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1. Suntheanine® L-Theanine 200mg (Double-Strength) in Cold-Pressed Organic Coconut Oil; Non-GMO & Gluten Free - 60 Liquid Softgel

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5.0 - This product is great
This product is awesome. I feel less stress and more focused. I have continued to purchase this product and even recommended it to family members who are now using it. I have also take it about a half hour before bed and it helps calm me and I sleep better. I would recommend.
5.0 - Clear your mind and focus on what matters
I suffer from social anxiety, and this has helped me tremendously. I have gone from being a true hermit to wanting to seek out social situations. This may seem like an extreme claim, but things do seem less fogged by insecurity and overthinking after taking this once a day with a cup of coffee. I am more alert and dialed in. I've also been sleeping much better and am not driven to the point of fatigue that I typically would be at the end of a stressful work day.
5.0 - Helps keep me relaxed and the stress down.
Helps keep me relaxed and the stress down. I suffer from anxiety and this helps takes the edge off so I can focus on my daily tasks
5.0 - This product is great!!
I use this product daily for my R.A, joint pain and anxiety/stress. It works great!!
5.0 - Less Stress in a pill!
Sports Research is the best and I like this L-Theanine. I feel like it reduces my stress and anxiety a little. I'm fat, single, and unemployed... but since taking L-Theanin, I don't seem to care very much! I was going to start making runs to Oregon for weed, but I think the L-Theanine has done the trick! Go America!
5.0 - It works great product!!
I never leave reviews, in fact this is the only review I’ve ever left. Buy this bottle. I did tons of research looking for the best, fastest acting supplement, this is the perfect one. It allows your cognitive abilities to focus and reduces your stress load allowing you clarity and peace of mind as you go about your day. When paired with coffee, I prefer it to any prescription. Definitely will continue giving them business, they are worth the money!!
4.0 - Does what is says. Takes the edge off of ...
Does what is says. Takes the edge off of anxiety. You honestly need to deal with the source of your stress, but this does take the edge off, making it more manageable. Hope it continues to be effective after long term use, only time will tell.
5.0 - and I love this product
I am probably on my fourth of fifth bottle now, and I love this product. I have somewhat a hectic job in retail and I notice since taking this product I am not as on "edge" about things when I would normally would be. Given the stress of my job day-in-out, I was worried about my cortisol levels getting high, and on a vanity level, worried about the cortisol "gut" that comes with it, therefore,I have noticed a more calmer experience. I started initially just taking one dosage in the morning as prescribed, but I then started taking one before bedtime, and I have noticed a more restful sleep. This is why I am on my fourth or fifth bottle given I am have only been on it since the middle of March. It is a great product, I would definitely give it a try.
4.0 - I feel calmer and better able to handle stress that comes my way
I began taking these a few weeks ago. I started them for issues I was having with anxiety, stress and worry. I have noticed a difference in my anxiety level. I feel calmer and better able to handle stress that comes my way. I am happy with the product and will continue taking these. They are a much better alternative to the prescriptions out there for anxiety that gave me terrible headaches.
5.0 - Reduced stress and increased energy.
Suntheanine L-Theanine is an excellent supplement for stress and increased energy. The recommendation is to TAKE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. Sports Research is a trusted source. I have been using Sports Research products for years and am extremely pleased with the quality.
5.0 - My cortisol levels were high and it was recommended to try it
I take the L-thianine once a day to relieve the stress on my body. My cortisol levels were high and it was recommended to try it. I've been taking it for close to a year and I believe it has helped. I have a sense of calm and I don't stress as much as I used too. It has also helped my moods.
5.0 - Five Stars
Good product. Purchased many times. Would recommend as trusted brand.Best of all l theanine. I'll try cheaper ones and always come back to you 🤗 I have anxiety and it really helps calm me down with no jittery feeling. I take it when I have to be somewhere passenger in any vehicle I'm not controlling and whenever a stressful situation arises. It's safe and non habit forming. What else could you ask for?
5.0 - Five Stars
Great product that helps with my anxiety during high stress work days!
5.0 - Definitely Works!
Good quality product. I can definitely feel the effects of this supplement. Great for stress and irritability.
5.0 - Fantastic Supplement in the purest form
After researching.. I found this company that offers the purest form of l theanine..I normally take holy basil, magnesium calm, nootropics, GABA,, melatonin for stress & anxiety. ( I switch occasionally to give my body different forms of nutrients that my body might be deficient in..) This is an excellent supplement that brings healing to the body -as we all know we are not getting proper nutrients die to poor diets. Even if you have optimal diet habits...supplementation is always vital ( accdg to dr. Joel Wallach) I highly recommend this product!! I appreciate honorable companies that produce the highest quality of supplementation !
5.0 - We were introduced to l-theanine by my mother in law and really enjoy it in the coconut oil gels
My husband and I buy this item routinely. We were introduced to l-theanine by my mother in law and really enjoy it in the coconut oil gels. We take it before bed, when we’re stressed, in combination with a cup of coffee, or even when we have a headache. It totally calms you quickly and naturally.
5.0 - Great anti-anxiety supplement
Been using L-Theanine for a few years now and this stuff is very effective. Really helps me in stressful situations. Definitely would recommend giving it a shot.
5.0 - Helps me sleep
I was really struggling though a Hashimoto flare up and went to researching and found that Theanine might help with some issues. I took it at night and noticed a difference right away. I am a skeptical person so it takes evidence to convince me that something works. This works for me. My husband also took some for a while when his blood pressure spiked due to stress and it helped him too.
5.0 - Works
This product has worked well for me. I don't get as stressed at work and it keeps my blood pressure down in situations where stress would normally raise it. I like the softgel and appreciate the ingredients used and not used in this product.
5.0 - Good product!
Simply fascinating product! Helps relieve stress and anxiety.
5.0 - Love it
I love your L-Theanine! It has helped my stress level decrease significantly. I also take the Evening Primrose, Activated Charcoal, and just started the Vitamin D3. Love all of the Sports Research supplements, they have improved my quality of life greatly.
5.0 - Overall I feel more relaxed and able to concentrate better. I would definitely recommend this.
I am a yoga teacher and I am all about non gmo / organic food and supplements. I have been using L-theanine for a couple of weeks now and I really noticed a big difference. My son in law recommended it to help with feeling jittery after coffee. I am happy to say that is gone. AND, my mood has drastically changed. I feel really good all of the time! It really seems to help in dealing with everyday stress. Overall I feel more relaxed and able to concentrate better. I would definitely recommend this.
5.0 - Five Stars
Definitely works for anxiety and stress but can make you a little too numb sometimes
5.0 - Great! Best L-Theanine on here! :)
Although I haven't noticed a significant change in my b/f yet, but this product is great as far as other factors. He did notice it helped him focus a tiny bit better, but no stress relief at all. But he's still taking it, so we'll see. It's a nice little small, easy to take, coconut gel. It has no negative side effects. I've never seen a vitamin so well made and all natural, no preservatives, etc. If it starts to help him, I'll definitely buy this brand and kind over any other. Even though it's a little pricier, it's worth it. Seller is good. The product was exactly as shown, described, etc. It also was packaged nicely, none came melted (I've had that problem w/another brand on here w/thier gels, such as Vitamin D, etc, where they arrived completely melted into one blob, unuseable) Anyway, it's definitely worth a try and this is definitely the brand/product I'd try if it's L-Theanine you want. Highly recommend this seller and their products! Overall satisfied. Thank you! :)
4.0 - for that - I find it is not a good supplement (probably because I am used to caffeine)
It may work for some, but this makes me drowsy and sleepy. I took it to increase my focus and attention, for that - I find it is not a good supplement (probably because I am used to caffeine). But if you have anxiety, stress or have trouble sleeping, this may is a good option. I now take it before bed to help me sleep. Overall, its a good product if you need a relaxant, or have trouble sleeping.
5.0 - Good l-theanine
This L-Theanine helps me relax. It’s great to take at the beginning of a day that I know will be stressful, or at the end of the day when I just need to get to sleep. The coconut oil softgels are great because they are easy to swallow.
5.0 - Anxiety
I am taking this for anxiety, one per day. Sometimes two if I know I will be under a little more stress. I do feel it helps keep me calm instead of prescribed medication. I have been using this product over a year.
5.0 - great product for relaxation and sleep
Definite stress-reliever — and it allows me to fall asleep faster. Needs to be taken on an empty stomach, which sometimes I have before bed and sometimes I don't. But I've found that no matter when I take it during the day — whenever I have an empty stomach — I sleep better that evening. It doesn't have be taken right before bed to work.
5.0 - Avid more jitters
Really like this product. Taken with my morning coffee, I'm energized AND focused. I stress easily, and this product lets me stay calm. No side effects noticed. Great packaging. Love the flip-top cap.
5.0 - It was recommended that I utilize L-Theanine to assist with nervousness
It was recommended that I utilize L-Theanine to assist with nervousness, anxiety attacks, and overall stress management. My first purchase of L-Theanine was a product that was 4 times the price. It worked but this Suntheanine works even better and with the price 1/4 of the other its a win win.
5.0 - Very Calming!
Really high quality product. Nice packaging and design and the capsules have a very premium look and feel to them. As for the Theanine it self it is great at reducing stress and is very anxiolytic to my surprise. I will definitely be checking out the rest of this company's products if they are as good as this one!
5.0 - Sleep, finally!
Sometimes I can't sleep for the whole night because my mind keeps racing with different thoughts. I would stay as wide awake as if I had just had a couple of cups of coffee or a red bull, which I hadn't. It's really frustrating. I don't know if it's stress causing it or what. Anyway, I read about how L-Theanine, which is found in green tea and which is caffeine-free, was supposed to help you to relax and I though I'd give it a try. It worked! It was as if it shut down my brain and let me relax and finally get a good nights sleep. I've used it for over a week now and it really helps.
4.0 - I think it's helping...
I bought these after reading about things to help with anxiety because my anxiety had started getting worse with additional stresses added at work. I had a weekend off during which I got little sleep because of anxiety. I started taking this in the morning and GABA before bed, and I've noticed that I've been sleeping deeper than I had been as well as falling asleep quicker. I've still been tired at work, so that hasn't helped there. I do think that I feel calmer in light of everything that's going on, and I'll continue to take it to see if anything else improves as I've only been taking it a week. I've only had problems once swallowing it, I usually have trouble swallowing pills. It did get stuck this morning, but usually it's not bad compared to other things I take.
5.0 - A good tool to help you with anxiety
A very unbalanced life with stress all over the place and 10 years as a professional and boom... panic attacks!
5.0 - Worked miracles for me!!
I hope the fact that I think this stuff is AWESOME doesn’t cause a spike in sales and it gets sold out. I won’t bore you with a long story but I’m naturally high strung and always ready to snap. I’ve been medicated by doctors in the past with all sorts of antidepressants including Valium and Xanax. Either they made me groggy and zombi-like or didn’t work at all. I gave up on trying other medications for many years. A friend of mine recommended L-Theanine to me because they saw how stressed out I was. I tried it and will buy this stuff for life. I’m cool as a cucumber all the time and my mood is fantastic! Best thing is no side effects! Hopefully people will open their eyes and not always bet on what your doctor prescribes you!!
5.0 - Five Stars
Works great. Helps keep my stress down by keeping me calm and clear headed.
5.0 - Will order again an again
I love this product. I’ve been ordering this for 2 years. It helps with my anxiety attacks and stress. It was recommended by a friend who also uhas been taking it for years.
5.0 - helps with stress and anxiety
been taking l-theanine to manage my stress and anxiety levels and it has definitely helped out.
5.0 - Relaxation and stress relief
This product is amazing and it really works!! Great for stress relief!
5.0 - Excellent supplement to aid in relaxation
Works great. Helps me to unwind after a long stressful day at work.
5.0 - It works!
I started taking this last month because my new job was causing me anxiety and stress. It really works. Keeps me focused for several hours and not so stressed out. Taking it in the morning with a glass of water and a cup of coffee.
5.0 - I really like the l-theanine
I really like the l-theanine. I take it before I go to bed if I’ve had a stressful day or sometimes when I wake up with a lot of anxiety and I need to focus. I don’t think it solves the problems 100% but it definitely takes the edge off for me!
5.0 - Great product
Great product. I take it to help with stress. It works.
5.0 - Wonderful L-Theanine
I've been using another brand of L-Theanine for over a year. I purchased Sports Research L-Theanine from Amazon when it was on sale. I took it thinking it would be the same as the product I had been using. Was I surprised! Even though the Sports Research L-Theanine is the same strength, I immediately noticed a big difference. I feel calmer and can handle stressful situations more easily. I also seem to have more energy then I had. I don't know if it's the Coconut oil which wasn't in my previous brand or if it's because the L-Theanine in this product is the original Suntheanine branded product, which I've been told is the one to use. My previous brand did not use the Suntheanine brand of L-Theanine. But, the Sports Research brand works so much better than the one I had been using. I'm sold on the Sports Research Suntheanine. Ill continue to buy this brand and I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel more relaxed. It says to take one daily, but I take one in the morning for daily stress and anxiety and one in the evening to help me relax before bedtime. It wont make you drowsy, but you'll feel more relaxed and you drift off to sleep normally without having to use sleep remedies which often leave you feeling sleepy the next morning. I've read that its safe to take up to 600 mg. Per day, but it's really up to each individual how much you take. Especially if your taking any other medications. In that case I would ask your health professional how much to take. But for most people who deal with anxiety, like myself, it's a safer alternative then using prescription drugs to get the same result. I try to use natural products for most conditions before turning to prescriptions.
5.0 - Great for stress!
I have went through a bottle and would definitely say this product works for stress and anxiety. I take 1-2 a day, on a empty stomach with water. I feel a mild, but noticeable, decrease in anxiousness and tension. Not a cure all, but it definitely helps you relax after a stressful day. I will continue to use this product.
5.0 - I began using Suntheanine® L-Theanine 200mg (Double-Strength) a few months ...
I began using Suntheanine® L-Theanine 200mg (Double-Strength) a few months ago. I began to notice a difference in my mood within a few short days. The product helps to smooth out any spikes caused by caffeine or stress triggers experienced throughout daily life.
5.0 - This stuff is truly the greatest. Has help my stress level and my ability ...
This stuff is truly the greatest. Has help my stress level and my ability to deal with others and their nonsense. I take one in the morning and two at night (also helps calm and relax my mind so I can sleep). This is a another supplement I take as needed. I take one when before a stressful event, if I know it is coming up, or after a stressful event, if it pops up unexpectedly. Can tell you how much I love this stuff.
5.0 - Helps keep me zen
I started taking this under the suggestion of a friend when I was in some sort of emotional "funk". I am a full-time graduate student, with an infant, a very successful home business, and also work in real estate. There was a high-stress level daily and I found myself becoming very easily irritated. After about a month of being on the Suntheanine, I feel like I leveled out a lot and was able to be more objective and calm, even when things were a bit chaotic. I do take it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning as recommended, and it doesn't cause me any issues. No upset stomach, heartburn, or sour feelings. I take it with plenty of water and give it about twenty to thirty minutes before I eat. So far I've seen no adverse affects and really enjoy the product. I will continue using it.
5.0 - Best help yet!
I get stressed out very easily, and can be high strung when it comes to my emotions. I work full time, take care of my kids and pets and I am a full time dental assistant. There is generally an awful lot on my plate for one person to handle, especially when my partner's job takes him away from us for half a year out of the year.
5.0 - Suntheanine® L-Theanine improves my mood and helps me to focus more
I have been taking L-Theanine for a dozen years or more. I can tell you from personal experience, not all L-Theanine supplements are created equal. Quality matters! That's exactly what you get with this product. Suntheanine® is the only L-Theanine preparation known to be 100% L-Theanine. Other formulations may contain up to 50% D-theanine, a non-psychoactive isomer. I have found those ineffective. I take it in the morning and found it most effective when taken on an empty stomach. It does not work as a sleep aid for me, I would also take an additional one during the day if I felt stressed and it helped. I find it keeps me feeling more peaceful in general, which improves my mood and helps me to focus more. Note: I WAS NOT compensated for this review. However, when I opened my purchased box, there is an invitation from Sports Research for a free bottle to be sent to you if you choose to write a review and they send you a free bottle (of any of their products) as a thank you.
5.0 - Recommended!
I take the L-Theanine with coffee in the mornings before work. It has a noticeable synergistic effect that I can only describe as a calm focus - useful in high-stress, performance-based work. I've also used it at night (without coffee) to aid in the onset of sleep. Overall, an effective supplement with high quality ingredients. Highly recommended!
5.0 - I have a very stressful job, and I take ...
I have a very stressful job, and I take one before I go into work. I really think it helps me keep it together.
5.0 - Great product!
I take two capsules daily. In the morning, I feel as if I have spent a lot more time in deep sleep. Throughout the day, stress inducing thoughts seem to do a better job at "rolling off my back." Although you won't go into a complete state of oblivion, you will being to feel much more relaxed.
5.0 - Helps keep your mood in control and assists with caffeine consumption!!
I have been using it to enhance my mood. It helps keep my coffee lasting me longer throughout the day (only have to drink my morning coffee and not have an afternoon one) and keeps my stress levels under control.
5.0 - ... work man I felt a big difference it's not like a pill that totally 100% relives stress but for ...
I took one of these yesterday after work man I felt a big difference it's not like a pill that totally 100% relives stress but for me more like 90%, I love this brand and I can see my self getting another bottle of these.
4.0 - Yes, it does work for relaxation and reducing stress
I purchased this product from Amazon to help with relaxation and to reduce stress. Yes, I do feel a difference when I take it.
5.0 - Great for anxiety and stress
I bought this for my teenage daughter to help with anxiety, rather than putting her on prescription drugs. It works very well for her. She takes one in the morning before school, and on really stressful days, she'll take another. It helps at bedtime to calm her mind down, but find that it works best at nighttime in conjunction with other natural remedies. My husband and I took it when we were in the middle of a very stressful cross-country move, and found I was not so wound up and able to handle things better. I chose this brand because I liked the addition of the coconut oil and beeswax. Highly recommended for general anxiety as well as when life gets a little stressful.
5.0 - Worth a shot for stress/anxiety
I don't usually write reviews, but I am writing one for this product because it really seems to help me and I want to share that with other people who are looking for help, too. I really do feel a calmness about 15-30 minutes after I take one of these pills in the morning on an empty stomach. I get some food in my system about 30 minutes after taking the pill. I don't feel like all of worries evaporate or anything, but I feel a slight edge is taken off. It is worth to me to continue taking these until I feel I no longer need them. If you're looking for a natural way to combat stress and/or anxiety, I do recommend trying these, in particular, because of the Suntheanine and because this brand uses organic products in the extra ingredients, too.
5.0 - Keep these on hand for high stress days
Relaxing in just minutes
5.0 - Improved mood, better sleep
I noticed a difference immediately, in that I was able to relax and fall asleep more quickly. Stress seemed easier to handle and there was an overall better mood. I was almost finished with the first bottle when I needed to stop all supplements for a couple of days, because of a prescription medication. I really missed the Suntheanine L-Theanine. I made sure to reorder another bottle, it's one supplement that I don't intend to become lax with.
5.0 - Seems to be doing the job! More focus and ...
Seems to be doing the job! More focus and less stress. Eager to find if my sleep is enhanced as well...
5.0 - More alert when you need to be.
I started taking L-theanine after a tough break up. I was having trouble focusing and my stress level was as high as it's ever been. The first time I took the soft gel I was on an empty stomach for almost 24 hours and shortly after 25 minutes I started feeling much more awake and focused. Similar to what I feel with coffee but without the chitters.
5.0 - Five Stars
The product really helped my cope with my stress issues, it really works in a powerful way.
5.0 - Works very well for mild anxiety
I was skeptical but decided to try it based on the reviews. I can definitely feel a difference for what I would describe as minor anxiety issues. I feel like it slows down my heart beat, allows me to speak in a more calm and controlled manner. I take 1 in the morning with water on an empty stomach and take an additional one later only when faced with a stressful situation, 45 minutes to hour prior.
4.0 - Works with varied results.
I initially bought this for one of my dog's anxiety. It seems to be helping him. My wife has tried it to reduce anxiety as well with mild results. I tried it a couple of times and felt the results. It reduced my stress and made me tired. I took it at night so that was a bonus. I drink a lot of tea so l am used to the feeling of calm of Theanine. The caffeine in tea helps keep me awake. I will continue buying it to see if we continue to get favorable results.
5.0 - Always in a great mood now.
I've been taking Theanine for awhile now and only purchase pills made with the Suntheanine trademark. Sports Research makes great L-Theanine suppliments, they effect my mood in wonderful ways. I have a very stressful job, and they help me stay even-keeled and happy in the face of utter insanity.
5.0 - Works like a charm
Works like a charm. I don't take these for stress, but when my mind just won't shut off at night and I can't fall asleep, I take one and sleep like a baby without feeling groggy like sleeping pills often make me feel. If you have sleep anxiety, I highly recommend this product.
5.0 - Great stuff
Let me say this stuff has been great for my stress I ordered some until I get an doc appt for xanax and after taking it for 2 days I feel so much more relaxed ..I suffer from a racing mind and general anxiety plus panic attacks this stuff has kept me from pulling my hair out 🙆 🙂🙂 and yes this is my own opinion..
5.0 - Seems to be working for me!
I was somewhat leary if this would work for me or not. Been have anxiety and stress at work for several years now. Get dizzy and overwhelmed, heart racing, not able to function. Have gone to 2 separate doctors and prescribed anxiety meds that I tired and found it worse than the symptoms I was already dealing with from the anxiety. Not only was I still dizzy, I could not function and scared half to death. I did some research online and found L-Theanine and was suggested to get the one with Suntheanine. I started with one a day at bed time, but found I was needing one at breakfast also. I have been on it for about a week now, one in morning and at bedtime, and I seem to be more relaxed and not dizzy and overwhelmed. I hope L-Theanine is my answer to what I have been dealing with. I need to stay clear and focused for my job and no way I could take the stuff the doctors were prescribing. I am very hopeful with this product.
5.0 - Good stuff. Barring spikes in my stress levels
Good stuff. Barring spikes in my stress levels, it works.
5.0 - works better than other brands with clean ingredients!
My naturopath had me on 200mg 2x a day of a brand he sold in office with the same suntheanine but it wasn't helping my crippling anxiety and seemed to make it worse. it had some additives and fillers so I went hunting for my own clean theanine. I found this one and havent looked back. at the dose he told me to take with sports research brand it took the slightest edge off of my anxiety and I noticed it right away. now I take therapeutic sized doses of 4 capsules (800mg) 1-2x a day depending on my stress and anxiety levels. I've recommended it to all of my friends and they love it too!
4.0 - Holidays made much easier
Bought this going into the holidays which can be stressful because we travel and have large families. I started it a few days before we went to our first holiday gathering and didn't really feel any different so I wasn't sure if it was working or not but I continued taking it with my morning coffee before I ate breakfast. During the gathering, I realized I wasn't panicking as much about who was sitting next to who, was I helping everyone enough, and just took things in stride. It wasn't a bolt of lightening or anything, just I realized after it was over that I didn't have a panic attack or a migraine and I still felt calm and able to think clearly. I never once felt my thoughts spinning out of control while taking this.
4.0 - I prefer taking this form of L-Theanine because it does ...
I prefer taking this form of L-Theanine because it does not have fillers in the pill. And it definitely works. I take one in the morning and two at night. I have seen a decrease in anxiety. As a note, my anxiety is more stress related than ongoing. I believe it does help with sleep as well.
5.0 - Anxiety-be gone.
Gentle on your stomach. Can take without food. Always less stressed almost instantly when I take this.
5.0 - Thanks a bunch
I am a medical student that has to study a lot to stay on top of things, which can get quite stressful. I try to work out when I can, but this will help me out immensely for the long study day I have in the future!
5.0 - Five Stars
I was working a stressful job at the time that had me going crazy. I was looking online for supplements that are good to lower stress and I found L - Theanine. I decided to give this brand a try since it looked very promising and it absolutely delivers! I've been taking their L - Theanine product now and it helps me tremendously throughout my daily tasks. It helps me focus, keeps me calm in stressful situations, has no crash or drowsiness to it,pretty much no bad side effects at all. I highly recommend this product if you're a person who can't handle stress well like myself!
5.0 - I would recommend this to anyone having any anxiety or stress related issues! It is a life-saver!!!!!!
I had been taking clonazapam for stress and anxiety attacks. I just went to the docs to get more because I was having serious problems. I discovered this L-Theanine and ordered it and within 24 hours of taking it I have only had to take a clonaz once in a week because I was slammed hard by life and needed the extra help. But at least now I know I am not stuck on the meds and that this product took away the stress, anxiety and other yucky stuff in life so quickly and it just works!!! I take it and a couple of hours later I notice I am ok and not needing the extra meds! Yay!!! (Except for that one bombed day that threw me for a loop and into a bad place!)
5.0 - Five Stars
Helps with stress
5.0 - Great product, help reduce stressors in certain situations -- ...
Great product, help reduce stressors in certain situations -- i'm still fine tuning my regime. love the packaging (as a graphic designer).
5.0 - Great for stress
I take 1 pill a day every morning in comparison to other brands that requires 2 pills for similar dosage amount. I take it due to busy school/life stressors and it allows me to keep things in perspective by staying calm and less anxious. Great complement with cup of coffee in the morning.
4.0 - Four Stars
Helps with stress and anxiety management. I've been using this supplement for over a month now with great results!
5.0 - Lifesaver for my anxiety!
I've struggled with anxiety for more than two decades, doctors are so quick to prescribe Xanax but I refuse to take it. A friend recommended L-Theanine so I decided to try it. I take one everyday, sometimes two if it's a super stressful day. I have a full time job and I'm in college, I take one before class or an exam to help with focus. I've tried many brands but prefer this brand. I highly recommend it for anxiety, especially this brand.
5.0 - Great Supplement
I have been taking L-theanine daily in the morning for a few months. I think it helps take the edge off from feeling overly anxious or stressed out yet it is not sedating at all.
5.0 - If you drink to much caffeine or expierence stress or anexity, worth a shot :-)
I would take this to counter anexity and stress. Which is what I have been doing, I take it about 4 times a day and it seems to work and counter high caffeine intakes.
5.0 - Gets rid of coffee jitters!
This actually does mitigate the jitters of drinking coffee, it's great. I would often get shaky hands or sometimes heart flutters from coffee (and stress I suppose) but this helps both - within the first week those negatives were gone and now I can just enjoy my coffee :)
5.0 - Happy I decided to try this
It really helps with keeping my stress levels low, feel relaxed but alert! Happy I decided to try this!
5.0 - Helps with anxiety stress and feeling overwhelmed
This is my 3rd bottle I purchased and I wouldn’t be without it. It helps as a stay at home mom with my day to day stresses and it gets me through the day. My doctor is actually the one to tell to to try is along with 1 other product and why I Love is that it’s all natural. Definitely worth it for anyone expiercing anxiety stress and feeling overwhelmed.
