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4. Drinkwel for Nutrient Replenishment & Liver Support (4 To-Go Packets with Organic Milk Thistle, N-acetyl Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and DHM)

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5.0 - Works much better than I expected it would
This product is remarkable, the only effect of a hangover it did not completely remove is the headache, which was still reduced to almost nothing, easily fixed with asprin. Follow the directions, you wont be sorry.
5.0 - Great for no hangover.
I bought these for a Vegas trip, and they helped me a ton. I was the only person who wasn't stuck in bed all morning with a hangover. I will definitley buy again.
5.0 - No Hangover= Amazing
These vitamins... when taken correctly, are freaking amazing. I just had my bachelorette party and made all of the ladies take 3 before we went out, and 3 when we got back each night... 8+ drinks each and several shots later, we all woke up with no hangovers. We are all in our late 20's, early 30's so hangovers are usually much worse than they were in college.
5.0 - Most effective hangover treatment I've found yet
I don't write reviews but I felt compelled to after multiple good results from taking this product! I've used it about 10 times now, when I drink heavily. I'm able to function better in the morning without nausea and am able to get back to feeling normal again faster. It's not a cure for hangovers, but that's not what they are advertising either. It helps you deal with the next day after effects, and does it well! I plan to keep taking this!
5.0 - Don't let hangovers stop you from having fun.
I have always enjoyed partying since college days. But i started to get hangovers after a certain age and for last few years they been really terrible. I have tried so many things to prevent them; some worked some didn't. Finally after many permutations and combinations I present you this stacked approach.
5.0 - Would Recommend to Anyone
This is a great product! I have used it and ordered the 90 count bottle after testing it out. This has greatly diminished my hangovers the morning after as I used to be one of those people who could barely get out of bed after a big night. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an aid to their hangover. I also take it with their other product "Lyteshow" and that seems to help quite a bit as well.
5.0 - It really works
I was very skeptical at first, but I have only had one hangover in the past 4 months since starting to use the product, and that's because I was traveling and forgot to pack Drinkwel. Never again. Great product
5.0 - Five Stars
I was very skeptical until I tried them, Definitely reduced my hangover recovery time. Big Fan
4.0 - 8/10 on an effectiveness scale
This is not the be-all end-all remedy. I would say it successfully negates 70-80% of the symptoms, but it definitely depends on how much you are drinking. I brought these to my bachelor party. Fairly effective. It replaces the hangover with a different sensation that isn't fully natural. You can tell its actively blocking the effects of a long night of drinking. However, if you hydrate well throughout the evening, pop these when prescribed, and drink an extra liter of water you will DEFINITELY feel much better the next morning than the typical breakfast sandwich + ibrofen + water combo.
5.0 - They seem to work! Kind of crazy that you ...
They seem to work! Kind of crazy that you have to use three for one night of drinking, but it beats the hell out of a hangover.
5.0 - It works!
Not a cure, but works better than nothing. It mitigates the effect of hangovers a little. Can't hurt to try. Good customer service and fast shipping.
5.0 - I may be groggy sometimes but not the brutal hangover like I had in the past
Definitely helps my hangovers. I may be groggy sometimes but not the brutal hangover like I had in the past. Bought a 10-pack first and then bought a full bottle recently.
4.0 - A dull headache is better than a full hangover
Take the edge off the morning headache, but I prefer after party pals.
5.0 - and I was able to have a good time without a nasty hangover
I used this for Vegas the second time in a row, and I was able to have a good time without a nasty hangover.
4.0 - Works as advertised
Just played in a bar sponsored golf tournament. Started drinking at 7:30am and took 3 capsules. Drank beers all day mixing in a shot here and there. Took 3 more midday and kept up the party until around 9pm. Took 3 more before bed, and woke up the next day feeling pretty good considering the bacchanalian the day before. I've used this many times before, and will continue to. Like anything else, not a cure all, still was tired but didn't have any hangover. Make sure to drink some water as well, you need that to keep from getting dehydrated.
5.0 - Say Good By To hangovers
Drinkwel for hangovers is the best product for drinking to much. I have told lot of friends about it. Order today an say good by to hangovers.
5.0 - My hangovers are nowhere near as bad when I consume drinkwel tablets before and after a ...
This product works. My hangovers are nowhere near as bad when I consume drinkwel tablets before and after a night of drinking.
5.0 - Miracle Workers
I bought these to add to gift boxes as wedding presents for my bridesmaids. I was a little skeptical on how well they would work but I thought it was a cool novelty item to add to the box so I bought a few packs anyways. One of my bridesmaids decided it would be a good idea to go out bar hopping the night before the wedding and didn't get home until 3 am. Needless to say, she was in pretty rough shape when she showed up to the salon at 9 am the next morning! The directions on the package say to take some the night before but she was desperate so she took them that morning with some Gatorade. Within a couple hours she was feeling better and she felt great the rest of the day and late into the night (and she is known for not being able to party 2 days in a row - normally she will be down for the count the next day). Her exact words were "these are miracle workers". Looking forward to trying these out myself the next time I need help with a hangover!
5.0 - A Holiday Must Have
Can't promote this stuff enough. It flat out works.The To-Go packs are great for traveling or handing out to your fellow holiday party goers!Just be prepared the next day when they want to know where they can buy some for themselves.I've tried other hangover helpers and Drinkwel is by far the best.My friends and I have been using it for years now and would be lost without it!
5.0 - Five Stars
I absolutely love this product!!!! Literally no hangovers at all! Will definitely buy more.
5.0 - This was absolutely a lifesaver during our cruise. I ...
This was absolutely a lifesaver during our cruise. I am a small person, mother of three, and a health-care provider that lives on call much of the time. This translates into hardly ever being able to drink, meaning when I do, the hangovers are unbearable. As soon as I saw our cruise came with the ultimate beverage package, I purchased drinkwel. Never a hangover that wasn't quickly handled with this in hand. I understand Vitamin B is essential for replenishing after a night of drinking, but this does SO MUCH MORE than my regular B-complex and multi-vitamins. Totally worth the money. If you have hangovers, or are over thirty and plan to drink again, this is for you.
4.0 - I think it actually works!
Got these for a bachelorette party and i think it actually helped our hangovers?! NONE of us had a hangover when we all thought we would for sure! the only thing is that these taste disgustingggg and is tough to swallow because of that. what is worse is that you have to take 3 of them. they are large and just are gross tasting. we also noticed the next day that our pee were abnormally very bright yelllow. must be from all the vitamins/nutrients that are in the drinkwel. throughout the day it went back to normal it was just alarming at first! i would take these again to help, if they were able to fix the taste! put some sugar on the tablet or soemthing!
5.0 - I can drink pretty heavily and take this and still function the next ...
I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of my awful hangovers. This has been the ONLY stuff that actually either completely rids me of my hangover, or makes it nearly gone. I can drink pretty heavily and take this and still function the next day now. This stuff works wonders!!!!
5.0 - You really can have it all
I've been told it's not worth the hangover to drink in the amounts that I do, well what would you say if I told you you could party like a rockstar and wake up the next morning with no hangover at all?
4.0 - If you are going on a bender this will help
Definitely will not prevent a hangover and wont really aid with the symptoms (help you feel hydrated or get rid of headaches). I think they help manage damage control and ease some of the stress on your liver. Will be heading to a biker rally in may and will give them another go and see what happens.
5.0 - Five Stars
I love this product I get really bad hangovers but using drinkwel helps alot
4.0 - Great!!
I recommend this to everyone. Every time I am having some drinks I drink this and the next day I feel good, no hangover/
5.0 - Allows hanging out without a hangover
This stuff actually works. I bought it, after I Read several reviews, for a music festival that lasted 3 days where I knew we would be drinking the whole weekend. I was desperate to find anything to help me sustain the entire weekend. Drinkwel is compiled of different vitamins that help replenish the vitamins you loose when you drink and also supports liver function. Since using drinkwel, I am able to have a good time without dreading a hangover the next day. I highly recommend this product.
5.0 - Definitely help with hangovers!!!
I love these things... Definitely help with my hangovers. I take a dose with a full bottle of water right before I go to bed, and wake up feeling much better than normal after a night out drinking. Sometimes I also take some right when I start drinking too... I've convinced my family and friends as well, they're all believers now!
5.0 - I love this product
I love this product! I took it exactly as directed on the nights I knew I would be drinking. I'm the type who gets hangovers anytime I drink even if i only have two or three. I took it with food and before i went to bed and woke up feeling getting great! I couldn't believe it. I highly recommend it!
4.0 - Would recommend this for purchase
I've only taken this once and it helped with the hangover - for the most part. Would recommend this for purchase.
