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1. Jarrow Formulas Bone-Up, Promotes Bone Density, 360 Caps

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5.0 - Reverses Osteoporosis
An elderly friend recommended this after having had bone density tests done on her heel which showed definite improvement in density after taking this product.
5.0 - Regular user
Since I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis, instead of the regular Calcium this is what I take. I like it a lot.
5.0 - Reversed my osteopenia
My sister-in-law told me about Bone-Up. She took it for a year and reversed her osteopenia to normal bone density - without making any other changes (she was already working out daily). So I decided to try it since I had osteopenia (bordering on osteoporosis - bad scores!), and have been taking Bone-Up for about 3 years now. After taking Bone-Up for a year, I had another DEXA scan done. And, yes, my osteopenia had been reversed, and my bone density is now normal. Today, at 52 years of age, I still have normal bone density. This stuff works!! Oh, and it does not cause constipation or any stomach issues.
4.0 - Good formula for women
Good anti osteoporosis product.. I only take 2-3 per day.
5.0 - Five Stars
This and vitamin D keep me from getting osteoporosis.
4.0 - You have to take 6 a day, but the whole bone suite is included
My mother was recently diagnosed with pre-osteoporosis, and then actual osteoporosis (at 68). So I went and got a bone scan (I am 45) and started looking for calcium pills.
5.0 - Great calcium supplement.
I have osteoporosis and have been using Bone up for years with good results. Great calcium supplement. Subscribe and save is a great way to go. Give this product a try.
5.0 - So far so good.
My scan moved from osteopenia to osteoporosis this year. So I started taking the Bone-Up formula. I decided on this formula because of the reviews I'd read here at amazon. I am looking forward to seeing if it makes any difference in my scans in a year or two. I also take their hyaluronic acid and silicon drops.
5.0 - Great for strengthening bones!
While taking Bone-Up for the past couple of years, there was a slight increase in Bone Mass Density (BMD) t-scores rather than a steady decrease with other forms of calcium supplements... It remains to be seen what the long term results will be for me, but I am confident it will be well... Great for osteoporosis. Without getting too technical, it is sufficient to say that it is much safer than osteoclast inhibitors (e.g. zoledronic acid [i.e. Reclast]).
5.0 - Great combo of ingredients
I have osteoporosis, and when I was looking for a calcium supplement, I found Bone-Up. It contains all the other ingredients needed to assimilate the calcium and make it work building bones. I recommend this product.
5.0 - So far so good!!
I was diagnosed with osteoporosis to my surprise. I was told to take a prescription medication for it and refused. I read about Bone-Up and then spoke to a woman doctor I used to go to years ago who told me to forget the prescription and take this. It's inexpensive and I would prefer taking supplements. I am honestly not sure if it is working, but believe in her and my results from my next scan (in a few months) will tell!
5.0 - Literature lover has strong bones at 90
I have been taking this product for the last ten or more years. I had been taking Mezotrace for at least ten years thru my 50s, 60s.....developed osteoporosis, learned Mezotrace didn't assimilate well, then switched to Boneup. Since then, bone scans have actually shown 12% increase in my bone density. Now I am 90 & stand straight, no humps, and walk a mile every day. Bone up is great stuff!
5.0 - This is a Great Product for those who need to Increase their Bone Density
I was informed that I had Osteoporosis.
5.0 - The winner!
I have mild osteoporosis, and my doctor has prescribed that I take at least 1200 mg of calcium per day. She also wants to see me taking at least 800 IU of vitamin D along with it. However, I have been aware for some time that other minerals are instrumental in maintaining bone health. Magnesium is an important mineral that most people are deficient in, and without magnesium, calcium is not properly absorbed. Vitamin K is also needed in small quantities for bone health, along with zinc and boron. Phosphorus is a very important mineral associated with bone mineralization, but it is so abundant in the foods we eat that it is not necessary to supplement it. A quick study of essential minerals for bone health on the Internet has confirmed these findings to me. Common knowledge would have it that calcium citrate as well as other formations of calcium are superior to calcium carbonate, but studies published on the Internet tell me that this is not necessarily true. For most people, all forms of calcium are metabolized OK.
4.0 - I wish I knew.....
I purchased this product based on the recommendation of an Osteoporosis Counselor. After I received it, my mother had her Dr. look at it and she thought it was a good product. I started to get migraines right after I started to take it, then I realized that it contains Soy, a food that I am allergic too and a migraine trigger. I did not see that known allergen warning when I was reading about this product.
4.0 - Great for protecting your bones
I have a rare illness that can cause osteoporosis. Bone-Up is a great solution to keeping my bones healthy as long as possible. My biggest complaint, and the reason I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is that you have to take six pills daily. I take a lot of different vitamins and having to take six Bone-Up pills daily makes it hard to swallow my many vitamins. I really like the Jarrow brand, but because I have to take so many, I think I'm going to look around to see if I can find a vitamin of similar quality that I only have to take one or two pills.
5.0 - Five Stars
Good report from the Dr. Good for my osteoporosis in my back. It helps build bone.
4.0 - Great for preventing osteoporosis but not perfect
