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1. Green Tea Extract Supplement with EGCG & Vitamin C - Antioxidants & Polyphenols for Immune System - For Weight Support & Energy - Decaffeinated Pills for Brain & Heart Health - 120 Count

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4.0 - Possible weight loss
I feel like it boosts my metabolism
5.0 - A+++++ For Weight Loss!!!
Started taking these per suggestion of my Dr. to help lower my cholesterol and weight loss. I have dropped several points in cholesterol and have noticed a decrease in weight. I was losing .25 to .5 lbs a week now I am around .75 to 1lb a week since I started taking these. While it does not contain caffeine I did feel more energized but not shaky or jittery.
5.0 - or uncomfortable feelings like I do with caffiene based supplements
Definitely gives me additional energy. I dont see any shakiness, or uncomfortable feelings like I do with caffiene based supplements. Have not noticied any weight loss, but I feel more energized, which is a great feeling, have stopped drinking coffee. Overall I am happy with the price paid, and with the boost in energy from the product. I would consider ordering it again.
5.0 - Great Product
This product has helped me a lot with energy throughout the day. I haven't noticed much in the way of weight loss, but I am in a bit of a plateau right now and have been taking various green tea supplements for a few years. I wasn't expecting a huge result with weight, but I really like how it gives me energy without making me feel shaky or nauseous like caffeine does.
4.0 - Its alright. Not bad so thats good
I got this Green Tea supplement to jump start some weight loss - its been almost a year and I'd like to start losing some of the baby weight I'm carrying around. I know many supplements have GTE in them because it's supposed to boost the metabolism.
4.0 - Do not take on empty stomach.
I've been drinking green tea daily for weight loss for about 6 months and have really noticed a difference but I HATE the taste so I was so excited to learn about these! I love that they're so concentrated, however when I took one on an empty stomach, it made me puke. There was no warning on the bottle about taking it with food so that's why I only gave it 4 stars.
5.0 - Great for Energy
I have been able to tell a difference in my energy after starting this supplement. It has helped me keep up with exercise in my weight loss journey.
5.0 - Excellent product.
Excellent product. For me absolutely no side effects. Health benefits of green tea are widely known and publicized, so no need to repeat here. This product has assisted in reducing my blood pressure. With this product and doctor's monitoring I was able to reduce the blood pressure medicine I take. Lowering the dosage of my prescribed medication saves me money, since this product is far less costly than my prescribed medication. Weight loss I have experienced is just another added benefit.
5.0 - I love green tea
I love green tea, especially for helping with weight loss. I'm actually dieting right now and having been taking these with my diet. I've dropped some weight. These curb my appetite. I feel great. Easy to swallow and no negative side effects. Will be purchasing another bottle.
5.0 - Good quality, cost effective product
I'm taking for anti-cancer benefits and weight loss enhancement. So far, so good on both fronts. In addition, unlike other green tea extracts that I used, I like the caffeine free aspect of this product which eliminates those concerns. It's also a higher concentration than other brands I've tried so it's more cost effective.
4.0 - Pleased with progress...
I purchased this on recommendation to give my metabolism a boost without the jitters of caffeine. It works. My energy level has improved and my sleep hasn't been disturbed. It's helping my weight loss program; making my workouts more effective and results more evident.
4.0 - Complimentary Bottle Offer for Review
I am writing this review in regards to being offered a complimentary bottle after ordering multiple orders of this product. I would take this pill once in the morning and once before I hit the gym. It definitely feels like I would have more energy throughout the day and I really like how everything contained in these green tea pills are all natural ingredients, organic, and includes daily Vitamin C on the uptake so it kills two birds with one stone. I definitely noticed that my metabolism levels increased just from when I do my cardio exercise after my weightlifting regimen and definitely shows that it assisted me in cutting the fat away. I plan to continue on using this product and recommend you do so too if this is what your focus is. Just know that this will not instantly make you lose weight by taking it daily, yet not putting in any work and eating whatever you want. Everything requires work. If you plan to take this for weight loss, then make sure to eat healthy and watch that calorie counter and portions and get in good exercise while at it while taking this. You'll definitely see and feel the difference and get the end results you need at a faster pace. Their customer service is very attentive too so if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask and they'll get back to you soon after.
4.0 - Four Stars
Noticed a little bit more energy but no weight loss. Will keep using
4.0 - So Far So Good!
I starting using these about a week ago to help supplement my weight loss journey. Over the first week I have lost 3 pounds which I am quite happy with. I am taking these in addition to improving my food habits, and exercising. 3 pounds in the first week is pretty good, and I am excited to see how well this will help me along the way. I like slow, steady weight loss rather than quick drastic weight loss. I like my body to have time to adjust, and do this properly.
5.0 - I have not yet noticed any weight loss since starting ...
I have not yet noticed any weight loss since starting to take these but I am thrilled to be getting so many antioxidants and the other health benefits of green tea without having to drink it everyday. It's so much easier to take it this way!
4.0 - it is hard to find the time to work out as much as I would like. I started taking this green tea extract to ...
I have been trying to lose weight ever since having my 2nd child. With 2 small kids, it is hard to find the time to work out as much as I would like. I started taking this green tea extract to boost my weight loss efforts. So far, I have lost roughly 0.5lbs per week more than I had been losing (which was about 1lb/week). There is more green tea extract in 2 capsules than in several cups of green tea and it is decaf, so you don't get jitters. This is also a plus for nursing moms who don't want hyperactive infants!! :) If you are struggling with weight loss, I recommend this to boost your efforts; however, you still have to eat right and cut back. It isn't a miracle drug!
4.0 - Amazing
OMG! i am so loving taking this, i seem to have so much more energy, i cant talk on if it has helped me with my weight loss goals yet as i have not been taking long but i will say it has given me the energy and i feel all around much better like i have this boost and this desire to get out and go. i definitely recommend this product to any of you debating weather or not you should buy id say you should give it a try, you will not regret it.
5.0 - For me it works!
I think everyone is different. I don't take this for weight loss ... I take it for energy! no side effects, no nausea, dizziness or ringing in the ears,, but everyone is different. After the the Green Tea wears off, I don't feel a let down. So for me it works.
5.0 - Five Stars
An easy way to get the benefits of tea without losing sleep from caffeine. I didn't order the green tea extract for weight loss, but because green tea is recommended for immune system health. Since there is no way for me to know its effectiveness in this regard, I just continue to take it as a potential preventative of ill health. I would love to drink green tea instead of taking the extract, but Mr. Caffeine is not my friend. I haven't noticed any weight loss, but then I take only one pill a day, and that wasn't my goal anyway.