5.0 - Good Product
I bought these for a festival I was attending since I knew I would be drinking more than usual. I took it as recommended on the package. I drank beer and liquor most of the day and was sure I was going to wake up with the worst hangover. I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up. Although I still felt a little tired and dehydrated I knew that if I had not taken these I would have been crawling out of bed regretting my very existence hahaha. My partner took some as well and she said she also felt as if they helped her out because she was ready to get out of bed and go hiking hahaha. Although these aren't a magic pill that will allow you to drink a gallon of no-brand vodka chased with a 12 pack of Pabst without a hangover, they will definitely give you a little help with a somewhat heavy night of drinking or bar hopping. Either way, be safe when drinking and don't over do it. These would be great for a Thursday night happy hour with co-workers so you don't​ feel like the walking dead the next day at work hahaha.
5.0 - Why risk not taking it?
Who knows if it really works, but I love this product -- and it really does seem to temper hangovers. Make sure to take it in advance too.
4.0 - I used this product during a visit to Vegas, ...
I used this product during a visit to Vegas, after previously having lost an entire day to a hangover there. After using this, I wasn't completely out of commission for the whole day afterwards, so I plan on using it again for other equally crazy trips.
5.0 - Life Saver
This is a life changer!! I usually get ready bad hangovers due to my stomach issues and this helps it not happen at all... After a night of drinking I would take 2 tabs with water and wake up brand new!!! Its a must have.
5.0 - The best!!!
love these!!!! Before I started taking them I felt so dehydrated and spacey the day after having a few drinks. Hangovers be gone!!!!!
5.0 - It works
As long as you follow the directions, this will save you the morning after. It won't make you immune to a hangover but will greatly reduce the effects so you can recover much faster and go about your day. I've recommended this to everyone I know and they live by it!
5.0 - Just Take It
Worked beautifully. I rarely drink these days, maybe 2-3 drinks a month and that is on a good month. However special occasions come up and I want to let loose and relax. Sadly not as young as I used to be so hangovers SUCK !!! I've tried other products similar to this and they worked, maybe I had high expectations. Well this one showed that not all products are created equally. This is my go to. Milk Thistle & N-acetyl Cysteine are both proven to help protect your liver and filter toxins from your body.
4.0 - BUT this is pretty darn good
Can anything prevent or cure a hangover? No, not yet...BUT this is pretty darn good. I combine this with pedilyte or gatorade and can nearly prevent the all encompassing headache, stomach churning effect a good night has on you the next day. Bought these for my sisters bachelorette and we all were able to keep the party going with little hurting the next day.
5.0 - I didn't feel like a million bucks
Took it this past weekend after a girls night out! Took the second pack of vitamins at 2am--bothered my stomach somewhat, but no headache, no nausea!!!! I didn't feel like a million bucks, but I did drink about half a fifth of dark rum and I didn't have a major hangover symptoms either. Will absolutely buy again!
5.0 - The dogs bollocks!
Holy. S***. I cannot believe the difference these made to my hangover. I normally can't function properly the next morning for about 3 hours, however after trying these, the next day I felt great. I bought a full box of them this week in anticipation of my summer beering.
5.0 - There when you need it most!
I woke up this morning feeling great. I've started to see a lot of "hangover" pills on the market; however, Drinkwel is definitely my favorite. I give them to my friends. I wake up feeling good and don't have to waste a day being hungover. Just make sure you take them before bed and before drinking!
5.0 - Why I Bought These
Two things. Did it work, and why did I buy it? First, I took this to Vegas with me after not drinking for 3 months. I got WASTED day-drinking by the pool the first day there. BUT...because I took my Drinkwels, I didn't have any kind of hangover at all. Even after vomiting from having such a low tolerance. In fact, I felt pretty good the next day.
5.0 - $40 for 30 hangover-free mornings is just about the best deal I know
I've had an unbelievable string of consecutive non-hungover mornings as a result of Drinkwel. $40 for 30 hangover-free mornings is just about the best deal I know.
5.0 - I should be their spokesperson!!!
I love this! I can get a hangover from one drink if I haven't eaten or am even a little dehydrated. I take these as directed and drink water and have NO hangover at all. I wake up like a rockstar! I spent a week in Cabo and brought them with me and used them everyday and didn't have one hangover!
5.0 - I've been using them for any "more than just a few" nights out and feel less nauseous and without any headache which for me are
One of the few products that I've tried that actually works. I've been using them for any "more than just a few" nights out and feel less nauseous and without any headache which for me are the two worst outcomes from a hangover. If it's a really heavy night these typically reduce the hangover to just a little grogginess which I'll take any day. Highly recommend.
5.0 - The Vegas Hangover Cure!
Took a few packets with me to Vegas and they worked like a charm to keep the hangover drags away. Just popped a packet with dinner and partied away without a care.
5.0 - Five Stars
Works incredible well- one package a day (night) will keep the hangover away.
5.0 - Works great to prevent hangovers
I have tried various hangover remedies but Drinkwel is the first one to deliver. I used these on St. Patrick's day which involved multiple shots and drinks and woke up the next day feeling great. I have recommend these pills to all my friends and they've worked great for them as well.
5.0 - It works within reason
It works within reason (depending on how you drink, nothing may save you). However, for the weekend warrior it absolutely works, just be sure to drink plenty of water, especially before you sleep. Pair with the Lyte Show Rapid Rehydration... great for hiking, sports, and not just hangovers. Definitely an adult Pedialyte. Expensive yes, but you know you'd spend all kinds of money once you're hungover to get rid of that feeling.
5.0 - I enjoy red wine
I enjoy red wine, quite a bit and my tolerance is pretty low, so even three glasses can leave me with a horrible hangover. I've tried several so-called hangover remedies and they've all failed miserably. I decided to give this one a try and it works! I recently ordered a full bottle and I've been taking 2 pills before drinking and one after, not what the instructions advise you to do, but it's been working wonders for me.
5.0 - it did the trick!
Four days of drinking and no hangover. Pretty good for someone that rarely drinks.
5.0 - Great Product
For my sister's bachelorette I did ALOT of research on the best products for hangovers. I wanted something that would work, and I had to buy enough for 18 girls so I wanted to make sure they were worth the money. We always used party smart previously, and I found they would work about 50% of the time. After reading reviews, I purchased this product for the first time, and I'm so glad I did. Not only did we not have the hangover symptoms, we had energy, even after 4 hours of sleep. We were in Vegas for 4 days and drank all day and night. These pills were life savers. Sometimes we would take them as instructed, sometimes we would just take before bed, and they still worked like a charm. So glad I found this product. Warning though, your urine will be neon, haha.
5.0 - Believe the hype
This stuff works! I love that you can take them after a night of drinking..maybe I am delusional but the pre-drinking vitamins wouldn't work for me as I never plan to get drunk. I go out thinking I'll take it easy, but oops! So I take a pack as I'm stumbling in after a hard night out with a glass of water and wake up able to function. Even in college I was prone to debilitating hangovers and now even though I'm a decade older I tolerate them better because of my Drinkwel companion.
5.0 - Best hangover preventative EVER!
This is my go to recovery product to avoid hangovers. You can drink all the water you want, try other products, but nothing compares to Drinkwel. It's convenient and easy to take! Perfect for festivals and vacations!
4.0 - Worked better than other hangover remedies I've tried in the past
Worked better than other hangover remedies I've tried in the past. Not perfect but better than others I've tried. Actually ordered it again.
5.0 - Hangover preventative insurance
Can these magic pills save you from ruining an entire day from a night of drinking? Possibly. Will they help your liver recover from long term alcohol abuse from your days in college? I don't know, I'm not a doctor and you shouldn't be searching Amazon or WebMD for those products. What this will do and I can attest to since I've taken these pills, is that they work. I'm a 28 year former frat boy whose body and liver no longer has the resiliency it had even 5 years ago. Mainly because I don't drink as often. The last couple years the severity of my hangovers have increased even with less alcohol consumption. These pills will alleviate and prevent the hangovers that once took up half your weekend due to recovery. Follow the directions, maybe even experiment cutting the dosage and what you will have is insurance so you won't feel lame for being the guy who can't handle his liquor anymore.
4.0 - Definitely makes a huge difference as long as you take ...
Definitely makes a huge difference as long as you take it before you fall asleep. But I was also able to achieve the same decrease in hangover by simply taking a multivitamin (One-A-Day) before going to sleep. So this product definitely works in my opinion, but there are much cheaper alternatives...
4.0 - Post blackout review
I really tested this product, going full blackout on a recent night out. I can honestly say that the vitamins "helped" but by no means cured a wicked hangover. Keep your expectations in check here, Hangover free? Doubt it. Better morning? Oh yea.
