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1. Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate, 100% Chelated, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, 100 mg, 240 Tablets (packaging may vary)

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5.0 - Just buy it
Not sure if this is an intended or unintended side affect, but I now am able to remember my dreams again after years of not remembering any dreams. I'm not sure why it does this, but I enjoy having my dreams back. I feel it has reduced my amount of migraines and severity. I am now able to have a drink or two at supper again without getting a migraine which is a miracle as I was getting migraines for days after one drink previously.
5.0 - Helped me get rid of migraines.
This was prescribed to me by my neurologist in order to keep migraines at bay. I take this magnesium along with vitamin B2 and have almost no migraines anymore. I have ordered this more than once. This is a good price. I take them with food.
5.0 - Helps with migraines
These are great, mom recommended to get this type of magnesium to help with my monthly migraines. And they work great! I’m so happy I found these. I would highly recommend.
5.0 - Will continue to purchase, absolutely amazing
I suffer from chronic daily migraine. I take two of these at night and have felt a significant improvement in the frequency and severity of my migraines.
5.0 - Works well. Migraines frequency has been significantly reduced.
Works well. Migraines frequency has been significantly reduced.
5.0 - Great product! Bought it because I suffer from vestibular ...
Great product! Bought it because I suffer from vestibular migraines and I do believe this helps calm the dizziness.
5.0 - Helps me tremendously with premenstrual migraines!
I got this after I read it was great at ridding premenstrual migraines...IT DOES WORK! And the great don't have to take it every single day...take add you would any over the counter medication ( when symptoms arise) and it works in about ten min. Half I found relief!
5.0 - Great for Migraines
Don't take as directed. Take one every other day.
5.0 - Helps migraine headaches!
Has helped decrease the frequency of my migraines, I am so greatful for this! And my energy has increased also which is a plus.!
5.0 - Finally I found a magnesium product that does not cause ...
Finally I found a magnesium product that does not cause intentional upset. The addition of this supplement has greatly reduced the number of migraines I experience.
5.0 - I love this product
I love this product. Ever since I started taking knees my migraines have completely disappeared. My body really seems to absorb this Brand better than others. I can tell a difference when I do not take them they are a bit bulky however
5.0 - Migraines dropped dramatically
I had read that chelated magnesium is the best for absorption and the least likely to cause stomach issues. I began taking it because it's supposed to help prevent migraines. The first month, I've dropped from 15 headaches to 5, and without any stomach issues.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great for muscle spasms and migraines!
4.0 - fewer headaches
This seems to be working pretty well. They are a little large, but I do not find them difficult to swallow. I do find it difficult to remember to take a second dose later in the day. Even though I usually end up taking only 2 pills instead of 4, I have noticed a decrease in both the frequency and severity of my headaches (possibly migraines-my headaches typically reach a point of horrendous pain and nausea). I've read that magnesium supplements can help curb chocolate cravings but so far no luck with that, but if my headaches continue to diminish I'll be happy with just that.
5.0 - Migraine help!
Huge difference for my migraines. This brand is best I've found. Sharing with family members also buying it for headaches and neck pain
5.0 - Decreased my migraine frequency significantly after just one month's use!
I have been taking this magnesium for a little over a month now. I had been researching migraines and came across how low magnesium levels can contribute to them, among other things. I previously thought my headaches were triggered by certain foods, but now I'm not so sure. After taking this for a month, I see a huge improvement. I used to get migraines or headaches at least once a week and was keeping a food journal so I'd be prepared to go see a doctor about it. However, I started taking this magnesium and I had one migraine in the past month. I also started re-introducing the foods I thought were giving me migraines and not one has triggered a headache since starting on the magnesium. I feel like I'm getting a better night's sleep and am waking up more refreshed, as well. While I never had any tests done by a doctor to check my magnesium level, I knew I wasn't eating any foods high in magnesium, so it was worth a shot. Starting this supplement was the best thing I ever did.
5.0 - Good Product
I like this brand. It will not give you diarrhea as some Magnesium products can. I use this daily as another way to manage my migraines.
5.0 - Helps backache and hopefully migraines
I bought these to help with migraines. I had been taking magnesium oxide for a while to no avail. After researching magnesium types I found that oxide is basically just a laxative. I only took 3 of these a day for a few months to save money and to ease into taking a new product. I didn't see any improvement so I recently upped the dosage to 5 a day. I space them out and now take 2 of them at bedtime. This is to help my back not hurt. I have a pretty new mattress and must sleep on a memory foam pad too and still wake up with an achy back. Well I'm totally thrilled that taking 2 at bedtime has alleviated my back pain immediately! ! I will have to give it some time to see if it also positively impacts my migraines. But I'm hopefull!
5.0 - The fact for me is prior to my obgyn telling me of an article linking magnesium to migraines and him telling me to give it a shot is that I had terrible optical migraines once a week and now I don't
I started taking this after reading it could help with migraines. I started out taking 2 pills in the am and 2 in the pm and did this for a month. Because I started having a metallic taste in my mouth I dropped the PM dose. I haven't had a migraine since beginning the regiment. Sounds crazy right? I also have kept a close eye on my water intake to a minimum of 64oz am and 64oz pm not including coffe, liquids in foods or drinks consumed with meals. The minimum water consumption monitoring may have done the trick. Who knows. I compete in female bodybuilding figure competitions. I have been a triathlete and marathoner so I am a tune to my body and water consumption. What I am saying is that I wasn't in a state of dehydration which could have caused the migraines. The fact for me is prior to my obgyn telling me of an article linking magnesium to migraines and him telling me to give it a shot is that I had terrible optical migraines once a week and now I don't. That is enough to keep me reordering.
4.0 - The pills are large but easy to swallow and do not upset
I take magnesium to help prevent migraines and for chronic pain. The pills are large but easy to swallow and do not upset. my stomach.
5.0 - Five Stars
Part of my daily regimen to keep migraines at bay.
5.0 - but coated so they're easy to take with water
The pills are a bit large, but coated so they're easy to take with water, and no weird tastes. I only take one per day, since two made me feel not so good. No digestive issues, just kinda shaky/twitchy and panicky. One per day has worked well for me though, and even seems to help with mild constipation, and reduces some spotting at the beginning of my period. I don't think it's had much effect on my migraines... maybe a little bit reduced postdrome, perhaps. In any case, this is the best magnesium supplement I've tried, and you get a good amount for the money.
5.0 - Miracle for my migraines
Purchased this in May 2016 after researching help for my migraines. I take 2 of these and 1 butterbur extract supplement everyday and it has helped tremendously with my migraines I hardly ever get them anymore!
5.0 - Use it for migraines
I take this for migraines. Seems to help so far and I'm sleeping better too!
4.0 - Have made multiple orders
I haven't noticed a difference in my migraines, but I read that the chelated magnesium is the best.
5.0 - Five Stars
I love this! Keeps my migraines regulated, I take 2 everyday religiously.
5.0 - Great for migraines
I get migraines since I have any knowledge. I take 2 pills in the morning and I feel great during the day... no headaches, no bad humor and lots of energy. 100% recommended for migraines
5.0 - I bought this because I read magnesium can help with ...
I bought this because I read magnesium can help with headaches/migraines. It seems to be taking the edge of headaches when they come and seem to be getting less so I'm giving it 5 stars.
5.0 - Five Stars
i bought this to help with migraines. so far it does seem to be helping
4.0 - Decent supplement for migraine
I've been using this for about a month now. I am taking 600 mg per day to see if magnesium will reduce or eliminate migraines. I haven't had one since I started my experiment. However, even with the chelated product, and dividing the dose, I still get diarrhea, especially in the morning. I am going to try and lower the amount I get from this supplement, since I get a fair amount from my diet. Overall, I would say it's a good product.
5.0 - Great for Magnesium supplement & for Heart Health. Not so much for Migraines.
I was taking this to see if it would improve my Migraines. It did seem help for about a month or two. Eventually I didn't see any marked improvement for my Migraines but I still take 2 tablets a day (200 mg) for heart health. This also improves sleep and does not have the bad gastro side effects like some other Magnesium. I would definitely recommend as a magnesium supplement. I now use 325 mg of chewable aspirin and get much better migraine relief than I have had with any other product.
5.0 - Migraine Relief
I suffer from chronic migraines and was told to try Magnesium. I was skeptical but I can't afford to miss too many days at work with my migraines so I thought "why not, I'll try anything at this point". For the past month I've been taking them, I only take 2 tablets in the morning and let me just say, much to my dismay, I have not had a single migraine!!! I hate taking medications so I'm relieved I have not needed my Maxalt and Imitrex prescriptions. I will continue to buy this product and make it a staple in my health routine.
