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1. BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) 250mg, 500 capsules

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5.0 - ... have shown an ability to disarm lipid coated viruses like herpes, cold sores and others
BHT was approved as a food preservative and later several studies have shown an ability to disarm lipid coated viruses like herpes, cold sores and others. It has been also shown some efficacy against other similar viruses. I have been using it for years to excellent effect. Please remember I am not a Doctor so do your own research and check with your Doctor before taking any supplement or drug.
5.0 - Great for herpes
I highly recommend this product for vaginal herpes. I use it along with L- Lysine. My outbreaks have been reduced to about twice a year. Before using the BHT I'd started to have outbreaks monthly. I definitely appreciate this product. I take two in the morning and one at night. I learned about it on You Tube, I think.
Make sure that what you have is herpes. There are lots of virus that cause painful skin lesions on the lips, inside the mouth, on the genitals and anus. A two week regimen of BHT will cure herpes, not sure about any of the others. If you take this and still have sores, consider they are not herpes, or that you didn't take enough, long enough. After I took this, I had a new mouth sore so I went to the doctor, he swabbed it and a week later said it was not herpes. I have not had any herpes since taking BHT. And I am much more careful now about getting reinfected. For the other [not herpes] sores I take PROBIOTIC ACIDOPHILUS BIOBEADS to make sure I have lots of 'good guys' in my intestines to fight off the bad guys. I take the biobeads every day now, but the BHT for the herpes was a one time treatment.
5.0 - yup, watch episode #456, and cure your shingles ...mind
yes, BHT cures the herpes virus. I was actually sickened that nobody figured this out sooner. Get brain octane from, mix this BHT in it, apply topically. and also take 2-4 of these orally a day with brain octane for about a month, and.....herpes....gone!!!! I'm not kidding, watch bulletproof episode #456 on youtube if you don't believe me. And ps. you only have to do this for a month or 2, and maybe once again in 6 months, then, never again, it's that good. Thank you Dave Asprey, and BHT!!
5.0 - Anti viral king !
This is a great product for the Herpes virus, a must have ! Have ordered several times with great results and fast service.
5.0 - HERPES
I have a history of severe oral herpes and herpes zoster (shingles). I started taking 250mg of BHT daily in the mid 1980s, and have been
4.0 - Excellent Product
Great price and, so far, it seems effective. The shipping was quick. The only odd thing initially was a slight tingling sensation like a herpes outbreak for the first two days taking 2 capsules per day. I upped the dosage to 4 per day for a couple weeks without any noticeable side effects but after a couple more weeks I noticed some additional knee discomfort. I tapered back to 2-3 per day and it seemed to improve the knee discomfort. I do have osteoarthritis in my knees so it "may" simply be a coincidence. I wasn't able to find any such side effect mentioned in the information I researched so I'm continuing on with 2-3 per day. I really hate to stop if the BHT will produce a cure.
4.0 - Hoping this will work for Epstein Barr
The product arrived rapidly and was very well packaged. I bought this product because I read it helps with the herpes virus; I have an Epstein Barr viral infection which is one of the herpes viruses; I am almost completely shut down due to the effects of the Epstein Barr virus. The BHT is being taken with St. John's Wort as recommended by a healing protocol. So far I have not seen any evidence the protocol has worked; Epstein Barr viral infections are almost impossible to beat. If there is any improvement, I will update this review.
5.0 - Five Stars
Best kept secret for Herpes outbreak hands down.
5.0 - appreciated the fast service Anyone with a herpes problem should ...
appreciated the fast service Anyone with a herpes problem should try BHT it really works