5.0 - More Than L-Theanine
Excited to see this supplement was blended with both coconut oil and yellow beeswax. These were two supplements that have helped me in the past. You can tell it's a high quality blend from the look of the gel capsule. Excited to see how this helps relieve stress over the next few weeks.
5.0 - Five Stars
Makes me feel calm and focused while studying for school. Takes the stress away
5.0 - I rarely have stressful days thanks to these bad
Loving the extra strength of these compared to the last 2 or 3 products I’ve tried. I rarely have stressful days thanks to these bad boys
5.0 - Life Changing!
I am getting ready to purchase a second bottle and thought I would write a review. My wife suffers from generalized anxiety disorder which started one day out of nowhere and was having trouble finding ways to cope through it. She was placed on all types of psychotropic medications and all they did was turn her into a numb zombie and caused horrible side effects. It got to the point where she had to quit her job, was scared to drive or grocery shop and even to stay alone with our children. She would call for emergency assistance at least once a week because her heart rate would go up to almost 200 beats per minute, she'd get dizzy and her chest would hurt really badly when having an attack. It was horrible and causing a ton of stress on her heart. After doing some research, we came across an article about natural solutions to cure anxiety. L-Theanine was on the list. I purchased this brand because of the good reviews in June and she would take 2-3 a day. It helped a lot but she still had trouble with staying out of sudden fight or flight mode. Two weeks later, she added chelated magnesium 133mg, 5-HTP 100mg, vitamin D-3 w/coconut oil 5,000iu, and lithium orotate 5mg. Along with practicing relaxation techniques, she takes one of each pill in the morning and its been like a miracle. She is back to her old self again and more focused and energetic. She has been off all her psychotropic medications and has not had a unmanageable attack in over a month. No more racing heart, dizziness, and countless er and doctor visits. Later, we also found out that she had an severely infected root canal that she did not even feel and that may have been the culprit as she's always been a very laidback person all her life so her sudden change just did not make sense to either of us. Infections causes your body to become under a lot of stress so take care of yourselves and don't just take an anxiety diagnosis with a grain of salt. Once it starts, it is a beast to contend with but there's always a root cause. Work on the figuring out the root causes and if you can, leave the psychotropic medications alone because they only cover up the real issue(s).
5.0 - Five Stars
I take two every morning and feel a great difference in my stress levels and focus. Highly recommend!
5.0 - I like that it relaxes me without drowsiness or a drop ...
After several brands, I've decided that this brand gel cap will be my go-to for L-theanine. So many products try to get away with inferior ingredients to cut costs, but Sports Research seems to be in tune with what the market wants: non-GMO, and NO SOY! I have issues with high cortisol and anxiety in the evenings, so I usually take my dose of this and phosphatidylserine around dinner time. The phosphatidylserine works to blunt the effects of high cortisol (anxiety) and the L-theanine is sort of an enhancement to lowering my anxiety. I sometimes take an additional dose of L-theanine in the morning if I have a stressful day ahead. I like that it relaxes me without drowsiness or a drop in mental clarity. I'm a nurse, so I have to be on-game, mentally alert and make quick decisions. This works for me!
5.0 - It really works, try it!
This is an awesome product. Sports Research got it right with this supplement. I have tried a few other brands, and by far this is the most affective. Within half an hour to an hour it hits the system, and you can feel your body relax. With a hectic life this has been a game changer. It’s not a drug, you don’t feel high, just relaxed and calm knowing the stressful situation you’re in will pass.
5.0 - Good stuff
I use l-theanine in combination with caffeine to improve concentration. I've found that l-theanine on its own helps me manage stress and anxiety. I take 200mg twice a day with no bad side effects.
5.0 - Works best with caffeine 2:1 ratio
As a student, this product combined with caffeine, allowed me to focus on tasks for extended periods of time, gave me mental clarity, helped me feel relaxed and had no side effects whatsoever. I experienced severe tunnel vision but in a good way; for my term papers, it kept me focused on the task at hand. I strongly recommend this product anyone who either needs to relax, eliminate their clouded mind or just overall destress.
5.0 - Great Product!
This product is very effective and beneficial to my everyday life. It relieves stress and anxiety and raises cognitive focus to allow me to be more productive throughout the day. It also relieves insomnia and helps me sleep at night by reducing stress brought on by the day so I can get a full night of restful sleep.
5.0 - safe and effective solution to stress anxiety and insomnia
I was first introduced to L-Theanine by a friend to help with my stress, anxiety and insomnia. After researching the product I came across the “SportsResearch” brand on Amazon and thought I’d give it a try based on the positive reviews. I’m so glad I did, I have found it to work better than I ever expected. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is looking for a safe and effective solution to stress anxiety and insomnia!
5.0 - Really helpful for stress/sleep problems
I've been using this for over a week now and it has helped a lot with really old, persistent problems with sleep. So far I've been sleeping better than I can remember and have a lot more energy during the day.
5.0 - I love this product because it is clean
I am in my early 50's and having difficulty sleeping... probably because of hormones and every day stress. I began taking this product about 2 years ago. I take it about 30 minutes before bedtime. It calms my mind and helps me sleep. I still sometimes wake-up in the middle of the night but on the nights I take L-theanine I am able to go right back to sleep. I love this product because it is clean... no fillers, gluten, etc. Thank you for a great product!
5.0 - Surprise: it seems to actually work.
I've tried a lot of different things for stress. Lots of them work a little. This thing works a lot. I've wating two weeks now to see if my first impression was accidental. I've been feeling upbeat for all that time. That is very unusual. My wife and daughter are getting the same result so are. Maybe this thing really works.
5.0 - I don't like to take things
I don't like to take things. But this is amazing. I noticed a difference as to my focus and stress level. I can tell when I have forgotten to take it. It has made a difference in my life. Wow, can't believe I just said that. Thank you to all the reviewers who were positive about it.
5.0 - I would definitely recommend this product
Have been using this product for a while now. It has helped in numerous ways, but the main effect is it keeps me calm when my body is stressed. I would definitely recommend this product.
4.0 - Definitely helpful
Being in grad school can be really chaotic and stressful academically. I started to feel like I was lacking focus and motivation, as well as having a difficult time dealing with my anxiety. I noticed the effects of the L-theanine more when I initially started using it and less when I was closer to running out. I'm not sure if there was any reason for that in particular, but 4 stars because it definitely did what I needed it to.
5.0 - Great product
I started a new job and moved states away. One of my friends recommended the supplement for stress and focus and I found your brand on Amazon. I love it!!! Have seen a huge difference in my stress level.
5.0 - Great for promoting relaxation
I primarily use this product later in the evening to help unwind after a long, stressful day and I've found it really helps relax me and get a more restful sleep. In addition to that I will sometimes take this product earlier in the day while I'm at the office as well. Being ADHD I take the prescription drug adderall and the L-theanine seems to synergize well with it by taking the edge off and removing the anxiety/jitters that sometimes accompany the medication. This makes it much easier to remain alert and zone-in on my work while still remaining calm.
4.0 - Four Stars
Have been taking this less than one week. Starting to notice some stress relief before bed time.
5.0 - I can not describe how much better I have felt since starting this supplement
I'm a stressed out working mother of two and I can not describe how much better I have felt since starting this supplement! Amazing is all I can say! I recommend it to anyone l know struggling with stress and anxiety!
5.0 - This really works
I’ve been using this product for anxiety for a little of 45 Days. It has worked wonders. I’ve never been more stress free in my life. Before I couldn’t breathe and had such high anxiety. Now I’m anxiety free and can think more clearly.
4.0 - Seems to be helping.
It seems to be helping alleviate some of my stress/anxiety I've been having recently in dealing with a job change. I was extremely anxious about the job change to the point I couldn't eat or sleep very well. So I ordered these to see if they could help me. So far it does seem to be helping me alleviate some of the stress and anxiety. I definitely feel much more calm and not worrying constantly about the job change as I was before.
5.0 - Didn't take it for the right reason, worked well anyway
A pharmacist friend recommended this, joking that he would take it before he went to his rotation because of someone he worked with that drove him insane. I thought my incessant eye twitch was stress related so I took it and it SEEMED to help..but it turns out the twitch was related to me straining my vision, not mental stress. Either way, it did calm me and made sleep easier.
5.0 - I've enjoyed the product so far and wouldn't hesitate to recommend ...
The item was well packaged and the capsules are of a high quality. I've been taking one tablet of L-Theanine a day about every other day and I would describe the effects as subtle but definitely present. I've noticed that I feel a lot less stressed during work or other times when deadlines have to be met. Furthermore I am also able to concentrate for longer periods of time on mundane tasks that usually cause my attention to drift. Overall, I've enjoyed the product so far and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to those that need a mild stress reliever from time to time.
5.0 - to enable me to get a good nights sleep
Non-GMO, gluten free and formulated with coconut oil!!! This has been a game changer for me in reducing night time stress, to enable me to get a good nights sleep.
5.0 - Good bang for buck!
This stuff really works. I don't smoke and hardly drink. Sometimes when I start to feel stressed or anxious I'm not able to get out of it by focused breathing or taking myself out of the situation. Suntheanine is my go to in those times. I've tried other brands, and Sports Research is one of my favorites. You won't be disappointed.
5.0 - Five Stars
Being able to focus on stressful events and work efficiently at work.
5.0 - Best experience with theanine yet
I had previously tried other brands of L-Theanine, and this is the very first time I tried Suntheanine, specifically from this Sports Research. My previous experience with L-Theanine was pretty good. I had taken it with caffeine in the form of coffee (starting with 200mg of theanine, 100mg of caffeine) and enjoyed it a lot. I felt very calm with energy from caffeine, which is a very good way of being able to do your daily tasks without feeling physically lethargic or mentally clouded with stress or anxiety. Normally, without theanine, caffeine makes me slightly jittery (especially if I get more than 150mg of caffeine) and while I don't feel physically lethargic, I still am distracted by how jittery I get.
5.0 - I recommend Sports Research
I went through a stressful time in my life and my Chiropractor recommended that I begin L Theanine. He did not sell it, so I knew he was not promoting something that he would benefit financially from. I found it on Amazon, and based on the great reviews, I ordered from Sports Research. That was close to 1 year ago. Have faithfully remained their customer. Theirs was a reasonable price, and ships sometimes the same day I order. The L Theanine takes the edge off the stress, has a calming effect. I can tell when I forgot to take it, which is not very often because I end up clenching my teeth, for no known reason, before the day is over. It's not something that takes affect immediately after taking, or I cannot tell that it does anyway. And I take it on an empty stomach in the mornings, which are the instructions on the bottle. I have ordered other supplements from Sports Research and am always pleased with the product, price and ship-time.
5.0 - Decreases My Stress. Helps Prevent Shingles Outbreaks.
LOVE this product. I would get random shingles outbreaks and a nurse recommended I try this product to decrease my stress levels and help remain calm. I bought it back in August and I’ve been using it ever since with no breakouts. It truly has changed my life. THANK YOU!
4.0 - I would recommend it for anybody and if I had to complain ...
I've been using this product for about a month now, mostly for anxiety and stress. I have noticed a positive impact from using this product, it's not a miracle fix, but it does help control and relax the body. I would recommend it for anybody and if I had to complain it would be the size of the pill. That is the only aspect. It doesn't have a weird smell or taste like some supplements and I have not noticed any side effects.
5.0 - Fantastic
I really love this l-theanine! I take twice the recommended with coffee. I also take stress care and mind care in the morning. Such a fantastic combination.
5.0 - You get an overall sense of feeling good and it makes you not get bothered by the ...
It really helped calm me down on the high-stress days due to my job. You get an overall sense of feeling good and it makes you not get bothered by the little things. Pretty great experience with the product thus far.
5.0 - Benefits
It is amazing. Everytime I feel Loren or overwhelmed I would take this and feel much better and relaxed . I am able to do things more calmly and relaxed without stress and anxiety.
5.0 - Excellent Product
I got this for my brother this is what he says about it. "I love the fact that it is made with coconut oil, which you can immediately tell when you open the bottle. I also like the companies values along with the quality and the confidence they have in their products. They seem to work great along with the amino acids suggested by Julia Ross in her book "The Mood Cure". These pills have helped me to get through a lot of stress with a new job that I recently started. I give this product 5 stars due to the fact that I believe it is helping and I can find nothing wrong with this product."
5.0 - Natural stress reliever and sleep aid that works! N
I was reluctant to try but I'm amazed how well it works for me. I have a lot going on in my life so I tied one mid morning and one at bedtime. I feel more balanced, sleeping better and very happy with product. I didn't get results I needed until I added one in the am and very happy!natural
5.0 - Great Product!
Really helps reduce my stress at work, and doesn't induce headaches like other brands. This company is trusted by me, and they know what they are doing. I would recommend this over other brands of Suntheanine, as it seems to absorb better.
4.0 - good product
Was skeptical, but this actually makes a noticeable difference in terms of stress and anxiety. took a few days to notice but overall it works well. would buy again.
5.0 - Helpful
I’ve been using it to deal with after work stress, really works wonders for decompressing. This is the best L-Theanine product I’ve ever used.
5.0 - Definitely worth it!
I have been taking this everyday for about three weeks now. I decided to try this because I was considering going to my doctor for medication to help with anxiety and depression. I noticed a difference the first day of taking it! I feel calmer, less irritated by things than I used to be, and less stressed. I missed one day and by the end of the day, I could tell that I hadn't taken it by how miserable I felt. I don't know if this would help someone with severe depression or anxiety, but it is definitely worth a try if you suffer from mild-moderate depression/anxiety. I haven't had any side effects and plan to keep taking this supplement because of how much it is helping me.
5.0 - Love it!
The L-Theanine has been great for my focus as it seems to really relax my mind when having to deal with stressful situations. I especially enjoy taking it after my morning coffee as it just seems to pull everything together and starts my day off on a good note.
4.0 - I would recommend it for anyone who needs to focus on studying
Does seem to relieve tension! Sometimes I take two if things are really getting stressful. There seems to be a synergistic effect with caffeine, making me alert, but not jittery. I would recommend it for anyone who needs to focus on studying!
5.0 - Solid L-Theanine supplement. Helps w. stress.
Great stuff. Does what it says on the bottle, tastes great, and helps me relax and stay focused. Combine with caffeine for a great synergistic effect.
5.0 - Great at calming and stress-relieving
I've been taking these at work when a bit stressed. I do have an anti-anxiety prescription that I take as needed, and find that I take them less when I use these. I also take one at night if I'm not quite ready for bed when I should be and it usually helps calm me get ready to go to sleep on time.
5.0 - Stress??? It can kiss my @$$
I just started taking this product a few days ago, mainly to help reduce stress and anxiety. I had to go the "natural route" in dealing with anxiety because I am an air traffic controller with the FAA. Naturally a stressful job, I started having a harder time dealing with the anxiety of the job, the training, then an hour drive each way in traffic. I was unhappy, to the point where I needed to see a counselor.
4.0 - Fast shipping and good for anxiety/stress reduction
Fast shipping and good for anxiety/stress reduction. I also like the fact that there's no magnesium stearate in their products.
4.0 - Four Stars
Makes me feel calm and relaxed and helps reduce my stress while I'm under the pressure of work.
5.0 - and to help boost my happy brain chemicals
I take Suntheanine L-theanine each day before bed. I use it once a day to help stabilize my mood, keep me relaxed, and to help boost my happy brain chemicals. I especially appreciate having this handy in the winter when I get the blues and whenever I'm feeling extra stress. This, paired with 5-HTP is a lifesaver when it comes to combatting the Big Sad. Great stuff!
5.0 - Better than the rest
I ordered this back in April and took it for a couple months. It really helped with my anxiety. I take one in the morning with my coffee and one during the day if I get stressed out or anxious. After I ran out, I tried another brand at my local vitamin shop and this is hands down better than that brand. I’m not sure why I waited so long for to have my wife order me some more of this brand. I will only be using this brand moving forward.
5.0 - Brand loyal for a reason!
Wholeheartedly agree with other reviewers / life changer. Stressful demanding job? Busy family life? Unexpected situations occurring in life and the cortisol is tearing ya up? While trying to find balance and seek solutions L-Theanine is a great support partner. Only wished I'd know about it years ago when my hubby was first diagnosed with cancer to help support both of our stress then!
4.0 - I really like that it has all organic ingredients and no artificial
Just got this today. I really like that it has all organic ingredients and no artificial. We have highness that this will improve stress and sleep as it promises. Seems like a good deal.
5.0 - Sports research uses good sourcing and coconut oil for high absorbtion and I’m ...
L-theanine is one of my go to supplements for stress and anxiety. Sports research uses good sourcing and coconut oil for high absorbtion and I’m loving it!
5.0 - Great product
Theanine is a great supplement to offset the jitters associated with coffee and generally reduce stress. I like the ingredients of this product as well as the price.
5.0 - Easy to take and easy to digest.
I have never taken L-theanine before, I believe since I started taking this product I am more focused, and able to handle stress
5.0 - Great suppliment
I've been taking 200mg first thing in the morning every day for over a year. I feel much more equipped to deal with the stress of my high-pressure job. My managers and team comment on how calm I am under pressure. I never let myself run out of this.
5.0 - I took a capsule then took a nap and woke up super focused and alert WITHOUT THE EDGE
I bought this supplement to help with caffeine withdrawals. Apparently in some people, those who have become very dependent on it (been a consistent heavy drinker since I was 12, im now 20) withdrawing can cause anxiety. Ive had two panic attacks since I quit a month ago and have never had anxiety problems before in my life. After reading countless personal stories on varies blogs and forums I came across this amino acid and read about its ability to help heal and protect the nervous system as well as take the edge off stress. When I received it, I took a capsule then took a nap and woke up super focused and alert WITHOUT THE EDGE. I had been quite high strung before, in fight or flight response almost all day making me alert to the point any little noise would send my heart racing as if I had suffered through the Vietnam war. This stuff works! Give it a try!
5.0 - I love that I can take it with my morning coffee--I ...
I take it on the days that I need to study, and it helps me focus and also feel less stressed. I love that I can take it with my morning coffee--I have heard that the effects are even greater if you take it with coffee. I appreciate that I don't feel any negative side effects.
4.0 - So far, this is working for me. I ...
So far, this is working for me. I can really tell the difference in my stress and anxiety level, although I usually take two per day instead of one.
5.0 - I use it 1-2x per day during periods of high ...
I use it 1-2x per day during periods of high stress and anxiety and this promotes more calm and focus so I can stay productive throughout my day. If I take it in the mornings, I have it with a cup of coffee, which seems to maximize its effects.
5.0 - Not compensated review
I have random high level of anxiety , irritability and stress , where heart races,irrational mind wandering bringing worry, instant emotion kind of feeling (anger,worry,). I took this and within 2 hours my heart race, mind wandering, irritability is gone. I am calm, at ease and love the restart to my day it has given me. I don't take daily..only once at sign of irritation-stress-anxiety. Thank You.
5.0 - Part of my pre-bed ritual
I have been taking Sports Research Suntheanine L-Theanine 200mg (Double-Strength) in Cold-Pressed Organic Coconut Oil; Non-GMO & Gluten Free - 60 Liquid Softgels for about 2 months or so. Someone else bought them for me originally, and I just ordered 2 more bottles myself through Amazon because I ran out of the first bottle I got a few weeks ago. I like that it is in organic coconut oil, and I use it at night along with GABA, magtein, potassium orotate, and Swanson dual release melatonin with my organic Rooibos and Tulsi teas to help me get into a relaxed state before bed and then to fall asleep. I feel that it really helps to lower my stress levels, especially when combined with GABA, Rooibos, and Tulsi teas. This is usually the only way I take it---as part as my pre-getting-ready-for-bed ritual. Have been getting much better sleep with it, and I wake up calmer and more focused.
5.0 - Best L-Theanine
This is the best L-Theanine on the market. I've tried a number of other brands including NOW and Stress Relax and they do not compare. The softgels are quickly digested and easy to swallow.
5.0 - Amazing
Very impressed with this. I've had a lot on my plate lately and a ton of stress and started having small anxiety attacks throughout the day. They seem to increase over a two-month time. To the point where I actually ask my doctor for a prescription for anxiety drugs. She is actually the one who suggested this and said she takes it herself. I left the doctor's office ran straight to the store and bought the only brand I could find there. It worked almost within 30 minutes calmed me down and just like on the Claritin commercial I feel like the fog has literally been lifted from my vision. I found I was having to take about for a day and order to remain calm and not have any attacks. I saw this product on Amazon and all the amazing reviews plus the fact that it was in coconut oil which tends to make it last in your system longer. I am now down to 1 in the morning with this brand and feel amazing. In addition my husband has ADHD and he has been taking one every morning and has been very level-headed. Prior to this he would have sudden outburst of anger for about 10 seconds and mood swings period after only 3 days of taking one after breakfast he is the sweetest guy
5.0 - Great Product, great results
Great for high stress environments. Take it with a cup of coffee and get some work done!
5.0 - Premium ingredients at a great price
I take this regularly to reduce stress rather than drinking caffeinated green tea. The ingredients (Suntheanine, coconut oil) are the best of all the options available.
4.0 - Great supplement
I’ve been taking this for several months. This is my third bottle. It helps with my response to stress. I feel less anxiety.
5.0 - Relaxing
Helps me relax before bed. Great for stress.
5.0 - Relaxed at least!
I brought this for stress and anxiety from work. I feel a calm since taking this and less easily to react to stressful situations. I will purchase more! Thank you!
5.0 - Works great! I definitely feel more relaxed since I started ...
Works great! I definitely feel more relaxed since I started taking L-Theanine by Sports Research several months ago. I have a high pressure job and this supplement really does make a difference. I take 2 per day and I find I am staying much calmer when things get tense which is very important because time critical decisions have to be made quickly and intelligently at my job. It is one supplement I don't ever want to stop taking. I trust this company! My wife takes several of their products including Green Coffee, Tart Cherry and Vitamin D3. We both take their Vitamin D3. She researches many brands before choosing one and Sports Research is her choice for us! If you have a lot of stress in your daily life, L-Theanine may help you like it has helped me!
5.0 - Replaced Prescription Medications
I needed to stop taking my ADHD medication, but still needed help with focus. I have been able to take the L-Theanine with one 8 oz cup of coffee in the morning and have seen greater success in my ability to remain on task at work or return to tasks if interrupted, more so than when I was taking the prescription medication. Additionally, my doctor has now advised me to take an second pill when I get home from work, without caffeine, to help with improving my quality of sleep (due to the calming/distressing qualities). I have just recently begun doing this and have seen an average increase in deep sleep (stage 4) by 20-30 minutes per night.
5.0 - This really helps with my anxiety! I take one ...
This really helps with my anxiety! I take one in the morning when I am really stressed to help with my pounding heart and nerves. It also helps with fatigue and gives me energy. Plus I also got a free bottle from the company in addition to ordering the one on Amazon.
5.0 - Improved energy and sharpened thinking
I started taking one Subtheanine with my cup of morning coffee and after about one week really noticed an improvement in my energy level. I have been getting A LOT more done, but don't feel hyped up or stressed. I really notice a drop in my productivity on the days I forget to take one. My son in college also started taking them and he really thinks it has sharpened his thinking, which was nice for finals week this semester. Will definitely be ordering more in the future.
4.0 - Worth trying for stressful days
I'm really glad I bought this. The clients I deal with at work can be awfully trying at times and I've noticed that I can handle them without getting knots in my stomach when I take this in the morning. My coworkers have been coming to be for one of my "calm down pills" when things get stressful and frustrating and they all agree that it helps. It's entirely possible that we're experiencing a placebo effect, but one way or another, it's working for us! When taken with coffee, I've found it extremely easy to stay on task for hours at a time.
4.0 - ... 200 mg a couple weeks ago and am very happy with it
I bought the l Theanine 200 mg a couple weeks ago and am very happy with it. It helped with anxiety and stress very much and I felt the effects very fast. I take it once a day in the morning and I feel it helps through the whole day. Great product!
5.0 - Sleeping well now!
I have been taking these, in order to help me sleep, and they have done the trick! I didn’t really think that anything would help. I didn’t want to take a prescription, but was getting very sleep deprived, and a little cranky, so I saw these, and thought that I would give them a try. I have used an amino acid as a stress reducer, or sleep aid before. I don’t know why not, but I am glad that I am using this now.
5.0 - Mind clarity and Stress relief. Can't go wrong.
Awesome. Makes you feel clear headed and calm. I've taken this on especially stressful or anxious times, and I've calmed right down. This allows me to truly clear my mind and think with much more clarity. Also perfect to pair with a cup of coffee to counteract the jitteriness but without losing the alertness of caffeine. I can seriously say that my overall mood has drastically improved since using L-Theanine. This dosage is in a coconut oil capsule, maybe even in coconut oil. Accidentally bit into one once and it tasted sweet like coconut oil. Cannot recommend enough! This has become a part of my daily routine.
5.0 - Five Stars
Reduces my anxiety & stress levels noticeably. On a scale of 1-10, reliably reduces by 2 points.
5.0 - Five Stars
This is a great product. I have noticed a more relaxed state and better stress tolerance.
5.0 - ... the word out for your guys too on this awesome product! Thanks and will def be a repeat ...
Been using this at times I feel stress or times I’ve had too much caffeine and it really helps take the edge off both and had my coworker try some yesterday and it really helped her so getting the word out for your guys too on this awesome product! Thanks and will def be a repeat customer :).
4.0 - Was skeptical of the stress/sleep benefits, but I have ...
Was skeptical of the stress/sleep benefits, but I have to say that I'm surprised. After a week or so of taking the product my sleep schedule has seemed to even out, and my stress levels are more manageable. Placebo effect or not, its been successful for me.
5.0 - Car Accident - Taking Care Of Myself
After being in a bad accident I was stressed out - dealing with insurance, lawyers and my health. I have been taking this supplement for 60+ days and I am happy with the results. I feel more calm and in control. My doctors are surprised at how well my body is healing and taking to the treatments. I will keep taking this supplement for the rest of my life. I highly recommend it.
5.0 - Happy!
My doctor suggested using l-theanine for stress and anxiety relief. I chose Sports Research after researching many brands. I am very satisfied with the product and have since switched to Sports Research for my MCT oil and vitamin D3.
5.0 - Did an incredible job of calming my volatile emotions
This supplement has had a significant effect on my life. Before I started taking it I was often upset, even when I didn't know why. I had crying spells almost daily (again, not always for a reason that I was aware of). I was taking my as-needed anxiety drug as often as I was allowed, and I wanted to take it more. I complained to my psychiatrist that I felt like I was going to explode, and I felt like that all the time. None of that is true anymore, and it's all because of this supplement. I took two pills in the morning for a long time, and then when my stress level increased I added another pill at night. I have to buy new bottles often, but it's worth the money. I'm so much calmer. I have been recommending this supplement to everyone that I know, every time that they mention being stressed. Even if you just need it short-term to get you through a tough time, you should try it. I have not noticed any side effects from it. I still occasionally cry or need to take an anxiety pill, but it's no longer commonplace. I no longer feel desperate for help. I would never normally share things so personal with strangers (or with most people, really), but I want other people to get the help that I did. I can't believe that more people don't know about this already.