5.0 - Great quality!
I have ordered this product multiple times and love it! It helps me sleep at night and I feel it has helped my migraines.
5.0 - Helps with migraines
I was trying a Magnesium that was considerably more expensive, but this works just as well. I suffer from migraines, and taking at least 400-500 mg per day can be used as a prophylactic. I was getting headaches at least 4 -5 times/week a few months ago, with at least one migraine that would knock me out for the day, sometimes two. I take magnesium once in the morning, and once before bed, and I have seen a significant reduction in migraines. I still get headaches, but maybe 2 a week, and migraines maybe once every 2-3 weeks instead. It's not a cure, but it has reduced the frequency, intensity, and duration of my headaches. .. and for a very reasonable price. I will definitely buy again.
5.0 - The supplement works great and very helpful for relief migraines
The supplement works great and very helpful for relief migraines. It helps me to relax and reduces pain in my legs. It helped with my Restless Leg Syndrome. It also give relief from constipation.
5.0 - Unexpected benefits
I bought these at my neurologist's suggestion for migraine prevention after doing research on which forms of magnesium had the best bioavailability. I've only been taking them for 2 weeks but I can report no migraines have popped up. The unexpected benefit is that it has completely improved my sleep! Working in the medical field and taking call, I've had unreliable sleep schedules for 12 years leaving me with difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep and waking up feeling groggy and still sleep deprived. In 2 weeks of taking a high quality magnesium supplement I now fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, wake up before my alarm clock and have no need for afternoon naps! Will definitely reorder.
5.0 - Love this brand, safe for stomachs
I need to take magnesium daily for anxiety/blood pressure as well as migraines, as it helps with both of those (according to my doctor). However I have IBD and any other form of magnesium gave me "the runs" because it's a laxative. So magnesium chelate was recommended to me. This stuff is awesome. It's formulated to have minimal laxative effect and absorbs very well. I take 2 a day and it's worked wonderfully for me! It's pretty cheap too compared to some other brands, and doesn't have a bunch of junk added to it. :)
5.0 - Five Stars
I honestly feel that this has helped with mild anxiety and occasional migraines.
5.0 - I do recommend this vitamins who ever suffers from migraines
The vitamins really works. Since the time I bought them it really help me a lot . I do recommend this vitamins who ever suffers from migraines.
4.0 - The Dr's Best Magnesium Chelated seems to be better than regular Magnesium
The Dr's Best Magnesium Chelated seems to be better than regular Magnesium. I do seem to have digestive issues while taking this product. I am finding if I take a pill at night I sleep much better. I fall asleep anywhere and everywhere after I take one of these pills in the evening. Let me just say, it works for insomnia. Also, I have early morning waking problems and this helps me get back to sleep faster if I wake up. My doctor suggested MG supplement for migraines. I have been taking this and my migraines seem to have a lesser intensity but the frequency is the same. I have stopped ingesting diet soda altogether because of the aspartame trigger for migraines so the 2 changes seem to have made a bit of difference with the migraine intensity. I don't mind the size of the pills. I'm not sure why so many people have issues with this. I simply take the pill with a drink of water and there is not an issue.
4.0 - May ease Migraine Attacks
My wife uses this along with other vitamin supplements to help with her migraines. She says it works well for her.
5.0 - Five Stars
Easy to swallowed w. Keeps me regular and I think it. Is helping with the frequency of my migraines
5.0 - Five Stars
Great value while also being free of so many nasties. Supplementing daily for severe migraines.
5.0 - I love this supplement!
I've suffered from migraines my whole life, and recently have had issues with anxiety and elevated blood pressure levels from time to time. I didn't think this product was going to work but I can honestly say this has improved my day to day life. I've been migraine free for a month and it takes a lot for me to start feeling symptoms of anxiety. I will definitely keep purchasing this.
4.0 - Will Purchase Again
My migraines have lessened tremendously since starting this supplement. I take one daily.
5.0 - Great for Migraines
Our endocrinologist recommended this formula for better absorption of Magnesium. Also- works wonders with migraines as he recommended!
5.0 - no GI upset
I started using this due migraines. I get random migraines but I also have trigger migraines, triggered from drinking alcohol. It can be wine, liquor or beer, sometimes I get an instance migraine with one sip and sometimes nothing, sometimes it takes 2 drinks vs one sip. My Doctor did recommend trying magnesium, so I bought a random bottle from the grocery store and nothing happened accept it upset my GI. Later I finally did some research and found a site written by a person who also had migraines, who tried various brands and compositions. This is the brand that was suggested. I tried it and it seems to work. I have a sensitive stomach and bowl, I can take 2 in the am and 2 in the PM and it does not affect my GI system. I still get some migraines but I have had significantly less migraines with drinking alcoholic beverages, as long as I am consistently taking the magnesium. As always don't be afraid to talk to to your doctor and make sure it's right for you.
5.0 - Love it!! Best magnesium supplement on market!
This magnesium has been a lifesaver for me! I have migraines and have significantly fewer migraines per month after adding magnesium to my diet. This is the second brand I have tried & I recommend this brand as the harsh side effects that can occur when taking magnesium (potty issues) do not occur.
4.0 - seems to help with migraines
i take magesium to help with migraines. i felt this did help with every day maintenance. i have seen a reduction in the number and severity of my migraines (and i have a fair amount of triggers). there were some bathroom issues the first couple of times i took it. i just made sure to take it in the evening. stopped about 3 days in. recommend to my fellow migraine sufferers.
5.0 - Five Stars
These have worked wonders for my migraines!!!!
5.0 - Very good product! Helps to relax me at night and ...
Very good product! Helps to relax me at night and helps me sleep. Also, reduces my migraines.
5.0 - It does work.....seriously
I bought this due to migraines and vestibular migraine related symptoms. I started taking 500mg a day, after the first day I woke up and felt better already, no brain fog, less off balance feeling, I just felt more like myself. I will continue to take 500mg a day and hopefully I will get better and better. Very fast results for a mineral supplement!
5.0 - Great for migraine sufferers
I have suffered with migraines for decades. I have heard over the years that magnesium has helped people. Then I heard that it's difficult to know if you are deficient in magnesium and that a lot of people are. After trying this I can truly say it has made a difference in the frequency on my migraines. They are not gone all together but I get them less. The pill is not too large, I can take multiple pills in one swollow. No after taste or side effects. Very happy with this product.
5.0 - Five Stars
Working good for my migraines.
5.0 - Migraines and anxiety still under control, 2 years later
I take two twice a day and carry one or two in my purse for emergencies. My husband takes two each morning. I have suffered from migraines for years, both my husband and I suffer from ptsd related anxiety. My doctor recommended magnesium supplementation and this brand. I’ve only made the mistake of running out once and purchased another brand in between, never again. This brand keeps everything in check for us and I’m so grateful we found it.
5.0 - This is the best magnesium supplement I've found
This is the best magnesium supplement I've found. This form of magnesium doesn't give me any GI issues and works great in combination with B2 and CoQ10 to help keep migraines at bay. I take four tabs per day, 2 AM and 2 PM. Great product.
5.0 - Using to help fight migraines
I stared to use this to help with my migraines. It works pretty well!
5.0 - The best Magnesium out there!
This is a high quality supplement and has "cured" me of migraines and panic attacks. I suggest it to everyone with low mag, or the symptoms I was experiencing to take it because it makes such a difference. I have tried other brands, and they don't work as well as this particular branded formula. I'll keep coming back to this one for that reason
5.0 - Been taking these because i have chronic migraines. i ...
Been taking these because i have chronic migraines. i think they have been helping. will continue to take them. anything to help with natural vs the prescription poison.
5.0 - Works great
I THINK this helps my migraines. I used to get migraines 4+ times a week. Now I only get them 4-8 times a month. My Dr prescribed me a gazillion herbs and butterburr was one of them. Gonna stick with them all.
5.0 - they really are easy to swallow
This Magnesium is a life saver. It is just as it says it is. High absorption and it keeps me from getting migraines when several other prescriptions couldn't. No side effects. Also, these are a moderate size tablet and despite their size, they really are easy to swallow. Great product.
5.0 - CURED my chronic migraines.
This is the best magnesium I have ever used. I work at a health food store so I have tried many kinds, even brands that are more expensive like pure encapsulation. These are BY FAR the best. If I could only take one supplement, it would be this. Why? It cured my migraines, ADD, mild anxiety and mild insomnia. If I ever feel a headache coming on, I take two and if is gone almost instantly. I also take these whenever I get a headache from too much sodium or from MSG/yeast extract (which I avoid but it isn't always labeled, especially at restaurants) and it instantly stops my headache from becoming a migraine. I will continue to take this as long as Dr. Best makes it! I'm more than 100% satisfied.

2. MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE CHELATE 150mg | 120 Non-Laxative, High Absorption Vegan Capsules | Bioavailable Caps For Tension, Muscle Cramps, Stress Relief & Sleep | Non GMO Chelated Bisglycinate Supplement

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5.0 - Helps husband sleep better
I have taken various forms of magnesium for many years to help with migraines and mildly elevated BP. For me, this works as well as the magnesium glycinate/lysinate chelate I was using. However, I purchased this thinking the extra glycine content of a pure magnesium glycinate chelate might help my husband sleep better. He has been taking three every evening, and it does seem to be helping. Not a miracle, but a definite improvement.
5.0 - Best magnesium supplement!
This the first and only magnesium supplement I've tried that is easy on my digestive track and doesn't have unpleasant side effects! I'm sleeping better and have fewer migraines!
5.0 - Very good source of pure, un-buffered, Vegan Magnesium!
This is a very good source of pure, un-buffered, vegan magnesium! Magnesium has been a game-changer for me. I've had chronic migraines for more than 20 years, which I have discussed with multiple doctors and I have tried the prescription medications but they either don't work, or the side effects just aren't worth it to me. Sometimes over-the-counter meds will take the edge off, but I have always felt like I am just treating the symptoms instead of finding a solution to the problem. Last year I started taking a multi-vitamin that contained a high level of magnesium and I noticed a drastic improvement in the amount of migraines that I was getting, and the duration. I started looking into magnesium deficiency more and found that it is actually quite common and could also contribute not only to my migraines, but also my joint and muscle pain, anxiety and insomnia. Since then, I have tried many different forms of magnesium supplements, and this is one is definitely one of my favorites.
I was suffering from migraines during the night while sleeping and my doctor said try taking magnesium. There are a few types of Magnesium out there and you have to be careful to make sure your taking this one, as the others can cause Diarrhea. I started taking this one along with a Calcium supplement and the two together caused the same reaction. So I stopped the Calcium supplement and things are fine now. Since I've been on this my migraines have stopped. What a relief as there were getting pretty bad with a few trips to the ER too. I'm very happy I found this. Would recommend, especially to Migraine sufferers.
5.0 - Fewer migraines
I take this for both migraine prevention and heart support. The common magnesium found in most drugstores is not glycinate and not absorbed as readily as glycinate is.
5.0 - Great!
I've switched from magnesium oxide to glycinate and noticed a huge improvement in my monthly migraines. I take 2 capsules at bedtime and they help me sleep better as well. Great product.
5.0 - Works well, feeling great
I am unable to properly metabolize magnesium from my diet and take magnesium glycine as it is so easily absorbed. I have been very happy using Nested Naturals and have found it to be a quality and effective product for my needs. I experience no signs of "digestive distress" while experiencing reduced symptoms of migraines which the primary reason we had discovered the low levels in blood work. I look forward to getting labs run next month to get firm numbers on my levels.
5.0 - Great product
I started taking this for muscle relaxation and to help with migraines and it’s helped with both! Love this stuff!
5.0 - Magnesium
I reviewed many different types of Magnesium and I chose yours because it seemed like the nest choice have. I have migraines and my husband gets leg cramps.
5.0 - Vey effective
This has been very effective in managing my migraines. I take two before bed; helps me relax and no stomach upset.
5.0 - Wonderful for migraines, no side effects at all
My doctor recommended Magnesium to help with my migraines, and suggested this particular formulation because it's less likely to have some of the digestive side effects other more common Magnesium pills. I've been taking these pills for almost a year now, have had no unpleasant side effects whatsoever, and my migraines are less frequent and less severe! Absolutely a fan and I super-recommend you try if you have troubles with headaches.
5.0 - Working well to manage my migraines.
I have been taking magnesium is some form for a couple of years because it is supposed to help with migraines. I accidentally proved this by running out of it and having a terrible month of migraines. Imagine my surprise when my doctor told my my magnesium was still low even though I was already supplementing with it. She explained that Magnesuim Glyconate is a more bioavalable form and I should start taking that instead. So far I haven't had a migraine since I started taking the Magnesuim Glyconate (400mg) from IntraNaturals, I know it is just a matter of time until I get a migraine but I usually have at least one a week. The pills are on the large side but I have no difficulty swallowing them.
5.0 - Great product!!
I've tried other magnesium products to help with migraines, and they worked, but also caused me some gastric problems. This brand works great and doesn't cause any unpleasant side effects. I'm very satisfied with this product and will continue to order it.
5.0 - Highly recommend
I take magnesium to prevent vestibular migraines. Nested Naturals has worked better than any other brands I've used, maybe because it's chelated . I take one capsule every 12 hours and that seems to ward off my vestibular migraines. I fully intend to keep up this regimen as I've been migraine-free since I started taking these a month ago. Also, no GI distress with this brand.
5.0 - Love these!
Love these! I started taking magnesium about a year ago for migraines and sleep issues, but was taking a different one that caused a little too much time in the bathroom 😉 I since then I have learned more about magnesium supplements and what they are paired with. I have been taking these for about a month now & they help me to sleep and have more energy and help with reduced headaches with no bathroom issues. I would highly recommend them!
5.0 - Easy to swallow and it works!
I've been trying different magnesium supplements for many years. While some other brands did work, i couldn't keep choking down the giant pills. I get migraines, have Sjogrins and several other health issues. I've been taking this brand for a couple months and have noticed several differences. My migraines have almost completely stopped, my anxiety is reduced enough I'm off of zanex now, my muscle twitching has stopped and I sleep better. The capsules are easy to swallow, no more choking on horse pills and no bathroom issues. If you are looking for a magnesium supplement, give intraNATURALS magnesium a try!