5.0 - Excellent
I have been using this products for month and I believe it has helped with my weight loss. I have not had any side effects and would recommend it. The company is very good with followup emails and advice.
5.0 - So far I am very happy with the product though
Has given me more energy without any jitters. I don't know about the weight loss as I am following a diet and exercise routine and so have been losing weight anyhow. This may well have been helping to lose extra pounds but I can't guarantee that. So far I am very happy with the product though.
4.0 - No jitters, doesn't interfere with sleep
Seems to help with water retention and energy without affecting my sleep patterns or giving me the jitters. Does not seem to help with weight loss overall (I really miss the original ephedra products!) except it helps fill you up a bit faster.
5.0 - Quality
This product does help with weight loss and you can take it at night and it will not disturb your sleep
4.0 - Helps curb hunger
I've been using for over a month now. The only difference I can tell taking this is that it helps curb your hunger. After taking it, it made me not as hungry as I used to be which helped me not eat as much to lose weight. I have not at all see any difference in my weight loss and I exercise daily.
5.0 - Easy alternative of drinking cups of Green tea
Studies have shown that green tea can help clear your skin, support heart health, and boost your metabolism, but not everyone has time to drink three cups a day. In pill form, you only need to take a day and you can reap the benefits of green tea basically. I love the way you get a huge jar for a nice cost with NOW foods. I would recommend this to somebody interested in fitness or weight loss or need the benefits of green tea.
5.0 - Will buy again!
Green tea extract is a significant part of my weight loss plan. I chose carefully for the one to try and invest in. I am very satisfied that this particular product and manufacturer meet my needs. I will continue to buy it. (I often turn to Amazon to read about multiple versions of a product I am interested in. I love the options and the quick, no shipping delivery.)
5.0 - Increased energy and fat-burning? Fantastic!
This supplement is such a great way to jumpstart your weight loss journey! I ordered this for my daughter who has gotten really serious with her fitness lately, but wanted a fat-burning boost... and she loves it!
5.0 - I really like it.
I purchased this hoping it would help me get over my 3 week stand still in weight loss. I don’t have much weight left to lose but those last 10 are hard. I’ve lost 2 pounds in the 2 weeks I have been using it and I feel great.
4.0 - So far so good.
This product was purchased for health benefits and not for the sole purpose of weight loss. It makes it easier to consume compared to drinking 5 glasses of green tea daily. I was a little apprehensive about the product because of the higher caffiene content. I have not been jittery or experienced a rapid heart beat. So far so good.
5.0 - I recently purchased Green Tea Extract Supplement - Decaffeinated Vegetarian ...
I recently purchased Green Tea Extract Supplement - Decaffeinated Vegetarian Pills for Weight Loss - Natural Fat Burner With Vitamin C - 725 mg Capsules - 120 VCaps - Regulates Cholesterol and Immune System. After taking the pills I didn't feel any of the negative side effects that are often associated with a diet supplement. No heart racing, jitteriness, or blood sugar crashes. It is recommending that you drink lots of water when taking these pills. They are on the larger size for swallowing, but I did not have any issues. I look forward to see the long term health benefits. I was given a slight discount on this product in order to review it and give my honest opinion.
5.0 - green tea is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants
I drink green tea every single day as I know the benefits of it. I also drink it in the hopes of aiding my weight loss.
5.0 - Good product/price
This product works well. My husband and I shared a bottle and took it around mid day for a little extra boost or if we were going to gym. Having two little ones running around all day we need all the help we can get with our weight loss goal. Vitamin C is a plus
5.0 - easy to swallow
No odor to pills, easy to swallow. Did not cause any upset stomach. Still using them, but have seen some weight loss in the last few weeks.
5.0 - Pleased!
I bought both Green Tea Extract Supplement with EGCG for Weight Loss and Digestive Enzymes with Prebiotics and Probiotics. I'm 45 and don't have a lot of weight to lose - just a little muffin top that's been bothering me. In conjunction to taking these I've cut down on my food intake a bit. Not much because I have zero willpower when it comes to hunger, lol. Other than that my habits have stayed the same. I've managed to lose about 5 pounds and keep them off, even over the holiday period when I've been overeating/drinking AND not been doing my usual exercises. PS: One of them (I forget which) says I need to take before a meal. Problem is I forget! So instead I take one of each first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
5.0 - Five Stars
So far I am pleased with this product, which I take for weight loss and its anti-cancer properties.
5.0 - Green Tea is up to 100 times stronger than vitamin C as an antioxidant
Sometimes it is good just to go with the tried and trusted, and green tea is one of those. Whole nations have benefits for thousands of years. The health benefits and tested and proven through history. The healthy component of green tea is ECGC. It is as much as 25 times more powerful than vitamin E and 100 times as vitamin C as an antioxidant. It has been shown to fight cancer at all stages and helps prevent stomach and lung cancer as well as heart disease. Aging and disease are largely associated with free radical damage from the sun, chemicals (both external and internal), environment, and stress. It is important to have a constant circulation of antioxidant free radical scavengers available in your system. I suggest consuming a variety of natural antioxidants over the course of the day, morning, noon, and night, to maintain the effect. In addition to this green tea extract you can add cinnamon, tumeric, and other good vitamins. Of course you should eat well and avoid damaging substances. Zenwise Health Green Tea Extract is caffeine free, making it OK to take at bed time. I am sensitive to caffeine so that is important to me. Green Tea has been used by many for weight loss, and Zenwise talks about this in their product information. It is not my main reason for taking green tea daily, but I do want to maintain my weight and that is an added benefit to using this daily. I am very happy with the quality and strength of Zenwise Health.
5.0 - I love these. Now
I love these. Now, I have not seen any significant weight loss but, there are a myriad of other benefits from taking green tea. I haven't been taking them long enough to notice weight loss. I like them because they do not overwhelm you with energy or give the jitters. It is mild, but enough to notice an increase. Make sure you take this with food. I've seen a lot of reviewers say they took it on an empty stomach and it made them sick. You should never take ANY thing that can possibly give an energetic boost without food in your stomach. I will buy these again.
5.0 - Energy-giving, weight loss aid that really fuels you!
I am in the middle of switching certain things in my life around in terms of healthier, cleaner alternatives. One of those was a supplement I could take for energy and that might add in weight loss. The Green Tea Extract Supplement was a godsend when I got it. After about a week or so of using, along with a normal diet, I felt more energized. It was not a dramatic energy spike like you get with overly sugary drinks, but an overall feeling of energy, and I just felt better. I did not experience any jittery feelings, which was awesome, as you can find at times that certain supplements that state they give energy, usually make me jittery. I also did not experience any rush up of flavor like you can get with vitamins/supplements sometimes. I have noticed that I am less bloated, and have only noted this after starting this supplement. Overall, I am really happy with what I have experienced and am looking forward to coupling this supplement with an exercise regimen for added weight loss. *product was provided by company for the purpose of testing/review. All opinions are my own.*
4.0 - I have lost 4 lbs of stubborn weight since I ...