5.0 - Great stuff!!
This stuff is great. I'm on my second bottle and this stuff really helps to relieve stress, relax, but at the same time remain alert and focus.
5.0 - better than other products.
Ive try other product for stress and anxiety, but some don't work, and the one that actually work for me gave me a lot of migraines. This one in the other hand don't give me migraines and Ive felt the changes, I stop taking it like for 3 days and my anxiety came back, that is when I felt that it worked, not like other natural product that Ive try.
5.0 - It works well for stress and stressful days
After taking it for about a month I noticed that I was calmer and more focused while using this product. For me, this product worked as well as the anti anxiety medication I have been prescribed to use on a "as needed" basis, without the harmful side effects. There was a death in the family in January and the day of the funeral was particularly exhausting. I took three of them in the morning with the rest of my supplements and was able to keep calm and collected through a day that seemed to go on forever.
4.0 - Helpful!
I feel that this product alleviates anxiety and stress over small things that would normally cause me to feel uneasy. I also think that it helps me to fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly at night!
4.0 - has helped me feel better about the supplement
After taking this product for a few weeks, I can say that I am impressed with the results! The pills are not overly large and knowing that they do not contain artificial ingredients, has helped me feel better about the supplement. I have found that my sleep seems better and that my daily stress seems reduced. Overall, I would suggest giving this product a try!
5.0 - ... me to destress in stressful situations along with a nice focus and concentration boost to it
The stress relief and relaxation accompanied by mild euphoria helped me to destress in stressful situations along with a nice focus and concentration boost to it.
5.0 - Great product for the price!
I have taken other L-theanine products and decided to try Sports Research brand when they had a sale on their products. L-theanine is the active chemical in green tea that acts as a soother against stress. At least that's what I use it for, like botox for the body. It helps me manage those emotional peaks and valleys of the day. I took this product first thing in the morning and had no problems with it. I felt it really helped to keep me emotionally level and will definitely re-order again.
5.0 - ... ADHD and I have been taking it and we love it! It has help him focus so much ...
My son who has ADHD and I have been taking it and we love it! It has help him focus so much better and there is less stress! It’s also very easy to swallow
5.0 - I cannot go a day without
I pair this with 16oz of water and espresso in first thing each day. I am clear headed, focused and can deal with stress well because of l-theanine.
5.0 - Awesome
I paired this supplement with 500mg L-Tyrosine and 200mg caffeine first thing in the morning and I have noticed a CONSIDERABLE difference in my stress, anxiety, and anger management. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Be sure to take 2 hrs before or 2 hrs after consuming protein so the supp doesn't compete with the protein to get through the brain blood barrier.
5.0 - Works for me!
Take twice a day. Has calming, stress reducing effect. Works for me.
5.0 - Wish I discovered this years ago
I use this as a nootropic in conjunction with caffeine/coffee. I'm sensitive to caffeine but when I use this I have no ill side effects from my daily fix of caffeine and keeps my nerves calm in stressful situations as well. This is a lifesaver and will continue being a customer!
5.0 - Great stress management supplement!
This L-Theanine is the best. I don’t know if it is the coconut oil, I don’t know what it is, but it’s effectiveness surpasses that of other brands. I’m so glad I found this - it’s very helpful for stress management.
5.0 - I recommend this product to anyone looking to improve sleep
My package was delivered in no time and I am extremely please with the results of the back. After my first day, not only did this product improve my sleep, but I was able to focus on work without stress or anxiety. I take a prescribed ADHD medication and will probably replace it with this product. I recommend this product to anyone looking to improve sleep, stress, and anxiety.
5.0 - Awesome Product!
Great Product! I sleep so much better and I am calmer and less stressed throughout the day!
5.0 - My mom’s doctor recommended this for her to relax
My mom’s doctor recommended this for her to relax. When she told me this, I decided to try L-Theanine and love it!! I take it everyday due to a stressful job and love it! I am sold on this product. 5 stars from me. No more tears. Yay!
5.0 - Great product for focus and stress/anxiety relief.
I bought L-theanine to help with stress and anxiety at work. I am honestly shocked at how well this supplement works. I take one pill on an empty stomach with my morning coffee. It eliminates the "negative energy" that I sometimes get if I drink too much coffee and it greatly increases my ability to focus and concentrate. I have been going on a lot of interviews lately and I notice that I am much more relaxed and my responses are more concise when I take this product. Lastly, I noticed that I wake up more refreshed and a greater desire to get out of bed right away as opposed to hitting the snooze button 5 times.
5.0 - It Works!
I really like the few products that I have tried. I have really noticed a different using the Suntheanine® L-Theanine 200mg (Double-Strength) in Cold-Pressed Organic oil. I have a very stressful job, this product is the 3rd I have tried and the only one I truly feel a sense of calm and focus. Just love it!
5.0 - I have pretty high anxiety
I have pretty high anxiety, and I'm so happy I found this. Great for pairing with coffee to study or to be in a better mood without it feeling unnatural. Love it because it keeps me calm and helped me pass my finals without extra stress.
5.0 - This stuff is an all Natural MIRACLE!
I've been experiencing some pretty intense anxiety in my life lately due to a lot of stress (layoffs at work, graduate school, family life, wrecking my car, etc). I went to the Dr. to check my options, where my Heart Rate is normally 60 BPM it has been at 100 BPM. I have had the shakes, the tight chest, breathing has been a little labored, very edgy and irritable, and I cry over EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME (I litterally cried over a dead pigeon in my parking garage at one point!).
5.0 - Great product
Since it has worked so great for me to reduce my stress and anxiety - I have since converted my husband and two close family friends to try it. They all love it and are making it part of their daily vitamin regimen.
5.0 - Great supplement
This supplement does exactly what it is advertised to do. I am taking 2 pills per day and I am noticing a significant reduction of stress and anxiety. Taking this product also does not cause me to get drowsy and nauseous, as some other products have in the past.
5.0 - Works Great
it is wonderful product. I have a stressful job & this helps keep my mood calm & even.
5.0 - EMT/FF
I'm happy with this so far. I'm an EMT/Firefighter that had GAD crop up on me over the past few years. I've seen a lot of trauma and such so panic attacks and anxiety off duty were becoming a common thing.It had gotten so bad that I was afraid to walk into stores by myself or really interact socially with others. I'm not a fan of how the medical community deals with this sort of problem - medicate them until they can't take it anymore then stick them in a therapy group. I said no thank you to that. So I was managing it on my own and looking for alternative treatments. This so far seems to have worked well. I take it daily in the morning and I definitely notice that I'm less stressed, more relaxed, just ready to do more things. I have found anxiety attacks lessened, social interaction easier, and I feel better about life as it stands. I say give this product a go if you're in a similar situation to me. Doesn't seem to have any side effects. It's working well. I'll continue taking it as long as it works.
5.0 - High quality brand. Low price.
Great suntheanine brand. It relaxes. It works. I've been taking theanine supplements for a couple years. It doesn't work quite as well as it did, but it takes the edge off. I recommend for stress or anxiety. You can't beat this brand's price and the ingredients are minimal and natural. Get it.
5.0 - Terrific Product!
This product has improved my mood and stress levels quite a bit since I began using it. I doubted all the good reviews, but so glad I took a chance. I've ordered several Sports Research products since this one and am never disappointed. So glad I found this company!
5.0 - Great product! It definitely works well
Great product! It definitely works well. I like to use it at time before going to be as I have a hard to time getting good quality sleep. It also works well to calm me down when ive had a stressful time at work.
5.0 - Helps me to control negative thoughts
Ordered my second bottle today. I wanted to use it for a few weeks before assessing whether it was helping me. I take it with my morning coffee. I had been waking up feeling anxious before I started with this supplement. I now wake up in the morning feeling considerably more calm and stay less stressed all day long. I don't know if it is because I am taking this supplement but now I wake up every morning at the same time and feel refreshed instead of still exhausted. Maybe I am sleeping more soundly. I am pleased and will continue taking Suntheanine. I also feel that I am able to control negative thoughts better now. Instead of imagining worse case scenarios and then dwelling on them, working myself up and fretting, I am able to put negative thoughts out of my mind and relax. I am able to deal with everyday issues more rationally, rather than getting overly upset and worried.
5.0 - Much Safer Than Prescription Meds
I’ve been using this product for the past 17 days and I have definitely noticed a difference in my anxiety level while taking it. I take just one capsule about an hour before a stressful meeting or when I notice my stress level rising. This is much safer than using prescription anti-anxiety pills that have horrible side effects and could cause dependency issues.
5.0 - Very effective.
Very potent stress and anxiety relief compared to other brands I've tried.
5.0 - Great Product
I have been using L-Theanine for more than three months. It produces a sense of well being and calmness. I am able to focus on day-to-day tasks without feeling anxiety or stress. Appreciate that this product does not contain fillers or stearates. The price is very reasonable for the quality of the ingredients. I will absolutely order again.
5.0 - Great suppliment
Helps me stay calm and remain focused at my high stress job
5.0 - I've only taken L-Theanin for about a week and I ...
I've only taken L-Theanin for about a week and I already notice a difference in my clarity and stress level.
5.0 - Wont go without this supplement.
Small football shaped gel caps that go down well and don't get lodged. No flavor or taste. This supplement is one I will not go without. MAJOR effectiveness. Was advised to take by my herbalist for my high blood pressure that I have in the mornings & early afternoons so I can sleep deeper and not wake up stressed. Apparently many of us have this phenomenon of high pressure during the early parts of the day but relax and normal pressure as the day winds down. Pharmacy prescription drugs are hard on us because they don't back off your system when the BP is naturally backing off so we get very low BP in the later part of the day. Which brings about lethargy, tired muscles, etc.
5.0 - Great find!
I've been purchasing L-theanine through my naturopath for years and decided to give Sports Research a try after hearing about it from a friend. So far it has exceeded my expectations, keeping me calm and awake through stressful days at medical school.
5.0 - Legit company. I'm excited to see how the stuff works!
Good stuff! Seems to help with stress.
5.0 - Awesome Sauce!
I've been using this product for about 3 days now and an impressed by it already. Not only does it help with dealing better with stress, my sleep has been awesome!
5.0 - I am so thankful to have found something that really works!
After using this product for a short time, I am amazed at the benefits that I have already experienced. I am a person who has always struggled with anxiety, stress, and feeling overwhelmed. However, I have never wanted to take prescription medication for anxiety. I am so thankful to have found this product. It truly takes the edge off my anxiety. I am able to handle stress much better than before. An added benefit is that I am falling asleep faster and sleeping better since taking this product. I am so thankful to have found something that really works!
4.0 - It Does Work
It has greatly helped keep my mood calm and allows me to focus on work, projects, etc.during stressful times. I'm kind of amazed. I had hopes for it, but also doubted a natural supplement could really affect brain waves and anxiety. This one does.
5.0 - Impressed!
Impressed with immediate results. I took it in the morning with my coffee and even though didn't sleep much previous night, experienced calm and clear mind for almost entire day in a busy, stressful working environment. I also took it before bed and had one of the most restful sleep that night.
4.0 - Too soon to tell...
It has only been a couple of days since I started taking this product, I wouldn't say I have noticed any significant changes in my focus, but I do think it helps out with stress relief! As a college student it is easy to become stressed, but since I started taking this product I do not feel as overwhelmed as I normally would during a week like this, so that must be a good sign. I will try to give an update once I have been taking this product for at least a week or two and how well it helps me get through midterms and whatnot.
5.0 - Love the product!
L-theanine helps me with my daily stress. I feel calmer and more relaxed. Quality of my sleep has improved as well.
5.0 - Great product, couldn't recommend it more!
Being the first L-Theanine product I tried, I was a little reluctant to see if it would actually improve my life in any substantial way, but in about a week I started noticing drastic changes in my overall mood. Situations where I would be stressed, or grinding my teeth, or dreading going to work have all been replaced by a sort of contentedness. I probably won't even try another brand as this has solved the problems I was seeking to fix.
5.0 - A+
Just great. I'm a health professional who was looking for a supplement to decrease my anxiety/stress levels and increase my focus. I am literally a different person entirely after taking this. The effects to someone else may be minor, but to me, they are life-changing. My anxiety has decreased dramatically on the days that I take it with a cup of black tea because I read caffeine increases its effects (currently only taking this supplement a few days a week because I worry the effects may wear off - does anyone know about this?! Lol) and my alertness/focus has increased dramatically. I can think more clearly and problem solve better.
4.0 - Good Supplement for Stress
I find the pills easy to swallow and they act quickly. Great supplement for stress and relaxation. Safer alternative to prescription medication.
5.0 - This product goes a good job of promoting stress relief and relaxation
I take L-Theanine prior to going to bed. This product goes a good job of promoting stress relief and relaxation. I will continue to purchase L-Theanine. It works for me!
5.0 - Best product out there
I've tried other brands and this is my favorite by far. It works and I feel less stressed without feeling sleepy. I take this every day!!
4.0 - Four Stars
Improves sleep and has calming effect during times of high stress.
5.0 - WE LOVE your L Theanine with coconut oil
WE LOVE your L Theanine with coconut oil... helping our brains and our stress levels by taking it! Thank YOU!
5.0 - Great in conjunction with coffee as well
Chills me out and reduces stress with no dopey effects. Great in conjunction with coffee as well. Love this product!
5.0 - It’s awesome, I take it as soon as I wake ...
It’s awesome, I take it as soon as I wake up with tea or coffee. I’m able to get through college with a more “chill” temperament and less stress.
5.0 - Depression suppression
I suffer from heavy bouts of depression and anxiety and since I started taking these daily, my flair ups of depression and crying episodes are nonexistant anymore. I don't agree with all the bill nye talk about the "placebo" effect since I was hardly even able to function before taking these due to heavy stress and anxiety. Now, even when I feel sad It isnt nearly as intense as it used to be and i can think rationally without a feeling of impending doom lingering about in my mind. I think the only drawback is the inevitable extreme sleepiness that comes with taking this, as well as most anti anxiety meds. I have to drink caffiene halfway through the day or i will be purely exhausted, but I think thats a fair trade for what I was feeling before. I can relax and enjoy a lot more normal activities instead of hiding away, and i feel more open to social situations now than before.
5.0 - Love all of their products
Love the way this makes me feel. I can relax more and not be so stressed.
5.0 - This is the best L_theanine product it’s very effective for my focus my ...
This is the best L_theanine product it’s very effective for my focus my relaxation and stress relief!
5.0 - These pills work really great. You can tell your mood is better when ...
These pills work really great. You can tell your mood is better when you've taken them. Make your day goes well and at ease especially if you have a stress full, pressure job. I don't take them everyday, just days I know I'm going be in meeting all day and dealing with people that going to get on my nerve. I am already a patient person, this help a little more. You will also find your self a little more focus the day you take it. I need a yearly Stock. lol. The only downside is the price. I think it should be lower, but for the goods that it does and how well it work I'll continue to purchase it and recommend to my friends.
5.0 - very fine product!
I've been using Sports Research L-theanine 200 mg together with PharmaGABA to help with anxiety and I've noticed a definite difference. This combination was recommended by Dr. Michael Murray in his book "Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia - What the Drug Companies Won’t Tell You and Your Doctor Doesn’t Know."
4.0 - This product is great
I like it a lot much greater focus ..before taking it would get stresssed out about cognitive function. But this product seams to ease that stress as well as longer langths of uninterrupted focus.
5.0 - You need to try this.
This product is awesome. My memory has improved, while feeling more relaxed. I feel less stressed and thank you for making such a great product.
5.0 - Great product!
L-Theanine was recommended to me by my doctor to be used in conjunction with my hormone replacement therapy. I was told to specifically use the Suntheanine form. After doing the research, this one was the only one with the cleanest supporting ingredients, so I bought it. It's easy to swallow and easy on my empty stomach in the morning (which is usually very sensitive). I must say that after 4 weeks of taking one daily, I have really noticed my stress level having gone down at work. In fact, I was asked last week to give a talk at a staff meeting with only 1 days notice to prepare and said OK, prepared that night for it and delivered a great presentation in the meeting. I felt totally calm as I stood and presented, my heart rate was normal and I gave good eye contact with everyone in the room. Lots of complements after. Believe me, this is not how I usually feel or act when giving a talk! I also seem to be able to concentrate better while doing lots of proof reading on financial contracts and not have that "mind wandering" problem when doing such tedious jobs. Also, falling to sleep at night seems to be much easier. Highly recommend.
5.0 - Highly recommend!
This product has helped me stay calm at a stressful job and maintain a positive mood throughout the day. I take 2-3 spread out between morning, mid day, and evening and this has made a noticeable difference in my stress levels and anxiety. Highly recommend!
5.0 - Five Stars
Not sure what's in here, but makes me feel much calmer when I am stressed.
5.0 - Yessssssss
Exactly what you're looking for. Goes great with a cup of coffee or at the end of a stressful day.
5.0 - It works for me
I love this supplement. L-Theanine helps me stay calm and focused during stressful times. I has also taken it before bed to help shut my brain off so I can sleep. This brand is the only kind I buy.
4.0 - Definitely produced a calming feeling about 30 minutes after taking ...
Definitely produced a calming feeling about 30 minutes after taking. almost forgot to be stressed (which is my normal state?). I would purchase again.
5.0 - Love it!
I’ve been diligently using the L Theanine since October 2017, my stress levels are down and my focus is so much better. Wish I’d found this product a long time ago. I won’t go a day without it :)
5.0 - The l-theanine keeps me stress-free throughout the day, without ...
The l-theanine keeps me stress-free throughout the day, without any side effects. Just a calm sense of well-being all day long.
5.0 - dealing with stress better
Good quality product with small easy to take pills. I feel this product helped me relax and deal with stress better.
5.0 - I use the L-Theanine every night to help me relax ...
I use the L-Theanine every night to help me relax and get to sleep. I also use it alone if I am having a stressful day.
5.0 - Great Product
I was sceptical at first, as most people probably are when trying supplements for the first time. I have been dealing with work related anxiety and focus issues due to the stress. After a few days of taking this regularly, I have noticed improvement with the anxiety aspect. I can't commit fully on the cognitive aspect, but have noticed slight improvements and am able to recall information slightly quicker than before. I would definitely recommend this product to others dealing with high levels of anxiety and focus related issues. As of two weeks of continuous use, I have yet to experience any negative side-effects.
5.0 - Got to alternate 5 days in 2 days off to get the most out of it
It all started extremely well. For the first 7-10 days I noticed my anxiety was clearly diminished, almost to zero, and due to this I was able to focus much better, and I gave credit to the Suntheanine that I was taking together with a premium Matcha tea I love to make. But after 2 weeks or so the effect kinda disappeared and anxiety started to climb again. I was surely facing a long, very stressful period, but I'm not sure on why I noticed this difference between these 2 periods of the month, since the stress was pretty much the same... anyway, it looked like it's a good product and I really enjoyed the effect I got in the first 2 weeks.
5.0 - Excellent product from an excellent company
Incredible product. I take product at various times. Some days I take it before going to sleep, most other days, I take it about 20 minutes before a stressful event. It completely works for me. Yes I still feel anxiety, but its not overwhelming and it gets rid of those butterflies in your stomach. If you or anyone you know suffers from anxiety, I would definitely give this product a try.
5.0 - De-stress with Suntheanine® L-Theanine L-Theanine and Ashwaganda
De-stress with Suntheanine® L-Theanine and Ashwaganda, especially if you have Lyme disease. I am dealing with chronic Lyme disease, which is a stressful and tall order for so many reasons. My Lyme doctor's protocol calls for L-Theonine and Ashwaganda for stress, with the L-Theonine acting to potentiate the Ashwaganda. Suntheanine® is my favorite brand - I can tell it is working. I was so happy o be introduced to this great combo for stress and anxiety!
5.0 - It's great.
I missed these so much! Total concentration these give you, no stress. It's great.
5.0 - Insomnia & Stress Help
I find taking these at night helps me melt stress away as well as a good nights rest, and I dont feel stressful upon waking, will buy again.
5.0 - Really helps with my stress levels
This particular L Theanine works great. Much better than other brands that I have tried. It really helps mellow me out during a stressful day. I am getting ready to make my second order right now!
5.0 - This is Amazing!
Fabulous product! I carry little sample packets to give to friends, relatives and co-workers who feel stressed/anxious.
5.0 - Stress can take it's toll! L-theanine came to my Rescue!
2016 was not a good year for me! Stress was taking its toll! I take daily & have started to notice that I am able to sleep better & be more relaxed! I am more focused and my energy is coming back! I was falling apart being a caregiver of a loved one. I lost so much weight it was scary & wasn't even aware! Hearing my heart beating in my ears and chest..not good! I'm returning to the real me!"
5.0 - An Excellent Supplement
This is a really good supplement for stress and anxiety. It definitely calms me down and gives me improved focus. I have found that its effect is amplified when taken with an oil supplement, such as flax seed, primrose, or fish oil. It's best to take it on an empty stomach, but you can get it to take effect sooner if you chew the pill and hold it in your mouth for a little while (sublingually). It's pressed in coconut oil, so the taste isn't bad. Overall, a great product that I would highly recommend.
5.0 - Fantastic stuff, best I've tried
Fantastic stuff, best I've tried. I take this at bedtime and withing 20 minutes...I'm out. I feel much more able to handle stress and anxiety. This is the best L-Theanine I've had.
5.0 - I love this product (L-theanine)
I love this product (L-theanine). I have a tendency to run on stress and this really helps lower my stress and anxiety level. My thought process feels clearer. Doesn't make me drowsy during the day but I sleep well at night. All in all great products!
5.0 - Top Notch
This product does a good job reducing my stress levels before and matches I have!
5.0 - I like it. It helps with stress
I like it. It helps with stress, takes the edge off caffeine and will tranquilize you if taken at night. Good Stuff.
5.0 - I absolutely love this stuff
I absolutely love this stuff. It is a lovely supplement for taming stress and anxiety and helps take the edge off when needing to take Modafinil. This is my second bottle of L-theanine and certainly not my last.
5.0 - Works great for relaxation, stress relief and sleep.
My husband has had sleep problems for years. After taking his first dose of L-Theanine before bedtime, he was able to go to sleep and stay asleep through the night. He is starting on his second bottle and has been sleeping well almost every night.
5.0 - It works for me
I noticed that after taking this supplement for one month, my nervousness and heart palpitation when I get stressed went away. I have been using this for 4 months now. It works for me and I hope it will work for you too.
4.0 - Great Supplement for Relaxation and Stress Relief
I did a lot of research to find the right company for this type of vitamin. I wanted to find a company that was researched based. I took this supplement for relaxation and stress relief purposes and felt that it helped a lot. The only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is because there is no supplement that will help reduce stress 100%. It needs to be taken in combination with a healthy diet and exercise.
5.0 - This supplement has been working great! The anti-stress properties are truly showing and working ...
This supplement has been working great! The anti-stress properties are truly showing and working excellent! This is my first time using anything from Sports Research, but will definitely not be my last!
5.0 - Works great
I love this product. I use with 5htp and the combo works to relax and minimize stress. Wish this manufacturer offered the htp on Amazon too. High quality product and always arrives quickly.
5.0 - I have a stressful job and I take this before ...
I have a stressful job and I take this before work and it definitely helps me relax and I do skip a day in between so that I don't build up tolerance to it.
5.0 - The BEST L-Theanine product I've found on the market, period!
I've been using L-Theanine for about a year now, and it's made a big difference in my stress levels. Highly recommend to anyone with anxiety or a high-stress personality/job/situation.
5.0 - Works Great!
L-Theanine was recommended by my doctor as a stress-reliever. I started taking one a day and I have definitely felt more relaxed. It doesn't come on strong and it doesn't make me tired in any way. I just feel less anxious and less irritable, particularly at work. I will be taking these for life!
5.0 - Love it, but pricey
This is one of my favorite supplements, I take it every morning. I feel like it improves my mood and reduces my stress levels so overall I'm very happy with the product although I feel like it's pricey, specially for long-term use.
5.0 - L-Theanine has made a real difference in my life...
I have clearly noticed a nice reduction in stress, and that this L-Theanine enhances relaxation, giving me more of an opportunity to sleep. This was my first bottle, and I have since continued taking it. It really makes a difference.
5.0 - Great for Anxiety
I love the L- Thenine. It helps me deal with daily stress a lot better. I've always had anxiety my whole life but never wanted to take prescribed meds. My life has gotten so much better after taking these daily.
5.0 - Great
Helps with mental clarity under stress. Love it.
5.0 - I've read good things about Suntheanine
I've read good things about Suntheanine, so I look for this trademark when purchasing L-Theanine. These supplements help me to wind down after a stressful day, and they really do work for me. This is a reliable brand (SportsResearch). I also purchase their Krill Oil.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great product!Feeling stress free, I'm able to work without the stressing all the time
5.0 - Great product!!
Quick delivery. Great product that helps with stress. I have anxiety and this helps a lot.
5.0 - It works!!
Both my husband and i have been taking this for several months to help with relaxation and prevention of anxiety and stress. I find that it helps me to be alert and focused, but relaxed. I can tell that I have stopped taking it when I go a few days without a dose. We both like that it is mixed with coconut oil to help with absorption. This is the best brand of Theanine that we have tried. We will continue to purchase from Sports Research!
4.0 - I use this on a semi-regular basis to start the ...
I use this on a semi-regular basis to start the day off fresh and clear-minded. This product works wonders on stress-heavy days when I all really need is to just focus on my work and not have to keep worrying about my stressors
5.0 - Does make a difference!
I've only been using this for about a week and a half. I'm trying to stop smoking and it does seem to help with the agitation and I did notice it also is helping with the stress at work. Either it's a big coincidence, or this really does work. I'm going to stick with it. I would recommend this product. I also like the high quality standards that the company practices.
4.0 - and dull the ache I've been feeling
I use this to calm down nerves during stressful situations, when I feel my most anxious. It was taking a toll on my body and mental clarity. I felt as though my nerves were getting in the way of things. With this product, I have been able to adjust my focus, think sharper, and dull the ache I've been feeling. It's a great thing to get me during the day, really great product!
4.0 - works for me
I've been using it for a little over two weeks, and I can say I've been able to focus more easily at my job while feeling less tired, never been one to stress but it does help with relaxation
5.0 - Great replacement for RX
I have a quiet response to stress. I don't feel it but my body/heart responds in the form of fast spikes in HR. I started taking this supplement at night and I fall asleep faster as it simply seems to quiet my anxiety without making me sleepy.
5.0 - Actually works. I take one in the morning and ...
Actually works. I take one in the morning and another one in the early evening. Keeps me calm and stress free the whole day.