5.0 - Hangover gone
Awesome product, I feel great the next day and feel good as new. Company is great as well
5.0 - This deserves 10 stars out of five
I've tried plenty of Hangover remedies, and the only ones I have found are being under 25 and these pills. Drinkwel keeps you hydrated and feeling great the next day.
5.0 - Get some before your next party!!
This an AMAZING product created by an AMAZING company. This is one of the best hangover products I have ever tried. I love that you only have to take 2 doses instead of remembering to take multiple doses while out partying. I've used this on many occasions (New Years, girls nights, happy hours) and have always thanked myself in the morning! Thank you drinkwel for a FABULOUS product!!
4.0 - It Does Work
It works! Even when I don't sleep well after a night of partying I still don't have that nasty hangover feeling. Just a little tired
5.0 - Easy travelin' size for healthy drunks.
I got a free sample of this, took it before and after a night that involved a lot of very, very high alcohol beers, and I felt better in the morning than I had any right to. It's not a magic bullet hangover cure/preventative, but if you should be taking vitamins anyway and you're a drinker, hey, might as well have something targeted to your boozey self, right? I should also note that this is the first multivitamin I've ever taken that doesn't make me nauseated if I take it on an empty stomach -- though the label does recommend you take it with food and water. Pretty important factor when taking something that surrounds alcohol consumption!
5.0 - Hangovers are finally over!
My wife has been searching for a hang over cure for a while now. I am a bartender and figured I knew all the tricks and we tried them all, only drink a particular spirit, only drinking wine, not eating rich foods, ginger ale, sprite, gatorade, water, more water, even more water! and while some of these things seemed to help they really never solved the issue, a hang over that makes it impossible to operate then next day.
5.0 - No More hangovers
Great Product! No headache or hang over the day after drinking..
5.0 - This stuff works great I had zero hangover effects and when I haven't ...
If you haven't tried this stuff GET SOME! I used this a few times and we all know that feeling after a hard night.. This stuff works great I had zero hangover effects and when I haven't taken this I was miserable. Give this stuff a shot hopefully it does the same for you too.
5.0 - I have fallen in love with it ever since
First tried this in a "Hangover Package" some friends got me for our trip to Vegas. I have fallen in love with it ever since. I take it before I have a heavy night of drinking ahead of me and I never wake up with a hangover nor do I feel dehydrated.
5.0 - Lifesaver
Drinkwel is a lifesaver. I've been taking plain milk thistle to curb hangovers, because the older I get, the harder they are to bounce back from. However, drinkwel seems to do the trick and some! Taking my bottle to Vegas with me next month.
5.0 - Worked for me, not the wife
I get terrible hangovers even when I don't drink all that much. My wife and I decided to try Drinkwel when we had a wedding to go to. I'll say that she didn't think it did much, but I was very pleased with the results. I woke up the next day feeling like I hadn't had a drink. I've since purchased it on one more occasion and it worked just as well. On both occasions, I drank the equivalent of 6-8 drinks.I wasn't sloppy drunk either time, but I'd had enough that I should have had some kind of hangover. I suspect it will affect people differently, but it definitely worked for me. I'm only basing this review on my experience and not my wife's.
5.0 - This really works. The next morning I only had ...
This really works. The next morning I only had a small headache if that. Drink lots of water and not only will you not have a hangover, the stuff cleans out your colon too!
5.0 - Five Stars
great to help against a hangover!
5.0 - Don't party without it!
This stuff works, it just does. Take it as directed and your hangovers will be a thing of the past - or if you REALLY overindulge they will be much more manageable. I was a skeptic but I am a believer now.
5.0 - Don't go to Vegas without it! Excellent stuff.
I'm not 21 anymore so sometimes I need a little something extra to prevent a hangover the next morning. Drinkwel really does what it says. I take a couple before I go out and a couple more right before bed and it works like magic. Will be buying again!!
5.0 - So happy I found this
This stuff is amazing. If you're prone to hangovers even after minimal drinking, this is for you. Make sure to continue drinking plenty of water before and after taking DrinkWel, but it works like a charm.
5.0 - Shaves your hangovers in half
Amazing stuff! I used to have hangovers that lasted days. In my younger days they only lasted 12 hrs now in my 30s its days. I tried these and it takes like 50% of the edge off if not more. You must try!
5.0 - What hangover?!
Works wonders, I usually take the first 3 at the beginning of the night with my first drink or so, and then stagger 3 more pills at the end of the night every hour. Also helps me to remember to drink water or whatever with it, so that probably helps too. An absolute must of those long fun nights out or Vegas trips : )
4.0 - Horse sized pill but still great
This are seriously effective in fighting off the awful hangover symptoms from partaking in a few too many cocktails. I don’t think it completely fought them off but I felt so much better than I imagined I would after a fun night. I would even insider taking these as a daily vitamin, however they are on the pricey side. You take these before and after drinking so you have to be committed. The pill itself is large so if you have trouble swallowing (like I do) you may consider a different product. The only reason I’m giving 4 stars is because of the pill size and the flavor I burped up for the hour following taking these.
5.0 - I would definitlely recommend you give it a try and see for yourself
I am liking this product. It doesn’t eliminate the headaches for me but it takes away all the other symptoms of a hangover. I would definitlely recommend you give it a try and see for yourself.
5.0 - Hangover helper
This little packet of pills really helps replenish from the aftermath of a night of too much fun drinking. I would recommend keeping some on hand especially if you're a drinker.
5.0 - I won't drink without it!
This supplement is amazing and totally works!! I have always been the girl who could drink more than anyone else and never had a hang over the next morning. Until about 32. I started getting horrible hangovers, with headaches, nausea, puking, and generally feeling awful the next day. If I drank too much one night, the next day I would be out of commission for the entire day, totally useless.
5.0 - Oh drinkwel, where were you all my life?!
I've tried EVERY hangover cure out there, but along with trying and being disappointed, I grew older and the hangovers became worse and more frequent :( Until drinkwel came along; not sure what's in it, but if I had to guess it's a group of tiny happy elves who run around my body while I'm asleep and squeak it clean it from alcohol. Thank you, elves!
4.0 - but better than a full blown hangover
Had more energy in the morning, still felt slightly off, but better than a full blown hangover.
5.0 - if I can be a good girl and take 3 BEFORE I start drinking it's ...
I refuse to drink without my Drinkwel! My hangovers are baaaaaaad. Being a parent and in my 30's and living at high altitude, drinking more than two drinks usually ruins my next day (if not the day after that, too). Drinkwel gives me my day back! I usually only remember to take the 3 at bedtime and then 3 in the morning. But, if I can be a good girl and take 3 BEFORE I start drinking it's like I never had a sip. Don't forget the LyteShow electrolyte supplement. I put it in my water the day after and it really amps up my hydration without a bunch of useless, harmful additives. Living in the mountains, I also carry LyteShow with me for everyday hydration and on excursions like hiking, biking, running, etc. LOVE YOU, DRINKWEL!
4.0 - Love this stuff!
As a beer drinker, I usually get bad hangovers - but since I have been introduced to this, my hangovers haven't been nearly as bad as they used to be.
5.0 - I took it second night (usually I'd be hurting bad bc I don't drink too often
This works very well ! I was out of town for a long holiday weekend night one if drinking I took it slept very late next day but no hangover slight headache... I took it second night (usually I'd be hurting bad bc I don't drink too often.. usually always have bad hangovers) I woke up after second night of hangover with ZERO hangover so it seemed to work better second day ?! Very happy with this will keep using 😊😍👍
5.0 - I was skeptical at first hearing about this product but ...
I was skeptical at first hearing about this product but after using it, I will not drink without it again - I can now battle my hangover without having to sacrifice my night or worry about how I am going to feel in the morning. Thank you, Drinkwel.
5.0 - Amazing product. Took 3 capsules after a long pub ...
Amazing product. Took 3 capsules after a long pub crawl and woke up feeling like a million dollars. I was shocked as I get hangovers very easily. Buying more now!!
5.0 - Crucial Party Supply
These seriously work like a miracle. I am the kind of person who can stay out all night long partying, but definitely pay the price being a bit nauseous the next day or two depending how much I mixed drinks. Every time I've taken Drinkwel before I fall asleep, I've woken up feeling just fine. You'll still be tired of course if you stay up late(its not a sleep replacement), but there's no doubt it definitely helps me to avoid the nausea and typical "hangover haze". I always make sure I bring a few packs for my friends and I when I know there will be hours of drinking going on... example Vegas :) major key
5.0 - take this along with LyteShow.. recently attended a ...
take this along with LyteShow.. recently attended a bachelor party (thursday-sunday of binge drinking).. took these along with the liquid electrolytes and while other people struggled each morning, I was simply tired with no hangover symptoms.
