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1. Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate, 100% Chelated, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, 100 mg, 240 Tablets (packaging may vary)

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5.0 - It's the best. I am a nurse and I have told ...
If you have restless leg syndrome, this is what you need!! Instantly takes it away!! It absorbs and works so fast!! It's the best. I am a nurse and I have told dozens of my patients to take this.
5.0 - Keeps my Magnesium level right where it needs to be.
Keeps my Magnesium level right where it needs to be. For me it's restless leg syndrome. Mirapex needs a proper magnesium blood level to work well with RLS. Iron and calcium are also important. This Magnesium product is performing just right.
5.0 - All but cured my RLS
I've been taking two different oral magnesium tablets (this and Source Naturals magnesium malate) as well as a magnesium spray, for nearly a year. The big difference for me has been in the near-complete cessation of "restless-leg" jerking which had disrupted my sleep for years. I've taken as many as 5-6 of these in a 24 hour period, and it has never caused any stomach upset. So the "100% absorption" must be true. I don't really know what "chelated" means but it must have something to do with the high absorption. Magnesium is the only supplement I have ever taken that clearly fixed a major problem. The only time this past year that restless leg syndrome returned occurred when I was coming down with an upper respiratory virus, and the symptoms were far less severe and stopped once I was over my cold. This is one supplement I don't want to consider skipping. It is indispensable for a decent night's sleep.
4.0 - Very large pills and have to take 4 a day ...
Very large pills and have to take 4 a day! Looking for liquid vitamin solution. Up side, it really helps restless leg syndrome.
5.0 - Highly recommend.
This magnesium works. I tend to lean toward organic supplements but I needed a high absorption magnesium supplement. All I can say is, YES! My chronic nausea is gone, restless leg syndrome is gone, headaches? GONE! I know it's the magnesium because if I skip a week or so of taking it my symptoms return. Highly recommend.
4.0 - Works in helping with restless legs
I normally don't review any type of supplement it I really like these. I have been trying different brands of magnesium that bothered my stomach. My friend recommended these and they don't cause any stomach issues. I have restless leg syndrome and these magnesium tablets seem to help a lot. I was told because they are chelated they tend to not cause stomach issues. I highly recommend these and I am on my third order of these.
5.0 - The supplement works great and very helpful for relief migraines
The supplement works great and very helpful for relief migraines. It helps me to relax and reduces pain in my legs. It helped with my Restless Leg Syndrome. It also give relief from constipation.
5.0 - Truly THE BEST!
I bought this because I have RLS ( restless leg syndrome) and I read it helps. Well, my RLS is severe and it's actually helping! I've been trying to find all the information I can but nobody seems to know what to do or what causes it. In any case, THIS Magnesium is a God send to me! I'm so glad I bought it. They are big tablets and I've always had a problem with big pills. These actually go down easy! I was surprised by that. Thank you Doctors Best!
5.0 - Works great for this skeptic
Sure, these reviews are all anecdotal evidence, but speaking as a skeptic: just try this if reading the reviews has you hopeful. Taking just one tablet right before bed helps me fall asleep much faster than ever before. It works much better than melatonin. It also has me feeling a tad more refreshed during the day. After taking it every day for two weeks, I forgot to take it one night and my restless leg syndrome came back with a fury: burning feet, uncomfortable fidgeting, couldn't sleep comfortably. This thing is a sleep godsend. Maybe she's born with it (deficiency), maybe it's Magnesium supplement.
5.0 - It seems to work pretty well for him
My husband takes 4 of these a day to help with restless leg syndrome. He feels a definate difference if we run out and he doesnt have them. We do acupuncture twice a year and take these every day. It seems to work pretty well for him.
5.0 - This is an amazing supplement. It really helps with restless leg syndrome
This is an amazing supplement. It really helps with restless leg syndrome. Possibly the best purchase I've made in a long time.
5.0 - Great for Restless Leg Syndrome
Prompt shipping. I bought this product to help relieve mild restless leg syndrome at night. It definitely helped mitigate symptoms of RLS. Will be purchasing again when I run out of these.
5.0 - Helped with Restless Leg Syndrome
Helped with my Restless Leg Syndrome. I have originally bought a Magnesium at Walgreens, thinking it might help me with Restless Leg Syndrome, which is most of the time caused by magnesium deficiency. Well, that didn't help. So I searched the web and decided to buy this supplement. Since I started taking it a month ago, so far no Restless Leg at night at all.
5.0 - Great For Restless Leg Syndrome
Great Magnesium supplement. I use magnesium to help lesson the effects of restless leg syndrome. Magnesium seems to help my legs not feel so restless as to interrupt my sleep, and this high absorption brand seems to work the best.

