better than expected.

6. Lily of The Desert Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula Fresh Mint, 32 Fluid Ounce

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4.0 - Seems to be working
I was given my first bottle by a family member who knew I suffered from gerd and stomach problems. I have ordered it on several occasions since and it seems to help me.
5.0 - No more Prilosec
My daughter has GERD and was prescribed all sorts of nasty meds none of which were particularly helpful. I found this product in my local Kroger and it has been like a little miracle for her. We dumped the pharmaceuticals and now use only "Lily Juice", as she calls it. She takes a full shot of it before breakfast and after school. Thanks, your product has made a huge improvement in our lives.
5.0 - Works fantastic for GERD
After being on various meds for GERDS for 15 years, I developed an allergy to all of them. I then changed my diet, more than I already had & that helped some (hint: going gluten free was the biggest game changer to decrease GERD symptoms). When I do get hit with heartburn THIS is the best product - it doesn't taste great, LOL, but it WORKS. I know I can take a shot glass of it & that I'll feel better relatively quickly.
This product is AMAZING! I suffer from GERD and tend to have too much acid in my stomach and this formula is my life saver! It has lots of natural and healthy ingredients that target too much stomach acid. It definitely took some getting used to - taste wise. But you start to develop an acquired taste for it if you drink it daily. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for anyone dealing with GERD and wants to take a more natural approach to combating its symptoms.
5.0 - It works!!!!!!
This stuff in amazing. As someone who has had Gerd for 15 years, this stuff will take your reflux away almost instantly. Love the stuff and really does heal you!!!
5.0 - Really a God-send for my acid reflux!
I have been dealing with horrible acid reflux for almost three years, have had an endoscopy, modified my diet, tried many different OTC and prescription solutions to no avail. The medicine side effects were sometimes worse than the GERD! I have tried aloe too but never really had 100% success. Recently I did a little research and discovered this aloe on steroids! I also learned that slippery elm bark is a natural digestive aid that has been used for centuries. Its addition here is brilliant. I know many others have commented on the taste. Frankly, I look forward to it every morning. I eat healthfully, generally, although different in taste it is by no means repulsive. Maybe because i drink earthy teas and like sprouts the taste seems just fine to me? I would eat dirt if it had the same affects as this MIRACLE! I have been taking 2T prior to each meal and I take more if I feel the need throughout the day. I highly recommend this wonderful, natural product.
5.0 - Works!
This calms my stomach and has helped me achieve a long term reduction in acid reflux/GERD. Its taste and texture can be hard to get used to - and I have - and it's worth it. I now sip this slowly the few times a month I wake with very mild symptoms. I think it keeps my stomach from tightening up and growing from mild to severe episodes. I now use only the minimum dose and it works great!
5.0 - ... only in the last year has it progressively become worse. The reflux is so bad that it has ...
I was diagnosed with GERD a few years ago and only in the last year has it progressively become worse. The reflux is so bad that it has altered my quality of life where I can no longer enjoy the simple joys of life, such as daily coffee. I had to quit it cold turkey! So, yes I've been on the usual prescriptions, particularly Omeprazole, but am still weary of being too dependent on any Rx drugs considering the side effects of others such as Prilosec. This product has helped me in moments when my reflux was getting really bad. I drink it after a meal now that I suspect will create an acid reflux storm. I also supplement with apple cider vinegar to help control it. Consider trying this if you're suffering like me, but always contact your physician about any chronic ailments you may have first before remedying on your own.
5.0 - Great Results
Totally takes care of stomach issues such as GERD and heartburn. I take this product daily.
5.0 - Aloe Vera Gel for Stomach, bowel movements and GERD problems.
I bought it and tried it once and put it in my fridge and totally forgot about it till I saw this. I think it is something people can use once in a while for upset stomach or GERD. I don't think you should take it daily from what I have read but it did help me the couple times I used it.