4.0 - This product was easy to swallow and I have had no GI discomfort ...
I'm taking magnesium to help improve my migraine headaches. This product was easy to swallow and I have had no GI discomfort like I've had with other types of magnesium. However, still getting migraines. Hopefully they will improve over more time taking magnesium.
5.0 - No More Migraines! It feels like a miracle!
My doctor suggested I start taking 400mg of Magnesium twice a day as well as 40-50mg of riboflavin(B2) to help relieve my frequent migraine headaches. I wanted to be sure to buy a product that would be absorbed well because I know different types of Magnesium are absorbed in different ways. Based on the reviews I read on Amazon, I purchased the magnesium glycinate from IntraNaturals even though it was a bit more expensive than other brands because I thought it would be the best chance of having complete magnesium absorption.
5.0 - Magnesium the natural muscle relaxer
Magnesium is so important for many daily body functions. For me I bought it for muscle pain. Magnesium works as a natural muscle relaxer and helps with my muscle caused migraines.
5.0 - Great choice
I was instructed to take Magnesium by my neurologist for my migraines years ago. IntraNaturals is the best I've tried. The other benefits I've encountered are a consistently better sleep and way fewer achy muscles.
5.0 - Good stuff for migraines
What a great product! I began taking this for migraines and it has worked wonders! It has caused no stomach upset at all. The only thing it has done has helped keep me regular which is an added bonus! I plan to keep this as part of my daily routine for a long, long time to come. Highly recommend!
5.0 - Relief after 20 years
My migraines gone, teeth grinding gone, sleep returns, anxiety lowered. (Still carry meds as a backup, but, don't need them just to leave the house.)
5.0 - Five Stars
I've had great results, no problems with the sellers either. Helped with migraines, sleep, anxiety, and focus.
5.0 - Will continue ordering
My wife loves it and uses it for preventative help with migraines and sleep
5.0 - Absolutely helps reduce my Chronic Migraines like nothing else
After doing my own research for my chronic migraine issues (3-4 days of the week), I realized that a few things are very important for migraine being Magnesium. I started using a magnesium spray, but after months of use I did not notice any difference. After some more research I found that Magnesium Glycinate was key for absorption (I also take Vitamin D3, Riboflavin 400 MG and CQ10 daily). I had purchased the PURE brand which worked well, but a little more pricey. After letting a month lapse my migraines started to become more frequent and I realized that the Magnesium was indeed helping. I decided to try IntraNaturals for my next Magnesium Glycinate purchase and I am happy I did. I find that it is a quality product and after taking them daily for about 1 week my migraines are far less frequent. I have not experienced any stomach issues or negative side effects from this product. I plan to continue to purchase as long as price and quality remain affordable. Thank you IntraNaturals for a great supplement.
5.0 - Good stuff
I've been struggling with bad almost daily migraines for a couple years now. I haven't wanted to resort to heavy mediciations as they knock me out and I have a young child and demanding career. I've seen a neurologist, consulted a nutritionist, and pretty much tried everything under the sun from supplements, teas, Otc meds. Finally, by limiting migraine trigger foods I was able to get them decreased but not gone. Under the recommendation of some others, I ordered this, and it seems to have done the trick! Only one migraine in the past 3 weeks since I started taking it! I definitely recommend trying it.
5.0 - Getting enough magnesium is important
Used it as supplement for migraines. Definitely helps.
5.0 - Excellent product!
The first thing that has actually worked to relieve my migraines! Excellent product!
5.0 - Quality product!
I use this magnesium vitamin B2 for migraine prevention. The magnesium helps tremendously! My migraines has decreased since using it. Will definitely make it a part of my daily vitamin regimen.
5.0 - I'm trying this for my migraines. It does seem ...
I'm trying this for my migraines. It does seem to be helping. A major plus is that this magnesium does not give me the gastrointestinal problems other magnesium supplements do.
5.0 - Try this one if others didn't work for you
I took magnesium malate for years and experienced none of the benefits toted by magnesium lovers. I know the different compounds of magnesium have different absorption rates. I tried this one and started sleeping better like I do after a magnesium bath. Give this one a shot! Plus, the company notified me after ordering one that if I left a review they would send me a free bottle. The free bottle arrived before I had even been back to Amazon. I don't leave reviews until I've had enough time to evaluate, so I thought that they were very generous in sending it without verification. Now that I'm through the first bottle, I still have migraines but am continuing to sleep better, which makes it worth it!
5.0 - Migraine relief
Though there are many benefits to magnesium, I mainly ordered this in hopes it would help lessen my husband's migraines. He's been taking this consistently for about a month now and his "Sunday headaches" have almost entirely disappeared. For months, it was a given that if he didn't get enough sleep or even slept during hours outside his normal routine, he would have a migraine the next day. I'm not a doctor and can't say for sure this is what has alleviated them, but it certainly seems to be. So thankful for this product!
5.0 - Five Stars
Great pure product! I take this supplement to avoid migraines.
5.0 - Will help your migraines
Okay, so I have tried MANY different magnesiums for my migraines and I have to say out of all 20 different brands, forms and dosage this works THE BEST. Also, they don't provide prime shipping, but don't let that stop you because I still received my package within the "prime" time period. Excellent product, a must try.
5.0 - Win-Win!!
Adding magnesium to my daily routine has significantly decreased the amount of migraines I have. This brand is the only one I have found that does not upset my bowels!!!!
5.0 - Love this product
Love this product! I've suffered with fatigue and migraines for years. I've been taking this for a little over 2 weeks and I feel great! My headaches are almost completely gone
5.0 - Great product!.
I just started taking this product last month but so far I really like it. I am using it as part of a protocol to help curb migraines and while it's too soon to tell if that will work, this product goes down easily and causes no side effects like many other magnesium supplements. Will definitely be reordering.