I have lost 4 lbs of stubborn weight since I started taking these capsules- 1 in the morning and 1 at night daily- for the past 40 days. I am not 100% sure if it is these capsules that I would attribute my weight loss to since I got a bout of acid reflux (GERD) 3 weeks ago and lost weight rapidly in that time since I was unable to eat much at all. I will continue to take the capsules and monitor how my weight loss exercise progresses. I also try to eat right and workout most days, but it doesn't happen everyday. Perhaps I will add another review in 3 months if/when I see more difference in weight. And hence the four stars too..
5.0 - While I didn't notice any weight loss, I immediately ...
While I didn't notice any weight loss, I immediately noticed that I had more energy to get through the workday. I was more alert and focused without the jitteriness that my usual morning coffee would give me.
5.0 - Weight loss
I love this product! I started noticing weight loss after a couple weeks. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a healthier option to boost weight loss.
5.0 - It is giving me more energy, and settles my ...
It is giving me more energy, and settles my stomach. I am hoping to see increased metabolism and perhaps some weight loss as a side effect.
5.0 - It works!
Been trying to lose weight for a while and decided to try Green Tea for the help. I don't care for tea itself so looked into supplements, and gave this one a try. The price is very reasonable and you get a decent size bottle. Been taking it for several weeks now, and I can tell it's helping with my weight loss. Definitely recommended!
5.0 - Must try!
Absolutely LOVE this green tea pill. In the six months I've been taking it, I haven't been sick once...not even a cold. It has also, helped clear up some acne on my face. It really hasn't helped with weight loss, but the other benefits have been totally worth it.
5.0 - Never hungry!
I was very impressed with this product. I have used other green tea products and lost 0-2 pounds after a month. Imagine my surprise when I lost five pounds in the first two days! I changed nothing about my eating habits and did not start exercising yet. This result was solely from the pills. You know that feeling when you eat too much at a buffet? That is how you will feel while taking these pills. Since I felt full all the time, I did not have to worry about overeating, it was not possible. I will update my total weight loss here after I finish the rest of the bottle. Highly recommend!!
4.0 - No Caffeine
This is the only extract I have found that is caffeine free and also contains vitamin C. Although I have lost 30lbs, I didn't buy the extract for weight loss. I bought it for it's antioxidant properties.
4.0 - I honestly can't tell if it is working or not ...
I honestly can't tell if it is working or not. I am using for weight loss, but not really seeing results one way or the other.
4.0 - but I'm happy to report that I have not felt any shakiness
I decided to try this product because many energy/metabolism/weight loss products are packed with caffeine and this one advertises that it is decaffeinated. I still had my doubts and expect to feel the shakes, but I'm happy to report that I have not felt any shakiness! I also have felt a huge decrease in hunger and instead of counting the minutes until snack time or meal time, I often look at the clock and I'm surprised that its time to eat. I've not had any stomach aches or odd side effects. I do feel like I've started to have my energy and slept better (though this could also be due to kicking a sugar habit - but some credit still goes to this product for that). This is NOT a miracle weight loss pill, but I have had good results that have helped me stick to my health goals and I'm looking forward to continue using this product.
4.0 - Natural energy booster
Definitely gives an added energy boost. I have not used this product long enough to noticed any weight loss directly related to this supplement but I certainly have more energy for my workouts.
5.0 - Perfect for additional weight loss
These supplements aren't mean't to be taken alone but combined with exercise/diet. They are great especially since they contain all the Vitamin C you'll need so you have your defenses up and don't get sick. My metabolism has improved after taking these which is what i was looking for. Highly recommended
5.0 - Five Stars
great product. helps aid with weight loss. would recommend to anyone
5.0 - Five Stars
Weight loss results
5.0 - Works for me
I don't take Green Tea Extract for weight loss, but for general heart health as a natural anti-inflammatory. While I realize that this supplement itself is not the only factor, my blood inflammation markers have come down dramatically in the last year. So I look at this supplement as a contributing factor.
5.0 - One of the best ways to help supplement a weight loss plan
One of the best ways to help supplement a weight loss plan! When you combine this with a regular diet and exercise, you get a great, healthy way to reach your goals faster! I wouldn't go on a weight loss program without this staple! Never had any side effects, just great results!!! Must buy!
5.0 - Great product, great deal
I used for weight loss and health benefits. I love zenwise products, I use all of them!
5.0 - Helped a lot!
Really noticed a difference once I started taking this. I feel like it helped a ton with weight loss and just overall making me feel great! I highly recommend this.
5.0 - They work great!!
I love these Green Tea extract supplements! They give you energy, promote weight loss and make you healthier. I definitely recommend them if you are looking for a natural way to loose weight.
4.0 - Giving me more energy
I have researched the many benefits of green tea and try to incorporate it in my diet daily I usually make or buy the tea but wanted to try a different approach and see if it would still yield the same benefits. I haven't taken these long enough to notice significant weight loss, however, I have encounter an increase in my energy and a decrease in my cravings so I know they are definitely working. I will continue to use these and come back with an update as far as the weight loss is concerned,
4.0 - :0)
Ok, I have been taking this a week and a half. My purpose for taking it was the benefits of the EGCG and Vitamin C for all the health benefits because I can not drink 7 cups of green tea a day. I know most people want to take it for weight lost but there is never any miracle drug to drop weight. It can aide you but eating well and working out is the prefect medicine. So taking it to see a drastic weight loss I wouldn't recommend, to help aide in burning fat yes because I take this supplement before going on my walks.
5.0 - So far, so good
I have been taking these for the past month and so far, things are going as I had hoped. I usually wake up feeling so hungry and end up eating a big breakfast. After taking these for a couple of days, I started to not feel as hungry and was throwing away most of my breakfast. Now I am able to downsize this meal (lunch and dinner included) without feeling like I might still be hungry after eating. I physically feel better. I am able to take my children for a walk or park without dreading it. Not sure about the weight loss part as I have not seen any change yet. I will come back in a couple of months to update this review.
4.0 - I do like that it is caffeine free and I don't get ...
I use it for the antioxidants/vitamin C. I does help me get my morning going. As far as weight loss, I haven't really seen any real results or my appetite suppressed at all. I do like that it is caffeine free and I don't get that jittery feeling taking these.
4.0 - I like that I do not get "jitters
I purchased this to assist with weight loss/energy. I began with 1 capsule per day and have just increased to 2 capsules per day. I have not seen results yet, but have only been taking the product for 2 weeks. I like that I do not get "jitters."