4.0 - Works well
This product works, and works well. I occasionally go out and drink with friends, and everytime i have taken drinkwel, I awoke the next morning feeling normal. It really does help prevent hangovers, and I highly recommend it.
5.0 - As Good As Advertised
Helps eliminate some of the headache and feebleness of the day after drinking. Definitely helps stay fresh on day two or three of an especially heavy long weekend. I find that it also helps to eliminate the typically "second" hangover (Monday morning fogginess...) especially well.
5.0 - I can honestly say I wake up and it feels like I haven't had a sip of alcohol
I used to get intense hangovers. I couldn't get out of bed the next day. However after using the Drinkwel tablets, I can honestly say I wake up and it feels like I haven't had a sip of alcohol. I also really enjoyed the electrolyte complex. It does have an unappealing taste, but it's better than a hangover!
5.0 - This stuff works.
I have always been a big proponent of taking extra multivitamins to help prevent hangovers, and drinkwel really is just that but specifically tailored for that purpose. I have been using drinkwel for about 2 years and have definitely had times when I know I should've had a hangover but actually woke up feeling good. We actually gave out the little packets at our wedding (and put them in the bridal party gift bags), and we had lots of people express similar sentiments (e.g. "I don't know where you got that stuff, but it's amazing!"). So after personally conducting lots of tests in the field, so to speak, I'm definitely a fan.
4.0 - I was at the point where only 4 or 5 drinks would give me such terrible hangovers I was unable to move at all the ...
I wish it was more affordable, but I do think this helps me. I was at the point where only 4 or 5 drinks would give me such terrible hangovers I was unable to move at all the next day and sometimes would be violently ill- just from a few drinks! So these make a huge difference. The hangover is still there, but my headache is much less, I can still function and haven't gotten sick. Definitely will purchase again but only for the big events as this is $$$.
5.0 - Seems to work well for me. Even after a ...
Seems to work well for me. Even after a "heavy" night of drinking, I still experience a hangover but the symptoms are much less severe I feel with drinkwel.
5.0 - Excellent
This is an initial review, since I just recently started using the product. I suffer of terrible hang overs. Even with I few beers, I got them. I decided to buy this product to go to a wedding three hours from my home. I planned to stay the night after the wedding but I was dreading the drive back home with a hangover. I went to the wedding and took 3 pills after my friends dropped me at the hotel. I drank like 6 beers plus one shot that night. The next morning I had a hang over, but very mild and I was functional and able to drive back home. And I have to add that I only took half the dosage, one has to drink 3 pills before drinking and 3 after drinking. Next time I’ll do that. .
5.0 - I love this product
I love this product! I always use to have hangovers that lasted 2 days and now I don't. I do feel a bit more tired the next day but that's great for drinking as much as I do! Party on!
5.0 - Say no more to Hangovers!!!!
Having been and still is an occasional binge drinker, I really needed something to help with the headaches and hangover symptoms the morning after. My body simply doesn't recover fast enough like when I was in my 20s I already knew the benefits of milk thistle when it comes to cleaning out poison like alcohol from your liver but I needed something stronger and I'm glad I found Drinkwel. It has milk thistle and numerous other key ingredients that help your liver process alcohol not found in other hangover relief like resqwater or blowfish.
4.0 - Helped symptoms of hangover
This product seemed to work well during a trip I had to Vegas. I took them as direct before and after a night of partying (although it was VERY hard to remember to take them after). After passing out and waking up the next afternoon, Drinkwel seemed to curb the nausea created from hangovers. I was still feeling tired and out of sorts, but after a night of heavy drinking I would normally be in a world of hurt. This product seemed to help some of the side effects of being hung over. I would recommend everyone to give it a try if you know you're going to be heavily drinking.
5.0 - Helps Stave Off Wine Headaches
I love this product. I received some sample packs of Drinkwel at a conference a few years ago and was really impressed by how effective they were in helping stave off the dreaded hangover. I consider myself a social drinker, but I favor wine and am prone to the miserable wine headache after an evening of wine. Since my initial trial of these vitamins, I have ordered them (both the 90 capsule bottle and the to-go packs) and shared with friends on nights out and over girls' weekends. They really make a difference in how I feel the day after. And, Drinkwel's customer service is absolutely excellent!
All i can say here is that this product has legitimately SAVED MY LIFE! Hangovers had become a VERY real and debilitating part of my 20's, but Drinkwel has saved my job and my physical and mental health on many occasions. The B vitamins make you wake up feeling energized and wonderful. Just make sure you drink enough water, because the dehydration can still be very real. Although, after a nalgene full of water I feel perfectly normal - even on little sleep! I can literally say nothing negative about this product. I have shared it with all of my friends at some point or another and even the lucky random stranger at the bar when I'm feeling generous haha.
4.0 - This product is great! Anytime I know that I am going to ...
This product is great! Anytime I know that I am going to have a few drinks I take it as directed and it leaves me feeling completely normal in the morning. No hangover and I get a slight increase in energy. Of course if you stay up too late you will still be tired but Drinkwel makes it so much better. I recommend it to everyone and even ordered some to pass out at an Annual holiday party I throw. Once you are out of your early 20's you don't have time for hangovers and this makes your day following a social event much more productive!
5.0 - This stuff absolutely works...
Like many others I first tried Drinkwel during a trip to Vegas. I was skeptical but figured it was worth a shot. To my surprise my fiance and I made it through the whole trip without a single hangover. Now I keep a bottle on hand for weddings and functions that I know will involve alcohol. Definitely glad I have it a try!
5.0 - Five Stars
Awesome product!! It has saved me several times from that dreaded hangover!
5.0 - I used to have 2 day hangovers untill I found this!!!! Life saver!
I never believed any hangover pill would work. I used to have 2 day hangovers , shaky, vomiting, throbbing headaches. Now I wake up fine no headaches which was the worst for me. I may still be a little shaky for about an hour or two after I wake but then I am able to go on about my day like I hadn't drank the night before. also the week I took these on three different occasions both of my children and husband were strep +, and had colds I'm not sure if drinkwel is the reason I didn't get sick but I definitely think it played a part in helping my immune system Probably all the vitamins. I have told everyone I know about this product its well worth the money!!!
5.0 - Works wonders, Bachelorette party tested and approved!
I came across this little gem of a product looking for ideas to fill hangover bags for a bachelorette party and I'm so glad I did. I would say I am a seasoned drinker and, time to time, play a little harder than the body would like. I have tired everything to help curb the hangovers on those times that the night gets a little carried away or simply have to be up early the next morning with little luck in doing so. When giving this product a shot I wasn't expecting anything major more just something fun and an added bonus if it helped at all. Let me tell you what a happy surprise it was the morning following the bachelorette party. The party was one of those 5-2am kind of things with lots of fun, I had plans for first thing the next morning, crossed my fingers it wasn't going to hurt too much and off I went, Drinkwel in hand. 1 packet with dinner and water and 1 more with water when I finished drinking for the night,. Next morning I was up and functioning, it was a miracle! I was sore and tired but I was not sick, no unbearable headache, no super sour stomach (a very common issue for me) very excited about this I could not wait to try it out again for the wedding and see how the other girls did. Again for the wedding I used the product and again I had to be up in the morning. Down the hatch and away the night went till the early morning and again I woke up feeling pretty great! Tested and found true to their word, this product helps, its not a cure but it takes a big bite out of the nasty post drinking mornings. I am adding it to my vacation/travel/holiday preparations and can't speak highly enough to encourage those who want to take preventive action when drinking.
5.0 - miracle pills!
According to my wife, these pills are a game changer. She's the type that would be hungover no matter how many drinks she's had. And her hangovers were ridiculous. She swears by these pills, will not drink without them, and has turned majority of her friends onto them. Great buy!
5.0 - Best!
Love this product! Take according to directions and your hangover will be avoided! I also use the liquid "Lyteshow" and like these pills better just because Lyteshow tastes like salt water....but for a heavy night, I would use both.
5.0 - Not a gimmick. They work. This is why
I've been using multivitamins as a hangover prevention tool for years. Water and vitamins before bed. The reason it works is a hangover is caused by dehydration and mild malnutrition (loss of vitamins). Pretty much any multivitamin can help you in this regard. You mainly want alot of the B group vitamins (i.e. vitamin B1-B12, Niacin, Riboflavin, Thiamin, etc).
5.0 - I was a little skeptical but decided to give it ...