I refuse to take osteoporosis medicine because it doesn't build bone and can actually cause more harm than be helpful. This formula is great because it combines many different vitamins to help build and keep bones. I had been taking several of these vitamins separately....but now i just have to reach for this. It saves me from having to think to much....which is helpful!!
5.0 - Great for Strengthening Bones
Provides a great way to naturally build up Bone Mass Density for health bones... much safer than other drugs for treating osteoporosis... Please see my review notes for Jarrow Formulas Bone-Up, 360 Count.
5.0 - BONE UP
I have osteoporosis, and I have found that this product really helps me.
5.0 - This is a wonderful product. I had osteoporosis and was getting broken ...
This is a wonderful product. I had osteoporosis and was getting broken bones (too often) while taking the osteoporosis meds. I quit the meds completely and starting taken Jarrow's Bone-Up. Within about a year my next bone test showed my bones had improved to Osteopenia (a good improvement). I have not had any broken bones since then (hope that continues). Yes, yes, yes. I would recommend this product (and have recommended it to many friends)
5.0 - Jarrow Formulas Bone-up is a very good remedy for osteoarthritis
I trust the Nutricelebrity and only Jarrow Formulas, Jarrow Formulas Bone-up is a very good remedy for osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, osteomyelitis even osteo sarcoma.
5.0 - Jarrow Formulas Bone-up
I bought this product because a friend recommended it. I have been diagnosed with osteopenia and need to be on some kind of medication to prevent it from turning into osteoporosis. My friend's chiropractor recommended it to her. My friend stated that she tried infusions and bi-yearly shots that did not work for her, but this product works with no side effects and is relatively inexpensive so I'm giving it a try.
5.0 - Good Supplement with Necessary Co-Factors
I recently had a Dexa scan done and found I had developed mild osteopenia (precursor to osteoporosis). I have a lot of risk factors for the disease so started on a fairly high end calcium supplement with lots of co-factors to help it work at its peak. That product is 
5.0 - Great for dealing with HBP
This is a fantastic supplement that will help your body remove calcium from arteries and strengthen bone. This is great for anyone with osteoporosis. Please remember if you take any form of supplement make sure you monitor your vitals often. Also remember Doctors are NOT knowledgeable in nutrition. So don't rely on your general practitioner to know anything about these supplements. Speak to a nutritionist or bio chemist
5.0 - It works!
Outstanding product. I have osteoporosis and had been gradually loosing ground for years. Started taking this product and my Doc changed me from a weekly dose prescription to an annual infusion of Reclast. Between the two I now have three years of solid improvement.
4.0 - great for osteoporosis
The product was recommended to me by a rep at a health food store. I was told it could really help with osteoporosis. I am anxious to find out the results of my next bone scan.
5.0 - I had a terrible accident, It was the 4th time I fractured ...
4 years ago, I had a terrible accident, It was the 4th time I fractured a part of my left leg. My Dr. told me that this was mostly due to the fact that I had severe Osteoporosis. My daughter, who worked as manager for a Co.and attended trainin classes in Health Supplements, suggested starting on this product, [Bone-Up] along with a product named BioSil. After 2 years my Bone Density is now in the normal range. and my Orthopedic Surgeon cannot believe it.
5.0 - Osteoporosis Away
Bone-up is a great product. I had osteopenia & began taking Bone-Up everyday. The following year when I had my bone density test, it was so much better - no osteopenia. Thank you Bone-Up !!!
5.0 - Hello Bone-up, bye bye Fosamax
Diagnosed with osteoporosis my physician put me on Fosamax. A friend who was on Fosamax for eight years and still tested positive for osteoporosis told me about this product. Her sister has been on Bone-Up for a year and a recent bone scan revealed a positive increase in bone density.
5.0 - nice supplement
i bought this because robby robinson takes it. i just turned 31 and i hit it hard in the gym 5-6 days a week and have been doing so for the past 10 years. i want to take precautions now so that my body doesn't fall apart later. robby robinson is in his mid to late 60's and he looks phenomenal so i trust his supplementation advice. my squats feel great and my deadlifts feel great - no joint or bone problems to speak of- so if you have problems with osteoporosis or the like i would suggest taking this in order to strengthen up your skeleton.
5.0 - Bone - Up is helping with my osteoporosis in conjunction with exercise on my vibrating platform, and exercise in the sunshine.
Bone-Up has helped add healthy bone mass to my thinning bones when I take it in conjunction with exercise on a vibrating platform and exercise outside in the sunshine.
5.0 - Great product
I have been using this this over a decade and my bone density tests for the past 10 years have always stayed about the same.. I am 66 and have osteoporosis. Two years ago, I stopped Fosamax due to the non-impact fractures it was causing women. I will take another bone density test within 4 months to see what the impact was (removing Fosamax and continuing with Bone-Up). I am hoping it at least stayed the same.
4.0 - great calcium supplement
This was recommended to me by a natural foods rep because I have osteoporosis. It is suppose to help prevent any further damage as well as possibly reverse what has already started. Definitely better than any drug!
5.0 - My Doctor Recommended I get this
I recently was diagnosed with Osteoporosis and besides an Rx my Doctor wants me to take Bone-up daily. It's too soon to tell if it helps but this Doctor has saved my life more than once so I'm willing to try it. The price on Amazon is excellent and now that I know there are no side effects for me, I'm going to be ordering it on a subscription and save even more