7. Probiotic 40 Billion CFU. Guaranteed Potency until Expiration - Patented Delay Release, Shelf Stable - Lactobacillus Acidophilus - Gluten Dairy Free for Women Men - No Refrigeration - Digestive Health

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4.0 - I have no complaints with this product
I've suffered with GERD my whole life, and just recently developed LPR. It's hard for me to know exactly how well this product is working because I'm taking it in conjunction with a lot of other meds, but I can say for sure it's not hurting anything.
5.0 - I feel great. no stomach problems
I feel great. no stomach problems! No acid reflux or gerd. I feel healthier and have more energy. I am no longer constipated daily.
5.0 - Good Quality Product
I am really benefitting from this product! I just recently had my gallbladder removed, along with severe pancreatitis, and I had been having a hard time finding a probiotic with the number of CFUs that Schwartz Bioresearch has in this product without having to rely on a prescription. I have been taking this product about 3 weeks now, and have found it to actually be working quite well at controlling my stomach acid and GERD, along with also seeming to be responsible for a decrease in my nausea and abdominal cramping symptoms! Good quality ingredients too. I have recommended it also to my sister who suffers with ulcerative colitis.
4.0 - Worked very well!
I have problems with constipation due to a number of medical conditions, including GERD, and 13 ongoing prescription medications and occasional antibiotic use. Your product has helped greatly with this. I have tried other products that also help but are more expensive. This product would probably help even more if I took it twice a day, as directed. However, I simply can't afford to do that. But, I am satisfied with the efficacy of this product.
4.0 - Digestive Issues Can Cripple Your Quality of Life
So far, I have seen small improvements with my digestion. It is still too early to tell. I am recovering from taking antibiotics and acid-blockers, which completely wrecks your digestive system. At my age, 32, it is a lot more difficult to make a full recovery, if a recovery at all. It is debilitating. I was told by the doctor that I may have GERD and IBS. He said it could just be H Pylori. I will be going in for a lab test in a week. Either way, I am using a holistic approach to self-heal through extensive research online. The information I have gathered is vast and stretches knowledge I have come across in some instances, but not nearly as profound as it is now since I have been suffering from digestive issues.
5.0 - I have really bad GERD and my daughter has a really sensitive stomach
I have really bad GERD and my daughter has a really sensitive stomach. We both are prone to stomach issues - nausea, bloating. We started taking probiotics and it seemed to help somewhat. Did some research on Amazon and found Schwartz Probiotics. WOW! This worked so much better for us than the other more expensive brands! We have not experienced any stomach issues since taking this, and we also have noticed that our immune system is better. The fact that it's reasonably priced is what makes this even better.
5.0 - BUY IT!
I suffer from GERD and have a very acidic stomach. I take quite a few medications which always upset my stomach. Since taking Schwartz probiotic I've have seen a huge decrease in the amount of acid which has helped my GERD tremendously. It also has helped reduce stomach upset from my medications. I've been taking probiotics for years, but this one is amazing. I can tell a difference immediately after using and it doesn't need to be refrigerated, extra bonus! Love it.
5.0 - Helps with heartburn
Helps control acid reflux. No longer have to take prescription GERD medicine! Take on empty stomach for best results but seems to work either way.
5.0 - A great help with my abdominal cramps
I suffer from GERD and I get abdominal cramps a few times a week — a sudden and debilitating pain. My doctor has prescribed taking yogurt, probiotic drinks, etc. but some contains sugar; which I try to stay away from, and has not helped me at all. I’ve noticed a big difference since I started taking Schwartz Probiotic a month ago. Within a couple of weeks you’ll already notice some change. I still get cramps but they are few and far between. And, I look forward to getting most of the benefits as I plan to take it in the long term. Thankful that I found this product!
5.0 - I no longer have GERD issues since taking Advanced Strength ...
I no longer have GERD issues since taking Advanced Strength Probiotic and no longer have a need to be on prescription Prilosec.
5.0 - This is by far the best! I've been diagnosed with GERD and prescribed an ...
I've tried several brands. This is by far the best! I've been diagnosed with GERD and prescribed an EXPENSIVE precription. Taking this twice a day has changed my life! No more reflux! Thank you!
5.0 - ... probiotic for about 3 weeks now and am extremely satisfied with the product
I have been taking the 40 billion CFU probiotic for about 3 weeks now and am extremely satisfied with the product. I have had GERD problems for years now and recently the symptoms (specifically heartburn) have reduced and noticed bowel movements have improved and are back to normal.
5.0 - Amazing product. I have GERD and this does not ...
Amazing product . I have GERD and this does not make me feel sick or bloated . Works great.