5.0 - It works great.
I use this product as part of a weight loss and fat burning regiment. It works great.
5.0 - Losing weight, no exercise
This seriously gives you a smaller appetite which then leads to weight loss. That is the main thing I have noticed with the pills. In one month I have lost 14 pounds and I am not doing anything health wise besides low portions. I am not even exercising. My blood pressure may be up a little, I will have to evaluate it. I look forward to continuing this.
5.0 - Stick with it and reap the benefits!
I turned to these because in my mission to lose weight i got to a point where i plateaued and stopped losing weight. I started taking these as the directed instructed and I began to lose weight, about 1 to 2 pounds a week. I got increased energy and better sleep (probably from the weight loss). The trick with these is to take them on a regular schedule and drink alot of water. These will make you feel a little dehydrated. Stick with it and reap the benefits!
4.0 - Great alternative to drinking green tea
I have been adding green tea to my diet since I heard what great benefits it has especially for weight loss. I bought these pills because I thought it would be more convenient than brewing a cup of tea twice a day. I especially love how it is decaffeinated! These pills are also vegetarian which is a plus and they also contain Vitamin C. I really do think these pills help with raising your metabolism and help with weight loss. I have experienced no negative side effects while taking. So far I am happy with this purchase and I will continue to take.
5.0 - and the energy it provides has been great throughout my day at work and the gym
I needed a supplement for my weight loss journey. and the energy it provides has been great throughout my day at work and the gym.
5.0 - Energy and Hope
I started taking two pills pre workout in the morning. This made me thirsty and run to the bathroom a lot...leaving me dehydrated and exhausted. So I started taking as directed twice a day one pre workout then 4 hours with meals very important. Results... I now have lots of energy to workout in the morning and then again in the evening (being close to my weight goal requires this effort). No more excessive bathroom runs lol. I have to lose 20 pounds and I know this will help along with boosting my immunity. Will update on weight loss in the weeks ahead. Wish me luck!
5.0 - I feel that my energy levels are better while using this
shipping was prompt and supplement seems to work well for me. I feel that my energy levels are better while using this, though I have not noticed any weight loss (but not any gain either -I only take 1 a day, not 2 and also walk several miles every day). I haven't had a cholesterol check recently, so I can't speak to that, but will be interested to see if my results will be lower than last year.
5.0 - I don't know what the hoopla is about this product ...UPDATED REVIEW
I don't know what the hoopla is about this product. I've not experienced anything to help with energy or weight loss. Perhaps it is working internally as an antioxidant but other than that, no increase in energy.
5.0 - Wonderful product with many great health benefits!
Great product! When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, the Green Tea Extract can serve as an awesome weight loss supplement. I’ve been taking this product for less than a week nwo and already started to see some improvements. The extract is high in Vitamin C and offers a natural boost of energy, so this can be used as a healthy substitute for a cup of coffee in the morning. Overall, extremely happy with Zenwise and would definitely consider looking at their other products.
5.0 - I have noticed a slight increase in my energy throughout the day (with no "jitters" like you get from caffeinated supplements)
Since I started taking this supplement a few weeks ago, I have noticed a slight increase in my energy throughout the day (with no "jitters" like you get from caffeinated supplements). I have also noticed a slight weight loss, and a very slight decrease in belly fat around my waist. I look forward to seeing more positive results with continued use of the supplement.
5.0 - Very helpful for me in maintaining weight loss.
This has been very helpful for maintaining weight loss. I have tried many different diets trying to lose weight after pregnancy. My body is very stubborn about letting go of added weight. My doctor recommended a particular diet that has actually worked for me, but after losing weight I have great difficulty in maintaining the weight loss, regardless of faultless dieting. I began using this product and it has been a tremendous help in maintaining my weight. I know supplements can affect people differently, but this one works very well for me.
5.0 - This product has been a great help as part of my weight loss regimen - ...
This product has been a great help as part of my weight loss regimen - helping me to keep moving in the right direction.
5.0 - Pleasantly surprised!
I'm not a huge believer in supplements but I don't like the way my blood pressure medication makes me feel so I decided to give this a try. I started using it about 4 months ago in combination with a garlic supplement and when I saw my doctor yesterday my BP was down 20 points! I haven't done anything else (i.e. weight loss, exercise, changes in BP meds) to account for the drop so I think the stuff is actually working for me. FYI, I take double the dose recommended on the label.
5.0 - I like this product because I don't get heartburn like I ...
I like this product because I don't get heartburn like I do when I actually drink green tea. Also, I think it helps with my weight loss.
5.0 - Awesome Results!
I've used green tea before with limited results. I just added this product to my diet regiment and it was just what I needed to jump start my weight loss. I've already lost an extra 3 lbs and I've only been using this for 2 weeks!! Awesome results!
5.0 - Nice product and good company
I started taking this supplement for its energy boost and weight loss benefits everyone else's reviews keep describing. I'm nearly finished with my first bottle and I can tell that I don't exactly see the pound falling off, but I do have more energy which is helping me stay motivated to do my evening workouts after working all day. I also love that it is caffeine free! Nice product and good company to do business with.
5.0 - Energy without jitters
I bought this product fir its far buringing benefits. I have been taking it in the morning and notice a lot more energy. I started a ketogenic diet and this helped boost my energy levels. I have also lost 5 pounds so far. It does not make ne feel jittery. I will continue to use this even after my weight loss goals are achieved to maintain my weight and my energy.
5.0 - works well for weight loss
I have a health condition that made me take some medicines that was not kind to my body. I started adding weight fast n easily n it became so difficult to loose its. This product since I started it is now the only thing that is actually working on making me loose weight n keep it down. I take two pills a day in the middle of my breakfast n lunch meals. Been doing that for months. When ever I stop the weight jumps up again. It works like magic to me.
5.0 - Exceptional Product
Great product for weight loss! I use this daily with raspberry tetones and can definitely see the results.
4.0 - Good weight loss combo
Works good alone but better with vimulti for me.
5.0 - Great product!
This is a fantastic product. I take it everyday and it helps me along with dieting and my weight loss.
5.0 - Great product
Over the years I've tried quite a few weight loss products. Several have worked ok but drawbacks have included jitters and aftertastes. They physically remind me I've taken them. I tend towards high blood pressure as I get older and am not willing to use some of the ingredients I did when younger but reluctant to spend much money trying new things that might end up unused.
5.0 - Great!
Great for weight loss!
