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10. Nature's Way Saw Palmetto Berries; 585 mg Saw Palmetto Berries per serving; Non-GMO Project Verified; TRU-ID Certified; Gluten-Free; Vegetarian; 180 Capsules

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4.0 - The only downside is that each pill is about 600 mg and the recommended daily dose is about
Seems to help for prostate and hair loss, been using it for about 2 weeks.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great herb....i take this every day for optimum prostate health.....seems to be working so far!!!
5.0 - Prostate relief
Gives me great relief, good flow and and good nights sleep
5.0 - This is the best one I've tried.
This is the best I've found. Tried two prescription prostate meds with two other Saw Palmetto brands. Nature's Way alone is better for me than all those others. Highest recommendation.
5.0 - No Side Affects
I just changed my review of this product from three stars to FIVE stars. I thought it was causing a severe and persistant rash, but it turned out I was allergic to a new blood pressure medication I started taking, and NOT the Saw Palmetto. I'm super happy because this supplement is a superior quality product and has made very noticable improvements to everything concerning the urinary track. Now, I rarely have to get up during the night for a bathroom run; that is, if I'm sure to stop taking any liquids beyond 6PM each night. Flow is much better and consistent and I honestly feel as if I've been given some extra years of comfort and control of prostate. I supplement with Costco Cranberry capsules and so far, after 6 months or so, this seems to be the ideal combination for me. I'm 67, so anyone around that age group could probably use a little help in this area. Nature's way is great for the Saw Palmetto, and Costco is great to get the Cranberry supplement. But I'm sure there are other brands that would do just as well. After all, not everyone has a Costco membership. It's the natural benefits that make the difference, not necessarily the brand.
5.0 - Will buy again.
I take one a day for good prostate health.
5.0 - Indispensable for men 30 and up
I have been taking Saw Palmetto for a couple of years now and it is no fairy tale, it really does wonders for your prostate and urinary system. When you take it for a while you feel a tingling relaxation in your prostate and you can hold your pee for ages without feeling any kind of discomfort.
5.0 - Excellant Prostate Support
This herb I personally use because a Specialist diagnosed me with pre-cancer of the prostate. This herb is known to help in the prevention medicine process.
4.0 - Four Stars
been taking this product for years for prostate protection
5.0 - Nice
Took for slight prostate swelling and knocked it right out. Awesome stuff
4.0 - I Like it...
My husband takes Nature's Way Saw Palmetto Berries, it is the second time purchasing product, but has no problem taking for prostate care, but he says he feels urination fluid is better. He says he does not feel any side effects, but nothing additional positive, but still says he will continue taking it for prevention and product qualities.
5.0 - Five Stars
A daily mainstay for Prostate health
4.0 - It Helps
I have an enlarged prostate so I was looking for some relief from the many trips to the bathroom at night. This product seems to alleviate the problem (the trips are fewer).
5.0 - Five Stars
Very good for keeping prostate healthy!
5.0 - Love It
I am a guy in his mid-40's, the results aren't "dramatic" but the noticeably thicker scalp hair and urination/bladder/prostate function benefits are the real deal...especially when stacked with or taken in combination with other green supplements (i.e. green/superfood shakes, burdock root, green tea extract, vitamin d-3).
5.0 - good stuff
I had issues with prostate and now it seems to be a lot better than it was before taking this Nature's Way brand I had tried others, I feel this one is best for the price.
5.0 - Works like a charm, grown and processed in the USA!
Nature's Way Saw Palmetto Berries, 585mg, 180 Capsules- Bought these for my boyfriend to use, as we have been searching for a good quality Saw Palmetto. Particularly interested in these Saw Palmetto capsules due to them being grown and processed in the USA. These are genuinely helpful, and has helped him with the issues he wanted the capsules for some already. These are great for prostate health, and in general men’s health overall! Although I received this product at discount for my honest review, we will continue to buy this brand of Saw Palmetto, due to them being effective, and made in the USA.
5.0 - Prostate happy again
After ten days taking these, I can sleep through the night! Not having to get up at 3AM to hit the bathroom makes me a much happier person.
5.0 - Tons of Benefits
I’ve been using Nature’s Way products for quite some time now, and have been looking for a supplement that I could use to not only improve the health of my prostate, but also help with my low testosterone levels. I saw a blog article about the health benefits of saw palmetto for men, and decided to give it a try. I started using it and within a few days I saw an improvement in my circulation and the way my body felt both at the gym, and during sex. After a couple of weeks though, I still hadn’t seen the gains I was interested in for both stamina and performance, so I stacked on 
4.0 - Four Stars
Great for prostate and frequent urination.