5.0 - I hate that commute
My acupuncturist suggested this for my stress and anxiety. So I decided to pop one before my 2 hour commute home one day. I hate that commute! Whether or not it was the Suntheanine, I found my drive was unusually calm for me this time around. Hmmm...
5.0 - Love it
My mother suffers from anxiety to the point that she could not leave her house to travel 8 minutes to her job in a pretty quiet town. After taking L-Theanine, she changed. She can actually leave her house now and do normal things. Since she told me about her experience with L-T, I decided to order some on amazon. This is the brand I ordered. I left a full time stable job to go back to college in a very competitive field, so the stress to make great grades along with financial struggles really took a toll on my nervous system. I started taking L-T and I have seen a huge change in my anxiety level. At first it was a really strange feeling to describe because I would have a huge exam the next day and usually I would be freaking out and trying to rush around to get things done as fast as possible so I could go study somewhere. Then when I studied I would be stressed about not having enough time to memorize everything. I think this made it even harder for me to retain the information. After taking L-T, I thought for awhile that maybe I didn't care about making good grades because the anxiety was gone! I've always associated caring with anxiety. I realized my study sessions weren't as stressful, I still made time to study but I wasn't cutting people's conversations off with me to run to the library, I was present in my life...I just had the focus to make the most of my study sessions. I love L-Theanine and I take one of these in the morning with some coffee before my normal vitamins. I def recommend to people that need help focusing or suffer from excessive stress or anxiety. Can't say enough good things about this stuff!!!
5.0 - Works as described!
I took one 200mg gel cap for the first time today, and right away I began to feel relaxed, as it helped to decrease my anxiety significantly! I'm really happy this works as described. I feel relaxed, but fully aware. This is great for stress-free driving, in a stressful driving environment.
4.0 - I heard about this from a friend of mine. ...
I heard about this from a friend of mine. She told me that with a pill and a cup of coffee she was able to focus during stressful situations. I was skeptical but it wasn’t very expensive so I thought I’d give it a try. And it works!
4.0 - Works
I bought this to help with anxiety and stress and it seems to work. I've had it for a week or so now and taken one pill every day and i didn't see any changes on the first day but it does seem to work the days after that, just so long as I didn't drink coffee. I took two pills and a drank a cup of strong coffee just to see if I would still get the jitters but i did unfortunately. I had heard l-theanine is good with coffee to help relieve the anxious feeling you get from caffeine, but I guess it's not the same for all people since caffeine affects everyone differently.
5.0 - love this product!
Love this product, I can tell a difference when I don't take it. It keeps me calm in stressful situations. I am a single mom of 5 yr old twins so I also need to have patience at home too...this product is a must to have a "good" day for me!
5.0 - Good Product & Company
First day trying this and already feel the effects! It was a high stress morning too, so I really put it to the test. I have generalized anxiety d/o and dysthymia (with more recently postpartum depression) and have researched natural remedies and treatments for a while before deciding to try L-theanine. I like it because it's naturally found in tea only in smaller doses. I like this company because they put a voucher in the box so I was able to order a free complimentary bottle too! So it's going to stock up my supply for a while. It's nice to get rewarded for purchasing a product, I will order again and check out their other products.
5.0 - Effective, high quality product at a good price
The benefits of L-Theanine are well documented. I ordered this for my girlfriend as a non prescription alternative to anxiety medication and to help her deal with stressful days at work. I also ordered for myself because it helps me to get in a calm and focused state of mind when I need to work on my college assignments or get other important tasks done. Theanine takes the jittery edge off of caffeine, giving you a an excellent energy stack for workouts or studying. What's great about this brand is that they use suntheanine, which is the purest form that you can get, and it's in an easy to swallow soft gel capsule. The coconut oil seems to help for better absorption, and I've noticed that the effects of this brand last longer for me than others that I've tried. It is very likely that I will be ordering again.
5.0 - Love it!!!! Works great!
I have a lot of anxiety throughout the day and often feel stressed and overwhelmed. I usually avoid going out and doing activities I used to love. After I started taking l-theanine for a week, I find myself so much more active since I am not stressed and worried so much! It has been great for me. I will continue to take it!
5.0 - Nothing has worked and I was to the point where I thought I was gonna have to get put on some kind of horrible medicine.
I have had high cortisol levels for over a year now.. Just feeling completely stressed about everything in my life!!! Heavy chest and quick to freak out about anything. My Dr has had me try several different things.. Nothing has worked and I was to the point where I thought I was gonna have to get put on some kind of horrible medicine.. Well just over a week ago she told me to try this.. and at first I was like here we go again.. More money spent on somethign that isn't going to work.. Well I can say that for the first time in a long time I feel light.. Stress free and at ease.. My chest doesn't feel heavy nor do I want to freak out on everyone and everything... I can not say if my levels have changed.. Still waiting on results.. But I FEEL BETTER!!!! So HAPPY!
5.0 - Great product
I have been struggling with severe depression and anxiety. Started taking this product with my anxiety medication and it has greatly improved my stress levels. I take it in the morning and I can feel a difference in my overall outlook.
5.0 - Works For Me
I've had generalized anxiety my whole life. Now that's out of the way, I had no expections for this product doing anything, but I purchased it on a whim based on the positive reviews (yes, some of them are probably bogus) as well as other online forums praising the benefits of L-Theanine for relaxation. I took it and on day one... surprise!... nothing. No noticeable effect. Day two, three...same thing. I kept taking it after that because, dammit, I paid twenty bucks for this stuff, might as well use it until it's gone. A week or so later, I started to realize how relaxed I've been lately. I'm calm... like super chill all of the time. I'm still stressed out, but I'm calm enough now to focus on finding solutions instead of dwelling on problems. Its been one month and it's worked very well for me. I'm not sure if this particular brand is any better or worse than others, but if you have generalized anxiety, you might want to try L-Theanine. Don't expect any miracles. Just give it time and you might not notice how well it's working.
5.0 - Helps with Stress
I love taking Sports Research L-Theanine with my coffee in the morning or to relax in the evening. I've been sleeping so much better since I started using it!
4.0 - Works well
Actually surprised at how well this L-Theanine works. Been sleeping better & feeling less stressed. Who doesn't want that?? Well worth trying if you're having stress-related sleep issues...
5.0 - Highly recommend!
I have been taking this product to help lessen stress in addition to managing my TMJ. Highly recommend!
5.0 - Easy to Swallow
The pills are easy to swallow and I like that the bottle is opaque. I definitely notice a lowering of my stress levels.
4.0 - I'm really satisfied with this supplement
I'm really satisfied with this supplement. I take one in the morning before work. First day I noticed I seemed more awake and focused. Definitely has a calming effect. I dont feel as stressed all day.
5.0 - Quality!
This is great for those who need a some additional calm and focus. I don't find that I personally need this everyday but it really helps when life brings extra stress and anxiety.
5.0 - I randomly discovered l-theanine from a comment someone made to an article about personality types and I am so glad I did
Just an update - this stuff truly is amazing if you tend toward anxiety, stress and over-thinking. I truly wish I had discovered this much sooner. I honestly can’t recommend it enough!
5.0 - I am happy to give them a ringing endorsement
I'm sold on SRC...on both their products and their customer service. I waited until my third order of l-theanine before endorsing or panning this supplement in order to give an honest opinion. I am happy to give them a ringing endorsement. After experimenting with a number of "anti-stress" supplements, this product is one of the few that actually works for me. I'm a fan of green tea and drink it frequently in an effort to attain the calming effects of its theanine, but frankly, I don't think I could ever ingest enough to be successful. So, SRC to the rescue! I take a capsule morning and evening to soothe my overworked body and soul. The results are not what I'd call dramatic...not one person has commented on a change in my hyperactive personality. But I know how I feel, and I feel more composed, calmer and though it may be a stretch, I'll even say I'm more serene.
5.0 - More Clarity & Focus, Less Anxiety
I started using Suntheanine L-Theanine to help with stress and focus. I take it in the morning with a cup of coffee. It helps keep the jitters away and helps me respond to life’s inevitable stressors with more clarity and focus and less anxiety.
4.0 - I use my L theanine when I am very anxious ...
I use my L theanine when I am very anxious to calm down or when I know I will be entering a stressful situation. It really does help. This type of pill was different for me, a little larger than other pills I have used but it still works!
5.0 - Great so far :)
I've just recently started taking Suntheanine, but in the short time I have, I'm seeing some differences already. They are slight, but I don't expect overnight instant differences. I'm seeing my stress levels decrease and becoming a bit more focused. I will come back and update this review as needed once I've taken the product longer.
5.0 - Yes. Just.... Yes.
I rely on L-Theanine to handle stress. A week off of it and I start feeling anxious and panicky. I ordered this brand for the first time and I love that they seem to pay attention to the science and research behind their products. I will be buying this again!
5.0 - Love it!
Anxiety and stress level decreased, and I feel like I can think more clearly.
5.0 - Excellent product that calms my nerves during tough work days
Excellent product that calms my nerves during tough work days. I've found that when I don't take it, my stress levels increase and I get anxious. Great product and I'm glad I found it on Amazon.
5.0 - Great for those who have anxiety
I absolutely love the l-theanine. It seems to help me manage my anxiety much better than I was without anything else. I used to take medication for it but I cannot anymore, so having something that can help me feel even the tiniest bit stress relief during the day is a lifesaver. Thank you.
5.0 - Highly recommend if you have anxiety!
This is my second time purchasing this product. I suffer daily from stress and anxiety and this is the only product that has helped tremendously. I take one pill in the morning and I feel calm and relaxed for the rest of the day.

3. NatureWise 5-HTP Max Potency 200mg | Mood Support, Natural Sleep Aid & Helps Curb Appetite | Delayed Release Capsules Easier on The Stomach | Enhanced with Vitamin B6 | Non-GMO, Vegetarian, 60 Count

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5.0 - I generally feel less stressed and happy while taking this supplement and I notice a difference ...
I began taking 5-HTP Plus+ for Serotonin Conversion and it works! I generally feel less stressed and happy while taking this supplement and I notice a difference about a week after I run out. I would definitely suggest this product as healthy way to help reduce stress.
5.0 - LOVE this product
LOVE this product! ive tried many 5HTP brands and this is the best. feel such a difference in my ability to handle stress, and in my quality of sleep since i began taking these.
5.0 - Amazing product!
AMAZING! I received the naturewise 5-HTP Plus+ as part of a free trial and I have to say, I'm impressed. It's done wonders for my stress and mood, curbs my appetite, and I haven't slept so good in months. The bonus is I've lost 13 pounds! I will definitely be ordering this product again and highly recommend it if you are looking for a natural way to reduce stress, get a good night sleep, and lose a little weight in the process.
4.0 - Calm and Rested!
I didn't receive this for free...I bought it to try and honestly I can say I am calmer, happier, and sleep better than I was. I wake up with hot flashes but I have been able to go back to sleep right away where before I was using this it took me awhile to get back to sleep. I have a very stressful job and I am feeling much calmer at work. I will continue to use these and see if it just gets better as it gets in my system.
5.0 - I absolutly love this product
I absolutly love this product. I periodically suffer migraines, especially when I'm stressed out. I didn't want to get a prescription and had been looking for something natural to help alleviate the symptoms. I took this daily for two months and it really helped to regulate my mood and keep me from getting migraines. It kicks in immediately without stomach discomfort
5.0 - More sleep, no pain and weight loss!
Need to gain sleep and lose weight - look no further! I have been challenged with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and adrenal fatigue for more years that I can count. In all cases, the professionals say to get the proper sleep and rest. So they gave me all sorts of pharma meds - that only made my issues worsen. As a result, long ago I switched over to natural products and 5HTP was one of them that did help. HOWEVER, I just found NATUREWISE 5-HTP Plus - and the PLUS makes a BIG difference! First, because of the time release, my sleep is steady ALL THROUGH the night for the first time in two decades! Secondly, the VITA B6 is found in no other product but is necessary to sooth an gastro fluctuations from the high dosage of 5-HTP. Third, it just flat makes me feel great because it settles down stress. Forth, this also means that I am losing weight as my stress hormones, that put on weight are relieved from that burden. Fifth, it is at a great price point for the ingredients and MG - I haven't found anywhere else. sixth, the Fibromyalgia pain has lessened due to the serotonin.Finally, the ingredients are of the highest integrity. I will update this in the future should I discover any further benefits - but for now, I couldn't be more pleased with this product. Also, the company's customer service is top-notch and they take all the time you need to be satisfied or to answer any questions.I spoke to Cynthia, but they all are superior just like she is.
4.0 - Great product. Works really well to reduce my anxiety ...
Great product. Works really well to reduce my anxiety and stress.
I have been trying everything I find to get my depression anxiety stress and adult add under control but primarily my stress. I was very skeptical about this product because again it was another product promising to do what the other tried/failed products promised. I stopped taking adderal cold turkey to start taking the the 5-htp, so that I could see if it was really working. After about two weeks I caught myself actually feeling happy. Feeling sort of relaxed, enjoying my daily duties and routine. Not edgie at all; i was feeling content and smiling. So I definitely believe 5-htp work. I didn't really notice weight loss. Maybe a bit of less eating but I also take wellbutrin 300 XR. I will continue to use as long as I notice it helping lessen my stress and anxiety.I love the shipping time and cost; arrives super fast and.what else can I ask for. Free third bottle is an amazing incentive. There's really nothing I dislike or didn't like about the product.
5.0 - Smoothing Rough Edges
I have anxiety as well as post-trauma hypersensitivity. I am trying to avoid going back to antidepressants. Before starting to use the 5-HTP+ I was having angry outbursts and crying jags multiple times a day. After, I've been better able to cope with the gigantic amount of bad news going on in my immediate family. My reactions to the stresses of daily life are much more reasonable. It's been great so far!
5.0 - Less stress and happier overall
Helps keep my anxiety and depression levels down. I absolutely notice a difference when I'm taking this product, versus when I'm not. For history, I had been on depression meds for years, but didn't ever feel like they were helping me feel *better* so I did some research and decided to give 5-HTP a try. For me - it works AMAZINGLY. That being should consult your doctor before using anything to alter your mood.
5.0 - Five Stars
It has been helping me lower my stress and anxiety.
5.0 - Wonderful mood leveller
Since taking this product for about 18 days now, I have noticed a leveling off in my mood, more even during the day, and more tolerant to stress. Have not noticed much effect on appetite curbing, however my appetite is naturally curbed, so did not get it for that. It has also helped with better quality sleep.
5.0 - Five Stars
Reduced stress and helped me sleep much better. Thanks for making it vegan too.
5.0 - Anxiety reducing
This product helps with my anxiety and stress
5.0 - Love this, so worth it. I believe it.
I love this product. It has really helped me to feel more even and to feel as if i can manage life's stress. It definitely is working for me!
5.0 - I'm also finding that I am getting to sleep sooner and sleeping much better. In addition I like the fact that it ...
I recently purchased this product and found it to be all that it says it is. I became a believer when I was in a situation that was stressful and I found myself more relaxed than I would have normally been. I'm also finding that I am getting to sleep sooner and sleeping much better. In addition I like the fact that it is vegan, gluten-free and is a non-gmo product and to me, this is very important given what's on the market these days. Also, I did contact NatureWise to discuss the product and the staff in customer service couldn't be more kind, courteous and helpful. And when one question couldn't be answered immediately, a member of the staff got back to me in a few hours. Great Service and kudos to the staff.
5.0 - I feel Happier, less stressed and more positive energy to do ...
I feel Happier, less stressed and more positive energy to do things I never did before. I have also lost a little weight being more active than usual.
I began taking this product to help with serotonin conversion specifically in regard to my mood. After taking for about 2 weeks, I was able to see a huge difference in dealing with the stress in my daily life.
5.0 - Great supplement for Anxiety!
This product has helped me tremendously! I suffer from generalized anxiety and weaned myself off of Lexapro in favor of a more natural alternative. I notice I’m not as nervous and feel generally calmer as well as sleep better. My adult daughter has also started taking to help her with stress and insomnia.
5.0 - Sleep problems
I was having difficulty sleeping and had bad anxiety and I decided to research something that would help. I saw this bottle on amazon and read through all the reviews and I purchased it. Right away within the first few days my stress levels were down and I was sleeping in my normal pattern again.
5.0 - Loving this supplement!
I had been experiencing a lot of stress and fatigue from work, which was causing low energy, moodiness, irritability, and lack of motivation to do normal activities. With this supplement, I'm already noticing an increase in energy and an uplifted mood. It's helped me better mentally manage the stress and feel more like myself.
5.0 - So far, so well!
I've been taking these for a little over a week and I definitely feel the difference. Before I would get easily angered and my anxiety was the worst when I was stressed. Now, I have a lot more patience with my children and I am much more calm. I take mine a few hours before bed and I rest wonderfully, when I wake I feel so rested and ready to conquer my day. I take these along with Garcinia Cambodia, these combos help me fight my bad food cravings and suppress my appetite.
5.0 - Depression no longer controls my life!
I have been diagnosed with moderate depression. I didn't want to go outside or do anything. I was unmotivated and my family noticed that I was not as positive about things as I used to be. My feelings even started to change for my relationships. Not wanting to go on an antidepressant with abundant side effects, I started looking at some alternatives. I tried the 5HTP in conjunction with the Ashwagandha based on the reviews and much research. The combination of these products has changed my life and it's only been 2 weeks! I have been going out and doing things with my family again and they have noticed I have been happier and able to handle things without getting frustrated when stress hits. I also sleep SO much better. Before, I was waking up 3 to 4 times a night and feeling so tired every day. Now, I sleep through the night 5 out of 7 nights a week which is a big difference. Even on the 2 nights I still only wake 1 time. This product has been a huge benefit to me.
5.0 - Little miracle!
I read a lot of reviews and decided to buy and see if it help me releave the everyday stress. After a month, I noticed my energy levels increased and I let things happen without stressing over them. I just calmly let it be. I did not buy the product to boost the metabolism, but my clothes do feel a little loose. So I decided to continue using the product. Other people told me I sound much calmer and I had to share the secret. I am thankful I came across this little miracle.
5.0 - Appetite Suppressant
The product has been a great appetite suppressant. It has also contributed to me staying calm during stressful situations.
5.0 - by the end of the day I feel more tired all around which helps me sleep better at night
I have to say I was skeptical about this product at first, but I was wrong. Overall, this product helps me with appetite suppression the most which is a definite plus. Also, by the end of the day I feel more tired all around which helps me sleep better at night. I've noticed a small change in mood where I feel a little less annoyed by things which helps with my stress levels. It's a great product and does what it says. I also received a free bonus bottle, and any NatureWise customer can do the same just by following the instructions provided with their purchase which is awesome when you love the product and find out you can get more of it for free. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.
5.0 - Sleep aide
Helped greatly with sleep and stress related anxiety.
5.0 - These work exactly as described
These are amazing!!! I feel so much calmer and relaxed. I think of stressful situations, and literally my mind goes, nah you don't need to think about that now!!. Doesn't make me tired, my sleep pattern is the same. Highly recommend!!1 In fact I have even put these on my subscribe list..
5.0 - Really helped ease my stressful work life, and my ...
Really helped ease my stressful work life, and my life, in general. Thanks for helping me think before I act, and helping with the stress and anxiety of everyday.
5.0 - good results
I just want to say I've taken this product for several days and I already feel improvements in my sleeping habits.. I sleep through the night without waking and I feel less stressed. This prouct Is worth trying. Also, what is great is when you write a review you will receive a free bottle no strings attached.
5.0 - Five Stars
This is a great product, definitely increased my mood feeling less stressed!
5.0 - SO happy I tried this!!
I recently went through a divorce and lost my life as I knew it. I was stressed, anxious, scared and couldn't sleep at night. I gained weight and fell into a deep depression. Within 10 days of taking this, I began to feel as if there was hope! The depression lifted, I started sleeping and I've lost 6 pounds so far! This helps me feel content and like I can handle my problems. I'm able to stop eating after dinner (I used to be a midnight snacker) and don't have junk food cravings anymore.
5.0 - Excellent and natural!
I have taken this product with me to Burning Man festival and it works very well keeping good mood and sleep schedule during and after exhausting period requiring a decompression. I have also used it on a regular days and it helps with stress and keeps great mood. Thank you!!!
5.0 - Works!
This product has helped tremendously. I suffer from anxiety and I also have trouble sleeping and managing stress, and after a week of taking this product I noticed a difference. My thoughts weren’t anxiety ridden, I felt calmer, and I was better able to sleep through the night. 10/10 would recommend.
5.0 - Great product!
My husband was having sleeping troubles and he is been taking this product for a month now and he feels more rested and de-stressed because he is sleeping very well and all night long. I highly recommend this product for sleeping troubles.
5.0 - Good Stuff. Natural. And, it works.
Over the past two and a half years, my jobs have been very stressful. Both employers chose to use me as their go-between in difficult situations with clients. It got to the point that I could not get enough sleep and the stress was becoming overwhelming.
5.0 - Wow. From what I can tell it works.
My boyfriend and I started taking one of these in the evenings with our sleep aid and it has done wonders our our stress levels on a day-to-day basis. Not only that, but I was pleasantly surprised to have naturally lost about 5 lbs after going through half of the first bottle (we split it in half). I didn't put two and two together until I read on the reviews that it also helps control your appetite. For me, it makes me feel satisfied after eating much less food; it has greatly reduced my appetite overall, and I find myself not having the desire to binge eat. Is this the 5-htp? I hope so, because we are buying another bottle right meow. Buy this. :)
4.0 - ... (only a week) but it seems to be a good supplement. It has been a high-stress week and ...
I haven't used this long (only a week) but it seems to be a good supplement. It has been a high-stress week and I have been able to sleep well at night and remain calm. I will continue to use the product as a daily supplement.
5.0 - I like it
I feel much better, defently less stressed
5.0 - WOW
This has helped me with work stress in a MAJOR way! Wow. I can’t believe I am just now finding this. HIGHLY recommend.
5.0 - I would highly recommend this. I also have not been feeling hunger ...
This has helped change my stress reaction and has made me feel more calm overall.i have been under extreme pressure the past couple of years and since I am taking this I feel more calm and less stressed. I have Hashimotos and adrenal fatigue so I have to be careful with how I am coping with stress. I would highly recommend this. I also have not been feeling hunger pangs since I have been taking this.
5.0 - Great product to control appetite!
I usually take one in the morning and it really controls my appetite due to my high levels of stress at work. It made feel good! I recommend it.
5.0 - Better able to cope with anxiety.
I've been giving 5-htp plus as part of a few supplements to my 15 year old son for 4 months. It was recommended to us by our family psychologist to help with his anxiety. We've been happy to see him return to a less stressed boy with fewer anxiety episodes. He feels better able to cope with stress.
5.0 - Five Stars
Helpled me with my sleep issues and reduce food craving due to my stress
5.0 - helps w anxiety and stress.
Very very effective. I would take 1 or 2 daily, and now I don't need it as much. It's like it has balanced me out somehow. Work is not as stressful as it seemed to be. I feel very mellow and not as reactive as I used to be.
5.0 - Life hacker
At first i was sceptical about its reviews & effects but id say around day 4 i started feeling weight come off me. I no longer stress about the little things throughout my day. I feel lighter & more motivated! I also stopped craving snacks which i know will make a difference on the scale in the long run. Thank you for making such a amazing product! I will continue buying this!!
5.0 - if this works, my life will change..
I will update later, but I swear first night slept like I was on vacation, that yummy sleeping I used to have before work, stress and lufe happened, vivid drip but went back to sleep easily after bathroom break. And maybe just because of that I was almost euphoric for not feeling like I hate work and overwhelmed! To me this is impossible, so I will wait a mental dispisition is type A at work, anxiety whilst forfilling work goal and in between not motivated at all.I am moody, holidays get me down, and generally winter months, I wouldn't say im clinically depressed , but I tend to have negative thoughts regularly. Im very curious to see if this was a fluke of having a good nights sleep or the beginning of something good. I will pay attention moving forward how everything is...
5.0 - Best Supplement I Have Taken.
Been using this product for about a week now and absolutely love it so far. Definitely see an improvement in my mood and has reduced stress along with exercising. I fell into a depression and it has helped fight off the symptoms so far. Would recommend to anyone looking for a natural way to feel good and improve your quality of life! Would recommend to any college student!
5.0 - Great!!!
I love it! I really seems to take the edge off of my anxiety & stress without taking a prescription
5.0 - It works!
Reduced stress, elevated mood, better sleep
5.0 - Of all the supplements I have tried this is the best.
It helps control my stress eating. It also helps with mindless eating, stress and sleep. Of all the supplements I have tried this is the best.
5.0 - Sleep at last!!
Stress at work wreaks havoc on my mental well-being and sleep. After a couple of days of taking 5-HTP Plus, I had a general feeling of happiness and well-being. Stressful situations did not cause me ANY stress and I am finally able to sleep!!! I have missed being able to sleep. So glad I made this purchase.
4.0 - Okay so far
I have just started using 5-HTP. I am hoping this will help me with my mood, stress and sleep. I will definitely update once I have been taking this for a month. Customer service is very responsive. I will be receiving a free bonus bottle for sharing my experience.
4.0 - Started taking these a couple of weeks ago to help ...
Started taking these a couple of weeks ago to help with stress from work that was keeping me awake at night. They have done wonders for my mood and helped me fall asleep quickly and kept me from eating late night snacks.
5.0 - I LOVE this stuff
I LOVE this stuff. It helps with my mood tremendously. Now going through menopause when I feel irritable and experienced mood shifts this keeps me sane, stress-free and brings me mental clarity. I actually stopped taking my antidepressant with this. I wouldn't recommend doing this without first talking to your doctor. I was looking for something more natural that wouldn't come with other unwanted side effects like the ones I would experience with my anti-depressant. Its worked miracles for me
4.0 - I feel better equipped to deal with daily stress and I feel ...
I genuinely do feel that this has helped in my over all sour mood. I feel better equipped to deal with daily stress and I feel I'm calmer and more patient. It was originally recommended to me by a pharmacologist friend who suffers from depression. I have recommended it to many people who battle depression. Will continue to buy.
5.0 - Usually don't, but had to review
I am usually a huge skeptic of herbal products but by day 3 I felt like I had a better grasp on my stressors and anxiety. I feel focused and calm and when an overwhelming situation has presented itself, (I work full time, am planning my wedding and pursuing my Master's degree- so there's plenty!) I've been able to handle it calmly and concisely. I wish I had started on this years ago.
5.0 - No more sleepless nights!
After months of sleepless nights tossing and turning I decided to give the product a try, I am 16 days in of using the product and I have not had an issue going to sleep a single night since I started taking this product. I've noticed a positive change in my mood as well, which has been encouraging, because I have been under a lot of stress which would typically effect my mood, and my ability to handle situations with ease, the way I have.