4.0 - Overall it's a good product and I will continue using it
It's officially been a month since I've started using this product and I've lost about 4 pounds. I started college not too long ago and the freshman fifteen snuck up behind me out of nowhere so after a lot of research I decided to try this. I didn't change my diet/exercise in any way to make sure the product worked without any other factors involved so for me to lose any amount was very impressive. It definitely helped curb my appetite most days so I didn't snack as much, but there were a few times where it didn't do anything for my hunger. People also claimed that they felt more energetic while using this product but I didn't experience any of that whatsoever. Overall it's a good product and I will continue using it. This is definitely a good help if you want a little jumpstart in weight loss.
4.0 - So far I like this product
So far I like this product. I can't comment on any weight loss or changes on health yet as I have not been taking it long enough, but I plan to continue taking it. I do feel a little energized after I take it and definitely no jittery feelings.
4.0 - It doesn't give a headache or give me temporary energy then later on make me feel tired so I am happy with this
It gave me energy to run longer but I don't see any weight loss for me but I only took it for a week I will update this review later on. It doesn't give a headache or give me temporary energy then later on make me feel tired so I am happy with this. But it isn't as effective as per say a energy drink but I hate the side effects of those so this does well.
5.0 - Effective way to get the benefits of Green Tea
While I'm unsure whether or not it helps aid in weight loss I've changed my lifestyle prior to taking this supplement and have been on a weight loss journey so it may or may not be helping.
4.0 - I have a better focus when I take this product
I have more energy. I feel the slight weight loss but not around the stomach area. I have a better focus when I take this product. One capsule a day works better for me.
5.0 - Great supplement
Starting supplementing this with a few other nutrients to help with weight loss. Seems to be working great! Been cutting down while keeping the muscle!
4.0 - I like the result that comes without the nervous affects or ...
after some research I found the combination of Green Tea Extract Supplement - Decaffeinated, Triphala, .and Caralluma Fimbriata,.. helps to manage weight loss from diet and exercise. I like the result that comes without the nervous affects or jittery feel of most "diet pills"
4.0 - Lost 12 pounds and dropped my blood sugar 20-30 points
Lost 12 pounds over a 4 month period. I have continued to take this, but without further weight loss. It did not affect my blood pressure or heart rate. I am a type II diabetic and my fasting blood sugar has also dropped 20-30 points. I'm not sure if this is a direct effect of the green tea extract or just due to the 12 pound weight loss, or possibly even the combination of the two.
4.0 - I buy that brand and just enjoy drinking it because I like it
I bought this solely for it's benefits in weight loss. I have lost about five pounds over the past month but honestly can't say for sure if it's directly related to this or making more of an effort to cut down on the sugar in my diet. I can say that after doing much research, when considering the amount of tea I would need to drink every day to get the same benefit as this supplement - the supplement wins. Since I know which green teas have the most benefit, I buy that brand and just enjoy drinking it because I like it.
4.0 - Great natural energy booster!
I have received this product for free in return for my review of the product. I found that thus far my energy level has improved but have not seen any weight loss effects yet. I have taken the product for ten days and will continue to use it to enhance my energy levels naturally. I have felt no side effects and recommend this product.
5.0 - OK stuff
I notice when I take this I don't get hungry has quickly. No side effects, have been taking for a couple of weeks. No weight loss, really nothing. Not sure why I am taking it lol
5.0 - Green Tea PLUS!
I love that this includes Vitamin C! Great product for metabolism, overall wellness, and a great addition to a weight loss regimen.
5.0 - Useing for weight loss
I bought this to help with weight loss. I haven't lost any weight but I haven't gained any either. I will continue taking this and try harder on diet and exercise. Not sure if this product helped but my cholesterol levels were a little better than 6 months ago doing nothing different other than adding green tea extract.
5.0 - No coffee for me please
Helps my digestion and provides me more energy throughout the day. Now instead of drinking coffee, I take one in the morning and I feel energetic enough through the rest of the day. I feel less sleepy and do not rely on 2-3 cups of coffee per day just to get me going. I can't vouch for any weight loss but the fact it replaces coffee for me, I believe this product is worth it and saves me tons on buying coffee.
5.0 - Amazing
I started taking this and my stomach problems went away immediately. Not sure about weight loss but no more bloating or discomfort.
5.0 - Great Product, great for weight loss
Great Product, great for weight loss.
5.0 - I love these for help with energy and weight loss
I love these for help with energy and weight loss. I take one at two meals during my day with garçons Cambodia and It has definitely helped control portion size and get through my day. I hate tea so this is perfect! Make sure you eat after taking it or you may get a small stomach ache.
4.0 - I bought this for minor weight loss and improved immune ...
I bought this for minor weight loss and improved immune system but as with most supplements, I'm not sure how to know if it's doing anything; but I have zero complaints.
4.0 - Lil mama's
So far so good feeling these pills. Most part make me feel more happy and I haven't seen a difference in weight loss or appetite just yet only been three days.
4.0 - Didn't realize how effective it was until I stopped taking ...
Didn't realize how effective it was until I stopped taking it. The weight loss was so smooth and effortless that you don't realize its efficacy until you stop taking it.
5.0 - Green Tea Goodness
This 100% Natural, Made in the USA Advanced Green Tea Extract is a great match if you are looking for a supplement packed with powerful antioxidants to support weight loss, boost the immune system and aid in the protection against free radicals.
5.0 - Weight loss
This has been a great product and I have been losing weight and increased energy. Great product
5.0 - great!
This extract was great, i combined it with a good diet that helped me start my weight loss journey. No side affects were seen, and combines well with other supplements.

2. Green Tea Extract Supplement with EGCG for Healthy Weight Support- Metabolism, Energy and Healthy Heart Formula - Gentle Caffeine Source - Antioxidant & Free Radical Scavenger - 120 Veggie Capsules

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5.0 - ... 2 months and the results for weight loss are amazing! I have lost 13 pounds in the past ...
I have been taking this product for 2 months and the results for weight loss are amazing! I have lost 13 pounds in the past 2 months. My energy level has increased and IBS symptoms have decreased.
5.0 - Great product.
I'm sold, one of the best metabolism supplements I've taken! It's helped so much with my weight loss,I've not had to do nearly as much rigorous activity as I was. I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family.
4.0 - More energy and less fatigued
It seems to help with energy. I've only been taking it for two weeks, and it could be a placebo effect, but I feel less fatigue than before. I have not yet taken it long enough to comment on the weight loss properties.
4.0 - No results- good service
So far I've taken this for a couple weeks... I have not had any favorable results of weight loss or energy. The stars is for customer service. They refunded me my money because these didn't work for me.
5.0 - Great Supplement for Busy Professionals!!
Great product. It gives me the energy that I need for my busy schedule and has been a nice addition to my weight loss plan. Also, 120 tablets is a great deal for the price!