2. Swanson Olive Leaf Extract Super Strength 750 Milligrams 60 Capsules

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5.0 - Oh yes of course the most painful was my gential part having cold sore
I was a suffering on a gential herpes for almost 4years now. since my work required frequent travel around the globe, everytime i jetlagged and drank alcohol to meet my vendors were encountering herpes flares. Chronic fatigue and pain on my legs and thighs. Oh yes of course the most painful was my gential part having cold sore! I tried anti viral (aclyclovir etc) at first and it did surpressed when i took it, as well as taking 1gram per day threatment. It was pain in thr ass to goto pharmacy when i needed to refill and vey embarassing too! Well not only that, it surpressed when it already caused flare so i had to go through pain already and cant have sex when i had one. This caused depression and hopelessness until i found some article online that OLE cures herpes. I didnt believe until i tried for anout 2month straight and had two pills of these a day. I am a living proof that ole cured my herpes! I havent got any flaires for monthes even after taking 9 airplanes in 3 weeks! And sex almost everyday and drinking! THANK GOD! He exist!
5.0 - Amazing remedy!!!
I used this for a month and could not believe how it healed the areas wear I normally have outbreaks of the herpes virus. And I got sick, too. I was good, though, because I knew it was destroying the virus and anything else I had going on. I showed it to my PCP as well and she wants to read the research. I ran out for about a week and a half and I had flares popping up in all the usual places. Make sure you order in a timely manner so you don’t run out if your goal is to decrease the herpes symptoms! Some of the areas are slower to heal than others, I am being patient. I read somewhere else that you have to take it for a year for herpes. If it keeps me well, I will take it forever. It is decreasing my appetite - yippee!!! - and I think it is helping my fibromyalgia as well. I don’t know what brought it to my mind, but I remembered that God said he would provide everything we needed on earth. I’m not surprised that a remedy with so many healing properties came from an olive tree just like the branch carried by the dove after the floods in Abraham’s time. When I think about that, it was like God was letting us know that the olive tree was an important plant to us!
5.0 - A blessing in disguise
I've been using it for sometime now,I wish I'd known about this product before.I take it for herpes and it helps,so far so good.I'm not cured it just helps if you know what I mean.
5.0 - Had chronic genital herpes for over 4 months with blood ...
Had chronic genital herpes for over 4 months with blood coming from the lesions. Within 2 days of taking this stuff the herpes was gone! I have been symptom free for over 5 months now. For me Swansons olive leaf extract was a miracle!
5.0 - Leaves of Olives
After thousands of years of proven effect, I dare to list all the positives...the list is never ending. I'm confused about why I just discovered olive leaf at 68 years of age. I like the one pill per day regimen because it easy to remember. After two months of use by me and my wife: recurring skin problems go away, shingles (Herpes Zoster) on my tail bone stops, cholesterol and triglycerides numbers turn around 148 and 83 with an HDL of 70, my wife's continuing irregular heart beat turns intermittent, and her low blood pressure average 80/55 changes to 117/70. I'll stop there. Thank you Swanson
5.0 - Great product for herpes
I started taking this supplement after reading the positive benefits in helping with genital herpes outbreaks. After getting herpes 3 years ago I've never had an outbreak since the 1st one but I could always feel one coming on and would take acyclovir or other antibiotics to prevent one. This happened far too often and I was embarrassed to be calling in and picking up prescriptions once a week (not to mention cost). Since taking this I have not had to call in a prescription and the pre-breakout symptoms have diminished.
5.0 - Works better than prescription drugs for herpes 2
I have had both herpes 1 and 2 for a long time. I was suffering through the mother of all outbreaks (hsv2) and the valacyclovir I was taking was not helping. After desperately searching the Internet for a natural remedy, I came across Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) and read how it helped a lot of other people with hsv. I stopped taking the valacyclovir and got a low dose of OLE from The Vitamin Shoppe because I wasn't sure how my body would react. After a day of taking it with no adverse effects, I upped the dosage (I started with 250mg/ 12% Oleuropein) and took 2 capsules every 2 hours. On the 3rd day, the sores were going away and the pain was gone. By the 5th day, I was almost completely healed like nothing ever happened. I then ordered this higher dose of OLE and I take it as a daily suppressant.

3. Best Olive Leaf Extract (NON-GMO) Super Strength: 20% Oleuropein - 750mg - Vegetarian - Immune Support, Cardiovascular Health & Antioxidant Supplement - No Oil - 60 Capsules

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5.0 - Goodbye Valtrex!
Its almost been 5 month since I have been taking this vitamin and I have had zero herpes outbreaks. This is a relief to me as I would now get them almost every two months. I even had two laser hair appointments with no outbreak! I took two capsules before the procedure and two after. Before taking this vitamin I was prescribed Valtrex. I was not a fan of the prescription so I did a little research and found this. So happy and relieved that I did. I pretty much tell everyone I know because I know how frustrating herpes outbreaks can be. I am not sure if this part is true but some people have made claims that this can cure the virus after a year of use. I am excited to see if this works. I will keep everyone updated.
5.0 - Five Stars
Good for herpes.
5.0 - Twenty Two Years and Going Strong !
I have used Olive Leaf Extract since 2005 as a result of blood-work that indicated that I had recently had activity with the Herpes virus that caused Chicken Pox in my youth. As a result of taking this wonderful supplement, not only did I not have the outbreak of Herpes Zoster but my Sinusitis that was a yearly experience completely disappeared. Not only do I continue with this product today but I also sold it formally for a ten year period and still recommend it today as I still do Consults in Naturopathic Medicine. Health Harmony's version is one of the most potent extractions @ 20% whereas my long-term use version was only 18%. Buying a Standardized Herb is critical if you're tracking outcomes as each capsule MUST YIELD a minimum of the active constituent whereas Non-Standard versions may be "hit or miss" on dosing. I use it twice daily, every single day of my life.
5.0 - It works for me,maybe you too.
After only two weeks of use I can feel the great effects of this product.In my situation it took more than a few days,but now I can tell,It seems to be helping with a sinus issue and lip herpes,also.Taking only one per day.That seems to be the best dose for me.I tried two a day,but didn`t seem to work any better for me anyway.Have bought a second time and will continue to use.
4.0 - Overall body immunity is improved!
After much diligent research, I purchased this product based on reviews from others all over the world looking for preventive care for Herpes Simplex 1 or 2 outbreaks, canker sores, as well as boosting overall immunity. When taken in conjunction with 1,000 mg of Lysine several times a week, I noticed a drastic improvement in my overall health and well-being. I would recommend this product. I do believe it has improved my overall body condition. My skin is much clearer too. The capsules are slightly bitter when it hits your tongue, but they go down easily. No after-taste, or unpleasant burping. I also haven't noticed any other side effects.
5.0 - which normally acts like a sleeping pill on the virus
"You get a cold sore when your body stops producing enough of a protein molecule called Oct-2, which normally acts like a sleeping pill on the virus. 'Oct-2 production drops when your body has more important tasks to attend to, such as fighting off illness,' says Marian Nicolson, director of the Herpes Association." ... Olive leaf boosts the immune system and encourages Oct-2 production."