2. Solgar Magnesium Citrate, Highly Absorbable, Promotes Healthy Bones, Non-GMO, Suitable for Vegans, 120 Tablets

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5.0 - Great highly absorbed, cost effective, easy to take Magnesium supplement!
Love this magnesium citrate! It is very well absorbed and easy to use as you only have to take 1 tablet in AM and 1 tablet in PM and you've me the USRDA (US Recommended Daily Allowance) (USRDA for magnesium is 400mg)(each tablet is 200mg). This product is also very cost effective. It is around $14 and that is for a two month supply, so it costs basically $7 per month to protect against anxiety, depression, restless leg syndrome, eczema, psoriasis and headaches/migraines, allergies, fibromyalgia pain, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, and heart disease.
5.0 - Great
This product is great for preventing leg cramps and helps with restless leg syndrome. Works best when taken with and evening meal and lots of liquids.
5.0 - great for restless legs!!!
I suffer from quite a few medical conditions...I'm a freak of nature, lol I bought this because I had horrid restless leg was so bad I wouldn't be able to sleep night or day for 2-3 days/nights in a row..I was ready to cut my legs off or hurl myself out of a window. I take 2 tabs about an hour before I go to bed and within a few days I noticed a huge difference!!!
5.0 - Works Great for RLS
I have RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and I read Magnesium Citrate often helps with my type of RLS (hereditary). I take 2 tablets about 4 days a week and very seldom have any problems. Only once in awhile and then it is just a slight hint of RLS. I told my mother about it and she started taking it and it helped her, too. Be careful not to take too much as it is a natural laxative. Luckily, I have not had any problems in this regard on my dosage.
5.0 - Excellent results for RLS
My wife started taking this supplement for about 4 months ago for restless leg syndrome. She takes one tablet per day before bedtime and no more RLS. I sleep better too. I highly recommend this product.

3. Kava Kava Muscle Relaxant and Sleep Aid

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5.0 - Sleepa Sleepa....
So relaxed after one of these babies, be careful and start with one! I suffer from anxiety disorder and Restless Leg Syndrome as well as Insomnia and Kava Kava replaced my prescription sleeping pills and sedative! Amazon is almost paying me to relax!!!
5.0 - Five Stars
it works for restless leg syndrome
5.0 - Calm support- kava kava opiate withdrawal program
I've been on Soma for many years to help with my pain after getting off opiates through treatment after 17 yrs of dependent use. I was released from treatment after 90 days and placed on Suboxone ! I had been on Suboxone for almost 4 years my doctor retired and I didn't know what to do I didn't want to go through withdrawals . I was on Soma to control my pain as well as the Suboxone from coming off strong pain medication So I tried the calm support for opiate withdrawals , I love it , but I also use these other two recommended products with this program! This kava kava is the best replacement for my soma ! Not only is my pain somewhat controlled but I am able to sleep without waking up every hour! I don't have cold sweats , night sweats , restless leg syndrome or any of the above! I recommend these three products to anyone going through any sort of opiate withdrawal or even the stop of Soma use !
5.0 - Better then I could expect
These are very relaxing! Better then I could expect. They kill restless leg syndrome and lower back pain. Do not attempt to drive because you do get slightly loopy but your motor skills are still intact. They are better then any prescription muscle relaxer because you don't feel like your dead weight. Plus sleep is very easy now

4. MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE CHELATE 150mg | 120 Non-Laxative, High Absorption Vegan Capsules | Bioavailable Caps For Tension, Muscle Cramps, Stress Relief & Sleep | Non GMO Chelated Bisglycinate Supplement