3. Solgar Magnesium Citrate, Highly Absorbable, Promotes Healthy Bones, Non-GMO, Suitable for Vegans, 120 Tablets

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5.0 - Helps with migraines
I have been using this for about 6 months and it has reduced my migraine attacks. I used to have 4 episodes per week and these have cut them back to around 4 per month. And as a bonus they are not nearly as severe now.
4.0 - Needs just a little change...
The packaging, seller and shipping are great! But it can be hard to swallow large pills. I can swallow quite a few other pills ok, but the shape/design of these needs to be changed so no one chokes on them. I bought these to help with migraines and they really help!
5.0 - Helps with Migraines
I was having terrible migraines after I gave birth to my daughter. Several people suggested Magnesium and since taking them (and regular visits to the chiropractor), I have not had another migraine. Thank goodness! I hear a lot of women have a magnesium deficiency. So glad I heard about these!
5.0 - Works for me
I take these to help with migraines. I have been using them for almost 1 year. It has cut back on the frequency of the headaches.
5.0 - Replacing magnesium oxide that I bought by accident
I am liking the magnesium citrate over the magnesium oxide I was taking. My doctor told me to take magnesium (400 mg) daily to help combat my migraines, but didn't specify what type of magnesium I was getting 6-8 migraines a month, some lasting a couple days. Since I've been taking the magnesium the frequency of my migraines have gone down to 2-3 migraines per month, and they are not as severe. I also like that the magnesium citrate is helping to keep my digestive system going. It's only been a couple days on the citrate, but my digestive track is moving better. I had no such luck with the oxide.
5.0 - Helps treating migraines
I am dealing with severe migraines. Since I've been taking this product my migraines have almost stopped. I would not want to run out of this product ever again.
5.0 - Works well
I have been using this for muscle pain and eye twitching and boy does it work well. Just recently my daughter's neurologist suggested she start taking 1 to 2 pills a day for her chronic migraines. It hasn't completely resolved them, but they are much more manageable when she gets them and do not last nearly as long as they used to. I have had to adjust my dosage on occasion, but I would definitely recommend this to others who might be low in magnesium. Great product!
5.0 - Magnesium is essential for good health but most Americans are deficient
The mineral magnesium is largely overlooked as a nutrient which is essential for good health. Most doctors and laboratories don't even include magnesium status in routine blood tests. Thus, most doctors don't know when their patients are deficient in magnesium, even though the majority of Americans are deficient in magnesium. And magnesium deficiency is very important. In fact, magnesium deficiency is a significant factor -- often the major factor -- in many severe illnesses including heart attacks and other forms of heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, fatigue, diabetes, migraines and other headaches, osteoporosis, insomnia, and most cases of muscular problems. Because magnesium deficiency is largely overlooked, millions of Americans suffer needlessly from the foregoing ailments or are having their symptoms treated with expensive drugs (which often have unpleasant or dangerous side effects) when many could be cured with magnesium supplements such as this.
5.0 - Great highly absorbed, cost effective, easy to take Magnesium supplement!
Love this magnesium citrate! It is very well absorbed and easy to use as you only have to take 1 tablet in AM and 1 tablet in PM and you've me the USRDA (US Recommended Daily Allowance) (USRDA for magnesium is 400mg)(each tablet is 200mg). This product is also very cost effective. It is around $14 and that is for a two month supply, so it costs basically $7 per month to protect against anxiety, depression, restless leg syndrome, eczema, psoriasis and headaches/migraines, allergies, fibromyalgia pain, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, and heart disease.
5.0 - Great migraine headache helper
Been taking magnesium citrate for years for migraines. I take 400 mg a day and after a few months the headaches were milder and fewer. This brand is priced good and one tablet is the 400mg dose. I use to take 4 100mg tablets. I will buy these from now now. They definitely help with the migraines.
5.0 - Solgar - Magnesium Citrate works quite well after my workout ...
Solgar - Magnesium Citrate works quite well after my workout to help my muscles to relax and calm down and also helps lessen muscle soreness. It also helps my daughter’s migraines to ease up and stop all together.
5.0 - Improved Quality of Life!
I'm finishing up my second bottle and I have to say I feel like my quality of life has greatly improved. I have suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember. I know what my triggers have been since high school (lack of caffeine, waiting too long to eat, strong smells, alcohol) but one of them is completely unavoidable - I get very bad menstrual migraines. As I have gotten older (in my late 20s now) they have gone from a half-day, sleep it off, wake up fine the next day migraines to terrible migraines that I wake up with and they last for 4 days with me barely functioning. I have tried every OTC migraine medicine, sometimes with success, but then whatever I was using would stop working. I was finally at the end of my rope and ready to go see a neurologist but instead decided to look up things that would help take care of the migraine before it even started. Enter this product.
5.0 - No More Migraines
The migraines that I suffered with for 17 years completely disappeared once I began taking these. I highly recommend Magnesium Citrate to anyone suffering from migraines.
5.0 - Excellent alternative treatment for migraines
After reading a wealth of research about the effective use of Magnesium for treating migraines (including the book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Migraines), I decided to try it for myself. It took some time to find the right product, however, as you need to use a form of Magnesium that ends in "-ate" (and avoid those that end in "-ide," such as Magnesium Oxide). I found this Solgar brand, which contains Magnesium Citrate, in the natural foods section of my grocery store. The product shown here contains 200 mg tablets, which is what I buy, but amazon also sells a 400 mg tablet version, which is the recommended daily dosage for migraine treatment (I just take two of the 200 mg). Once I began taking the recommended dose (and avoided taking it with Calcium, which interferes with Magnesium absorbtion), I saw a dramatic reduction in the frequency of my migraines over the course of 1-2 months. The authors of the book mentioned above recommend using Magnesium in conjunction with two other substances, B2 (Riboflavin) and the herb Feverfew, but Magnesium alone has worked extremely well for me. Highly recommended!
5.0 - Amazing stuff
I have a slew of digestive issues. Fructose intolerance, lactose intolerance, awful IBS-c (constipation), and bloat. My GI doc prescribed me Amitiza...a very expensive drug that also had so many bad side effects. The drug stopped working after about 3 weeks so I was back to awful IBS symptoms. Well, after much research, I read that magnesium is great for constipation. So in February 2013, I bought this stuff at Whole Foods and started taking 2 pills (400mg) a night. It's now May 2013 and I have had the happiest guts. I also do follow the Paleo diet but even diet alone isn't always kind to my guts. This is a great supplement. On top of the relief of my IBS issues, I've noticed I haven't had a headache in months. I also get occasional migraines but have persistent headaches almost daily and I realized I don't have that anymore! It's also supposed to help with sleep issues but I haven't felt any difference in that. I definitely also feel my mood has been more positive and not sure if that's the magnesium but I have a feeling it helps. So yes, I'd highly recommend it but also take it consistently!
5.0 - Works well for constipation
Wow, reading the reviews, people are expecting this little supplement to cure a lot of things. Personally, I can say that one tablet a night will keep you regular as can be. I'm not sure if it helps with my migraines, because I started Topamax about the same time, but I guess it doesn't hurt. I do sleep well too, but again, there are other variables.
5.0 - Helps with eye twitches, leg cramps, migraine and dizziness
I’ve been using magnesium for years for eye twitches, Charlie horse leg cramps, migraines, and dizziness. I take it at night before bed and it also helps me to get a restful nights sleep. Slogan brand is great quality and one of my preferred brands.
4.0 - Good product
Good product, helps with leg cramps and migraines both of which I am prone to.
5.0 - Excellent alternative treatment for migraines
After reading a wealth of research about the effective use of Magnesium for treating migraines (including the book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Migraines), I decided to try it for myself. It took some time to find the right product, however, as you need to use a form of Magnesium that ends in "-ate" (and avoid those that end in "-ide," such as Magnesium Oxide). I found this Solgar brand, which contains Magnesium Citrate, in the natural foods section of my grocery store. The particular form I buy contains 200 mg tablets, but this version sold by amazon is even better, as it contains 400 mg tablets, which is the recommended daily dosage for migraine treatment. Once I began taking the recommended dose (and avoided taking it with Calcium, which interferes with Magnesium absorbtion), I saw a dramatic reduction in the frequency of my migraines over the course of 1-2 months. The authors of the book mentioned above recommend using Magnesium in conjunction with two other substances, B2 (Riboflavin) and the herb Feverfew, but Magnesium alone has worked extremely well for me. Highly recommended!
5.0 - Five Stars
woked pretty good on preventing migraines.
5.0 - Less ibprofen less migranes happy wife. I'm sold for life
I'm buying stock in Magnesium. My wife has suffers from migraines since the age of six. She started taking this and her everyday migraine was considerably less and less. Less ibprofen less migranes happy wife. I'm sold for life. No doctor recommended this she did her research bc we didn't want lots of medication for her. Give it try I hope it works just as well for you.
5.0 - Excellent alternative treatment for migraines
After reading a wealth of research about the effective use of Magnesium for treating migraines (including the book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Migraines), I decided to try it for myself. It took some time to find the right product, however, as you need to use a form of Magnesium that ends in "-ate" (and avoid those that end in "-ide," such as Magnesium Oxide). I found this Solgar brand, which contains Magnesium Citrate, in the natural foods section of my grocery store. The particular form I buy contains 200 mg tablets, but this version sold by amazon is even better, as it contains 400 mg tablets, which is the recommended daily dosage for migraine treatment. Once I began taking the recommended dose, I saw a reduction in the frequency of my migraines over the course of 1-2 months. The authors of the book mentioned above recommend using Magnesium in conjunction with two other substances, B2 (Riboflavin) and the herb Feverfew, but Magnesium alone has worked extremely well for me. Highly recommended!
5.0 - Five Stars
Has helped my migraines a lot!