5.0 - Awesome relaxation and mood enhancement
I have insomnia most nights and the 5-HTP helps me to get a good nights sleep and improves my mood tremendously. I also see a significant decrease in my stress level. Thank you for providing me with a wonderful product and an alternative to pharmaceuticals.
5.0 - Wonderful
These pills are amazing they have helped with my stress and anxiety attack’s and I’m always in a better mood now
4.0 - Good alternative for prescription meds
After getting off of my anti-anxiety medication, I needed a more natural approach to dealing with my anxiety. No side effects, but benefits of calmness and ability to tolerate stressful situations.
5.0 - Reduces hunger
Stress free and Much more patient with passengers. The bonus is no more hunger pains.
4.0 - There are many variables for a good night sleep
This product helped my mood and stress levels, but I didn't notice a difference with my sleep. I started taking it mid-afternoon as I wasn't sure it might have been keeping me up. There are many variables for a good night sleep, however, so can't really say it was the 5HTP that kept me awake. Overall I think this product has helped and I am very happy with it.
5.0 - I started taking this supplement to help with my anxiety ...
I started taking this supplement to help with my anxiety and it definitely has. I have a very stress job and very often have my anxiety get to me at work, since taking the 5-HTP I have definitely notice a difference.
4.0 - Good, but not great. Will buy again.
I wouldn't go so far as to say that it solves stress and depression, but it certainly does make things easier to handle. Definitely helps me get to sleep, although I have extremely eccentric dreams after taking it.
5.0 - I really love naturewise products
I really love naturewise products... I've used the Cambodia g and the raspberry k and they are really good and effective. This particular product it's my first time trying it and i have to say it is really good!! you can feel the difference the next day, my mood is better and i feel less stressed,about the appetite suppressant part ummm not sure that i see any difference, but for the mood and sleep situation i recommend it 100%.
5.0 - Natural Approach for Anxiety
My wife has gotten better sleep, felt less stressed and moody, and has had noticeably more energy since taking this the last 3 weeks. She will absolutely be ordering a second bottle. If makes us both feel elated to see results and improvement without having to resort to prescribed medication. Nature Wise is the way to go if you’ve got feelings of anxiety that are interfering with your life and want to take a natural healing approach.
5.0 - Less stress and better sleep
I've been stressed and not sleeping well. If I take this 5HTP I sleep great and seem to handle stress better throughout the next day. I definitely notice the difference in my mood and sleep if I forget it! I take it about an hour before bed. It doesn't make me feel exceptionally sleepy but I might just be taking it too close to bed to notice that effect.
5.0 - Seems to be working
I did receive this product for free - BUT I had already purchased my first bottle and this was an offer on the packaging. I am taking this in conjunction with Ashwagandha and I believe the 2 have made me much calmer. This was recommended by a family member and they are also seeing positive results as it relates to lowering stress. I do also feel that it has curbed my appetite. I will continue to use it.
4.0 - Lighter mood with less stress..
I have only been taking these for a week now to help keep my mood up and my negative thoughts down. So far it has been an effective product overall. I noticed that I am less self critical and usually in a lighter mood where as before I would be so serious about life and each and every action I made. For me it almost acts as a barrier to my negative thoughts and helps keep a general positive outlook on present life. I suffer from certain anxieties as it is usually always synonymous with depression. This product has helped fight off some of these conditions which can be crippling to our lives.
5.0 - Much better mood and less stress!
I noticed a few days ago that my high stress level seems to be way down. I am in a better mood...and things that would have bothered me just a week ago are not,.
5.0 - One of the Best Brands for 5-HTP!
I have been taking NatureWise 5-HTP for about 10 days now and I felt a difference on the first day that I took a dose. I had recently been suffering from decreased focus and concentration and stress-induced fatigue. Since I have started taking this, I have noticed an improvement in my focus, I feel less stressed out, and more calm. It definitely makes my day more enjoyable! I also like the fact that they're time release capsules, as they draw out the length that the supplement is introduced into your system. With every other brand of 5-HTP that I have tried, I could feel that it was depleted by the early afternoon. People state that it reduces their appetite, but I haven't really noticed this effect. I am receiving a bonus bottle of NatureWise 5-HTP for my honest review and this product is definitely deserving of it! I will keep on buying my 5-HTP any probably other supplements as well from NatureWise as they make great products!
5.0 - Five Stars
very benefical with dealing with stress, allows sleep without waking and mind turning on to daily stress.
5.0 - I like it I do take it with L-Theanine and it ...
I like it I do take it with L-Theanine and it helps with stress and I started to sleep real good
5.0 - It works!
A week after taking this product, I started remembering what I dreamt about while I slept, that alone tells me my sleep quality improved. I also noticed that I was able to dodge some of my stress eating, and felt more in control of my appetite. Im about to finish my second bottle, and I consider Naturewise 5-HTP Plus a part of my daily supplementation now.
5.0 - Saved my sanity
I am the mother of two children under the age of 2. After having my second daughter, I was having a very hard time coping with my postpartum feelings. I was feeling sad, lonely, and generally depressed. I was very reluctant to try conventional antidepressants so I figured this product was worth a try. Within a week and a half of using it, everything has dramatically changed. Although my days are not any easier, I feel more rested, happier and able to deal with the children with minimal feelings of frustration, anger, or sadness. I think this is a miraculous product. I cannot stress enough how it has changed my life. I had only a slight stomach ache the first day I tried it, but nothing since. This product is amazing as well as the customer service of this company. HIGHLY recommended!!!
5.0 - ... couple of weeks I found that I am coping better with the stress in my life
After taking 5-HTP for a couple of weeks I found that I am coping better with the stress in my life. My mood levels have improved, not feeling as wired as I was before, and therefore I am sleeping more soundly. I have tried other brands but didn't get the results that the Naturewise product has given me in a short time. Another great product Naturewise!!
5.0 - Great supplement for me
From feeling stressed and tense everyday from work and home related situations, I decided to try these pills. They work great, helped me relax a whole more, helped curb my appetite as well and definitely helped me stopped craving for sweets so much. Unfortunately, only the 30 caps bottle was available for the 200mg and I bought only one before traveling to my station. So ran out of this and continued with the 100mg which do not have the same effect on me.
5.0 - When it came in I was beyond excited to try ...
When it came in I was beyond excited to try it, I noticed within the first week changes in my sleep and moods. Considering I work in a very stressful company and I am such a nigh owl. This stuff has helped me gain control of a lot of things since taking it!
5.0 - A great supplement for my health
I suffer from Chronic Treatment Resistant Migraines so I have a lot of issues with sleeping and depression. This supplement has helped tremendously in being able to handle stress and anxiety. Additionally, because of this I have more control over making healthier decisions with health.
5.0 - Good product
Great product. Has been helping tremendously with sleep and being in better headspaces. Also helped out with some environmental stresses.
5.0 - Good stuff.
Puts me in a better mood. Not as stressed while taking it. Not as irritable either. Can sleep better also.
5.0 - Excellent product! Try it.
EXCELLENT PRODUCT made by a great company. Aids in mood and sleep. Been taking it for 15 days and I can say I have been getting deeper sleep, waking up refreshed and in a better mood. Also helps regulate the stress in one's life. I take it one hour before bed time. Thank you naturewise
5.0 - Five Stars
Great product at a great price. Definitely helps me with sleeps and stress.
4.0 - Mood and sleep
I have tried this brand, and NOW foods in 100mg. I noticed that this brand works better in terms of falling asleep faster. Taking the 5HTP combined with another supplement has hugely benefited my mood and my insomnia. Before taking, I was struggling with postpartum and mild anxiety/stress. Be careful though, some people suffer from too much seratonin production and taking 5HTP could worsen symptoms. I started this because my Doctor put me on it. I have not noticed any difference in appetite, as I have always had a healthy appetite and eat well.
5.0 - This product does give you a bit of digestive distress ...
This product does give you a bit of digestive distress for the first few days of taking it. I do feel, however, after those first few uncomfortable days, that this product is worth a try. It has helped me with my lack of energy and motivation.
5.0 - 5 HTP
Amazing product for those who feel anxiety stress disorder do not sleep at night this product works incredible. Not addictive.
5.0 - It’s working
I am getting help with appetite control and stress control while taking this supplement. I also am falling asleep and staying asleep through the night.
5.0 - Five Stars
Very helpful in maintaining an even mood in stressful environments.
5.0 - A friend of mine recommended 5-HTP Plus+
A friend of mine recommended 5-HTP Plus+. I have been taking it almost a month now and I can tell a real difference in my sleep and mood. I can fall back asleep easier and faster than before. With small children, this is one of the best aspects for me as I get little sleep. As for my mood, I found my anxiety and stress were a little easier to handle. I would recommend this to anyone and not just because I am receiving my second bottle for free from Naturewise. I wouldn't recommend anything I didn't like or use. So far, 5-HTP Plus+ does what it says it will do. I highly recommend this to anyone.
5.0 - My daily requirement.
Worked better than I thought it would. I highly recommend this product if you have a stressful life.
5.0 - Great
I love this! Brightens everyday and helps reduce stress
5.0 - I take it at bedtime and feel more relaxed and sleep better!
My wife is a mental health clinician and recommends this to me when I was so stressed out. I take it at bedtime and feel more relaxed and sleep better!
5.0 - Simply Wonderful
I didn't know what to expect upon taking this NatureWise product. All I knew about this supplement was that it is used to increase mood. This product did just that and more: I get a very restful sleep, am in a great mood, and above all helped me to deal with an abundance of stresses in my life. I would highly recommend 5-HTP to anyone in need of stress relief. I cannot wait to receive my free bottle from the company :)
5.0 - Give it a try!
The product does help with sleep, but that wasn't my core reason for purchasing. I needed something to help take the edge off, so I could maintain my composure better when situations become heavy/stressful. I accidentally stopped taking it for a few days and I could tell a definite difference. I would recommend you try it!
5.0 - It helps with my anxiety
This is my second bottle and it has helped with my anxiety. I rest better at night too and I don’t stress eat either so I have lost some weight
5.0 - Curbs appetite, calms, and results in better sleep.
For me, the greatest benefits of taking this are two fold, firstly it curbs my appetite through out the day so I am able to stick to my caloric restriction far more easily. Secondly, it creates a noticeable calming effect, which is probably why I don't feel the need to eat more than I should because my stress levels are lower. My sleep has also been better as a result of eating better/less and feeling less stress. In general, it has helped to improve my overall mental and emotional states and for that, I will likely always use this product!
5.0 - Five Stars
sleeping much better now and my stress levels have decreased
5.0 - Helps to manage stress and anxiety in a healthy way!
Was suffering from poor sleeping patterns related to stress and anxiety related to an out of state move and a combined home renovation. Just too much going on and was also feeling run down and lethargic. I take a multi vitamin and B-complex supplement and added 5_HTP Plus+ to my daily intake. After about 10 days I've noticed a difference - sleeping patterns are becoming more regular, and my anxiety is better managed. I believe this supplement is helping.
5.0 - It works well
Good I like it. I am on a diet and I need help with appetite control and stress.
5.0 - Five Stars
I love it!!! I throw away ambien and all other medications for stress.. this product is just amazing!!
5.0 - Less stress
Great product can tell I’m less stressed
5.0 - I can finally sleep and enjoy myself! Great product
I started taking 5-HTP to stabilize the mood and sleep, which I had problems with lately due to high levels of stress and depression. My doctor recommended taking this supplement, and, quite frankly, I was skeptical and doubtful of the positive effects, but I gave it a try nevertheless.
5.0 - I am so happy!!
I am a nurse which can be very stressful at times. This supplement had made me feel calmer and less stressed. I am not eating everything in sight and is able to wait until after twelve in the afternoon to have my first meal. I am so happy!!! I have tried other brands and did not have this outcome.🌺🌺🌺
5.0 - I was a little skeptical about this, but had ...
I was a little skeptical about this, but had been reccomended this as a supplement to help with anxiety and stress in a natural way. I am a little picky about the supplements that I take, and was highly impressed with this quality and effectiveness of this product. I am already planning to order more naturewise products, including this 5-HTP Plus very soon in the future!
4.0 - Good stuff!
I'm finding this helpful for more restful sleep, and I'm hopeful it's also helping with my gut's supposed to help with motility as it helps release serotonin in your stomach. My issues are pretty complex so it's tough to say if the 5HTP is having an impact yet, but I definitely notice I'm more resilient to stress.
5.0 - works as expected
will be buying this again. Does not cause drowsiness. Works as it should to calm an anxious heart in socially stressful situations.
5.0 - Works great and quickly too.
I've been taking this product for about 3 weeks now. I really like the better sleep I'm getting nightly, I'm a tosser/turner and suffer from restless leg syndrome. Taking these about 2hrs before bed helps me to have a more calm sleep. I haven't noticed any appetite control, which is fine for me. I do also feel less stressed/foggy throughout the day.
5.0 - Would recommend
helps with stress and sleep at night.
5.0 - Take an hour before bedtime
Had a really stressful winter due to having to put 2 of my dogs to sleep and was very depressed. Son was failing school. I usually can pull myself out of depression but this time it was just really difficult due to perimenopause. Was thinking of going on antidepressants but was afraid of side effects so I decided to try this. I started with a half capsule for a week and proceed to a full at week two. Started to feel better. Felt more positive, less stressed and was able to sleep better. Will definitely take this next time for sad.
5.0 - Good product, great price
It works just as well if not better than other brands. Helps keep my .Ood level during stressful times, and the 200 mg dosage makes it way easier than 2 100 mg dosage.
5.0 - decreased my sugar cravings
While I do not feel it is helping my sleep. I definitely feel it is helping my sugar cravings and overall mood. My job is fairly stressful so it is great to find a product that helps to lower my stress levels.
5.0 - Love this 5-HTP Plus+!
I have never heard of this product before so It has been all new to me and I recieved this supplement for free to review. Wow, I am loving the benefits of taking this product. I have been taking it for awhile now and I have seen an improvement in my mood and helps me to keep my stress level down. I have seen the benefits of decreased appetite and energy which of course is so beneficial in my weight loss.
5.0 - Great Company
I am using 5-HTP Plus. I have used it for a month now and I can feel the results. I take 5-HTP Plus 1 capsule 2 to 3 times a day with food. I am finding that I sleep better, my appetite is under control (I am not always looking for my next meal or grazing all night) and I feel like my stress level is evening out (which is a God send), I feel more and more like I am in control of my emotions and not my emotions in control of me.
5.0 - Stress management - so far so good
Due to work stress, I have been having trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. I purchased 5-HTP Plus+ for a homeopathic solution to stress relief. Since I began the regiment, I have found it easier to get to sleep and my sleep is more restful, further I have noticed that I am able to manage my stress levels more effectively.
5.0 - ... work in a high stress industry and this was recommended by a colleague
I work in a high stress industry and this was recommended by a colleague. It really does seem to help with stress and I find I sleep much better. I've stopped grinding my teeth at night too which is marvelous. I only take it on days I work which I think might help in keeping it more effective so I don't build up a tolerance. I always take it after I've eaten something as it can make me feel very slightly nauseas if I don't
5.0 - Real Improvement in Sleep & Mood
I have had difficulties with insomnia (specifically staying asleep) and feeling stressed out and cranky for years. I tried various strategies, including teas and supplements, without reliable results. Within two weeks of initiating a regular daily regimen with 5-HTP+, my sleep difficulties markedly improved o the point that I now expect a full night's sleep and given day. In addition, my mood has markedly improved as well at work and home. Outstanding results!
5.0 - Helps me sleep
I started taking this product to help with stress. What I noticed half way through the first bottle is that my sleep is less interrupted if I take this shortly after eating dinner. However, it doesn't make me feel sleepy, which is a plus for me.
5.0 - Natural Solution for Anxiety!
Wow! I'm truly amazed how quickly I began to feel the calming effects. This definitely lessens my stress and anxiety and helps me have a more positive outlook on the day. I feel less overwhelmed by daily tasks and can focus much better on my work. Total mood enhancer!
5.0 - A must have for stress!
I really love this product. I use it to help with stress and it really does work. I have bought this three times already and I will continue using it. Great product!! It definitely helps me to feel more relaxed and less anxious. It doesn't make me tired at all.
5.0 - Can't go wrong!
I've been taking 5HTP for a while now and it's really helped me overcome a lot of anxiety during my more stressful weeks during the year. Be aware that this is 200mg. I typically take half in the mornig and the other half during the day. NatureWise is a great deal and I definitely continue to buy more!

4. #1 Brain Function Booster Nootropic - Super Ginkgo Biloba complex with St John's Wort & Bacopin - Supports Mental clarity, Focus, Memory & more - 100% Moneyback Guarantee (1 Mo. Supply/1 Bottle)

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5.0 - Nice. Very nice
I first purchased this for my sister because she like myself is a Baby Boomer who was were getting more frustrated each day because she couldn't get remember even the smallest of things like where she had just placed her keys. Another example was having to learn something new at work only to forget most of it almost as soon as she learned it. That in itself was causing more frustration and stress for her each day. I realized I was experiencing the same problem myself in my own job and since retirement just isn't an option for us just now, I looked into Neuro Clarity and boy was I glad that I did. It helps an awful lot so that we can keep up with the younger generation who are entering the workforce alongside us and who are obviously not yet having any trouble learning and retaining something new as we are. We needed something to keep us on track with them and this did the trick. It certainly cut down on the stress of not having short term memory loss problem anymore, so it's a big plus. Thank you very much Nutrition Essentials.
4.0 - Great Product
I've definitely noticed an increase in my ability to focus. It's not a huge difference but it seems like it's enough of one to justify the price I paid. I also feel more calm and relaxed and better able to work through the daily stress I experience at work.
5.0 - Great for stress relief
These are great supplements to help relieve stress. I was suggested a free trial of these Neuro supplements and they work great and are very effective. Couldn't recommend anything better. Great purchase.
5.0 - Could work as a better brain booster than Gingko biloba and ginseng alone.
This seems like it's gonna be an excellent product. I tried ginseng by itself for memory but it wasn't anything significant. Later I had tried Gingko biloba and I felt that I can speak better when maintaining communication with people. I'm looking for something to decrease my stress levels and anxiety. I Heard many testimonials that this work. I hope I can get a free bottle just to see how well it works out. I'll be ordering soon.
5.0 - Works for Me
These actually seem to work, its no miracle but they work enough that I can notice. I have used them in conjunction with Lithium Orotate and it works on calming and sharping my brain, I can handle stress better after taking them together.
5.0 - Five Stars
It has helped my mother with stress, and daily memory
5.0 - Good product
I feel less stressed.
5.0 - stay relaxed and stress free
Great way to stay relaxed and stress free if you need to because work can sometimes put off your mood so these are good way to stay focused even when in doubt.
5.0 - Great product
Excellent product. Been taking this product for a week and feel mental focus and sharpness has definetly increased. The pressures of my high stress job have seemed to diminish and are much more tolerable since taking this.
5.0 - It works like a charm
It works like a charm. It really reduce my stress and improve my memory. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.
5.0 - great great great!
It really works. I would recommend this to anyone who needs help with stress! Awesome product!
5.0 - Actually works
I didn't really expect much from this product, but the reviews left me interested. One week after I started taking Neuro Clarity, I noticed my mental clarity, speech and metal problem solving had improved. I also feel like my stress and anxiety has decreased. Definitely try this out!
5.0 - Worked for me.
I ordered a bottle, and am now 3 weeks through it. I can say that without a doubt this has worked for me. I have more energy. More creativity at work. And my stress levels seem to be more manageable. I was about to order my second bottle when the company offered me a free one if I would leave them a review of my experience with product. Was planning to do so anyway, so SCORE!
5.0 - Necessary for job and study.
I found this product to be highly effective. Gave extra energy and focus. Definitely helped with my stressful job and boss. (This is an authentic review).
5.0 - I am very impressed by this product. I have ...
I am very impressed by this product. I have tried several others and this really seems to work. I was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. With that, I always was sluggish and had brain fog. I basically felt hungover all the time. This really helped and I could tell a difference after just a few days. I also believe this helped me with stress as well. I will be buying the 1 year supply next. This stuff works!
5.0 - Very, very thankful I found this product.
I was having trouble focusing at work: kept forgetting things. My productivity was down, perhaps due to a combination of life events and stress... I was feeling very depressed and wanted to cry all the time.
4.0 - Four Stars
This does help reduce mental stress but it can also make you hard to fall asleep.
5.0 - Job focus!
Work is pretty stressful and i hate focusing on my work for some reason i just can't do it. Clarity has really helped improve my focus on my work and my productivity has increased, making my boss very happy
5.0 - Seems to have some benefits to concentration and focus
I received a bottle for review. I've taken many different types of memory supplements, trying to find the "best" one for me, which may not necessarily be the best one for you. I do believe there may be something to this supplement. Being in IT, sometimes I can get a bit stressed out and have a hard time focusing. I feel like I am able to concentrate and focus better. A great plus is this supplement doesn't give me headaches like some of the others I have tried. As I've only had this for a short time, I will have to continue taking it to see if there are additional improvements or not.
5.0 - Neuro Clarity works for me. I noticed a sharper ...
Neuro Clarity works for me. I noticed a sharper cleared mind in less that an hour after my first pill. The fog definitely lifted and even my vision was clearer. I am 82 and was under stress for many years with my wife. She had Alzheimer's and I was her caregiver. Wish I had know about this product then. I will definitely be reordering this.
5.0 - Inner peace achieved.
Stress is a huge pain for every one of us. It can mettle with us everyday and bother us till the end of our days. Luckily, it can be fixed with this little supplement called neuro clarity and give you all the peace you need.
5.0 - Stress killer.
When you get fired from three jobs, one after another, you’ll get stressed and really depressed. I even attempted suicide but I just decided to let things cool off while I’d take this supplement. Worked pretty well on me and took all my stress away.
5.0 - Tried and True
I waited to try the product out before writing my review just encase the results varied or changed while using it. I'm not sure of all the guarantees but it does help my energy level and helped my focus. Also it seemed to help keep my brain from getting fatigued half way through the day. In my job I am making several important decisions a day and the stress often leaves me exhausted by the end of the day. After less than a week I noticed a huge improvement. It's also all natural so that was a huge plus to me, so it isn't just a sugar or caffeine pill. It's worth the money, especially since this type of pill usually costs much more and is terrible for your body.
4.0 - Four Stars
So far good. It might be a just placebo effect, but I feel much better especially, with my anxiety and stress (I have not seen any improvement regarding academic things such as focusing, memorizing, etc.) Since I used to take a variety of pills such as ADHD, depression, and anxiety and know the side effect of the pills I took, I have a similar side effect with this product, that I cannot sleep well when I take the pill at late night. However, I do not have any other side effects such as less appetite and depression. Overall, whether my feeling was due to the placebo effect or not, I am satisfied with it because I feel better anyway.
5.0 - Stress Free
After taking Neuro Clarity I was able to focus better and not stress over my busy lifestyle.
5.0 - Who loves stress.
this is guaranteed to relieve stress and make you feel one with your inner self again. Stop being stressed and depressed all the time and learn how to break free from it.
5.0 - Great supplement for brain
I love this product. I used it for one month before writing a review and I really feel that it works because it decreased my stress and anxiety. I also got free bottle.
5.0 - Relieves My Stress
I have been stressed out a lot lately and my mom told me that this product should help so I bought a bottle to give it a shot. It really works. After taking it I have been able to relax and feel comfortable more often. I highly recommend this if you are stressed out!
5.0 - GOOD
Good for keeping my brain stressed free when I'm studying for things like exams or new stuff I picked up from school.
5.0 - Unexpectedly Amazing Product!
Before taking this supplement I felt i couldn't even think straight between work, family, the kids, and life in general. I felt like my brain was going in a million directions at once, and my anxiety was continuously skyrocketing not allowing me to focus. After taking this supplement for even just the past month so far, I have actually felt a great difference and increase in my mood, with lower anxiety levels (could just be a placebo effect haha), and definitely helping with my memory! This is a great product, and being as a REFUSE to go to the doctors and get prescribed any medication, this herbal all natural supplement does work wonders for me. I would highly suggest it for anyone with any amount of stress. Its just simply a great product, and I will be purchasing again!
5.0 - My daughter is doing better!
I bought this bottle for my daughter because she was stressed out with the school work. Within a week after she started to take the capsule I found out she was happier and concentrated better on the study. Mistakenly she thought she paid this bottle so she used the name above to write a review and was hoping to get a free bottle but we didn't receive it. I just found out it was me purchased for her so I write this review again. Please verify and hoping to receive a free bottle soon. Thanks!
5.0 - Feel relaxed!
I use this supplement on a daily basis. Whenever I take the pills, I start noticing that I get stress and tension free. I feel a lot more relaxed and fresh. Not only that, I feel that my brain efficiency increases and it does! Best brain boosting supplement out there!
5.0 - Super Concentration
This product is awesome!!! I think that it helped me concentrate much better during stress and school...
5.0 - Feel relaxed and can actually think clearer.
Due to stress and anxiety of work and family I needed something to help me manage things better because I was starting to forget things. So far I feel better and my mind is more relaxed after taking the product.
4.0 - Worked for me
My son actually wanted to try this for his ADD. I read the ingredients and figured I could use a boost as well. It took about 3 weeks taking 1 pill a day before I noticed my focus and mood was much better than it had been for months. I would recommend this as a first step for mildly depressed or stressed adults.
5.0 - Better focus, easier to concentrate. Stress reducer!
Taking Neuro Clarity for over 9 months! Better focus, easier to concentrate. Stress levels have dropped tremendously. I will buy this product over and over again.
5.0 - Great product!
Neuro Clarity is a great product. It helps me stay calm in stressful situations and helps me think more clearly.
5.0 - In a better mood
My brain power has been widely increased that I no longer suffer from anxiety or stress.
5.0 - Try them, they work.
I received a free bottle for this review. I would've left 5 stars regardless of this and was planning on leaving one before it was offered. I don't normally have the greatest memory due to work stress and a hectic life. Pretty quickly after taking one of these every morning, I found myself recalling all kinds of things. I was winning debates with co workers that required recollection of recent events in detail. I've been staying calm and figuring out very difficult and intricate jobs that normally would've sent my anxiety and stress through the roof. These pills just make me feel sharper in a way. I'm about to study for the biggest test of my life and I may start to take two of these a day. I'm positive they will help.
5.0 - ... a few days and noticed that I can focus better and for longer periods of time when studying
I have been taking Neuro Clarity for a few days and noticed that I can focus better and for longer periods of time when studying. Overall my thinking is more clear and seem to experience less stress throughout the day. I was offered a free bottle for my review which I appreciate since I was going to order a second bottle anyway.
5.0 - I got a free bottle for giving my review on this
This product blew my mind. I've been feeling much more alert and focused also, it has helped with my stress and anxiety levels. I would definitely recommend it.
5.0 - I feel improvements in the stress I have at work ...
I feel improvements in the stress I have at work. When you can focus on what you do you will have less stress.
5.0 - Natural fuel for your brain...