5.0 - Good stuff!
Good stuff. Started using to assist with weight loss and so far I've been losing successfully with an ok diet and exercise. Doesn't leave me with a jittery feeling. Would definitely recommend to others.
4.0 - Havent used long but will update after 30 days
I've only had it about 2 weeks. I did feel more energy but havent checked for weight loss as of yet
5.0 - Works great.
I feel this product making a diffreance in my weight loss plan. Overall I'm pretty happy with this product.
5.0 - Works wonders!!
This one works wonders!! I call it my miracle pill :) Antioxidant, detoxifying, energy booster and weight loss (I'm a new Mom so that's awesome!!) I'll come back and update my review after finishing my bottle, but so far soooooo goooood!!!
4.0 - Two Stars
Exercise daily and don't really see any weight loss. I do see an increase in energy
5.0 - Zhou green tea extract is an excellent supplement for nutrition and weight loss
Zhou green tea extract is an excellent supplement for nutrition and weight loss. It also helps to keep my blood sugar in check. It offers many benefits to anyone who is on a diet plan and needs a
5.0 - Great product, delivers on what the promise here is- ...
Great product, delivers on what the promise here is- energy, increased metabolism and overall better feeling in the body. This will help enhance your weight loss journey. If you are looking for a GT extract you should buy!
5.0 - It does nothing whatsoever for energy but I can definitely ...
It does nothing whatsoever for energy but I can definitely tell a difference in my metabolism and weight loss.
5.0 - So with that in mind you're getting a pretty good quantity for the price
These green tea supplement pills are an added boost to my weight loss goals. I've been taking them as instructed, you can either take one or two pills a day but no more. So with that in mind you're getting a pretty good quantity for the price. These are somewhat large but easy to take down and no after taste, which is a plus! Since taking them I have noticing a slight difference in my appetite and a boost of energy which is refreshing.
5.0 - ... have taken that gives the least jittery feeling but best outcome. I love this product have been taking ...
this is the first all natural green tea extract I have taken that gives the least jittery feeling but best outcome. I love this product have been taking it now for at least 4 weeks. Because I have a busy schedule I take the recommended daily dose 2 tabs at once in the morning and have not had any negative side effects from that stand point. I will definitely continue this product over others I have tried in the past and has already started see some weight loss effect. thanks
5.0 - Works for me!
Since taking the green tea supplement I'm able to stay awake through the morning and it has been keeping me going all the way to lunch. I've also noticed a steady amount of weight loss since combining it with a new diet, I feel like it's definitely making a difference!
4.0 - Works great and keeps me active
The tiny bit of caffeine helps give me a small kick in the AM. Did notice slight weight loss during my initial using of it although no difference after taking it on a daily basis.
5.0 - It helps!
I have issues with my metabolism and was looking for something to help kick start it! This definitely does the trick for me! I know it is advertised as a weight loss supplement but I was only able to achieve that when I took the pills alongside a disciplined diet!
5.0 - So far so good! i dont feel "wired" but i have energy
i have 2 small kids and i work part time. Im tired! i bought this because i discovered green tea extract through another weight loss supplement that i cannot afford monthly. I found this one and have been taking it for a few weeks now. So far so good! i dont feel "wired" but i have energy! it doesnt upset my stomach or mess with my anxiety either. its a nice alternative to coffee or actually having to make green tea. I recommend!
5.0 - but honestly the energy boost is so good that I'd take these even if they don't help ...
I'm not sure how this works for weight loss, but honestly the energy boost is so good that I'd take these even if they don't help me lose weight at all. I've never been a morning person, but taking this with breakfast is a great kick start to the day.
5.0 - IT WORKS!!!
Definitely helping me on my weight loss journey. Keeps my metabolism up without making me feel jittery or giving me a headache.
5.0 - Great Stuff!
I don't have a miracle story of weight loss. I'm writing more about the antioxidant properties of this supplement.
5.0 - Green Tea Extract
Package comes as stated. I feel better taking this supplement. Gives a bit of boost of energy and helps keep me cleansed. I cant speak too much whether this makes a big difference in my weight loss yet as I just barely started taking these pills. However, i do feel better and I did lose a bit of weight when I was combining this with other supplememts. I'm combining it with Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Fish Oil Pills, (On occassion I also take Cayenne Pepper pills, apple cider pills & aloe vera pills) While it hasn't made a huge difference in weight loss yet. (Because i just started taking them) I do feel a lot more energetic now and with the supplements I feel more cleansed. Just a bit hard to tell if its from the combination of all the supplements or a particular. Either way, combining these with other supplements helps me feel better.
5.0 - Many, Many Benefits
I started taking Zhou Nutrition's Green Tea Extract Capsules for weight loss to go along with my diet program. I had done a lot of research and had read that green tea extract would jump start my metabolism so I started taking it in the morning to do just that but soon found out there were many more benefits. At first, I was worried about the side effects of being jittery [since I do not drink any caffeine] and the bad taste after taking the pills. Those worries are no longer a concern...the capsules give a little increase in energy which is welcome in the morning and no bad taste after taking them. The other thing that is great about the Green Tea Extract capsules is that I am not hungry all morning. No hunger pangs, no "I'm gonna die if I don't eat" feelings, etc. I just feel fine all morning til lunchtime. It's wonderful not to have those feelings all morning. Lastly, weight loss is not the only reason to take Green Tea Extract, it is also an antioxidant, it boosts your immune system, lowers cholesterol, and does many more great things for your body. I will continue to take it after I finish my weight loss journey!!
5.0 - Its Concentrated Green Tea!
First off, it should be stated that this is by no means a super pill and it's unrealistic to expect weight to magically fall off. Yet at the same time I still seem to be looking for those types of products anyway. Honestly, regardless I will say that there are a few qualities that I have enjoyed and the results from this product have been positive. I actually bought this on a lightning sale from Amazon a few months ago and I have been buying ever since. At first the bottle is relatively small compared to some that I have tried in the past but the quantity and quality of the pills as a dieting product is amazing. The pills are powdered green tea extract so they shouldn't be taken alone as it can be chocking hazard and it should also be noted that taking more than the instructions recommend can lead to headaches and other symptoms, however, when paired with a healthy fruit snack and shake. It's perfect. For the first day I didn't notice any immediate results but with any diet, consistency is key. After the first few days I began to feel more energetic which seemed to be long lasting and kept me up through out the day with no negative side effects. Most times I would get nervous jitters or unusual shakes but this pill was nothing like that. My cravings for heavy foods subsided and after a while I made a habit to drink more water which also made me feel fuller longer and that seemed to boost my weight loss even more.
5.0 - Really works!!!