4. Magnesium L Threonate Capsules (Magtein) - High Absorption Supplement - Most Bioavailable Form - 2,000 mg - 100 Capsules

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5.0 - Five Stars
Very effective for my migraine headaches. I take at night to help with sleep. No side effects. I stopped taking for a couple of nights, and both times, I awoke with AM migraines. I highly recommend this product!
5.0 - Love!
This stuff is strong. I have adrenal issues, migraines and fibromyalgia and read how this type of magnesium can help...not to mention my poor sleep. I started with two and I’m knocked out in 30ish minutes. I upped it to three at night and I feel that even my mood is better the next day.
4.0 - Four Stars
This worked great to help manage my migraines. It also helps me sleep better.
5.0 - Worth the money!
I have been using this form of magnesium for 60 days now and have noted a significant decrease in the number of incidences of migraines I experience. Regardless of one's intent in supplementation, this is the only form of magnesium one should invest in as it is the only form that can cross the blood-brain barrier.
5.0 - Excellent product
My neurologist recommended a magnesium supplement as part of a migraine prevention plan. I decided to try this particular magnesium product after reading reviews. I have been using it for a month. My migraines have decreased in frequency and intensity, and I feel like my cognitive function, sleep quality, and ability to handle stressors have improved as well. I only take the dose of 2 capsules in the evening, and I have not experienced any bowel issues.
5.0 - Great for migraines.
Great product! Helps with my migraines, sleep too and no stomach issues at all!
5.0 - Highly recommend!
Great magnesium! Easy to swallow for my children who are magnesium deficient. I highly recommend! Also helps migraines and calming the body at night for restful sleep!
5.0 - Helps with my migraines.
I've suffered with migraines since my teens. Debilitating, to say the least. From reading different articles and books about migraines, I learned that one common denominator for a lot of migraine sufferers is a lack of magnesium. So, in doing further research, I discovered a lot of migraineurs were getting good results when using this product, Magnesium L-Threonate. I've tried every supplement and drug under the sun to keep my migraines at bay, so I figured I'd give this one a shot. What did I have to lose? So, I've been using this product for six months now and, to put it as plainly as possible, it works for me. The frequency of my chronic migraines has lessened to a noticeable degree over the last few months. While not completely stopping them, I now no longer have multiple migraines per week. And, as an added benefit, I seem to be sleeping better at night and I have less of a "brain fog" than I had before. In retrospect, I wish I had found this supplement earlier, but I'm glad that I finally did find it.
5.0 - Peri Menopause Insomnia and Migraines
I've taken this Magnesium L Threonate for 2 months. I bought this brand because of the reviews and no magnesium sterates. I have peri-menopause insomnia and migraines. I believe this product has helped because I am sleeping better and for the first time in 11 years I have not had a monthly migraine. I take 2 pills at night time, 4 pills made me feel dizzy in the morning.
5.0 - Good source
Great magnesium source and helps prevent migraines and a more peaceful sleep without diarrhea as citrate causes
5.0 - Migraine relief!
This is a good quality supplement! Helps with my migraines and also relaxes me at bedtime! Will purchase again.
5.0 - Definitive Sleep Aid with No Side Effects
I’m trying this for three things: migraines, better sleep and anxiety. Another company stopped making my magnesium for migraines, so I bought this. I have yet to take the full recommended dose. I have had GI problems with many supplements, so working up slowly. The 2 at night definitely help with sleep. May be preventing migraines, anxiety still up in the air. But I just ordered two more bottles and up to 2 at night, 1 in morning. So I think it’s definitely doing something or I wouldn’t have ordered more. I can’t speak as to better mental clarity. A lot of health issues, a lot going on. But better sleep certainly helps with that!
4.0 - Helped to eliminate my migraines. Do not get muscle ...
Helped to eliminate my migraines. Do not get muscle cramps while training JIu-Jitsu as I would occasionally before taking this. Minor improvement in my insomnia but I still need something else there as well.
5.0 - Great absorption!!
I love this product! The absorption is amazing with no GI issues at all. It has helped me with migraines and muscle tension.
5.0 - I loved it. My sleep improved and my headaches were ...
I originally bought this product because I have migraines and was getting off the prescription medicine. I had always taken a magnesium supplement but since this new form was available, I thought I'd give it a try. I loved it. My sleep improved and my headaches were less. I shared it with my daughter and husband. She has restless legs and it has helped her to sleep through the night without taking her RLS prescription medicine. My husband is also sleeping more soundly. Bonus! Needless to say we are big fans of magnesium L threonate.
5.0 - Helps with sleep
I take a lot of magnesium for migraines and added this to my supplements. I found an immediate benefit, especially with being able to relax and fall asleep at night. I will keep this product in my regimen.
5.0 - Migraine Prevention Wonder
Doubkewood's magnesium l-threonate is the only reason I don't have to take daily meds to control my chronic migraines. It's really saved me! I highly recommend it.
5.0 - Helped reduce headache frequency !
We are very health conscious but I found our multivitamin had a very small amount of magnesium in it and also read many people are deficient . My husband has been suffering from horrible migraines /cluster headaches ( the doctors did not give an exact diagnosis ) about 4-5 days a week and I read magnesium deficiency could be the culprit . It was worth a shot because the medications weren’t cutting it and he is only allowed 6 a month per insurance guidelines . Plus I believe in prevention/ holistic health so I want to get to the bottom of these headaches rather than try to mask them.

5. NOW Magnesium Citrate 400 Milligram 120 Veg Capsules, 2 Pack

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5.0 - Five Stars
I take these to help combat my migraines
5.0 - As described
Just like the grocery store version but less expensive. I use it to help my migraines. Trying to cut down on the supplement brings them back.
5.0 - Excellent value
I take magnesium as preventive care for migraines, but have also found a benefit relative to that sensitive topic of "regularity." One tablet in the morning and another before bedtime seems to take care of both issues.
5.0 - Great. Migraines are gone.
My cardiologist is the one who recommended this brand and pill when I mentioned migraines. I have rarely got one since starting on these one pill a day.
5.0 - Help for Migraines and Chronic constipation
The only magnesium citrate I've tried that is easy enough to swallow and works.
5.0 - The real deal
It works for keeping migraines at bay, not all brands do.
5.0 - These have many uses
I read about magnesium supplements while looking into migraine treatments. I take 3 pills morning and again in the evening to help keep migraines at bay. I still have them but I feel these are helping the frequency.
4.0 - So much easier to swallow then tablets!
These magnesium capsules are so much easier to swallow then tablets! I take 2 a day to reduce muscle cramps and spasms and migraines. I have not taken them long enough to tell if there is a difference in effectiveness compared to tablets but the fact that I can swallow them without choking is a huge plus.
5.0 - Awesome Magnesium Citrate
Magnesium is so good for you for numerous reasons. I notice a major difference in my mood, sleep, and the number of migraines I have. Great supplement! Transdermal magnesium is also an excellent way to take magnesium.
5.0 - Headache?
I started taking Magnesium after advice from my neurologist. I suffer from pretty frequent migraines and even with my Depakote for prevention and Imitrex for when I actually get one I was still having "break through" migraines. Since starting the magnesium I have had less headaches! Make sure you take this at a different time than your multivitamin as some vitamins counteract one another and you would be doing this all in vain. :) Hope this helps!
5.0 - helped with my migraines and neck pain
Helps with my neck pain and migraines. Worth a shot for anyone who has migraines, in my opinion.
5.0 - Migraine Sufferers must try this with 400 mg of B2
This is a great product! I was having 4-5 migraines a week. The Migraine meds would only slightly take the edge off. Not only that, on the days I didn't have a Migraine, I still had a headache. My neurologist recommended taking 400 mg of Riboflavin along with 400 mg. of Magnesium every night. This was 5 months ago. I have only one headache that I thought might turn into a migraine but I just took regular Ibuprofen and it went away. I am headache and migraine free. I was very skeptical. I remember looking at my neurologist, thinking, "yeah right buddy, maybe getting a pet unicorn will help too". So glad I tried it anyway.
5.0 - changed my life
As for everyone who is complaining that 500 mg is 3 the labels before you buy..a lot of pills work this way. The 3 pills works for me because i take a pill morning, noon, and night instead of 500 mg at once. I have suffered from daily migraines since puberty that has severely affected my life. I've tried many preventatives, acupuncture, cranial sacral, and many more. Nothing works. I settled into a life of taking zomig a few times a week. I have even taken magnesium with calcium and a drink form. I'm glad I gave it another try with these pills. I did read that mag with calcium affects its absorption. I take 3 of these a day and I hardly get any more headaches. Maybe one a week if I have alcohol. I have also tried cutting chocolate and nuts out of my diet. Migraines are all about your threshold, if it is high than it can be triggered a lot more easily. I would say these definitely work to make you less susceptible. And I sleep so much better. I used to panic if I didn't have a migraine pill on I panic when i'm running low on these.
5.0 - Get migraines? This might help!
I started taking these supplements after a pharmacist friend recommended them to help prevent migraines. I take one daily, and it definitely seems to have decreased the frequency of my migraines. It hasn't stopped them altogether, but I can certainly tell I have gotten them less often since I started taking them consistently. I also recently started a keto diet and it was recommend that people take magnesium to help replenish electrolytes while on the diet. Makes me glad I was already taking them!
5.0 - Received quickly
Not really sure what to write... Received quickly. I take to help with migraines.
5.0 - Great all around mineral to take daily
I THINK this helps my migraines. I used to get migraines 4+ times a week. Now I only get them 4-8 times a month. My Dr prescribed me a gazillion herbs and magnesium was one of them. Gonna stick with them all. Recently my womanly Dr also suggested magnesium for woman helath issues...
5.0 - No longer have migraines
I used to have occasional migraines. After taking one pill each night for 3 months, I have not experienced a migraine since.
5.0 - Mineral against Migraines
If you've ever had a migraine,you kniw pain,disorientation,confusion,sensivity to light. Test showed I was deficient. I also know thr more of a product you can buy at a sensiable price saves money,while not sacrificing quality. I cut way down on migraine frequency,which is exactly what I wanted to acheive.