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5.0 - Supports issues with restless leg.
Husband said it helps with restless leg syndrome.
5.0 - Great product!
This product works wonders for my Restless Leg Syndrome and for my occasional anxiety/sleeplessness. I previously took a different form of magnesium and had accompanying bowel upset. I had given up when I heard of this form of mag. It causes me NO bowel issues whatsoever, and helps tremendously with my anxiety and RLS. Great product!
5.0 - Leg cramps, restless legs?
I have spent years looking for something that would stop my nightly leg and foot cramps and restless leg syndrome. I was told the problem was a magnesium deficiency, so I began taking mega doses and the cramps stopped, but with an unpleasant side effect. Most magnesium compounds have a laxative effect and that was taking a large toll on my life. When I tried to cut back the dosage, the cramps returned. While researching on the internet, I came across this product that stated it had no laxative effect, so I tried them. I am so happy that I did. After taking them less than a month, my body is functioning normally and I have no cramping or restless legs.
4.0 - This works!
I ordered this product for my wife who has had CFS/Fibromyalgia for many years. After using the magnesium and complementary mag spray, she has been able to rest at night after years of Restless Leg Syndrome. The magnesium pills have been very helpful for her heart palpitations at night, and also with migraine issues. She has experienced great relief, and will continue this regimen for the foreseeable future. Also appreciate the immediate delivery of the product.
4.0 - Surprisingly effective for restlessness
Tried this on a bit of a whim: I was pleasantly surprised that it really is effective to help reduce restless leg syndrome. Some evenings I get muscle spasms that drive me nuts while reclining & in bed, but after using this a few times now there is definitely a difference. It even seems to help keep my arms and hands from going so numb & tingly at night. The problems haven't completely disappeared, but are much reduced. So far so good.

5. MegaFood - Blood Builder, Support for Healthy Iron Levels, Energy, and Red Blood Cell Production without Nausea or Constipation, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, 30 Tablets.

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5.0 - I used to call it the "heebie jeebie" legs and they made me feel like I wanted to crawl out of my skin
I am a 57 year old woman and was having issues with what I assumed was restless leg syndrome - not all the time - had only experienced it once or twice a year for the past few years. All of a sudden, a couple of years ago I was dealing with it more regularly, some nights causing so much of a problem that I didn't sleep at all. I used to call it the "heebie jeebie" legs and they made me feel like I wanted to crawl out of my skin. I spoke to my doctor and she indicated an iron supplement might help. Not too excited about that as I knew iron could cause constipation. She told me a colleague of hers highly recommended Blood Builder - the colleague had similar reservations about iron supplements but did a lot of research and started using Blood Builder with much success. I ordered it and started using it right away with no constipation issues at all. I've been using it now for over 2 years and swear by it. It seems to have solved my leg problems!!!
5.0 - Never felt better
I'd been insisting on getting my thyroid checked twice a year for the past few years because I was always so tired. My results were always normal. I've always been borderline anemic but doctors never paid it much attention. Finally my doctor tested my ferritin levels, found them to be low, and suggested I start taking an iron supplement. After my restless leg syndrome, which I'd struggled with periodically but never complained about, started keeping me up at night, I did some research and learned that it can be related to iron deficiency. I started taking this supplement daily and noticed significantly improved energy levels within a matter of days. Fatigue? Gone! Restless legs? Gone! Anxiety and depression? What anxiety and depression? I don't know if this has actually improved my iron levels because I haven't tested them since I started taking it, but I know I feel great.
5.0 - ... leg syndrome " for many years and I wasn't comfortable taking the RX presciption medication so I just suffered ...
I have stuggled with "restless leg syndrome " for many years and I wasn't comfortable taking the RX presciption medication so I just suffered threw many sleepness nights. I gave this product a try and it's done miracles for my restless legs! I've taken one pill every night for about 3 months now and I have NO symptoms of RL even on the occasional night when I forget my legs are fine and I sleep threw the whole night. Plus, it has never upset my stomach & non gmo. Thank you mega foods for your great product and I would defiantly recommend all your products.
5.0 - so I bought this thing and amazing! Relieved the restless leg syndrome in a couple ...
Very Effective!!! I was suffering from restless leg syndrome, so I bought this thing and amazing! Relieved the restless leg syndrome in a couple days. I'll definitely buy this one again.
5.0 - helped my RLS too! (hemo incrased by .5 in 30 days)
I started taking these to increase my blood iron levels for an upcoming surgery. I was dreading taking iron because I still had constipation nightmares from my prenatal vitamins. LOL PLEASANTLY SURPRISED these the NOT make me constipated at all. Yay! I have my next blood draw in a couple weeks. I'll be sure to give you all an update on how my results turned out. Lastly, I had also been taking magnesium to help treat my RLS (restless leg syndrome) and it wasn't really helping, but after I started taking this blood builder with the magnesium, I have not had any RLS symptoms at all. OMG!!! I've even been sleeping through the night which I didn't even think was possible. I'm sold. Great supplement.