I was a little skeptical but decided to give it a try and it actually works! I've even taken it after heavy drinking the next day and I'm positive it made my hangover go away in no time. Definitely and must have in you party arsenal!
5.0 - Worked for me!
I purchased this in advance of a Caribbean vacation that I had previously been on with friends, and spent a good portion of the vacation feeling terrible because of hangovers. This time I religiously took the drinkwel each morning and last thing at night. Despite the multiple day drinks and drinks before and after dinner (lots of them!), I woke up each morning feeling pretty good. I also purchased Lyteshow electrolyte drops and added these to my water in the mornings. I enjoyed my vacation so much more this go round and will make sure I always have it on hand for trips or for nights when I may have more than just a couple.
4.0 - They work to reduce a hangover, but if you take them right before bed, it makes it a little hard to sleep unless you are wasted
These work well, but the B12 makes it pretty hard to sleep unless you are extremely hammered.
5.0 - Great product
I decided to try drinkwel on a whim. With expectations low and blood alcohol level high, I took the pills as directed and went to sleep. When I came to, not only did I have zero symptoms of a hangover, but in fact felt like I had hardly had anything to drink the night before. Since then I have placed several orders for this product and will continue to do so. I'm not stating that every single person out there will have the same results that I did, but I would highly recommend trying this product.
5.0 - Drinkwel is a vacation saver!!
This product does wonders if you drink on a regular basis or even if you are going on vacation and will be drinking more frequently than usual. I was just in Sea Isle last week for 4 days, so I purchased the travel pack (which had exactly four convenient packs). I was drinking beers and Mangoritas on the beach during the day and drinking mixed drinks and doing shots of Fireball every night with my friend and I never woke up with a hangover. For the record, I'm 37 years old, so it isn't as easy to bounce back after heavy drinking as it used to be and Drinkwel definitely made a huge difference in recovery time. Prior to going away I had also done a cleanse, so I didn't have any alcohol for three weeks. Ordinarily, I would have had a horrible headache at best after drinking for extended period and mixing beer and alcohol.
5.0 - Works for my horrendous hangovers!
I get nasty, vicious hangovers and this stuff really helped make them not so nasty and vicious. Going to purchase more for an upcoming float trip :)
5.0 - Works for me!
I really like Drinkwel - it definitely takes the edge off a terrible hangover. And as I get older, the worst hangovers seem to get. When I remember to use it (the key here is to remember to take it hah), I feel a whole lot better the next morning (like - I'm not attached to the couch all day and can actually run errands and get other things done). I wouldn't say it gets me to 100% functionality, but I'm at least 85-90% there. And I'm actually able to go out 2 nights in a row. I encourage anyone over the age of 25 to use this!
5.0 - Great Morning After Boost
From my experience, the only thing that truly "cures" a hangover is sleep and water - that being said, I will take any help I can get the morning after and these pills work! They might not get you back to 100%, but they get you back to "functioning" and that's all you need some days. Also, it does help if you take them the night before as well. These pills might not work miracles, but I have absolutely added them to my morning after routine.
5.0 - 10 stars
I bought this product basd on the reviews- AWESOME. This is my very first review, I just had to speak up. I just got back from a 4 day bachelor party, and went hard every single night. This combined with their lyteshow product worked great- tired for sure, but no hangover to speak of. To top it all off, I emailed the company asking for the capacity of the travel flask- not only did they email me back within minutes, they sent me some extra flasks (I travel for a living) and also threw in some free products and travel bags. Can't recommend enough!
5.0 - It worked!
This was my first time trying a hangover remedy. I bought this for a 5-day vacation where I knew I'd be drinking. I used Drinkwel every night, drank LOTS of various alcohol, and only had a very mild hangover a couple times. I am sure without Drinkwel, I would've been hurting much much more.
4.0 - Worth it
This stuff honestly makes a difference for my hangovers. I usually pop 3 right before bed combined with a big glass of water with Lyteshow added. I usually wake up feeling energized and ready to go. It's a bit pricey which is why I only gave it 4 instead of 5 stars but I still think it's worth it. There's probably nothing that will prevent a hangover if you REALLY overdo it. But for those nights where you just have a few too many, this stuff is magic.
5.0 - Five Stars
Works very well, definitely a huge reduction in hangover the next day after a long night of drinking!
5.0 - I was skeptical, but it seems to actually work!
I've tried 2 different types of hangover pills. both of them seemed to work. These pills specifically, I took while day drinking. The evening of day drinking is typically rough for me. Instead, I felt alert and nearly 100%. I couldn't believe it. The only thing I'd say is that I haven't spent time understanding how this product works or what's in it. And I'm very health conscious so that is a concern of mine. But a quick look at the ingredient list makes it look harmless, but i suggest doing your own research on this.
4.0 - Great Hangover Cure
Stuff works wonders. Where have you been all my life
5.0 - It works
This actually works. I get really nasty hangovers when I drink but I felt fine the next day. I wouldn't say I felt 100% but definitely better than I would have felt without it.
5.0 - Amazing, no hangover!
These worked great, took a pack before i started to drink and took a pack after i was done and woke up with no hangover. :)
5.0 - Can still enjoy my day!
This product worked great for my weekend hangovers. I'm in my 30s so it def helps a lot.
5.0 - Awesome stuff!
I rarely write reviews but wanted to share my experience as this is a good product! I have purchased 1 full bottle of drinkwel and the "Life of the Party" kit for my sister's 21st birthday. This is definitely good stuff as she and her friends didn't have any hangovers at all after celebrating her 21st. I also bought a full bottle for myself and several To-Go packets as wedding favors for my wedding. Needless to say, my husband and our bridal party felt great after our wedding with zero hangover issues the next day. I've tried coconut water and other vitamins in the past, but this stuff works wonders. Side note: Your urine will turn bright yellow went taking these :P
5.0 - Best Cure Ever!
I cannot say enough good things about this product! It's one of the only products I have ever tried that literally does everything it promises. I always have had horrible hangovers, even in college, and this product essentially eliminates all of my signs and symptoms of a hangover. I use it religiously now, no matter if I am having a few drinks or going out on the town. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking into similar products.
5.0 - Who needs hangovers
This stuff is MAGICAL!!! I first discovered drinkwel several years ago - the product certainly lives up to its claim. No weird ingredients, no side effects... straightforward hangover relief that gets me to my early am workout even if the night before was less than stellar! I ordered the individual packets to put in my wedding welcome bags (rave reviews!) and a regular bottle for myself ;)
5.0 - I bought these for a hangover kit for my best friend's bachelorette party
I bought these for a hangover kit for my best friend's bachelorette party. They worked like a charm. Everyone woke up the next day full of energy and hangover free. I have already ordered more for my upcoming Las Vegas trip and I recommend to all my friends looking to do some heavy drinking. Not only did we not have hangovers, I woke up well rested and full of energy. Thank you drinkwel for an amazing product!
5.0 - This is a great product! I'm 36 and can really feel the ...
This is a great product! I'm 36 and can really feel the hangovers these days. This makes a big difference. I feel much better than if I don't take it. Instead of a raging headache and a wasted day being hungover, I feel a little out of it but am good by late morning. Give it a shot, you won't regret it.
5.0 - It Really Works!
Drank pretty heavy last Saturday. Started about 4:30pm until about 2:30am. I took a packet before and one after as instructed and after 4 shots of 100 proof rum and 8-10 beers I still had NO HANGOVER. Now be aware of this though you will still feel dehydrated if you dont drink water or gator aide before bed. I almost always get hangovers but even after all I drank I felt great when I woke up just a little thirsty.
4.0 - I am glad that someone finally put all of this in a ...
I am glad that someone finally put all of this in a one stop pill. Years ago after doing some research on the few actual studies of supplements that helped metabolize alcohol and the byproducts of alcohols interaction with the liver better (and thus reducing hangovers) [Note: I am in no way a doctor or scientist, this is simply a layman's opinion from hours go googling] I used to carry around N-acetyl Cysteine, Vit B and Vit C caps (honestly I would buy the product if it was just these 3 things as I think they are the most effective) when I was going for a heavy night out. It is much easier to have them pre-mix/pre-dosed in an easy to use capsule. The price is a bit high but I do know from buying much of this stuff individually that the ingredients aren't cheap so it makes sense.
5.0 - It Works!
Highly recommended. Has helped curb hangover symptoms as promised. Sung its praises to my friends. Shared with friends and they have reported back that they felt great the next morning thanks to Drinkwel. I'm a fan and will continue to purchase.