6. Pure Encapsulations - Magnesium (Glycinate) - Supports Enzymatic and Physiological Functions* - 180 Capsules

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5.0 - I've been taking this for a couple months now. ...
I've been taking this for a couple months now. It has helped my migraines!! I now get maybe 1 a month instead of 1-2 a week!
5.0 - Great Product
Love these!!! I started taking these because of my migraines and they have helped tremendously! I love that they have great absorption rates and none of the unnecessary additives.
5.0 - Five Stars
Helps reduce migraines since lack of magnesium can trigger them
5.0 - This product has almost stopped my wife's migraines of 68 years!
My wife has had Migraines for 68 years and this is the only thing that has helped and almost stopped her migraines. She is extremely grateful and relieved to be free of the debilitating pain of migraines.
5.0 - seems to be helping
Seems to be cutting down the number of migraines I get per month. I read that if you take double your weight in mgs of magnesium per day - (only the glycinate) it will ease up the # of migraines. Seems to be helping me. Hope it helps others, too.
5.0 - Good product. Use it for my son
Good product. Use it for my son, who suffers from migraines, together with other products, and he has not had a migraine since.
4.0 - Calming headache relief
I've been taking these to help with my migraines and ADHD symptoms, and they certainly seem to help. Not a cure, but a help. (Note: Magnesium does not help as an abortive headache cure, but rather as a preventative; I have somewhat fewer headaches/migraines while taking Mg consistently than I did before.)
5.0 - Unbeatable, Dependable Quality
I started taking Pure Encapulations Magnesium Glycinate years ago for migraines and it worked like a dream. I recently tried a couple other brands strictly for convenience and began to have auras...the last one blooming into a full blown migraine. After being migraine free for around 10 years, I didn't need any more motivation to return to Pure. I love this product!
5.0 - Better than other brands
My neurologist recommended taking a magnesium supplement & I took the maximum dose of another brand only to find that my blood work still showed low levels. I switched to this type & brand with very good success. My RLS & migraines have significantly improved. I think my absorption is better.
5.0 - Have purchased multiple times
My daughter and I discovered magnesium helps prevent migraines but most capsules are a 250 or 500 mg dose, which is too strong for us (we both weigh around 100 lbs). This is the perfect dosage for us and came recommended by a trusted local naturopathic practitioner.
5.0 - This works.
We have been getting Pure Magnesium for a few years now, usually from another site but just found it on Amazon for cheaper. If you are deficient on Magnesium or get migraines, you should definitely thy this out.
5.0 - 5 years with very good results for my anxiety
I have been taking Magnesium for the past 1.5 years with very good results for my anxiety, sleep and most importantly my migraines. I used to have several migraines each month where I lost speech, some vision and often numbness. I am happy to report that I have only had a few migraines the last several months and those were times I did not take my magnesium regularly.
4.0 - Help for migraines
Bought for daughter. She seems to be migraine free so far.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great for migraines and stress relief
5.0 - "Pure" indeed
I like that it contains a minimum of ingredients. My 10-year old son takes this on the advice of a neurologist, along with Vitamin B-2 (which I suspect is the most important) and Vitamin D-3. The combo of these 3 vitamins has reduced his migraines from several times a week to about once a week. He weighs about 90 pounds and takes 1 magnesium capsule per day. Unlike other reviewers, he has not found that magnesium makes him sleepy, but we still have him take it towards the end of the day.

7. Life Extension Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate - 90 Vegetarian Capsules

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5.0 - The BEST. Love this stuff.
This stuff is wonderful. It contains several different types of magnesium, so I know my body is getting what it needs. Most people are actually deficient in this vitamin, which can cause sleep issues, migraines, cramps, anxiety, etc. Your body can't absorb the full amount you need each day in 1 big dose, so you have to break it up. As such, I take 1 pill in the AM and 2 in the PM (I take the larger does in the evening to help with sleep).
5.0 - Suffer from migraines?
I suffer from migraines several times a week. This product was recommended to me and I have seen a significant decrease in the number and severity of my headaches. I recommend try’s by it if you suffer from migraines. It’s worth a try!
5.0 - Best form of magnesium for migraines.
This supplement is so helpful for migraines that it is worth the extra cost to purchase this form of magnesium. Try it for a couple months along with the brain shield product from life extension and see if it helps you. Life extension has an article about using these two together and I have found the combination very helpful.
5.0 - Five Stars
helps me to sleep better, think better and not get as many migraines
5.0 - 3 pills was a little much on my digestive system so 2 before bed turned out to be just fine. Will continue with this
I have been a troubled sleeper with migraines my whole life and this has been a game changer for me. I think I have fewer migraines because I sleep through the night. I even generally feel calmer and more centered. 3 pills was a little much on my digestive system so 2 before bed turned out to be just fine. Will continue with this.
5.0 - Recommend
Wonderful product . Helps w migraines in addition to taking vitamin B2. This is the only Form of magnesium that can penetrate the blood brain barrier. My integrative doctor recommended and takes it himself.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great for migraines!
5.0 - Five Stars
This is the ONLY product, natural or pharmaceutical that has helped control my migraines. MUST TRY!!
5.0 - No Fog
I have had migraines for 50 years on and off.
5.0 - She sleeps better and has less muscle aches
This magnesium has almost single handedly eliminated my wife's migraines which she used to have weekly. She sleeps better and has less muscle aches. By far the best magnesium out there that we have tried for this.
5.0 - Five Stars
helps with my migraines
4.0 - Good product
I get migraines. Lots of them I take this as part of my preventative protocol. Since I switched to this form of magnesium I've not had the loose bowel issue that I get with the other forms of magnesium. It is also more effective. It has cut the migraine frequency from 5-6 days a week to 4 days. It is more expensive then the other forms but I also take a much lower dose than I need with the others.