I'm a 26 year old guy with no record of attention deficit or any related condition. However, since I started my Master in Finance a couple of months ago, my ability to stay focused during long lasting hours of study has started to fail. Besides, I work for the multinational department of a bank and work comes at every moment of the day. This mixture of constant stress and endless work, has started to diminish my concentration and memory. So far, I haven't taken any memory pills so I decided to give a shot on one of those "limitless natural pills", and decided to go with one of the best selling products which also would send me a free trial if I wrote a review after taking the product (which amazingly, they did).
5.0 - To say it makes me feel like a superman would be far fetched
This product has truly changed my life. I'm a railroader by profession, so in turn, my job can be very stressful. I have suffered from years of anxiety. It had gotten to the point in which I would become incapacitated to do tasks for fear of the outcomes. This true miracle worker has made my life a lot less complicated, and far more enjoyable. I am able to keep a calm and clear head along with being able to do my other daily functions. To say it makes me feel like a superman would be far fetched, but it does make me feel like Paul Bunyan. When things stack up at work I am able to think clearly, calmly and make the best decisions at that moment in time. ***Disclaimer*** Do NOT take 2 of these every day. I did this to help get into my system. It'll make you feel like if the world was on fire you'd just grab a chair and watch because you don't care haha. I also found that the gingo in the ingredients can or will give you headache every now and then, but who care because you wont. Try it people, stop worrying about stuff that doesn't matter. Retake your life as I did. Out in the railroad world a clear head is what brings you home safely to your family every night. Thanks Neuro Clairty, I'm on board for life.
5.0 - working well
I started taking this because my thinking was just off because I took 2 semesters off. This supplement works for me because it speeds up my thinking and reduces the stress of learning new things especially my hardest subject math.
4.0 - I feel more on my game at work and not like I am trying to make my 52 year old ...
Since starting to take this product a few weeks ago, I have noticed that my thinking is sharper and not as fuzzy. I feel more on my game at work and not like I am trying to make my 52 year old brain get to work, or that I need to drink more coffee. I am going through menopause and a divorce and needed something to help my mind overcome the changes which create forgetfullness and a brain fog, and the stress I had so I could think clearly again.
5.0 - Clear Minded
I felt like I was able to concentrate a little better. More than anything I felt as if I could retain more information in my head at a more efficient pace than before. My mind basically just felt clearer. The effects are too significant but it does help. I did have a very slight headache at first use but it could have been because of the stress I was experiencing at the time. Overall awesome product!
5.0 - This stuff really works
My brother gave me bottle of this about a month ago after going on about how great it was. I went in as a skeptic but must say that this stuff works! I feel more focus, less stress, sleep better and feel my memory has improved.
4.0 - Subtle, but probably helpful
Given 6500 4-or-5-star reviews on this brain-booster, it's reasonable to expect something a bit dramatic. Half-way through a 4th bottle, any improvement in my mental clarity is subjective. In fairness, when I've reached for words, they may come a little more readily. My response to stress may be a bit more rational. It's hard to know if those effects are placebo or real. There's certainly been no down-side to this product, and I'll continue usage for the foreseeable future. 4-stars seems generous, but I’ll go there. Disclosure: After buying 3 bottles on my own - I was offered and received a free unit; this review was requested, but not required.
5.0 - This lasts for a long while!
Ok, I’ll be honest here. This supplement was great whenever I used to take it. When I ran out of three month supply, I began to notice that I could think faster, smarter and my stress levels were severely lowered. I think this can last for quite a time.
5.0 - Neuro Clarity has helped me to relieve the stress
Neuro Clarity has helped me to relieve the stress, stay in the present and focus better on my job. My work became less difficult and less annoying since the beginning of treatment. I am glad that I have found it to help with my day to day activities!
5.0 - Feel more alert!
I agreed to try this product without cost if I write a review and even though I haven't been on it long I'm pleased to say I've seen a difference. Stress ,years, and life has taken its toll on my memory and this supplement has improved my attitude, mental quickness and my ability to focus. Try it.
4.0 - I love this product I can't go a day with out ...
I love this product I can't go a day with out it I highly recommend I stay more focus on my job and I don't stress as much as I did and I'm more cofedante with everything I do and plus u get a free bottle :)
4.0 - Amazing product!
Love the mentally clarity I feel with this product. I can think straight and stress much less when using this product! I recommend for any busy stressed person or those who just need to focus.
5.0 - I suffer from ADD but hate big pharma type medicine
I suffer from ADD but hate big pharma type medicine. This along with the other supplements i take is more than what i need to focus. My job is very mentally stressful and i cannot see going forward without having neuro clarity as part of my routine.
5.0 - Anti Stress
I've been experiencing lately too much stress because work as I just got hired few weeks ago in a certain company, and I'm afraid that it can affect my performance so I decided to buy this one. Not only it relieves my stress, it also enhanced my memory and concentration at work. As of now my supervisor is quite happy with my performance that's why I usually got some bonuses from them.
5.0 - Stress free
When you’re a person who does not have too much free time and tons of stuff to take care of, you need to maintain your level of calmness and also make sure you divert attention and focus on any task.
5.0 - I am amazed by the result
I am amazed by the result .Since I have begun taking them,my memory hasimproved dramatically.Not only that,but my stress level has gone down a lot,and my energy has greatly increased.
5.0 - ... but once I took this product I starting feeling amazing. I love this product for the fact that ...
Great Product. For long time I was feeling weak but once I took this product I started feeling great. This product really works for the fact that beside helping you with your brain strengthen, it also make your body solid and shape. Once you start taking it you feel the immediate result. Your mind and body become more relax and you gain more concentration in your job. It helps to control your stress. I would definitely highly recommend this amazing product.
5.0 - Great product, I have been using now for 8 ...
Great product, I have been using now for 8 months. It really keeps your mind focused, and your stress levels down!
5.0 - This product is awesome as it gets rid of stress and assists in ...
I retained all information delivered to me, as well as peripheral information. I also felt less angered by surrounding individuals. This product is awesome as it gets rid of stress and assists in the cognitive department without making you feel rushed or hyper.
4.0 - Four Stars
As stated in the email received. I would like to give my honest opinion regarding this product, I am not sure if it's a placebo or not but I feel like it did help relieve stress.
5.0 - Reduces Stress
Not only does Neuro clarity improves your concentration and cognitive function, it will also help reduce stress and anxiety so you can clear your head of the bad and replace them with the good and focus with ease on the subject that you want.
4.0 - I'm a very skeptical person about products that aren't consumed ...
I'm a very skeptical person about products that aren't consumed naturally. My sister got me these because I'm usually under stress studying for a 8 hous test which is going to be in one month. So far I've taken the pills for one week and I've noticed am improvement in my memory. Waiting for my free bottle
5.0 - Stressful job needs concentration
I work in a call center so if i don't read a legal disclosure i could get in trouble, plus the annoying customers, Clarity has really helped keep me focused and on task.
5.0 - Best in the market
I have tried hundreds of brain formulas in the last 3 decades and I can honestly say that after using this product for 4months that it's my favorite. The results are immediate and gentle. It helps me focus and strengthens my memory, helps me deal with anxiety and stress, and a general feeling of well-being washes over me. I take 2 in the morning and feel its effects all through the day. You may be able to find lots of products with almost the same formula that boast the same, HOWEVER, this is hands down the BEST price point for the quantity. Research for yourself; you'll find the same. My subscription is set for life!!
5.0 - Great product does help
Got this product as a trial after ordering one of their other ones. Now my job is very stressful and mentally exhausting and this helps out, it help me to think clearer, can concentrate more and don't feel like my brain is scattered and can concentrate on what I need to finish and accomplish. Would defiantly get this again.
5.0 - Trying to enjoy my memory before i lose it
I’m getting older and memory loss runs in my family and it scares me. My brother works for this amazing doctor and was telling him about this supplement. We decided to look into and research it and well obviously we bought it. Best investment I have made to protect my future as long as I can, my mind is clear it is like a fog has been lifted, my stress levels are down, and it also seems to be helping keep my migraines at bay,
5.0 - I don't know if this is working because i wanted it to so bad or if it's real but not only am i ...
I've been taking this supplement only since last Friday, 3 days ago, but I've already noticed a huge difference! I'm prone to napping during the day either if i don't work or sometimes after my first job if i have time before heading to one of my other 2 jobs. I don't know if this is working because i wanted it to so bad or if it's real but not only am i not wanting naps I'm also not needing as much caffeine to keep going all day. I'm calm but energized. Stress levels are way lower, even tho nothing has changed dramatically since Friday...I'm also eating less because honestly I've almost had to remind myself to eat. I might post later if any changes or perhaps if it gets better somehow but as of now I'm a total fan of this!!!
5.0 - It works
This product is extremely potent. I've been taking it for 3 weeks. Now I'm not stressed and can finish my work efficiently. It also don't have any side effect.
5.0 - Highly recommended
If you have stress or anxiety, this really is the stuff for you, it worked for me and I'm sure it'll work for you, I'd give it a grade A 10/10 for everything, effectiveness, quality, it's just brilliant.
This product is amazing. When I first was introduced to it, I was extremely skeptical. However, after the first three days my anxiety decreased significantly, my depression seemed irrelevant, and I was able to finally think positively. Best of all, I was able to make clear minded decisions about current and future endeavors. If your not sold yet, read this: my forty year mom was struggling in her college classes and would be stressed and cried over every little chanllenge she faced. She also could not be focused for anything. I gave her a few of these supplements and within two days, she got so much work done, was speaking postively, and the tears stops. Now, I am not saying tou will never be sad, negative, or anxious. But this will definitely reduce and help you control your feelings to start succeeding.
5.0 - Noostmind
Great boost mind power, I do better on exams and high risk stress situations. I got a free bottle for the review.
5.0 - Awesome
Neuro clarity has improved my focus and concentration. I have been feeling less stressed and my anxiety has dropped I would def recommend this product.
4.0 - In exchange of this review, I will get a free bottle. Thank you.
I was a little skeptical when it comes to pills. I bought this on my own and did my research on it. I felt that this could help me in work and get me more focused. I've been using this for about a week now. Of course, there isn't a drastic change. It isn't a magic pill but I've noticed that I've been more stress-free.
5.0 - Working long hours, Nuero Clarity will help you stay focused and motivated. Memory / Focus stays sharp.
Nuero Clarity has really help me stay focused during my 16 hour shifts. I have also notice my my memory / recall has greatly improved especially under tiresome stressful situations.
5.0 - The clarity I've been looking for
I have been taking the Neuro Clarity for two months now and I definitely notice a change in my life. My anxiety and times I'm stressed doesn't seem to affect me as much. I've noticed a big difference in my concentration, whether at work or home. I see myself taking this for a very long time and I'm glad I discovered this. Highly recommended.
Due to my painful neuro-muscular disability, in conjunction with a multiplicity of health challenges, – it plays a role in degrading my memory’s ability to recall recent events. Especially when in a social setting which can add additional stress when meeting someone for the first time.
4.0 - It might help you with something else instead
I'm not quite sure if I have been using this supplement long enough to truly reap its benefits, but I definitely notice a significant difference already in just the first few weeks I have been using this. I can't really say this has helped me become better focused or "smarter" if you will, my memory is pretty much the same for the most part, I have not yet experienced any changes in that department anyway, but what this product did help me with was my anxiety. It has made me significantly calmer and less stressed. Since taking this I am much more relaxed and I deal with adversity whether on the job or at home, so much smoother now. I sincerely hope that my review doesn't put anybody off though because I can't thank Neuro Clarity enough for what it has done for me so far despite that it is not really improving my memory or focus but what it is doing for me (calming me down and relaxing me) is even better than what I bargained for in all honesty.
5.0 - Now I have a better place for my family!
When I had a hard time in my life, when I got married, got two kids and still lived on a rent, I got stressed and depressed because I needed a better income for a better place to raise my children. When I started taking this, I got rush of ideas and instant calmness.
5.0 - All fixed.
Finally something that can tackle with my stress and finish it off for good. I don’t have to deal with problematic stuff again.
4.0 - Improved Short Term Memory Loss
I have been taking this for a couple of months and I saw an improvement in my short term memory loss in about 2 weeks. Also, the St. John Wart has helped with evening out my mood during stressful situations. We are an older couple so I ordered it again because I believe in this product plus I ordered it for my boyfriend and I have noticed he is more even tempered. He doesn't fly off the handle over, say for example spilling something, nearly as bad. I will continue using this product...and so will he.
5.0 - works.
Great product helps me stay focused at work and takes the stress off as well.
4.0 - Reordered!
I can feel the difference with the product and have reordered. They even gave me a free bottle with my reorder. I am in a stressful job that requires high concentration. This seems to help my concentration as well as my stress level.
5.0 - Bottom line ~ IT WORKS!
Fibro-Fog, fatigue, stress, and chronic pain requiring medications... all these play havoc on my memory and thought processes. Nothing is more frustrating than to forget simple words or find that one is no longer capable of expressing the simplest of ideas! I am an avid researcher and an ametuer herbalist. I had a list of herbs and plants that would support clearing of my brain fog and set about to find the best source, fully expecting to have to blend my own capsules. Then, I stumbled upon Nutrition Essentials' Neuro Clarity!! BAM - there it was! Everything I would have used to formulate my own supplements at a MUCH lower price than I would have had to pay for all the contents and supplies.
5.0 - It works
I have been purchasing this product for about a year for both my husband and father. Both have told me that they feel more energy, less stress and focus. I did receive a free bottle to try the product and provide a review, but I had already been reordering the product many times. We will continue reordering as long as we see results.
5.0 - Really great product!
I am amazed by the results. Since I've begun taking them, my memory has improved dramatically. Not only that, but my stress level has gone down a lot, and my energy has greatly increased. I know these ingredients together are powerful, and can feel the effects kicking in strongly.
5.0 - Kills stress
A great way to kill stress, I needed to stay relaxed to reduce blood pressure and think better. It has helped me stay away from anything causing stress and only focus on what's important to me.
4.0 - Better than expected
I’m usually sceptical of these supplements, but this one appears to improve my focus and reduce my stress levels. I’m on my 3rd bottle now and I would definitely recommend giving it a try.
5.0 - Helps me deal with stress
I have a very busy work life and my mind is always running in a thousand different directions. I keep up most days but sometimes the stress of it all is just too much and I have to take a couple of breaks during the day. I got these pills to help me deal with the stress and it has been helping a lot. I no longer feel as If I’m needed everywhere. I can manage tasks a lot better and don’t feel overwhelmed as I did before.
5.0 - Healthy, happy life.
Who needs to smoke pot when you have this. It's all natural and it's made for reducing your daily stress and making you happier.
5.0 - It's working for me.
So far (7 days in) it is great. I am not feeling stress in my belly area and I am more able to focus on the task at hand. I was skeptical with all of these favorable reviews but gave it a shot anyway. I am so glad I did.
Although I have only been taking this product for approximately 2 weeks I can feel the difference. I am thinking more clearly and stress level is down as evidenced by a recent visit to my doctor. When I received my free bottle offer for a review, I did not hesitate. I am happy to endorse this product. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.
4.0 - Four Stars
Too early to tell but I think it is helping with the level of stress at work.
5.0 - Great booster for great brain support
Great product, perfect booster for stressful days. Highly recommended
5.0 - Now I know she’s in a better place.
My grandmother died recently and I had a lot of child memories with her. I felt very sad, stressed and didn’t want to talk to anyone. I started taking this supplement to calm myself and it really helped.
5.0 - This is one of best products that I have tried regarding mental fog as ...
This is one of best products that I have tried regarding mental fog as I call it. It helped keep my mind focused as I have a high stress job. Would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a little mental clarity.
4.0 - I like that this product doesn't contain caffeine
I like that this product doesn't contain caffeine,that it doesn't contain soy, and that it is gluten free. It is smooth in terms of energy and it works for stress, mood regulation and anxiety. Neuro Clarity contains herbs. Unfortunately it also contains St. John's Wort which I can't take.

6. ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi - Holy Basil Supplement - Made with Certified Organic Herbs (Vegetarian Capsules, 180 Count)

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5.0 - Triphala, Ashwanghala and Holy Basil great for adrenal and stress support
The best service and product I have come across. I combined this with triphala, and Ashwandhala and wow I feel so good...I will be buying again from this company. I love this product and all of India's products I use...the results with these three for me phenomenal ..the results are quick has been my experience. I am sticking with product and company!
4.0 - I like this and I actually think it is helping to ...
I like this and I actually think it is helping to lose belly fat since it basically helps your body from producing the stress hormone cortisol. I just wish it came in CAPLETS...the plastic capsule shell bothers my bladder.
5.0 - The oil on a duck's feathers...
The product came earlier than expected, very well packaged, smelled fresh and strong, and had the expiration date 2.5 years from receipt (7/17). I purchased this brand due to the price (much less $$ than New Chapter), and the fact that I have been enjoying Organic India Tulsi Green Tea. My faith is growing in OI products, and I appreciate their respect for people and the earth. The smell of the bottle when opened is intoxicating, and I could actually FEEL a calm overtake my body after one capsule, unlike the more expensive brand where I took the pill and HOPED that good things were happening. These capsules are like the oil on a duck's feathers...bad thoughts or feelings that enter my brain roll right on off. I'm the type of person to get caught up in these bad thoughts, so the Organic India Holy Basil capsules have been a great investment for me :) I have also had some good sleep this week. I have read that you can take several a day whenever stressed out, without side effects. I will definitely purchase again.
5.0 - I'm liking this!
Definitely notice a difference and it's only been 3 days, not a person that handles stress well. If this supplement keeps working I'm definitely buying again
5.0 - Calming effect
Just had to share what a difference this has made for me since I started taking it. I am now on my 2nd bottle an plan on keeping it stocked up. This has such a calming effect on me. It does not make me feel sleepy just real relaxed. Really helps with stress. Thank you!
5.0 - I love this stuff!
An employee at VitaminShoppe recommended tulsi and specifically this brand. My doctor was pleased when he found out that I'm taking it. Holy basil has so many good properties and my adrenal system is taking quite a beating due to academic stress. I have a bunch of sleep disorders, but sometimes tulsi is all I need to unwind and fall asleep. I love that this brand is organic and includes more than one variety of the herb.
5.0 - Shyness, begone...
I had a change of mentality as I started these tablets, so I can't solely attribute my confidence to the effect of the supplement (which I took for stress reduction and relaxation), but I am quite sure Tulsi (in unison with Ashwaghanda and Joy - both from Organic India) helped in a big way. The last couple weeks I've felt more open and I started several spontaneous conversations that flowed naturally (one over an hour long with a complete stranger), without myself feeling a twinge of self-doubt or anxiety. I felt like I was able to express myself with ease, with my speech flowing and words coming to me that I might have otherwise hiccupped on. If I said something stupid, it just rolled right over me. If you are looking to ease your shyness, I would recommend looking into adaptogens (stress relieving herbs). I think most introverts aren't so by choice (though some are) and it's not something you have to resign yourself to. Because the caveat I mentioned, I may come back and revise my rating based on my findings, but I feel I can comfortably recommend this as a tool against stress. Let me know your experience - the more people that find out, the better.
5.0 - I noticed from the first capsule that it works like a charm
I noticed from the first capsule that it works like a charm: it created a very calm tranquil mood where stress and anxiety can not survive. There is no numbness or flatness in mood though... on the other hand there is positivity and a kind of motivational charge. I can not recommend it enough. It also helps get a deep invigorating sleep. It is Xanax (anti anxiety med) and Prozac combined into one and without a single side effect!!
5.0 - ... Tulsi products are not created equal and I really enjoy the Organic India product
All Tulsi products are not created equal and I really enjoy the Organic India product. It's a great value when compared to other manufacturers, and I find it to be equally effective in keeping my mood stable when under stress.
5.0 - Part of my skin care regimen
I take it as part of my holistic skin care regimen. Would definitely recommend for anti-stress and body care.
5.0 - Magic in a bottle!
If you drink a lot of caffeine, exercise a lot, have a higher stress job, or just have higher cortisol levels in general (which is almost everyone I'm sure)..this stuff is amazing. My wife and I take 2 before bed and we can feel the benefits of it helping within a couple of nights. I usually wake up several times throughout the night. Took 2 last night before bed and slept from 10-4 STRAIGHT, rolled over and was back to sleep for another hour. High recommended!
5.0 - Five Stars
I really love that this product helps my body deal with stress.
4.0 - Four Stars
seems to help with stress reduction.
5.0 - Takes the Edge Off Life
I'm a mom of little kids and sometimes everyday life can put me on edge. There is constantly something to clean or someone in need, even though I dearly love my kids. These supplements really helped me feel more peaceful in stressful situations.
5.0 - Better periods and less stress!
Off and on I had been drinking the tulsi rose tea mainly because it tasted good. I noticed that during the months that I drank it daily, my cycle increased from 25 days to 28 days. My cycle has been 25 days for years - ever since I had my first kid in 2009. Three days shorter than the average period doesn't sound like a big deal but I found it incredibly annoying (more PMS!). When I ran out of tea my cycle would go right back to the 25 days. I decided to try the pill from because A) my local store stopped carrying the tea and B) I always forgot to order more from amazon before I ran out. I just finished my first month and the tulsi supplement worked for me just like the tea. 28 days! Wahoo!! Also, I feel generally less stressed when I'm taking the supplement or drinking the tea. Nothin' wrong with that!
5.0 - Keeps you not only calm but also helps with energy.
Holy Basil is truly the "Queen of Herbs" many healing uses in this amazing Herb. I love the fact that ALL ingredients are Organic. Holy basil is great for mood and stress balance. It helps your body's natural detoxification process too.
5.0 - Great product!
After taking for several months I've noticed I'm happier & less stressed. (2 with breakfast). Also, I've required much less sleep & can get by on 7 hrs & not needing a nap to get through the day. First time ever!!!
5.0 - Five Stars
Great product! Use daily for stress.
5.0 - good stress reliever
I take in am or pm or both on stressful days. I like that it is in glass brown bottle and a good deal!
5.0 - Holy Basil is a Blessing!
Love! Love! Love! I'm almost nervous to say this because it's only been a couple of days, but Holy basil has given me my life back. This is my alternative to Prozac. My unopened prescription is still sitting on my dresser. My anxiety, stress, and depression feels manageable for the 1st time in a year. Fingers crossed that this is the real deal.
4.0 - but I think it's a good buy, will be purchasing second
Could tell initial difference in stress levels.hard to tell in a short period, but I think it's a good buy, will be purchasing second bottle
5.0 - Really mellows me out...
If you're going through a stressful time, look no further... This stuff is awesome. Only criticism is that it loses it's potency fairly quickly. I'd say after a week, you catch yourself having to double up doses. Gets to the point where it just doesn't work. Definitely have to cycle on/off to get any good effects. Can't stay on it 24/7
5.0 - Love it
I am so happy I found this product, it has really helped with my stress levels, keeping me calm, and keeping me focused. I have been using it for a few months and noticed a difference in myself within 10 days, I will be purchasing it for a long time.
5.0 - Good for stress
Product is as described and delivered on time. I haven't been taking it long enough to see results I am aiming for.
5.0 - Wow! Amazing product
Bought this in addition to a few other supplements to help deal with stress and recover from medication side effects.
4.0 - Herbs rather than meds
If you eat a healthy diet herbs work a lot better than any medication. The problem is that a lot of people have flooded there body's with fast food pesticides hormones and preservatives. If the body is running the way it was intended Herbs work great. Tulsi is meant to help with a long list of things one of them is stress.
5.0 - Five Stars
The best to control stress.
5.0 - Very pleased
Arrived very quickly and well packaged. Capsule smell wonderful and fresh. I have only been taking Holy Basil for a short time because I had a lot of stress in my previous job (have a new one now), and felt that I need to try and get myself to a better and healthier place. So far I feel more relaxed and not as fatigued. Thank you!
5.0 - Tulsi-Holy Basil
This product (Tulsi Holy Basil Capsules) works very well for me.It is an anti stress and anti aging product. I'm more relaxed and I rest so much better at night.
5.0 - Miracle Healing Herb
This is the absolute best Holy Basil you will find. It's amazing! I was first introduced to Holy Basil by a friend who gave me some tea (also Organic India). I was in love with the smell & taste and realized I felt an all over amazing feeling through my whole mind and body. I'm a pretty stressed out person in general, very restless and high cortisol, and as of lately mildly depressed. I seriously felt such a huge difference after trying one cup of the tea, a calm and content feeling very similar to a post-acupuncture state. I started to do my research and discovered the healing properties of this miracle herb. I went and bought 3 boxes of tea and the supplement capsules. I'm like a new person, I have reduced my coffee to 1-2 cups and replaced it by drinking the holy basil tea. It helps for so many different conditions/ailments from burns to depression, it helps with pain... I'm so in love with it! I also like Organic India's farming & cultivating ethics, and their product is by far the best quality (other brands don't even list what king of holy basil is in their product). It is also important to me that the actual plant and earth are treated properly-organic India harvests only ripened leaves from the holy basil plant, leaving the rest in tact to reproduce more leaves and respecting the sacred plant & earth.
5.0 - Truly great for purityand quality
Tulsi Holy basil speaks for itself. Take it for a couple of weeks and you'll understand why. It balances your emotions, helps with stress of mental and physical daily living. It's and adaptogen that blends well with Ashwagandha. Organic India is Truly a great brand for purity of product and quality. It's one of my 2 favorite companies to by herbs from. They also make very nice blends of herbs
First time ordering and I'm in total awe at the quality of this product. I'm re-ordering more NOW!! I can breathe better, sleep better, think clearer, and my stress levels haven't been THIS low in YEARS!
4.0 - Four Stars
Just started using it, will see what kind of stress & anti-inflammatory relief it provides.
5.0 - One of the Best Natural Herbs Available
I've been taking this supplement for many years now. I work in an very high stressed, corporate position dealing with very large numbers and constant long hours. Organic India Holy Basil is one of the only supplements that consistently helps in lowering my stress levels. Almost immediately after I take it, I feel extremely calm and focused without feeling drowsy. I do feel like taking this significantly improves my quality of life. I have taken other supplements in the past but none are nearly as effective as this.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great product! Definitely helps my stress and anxiety.
5.0 - Love it!
Love it !! Highly effective in calming down the nerves. In general I use it twice a day; once in the morning and once before bed without any adverse effects. I also use it before high stress situations such as travel etc with amazing results. Helps me stay cool and level headed. I highly recommend for anxiety and anger management.
5.0 - Five Stars
I bought this to help regulate my stress hormones and I really feel it is helping me
5.0 - Provides A Slight Improvement To Stress Or Anxiety
Very good stuff. Provides a slight improvement to anxiety or stress overall
4.0 - Cool under pressure .
I love this product . It worked well for me and made me feel less anxious when I was in stressful situation. I highly recommend it to anyone that has to work in high demanding environments
5.0 - I love it.