5.0 - No more hangovers
I bought these to put in a "hangover recovery kit" for a friend's bachelorette party. Normally after a night of several mixed drinks and shots, I wouldn't be able to get out of bed and would have had the worst hangover. However, drinkwel has changed that and I no longer need a couple of days for recovery. Follow the directions listed and you'll be amazed at how good you'll feel the next day!
5.0 - Works every time
I have tried other so called "hangover cures/preventions in the past. Nothing can stack up to this stuff. I follow the instructions and it works like a dream. I've mixed on this stuff and gone to work the next day when normally I would have to call out. I'm heading to Vegas tomorrow and drinkwel will be coming with me!
5.0 - Aids next day hangover symptoms well
I am (going on) a 40 year old male. I don't drink to excess often, barely ever, but when it happens I often have horrible sometimes multi-day hangovers. These seem to work well. I don't use them as directed (you are supposed to take x number pills after every x number of drinks), but I usually just take 2 or 3 before bed. I may not completely cure a hangover, but for me it makes it much more manageable and these are good to have on hand just in case.
5.0 - This is a great product and an excellent company
I found Drinkwel when looking for a hangover remedy. It worked so well that I now take it as a supplement in my daily life (without alcohol). I bought some for a wedding and gave it to close friends and relatives to help ease their "day after" suffering. This is a great product and an excellent company! Cheers!
5.0 - No hangover
Does what it says it will do. Worth th investment
5.0 - Drinkwel really works!
I don't drink very much, because my body doesn't bounce back like it used to! However, I've found that an ounce of prevention with Drinkwel really does allow me to "get loose" every now and then without feeling awful the next day. I actually KNOW this product works and I take 3 capsules when I begin drinking (with lots of water), continue drinking water while imbibing in alcohol, and then take 3 more Drinwel capsules before bed. I have been able to bounce out of bed the next morning without any of the traditional hangover symptoms - including one night where I had a full bottle of champagne and 4 vodka drinks! This stuff really works!
5.0 - I always get hangovers, even after a few IPAs ...
I always get hangovers, even after a few IPAs, but this stuff helps out tremendously. I first used this at my bachelor party weekend and was able to keep things moving and didn't spend half a day in bed nursing the hangover.
5.0 - Our go-to "party" pill. 90% improvement on hangover relief ...
Our go-to "party" pill. 90% improvement on hangover relief. Really works for me and friends who have used it based on my recommendations.
5.0 - Works. Hangovers are much less severe.
Works. Hangovers are much less severe.
5.0 - I was amazed to find how much better I felt the next ...
Really works! I was amazed to find how much better I felt the next day. I thought maybe it would be too good to be true but I could definitely notice a huge difference. This comes in packets with 3 pills in each one. I just take them at night after drinking and I wake up with either no hangover or a very diminished one. I've bought several packages and would definitely recommend these! They are worth the money to get you Sunday back.
5.0 - Five Stars
Works awesome!! I usually get pretty bad hangovers... Not with Drinkwel!
5.0 - Works well
Drinkwel is great at preventing hangovers - I feel much better the day after a big night out when I take it!
5.0 - Definitely worthwhile!
I'm a big fan of drinkwel. I find that it really makes a difference. In the past, when I had a bit too much wine, I would wake up with the worst hangover -- just feeling foggy and a headache that wouldn't go away. But when I take drinkwell, while I'm not 100% hangover free, I'm pretty close. Going to buy more to share with friends.
5.0 - Give it a shot!
Great stuff!!! I typically forget to take after a night of drinking (As one's mind isn't terribly clear) and the stuff still does it's job. Eases hangover symptoms (if you really tie one on, you'll still feel hangover effects, just not as horrible), won't ever be without it!!
5.0 - Love this stuff
Love this stuff, definitely cuts the hangover symptoms, and the company's customer service is amazing. Bought some for a Bachelorette party gift and everyone loved it. Will buy again!
5.0 - Partied Hard, Didn't Feel So Bad!
My friends and I had a big party weekend trip and so I scoured the Internet looking for something to save me from the horrendous hangovers I always experience after having one too many drinks. These pills really worked!! Even though you have to take a good amount of them before and after you drink, and your urine will turn an eerie radioactive color, the results are worth it! I woke up with no headache or gross nauseous feeling that I typically dread after a fun night. Will be buying these again soon!
5.0 - Well let me just tell you this stuff is awesome. Whether you're just going out for a few ...
Came across this product wile looking for something to help with hangovers since I've been going out alittle to much this month and the mornings have been a little rough. I found this on Amazon and decided to purchase a 10 pack and give it a try. Well let me just tell you this stuff is awesome. Whether you're just going out for a few drinks or if you're really going to hit it hard that night. The next morning that pounding headache isn't there and you're pretty much feel 100%.
5.0 - Definitely recommend!
Used drinkwel during my trip to Mexico and never had a hangover!! Definitely recommend!
5.0 - If you a glutton for pain and like to be punished for drinking too much, then this product is not for you...
If you like to partake of few alcoholic beverages now and again, but dread the resulting hangover the next day, this is a product worth a look. It is a bit pricy, I have to say, but it really works well. And I say that as one that has been known to indulge a bit too much more than a few times. I think it is great someone has finally developed a product that helps prevent hangovers before they happen, because the ones you take after you wake up feeling like death run over may help, but you still have to experience the pain and sickness until they take affect, which can be hours or even days.
5.0 - Works for sure.... my girlfriend and ...
Works for girlfriend and I partied in Gatlinburg in Sept and never hot a hangover.
5.0 - This is the Real Deal!
Never thought that I would actually use one of these types of products because I didn't think they actually worked. This product works! I have never had a hangover the day after using this product. It is the real deal!
5.0 - Not a good drinker and gets terrible hangover after a night of ...
Not a good drinker and gets terrible hangover after a night of drinking with friends.
5.0 - Worked for me.
I've taken this product as instructed on several occasions and have experienced no hangover. Even after nights where I know I would normally have one.

5. DRIFTOFF Premium Sleep Aid with Valerian Root & Melatonin - Sleep Well, Wake Refreshed - Non Habit Forming Sleep Supplement - Also Includes Chamomile, Tryptophan, Lemon Balm & More - 60 Veggie Caps

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5.0 - awesome! It doesn't totally knock me out like the ...
Looking for a natural sleep aid that's not quite as strong as the melatonin blend I get from Costoc (that leaves me drowsy and sleepy the whole next day!), I tried this stuff.. awesome! It doesn't totally knock me out like the Costco stuff, but it doesn't have any hangover at all, either. Definitely recommend it; I've bought it several times
5.0 - I do not feel drowsy or have any kind of a hangover like feeling, my head is clear
Drift-off for two weeks now. I must say, it really works for me. I live in a very stressful situation for some time now and Drift-Off helps me fall asleep withing a few minutes and helps me stay asleep until the morning hours. Once I wake up. I do not feel drowsy or have any kind of a hangover like feeling, my head is clear. Drift-off is the best sleep aid which I have ever used. I already ordered and received two more bottles of Drift-off from Amazon. I wish the price was a little lower.
5.0 - better than prescriptions
Works within the hour, better than prescriptions, no side effects or hangover :-)
5.0 - Worked
This product worked great for me. I took it about 30 minutes prior to bedtime. I had a great night's sleep and no hangover effects the next day.
5.0 - Good if taken spaced out
OMG, I take prescription sleeping aids which my body seems to have just built a tolerance to. I took 2 of these last night and I was out cold in 20 minutes. I will be buying more without hesitation. So much better than Ambien without a hangover. My husband did interrupt my sleep around 2 hours after I took them and I felt like I was dreaming so don't drive if you take these. Just my opinion.
5.0 - I would recommend these t anyone with insomnia
I wanted to get off Ambien and I have tried many OTC sleep aids. Driftoff is the only product that has worked for me. It takes about an hour for me to finally drift off to sleep but I fall asleep every time. I take them an hour before I want to go to sleep. I find no hangover effect the next morning. I would recommend these t anyone with insomnia.
5.0 - Better than valerian or melatonin alone
This supplement has helped me immensely in falling asleep. Add to that, there is no 'sleepy hangover' on awakening. Better than valerian or melatonin alone.
5.0 - Great natural sleep aid!
I've been weaning myself off prescription sleep aids for awhile. This product is not prescription strength but it's still pretty powerful. No hangover too, which is good.
5.0 - Five Stars
Nice restful sleep with no hangover feeling!
5.0 - Very Pleased
This was to replace taking diphenhydramine as sleep aid. I never liked the diphenhydramine (due to concern about effects of long-term use, plus the "hangover". DriftOff does a great job of getting me to sleep and generally staying asleep, or at lease being able to return to sleep (at 5AM, when "willing myself" to return to sleep with diphenhydramine didn't work). I'm very pleased and now have it on "Subscribe and Save". My husband is also quite pleased with it and has stopped using diphenhydramine.