8. Nature's Way 13100 Ginger Root; 1.1 gram Ginger Root per serving; Non-GMO Project Verified; TRU-ID Certified; Gluten-Free; Vegetarian; 100 Capsules

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5.0 - Chronic Migraines
I have chronic migraines and forever nauseous. I have been taking one ginger pill everyday for a week and have not had to take any medications. THIS IS A WONDERFUL natural way of stopping nauseousness!
5.0 - migraine helper
works great for migraines and also alkaline
5.0 - Migraine Relief
It has been a good product. I began taking the product to prevent migraines, which it has not entirely, but it has improved my situation by lessening the pressure on most days and lessening the frequency of the migraines. It has proven effective for my daughter in providing relief when she has experienced migraines.
5.0 - These ginger caps really work for a frequent nausea sufferer!
These ginger capsules are one of the only remedies we have found which really work for my teenage son's intense nausea. He suffers from "abdominal migraines" which are 24-48 hour episodes of a headache accompanied by nausea and/or vomiting. We have tried Pepto Bismol, wristbands, ginger chews, ginger snaps, ginger tea, ginger beer and ginger ale, as well as other ginger capsules, and have found that this particular brand provides the most relief from the nausea. Also, when he is nauseous, he is reluctant to eat or drink, making the capsules a much easier option.
4.0 - My wife is suffering migraines and recently started to come ...
My wife is suffering migraines and recently started to come with nausea and dizziness, instead of getting her more medication I got her this Ginger Capsules to see if her symptoms improved and they did, now very seldom she gets nausea nor dizziness.
4.0 - Great for nausea, failed for migraines
Sooooo doesn't work on migraines. Really failed at that. A big fail at that. But as someone with chronic migraines and other health issues, I have to take giant handfuls of pills several times a day and many of my medications can be rough on my stomach. All of my nausea is gone, just poof. Ginger tea never worked very well for me for this, and so yes, moving up to capsules is worth it if you need help with nausea. I also haven't had any nausea related to migraine pain since I got these, which is a relief since promethazine can be a huge bummer to take. I have migraines that can progress to causing vomiting for hours, so that's pretty impressive stuff that it works as well as promethazine.
5.0 - Working great for my migraines
Arrived as expected. I'm actually using this to treat my migraines, instead of my triptans. I can't believe it is actually working, but it is. It may take more than one sometimes, but I've actually been able to reduce my triptan use - yay!
5.0 - I have never felt this good it gives me lots of energy and my migraines ...
I have never felt this good it gives me lots of energy and my migraines have went away and the only thing I have done differently was take these ginger root capsules. Will by again soon
5.0 - Migraine relief!
Great for nausea and for migraines!
5.0 - My doctor recommended them
As part of an alternative pain management program my doctor recommended these capsules. My daughter uses them to help with her migraines and they have been less severe.
5.0 - including many powerful prescription drugs with horrible side effects
I've suffered from migraines for 20 years. The triptans work 90% of the time to stop my migraines once they start, which is what has kept me functional, but about 5 years ago, I started getting migraines 3-4 times a week. I tried just about everything to reduce the frequency, including many powerful prescription drugs with horrible side effects. Only two things worked. Botox injections and these caplets. Botox got me down to two migraines/week, but with the ginger, one in the morning and one at night, I've down to 3-4 a month. It is fantastic! And the side effects are all good! The Botox got ride of my forehead wrinkles. The general anti-inflammatory properties of the ginger seem to have reduced a lot of general aches and pains in addition to helping with the migraines. There is more and more research coming out saying that plants in the ginger/tumeric family help with migraines in addition to arthritis and stomach problems. If you are a migraineur, it is worth a try.
5.0 - Good Price
Been taking these in conjunction with supplements for migraines and have had success. Don't know if its due to the combination or ginger specifically, but ginger is good for you anyway, so I will keep taking it.
5.0 - Seems to help ease migraines
I bought this to help control my frquent migraines. At this point I can't really say how effective it is but it does seem to help. My wife has taken it for idigestion and it seems to help.

9. Life Extension Migra-EezeTM Standardized Butterbur-Ginger-Riboflavin Formula 60 Softgels (Pack of 2)

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5.0 - All of the ingredients were recommended as supplements by my neurologist
All of the ingredients were recommended as supplements by my neurologist. Seems to decrease the frequency of my migraines when taken twice per day.
5.0 - Helpful
These really seem to help at preventing migraines. I personally only take 1 a day and it works well. Plus it is cheaper. They do turn your pee bright yellow color because they are so strong.
5.0 - Five Stars
My doctor recommended this product for my migraines.
5.0 - Five Stars
very helpful or migraines!
5.0 - Peels reed quickly!
Great stuff can't live without them. It helps my migraines so much.
5.0 - Five Stars
5.0 - ... now and it has helped eliminate most of my bad migraines.
I have used this product for over a year now and it has helped eliminate most of my bad migraines.
5.0 - WORTH IT!
Butterbur has been my migraine friend for a few years now...I have had severe chronic migraines for seventeen years, some lasted over thirty days. I also suffered from chronic daily headaches (not always migraines, but any headache can become a migraine, right?) until MY NEUROLOGIST recommended this herb. It reduced the duration and severity of my headaches better than any of the more than 30 medications I had tried! It does take awhile (3 months, for me) to get into your system and do its thing, but well worth the wait! I am now almost completely off the pain meds and my worst headaches have lasted no more than seven days! For my migraine, butterbur is worth its weight in gold! My doc recommended 150mg daily. I take one in the morning, as the b-vitamin mix keeps me up at night, I take one 75mg pure butterbur before bed, and I can honestly say that although this doesn't work acutely, it does what it is supposed to...keeps that blood flowing smoothly in the brain! Surprisingly, it also helped my Autumn allergies...
5.0 - This supplement was recommended by my neurologist in lieu of a daily preventive ...
This supplement was recommended by my neurologist in lieu of a daily preventive drug for my chronic migraines. So far it has reduced the frequency, duration, and severity of migraine headaches for me.
5.0 - ... my headaches have diminished or have not been as bad. Definitely worth a try for someone with migraines
since taking this along with magnesium my headaches have diminished or have not been as bad. Definitely worth a try for someone with migraines.
5.0 - Only product that prevents my migraines.
The only product that has helped with my frequent migraines. Forgot to take it for a couple days and my migraines came back, so know it works to prevent them. Life Extension has some unique formulations. Also love their CardioPeak.

10. Petadolex 75 mg patented PA-free butterbur root extract - 1 Bottle

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5.0 - Works great
One of the best natural products I have found for migraines
5.0 - The frequency of migraines has been greatly reduced since taking ...
The frequency of migraines has been greatly reduced since taking Petadolex. I went from at least 2 per month to only 4 in 12 months!
5.0 - Helped me!
Seemed to help. I had a 30 day run of migraines almost every day (granted, it was a high stress time of grieving) and after taking this religiously twice a day the migraines disappeared. Now it's some months later and I'm still taking it. They are expensive, but having migraines is ghastly.
5.0 - It works !!!
Twice per day keeps the migraines away !!!
5.0 - Works well for me if I take it every day.
My doctor recommended this to me at the end of 2017, because I was back to getting 3-4 migraines a month. I started taking 1 75mg pill a day.
5.0 - Migraine gone
The migraines went from a daily thing to about once every three weeks. It's like getting a life back
5.0 - Works For My Migraines 4 Years
Been taking this product for 4 years now and would not be without it. I still have to take the 150mg each day as I have tried dosing down and it was not effective in keeping my migraines from flaring up as much.
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