6. Pure Encapsulations - Magnesium (Glycinate) - Supports Enzymatic and Physiological Functions* - 180 Capsules

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5.0 - Helps me relax
Good stuff. Helps with my restless leg syndrome without giving me diarrhea. I take it at night.
5.0 - Love this! Doesn't have a lot of fillers--no magnesium ...
Love this! Doesn't have a lot of fillers--no magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, etc. etc. Also, don't get digestive upset with this. I take this regularly and recommend it highly for insomnia, restless leg syndrome and general well being.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great product! Perfect to take at night for restless leg syndrome.
5.0 - Legs with leg cramps and other problems
Pure Magnesium is a very good quality of magnesium. I have restless leg syndrome and this help with severe leg cramps.

7. Natural Vitality Natural Calm Magnesium, Powder, Raspberry Lemon 16 Ounce 2-Pack

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I was keeping both my wife and myself up every night with a miserable condition called "restless leg syndrome." Basically, my legs never seemed to stop moving as I could never seem to get comfortable, which led to us waking up every morning exhausted! My medical doctors were no help at all! They prescribed medications that did NOT work, and eventually, they basically told me I'd just have to live with it! I mentioned all this on a visit to my chiropractor, and he said "I wish you would have told me this before! There's a simple solution!" Then he recommended this product. I was a bit skeptical, but I trusted him, so I went ahead and ordered some and started using it, and our lives were completely changed! Not only do we now get a good night's sleep every night, but our stomachs and bowels have also responded in a positive manner because this product also helps to keep us "regular!" (Did I mention my wife ALSO takes a dose of this every night before bed after seeing how well it worked for me? We just mix a tablespoon or two with cold water and drink it as we are taking our nighttime meds, and before we know it, we're off in dreamland, resting comfortably!) Thank you for making such a fine product! (Please never STOP making it!)
5.0 - Great value - works!!
With my Restless Leg Syndrome and the hubby's neuropathy Natural Calm is a MUST in our household every night! We always know when we don't take it. Orange is our favorite flavor and I love that I can buy two large containers of it at a decent price!
5.0 - Sleep better. Cardiologist suggested to strengthen cardiovascular walls
Half the price of health food stores and same product. Flavorless so no calories. Calms my restless leg syndrome. Solves constipation issues. Sleep better. Cardiologist suggested to strengthen cardiovascular walls, since I have been on estrogen for 37 years due to family history of osteoporosis.
5.0 - I have always had difficulty sleeping because of painful, restless legs
I have always had difficulty sleeping because of painful, restless legs. A friend who's husband and son have Restless Leg Syndrome recommended Calm. I noticed an immediate difference and am able to fall asleep sooner. My husband is also sleeping more soundly taking Calm. This is the second time I've ordered this product and plan to continue it.

8. Thorne Research - Magnesium Citrate -To Support Energy Production, Heart and Lung Function, and Metabolism of Sugar and Carbs - 90 Capsules

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5.0 - Solution to restless leg syndrome
Awesome for leg cramps. The total solution to restless leg syndrome. No kidding. I order 3 bottles at a time and take it religiously for 10 years now.
5.0 - I need extra Magnesium ALL THE TIME for sore muscles ...
I need extra Magnesium ALL THE TIME for sore muscles, occasional bowel health and restless leg syndrome. This brand works for all those things. Every time I think I will go for another brand (read less expensive), I come back to this brand.
5.0 - Five Stars
I take 2 before bed for restless leg syndrome.. it really helps that creepy feeling in my legs

9. Triple Calm Magnesium - 150mg of Magnesium Taurate, Glycinate, and Malate for Optimal Relaxation, Stress and Anxiety Relief, and Improved Sleep. 120 Capsules.

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5.0 - Great product!
I have been using Triple Calm Magnesium. It does seem to help restless leg syndrome, energy level and sleep. I will order more later. Thank you for a great product!
5.0 - Helps with restless leg syndrome.
Since taking this I have being sleeping sounder and have had much more stamina during the day. I also haven't had near the problems with restless leg syndrome that I was having before. The dosage says 2 per day, but I have a very sensitive system and have been taking just one capsule at night. I will definitely purchase this again.
4.0 - Good for restless leg syndrome
I bought these for my heart palpitations and found that they do work to some degree for that they work quite well for RLS. If heart palpitations/fluttering is your main concern I suggest getting Heart Calm instead. Same blend of these 3 magnesiums along with additional taurine, potassium and CoQ10.

10. NOW Magnesium Citrate 400 Milligram 120 Veg Capsules, 2 Pack

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5.0 - No more leg problems.
I started taking this for possible restless leg syndrome. I haven't had any leg issues since taking one capsule nightly.
5.0 - Helps me sleep better too.
Gives relief for cramping muscles and restless leg syndrome within an hour. Helps me sleep better too.
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