I have had a hard time loosing weight. When I was younger it was pretty easy. As I have gotten older, I really struggle. Since taking Green tea, it seems to have really increased my weight loss. I'm losing at least 2lbs a week. It has made me very happy and much more motivated. Please give these are try if your stuck in a weight loss rut. I highly recommend!!!
5.0 - Weight loss has followed easily. Great product
Does what it says. I've wondered often before I got used to the results why I kept finding myself with so much extra energy. Weight loss has followed easily. Great product.
5.0 - Green Tea Supplement Works!
I have been taking these for a couple of weeks now. I like the way I feel. They give me energy and have helped with my metabolism. I haven't seen much results in weight loss. But that's mostly because I really haven't been changing my diet and I need to exercise more.
5.0 - Pleasantly Surprised
I was very skeptical because I've tried a few different products that claim to boost metabolism to help you lose weight, but I have been pleasantly surprised by this Green Tea formula. While I have also been watching my diet and exercising, I was doing that with the other products too, but this is the only where I have seen visible loss of "love handles" and I have lost weight. I am an "over 40" woman, so it is harder to lose weight than it used to be and I truly believe this is helping me. It is not a "quick fix", but I have found for my body type it is helping with weight loss.
I am simply enjoying them and shading off my weight without any worries. I will surely recommend them to my family and friends...
5.0 - Great supplement
I love this product. I take it in the morning when I get to work to give me extra energy and as an effort to stay away from soda! I work 13+ hours a day, and this has worked like a charm! Excited to see some weight loss as well! Will be buying this again!
5.0 - You're Gonna Need a Bigger Bottle...
Including this in my program of eating a bit more sensibly and exercising I think it has added a bit of momemtum to my weight loss. I like the fact that it has just a bit of natural caffiene (I think about the same as 1/5 cup of coffee) but doesn't keep me "wired" or upset my stomach. Problem is that my wife started taking it too and now I have to buy twice as much! :)
5.0 - Increased metabolism
I bought this one last month to experiment if it does really help with loosing weight. I usually take once everyday. Since drinking the pill with working out 3 times a week at least; I've lost 10lbs. Its not necessarily a weight loss pill but it does help with increasing metabolism.
4.0 - Weight loss
The product works very well helped me to loose weight fast
5.0 - Green tea has helped me loose weight.
I am taking green tea extract as part of a weight loss attempt along with probiotics and portion control. Have lost 10 lbs in 10 days. My digestive system is less irritable and I feel energized.
5.0 - Good for being healthy!
Great energy, great as a weight loss supplement!!
4.0 - Don't know if it helps with weight loss, but ...
Don't know if it helps with weight loss, but we take it every day and lose weight if we don't pile on the groceries.
5.0 - Really works
It doesn’t give me energy but it really helps with weight loss I probably don’t get energy from it but that’s because I live on caffeine
5.0 - I love the energy it gives and the weight loss
I love the energy it gives and the weight loss. I use to be tired in the morning now I have energy all day.
5.0 - My daughter used to get a jump start on a ...
My daughter used to get a jump start on a weight loss program and it worked very well. Gave her energy and helped curb appetite.
5.0 - I starting taking this because I did research on EGCG ...
I starting taking this because I did research on EGCG and how it was shown to help with weight loss. It's been helping me out.
5.0 - Goes down easy. I can't tell a difference if it's helped ...
Goes down easy. I can't tell a difference if it's helped with my weight loss journey or not yet, though.
5.0 - But I highly recommend it.
I've tried other green tea supplements to help with weight loss which didn't work but this one actually does help. It helped me drop six pounds. And I say help because there's no magic bullet. You have to do the other things that also help. But I highly recommend it.
4.0 - Fewer cravings
Eating less and fewer cravings. I have only used for a couple of weeks and feel with long term use will definitely see the weight loss I’m after. Also no jitters!
5.0 - Daily routine
Great product helps boost energy level along with weight loss.
4.0 - Finally lose weight
Just began taking the green tea a few weeks ago. I have been struggling with a low thyroid for almost a year. It has been impossible to lose any weight. I have already lost 4 lbs & am happy. Hopefully 😃, this weight loss will continue.
5.0 - Love these! They work
I just had a baby and needed an energy and metabolism boost. I wanted to stay away from actual weight loss and pills and felt as though this was a safe route. Love these! They work! Ill continue to purchase!
5.0 - Great daily supplement
GTE has become a daily routine for me. Great even keel energy, not like a coffee boost and crash. Has even helped me lose a few lbs. NOT a miracle weight loss pull, but rather a good way to mildly reduce appetite and provide a steady focus thru the day. I take one pill with breakfast and one with lunch - with no GI issues whatsoever.
5.0 - I've absolutely noticed a difference using this! I take ...
I've absolutely noticed a difference using this! I take 2 capsules a day (one before breakfast and one mid afternoon). I have been too busy to go to the gym the past few weeks, but I've noticed weight loss! Definite increase in energy and decrease in food cravings! About to buy my second bottle!
5.0 - good for weight loss
Helps give me energy in the morning! Also, good for weight loss!
4.0 - Good, but not the most effective I've ever used.
This product is definitely an effective weight loss tool. I take two a day, rather than one, but I'd recommend starting with one and seeing how you tolerate it. Also, like any weight loss product, do not take this on an empty stomach, or with lots of caffeine in your system, or you'll throw up. I rated 4 stars just because I've had to take a double dose to see results.
5.0 - Good product, not a fast fix
It came in a timely manner. The pills are a little big so if you have a hard time swallowing pills, this may not be for you. I feel my energy increasing and I have lost weight from it. I added it into a routine with exercise and dieting and it only increased my weight loss.
5.0 - Best purchase for weight loss and appetite control
Lots of energy...cuts my appetite for snacking now between meals.
5.0 - I really like these so far
I really like these so far! I have been taking them for about a month and they have helped with my weight loss. They are also great if you have irregular bowel movements. Will buy again!
5.0 - More energy!
Great product! No jitters. Helpful with weight loss.
4.0 - ... it's worked so far for weight loss but I like it overall
I'm not sure how it's worked so far for weight loss but I like it overall. I don't feel jittery at all and I'm a person who is really sensitive to caffeine. It definitely suppressed my appetite. I have only taken 1 every other day and when I have my appetite is almost non-existent, like I need to remind myself to eat.
5.0 - Hot flash relief
I just ordered my second bottle. I didn't notice any energy or weight loss as I went through the first bottle, but what I did experience was that the hot flashes and night sweats I had been plagued with greatly diminished. I didn't take my green tea extract on vacation and had been lax when I returned about taking it and sure enough my hot flashes returned. I am now back to being diligent, taking a capsule every day. I don't know why it works, but it does.