2. Garden of Life Raw Calcium Supplement - Vitamin Code Whole Food Calcium Vitamin for Bone Health, Vegetarian, 120 Capsules

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5.0 - Love it. I'm using this calcium over 2 years ...
Love it. I'm using this calcium over 2 years for osteoporosis. I received a better result in my bone density test. My bone density is improved.
5.0 - Great Poduct
I trust this product as I trust my Dr./Nutritionist who added this to my wellness program. I am an osteoporosis candidate and this product seems to be protecting me from any further bone loss. Received order in a timely manner.
5.0 - Works amazing! Keeps me doing well with my osteoporosis
Works amazing! Keeps me doing well with my osteoporosis!!!
5.0 - Improvement in Spine & Hip After Using for One Year
My annual bone scan showed significant improvement in the spine and hip after using this product for one year in addition to Vitamin D3. I'm continuing to use this product along with Vitamin D3 rather than calcium citrate or prescription treatments for osteoporosis.
5.0 - It's the best
I have been using this product prior to this purchase and consider it superior. I have osteoporosis so need an easily absorbed calcium which is free of animal product.
5.0 - No osteoporosis for me
I've been using this product for years. I like it because it's a "clean" vitamin. I'm 64 yrs old and I have NO signs of osteoporosis. So, it must be working. What more can I ask for?
5.0 - Great calcium supplement
This is excellent calcium. I have osteoporosis and my doctor said this type of calcium is very good.
5.0 - Better than eating chalk
This is more expensive than the usual chalky supplements, but I believe it's a more natural way for my body to absorb calcium, considering grazing animals can grow strong bones from the nutrients in a vegetarian diet. I have osteoporosis and have been taking this for about 2 years. My blood calcium levels are good, though I question whether the vitamin D in this product is sufficient as my D levels remained low and needed further supplementation. I've found it to be cheaper to buy this on Amazon than in stores and save more by buying on the monthly deal.
5.0 - Strong Bones
-I gave this rating to the bone supplement because I need my bones stronger and keep them from thinning any further due to osteoporosis.
5.0 - Best Calcium!
I always took calcium, then after menopause upped my calcium, but I still had hip pain & was diagnosed pre osteoporosis, or osteopenia. On recommendation of my naturopath I started taking this raw calcium and after a couple weeks, I no longer have any hip pain & highly recommend you at least try this, it can't hurt as it's all derived from plant forms, and just may help you too!
5.0 - I love this!
I love this. It's natural and I feel good taking it. I have Osteoporosis and I am hoping after taking this and Soloray multi-mineratl, there will be a noticeable improvement on my next dexascan this month! Yes, it is a bit costly but it it can help prevent me from any more fractures, it will be so worth it!
5.0 - I highly recommend this product.
I have been taking Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW Calcium for some time now and the results prove this product works. I've gone from a -4 Osteoporosis to building bone mass over 10%. I've watched my diet and while cutting back on sugar I've always maintained a well balanced nutritional lifestyle. While doing this my age and health issues claimed bone. When I got my first report on my condition I immediately did my research and ordered this product along with Strontium Bone Maker. All of this, diet and exercise and I no longer have osteoporosis. I highly recommend this product.
5.0 - Natural supplement
This product brought me into the normal range after I had been at the osteoporosis level. I have used the product for 4 years now and continue to have great results. I had been on a prescription medicine for too many years and the level kept getting worse every year. Now I am doing it naturally and getting better results.
5.0 - It worked for me!
August 2016 my doctor told me I had advanced osteoporosis. When I researched the medicine he wanted to give me, it really scared me--all the side effects were so awful. I did some more study and started taking this Garden of Life Raw Calcium. I quit taking omeprazole and took 2 tablets of the calcium every day. Last week, 9 months later, my doctor did a scan and was so surprised. He said my severe osteoporosis had been reversed and I was only in osteopenia!!!! Amazing!
5.0 - Better than pain pills!
The best! I have osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. This product was recommended to me at my local health store, after taking it for a couple weeks my knees and hips, which had been killing me felt so much better! My pain was gone, I was dancing around the house again which I love to do! I could hardly believe it and was so thankful. When I ran out and couldn't afford to buy more the pain came back, that's when I found it cheaper on Amazon, thank you Amazon! This really works, good, clean and honest with no bad ingredients. I would trust anything Garden of Life makes. And you have to take it as recommended, if I miss a dose here and there, which I have in the last week, the pain will come back. Can't stand putting weight on my left knee right now but I know I just have to remember to take it twice a day and it will be fine.
5.0 - Good stuff
Great product, take it on a regular basis due to osteoporosis.
5.0 - A Wonderful Product Made from Raw Natural Plant-Based Products
Garden of Life's (GOL) products are my favorite brand of vitamins. All of the products I've purchased from them have been made from whole food sources, not chemicals created in a lab. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis a couple years ago. Personally (and I'm NOT suggesting that anyone would do as I do), I wanted to treat the osteoporosis in a natural way. (This is my option, and I think you should follow your doctor's recommendations, since I am not a doctor.) GOL's Raw Calcium is a whole food plant formula, and it doesn't contain crushed rocks, limestone, chalk, or animal bones. In addition, the Raw Calcium formulation includes VIt D3 and VIt K2 to help absorption. It also contains other vitamins and minerals that work with calcium in order to build up bones. Finally, GOL Raw Calcium includes Raw probiotics and enzymes. Before I found this product, I was using several different products together-Magnesium, boron, strontium-some of which had to be taken separately at different times of the day. It was confusing and costly. I highly recommend this product.
5.0 - Calcium vs. Raw Calcium to head off osteoporosis
I use this product in an effort to avoid osteoporosis. It is my understanding that plain calcium is not effective for this purpose but that raw calcium MAY prove to be effective. Awaiting next bone density test to help determine whether this intervention is as effective as hoped. It is used, of course, with good overall diet and regular exercise.
5.0 - Calcium
I have been on this for a calcium supplement for my osteoporosis for 3 years now. I researched various brands when I was blindsided by a diagnosis of severe osteoporosis after having a bone density study as a baseline because I was turning 57. This contains calcium in a pure form and has the minerals and other elements to help break it down. The pills are a little large if you have trouble swallowing pills. My levels have improved to the point where I am getting close to being pre osteoporotic. They don't have a bad after taste either.
5.0 - Five Stars
Use this for osteoporosis
5.0 - it works!
I have been using this product for about a year and a half. I have very severe osteoporosis and after 6 months there was a slight increase. after 2 years of giving myself shots of forteo, there was nothing. I recommend it to everyone.
5.0 - Improved Bone Density
Two years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I started taking Vitamin Code Raw Calcium and working out regularly with a personal trainer. Last week I had another bone density scan and I no longer have osteoporosis and I did not take any form of medication. I plan to continue taking this product.
5.0 - It works!
This product raised my bone density! I'm no longer in the osteoporosis category.
5.0 - Bone health
My wife loves this for her osteoporosis.

3. AlgaeCal Plus - Natural Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin K2 + D3 Supplement - Increase Bone Strength - All Natural Ingredients - Plant-Based - Dietary Supplement - One Bottle - 120 veggie capsules