Not sure if it's the placebo effect or not but it does seen to help me relax. The holy basil tea has a more definite effect. After being on a variety of anti anxiety and depression meds for a number of years, I had a very bad reaction to the cocktail of drugs the docs were feeding me. I decided enough was enough. Within a week of taking holy basil in the evening and Ashwagandha in the morning, I was completely off all the meds. Doctor was amazed because he said I'd have to be on meds my whole life. This stuff does seem to help relieve anxiety and stress and I have not had any depression symptoms either.
5.0 - My life is less stressed now
Have been taking this supplement for a short time and and felt really good the week. I am calmer, happier and sleep better. I wish I would had started taking it years ago!
5.0 - HIGHLY recommended!
Apparently this doesn't work for everyone -- Every body is different. But I love it! This has really helped me cope during a very stressful time in my life. I also recommended it to a friend with severe anxiety, and after taking it she said she was able to sleep through the night for the first time in months! It's safe (no side effects) and not very expensive, so I'd say it's definitely worth a try!
5.0 - Works wonders
This brand of Tulsi seems much more effective than my previous one. I only need to take one of these to get the desired results. Highly recommend if you have a job or life with a high amount of stress.
5.0 - Great Quality! Very Effective!
This has become my favorite herb. Organic India is a quality brand. These are very effective. I Hardly ever stress, and no one can ever figure out my actual age.
5.0 - Five Stars
Be careful. You might feel a little drowsy. They help me with my stress!
5.0 - Five Stars
Very good product, smells amazing and pure. I'm starting to see some anti-stress benefits already.
5.0 - Awesome!!
I feel more relaxed and I do not stress over the smallest things anymore
4.0 - Love these vitamins
I am so glad that I found these. I work with special needs children so my days are long & a little stressful. By the time i get home Im tired and cranky and don't have the patients for my own family. These have helped me get that wake up good feeling back and the little things don't bother me as much as they used to. No side effects, no headaches & no yucky burps. I take these along with organic Indian supplement Joy. Great combo.
5.0 - Great product
Its great quality, arrived intact and on time. I love holy basil for help with sleeping and stress. It even smells great and definitely works for me.
5.0 - it works to calm
Really helps calm me in very stressful times.
5.0 - If you are stressed out, you need this!
Love this stuff. I am a typical stressed out mama to little ones. When I take this, it's like my happy pill. I don't get agitated and grumpy. I can easily handle my kiddos without yelling and getting frustrated. This is a game changer for tired, stressed mamas. I've noticed it helps with anxiety to. Also once it's in your system for awhile, it helps a ton with sleep. Like sleeping through the night! I don't get up every hour because of the noises I think I hear or to check on the kiddos for the 4th time. Really is amazing for suppressing those stress triggers. Everyone can tell when I forget to take it or if I run out. Anyone who struggle with controlling and handling their stress needs to try this!
5.0 - I love this tulsi holy basil
I love this tulsi holy basil. I take it at night before I go to bed and it helps calm me so I can go to sleep. I will also take one or two during the day if I'm feeling stressed out.
5.0 - but I do use it during periods of high stress and it works wonderfully to take the edge off
I don't take this everyday, but I do use it during periods of high stress and it works wonderfully to take the edge off.
5.0 - BEST I have found to personally help me sleep
BEST I have found to personally help me sleep, relieve anxiousness and stress. I HIGHLY recommend this to try. I have been recommending this so much to local friends that the local store is constantly running out.
5.0 - Five Stars
Holy Basil is a great stress reducer for me. Helps me with my adrenal fatigue.
5.0 - Five Stars
I take this for Histamine Intolerance and Stress relief. It has helped tremendously.
5.0 - My Wife steals my Stash!
This is always a great buy. Its one of my household staples! Actually gave it to 4 different people, and each time they called me back asking what was that? The best way to feel effects is to take this on an empty stomach. As with all adaptogens this pill will five you what you need when you need it. Take this pill when you know you are headed for a stressful situation along with plenty of water. You will not be disappointed! By the way, I also gave it to my wife who took for a headache. She now carries one pill with her wherever she goes!
5.0 - Very good herb.
Started taking it to help with stress and the stress hormone cortisol, after 2bottles i am starting to see and feel a difference.
5.0 - Finally, some stress relief
I've been studying up on adaptogens like Holy Basil and their ability to help the body deal with stress. Having experienced a great deal of stress over the past year (my mother and sister both passed away and my husband and I moved across country) I needed something to help me cope with stress and anxiety without turning me into a zombie. This has been a great help. I can highly recommend this product.
4.0 - My days are very stressful.... I ...
My days are very stressful.... I have 3 kids and was under stress everyday. These pills have helped me tremendously.
5.0 - Love this stuff for stress relief!!!
First, let me say that I bought this locally, so the review is only about the pill and brand.
5.0 - love their products and their prices are so reasonable
I have been diving in the the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda for the last year. Following a diet to balance my Dosha. I find Tulsi-Holy Basil helps my body's response to stress, helps with my digestion as well as has helped balance a yeast over growth. I also use Triphala as well as Ashwaganda from Organic India! I 100% trust this company, love their products and their prices are so reasonable!
5.0 - Then I found out it was not only good for my daily stress but it was also excellent ...
The reason I started Holy Basil was to reduce my levels of cortisol due to stress. Then I found out it was not only good for my daily stress but it was also excellent for a good night sleep. I've been using this brand for over 6 months and find the formula of this product very consistent. I take two capsules twice a day. Delivery is fast, too.
5.0 - Answer for Anxiety
This is the BEST product for taking the edge off. I have been taking it for quite some time because I tend to be a Type A personality. I was feeling great and thought I no longer needed it so I didn't reorder when I ran out. Well, a few days later I felt tightness in my chest, the tell-tale signs of anxiety and stress. I reordered and haven't had the issue since. I will continue to take this wonderful supplement.
4.0 - I'd like to see stronger results as I've read others have ...
I've been taking this regularly and do feel a positive response to my reactions to stress. I'd like to see stronger results as I've read others have experienced so will continue for another month and see what happens.
5.0 - Amazing Adaptogen!
Great for stress and anxiety relief. This particular adaptogen helps curb nicotine cravings.
5.0 - Good for stress
Good for stress.
5.0 - Always a great stress buffer.
I have taken Holy Basil for years and this brand is the best for me! It has no after taste and I have tremendous energy when I use this herb consistently.
5.0 - really like it
This has been a great supplement that i have added to my daily routine. i normally don't feel the effects of these types of supplements, but this one has been different. take in the morning and it helps even out the daily stress I feel being in sales.
5.0 - High Stress Hormone Cortisol, greatly reduced by Tulsi
I was using Gaia's Supercritical CO2 extraction Holy Basil capsules and these seems just as potent.
5.0 - Great Adaptogen....
Got stress? Well for me, this soothes the 'anxious' beast. I've shared it with friends, and they all say it's a 'keeper' on their cupboard shelves - for stressful situations, or the accumulation of the stressors we seem to all have in our daily lives. Of course, you must look to the instructions/company for proper use for your body and/or situation.
5.0 - This stuff works
My ND recommended this to help me with stress and sleep. Don't take it until you are ready for bed. Worked great. Blood pressure is down sleeping better. Try it
5.0 - Love
I take 4 of these every morning and it chills me right out - no stress!!! Love it
4.0 - Four Stars
does not help me sleep but does provide a sense of stability and calm on stressful days/
4.0 - My Honest and Candid Review
Having been recently diagnosed with PMDD (the worst form of PMS on earth - when bi-polar and ADD meet up for a 2 week Hiatus) - I was on the hunt for anything Natural after several failed medications and many, many doctor's appointments. My daughter was doing research and said she read an article on Holy Basil and that I should try it. I'm grateful that I did. No harsh side effects and subtle yet positive results. I felt compelled to share my story with others who are also suffering from Anxiety and additional stress. Here's my full and honest review. No "HOLY moments" and drastic changes, but subtle enough that it did make a difference. There are different forms that you can try, from a tincture (which I would recommend you get made for you, as it's very strong) the capsules and in Tea form. I'm looking to try the tea form as well. [...]
5.0 - It's been helpful and effective for my particular circumstances and would recommend it to others who are experiencing similar si
I've been taking this in conjunction with Ashwagandha and Tumeric in order to relieve reoccurring stress issues and have found this particular combination to be very effective in calming both my body (heart rate and pulse) and mind (not dwelling on negative and stress-inducing thoughts). It's been helpful and effective for my particular circumstances and would recommend it to others who are experiencing similar situations.
5.0 - Adrenal fatigue help
I have adrenal fatigue as well as several other related health issues. This is a great natural option for those trying to balance their hormones and fight stress. I also have gut issues and this doesn't upset my stomach, which is something I was very concerned about before I tried it. I take one at breakfast and one at lunch. I've been taking it for a little over a month so far -- I will update after even more time but so far so good.
5.0 - I love this supplement because it helps to calm me in ...
I love this supplement because it helps to calm me in times of stress. I work in a high stress environment and it really does help. Thank you! I will be ordering this again!
5.0 - Five Stars
Love this product! Really helps with my daily stresses and anxiety.
5.0 - Lowers Cortisol
I am under a tremendous amount of stress lately. I cannot sleep! This helps me.
5.0 - Five Stars
Some of my favorite supplements for anti stress. Excellent quality. Gently, yet effective.
5.0 - Wonderful Product!!
If you have any kind of stress in your life Holy Basil works! Takes storm out of your life and makes you mellow. It does NOT put you to sleep but it allows you to rationalize the issue to resolve it more professionally and objectively! The whole world needs some HOLY BASIL as part of their everyday diet. It really works!

7. Natrol 5-HTP Time Release Tablets, 200mg, 30 Count

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5.0 - Excellent product, worth a try if you have trouble sleeping.
We have been using the product for several months, and it does seem to be working. Its effects are subtle and build over time, but it does seem to aid in getting sleepy and getting restful sleep under normal circumstances. Over time it does have a more positive effect on mood, stress and on how readily a person is able to start feeling relaxed. It will help with mild insomnia and the time release formula is especially good for that, but it may not help with more severe or aggressive forms of insomnia. It's definitely worth a try and I highly recommend giving this one a try.
5.0 - Calmness in mood.
I have definitely noticed a calmness in my mood since taking. I do not get overly stressed. I have been taking Natrol 5-HTP for over a year. Will continue to buy.
5.0 - Has been *amazing* for me!
I'm an RN (ICU) and had been hesitant about trying this. Over the course of the last 6 to 8 months, I've been under more work related and personal stress. I began having night sweats, waking up between 2 and 4 in the morning, binge eating with carbs and sweets, gaining abdominal weight along with irritability. My labs were normal (cortisol, thyroid testing). I decided to try this and I am so glad I did. I wish I had been taking it for the 5 months it sat on my shelf. Literally within 2 days, I could tell the difference. I take 1 tablet (100 mg) with breakfast and another 12 hours later with dinner. I've stopped sweating at night, have started sleeping longer and my mood is much better and I'm no longer binge eating. I find myself much more content during the day and not walking around tense and feeling high strung. I have since ordered 2 more bottles now that I realize I'm not having any adverse side effects, and this product is actually working for me. I definitely think I needed the timed release version and 1 tablet is time released over 12 hours, hence me taking it every 12 hours. I've always worked out, but had been discouraged. Now that I've added this product to my daily regimen, I'm up early in the morning for my work out and have finally started losing weight again. Amazing.....!
5.0 - Wonderful Product, will never be without this in the medicine cabinet.
I have had periods of insomnia for years. (Who hasn't had occasionally) Lately, my stress and anxiety levels had shot way up. Insomnia was worsening. My average nights' sleep was fewer than 3 hours per night. I tried all the usual ways: meditation. Melatonin to sleep. Nothing worked. If got so bad I was unable to drive or even manage the minimum activities of daily living. I lived in my pajamas. Then I told my son. He recommended I try 5-HTP for the anxiety, stress. He said it could even help insomnia. By the time I tried this, I was suffering stress angina every day. I hadn't had an angina attack in several years. I started by taking one tablet per day. Barely helped. I took one and one-half tablet per day. Helped, but not enough. I did research and found studies said for anxiety, can take up to 400 mg. I then started taking 2 tablets per day. Success. I just awoke, having slept for over 6 hours. I have been driving again. My anxiety is greatly lessened. My angina, also. PLEASE NOTE: I do not in any way, shape or form recommend taking 5HTP for angina. Mine is stress angina. I still plan to see my physician about it. I have been charting symptoms. With ObamaCare still in effect, for now, I cannot afford doctors as I once did.
4.0 - Great moon enhancers
Great mood enhancers. I live a stressful busy life and these keep me feeling amazing. They also reduce headaches
5.0 - ... more calmer less stress even less angry I highly recommend it it helps with
This stuff works I definitely felt more calmer less stress even less angry I highly recommend it it helps with moods
5.0 - Will buy again
I ordered this product because I was having a rough time coping with the massive amount of stress I had been dealing with. At times I felt like I wanted to crawl in a hole and stay there. Not to mention how cranky I was with my husband and kids. When I began taking these tablets, I didn’t think it would work for me. To my amazement it has helped me keep things together throughout the day. I have been more calm and haven’t been feeling like I’m about to explode. My family also notices my “happier” mood. I’m not sure if this is a result of me taking the vitamins, but my cravings for alcohol has gone down a lot. Usually at the end of the day I would need a glass of wine to keep me sane. Also, I haven’t had any negative side effects. I will definitely buy this product again.
5.0 - I have PTSD and a stressful job and 5HTP really helps me manage my depression and stress better than the SSRIs I was prescribed
I am the biggest advocate of 5HTP. I have PTSD and a stressful job and 5HTP really helps me manage my depression and stress better than the SSRIs I was prescribed years ago. The time release is ideal, and I find this supplement helps with insomnia and anxiety additionally. Sometimes gives me vivid dreams as well. As with any supplement, make sure you check for drug interactions- you can't take 5HTP if you are already on an SSRI like Prozac, Zoloft, etc.
5.0 - After about a week I noticed better sleep and just in general feeling less stressed
I have suffered from anxiety and depression for years and 5-HTP really does help. After about a week I noticed better sleep and just in general feeling less stressed. I will warn that the first week also is a little hard on my stomach but I've taken all different brands and that's always to be expected. Felt slightly bloated in the morning but it goes away after a few days. Delivery was quick and the price is low, I'm a repeat customer and will continue ordering this product.
5.0 - Feeling better
I have noticed definate change in my stress level since taking the Natrol 5-http. Will continue taking them.
5.0 - I really had my doubts about this product.. ...
I really had my doubts about this product....but it actually does work. I take 400 mg. in the evenings after a stressful day at work and have noticed a definite change in my mood and anxiety level.
4.0 - Good for a 10% boost in your mood
I don't notice a big difference but I definitely notice about a 10% increase in my mood. I don't take it everyday but maybe 3 to 4 times a month on days when I'm feeling anxious or generally a bit down. Within 10 minutes I somehow just feel a tiny bit more able to deal with the day or my stress. I have noticed no side effects from it.
4.0 - Works, but be cautious of your own body
I am a 25 year old college student and I came across this supplement online after searching for natural ways to boost my mood and to relieve my stress, anxiety, and slight depression. I didn't want to get on anti-depressants or anxiety medication because a prescription drug is what caused these symptoms in the first place (Finasteride, also known as propecia or proscar) but that is another story for another day, and if you are on it, I can't recommend enough that you wean yourself off it immediately.
5.0 - Good for stress.
It helps me with stress.
5.0 - Natrol 5-HTP is the best.
I have enjoyed this product for awhile now. Seems to level me out all day long. I was looking for something to remove the stress that I feel day to day. This is a natural product that does just that.
5.0 - Wonderful product!
Switching to 200 mg has definitely improved my ability to remain calmer in stressful situations, and, I actually sleep throughout the night without waking up every few hours. Wonderful product!
5.0 - Love this stuff.
I have to say out of all the supplements I've ever taken, this one has givin me the best results. From the moment I've started taking this I've noticed instant changes. I feel more relaxed, happy, and have more energy than I used too. I also usually can't sleep at all on Sunday nights because I'm too stressed out thinking about the following work week but I've noticed I think about work a lot less and im sleeping a lot more.
5.0 - Great!
Been taking for about month now this is my second bottle and I can definitely tell it makes a difference in my mood and stress levels. Glad I found this.
4.0 - Good results so far
I started taking this to help ween myself off wellbutrin ( which did nothing for me btw). I take everynight before bed. It has helped with anxiety and how I deal with stress. I recently threw a party for 60 people where both the caterer and baker messed up the food . I was extremly calm and did not panic at all . This would not have been the case a few months ago. I may of even been a little to chill lol. As far as sleep goes. It definitly helps, however the dreams are very frequent and vivid. It has done nothing to supress my appetite but i didnt really get it for that. I started giving it to husband as well who has an extremely high stress job. He has only been taking it about 2 weeks , definite mood change and is dreaming and rembering his dreams where he never did before. Im also not tired during the day like some reviews mention. I seem to have a good amount of energy. I have ordered a second bottle.
5.0 - I take1pill along with 1 evening primrose oil pill and in about two weeks i wasn't having horrible anxiety like i was before
These have helped me control my anxiety and stress levels! I take1pill along with 1 evening primrose oil pill and in about two weeks i wasn't having horrible anxiety like i was before. Even when it came to that time of the month when i usually have bad mood changes, i didn't have any. It has changed me in so many great ways! I have ordered 3 bottles already and my mom takes them as well to help with hers.
5.0 - reduce my anxiety and manage mood swings
Has helped reduce my anxiety and manage mood swings under stress. Only take one in AM. Take a non-time release 100 mg dose at bedtime.
5.0 - Works great, watch for lucid dreams if taken at night!
Well after extensive review reading throughout the entire cyber world this sounded like a miracle product! I read that some people take this for lucid dreams - I just wanted a mood enhancer to get me through some stressful times. It definitely works, I’m convinced of that but don’t think I’ll be taking it before sleep anymore. My dreams have seemed SO real since I’ve been taking this... last night I threw the covers off and jumped out of bed dreaming a big roach flew on me hahaha Scared my poor cat half to death! But, I will continue to take this (in the morning) because I do believe it really is beneficial!
5.0 - Great!
I've been taking 5-HTP for a few months now, and it really has improved my mood significantly. I'm going through a rather stressful time in my life, but I'm able to push through my days because of this stuff (I think). Much better than St. John's Wart, in my opinion.
4.0 - This is a pretty good product
This is a pretty good product. I got it because I just wasn't getting the results I wanted from my St John's Wort supplements. I stopped taking SJW for three days before starting this supplement. This on has done everything it has said it does. I don't feel any sleepier than before, but I sleep deeper. My snacking urges have been cut back, but it doesn't totally kill my appetite, so I can still maintain a healthy eating schedule, and my mood has felt happy, pleasant, and genuinely okay, even in the face of stress.
5.0 - Definitely recommend trying
Love these little pills, makes liges stressors less stressful
5.0 - Makes a difference
I love this. I'm normally happy but get stressed and overwhelmed. I have my moments. I believe it gives me a feeling of well being. Less moments. Therefore, no stress/emotional eating. Losing weight.
5.0 - A Great OTC Anti-Depressant and Anti- Anxiety pill.
This product has definitely helped me with depression. I use to get it at a vitamin store for alot more money than what Amazon is selling it for, at least 11 dollars less. If you really are suffering with mood disorder and depression, you should give it a try. I started out with the 50 mg time release tabs and worked myself up to 150. From my research you can take a very high dose of this safely. I actually preferred this over prescription meds. I have noticed myself to be more calm and able ti handle stressful situations better. I have not experienced any side effects that I've heard of either.
5.0 - Can't beleive it!!
I'm sleeping better, staying on my weight loss program, feel calmer less stressed! What could be better? I just ordered two more bottles of 5-htp. Thanks!!
5.0 - Highly Recommed
Wonderful to naturally reduce stress in combination with a healthy diet and exercise. Highly recommend due to a successful outcome.
5.0 - Calming
I've used this for a long time. When feeling stressed this really helps to calm me.
4.0 - great product
Love this! Really helps me keep sane through all.of the stress. I'm a waitress always working doubles and all the stress builds up trying to find a balance in it all. This has really helped me get through
5.0 - I’m usually so stressed and after this product I can feel myself much better, I’m so glad for this product
( It is in my husband’s name but I’m, Ketlin, giving the review for this product)
5.0 - So glad I found this
I have been going through a very stressful time in my life...I basically lost everything this past year. My doctor tried to medicate me but I don't like taking prescription drugs as in the past the side effects just weren't worth it. I didn't want to be a zombie again. One day a friend suggested this to me so I thought I would give it a try. I am on my 2nd bottle now and have seen significant improvements. My anxiety issues have gotten better, I am worrying less, my mood has improved greatly overall, and I have been able to sleep much better. I'm actually a happy person now which I haven't been in a very long time. It's pretty awesome.
4.0 - Made me sleepy, calm and relaxed
I had a stress induced depression and really didn't want to take any prescription pills cause their side effects. Anyways, when I took these during the day they made me too sleepy but really calm and relaxed. I couldn't work efficiently with it so switched taking them to night. Seem to help but I was able to remove my stressors that caused the depression in the first place so I don't know how much help were the pills. Definitely have the calming effects so that was much needed. Still taking them out of fear of depression coming back
5.0 - Good Product
I use HTP-5 to help reduce stress, depression, anxiety. I've been taking it for almost 1 year now. It works well, with L-dopa Mucina - by now now foods. If you can not afford both. Go with the L-dopa by now foods. It works well for all the symptoms I mention above.
4.0 - Doctor recommended
My general practitioner recommended I try 5htp as a daily supplement to deal with stress. I take it along with b-complex and a multi-vitamin every morning and feel great throughout the day.
5.0 - Great Supplement!
These tablets really helped me with my mood and stress tolerance levels. Not to sound too corny but it really has changed my life for the better.
5.0 - it works!
this stuff does work! I take these daily to relieve the aches and pains and help control stress. If you work at a job where you have to deal with a lot of rejecting this stuff really helps. ha
5.0 - Used 2 Weeks...dramatic improvment with social anxiety.
I am a 29 year old male. I have been using this in conjunction with St.Johns Wort and B Stress Complex Tabs for 2 weeks so far. I have noticed a decrease in my social anxiety. Before I would get very nervous in social situations, going so far as avoiding them altogether or getting there and freezing up. This does not happen any more, I even go to the gym and feel completely comfortable, where as before I was terrified of going to the gym. I will say I have been having very very vivid dreams, nothing considered a nightmare but I am always able to wake up and remember them. I even had one dream where I dreamed I was taking 5-HTP and I knew it caused vivid dreams. Anyways I will post a follow up rating in another few weeks, but I definitely plan on re-ordering and would recommend this product to others.
4.0 - Natural stress reliever
I have GAD and was hoping this would help to decrease my symptoms in a natural way. It did seem to relax me a bit and help me to fall asleep faster.
4.0 - I took pills as recommended.
I took Natrol 5-HTP for about 2 months to help with mood swings and assist in sleep aid. I didnt notice much with sleep but over a long period of time I did notice a more neutral mood. That could be from the pills or just time dealing with stress. Either way, its a small price to pay even for a placebo. I took pills as recommended.
5.0 - Five Stars
5.0 - Good for stress
Love this supplement. It has a calming effect. Helps with daily stress. This is my second bottle. Will keep ordering for sure.
5.0 - Great product!
Been taking for 2 months and definitely notice a difference on my stress level and mood. Will keep ordering!
5.0 - I'm feeling much less stressed and it's the holiday season ...
I'm feeling much less stressed and it's the holiday season. Go figure. Hasn't helped with anxiety but that won't stop me from buying another bottle
5.0 - Helps with stress!
I'm terrible about taking supplements, but my husband reminds me and insists I take this every night. It really helps with my stress levels. I was taking it in the morning but I found it tended to make me a little sleepy. Switched to evening & have definitely noticed it makes a huge difference in my attitude/mood. I'm sticking with this one.
4.0 - Seems to make a big difference in my mood
I've been using this product for over 3 months now, and it has seemed to make a huge difference in my overall mood. The only thing I haven't been happy about is that it seems to be causing my face to break out. I can't know for sure, but ever since I started taking it, I've been breaking out, whereas I rarely did before, and nothing else in my life, diet, stress, etc., has really changed. I have a much harder time getting the breakouts to clear up, and I seem to have a lot more scarring afterwards. It's a little discouraging, but taking it is worth the improvement in how I feel. I still get irritated over things, but I just don't feel as annoyed or bothered by things as I used to, or for nearly as long. I plan to stay off of it during the summer, since I always feel better in the summer due to the increase in sunshine. To me, this is worth using. My only fear is that I wonder if one could build up an "immunity" to this supplement, or become reliant on it.
This supplement was recommended to me by wife's physician. It's a natural occurring amino acid and it "bathes" the brain in serotonin. It takes about 10 days to work and it works best a time release formula. Lately the stress from work and home life has been very difficult. This supplement has allowed me to function every day without "stumbling". Your stress doesn't go away but becomes infinitely more manageable allowing you to get through the day with a much more positive attitude. Highly recommended!
4.0 - This product has worked well for me. It allows ...
This product has worked well for me. It allows me to relax and see the big picture when situations get stressful. I feel more resilient and confident. That said, I've been quite a bit of self improvement. I think this product has just helped me along in the process.
5.0 - I absolutely love this product
I absolutely love this product. i suffer from social anxiety disorder and although it doesn't take away the SAD (i wish it did!), it quiets down the negative thoughts that live in our heads which in turn helps us to have more positive outlook on life (for me thats big). I still have SAD (sucks!) but with 5 HTP, the little things don't bother me anymore. I am on my second bottle and i hope that It can continue to work and build my serotonin levels up. i take one in the morning 200mg and sometimes one at night ( I don't have any sleep issues but if i do take one before bed, i do have more vivid weird sometimes nightmarish dreams (but thats just me). either way, i love it i feel like I am better version of myself. as far as it curbing my appetite ha! I LOVE TO EAT! ( however, i always try to eat healthy to maintain my weight, we will have to wait and see if I lose any weight and i will review again on "curbing appetite". overall I am extremely happy with this product! life can at times (for me all the time) be stressful and I feel that everyone should add 5-htp into there diet. keep in mind this is 200 mg and there are lower doses, like 50 mg (you may want to start with that). me on the other hand, i dove right in and happy i did :)
5.0 - Pleasantly Surprised
I bought these on a friend's recommendation. I have been pleased with how they make me feel. I feel like I do when I've gotten enough rest and I have hope. I'm strill stressed, but I feel like I can handle everything confidently as opposed to like I feel like I'm going to crack.
5.0 - Great product
This product works great to help my husband's stress level. We are very happy with the purchase and received it in a timely manner.
5.0 - Awesome product really works!
This product is awesome! I live with a paranoid schizophrenic but couldn't do so without this product. This product relieves the stresses of everyday life and keeps me on an even footing. Can't recommend this product enough! I take 200mg twice daily 12 hours apart. I no longer have night terrors or that "da ja vue" feeling. The "unreal feeling" after heart surgery is gone! No more depression which is common place in people with heart problems. I feel normal again! I've had no ill side effects.