5.0 - Keep you bro'd up
Bro, got a prostate?! You should take these to help keep it happy. It's one of the most bro things you can do. When I hear old bros talking about problem i recommend this product. Keeps pipes flowing nicely, and at very least provides a great placebo effect.
5.0 - I got some problems with my prostate special in night ...
I got some problems with my prostate special in night time in this saw palmetto help me a lot no to go to the bathroom for me is a bless.-
4.0 - Four Stars
and so does my prostate
5.0 - Excellent product
I had some residual pain after prostate TURP surgery. The saw palmetto helped greatly with the recovery.
5.0 - Get the good stuff, the juice from the berries and avoid ...
If you're a man over 40, you probably should consider a dayly dose of Saw Palmetto. Get the good stuff, the juice from the berries and avoid the "crushed leaves and stems". This stuff is terrific and it has made a difference in my prostate health.
4.0 - Half of a combo
These, combined with Beta Sitosterol, will make your prostate take notice that management is not happy with the slow urination that accompanies BPE (benign prostate enlargement). Makes it behave much more acceptably!
5.0 - works
use for prostate health and prostate is healthy! Works!
4.0 - Pleased Prostate
Good brand. These work pretty well for inflammation of the prostate. I do take more than the recommended doseage throughout the day to achieve the desired effect.
5.0 - Great product execution, but no results.
Attention Men: If you are looking for a great saw palmetto herbal supplement. Then this is the product I highly reccommend. It's a potent serving, all natural ingredients, non-gmo. However with that said, if you are looking for significant results after consuming this product to remedy BPH, enlarge prostate gland, treat urinary tract symptoms, enhance fertility, treat men's hair loss, alopecia, etc. you will get little to no efficacy. I have tried saw palmetto for six months straight, +300 capsules later, I did not experience any improvement in my overall energy, sex drive, or hair gain. For me, I was hoping to treat mild hair loss using this herb rather than medication. I had no side effects using this product. If you decide to try this anyway, I think this brand is the best quality and value on Amazon.
5.0 - VERY VERY GOOD, take this instead of propecia or proscar (Read!)
Used this 25 yrs ago, worked then, tried recently and it works great to reduce size of enlarged prostate and all symptoms that coincide with it (prostatitis) NOT for prostate Cancer!! Go to urologist to get diagnosed first! All the burning while urinating, the slow stream of urine, the pain after sex or masturbation is pretty much Eliminated after taking at least two 585mg capsules a day,
4.0 - Works for me!
When I finally figured out that I was experiencing the discomfort of an enlarged prostate impinging on the bladder, I gave this product a try based on reviews. I'm completely satisfied, even though I find it difficult to remember to take it regularly as directed; missing a dose or two doesn't seem to be a problem, and I always do the evening dose.
5.0 - My Prostate has Shrunk
My prostate has shrunk since taking this saw palmetto. The shrinking could also be due to reducing my intake of omega-6 fatty acids and doing Kagel excersizes. Either way, I will continue taking saw palmetto.
5.0 - Good mood booster as well
Great for my prostate and Saw Palmetto also helps boost my mood some. An everyday supplement for me.
5.0 - A Must for men over 40!
Prostate cancer is serious business. All men over 40 should get checked by their primary care physician once they turn 40 and also take one of this supplement a day.
4.0 - Works well
This stuff works pretty well, I've been taking 2 capsules a few times a day and have noticed improvement in several functions of my prostate.
5.0 - One in the morning and one at night works for me
Now that I'm in my 50s I was waking up at least once, usually 2-3 times a night, to urinate from an enlarged prostate. Not only was it annoying I had trouble getting back to sleep. I read that this combined with B5 vitamin could really improve your flow so I tried it. I find the combination works good. I take 2 capsules of the Saw Palmetto, one in the morning and one at night, and 1 capsule of B5 vitamin in the morning and rarely need to get up at night now. Very happy.
5.0 - For Prostate health
I love this product, its one of the best ones on the market, honestly it takes about a week for you to feel the effects, but take it once in the morning and once at night and if you will start to notice more complete empting of the bladder and you wont have the sudden urges to go, it also helps in the intimate department consideing the importance of your prostate health when it comes to having orgasms and the forcefulness of it.....I dont want to be too graphic here because I dont want any reprocussions from amazon, but im telling you guys, for your prostate health, this is an excellent affordable product to start with.
4.0 - Good stuff
Seems to work very well. this is the second bottle and it seems as though my prostate is happy with this product
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