8. Nature's Way 13100 Ginger Root; 1.1 gram Ginger Root per serving; Non-GMO Project Verified; TRU-ID Certified; Gluten-Free; Vegetarian; 100 Capsules

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5.0 - Follow the directions on the label
A friend at water aerobics recommended that I take ginger for inflammation. I have Osteoarthritis. I'm taking it with 8 ounces of water as recommended on the label, but I also take it with food because I have GERD. I had looked locally at pharmacies and couldn't find any Ginger supplements. I am so glad I was able to find this Ginger supplement at Amazon!
5.0 - Actually Works Against my Chronic Heartburn/GERD!!!
I'm 29 years old and have been suffering from heartburn/GERD since I was 16, yikes I know. I started with Tums then progressed to 300 mg of Ranitidine every night. The Ranitidine no doubt worked but being on it for well over 5 years just can't be all that good for you.
5.0 - old school ginger - it works
I have severe GERD and still have symptoms (although not pain) even taking prescribed Rx meds.
5.0 - Great alternative to Protein Pump Inhibitors (PPI)?
I had bouts of stomach aches lasting for months which extensive tests could not diagnose. My doctor thought it was GERD and prescribed a PPI, which I took for a few weeks. The PPI didn't help and, after reading about PPI side effects, I stopped the drug after a few weeks. The reaction to the PPI (excessive acid production) tooks months to alleviate during which time I started taking these ginger root capsules and probiotics. The stomach aches ceased. It took about 6 months to get over the PPI side effects. Now when I feel any stomach discomfort, I take the ginger root and probiotics and eat yoghurt.
4.0 - Four Stars
Taking product daily. No more ocassional gerd
5.0 - Excellent for nausea
This stuff is amazing. I have never had much luck eating plain ginger or ginger flavored foods, probably because you have to eat so much of it to get a healing effect! I have terrible stomach problems, IBS, GERD, frequent nausea, etc. I bought this after reading the rave reviews. Unfortunately, I haven't found it to help my IBS or my acid reflux disease. BUT, it is amazing for nausea. I took it when I was on antibiotics that tore up my stomach, and it helped tremendously. Within 10 minutes, give or take, I felt so much better. And now, I take it every time I feel moderately nauseous. I am happy to report it works virtually every time. This stuff is so cheap, it's worth a try. And I'm not a doctor, but I am fairly certain this is an extremely safe supplement. If you are worried about it though, look up contraindications such as other drugs that may interact with it, conditions you have, etc. Give it a try, I'm pretty sure you won't be sorry!
5.0 - and this s*** is the best!
i have gerd and acid reflux, very severe, and this s*** is the best!
4.0 - Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
I bought this product for nausea associated with GERD. I've taken it in combination with Zantac and Gaviscon and sometimes it does help ease the nausea. Other times it does not. I've only taken about 20 to 30 capsules total but overall it seems like it does have some effect on the nausea. It may or may not work for you but for the price it's worth a shot.
5.0 - Fantastic for heartburn
If you have GERD or chronic heartburn, take ginger. Don't waste your money on expensive prescriptions. This stuff works even better.