5.0 - does what it says
These tablets are a regular re-order item for me. I do think they are stress relieving. This brand has no added sugar, starch or preservatives & I like the time release formula
5.0 - Love it! Definitely feel more relaxed every time I ...
Love it! Definitely feel more relaxed every time I take it! I tend to overthink a lot and have huge anxiety problems but After taking this I felt like it has help a lot with all my stresses!
5.0 - So glad I tried it!
I ordered this based on reviews referencing mild depression and/or stress eating. I had noticed an increase in both recently and decided to give it a try. The calming effect is almost instant! I am considerably more tolerant of situations that would normally set me off. My sleep is sound and deep. I'm having dreams again!
5.0 - Thank you for making my life easier!!!
I use this product for about a year now,after a friend recommended it to me...I have a stressful job and get overwhelmed a lot and also angry and annoyed..and I can feel a difference from when I take them and when I'm not...they tiny and easy to swallow...highly recommend
5.0 - I am able to handle the stress of a high powered job!
Totally promotes calm and relaxed mood. As I got older and was in a highly stressful job, I developed fear. This product has so helped me!
5.0 - Five Stars
Works great to reduce stress - take with L-Tyrosine for ADHD
5.0 - 5-HTP and St. John's Wort - My Balance Combination
I started taking 5-HTP after researching natural ways to deal with depression. I don't have depression necessarily, but have situational depressive moments. It's when I get in a "funk" caused by sadness, stress, or whatever. I've been on anti-depressants in the past, and I didn't notice that much of a difference. Besides, I wanted to the natural route with adding supplements and making subtle changes in my lifestyle to help manage these moments I have.
5.0 - no side effects, and have noticed a definite improvement ...
no side effects, and have noticed a definite improvement to my mood. Nothing over the top, but I just don't get stressed or rattled about things since I started taking this. I will continue to use throughout the winter months.
5.0 - These really work, wow, for stress free life ...
These really work , wow, for stress free life. makes things just roll off .. will keep buying these.
5.0 - Kind of amazing
I've been experiencing depression related to life circumstances- illness in the family, work stresses, personal etc... Was feeling the worst today that I have probably in months and found 5-htp through a Google search. I picked it up at Walgreens, ate a pill and attempted to work for an hour.... At the time of taking the pill I felt like I couldn't move or think. Now an hour later I've put in a great amount of work that it probably would have taken me all day to do in that state, and I have much more sense of wellbeing. It's sort of a miracle. I am generally a really positive, happy productive person so days like this when I feel so low are a real road block. But maybe not anymore! That being said I probably wouldn't take this regularly but man. One hour later and I feel almost like I could pump my fists in the air with glee!
5.0 - No miracle but I see a difference
This was recommended to me by a GNC employee. I started with the 100mg about 6 weeks ago and now have graduated to the 200mg. My main purpose for these was to help with my stress levels. I work a demanding job and my personal life isn't exactly calm waters either. I find myself up at night mind racing and stressed/moody during the day more and more. So prompted my store visit and this recommendation. Since I've been taking them I noticed a difference. This is why I decided to grab to 200mg. It's not a miracle/180 turn around, but I'm not as quick to feel stressed at work and taking the 50mg/plus melatonin version from the same brand at night has brought me rest.
4.0 - my husband has said that I seem happier and have a lot less stress
I was on 50mg of Zoloft, 74mg of Wellbutrin, but didn't really want to be dependent on these medications forever. So I've been trying this as a more natural alternative. For the last few weeks, my husband has said that I seem happier and have a lot less stress. The only downside to this versus those prescriptions is that this doesn't build up in your system, so you need to make sure you take it perfectly every day (if you're like me and have chronic depression/anxiety issues) or you'll start to have the dark feelings creep back quickly once it's out of your system. Btw, this brand is cheap and effective. I use their brand of melatonin too.
4.0 - Chills you without making you fall asleep.
This seems to be the best natural anti-stress supplement I can find. It increase serotonin output over time gradually so you don't get sleepy or sone out at all. If you want to sleep try melatonin 1mg to start... This will decrease stress responses, so if you have a stressful job or deal with stressful people for a living I highly recommend it because I feel it just helps you cope more naturally aka without turning you into a zombie!
5.0 - Mood and stress relief
I love this product. It really works for my stress.
5.0 - Helps so much!
Hubby cant live without this stuff and I cant live without him living without it because I would want to strangle him. He's so stressed from work this stuff really helps chill him out. Also it helps him with that mid day hangry vibe too. AMEN don't stop making this stuff!!!!!!!!!
4.0 - Good for stress
I would try a smaller dose first to see how you react to it as this is about the largest dose you should take. It does work well.
5.0 - Works for me!
I did not buy this at Amazon, but I have started using it again. I have a new FITBIT and I've been tracking my sleep since I started it. Each night, my deep sleep pattern increases, which is what we all need. Before taking it, I would be up hourly and was stressed and exhausted. I will continue to track my sleep pattern to see if this is what is really helping. I do believe it is the product for me.
5.0 - even I feel really happy!: )
My life is changing too... I haven't slept for last few weeks..due to a lot of things I need to take care of and stressed from work.
4.0 - I've noticed that I no longer stress out over things ...
I've noticed that I no longer stress out over things nor do I flip out with anger anymore. These little tablets will continues to be ordered. Thanks a lot!
5.0 - Better mood in a bottle!
Been using 30 days so far and I am very impressed. Definitely noticed an improvement in overall mood. I have a very high stress career and I also noticed it helps me at work as well.

9. NatureWise 5-HTP 100mg 4-Month Supply | Natural Mood & Sleep Support | Curbs Appetite to Support Weight Loss | Enhanced with Vitamin B6 | Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, 120ct (Packaging May Vary)

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5.0 - I received the bottle a couple of weeks ago. ...
I received the bottle a couple of weeks ago. It has helped keep me calm when stress arises and has helped keep my moods regulated.
5.0 - 5HTP WORKS!
I had saliva and urine sample tests done by my natural medicine doctor which revealed low serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. My epinephrine was double what it should be. This imbalance of brain chemicals caused chronic fatigue, irritability, low mood, feeling wired but tired and feeling stressed with focus issues. I was also having panic attacks almost daily. 5HTP was recommended by my natural medicine doctor. It has greatly reduced my irritability, low mood and stress level. It has greatly increased my ability to sleep at night and has eliminated the panic attacks. Before using 5HTP my general practitioner prescribed Ativan for the panic attacks which helped but it is addictive and I began to need it daily and it did not help with other symptoms. 5HTP has truly increased the quality of my life! My son has had similar symptoms plus ADHD and it is helping him too.
5.0 - Happy and Thinner
I started to take for help with curbing my appetite but have also found great for relief of stress and help with sleep.
5.0 - Makes Fasting Easier
I have consumed 5htp fro NOW brand. I usually trust them but I find NaturalWise 5htp much much better. The first most important aspect I have notions that it doesn't upset my stomach even when I take it on an empty stomach. Second it does help take the edge of my feelings of stressed out and third I fast regularly and like most fasters will know, fasting cleans all the senses. Including the sense of taste so when a fast is broken the first bite of any food is taken it will taste like the best ever in the whole wide world...,and so I find myself eat like it's the last meal ever!!!! Which makes it hard to not overeat. So this 5 htp taken before or even during my first meal after fasting really really helps takes the edge of my taste sense so as food doesn't taste really good and I feel full much more faster. But when I am not fasting my hunger is pretty normal taking thi 5htp. I definitely do recommend it but also really recommend reading up and researching on the supplement. There are aspects of 5htp that need to be known for instance if taken at night your body converts it into melatonin and induces to sleep ( because lack of sun light) and if you don't need it cause you produce enough of it naturally you might feel pretty sad and like crying crazy for no reason. I hope this helps.
5.0 - This product is wonderful! It helps me sleep better
This product is wonderful! It helps me sleep better, and I feel refreshed the next morning. It has also eased a lot of my anxiety which is great bc I work in a very high stress field. I don't feel the negative effects of my work as much as I used to.
5.0 - When things get stressful I'm feel calm and cool.
I was suffering from mood swings and bouts of depression. Since take 5-HTP I've felt much more balanced. When things get stressful I'm feel calm and cool.
5.0 - It helps me with my anxiety and overthinking, I ...
It helps me with my anxiety and overthinking, I take it every night but when under stress or anxiety situations a bit more I take during the day.
5.0 - A Game Changer
Wow. This just might be the supplement I've been looking for my entire adult life.. it makes me happier, more relaxed, better at decision making, better at handling stressful situations, more productive, suppresses appetite... It really is a miracle supplement. So happy my friend told me about this. For the record, I did get a second bottle for free in exchange for writing this review, however it is a 100% honest review. I would have given it 5 stars without the free bottle. It's that good. Super grateful for 5HTP. Can't recommend it enough.
5.0 - Great product
I have noticed better ability to control stress, which is nice because I am always stressed. I have always struggled with sleep and since I have started taking this I my sleep has improved more than expected.
5.0 - A nonpharacutical aid to help you sleep better
The 5-HTP product produced by NatureWise has a Vitamin B6 ingredient that helps produce serotonin. It seems to reduce my stress levels. A good night's sleep is invaluable and this product has helped me get that. It is just another fine product in their line. I would highly recommend. I received a free bottle in return for this review.
5.0 - 5-htp
5-htp works well with stress, pain and is most helpful physically. I have had no side effects what so ever and works for me. I prefer more natural things that work with the body.
5.0 - This works really well. It takes the edge off ...
This works really well. It takes the edge off of my stress without making me loopy. I bought this to help me sleep at night, but it really does help with overeating as well.
5.0 - Wonderful
This supplement is helping me regulate my stress more than I ever expected! So glad I found it!
5.0 - Would definitely recommend for depression
I've been trying different brands of 5-HTP as I've found that in general it helps stabilize my mood and reduce anxiety, as well as help me feel more rested. This brand has been the most effective! I can definitely tell the difference when I forget to take it and I can tell the difference between this and other brands. Additionally, as many people have found, taking 5-HTP can cause GI distress. This brand causes the least of that which I'm so grateful for. Would definitely recommend for depression, anxiety, mood swings in general, and restful sleep!
5.0 - Serotonin levels INCREASED!
This product is amazing. I was going through sudden anxiety attacks and depression for a few months. My whole life I never felt that way before so I was really scared and stressed at how this happened out of the blue. My professor recommended I take 5-HTP to help with my serotonin levels. It makes me feel more motivated and hopeful. I feel happier too! It's also a great appetite controller. I usually snack a lot through out the day but taking this really controls the feeling that I want to eat.
5.0 - As described so far
I have been taking this along with Super CitriMax Garcinia Cambogia and it has been showing great results helping me to lose weight. Sleep, mood, stress, they all have been positive. I am planning to continue these two products together to see further results.
5.0 - These pills are really good at giving you extra energy
These pills are really good at giving you extra energy, and curb your appetite. I can definitely tell a difference in my mood when talking it. I do not feel as stressed as I used to!
5.0 - I LOVE knowing that I'm getting a little extra emotional support ...
I started taking 5-HTP by recommendation of my OBGYN for moderate post-partum depression. I've continued to use it as an addition to my exercise routine and other supplements, as my moods have stabilized more than any other time in my life! I LOVE knowing that I'm getting a little extra emotional support from 5-HTP. My skeptical husband has even noticed a difference in his own stress levels after taking 5-HTP consistently for a couple of weeks.
5.0 - Naturewise does it again!
As a Naturewise VIP, I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to experience their products free of charge- and the latest, 5-HTP is truly fantastic. Over the past few weeks I have noticed a change in my stress level- it's almost like I've paused to take a deep breath, but I truly believe it's Naturewise. I've been sleeping better- I was averaging 4-5 hours, lately I've been sleeping almost 7! Thank you again for another product I believe in & will continue to take.
5.0 - Favorite supplement ever!
I am very happy with the quality of this supplement. It really does help me sleep and I never knew about the added benefit of appetite control. My work was super stressful and for a period of time and the 5HTP really did help me keep calmer and maintain a better mood in the midst of it. This company has a great quality and a really great price. It has worked so well for me that I have decided to repurchase when my first bottle ran out. I would recommend to anyone.
5.0 - Helps with stress
It helps me to feel less stressed. I suffer from anxiety and this greatly reduces my anxiety and the panicky feeling I sometimes get.
4.0 - Seems to work
I've been using this for a little over 2 weeks and I feel like it's helped me feel less stressed in certain situations. My husband takes it also. I will continue taking it.
5.0 - ... life this product helps with my mood very much good product.
i have a very busy stressful life this product helps with my mood very much good product.
5.0 - like my dogs
I started taking this due to stress and weight gain. I think it works for these issues. I missed about 4 days when my husband came home for leave and I could tell. I had gone back to not feeling refreshed in the morning and taking a long time to start to wake up. Simple things were stressing me out, like my dogs, upcoming travel, and etc. Basically just kind of YUCK. I could tell a huge difference when I started back. I will say I started these along with a few other supplements and I think they all work the best when taking daily.
5.0 - Very good brand
This stuff really helped with my stress and helped control my appetite. I started with one cap in the morning, then worked my way to one in morning and one in evening. The first few days unsettled my stomach, but it went away and i bumped up to two per day, which worked much better. I had tried Natrol brand and they did nothing. NatureWise is a very good brand, in my humble opinion.
5.0 - Naturewise 5-HTP has worked wonderfully for me
I take 5-HTP as an overall mood enhancer and stress reliever for my day to day functions. Naturewise 5-HTP has worked wonderfully for me.
5.0 - Best Ever
I have been taking 5-HTP for a couple years now. I have tried various brands and by far this is my favorite. Purity was what I was looking for and one easy to digest. I am so happy my sister recommended this manufacturer. I take it for a mood elevator and to help me sleep. Also to combat stress. The vegetarian capsuls and the added vitamin B6 sold me. I have now been using them for 8 months and have reordered. I am also looking at their other suppliments. My research indicated that Naturewise is a highly rated company.
5.0 - Very effective!
5-HTP can help with stress and anxiety. This product works well at a great price!
5.0 - Helps to calm me, especially during stressful periods in ...
Helps to calm me, especially during stressful periods in life. Naturewise 5-HTP calms me enough that I can think through things that are happening and not react emotionally.
5.0 - I feel like I have more energy
I have always dealt with depression. Often times I would isolate myself from my friends and stay in my apartment watching TV and succumbing to my eating disorder of overeating and sometimes purging. Since I started taking Naturewise 5-HTP, I feel like I have more energy, and am generally in a better mood than before, which helps me while I'm in school because a better mood makes studying easier and less stressful. Love it! I also have noticed I don't overeat very much anymore, which has made me much more comfortable with myself and my body. I can't say it's all the 5-HTP, but it has definitely helped in my recovery from my ED.
5.0 - I can tell a difference when I stop taking it for a while
I bought this bottle in hopes that it would make me feel and sleep better during a stressful first year of running my own business. The effects are subtle and definitely there. Overall boosts my mood. I can tell a difference when I stop taking it for a while definitely would buy again.
5.0 - Five Stars
I hope Naturewise never discontinues selling this 5-HTP. Works wonders for sleep and stress. Update: 3/22/18 I’ve been cycling 3 months on, then off for 3 weeks. I sleep better and feel better with a sense of well-being. Amazing. No I’m not one of those who is looking for a free purchase with a good review. If a company produces a good product, it’ll sell itself. This certainly does!
4.0 - I am noticing that I am sleeping better. Also it seems to help my mood & ...
I have been using Nature Wise 5-HTP for about a month now. I am noticing that I am sleeping better. Also it seems to help my mood & stress levels. I have not really noticed any difference in appetite control though. I have received a free bottle for my unbiased opinion.
5.0 - ... had to drop out of college because of symptoms like that of Lupus
My daughter was told to use this when she had to drop out of college because of symptoms like that of Lupus. She did not take it for weight loss but for help with stress and sleep. After a few weeks she felt like a new person. I recently ordered it for the same reason and hope that the weight loss features are a plus. I would totally recommend this after seeing the difference it made for my daughter.
5.0 - I was having mood imbalances and super stressed to the point where it was effecting my ...
I was having mood imbalances and super stressed to the point where it was effecting my sleep. I started taking this 5 HTP and with consistency I've seen a gradual change in my daily mood. I've also finally gotten a grasp on my stress eating. This vitamin has been an essential part of my day and I can really feel it working.
5.0 - This seems to help me control stress and I love that it is non-GMO
Helps me calm down so I can sleep at night! This seems to help me control stress and I love that it is non-GMO, vegan, and gluten free!
5.0 - Stress Reducer
This product is great for keeping my anxiety level low - despite a stressful workplace.
5.0 - Five Stars
I am less stressed and sleeping better
5.0 - The 5htp helps manage anxiety and stress which is a ...
The 5htp helps manage anxiety and stress which is a big issue for me. An added bonus is it also helps control appetite.
5.0 - I love it! I'm going through a very stressful time ...
I love it! I'm going through a very stressful time in my life. Thank God I received 5-HTP free bottle when I needed it the most. They sent me the free bottle so I can try it and write my opinion. Before taking it I was so stressed out. I'm taking one capsule twice a day, this helped me a great deal. I feel more relaxed and at ease. I can also sleep much better. It's a great product.
5.0 - Gut motility and since of hunger
I ordered 5-htp not for the usual feel of relaxation or anti-stress but because of its ability to affect gut motility. Long story short I had a really bad eating disorder and my gut has never been the same since, it is very sluggish now. I struggled years trying to get it better and stumbled on this and figured for so cheap why not try? When I got this for about 4 days I did not think it was working, but all of a sudden, I felt hungry for lunch (something I rarely ever have). I noticed it happened the next day too, and I started feeling things moving and increased gas passing. It is no miracle pill, but it has helped and I am so glad I can feel hungry again and eat without being as anxious or nauseous. I am aware many report nausea and feeling full when taking, but they likely have normal gut motility, likely why I feel differently. I am also looking into buying GABA and Acetyl-l-carnitine for supporting this as well, but this is a great start to feeling much better.
5.0 - This product works great for my mood and helps me to get to ...
This product works great for my mood and helps me to get to sleep at night i feel a lot less stressful in the mornings before work. It also keeps me from getting cravings during the day. Great product !
5.0 - as well as helps me sleep better all while balancing my mood
this product reduces stress and anxiety, as well as helps me sleep better all while balancing my mood
5.0 - Product has worked great; helps curve appetite and has improved sleep at ...
Product has worked great; helps curve appetite and has improved sleep at night. Product has also seemed to help keep me relaxed even with stress at work.
5.0 - Five Stars
Works really good for managing stress, it really helps my husband.
5.0 - Grateful
This product helped curb my appetite in great ways! Also, my quality of sleep improved: I was able to fall asleep faster and I had less nightmares and sleep interruptions that woke me. I have an extremely stressful job and while this didn't magically remove all of the stress, instead of feeling panicky all the time, I felt much calmer when thinking about work. I had no negative side effects and the pill is small and easy to take!
5.0 - Five Stars
Excellent product, does what it says, helps with sleep and helps with stress.
5.0 - I slept good and the next day
My brain is put on high demand during a normal work day. I don't want to start taking some prescription that is for ADHD. I decided to give this a shot and see if it would help. I took one pill per day on an empty stomach before bed, as instructed. I slept good and the next day, I felt less anxious, which put my mind to work on actual work and not on the stress of the workload. Consistent use has kept the anxiety down, my mood pretty level, and I have gotten a lot more work done without having to take a lot of breaks.
5.0 - memory and chose Naturewise because my wife's advice (she's been taking some of its supplements like turmeric and she said they
This product really works. I had some problems to sleep, for that reason I decided to take natural supplements. After a research I founded this amino acid 5-HTP which (now I know) helps with mood, sleep, stress ...memory and chose Naturewise because my wife's advice (she's been taking some of its supplements like turmeric and she said they work) and the experiences of another customers were highly positives. Since the first day I noticed a huge improvement and I've been taking it about ten days only, it's amazing! I'm sleeping and resting very well. Definitely this is a great product, very effective that I will continue taking it.
5.0 - Works!
Great product to use instead of an antidepressant drug. This is from a plant and it works better! - you don't feel like you are taking anything EXCEPT you just feel BETTER!! I'm an RN so I research and research to find healthy good for us products and with an autoimmune disease it's even more important to decrease stress! This works :)
5.0 - Great product, worth a try!
I noticed the positive effects after only two doses; feeling much more calm and notice I'm stress eating much less!
5.0 - Feel Better
I bought this bottle in hopes that it would make me feel and sleep better during a stressful quarter at school. The effects are subtle and definitely there. I normally feel stressed out, a little depressed, and anxious around midterms and finals week. But while I was taking this, I literally felt more happy and relaxed even during midterms and finals, which would never happen on my own.
5.0 - Five Stars
Helps me to relax when stressed and fall asleep at night.
5.0 - Naturewise 5-HTP
I have always had difficulty sleeping at night, probably due to stress during the day. I have found that since taking this supplement I seem to be more calm during the day and sleep better at night.
5.0 - Free 5-HTP
Since I've been taking the 5-HTP, my sleep had been awesome. I'm not a good sleeper at night and I must say that I have been so peaceful lately. It has definitely kept me on track with my diet by keeping my crazy cravings under control! I'm so happy I was able to receive the free bottle from NatureWise to give it a try! Thanks so much for making my life a lot more stress free!
5.0 - Helps manage depression, anxiety, and weight!
As an alternative to traditional antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications, 5-HTP helps me with stress and mood management.
5.0 - A must have for anyone with stress and or anxiety!
I am 44 years old and I've been taking testosterone boosters, which make me easily agitated. Since taking 5-HTP it has truly leveled me out. I'm also sleeping better at night, which is a bonus for me. I used to stay up late worrying about things I can't control. Well not anymore since I have been taking this. I will be a regular customer!
5.0 - I was on prescription antidepressants for about 17 years and ...
I was on prescription antidepressants for about 17 years and wanted to go off of them. With a doctors help, I did just that. However, I didn't feel completely "right" so a coworker suggested that I try 5HTP and I found this brand on Amazon and have been taking it for about a year. It has helped to take the "edge" off of everyday problems and stressful situations that were keeping me a little down in the dumps. It is a must have for me now and I am grateful to have this product and no more prescriptions!
5.0 - Great product...great company...great price!!
This product is amazing and at a great price too!! It helps to relieve stress and allows a good night sleep. I wake up revived and ready for the day. this will definitely stay on my supplement list.
5.0 - I'm not stress-eating anymore!
I feel more relaxed when taking these. I have not been stress-eating and have lost weight as a result. I feel better and have started to exercise more.
5.0 - 5-HTP is great. I have problems sleeping due to nerve pain ...
5-HTP is great. I have problems sleeping due to nerve pain caused by back problems. It helps me sleep & also will help calm you during the day if you are having a stressful day. Also if your mind just will not stop processing your day or thinking of the next day at work once you lie down to sleep this will help a lot. I like it also for the fact that it is a natural herb & made in the United States.
5.0 - Reduces stress eating
Good for evening if you want to stop eating after dinner.
5.0 - Sleep is everything to the bodies recovery
This 5-HTP works very well and is for anyone who needs a little help with stress and sleep. I put my body under physical stress almost every day at the gym and this 5HTP help with the recovery process by helping get needed rest naturally. I can't speak to the appetite control due to the bodybuilding / weight training (1800-2600 cal/day).
5.0 - Great product. I use it to help manage stress ...
Great product. I use it to help manage stress and anxiety. It's natural and I don't feel like I'm loaded up with drugs.
4.0 - Won't be without it!
These work fine. Sometimes I need to take an extra one to stay calm but they work. Both of us take 5 HTP for years and if we don't, we are quarrelling. It doesn't make you feel anything but normal but takes the edge off of your irritation level. As good as PROZAC (look up the studies). Start with one a day if you have never taken it. During times of unusual stress we add another. It has also helped my wife with IBS-C. She found a study stating that people with fibromyalgia were helped with pain when taking one, 3 times a day. She could only take 2 a day but it totally relieved life long constipation.
5.0 - Amazing!!
I love this product! I received a bottle of this free from NatureWise to give my honest opinion. I can definitely tell a difference in my mood when talking it. I do not feel as stressed as I used to! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their mood and help control emotional eating!
5.0 - Helps with fibromyalgia & CFS-ME
5HTP helps me manage pain of fibromyalgia; I can definitely tell a difference if I don’t take It. I also have IBS, & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & think it helps relieve stress without antidepressants.
5.0 - I tried this supplement for free for a review in return and I honestly like this supplement
I was very skeptical about trying Naturewise 5-htp but now that I have been taking it for a few weeks now I have noticed a difference in my sleep pattern and my moods. I work retail so I am constantly stressed out about something. With an ever changing schedule my sleep pattern always fluctuates and I have always struggled wit sleep. Since I started taking it I don't take midday naps anymore, something I did everyday or I couldn't function, and I stress a lot less now and handle situations with more ease. I tried this supplement for free for a review in return and I honestly like this supplement . I have never had an issue with the brand Naturewise. In fact I am a loyal customer to them. I have suggested 5htp to a few coworkers since they have also noticed a change in me.
5.0 - Feeling good...
I've been taking NatureWise 5-HTP and really feel that it helps my mood, which in turn prevents me from looking to food for stress relief. I'm sleeping better, too. Thanks!
5.0 - Very happy!
I am very happy with the results. I'm taking these with NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia and NatureWise CLA 1250. I've been taking it for the past 3 weeks and have lost 6lbs. This is without exercise. We've moved states so I haven't been able to start up exercising again but the plan is to start Monday. I feel happier, definitely less stressed. Will order more.
5.0 - Helpful for the night time blues and binge eating
I struggle with depression and I tend to over eat to cope with it. I did some research and came across 5-HTP and thought this may help me with both of these issues. Originally I started taking one pill with breakfast and one pill with lunch and didn't notice much of a difference. I realized that I tend to feel most down at night, and that's when I generally over eat. I began taking one pill in the late afternoon and one pill with dinner. Since doing that, I feel less stressed at night, tend to eat less, and sleep better. In combination with walking and watching what I eat, I have lost 5 lbs since taking 5-HTP. It's not magic, but it definitely takes the edge off and helps me feel more stable.
5.0 - I was initially in search of a supplement to help ...
I was initially in search of a supplement to help with my insomnia. NatureWise 5-HTP has noticeably helped my sleep pattern and decrease day tiredness. Also, I am experiencing improvement in my ability to cope with stressful situations. I have ordered several bottles now.
5.0 - Amazing product!
I was having multiple symptoms this product completely made go away. It regulated my serotonin levels which were off due to working nights, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, anxiety, and feeling somewhat irritable sometimes. This product is simply amazing! Overall I feel happier and less stressed.
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