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5.0 - These supplements are fantastic! I never write reviews
These supplements are fantastic! I never write reviews, however, after seeing the amazing improvement in my 2nd bone scan, I MUST write one! I am only 52 years old, but I have been thin all my life. So when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis I was devastated and wanted to do something about it. Here are my real results: 4/2012 Spine: -2.4; 10/2014 Spine: -1.8; 4/2012 Left Hip: -0.7; 10/2014 Left Hip: -0.4; 4/2012 Neck: -1.6; 10/2014 Neck: -1.3. As you can see, after 2 1/2 years I received a significant increase in my bone density! I could not be HAPPIER! I also got a dog and walk him at least 2 miles 5 days a week, but the Algae Cal is the reason for my improvement. I have always been active. THANK YOU Algae Cal! You proved it works!!!
5.0 - Watched the bone absorbing calcium
Broke both wrists Jan. 11, 2009. Saw the innumerable x-rays of wrists taken in next 4 months. Healed by April 30. Rebroke right wrist May 30. Knowing I have osteoporosis, I looked for a source of calcium, that would improve the healing this time. Saw ad on internet for Algea Cal and strontium boost and bought both. Took them for next month. Was amazed when I saw the next x-ray. Asked ortho doctor what the white spots all around the wristbone on the x-ray were (having never seen them before). He said it was the calcium being absorbed by my wrist bone. Amazing! Healed in 2 months this time: only half the time.
5.0 - My last Dexa results were better.
I believe this works for osteoporosis. My last Dexa results were better.
5.0 - Would give it 10 stars if I could!
This is the best thing ever! I was diagnosed 18 months ago with osteoporosis. I wasn't interested in pharmaceutical drugs, so was looking for an alternative. I started on an AlgaeCal, Strontium Boost, Viamin D3 and Vitamin K2 regimen and have taken the maximum doses recommended.
5.0 - Amazing results!
Just returned from my 3rd bone density scan, and am ecstatic! First one 3 years ago showed osteopenia in hip, spine, legs. Second one, 2 years later, showed full blow osteoporosis in all 3. I did NOT want to take any of the very dangerous (IMO) pharmaceuticals that treat bone loss, so consulted with my gynecologist, who recommended Algaecal. I ordered the same day and began using it along with Strontium. Scheduled a 1 year follow up to see if there was any improvement, and discovered that the osteoporosis has completely reversed itself, and all tests were in the normal range. The bone density tech said she had never seen so much improvement in one year. I cannot recommend this product enough.
5.0 - I have tried calcium supplements of all sorts and have done some weight training as well (of which I am horribly inconsistent wi
I am 61 years old and was diagnosed with osteoporosis several years ago. I have tried calcium supplements of all sorts and have done some weight training as well (of which I am horribly inconsistent with)! My husband had a hip replacement and discovered he too had some osteoporosis. His doctor recommended these vitamins to him so we both tried them out. My doctor wanted to prescribe medication to me which I was reluctant to take. I gave myself a full year and took the Algae-Cal faithfully at the full dose. At the end of the year--having done nothing else--I did a bone density test. The test came back that my bone density was much improved and was told "to continue my medications as prescribed." This is the first time in 3 or 4 years that my bone density improved and I can only contribute it to the Algae-Cal.
5.0 - For those who have osteoporosis or osteopenia, Algae Cal ...
For those who have osteoporosis or osteopenia, Algae Cal really increases the bone density dramatically. I found I had relatively severe case of osteoporosis two years ago, and I started to take this product immediately. Here is the result of my recent DEXA.
4.0 - Arrived promptly. I won’t know how effective it’s been ...
Arrived promptly. I won’t know how effective it’s been until I get blood work done again. Hope it helps osteoporosis !
5.0 - Improved bone density!
I started using this product daily when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine last year. Six months later at my annual physical they checked my bone density again and it had improved!! I will continue to use this supplement on a daily basis!
5.0 - Another life saved!
I was diagnosed with osteoporosis some years after a total hysterectomy at age 41. I tried regular calcium and D3, exercising more, eating better, but my bones continued to deteriorate. When the reading reached -2.7, I was getting desperate. Then a slip of paper came to my notice, with comparisons of absorption rates of various types of calcium. AlgaeCal was listed first - as being able to increase bone density rather than just 'treading water'. I began to research, and decided to try the programme. My bones immediately began to improve, and 8 years later I am back into the normal range. Am delighted! I think progress might have been faster, but as we travel a lot and I get out of a routine I forget to take the capsules at the same time every day. Sometimes I've missed a few days. Even so, I am very thankful that AlgaeCal has helped me reach normal levels at last. After reading all the other reviews I see there are many other satisfied customers. Yes, AlgaeCal is expensive. I researched other companies to see if any were cheaper, but those who offer the same/similar product turn out to be buying their product through AlgaeCal! Customer service is excellent through the company though. In Australia I have a few others also on the product, and we get it wholesale by combining orders and buying a years' supply at once. I'd recommend this method for others who are struggling financially and want to stay on the system. The shelf life of AlgaeCal is 2 years, so buying up a years' supply is economical. Contact AlgaeCal support directly, through the website, and ask for wholesale rates. The staff are very, very helpful.
5.0 - the bone was perfect. A year later I had another bone density ...
This supplement is something the lord made. Five years ago I was having my left hip replaced, and I had a bone density test done. The doctor told me I was on the edge of osteoporosis, and I needed to start taking some shots or pills. I said ",none of that poison for me", I will research and find something natural. He said nothing but gave me a ( sure right) look, I started to research and had the surgery. After surgery the Surgeon explained he had to use glue as he was afraid my bone would not hold the shaft.
5.0 - Effective product
I had been diagnose with osteoporosis last couple of years in my spine, and beginning of osteoporosis in my hip. I had another bone density test performed after one year of tacking AlgeaCal Plus jointly with 2,000 of vitamin D and 500 of magnesium and my results were incredible. No osteoporosis found. I highly recommend this treatment
5.0 - Happy with this product.
I'm very happy with this product. I started taking this supplement about a year ago, after I stopped taking prescription medication for osteoporosis. My bone density, just measured, increased significantly in the spine compared to its value when I started taking this supplement, and it increased slightly (not statistically significant) in the hip. In addition to doing yoga and low impact aerobics over many years,
5.0 - Five Stars
Hoping it helps with my Osteoporosis.
5.0 - Best source of calcium
I have been using this product since being diagnosed with severe osteoporosis as a result of cancer treatment. Was suffering constant debilitating back pain. After using this product, along with the strontium that is a companion product, I have a major improvement in the back pain, and I am more able to carry on with life.
Until I have my next bone scan I won't be able to know if product works but if it does what it says it will be amazing. For the time being and having to have to believe in product, this is the first product I have been able to take as a calcium product that did not upset my stomach. I have had to stop taking all calcium supplements and osteoporosis runs in my family and it has me worried and I am lactose intolerant so I can't get calcium from my foods. I will have my next bone scan in spring 2016 so I will come back and say if it worked.
4.0 - Purchased AlgaeCal and Strontium together...
Purchased this product in addition to the Strontium that was suggested by the company, to take for my recently diagnosed osteoporosis/osteopenia. I wanted to take something more natural. Hope it works!
4.0 - Very satisfying!
AlgaeCal Plus is the only calcium supplement that does not constipate me or give me gas, plus the capsules are so much easier to swallow. I haven't taken a bone density test yet, but my mother had osteoporosis so I wanted the best. A little more expensive but well worth it because I actually take the product unlike the other umpteen calcium brands I tried.
5.0 - The X Ray techs tell me that's an excellent..
My bone density results went from full blown osteoporosis to osteopenia in a 2 yr span.The X Ray techs tell me that's an excellent ..