9. DGL Licorice 380mg 200 Capsules - Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root Extract - Nutrissence

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5.0 - They work amazing for me, contains geletain, research before buying for you.
They definitely help. I was surprised. I bought these because I was buying new products to replace my Omeprozole for GERD, I also have IBS-D, gastritis, esophagitis and duodenitis. So I have quite the digestive ruckus to work with. The first time I used it, I didn't notice anything. However, the 2nd time! I had heartburn bad; I took one and within 20 minutes or less, gone. I was amazed. I take it before meals, particularly containing onion, garlic and acids and it has helped tremendously. I guess there are some health warnings for those with blood pressure issues I think I read, heed to those. Always research anything before buying to make sure it's a good fit for all your conditions and if you take any meds.
5.0 - Five Stars
Worked for me No more Gerd
5.0 - A must-have for stomach problems - do your own research!
I developed an apparent stomach ulcer. The gastroenterologist gave me a prescription for one of those drugs that suppresses stomach acid. I don;t like taking prescription meds with all their side effects and I had read that once you start taking these meds it helps as long as you continue taking it; as soon as you stop, the problem comes back. So I did my research and discovered that the problem is older people secrete less acid. A person needs sufficient acid in their stomach to signal the valve between the stomach and esophagus to close. If the valve doesn't get the signal because the acid is too weak, it will not close and the result is heartburn and GERD. Also, ulcers are not caused by too much acid or young people would have ulcers instead of older people who have decreased acid. The problem is that the protective lining of the stomach has eroded, allowing the acid to make the ulcer. So the remedy is NOT to reduce the acid with prescription drugs (a great Big Pharma money-maker that will keep you buying for life), but to treat the stomach lining and give it a chance to heal. So I developed my plan of self-treatment and it has worked for me. This product is one of the supplements/herbs that I have been taking and it has been very soothing. I am now back to normal, about 4-6 weeks later. I am a registered nurse and love it when I can cure myself without prescriptions!
5.0 - It really works!!
I have suffered from the symptoms of chronic gastritis for the past 9 months. Medication wasn't alleviating the problem. After doing a search on the web for a more natural approach to curing the symptoms, I purchased the DGL licorice. I have been taking it half an hour before meals in combination with Zinc Carnosine for the past 3 weeks. I am happy to report that I have been almost completely symptom free. There have been a couple of relapses when I ate foods that were not part of the GERD diet (ie. Red sauces or spicy foods). I plan to continue the DGL licorice for a full 2 months to heal my stomach lining. I was sceptical to begin with, but the fact is, I am sooooo much better since starting the DGL licorice.
5.0 - My doctor advised me to order this supplement to wean ...
My doctor advised me to order this supplement to wean myself off Nexium since it breaks down the bone density in women. Now I am off all GERD prescriptions.
5.0 - Good product.
Possible effective for Gerd.

10. George's Aloe Vera Supplement, 64 Fluid Ounce

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5.0 - Use every day in smoothy.
My girl friend turned me on to this and I love it! Have it every day in healthy smoothy. Has speeded up healing of cuts, helped with my GERD, and my skin feels great. This is a great price, and I always buy the large quantity because I can't find it locally. Great product!!
5.0 - Tastes like water but works wonders!
Great for GERD and acid reflux!
5.0 - Helps with GERD
Great product! Really helps with GERD as I am on Chemo and it cost half the price of what the local health food store charges. Highly recommend it.
5.0 - I love it!
I love this stuff! I really didn’t believe the other reviews that mentioned it didn’t have any funny taste, but it truly does taste like water. It’s helped reduced my GERD and other stomach ailments. I’ve noticed it has also seems to have helped dry skin and mild psoriasis patches. Definitely a product I’ll continue to use.
4.0 - So far, so good
So far, so good. I have had constant acid reflux/GERD for over 15 years and I've taken Prilosec almost that entire time. I tried a few others in between for a few months at a time intermittently, but Prilosec seems to be the only one that works for me and at this point, I'm taking 40mg per day. I'm very concerned about how this is affecting my magnesium, calcium, and my bones in general. I want to stop taking it.
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