5.0 - It actually works!
I have been having problems sleeping for the past year. I tried both types of Unison, but woke with a "hangover" feeling. So I tried Driftoff, as I had nothing to lose. I am very satisfied with it, I fall asleep within an hour (bottle says 30 minutes) and wake refreshed. If I do happen to have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I am able to get back to sleep. Highly recommend.
5.0 - I have always had trouble getting good nights rest
I have always had trouble getting good nights rest....Tried prescriptions and other supplements....Driftoff works....period....I get up and feel rested and,refreshed...No hangovers...Just good sleep.....
5.0 - Great product that works.
Wow! Very happy with results. I've used .5 Ativan and Benadryl with Tylenol for over 10 years. Recently I've read reports that these drugs can cause memory impairment. I could not imagine life without them... But knew, for my brain health, I needed too. I went cold turkey and have been amazed by the results. The first few nights I did wake up mid-sleep, but was able to return to sleep. Now that my body has adjusted, about 6-7 nights, I sleep through and have no hangover. I take only one and I'm sleepy within the hour. Highly recommend and would buy again.
5.0 - Finally, I can sleep!
Look no further, your answers to sleep are in this bottle! I have tried prescriptions, zzzquil (and various forms of it) as well as melatonin at the highest dosage. None of them worked for me, or if they did work it came with serious side effects. I take this 20-30 minutes before bed and wake up without the sleeping medication hangover. I also wake up less throughout the night as well. To be honest everything that I have purchased from this company works just as they claim it will. Great product from a great company!
5.0 - Increased my sleep time without a hangover feeling
I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep for any length of time, but Driftoff has increased my asleep time and does not leave me waking up feeling doped. I have tried many products and don't usually reorder then because they don't work, but Driftoff is a winner for me. I use it along with tea made with organic bananas
4.0 - Low key sleep aid
This is not a strong sleepyhead which has its pros and cons. If you are looking for something to really knock you out, this is not it. However, if you are looking for something to settle you down and make it easier for you to fall asleep this is a great product. And I did notice is there’s no “hangover” effect. When you wake up in the morning you were thinking clearly.
5.0 - Please resend the DRIFTOFF code again
Thanks Drifroff, about 20 to 30 minuets after taking the product I feel relaxed and able to fall asleep so much easier than without it. Give it a try, no hangover from the meds. DRIFTOFF. please HELP the e mail you sent for a free bottle of driftoff was erased accidentally. Please resend the code
5.0 - Five Stars
Gentle, no hangover. More effective for me than any prescription sleep aid and I've tried them all!
5.0 - Works gently and quickly to fall asleep! I was ...
Works gently and quickly to fall asleep! I was able to sleep all night, without middle of the night waking. No hangover feeling the next day.
5.0 - Good product
This product works well to help me fall asleep and stay asleep longer. I have night time anxiety and have great difficulty falling asleep because of it. This product helps me relax so I can get to sleep. It doesn't leave me with a hangover feeling the next morning like some products have.
5.0 - Quality sleep
This product lived up to the description. It did help me get to sleep and increased the quality of my sleep without any hangover the next day
5.0 - but honestly I'm glad I took the chance
Driftoff is the answer to shift workers! I work the night shift on weekends and go to grad school during the week. I can't tell you how long it's been since I've slept well, I was getting desperate. Then I tried drift off. The first night I not only slept through the night, but woke up feeling rested with no "hangover" feeling (benadryl causes this with me). I was skeptical trying this, but honestly I'm glad I took the chance. I am finally feeling like a human being again and not like a zombie!
5.0 - Very please with this product
Honoestly, I have had sleeping problems since I was a kid (I’m 27 now). Took Benadryl when I was younger to sleep, then eventually just took tons of over the counter sleep medications. They help but if you take them late you get a hangover effect and I was also told by several doctors those aren’t good to take long term. Eventually I was prescribed ambien. Started off with 5 mg then jumped to 10. I honestly loved ambien but I took it for about three years and I Had a doctor tell me I shouldn’t be taking this long term either because the long term effects were still very unknown. He also thought it was just acting as a placebo for me. Basically He stopped prescribing it to me and I tried going a few weeks without anything, only to have many horrible nights of sleep. I bought this because I wanted something natural and this had great reviews. This is an honest review, I’m very happy with these pills. I can’t say every night they knock me out super quickly. But most nights as long as my phone/tv/lightS etc are off, this will put me to sleep pretty fast. I don’t feel as groggy as I did with other over the counter meds but it does depend how late I take it. The earlier the better obviously. I’m going to continue using this. It’s been about a month and I’m very surprisingly pleased. I was desperate to find something natural hat worked, because in the past melatonin didn’t touch me. Very very happy.
5.0 - Sleeping beauty!
As someone who doesn't routinely struggle with sleep this is a great, all-natural sleep aid. It allows you to gently drift off into a deep, restful slumber while awaking alert and ready to start your day the next morning - no horrible drug hangover. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for a mild sleep aid.
4.0 - So far, it took this formula 5-6 hours to ...
So far, it took this formula 5-6 hours to "kick-in", so I slept from about 8 a.m. until 2pm, got up & was groggy & napping the entire rest of the day. KNOWING THIS, I'll have to try taking these around 7 or 8 pm and then SEE when it knocks me out, WHEN I get up and then how long the 'hangover" lasts, on a more normal sleep schedule.
5.0 - ... I'm in my forties it seems that falling asleep easy is a thing of the past
Now that I'm in my forties it seems that falling asleep easy is a thing of the past. I have tried a variety of sleep aids but unfortunately many leave me feeling pretty out of it in the morning. I decided to try this stuff. So far so good. I take it about an hour before bed and that seems to do the trick. I wake up without the morning hangover from sleeping pills. That right there makes it worth buying this sleep aid. Would recommend.
5.0 - Very good for a restful night
I've tried many sleep formulations, this one works well to relax you and help you stay asleep with no hangover, easy and natural. I will continue to use it.
5.0 - Works great!! No hangover like some meds
Works great!! No hangover like some meds.
4.0 - Sleep like a baby.
This product provides a relaxing effect without the use of prescription drugs. I’m able to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep with no headache or “hangover” effects the next morning.
5.0 - Works for me...
Although prompted for a review at an earlier date, I wanted to make sure the product worked for me first. It works!! I was prescribed sleeping pills that kept me in an asleep, but totally aware state. I couldn't shake the hangover or the drowsiness after having taken them. Driftoff provided a much different experience. I felt relaxed enough to rest and was able to fall asleep. I don't sleep through the night regardless of what I am given-my bladder ensures that however, I am actually able to return to slumber post-potty break. I feel more rested and with a better sense of calm that follows through most of the day. The latter also being something which eluded me on a daily basis. Follow the suggestions/directions for use.
5.0 - Legitimately Promotes Restful Sleep with No "Hangover."
I generally save my review-writing for products that really stand out in quality and effectiveness, so I'm thrilled to say that DRIFTOFF Natural Sleep Aid has been a restorative and beneficial addition to my nighttime routine. My sleep is restful and void of the unpleasant or scary dreams I've experienced with other sleep aids. The best part is that I wake up feeling genuinely refreshed and NOT groggy; this product doesn't induce a lingering and depressing lethargy and for that I give it 5 stars. Highly recommend this supplement.
5.0 - Great stuff!
Great stuff! Effective without the 'hangover' feel in the morning. I've taken melatonin before, but I think the addition of the valerian root makes it better, more relaxing.
5.0 - Love this product
This product name is perfect! You simply drift off, dream and awaken with no hangover, just rested.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great stuff! Ready for sleep within 30 min without the drugged-up feeling and no "hangover" the next day.
5.0 - Great, safe sleep aid for seniors.
Have been sleeping real well last 2 weeks. Got up twice last night( drank lots of water day before) and was still able to go right back to sleep. Most nights don't get up any more. Was getting up one to two times and then would have trouble falling asleep especially after the second time around 4 am. No hangover.
5.0 - Driftoff works!
"For over ten years i have had on ongoing problem of falling asleep at night. Seriously, I have tried meds and over the counter remedies with no luck. I have tried other products sold by amazon that were a waste of money. Driftoff is the ONLY sleep aid that has ever worked. Oh and the best part is that it is all natural. I literally drift off to sleep and do not experience the nasty morning head aches or hangovers the other sleep aids cause. I am so glad I have Driftoff and my rest back. This is truly the best Sleep Aid on Amazon.
5.0 - Great product!