4. Jarrow Formulas Bone-Up Three Per Day, Promotes Bone Density, 90 Caps

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4.0 - Four Stars
My doctor recommended this product! Trying to keep osteoporosis at bay.they are big capsules, FYI .
5.0 - You cannot go wrong with Jarrow.
Jarrow bone up took my sister from osteoporosis to normal bone density. I'm sure it's a factor in my improving bone density although I don't take it religiously. The 3-a-day pills are slightly larger than the 6-a-day, but not by much. I think the 3 a day are equivalent to the regular bone up, not the bone up plus. However it was the regular version that helped so much.
5.0 - 1,000 mg of calcium total in three capsules
Jarrow Formulas Ultra Bone-Up formula contains nine vitamins and minerals to promote bone health. It is especially important for young women to get sufficient calcium and other vitamins and minerals to build healthy bone density that will prevent osteoporosis later in life.
5.0 - Wonderful to have a product that targets bones.
I have a good feeling about this product. I have osteoporosis and I am replacing my usual calcium regimen with this formulation. I like that there is a complete array of nutrients that specifically target bone density. Since I have used Jarrow products for years now and have never been disappointed, I am taking these with confidence.
5.0 - Jarrow Bone-Up
Great for older adults at risk of osteoporosis. The pills are easy to swallow with no weird taste. I only with it were less than 3 capsules per day.
5.0 - HUGE Pills, No Side Effects - Only Need to Take 3 a Day
With Asian women known for having a higher risk of Osteoporosis, I decided it was about time I started taking calcium supplements, despite being still relatively young and not lactose intolerant. The Jarrows Bone Up Formula are definitely not pills for the faint of heart - these are seriously large supplements which the kids have affectionately dubbed "Mom's horse pills". Thankfully, these are the gel cap type pills, so they are relatively easy to swallow - if you really can't swallow them, you could hypothetically open them up and mix them into something.
5.0 - Excellent product. I have osteoporosis and I'm looking to ...
Excellent product. I have osteoporosis and I'm looking to see if next year when I have my bone density test I get better results now that I've been taking it.. My nails are hard and strong.
5.0 - Absolutely the best calcium formulated for osteoporosis and osteopenia
Absolutely the best calcium formulated for osteoporosis and osteopenia. It really helps your body make healthy bone cells to strengthen your bone density.
4.0 - Four Stars
Definitely easier to ingest and no discomfort. I hope its helping my osteoporosis.
4.0 - Big pills
I've been buying Jarrow Bone-up (regular) for years. We have a family history of osteoporosis that comes with age and as a small boned person to begin with, it seemed like a good idea to build up bone strength when young. This big bottle provides a couple months supply (depending on how often it's taken) and is a good idea for anyone that has a family history, drinks a lot of coffee or soda (leeches the minerals from bones) etc... This comes from grass fed cattle and has many essential minerals for bone health making is a very convenient option. The pills are big and I wish there was some way to get this from vegetarian sources but otherwise, a good option.
5.0 - Love the Big Pills!
It's really a big pill -- like the big oil pills (salmon and so on) -- but if you're used to taking big pills, this is great. Otherwise, the daily serving is six pills and I'd just as soon have less and bigger pills so you're not having to digest the capsule itself instead of just the contents. I would buy it if it came in a powder also. I think it made a difference in healing my broken leg and I imagine it helps with osteoporosis.
5.0 - Five Stars
it is great. totally recommend it for people who have osteoporosis
5.0 - Great calcium for people with Osteoporsis
I am 44 years old and I have severe osteoporosis, and I hate taking 6+ calcium pills a day! I have taken Bone - Up calcium for several years and I see and feel the difference. My doctor recommended this brand and I have taken it since. It is easily digestible and it doesn't bind me up either!
5.0 - So happy this supplement has agreed with me, due to having Chemical Sensitivity. Truly a blessing.
Found out I have severe Osteoporosis in both hips and lower back. I was told by Doctor's to go on Medicine. I found this product by talking to someone knowledgeable about it. I gave it a shot, because I refuse to take something that can cause irreversible damage. I've been taking this product just shy of 4 months, 3 x day a with meals. With this product and strengthening, It's made me feel absolutely wonderful. I have a hard time with many supplements due to Chemical Sensitivity. I thank my lucky Stars this has truly agreed with me.
4.0 - Big Pills to Swallow, Big benefits to Reap
these are big pills to swallow but if they prevent future osteoporosis, they are more than worth it. Designed to support bone health and the cardio vascular system it includes microcrystalline hydroxyapatite, a component of bones, as well as a more bioavailable form of vitamin K, magnesium, and boron. I have suffered no negative side effects. Consult with your physician if you are on blood thinners or other medications. the expiration date on my bottle is 08/19.

5. Relentless Improvement Vitamin K2 Mk4 | Vegan | Naturally-Derived | No-Fillers | Science-Based Dosing

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5.0 - It's important to know that the product sold by Relentless Improvement is a natural product.
My wife uses this product as prescribed by her endocrinologist as part of a daily regimen to prevent osteoporosis. She has used it for over one year. Her test results have improved significantly. We trust the company completely.
4.0 - Good Product, ( I think ).
While I like the thought and the perceived benefits of taking Vitamin K2 - MK-4, ( I also take MK-7), this is not something that you are going to feel or see a difference with in a day or two. Unfortunately, without a very good independent laboratory at your disposal or paying for analysis, you do not really know what you are getting here. For today, using this product is more an act of faith in the goodwill of this particular supplier until one learns otherwise. I think this particular product is a good value, although my local drugstore is now starting to carry Vitamin K2. I think the awareness and usage of Vitamin K2 is beginning to grow, although everyone should do some serious reading on the subject before just taking it with no discrimination. (i.e. you should probably be taking Vitamin A and D along with this). So, am I getting a benefit out of taking this particular Vitamin K2? At this point, I am really not sure, but I am in good health and wish to stay in good health. Post Menopausal Ladies with Osteoporosis should really be doing some research on this.
5.0 - Five Stars
My doctor recommended this particular brand/type of K2 for osteoporosis, and I have been very pleased with it.
5.0 - For those looking for additional boost
Using this product as additional help with osteoporosis diagnosis. Will not put the horrible bone prescriptions that cause more problems in my body, I'm 73 female. This company is the only one I have found that makes just Vitamin MK4 most brands have MK4 and MK7 combined, MK7 can cause heart disturbance. The price is reasonable, no fillers, I've been ordering from this company for awhile, they are helpful, yes you get a live person if you have questions, yes they email you promptly if you need answers, yes your order is processed in a timely manner. Highly happy to recommend them.
5.0 - Therapeutic dosage.
3 of these is the therapeutic dosage for osteoporosis used in Japan. Worth a try!
5.0 - Relentless Improvement Vitamin K2 Mk4 is a great supplement.
This product was a replacement for another K2 Mk4 that is no longer available and it seems to be just like the former product. I use the product to improve my bone density as I have osteoporosis.
4.0 - Arrived fast
I have just started using it, your brand was recommended by my doctor who is treating my osteoporosis... K2 has been found to help in the bone building process...
5.0 - Osteoporosis tests improvement with vitamin K -MK4
My osteoporosis tests have improved slightly or did not get worse and I can only attribute this to starting on vitamin K -MK4...the only change that I have made, so I will continue taking it in this form.
5.0 - Great Supplement!
I love this product! I take it in conjunction with Vitamin D per my doctor to help with Osteoporosis.
5.0 - Five Stars
K2 is the formulation used in osteoporosis trials and this is the correct dosage. Delivered ontime without incident.