4. Ecological Formulas Monolaurin Capsules, 600 mg, 90 Count

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5.0 - I would take this over the flu shot.Safe, fast ,effective.
There are few ways to help your immune system recover and fight against virus'. A virus such as Epstein-Barr, Flu, Herpes Simplex can stay in your system for years, slowly wearing down the immune system..Monolaurin dissolves the envelope of the virus stopping it from multiplying and challenging the immune system. I used it when I had a viral infection and although I received it a few days later and I believe it helped but couldn't be sure but when my daughter also started with the same symptoms and she took this she felt better that evening and did not develop any further symptoms I will keep this on hand as a go to supplement at the first sign of the flu.. Her roommate also started with symptoms and upon taking this also had the same good results.
5.0 - Helps with cold soars
I've had outbreaks for years from herpes,, take this at first tonight and it will prevent blister.
5.0 - LOVE
Very effective with Herpes and candida
5.0 - Five Stars
Very good product for those suffering with Epstein Barr and Herpes virus.
5.0 - The only thing that keeps me from getting sick
Honestly, this is best stuff money can buy. If you feel a sniffle coming on, pop 6 of these 2 days in a row and you won't get sick. During flu season when EVERY SINGLE PERSON at my work was sick as a dog, I took 3 of these a day (with food, mind you, because it's rough on an empty stomach) and guess what? I didn't get sick once. In fact, I've been using this for several years and I'm still amazed by how well it protects me from viruses! It's an all natural anti viral that can cure even like herpes, hepatitis, shingles, and HIV. Do the research because there's plenty of information and testimonials out there!

5. Swanson Super Strength Olive Leaf Extract 750 mg - 60 Caps (2 Pack)

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5.0 - Herpes!!!
I was constantly suffering from herpes outbreaks. I have genital herpes and it is horrible. I read about these pills how good they are for herpes. I have been taking these pills for 4 months and have been outbreak free!!
5.0 - Its an excellent product! It helped me to keep my inmune ...
Its an excellent product! It helped me to keep my inmune system strong! It cure herpes after you take it for 6 months aproximately!!
5.0 - Good product
All of Swanson's products are very reasonably priced and I have found them to be as good or better than much higher priced versions. Olive Leaf Extract is excellent as an anti-viral and ant-bacterial agent. I take it and some other products to keep herpes simplex type A (cold sores) from appearing.
5.0 - True testimony. Combats yeast infections like you wouldn't believe.
I've started taking Olive Leaf Extract, particularly the 750 mg. I have been plagued with recurrent yeast infections for years. I would normally get 2-3 infections a month with no answers or reason from my physicians. So I searched for something holistic after having tried every single thing I could think of. It's been 2.5 months now and I take one tablet a day. And I beyond relieved that this has kept me yeast infection free for the time being. And that is huge. Really huge. I've recommended it to my friends. My mother is taking it for her lupus. My friend is taking it for stomach issues. And another friend is using is successfully to combat her Herpes outbreaks. She has had nothing but good things to say about how it's helping her with her outbreaks. It's worth a shot. It's affordable. And when all else fails, why not try it. I'm a real person. I always wonder if these reviews are autogenerated or if real live customers are posting these reviews. I live in California as a healthcare professional myself. This is a true testimony.