Ordered Driftoff because I have trouble falling asleep. I have tried others, but was the best! No next day fatigue or hangover effect. This is my second order and I plan to order again. Have recommended to three friends and they are going to order. Thanks so much, appreciate the item.
5.0 - Five Stars
It works for me. I find this better than Unisom because there is no antihistamine hangover.
4.0 - Good stuff!
This has been effective as a sleep aid for me. I have used several medications, most that leave a "hang over" feeling the day after. This seems to do the trick for the most part, without the hangover.
5.0 - I like that it does not contain chemicals that create side ...
I started to use this product recently to help me fall asleep. So far, just one pill every night and I fall asleep quickly and no morning hangovers. I like that it does not contain chemicals that create side effects.
5.0 - wonderful and not addictive
does not cause drug hangover. husband is not tolerant of medications, this has worked very well for him. dr started me on ambien, lost over 24 hours space and time. works wonders for me as well.
5.0 - Awesome product. I hope it continues to work this ...
This is exactly what I needed. I have never slept so well in my life. I wake up so well rested and with absolutely NO HANGOVER. Awesome product. I hope it continues to work this well and there isn’t a significant tolerance issue.
5.0 - Gentle and effective
I like the combination of ingredients as a sleep aid. Absolutely no "hangover" in the morning. Helps me get to sleep but waking up is not difficult. Good price too.
5.0 - Fast acting NO druggy feeling
I like that on those hard to get to sleep nights that Driftoff gets me too sleep quickly AND no groggy hangover feeling in the morning. I highly recommend this for those having insomnia issues.

8. Jarrow Formulas Milk Thistle (Silymarin Marianum), Promotes Liver Health, 150 mg per Capsule, 200 Veggie Capsules

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5.0 - Excellent supplement
Been taking this for a while and am quite happy with the results. I have definitely felt an increased sense of wellness in particularly after having a few cocktails - there is a marked reduction in any hangover symptoms.
5.0 - It is great for everything -- I have not gotten a cold ...
It is great for everything -- I have not gotten a cold despite being all around folks with colds, and no hangovers when and if I do drink.
5.0 - A new drinking buddy?
I think it's working...Can you feel it? I think I feel it..Oh yeah, I feel it . Quality milk thistle. I take these before a heavy drinking session , like when I might down a bottle of wine with a tomahawk rib eye..And the next morning, the brain/head ache is nowhere to be felt...There is a mild body hangover still, but the head ache part is much diminished . I recommend these pills.
5.0 - Less hangovers
as described
5.0 - Works great!
My husband and I enjoy taking this supplement. I take one daily just for good measure and he prefers to take 2 or three "as needed" more as a hangover cure - which he swears works! I read reviews that this is the best brand/formula out there. Can't compare it with any others, but I do think it works.
5.0 - I took it every morning the nights i knew i ...
I took it every morning the nights i knew i was going to drink heavily (friends wedding, I was a groomsman) ! The next morning, I barely woke up with a hangover!
5.0 - Five Stars
great for helping dodge that hangover.
5.0 - A must have for beer lovers
I love beer and this helps keep my liver healthy. At my last doctor’s visit, the doctor even remarked about how healthy my liver and kidneys are. Also, if I know I’m going to drink more than usual, I take two to help avoid a hangover the next day.
5.0 - Helps my liver
I wish I had started taking these earlier. I take these during a hangover and it seems like it disapates quickly. I now take them consistently.
5.0 - nice side effect of less hangovers if there happens to ...
lowered my ALT/AST ratings significantly. Also, nice side effect of less hangovers if there happens to be a night when you overindulge.
5.0 - I cannot say enough good things about these tiny little pills
I cannot say enough good things about these tiny little pills. Mu husband and I started taking them about a month ago and have both noticed an overall boost in our health and moods. I can't quite put my finger on why (do some research, this stuff helps with a LOT of internal issues), but since having taken this, I just feel like I'm so much more detoxified and my endurance in the gym has gone through the roof! It's as if my body is more capable of recovering very quickly. I would also just like to add that we are not frequent or typically heavy drinkers, but we will on occasion tie one on. Since beginning to take this neither of us have experienced a hangover, and that was after drinking over a holiday weekend - more alcohol and less water than we usually do. Love this and will not go with out it.
5.0 - I take this after drinking, and as it does ...
I take this after drinking, and as it does not miraculously cure hangovers it does help reduce the Sunday Scaries a little bit. Probably just a mental thing but hey, thinking is believing.
5.0 - so I don't get drunk easily. I can drink more bottles
I started to take this because I had hard time getting back from the hangover next day as getting older. After taking it twice everyday for a month, now I feel OK day after drinking alcohols, but the only thing I concern is it works very well, so I don't get drunk easily. I can drink more bottles, and it costs a lot more..
5.0 - So Far So Good!!
I have only been taking this for 3 weeks, but, I feel like it is making a difference in my overall being! More energy and I had too much to drink, I really had no hangover! I have not had my blood tested after taking this so I have no testimonial for liver function. Will rate again in February when I do have a blood test! So far so good!!
5.0 - Absolutely love this stuff
Absolutely love this stuff. My husband and I use it to prevent hangovers and we have not had a hangover since! We went on a vacation to Europe for 10 days and drank heavily the whole time and never felt ill from drinking the night before.
5.0 - I get killed by hangovers. I don't need to ...
I get killed by hangovers. I don't need to be drunk to suffer for days. These have decreased my symptoms the day after I drink when I take them before.
5.0 - Jarrow is the REAL deal
I don't often give reviews but after running out of Jarrow Milk Thistle I went to Walgreens and got something off of the shelf. I take the Milk Thistle before I consume alcohol and was finding the brand from Walgreens, Natures Bounty no way was doing the job like Jarrow Milk Thistle. The proof is the next day as the level of hangover much less with Jarrow. Ordering enough so I don't tun out.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great to take preemptively and avoid hangovers.
5.0 - Hangover help
After doing a quick google search on "hangover remedies", in preparation for a trip to NOLA over Mardi Gras, I noticed milk thistle came up quite a few times as a possible remedy. Well, let me say…this stuff works (in my experience)! I started taking 1 capsule daily about 2 weeks before the trip and continued throughout our stay (actually I still take it). There was not one day that I woke with a hangover, slight headache? yes, but no nausea, spins, or any of the other fun side effects of one (or ten) too many the night before. I'm a believer.

9. NOW Foods Valerian Root 500 mg, 250 Vegetable Capsule

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5.0 - Satisfied.
I am a satisfied and long-term customer because Valerian Root never causes a hangover, and really helps me sleep.
5.0 - I love this product, Valerian
I love this product. Finally a product that promises a sleep solution. All Natural product and no sleep hangover. You are wide awake in the morning and ready to go. I highly recommend Valerian.
5.0 - Good Health
Love this for sleep. ALL NATURAL. Soft sleepy sleep with a no hangover awakening. Thanks Valerian Root, nitey nite folks
5.0 - One or two an hour before bedtime promote a nice relaxed entrance to sleepy time
Really funky smell but very relaxing. One or two an hour before bedtime promote a nice relaxed entrance to sleepy time. I sometimes use with passionflower extract and liquid magnesium for a natural sleep tonic. Compared to Ambien there is no hangover the next day.
4.0 - Helpful herbal alternative to Tylenol PM or Benadryl
Helpful sleep aid. Gentle. Doesn't make you feel goofy. No real hangover effect, though you should expect the effects to last around 8 hours, a general calming sleepiness. NOW is well priced.

10. Puritan's Pride Milk Thistle 4:1 Extract 1000 mg (Silymarin)-180 Softgels (4)

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5.0 - pop a few before you drink and clear out your liver - no hangover!
can't live with out this
5.0 - I recommend you take one after drinking & before bed and ...
No hangover - This product is a life saver! I recommend you take one after drinking & before bed and 1 1/2 hour before you get out of bed. You'lll be in good shape.
5.0 - helps me detox
I love this product! If I am having a glass or three of wine with my girlfriends, I make sure I bring one of these along and take it either after or towards the end of the night and the next morning I feel 80% instead of 30%. Basically a hangover cure. Don't bother spending the $60+ on "proprietary" hangover cure capsules. Just pop one or two of these.
5.0 - It's a great supplement!
HONESTY- I take it to relieve hangovers! HAHA. It's a great supplement!
5.0 - Better hair, face, and liver
Out of all the natural vitamins I take, this is my favorite one. I just feel an overall difference in my health after taking these every single day. My face has cleared up, my hair doesn’t seem as frail and I have no more liver pains. Also I don’t get hangovers anymore it seems like.
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