6. Caltrate Gummy Bites (Black Cherry, Strawberry, Orange Flavors, 100 Count) Calcium and Vitamin D3 Supplement, 500 mg

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5.0 - They really do taste great!
I'm a woman in my mid-40s and my parents, who are in their 60s, both have bone loss (osteopenia for mom, full-blown osteoporosis for dad). I've known for years that I should be taking calcium supplements, particularly since I'm allergic to dairy, but I've had a hard time finding any that I can tolerate. The pills give me reflux and make me feel like there's something stuck in my throat for the rest of the day. Most of the chewables I've tried either have an unpleasant aftertaste or a weird grainy/chalky texture. I had just about given up when I got a coupon for this product, and I'm so glad I took advantage of it!
5.0 - Caltrate Gummy Bites....The Best on the Market !
I have osteoporosis and a low Vitamin D level , so I was more than thrilled to try the free sample of Caltrate Gummy Bites, that I received from Smiley 360 . I not only received the free samples of Caltrate Gummy Bites , I also received a free pedometer , from them. I love the flavors of the Caltrate Gummy Bites , black cherry , orange and strawberry, they are very tasty. You need to take two in the morning and two at night. Being post menopausal can wreak havoc on your bones , so you need to take supplements , so the fact that Vitamin D3 is also added the the Caltrate Gummy Bites, is such a big plus . In case you are lavtose intolerant , you can take the Caltrate Gummy Bites , without any side effects. There isn't anything artificial in the Caltrate Gummy Bites , and they have THE most calcium than any other calcium gummy . Of course as with any other supplement , ask your doctor first before taking AND incorporate exercise (walking is the best) , at least three times a week and eat healthy foods.
5.0 - No Bitter Pill to Swallow!
I'm doing a mission for Smiley360 and this is my own opinion of Caltrate Gummies. I received 10 days worth of samples to try, which I did, Much to my surprise, the gummies are really good. It makes taking vitamins more enjoyable when you don't have that 'vitamin' taste. One is much more apt to get their supplement in when it's in this form. I tried all 3 flavors I received and, they were all good. I am 47 and need to supplement my calcium as my family has a history of osteoporosis, and am happy I joined this mission. I will be a loyal Caltrate customer and a healthier one too. I highly recommend this product! Thank you!
5.0 - Healthy Bone Density
Easy to use. Tasty. Good health aid. Reasonably balances your calcium and Vitamin D intake [along with a strong multivitamin and physical fitness] promoting bone density in order to stave-off osteopenia and osteoporosis.
5.0 - Healthy and Delicious!
Caltrate Gummy Bites are a delight to eat. It is delicious and chewy and I don't feel like its a supplement at all with its gummy texture. It is a must if you are already in your 30s as it prevents osteoporosis. I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.
5.0 - Great tasting way to get your calcium
This is an awesome product and an easy way to get your daily calcium. The taste is great and the texture is palatable, too. Other gummy vitamins i've tried have an odd texture and a strong vitamin taste. Not so with the Caltrate Gummy Bites. I was able to try Caltrate Gummy Bites samples for free from Smiley360 and I am really glad I did. I'm going through peri menopause and getting enough calcium is a real concern of mine. I don't want to develop osteoporosis as I get older. These are a great way to get the calcium and vitamin D my body (and bones!) need. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for an easy way to up their calcium intake.
5.0 - Great supplement and taste
I am supposed to take calcium and D3 for osteoporosis and postmenopausal. This has the exact dose prescribed. Tastes great and a reasonable price.
5.0 - They taste like candy. They make taking supplements much more enjoyable ...
I received Caltrate Gummy Bites for free through I've been taking Calcium supplements for several years to prevent osteoporosis. I also take D3 to help my body absorb the calcium and because I do not get a lot of time out in the sun. Caltrate Gummy Bites include both Calcium and D3, and they are delicious! They taste like candy. They make taking supplements much more enjoyable than swallowing boring pills. I will definitely be buying some when I run out of my current stash of Calcium and D3 supplements. I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own,
5.0 - soft and chewy but not sticky, and I enjoy the flavor
I am a small-framed Caucasian woman with a family history of osteoporosis. Further, this year I have been trying to lose weight and I have been counting calories and I *know* my calcium intake has gone down because I am just not consuming as much dairy as I used to. Also, because I am pale and have a family history of skin cancer, I stay out of the sun, so my vitamin D intake could stand to be improved. I have tried calcium pills in the past, but they are so large that they are often hard to swallow. So I bought these. (In "chocolate truffle" flavor!)