6. Real European Olive Leaf Extract, 25% Oleuropein - Super-Strength, 500 mg, 90 capsules, plus Hydroxytyrosol Complex. Professional-Strength by Island Nutrition

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5.0 - Heck yeah!
I'm the unfortunate soul who contracted herpes from my sister of all people because I ate her left over food occasionally. I was younger and mistakenly trusted her when I asked, "I'm not going to catch whatever is on your lip, right".... "No, no, no"...well, yes...I did. Fortunately, I found this product which prevented an outbreak! I'm hoping to one day heal from this terrible curse my sister graciously sent my way...but...for now...I can say, this olive leaf extract worked. It stopped the cold sore from showing. I hope my story helps someone else or gives you a good laugh.
5.0 - Great results for herpes
Great results for herpes .... x3 a day add oregano oil and outbreaks have diminished and are noticeably disappearing
5.0 - I can't believe I didn't find this sooner and am so pleased I can take a natural pill as opposed to ...
I use this instead of Valtrex to prevent herpes outbreaks. I can't believe I didn't find this sooner and am so pleased I can take a natural pill as opposed to a prescription with potentially unknown side effects. I have been taking this instead of Valtrex for 4 months, and no outbreaks yet!

7. Lemon Balm, Soothing Calming flavoring agent, 1oz

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5.0 - Yup
I got this for a friend that has insomnia and decided to buy myself a bottle too since I have trouble sleeping at times. It worked really well for us both. I just got to the end of my bottle last night and I actually have it in my cart to purchase it again but it's an add-on and I'm trying to find some other stuff I need so I can get to my $25 requirement. Lol. But if you are using this for insomnia, then I definitely recommend it. My friend also has herpes and taking this on a daily, he hang reported having any outbreaks but it's only a a couple of months so I can't really fully review in that area. But good luck to those who try it for that. But for insomnia, it's great. =)

8. Best Olive Leaf Extract (NON-GMO) 750 mg - 20% Oleuropein - Vegetarian - Super Strength - Immune Support, Cardiovascular Health & Antioxidant Supplement - No Oil - 120 Capsules

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5.0 - Effective Against Viruses
My health coach recommended I take Olive Leaf Extract three times a day to suppress herpes simplex type A and EBV. Seems to be working.
5.0 - Amazing Miracle Pills
Great stuff! Have noticed a massive improvement in my overall health/more regular energy as well. Started taking, because I read so many reviews, articles, and testimonies online about OLE destroying Herpes. I have got to tell you... It's all apparently true. At first, I broke out more, I'm sure because they virus didn't appreciate it and was fighting to survive. But now, after taking them twice daily for 3-5 months, I have noticed a massive improvement/my Herpes seems to be almost entirely gone. Serious miracle type stuff. This is no joke people. Highly recommended.

9. Natural Factors - Oil of Oregano, Certified Organic Support for Healthy Immunity and Cholesterol, Minimum 80% Carvacrol with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 374 Servings (2 oz)

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5.0 - This is a miracle. I found this oil and ...
This is a miracle. I found this oil and now I am using second bottle. Helps with everything : cold, virus, name it.

10. Nature's Way Olive Leaf, 60 Capsules

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5.0 - The Best I Have Tried
This product has eliminated herpes sores and outbreaks to zero for me. Other olive leaf extract products do a decent job with this, but the Natures Way Standardized is noticeably better.
5.0 - The Tree of Life - No Kidding!!
This is simply put the most powerful over the counter item I have found. I have had recurrent and a very severe yeast infection (female) this year for the first time in maybe 8 years, and I started back with urinary tract infections for the first time in years, and been having herpes outbreaks that were giving me incredible grief. Buy the book and get the background, know the compound and how it works, and what to expect. This helped me a lot. Morton Walker's book on Olive Leaf Extract. I started on a relatively high dose, actually more than intended, and this knocked back 3 simultaneous things, urinary tract infection, yeast infection, and stopped 3 sonsecutive herpes outbreaks to advanced healing within 2-3 days instead of 8-10 days, as well as attacked latent inner and middle ear infection symptoms I have had for years behind my left sinuses. It has been five weeks since my last herpes lesion, and I have not had any more outbreaks, no more uti, no more yeast symptoms, and my sinuses feel more clear then they have in years. Warning: this will definitely lower your blood pressure, and if you have a low normal pressure to begin with you need to monitor your pressure to adjust dose good for your own system. This worked so good for me that I told my neighbor who has had high blood pressure for years and also sinus infection problems, and she started the protocol. Her pressure came WAY down, lower than her meds could do, and she is monitoring her pressure also and adjusted the dose to manage for her, and her sinuses also she says feel better than she has felt for years. This is serious stuff. Read about it, educate yourself, expect the toxic die-off symptoms, know how to dose, and try this if you have some chronic condition that needs an antibacterial or antiviral. I am telling my health professionals about it, more people need to know about this. Yes you can get better like I did. I can't believe this stuff. I eat well, am fairly active, stay hydrated, and take some other supporting supplements, but nothing has affected my entire system so quickly and obviously as this.
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