7. Carlson Vitamin K2 as MK-4 (Menatetrenone) 5 mg, Bone & Heart Health, 180 Capsules

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4.0 - Vitamin K-2
Read about this on some of the websites I read for those with osteoporosis. Don't know if it's helped me yet or not, but I have no problems with the product.
5.0 - Large dosage of MK4
Vitamin K2 plays a key role in the proper distribution of calcium; in particular, it helps to move it out of the circulatory system where it can lead to atherosclerosis and into the skeletal system leading to stronger bones. It is hard to get enough K2 from diet alone and while the body converts some vitamin K1 into K2 the conversion rate decreases with age. Vitamin K2 supplements typically come in one of two forms: MK4 or MK7. Both forms have shown some success in the treatment of osteoporosis. MK4 has a short half-life in the blood of only a few hours whereas MK7 has a much longer half life. In Japan, MK4 is used, by prescription, to treat osteoporosis at a dose of 45 mg/day typically subdivided into three smaller doses whereas MK7 is typically taken is much smaller doses of ~100 micrograms/day. The Carlson capsules contain 5 mg of MK4, so one would need to take 9 per day to match the dose prescribed in Japan (Carlson Labs only recommends taking 1 capsule per day). Even one capsule provides 6250% of the RDA for vitamin K. Presumably the very high dosages were initially explored to counteract the short serum half like of K2/MK4 and research into benefits at lower doses is not yet available. Vitamin K is typically well tolerated at very high doses (K1 does not seem to have an established dose at which it becomes toxic) so for many people greatly exceeding the RDA values won't be an issue. However, Vitamin K interferes with blood thinning medications such as Warfarin, so doses at these levels are dangerous for those taking these medications. Partly for this reason, you don't typically find vitamin K2 in multivitamins. A very strong case can be made for the benefits of supplementation of K2, but optimal dosing and the choice between MK4 and MK7 are murky issues at this time. Supplementing with both MK4 and MK7 may be the best option.
4.0 - For stronger bones!
I take these K-2 M4 Vitamin K capsules to strengthen my bones. They have been recommended on many sites. These are in lieu of taking stronger medications that have many side effects, and inconsistent results. I will know in a year if my bones have grown stronger. However, I take several other supplements (among them: vitamin D, calcium, collegan, boron, and others) to complement my recovery. I would not base my recovery on the MK2 M4 alone. The Osteoporosis Foundation website has a forum that is very informative about medications and supplements helpful for Osteoporosis.
4.0 - Four Stars
Added to my regime for healthy bones as I have Osteoporosis
5.0 - Deficient in modern diets
Vitamin K is pretty interesting, and is involved in a lot of functions. The body uses it for calcium/phosphorus partitioning (as well as other things). It keeps the calcium in your bones and out of your arteries, this prevents Osteoporosis and Atherosclerosis. For me personally, after using it, I noticed that my hair and skin were softer, and that my teeth stayed slippery and clean longer. Its absence from modern diets is a partial cause of many modern health problems.
5.0 - Prompt Product Delivery
Received the product quickly and accurately. Appears to be a high quality product. K2 studies in Japan for osteoporosis used doses of 45mg. For atherosclerosis the dose is not established. If one requires high doses of Vitamin D3 (10,000 IU), then a corresponding dose of K2 should be on-board to prevent abnormal calcification. 5mg dose should meet that need for managing calcium. K2 cannot be easily measured in the body but D3 can and should be assessed routinely because of its involvement in many diseases.
5.0 - Good source of Vit K
I did a lot of research to find the right Vit K for me. I have osteoporosis. This one is reasonably priced, easy to swallow and from a reputable company. Plus, since it comes through Amazon, it's easy to get.
5.0 - A high-dose of vitamin K2 for osteoporosis treatment
This is a high-dose vitamin K2 (MK-4) supplement that I take daily for osteoporosis. I have Celiac disease and am highly sensitive to gluten and this product causes no problems. Does it work? I don't know; I haven't had a bone scan in nearly 2 years. I also take 1600 mg of calcium citrate, 2000 mg of vitamin D3 and I get a Prolia shot every 6 month. If my bone density is up in my next bone scan, I won't which, if any, of these efforts is responsible for the increase. It won't matter though, as I am willing to do all of these if they have a chance of improving my bone health. I am not a doctor, so, other than the Prolia, these supplements are based on my own research.

8. Strontium Boost - Natural Strontium Citrate Supplement - Scientifically Proven To Increase Bone Density In 6 Months - 60 Easy-To-Swallow Veggie Capsules

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5.0 - Good product
Strontium is a good product which was prescribed by my doctor for my osteoporosis
4.0 - Provisional review
I have used this product for about 2 months. According to what I have read on the web, taking Strontium as well as a calcium supplement for 6 months is supposed to produce improved bone density. I have severe osteoporosis which has not responded to medications like Fosanax or Actonel. At this point I'm willing to try anything. My doctor has his doubts about using Strontium and is checking the literature for me.
4.0 - I'm giving thrm a try...
I purchased these with hopes of finding a natural supplement to help with my recently diagnosed osteoporosis / osteopenia. They have been easy to add to my daily regimen. Too early to tell if they will be helpful, but willing to try instead of taking medication with lots of side effects.
5.0 - I 'd like to use everyday
I believe this is a high quality product and since my recent diagnosis of osteoporosis, I 'd like to use everyday, along with AlgaeCal Plus, but it is too expensive. My wish is for more discount coupons or a lowering of retail prices. still five star product.
4.0 - As I have only been taking them for a few ...
As I have only been taking them for a few weeks, I am not sure if they are helping my Osteoporosis or not. I will have to wait 2 years for a repeat DEXA scan. Then I will know how effective it is. Crossing my fingers and hoping. No side effects from taking the capsules. They are a little large and may be a problem for anyone who has difficulty swallowing.
5.0 - It works
I have osteoporosis and it seems to be helping me, so my MD says
4.0 - I just started taking Strontium 2 weeks ago, 5/16/2017 ...
I just started taking Strontium 2 weeks ago, 5/16/2017 so far i have had no problem, but it will be to soon for me to tell if it is working on strengthening my bones, that was the reason my Dr. suggested my trying this product, I have osteoporosis in hip, I will still take my other calcium supplements , but not at the same time, as suggested by Strontium Boost directions.
5.0 - Used to have osteoporosis, started taking these pills and ...
Used to have osteoporosis, started taking these pills and Vitamin K2. A year later, no osteoporosis and bone density scans continue to be normal. A blessing since I cannot take Boniva, etc.

9. Calcium and Strontium Citrate Supplement - AlgaeCal Plus & Strontium Boost Combo - All Organic Ingredients - Only Bone Building Formula Guaranteed to Increase Bone Density (12 Bottle, 6 Month Supply)

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5.0 - My dr. is impressed!
Last week I had a DEXA test, after a year of being on AlgaeCal & Strontium Boost, and although I still have osteoporosis by WHO criteria (the BMD T-score was -2.9, as compared with -3.3 last year), the increase in bone density was impressive enough so that my dr. says, "Stay with it!" Last year, after six months of using your Combo, the T-score had gone down only a tenth of a point or so, but then he noticed that the increased bone density was in a part of the hip where most fractures occur. Thanks, Algae-Cal!!
5.0 - This is a boost for another product I'm taking. ...
This is a boost for another product I'm taking. I'm anxious to see what the ultimate results will be for my osteoporosis.
5.0 - It was not an "overnight thing" but a steady progression to good bone density
This combo works! I am 64 yo and have used it for about 3 years. I had osteoporosis in my right hip and osteopenia every where else. I now have normal bone density every where in my body! It was not an "overnight thing" but a steady progression to good bone density. I highly recommend it. (I am probably not a "verified buyer" as I have bought directly from AlgaeCal.)
5.0 - Goodbye osteoporosis!
I was diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine and osteopenia of the hips in April 2012. My sister saw Algae Cal mentioned on Dr. Oz and told me to try it, since I did not want to go on a prescription drug until I tried reversing it with natural means. I began taking the calcium and the strontium, bought a rebounder for exercise even though I am a swimmer, and began eating free-range eggs, which are high in vitamin K2. A year later, my doctor wanted to put me on the prescription meds, but I convinced him to let me have another bone scan before making the decision. To my delight, the scan came back showing NO osteoporosis or osteopenia, so I am pleased. I may never know how much a part of the osteoporosis reversal the calcium and strontium made, but it was obviously a part of it, possibly significant. If you have had jaw surgeries as I have and want to try something without risk for jawbone loss that the RX osteoporosis drugs carry as side effects, try this product.
5.0 - AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost -- unique, irreplaceable & most important -- highly effective
I discovered AlgaeCal back in 2011 during my normal morning review of the breaking research on bone health -- a review of the medical literature I've been doing every day for close to 25 years now. I had just finished writing the first edition of my book, Your Bones, and was greatly intrigued by the exceptional results AlgaeCal had produced in both an in vitro and a human clinical trial. AlgaeCal was in the process of running DXAs in Seattle on hundreds of women in their 2nd human study. As I live in Seattle, I had the good fortune of meeting with Dean Neuls and learning more about the AlgaeCal treatment protocol. Dean very kindly offered to send me a 6 month supply of the products, so I could see for myself just how effective they are. I was fully osteopenic at the time, despite having "done everything right" and having SLOWLY begun to rebuild my bones. Within 6 months of using AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost, I was no longer osteopenic - I was fully in the healthy range where I have remained since, due in large part I am certain because I have continued to rely on AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost as my foundational supplements for healthy bones. I see AlgaeCal is listed as a calcium supplement -- yes, it provides calcium, actually 4 different types of plant sourced calcium, but it delivers so much more: D3, K2 in the potent MK-7 form, magnesium, vitamin C, boron and numerous other trace minerals, all in dosages shown to be effective in the research. You can buy most of these nutrients separately -- but you'd be spending more and opening a LOT of bottles to get the 70+ trace minerals naturally present in AlgaeCal -- and sadly lacking in our conventionally grown food supply. It's my educated guess that these trace minerals are the extra edge that makes AlgaeCal unique, irreplaceable and most important, highly effective. I've still to see anything that comes close in the medical research -- and I still start my day reading the breaking studies. Also, very few supplement companies will invest the millions of dollars required to run a human study as natural items are not patentable. Since I began using AlgaeCal, I've written a 2nd edition of Your Bones (published 2013) and am just finishing my next book -- not sure what the title will be yet. What I wrote in Your Bones is still correct, but I've learned a great deal more over the last 5 years. And all of it further has confirmed for me how and why AlgaeCal is so effective. If you have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis, please consider a 6-month trial of both AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost. You will be very glad you did.
4.0 - Most cost-effective
Continues to be most cost-effective daily regime for fighting osteoporosis.
5.0 - And no side effects like the prescription meds for osteoporosis
It works.. And no side effects like the prescription meds for osteoporosis
5.0 - These supplements are fantastic! I never write reviews
These supplements are fantastic! I never write reviews, however, after seeing the amazing improvement in my 2nd bone scan, I MUST write one! I am only 52 years old, but I have been thin all my life. So when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis I was devastated and wanted to do something about it. Here are my real results: 4/2012 Spine: -2.4; 10/2014 Spine: -1.8; 4/2012 Left Hip: -0.7; 10/2014 Left Hip: -0.4; 4/2012 Neck: -1.6; 10/2014 Neck: -1.3. As you can see, after 2 1/2 years I received a significant increase in my bone density! I could not be HAPPIER! I also got a dog and walk him at least 2 miles 5 days a week, but the Algae Cal is the reason for my improvement. I have always been active. THANK YOU Algae Cal! You proved it works!!!

10. Nature's Bounty Calcium Carbonate Pills and Vitamin D3 Mineral Supplement, Supports Bone Strength and Health, 1200mg, 220 Softgels

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5.0 - Calcium instead of Fosamex
My mom has terrible osteoporosis. She had a series of 5 spine fractures which brought her into the hospital 5 times to have proceedures done on her back. After she finished her 5th procedure, she returned home and her doctor ordered me to give Foxomex weekly. I am not a fan of this drug as per all the negative news I've read about it. What was worse was that when you take a drug on a weekly basis- you have no control over the side effects and you can suffer the side effects all week long. So I decided to give my mom 1200 mg of Natures Bounty Calcium twice a day and in the noon time I give her a glass of Almond/Coconut milk which has double the amount of calcium that regular milk has. My mom has not had another back fracture for a year. I have had wonderful results from this Calcium Suppliment.
4.0 - Good product
I have been using this Calcium for quite sometime. As a woman, I know I am likely to start depleting my Calcium levels and need to worry about things like osteoporosis. I started taking this.I have been having excellent results with my blood tests. That's where it eventually counts, after all. These are easy to take, and apparently are making a difference, so I am not worrying about my teeth or bones.
5.0 - Great for Osteoporosis!
Positively love this product and have been using it for the past 5 years. Unfortunately Amazon cannot mail it out during hot weather, and it's been hot here in California for many, many months. Can't find the product locally so have no choice but to wait.
5.0 - Great Product At a Great Price!!
I have osteoporosis and a vitamin D deficiency ,which I believe go hand in hand, and my Doctor recommended I start taking a Calcium supplement and a Vitamin D supplement daily. Nature's Bounty has a Calcium Supplement that contains Vitamin D. For $15.96 I get almost a years supply of the vitamin. The price is obviously a steal. But best of all it actually works exactly as it should. My Vitamin D deficiency has leveled out and I've had less pain and inflammation from my osteoporosis. I recommend this product for anyone who has a Vitamin D deficiency.
5.0 - Doctor recommended for Osteoporosis.
A supplement that goes with vitamin D Essential for those with osteoporosis.
5.0 - Great
Excellent product for keeping up the loss of calcium most women encounter as they age. A sure help to offset osteoporosis.
5.0 - Osteoporosis
I take it for osteoporosis hoping it will keep me from having a fracture. I have never had a broken bone and at 81 years of age, hope I never do.
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