Excellent for energy and weight loss - gently took the puffiness out of my face and body after the 1st use.
5.0 - 20 lb weight loss in a month!
Super happy with this product! I have lost 20lbs in a month. I have not been so hungry taking it. No side effects.
5.0 - Trustworthy Product That Works
I was told to try green tea extract to get a bit of an energy bump and to help my metabolism wake up. I have to say I wasn't expecting much. I chose Zhou Nutrition's Green Tea Extract supplement because it is made in the USA and is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. Honestly, I won't be needing my money back. I actually did feel a bit more energy and, though I don't claim it's all from the green tea extract, I have continued on my weight loss journey successfully. It's a good product and I trust that it has been good for my body. Of course, your experience may not be the same, but I can only share what I have found to be true. And what's true is that I like the product and will buy it again with confidence.
5.0 - great overall product from what i can tell
Gives me that little extra boost i needed to get past my weight loss plateau, great overall product from what i can tell, but no mean a expert in the field of weight loss, management products.
5.0 - Effective green tea supplement!
This green tea supplement is the best I’ve used. It has curbed my hunger and is easy on my stomach. It’s not a weight loss cure all, but helps greatly when part of a healthy diet and regular exercise. I highly recommend this product!
5.0 - Great product!!
I love this product! It boosts my energy and metabolism. Would recommend to anyone who wants something to help with weight loss. Zhou also has great customer service.
5.0 - Increased energy, weight loss
I’ve been on Zhou Nutrition’s green tea supplement for 6wks. My energy has increased, and I’ve lost 5lbs. It’s great!
5.0 - Green Tea is a must have supplement
Green tea has numerous health advantages and is considered a must for weight loss. This is a great green tea supplement with EGCG - a powerful anti-oxidant. I have been taking this supplement for months and really like it. The price is reasonable and I believe it to be of very good quality.
5.0 - Great Energy
Fantastic Green Tea Extract Supplement for Weight Loss - Boost Metabolism & Promote a Healthy Heart - Natural Caffeine Source for Gentle Energy - Super Antioxidant & Free Radical Scavenger - 500mg, 120 Capsules.
5.0 - Great!
I really like this product. I feel like it gives me energy and deters me from focusing too much on food or being lethargic. I feel like I want to accomplish things and I have already seen some weight loss.
5.0 - Great for weight loss, and overall energy improvement.
I purchased this product, as a metabolism boost, to aid with weight loss. Using Green Tea extract, along with diet changes and working out has caused me to lose 30 pounds. Thank you.
5.0 - Its working for me
I am using along with some light exercise, I noted a better weight loss after about a week of taking these. Losing about 1-2 pounds a week more. No jittery side effects or insomnia, but I have not taken these after 6pm just in case. Caps easy to swallow with no taste. Will buy another bottle.
4.0 - I'm losing weight
I'm taking several supplements to aid in my weight loss and this is one along with apple cider vinegar. I'm watching my eating and so far at 9 weeks I've lost about 25 lbs and 5-1/2 inches off my waistline. Not sure which is helping most.
5.0 - Five Stars
Notice an energy boost. Only been using a few days so will update later on weight loss
5.0 - I like it because of the energy and metabolism boost without ...
This is my 4th time ordering this product. Take with some food and drink water.I like it because of the energy and metabolism boost without such high levels of caffeine that make me jittery. Green Tea caffeine is simply better than other sources. I think this product contributes to weight loss in that one good step propels another... this provides energy to exercise and jolts metabolism which in turn can lead to better food choices, etc.
5.0 - A must-have for fast and efficient weight loss and overall health (seriously)
I have had a lot of success with these supplements. Several of my friends and family members have ordered their own after seeing my results with weight loss. Through purely dieting (keeping at 1200 calories per day, no sugar) and taking these supplements, I have lost 53 lbs in three months. It's keep my metabolism high as I've restricted my calories, which prevented me from experiencing a plateau in my weight loss. Also, the caffeine has not caused any jitters. Since I'm very sensitive to caffeine, I'm thankful for that.
5.0 - Energy and Balance for weight loss!
These work very well and I would suggest getting this green tea product and taking it in conjunction with another diet supplement for maximum results... These do give you energy in a more natural realistic way... Not the extreme jittery kind!
4.0 - May help with weight loss if you're plateauing
I eat relatively clean, work out regularly, and have a slim build overall. My problem area is my stomach, and my weight fluctuates around 125-130 (at its worst). I can't say this has helped, but for the first time in years, I weighed in at 118 lbs and I can see a difference in appearance. If you're stuck in terms of your weight loss, this may be the boost you need.
4.0 - Natural Caffeine
I'm not sure how this functions for weight loss, but it is a great source of natural caffeine. I'm often in need of a boost in the afternoon, so that's when I started taking this supplement. It's just enough to make me feel a little better without keeping me up all night. I suspect that any weight loss is from water weight (as this is a diuretic), but it's hard to say. If you're considering a green tea supplement, I'd recommend this one because it's high quality and easy to swallow. I bought this bottle at a lower price in order to try it and share my honest opinion.
5.0 - I've been very happy with this product
I'm not really a supplement person but a friend takes green tea and she swears by it. Since I started taking this in the morning before working out I have felt more energetic and I have seen positive results in weight loss as well. Not to say this is a weight loss product but it has helped my workouts. I use this in place of coffee in the mornings before my workout.
5.0 - Pleased
Gives a small but noticeable boost in energy after about an hour and lasts for a good half the day. Also a tiny bit of weight loss and detox came along from taking this. 5/5
4.0 - Good supplement for overall energy.
I purchased this product to replace a more expensive product I was using. I was only taking this in the morning and taking the other product in the afternoon. I definitely feel more energized throughout my morning than in the afternoon/evening. I haven't really noticed the effects in regards to weight loss yet, but I haven't put it to the test yet. Plan on doing that soon. Either way, I would continue to use this product.
5.0 - Energy Boost
I’ve been struggling with decreased energy, however I purchased this product to aid with my sluggish metabolism. Yesterday I felt great! I couldn’t figure out why I had such an increased energy level. Today, same thing. Then I realized, duh, these pills were the culprit! Ignore the “naysayers” in regards to weight loss with this product. If you have more energy, you’re naturally going to feel like doing more. Even if this product doesn’t result in weight loss for me, I love not feeling so tired all the time!
4.0 - Lost weight gained hair
This product has helped with my energy. I have been taking it for 3 weeks now and have lost 5lbs. however it did make me grow a lot of body hair and breakout. Plus it made my heart rate unstable so i am limiting my use but for short term weight loss its good
5.0 - Good
I've been using this and grapefruits and honestly my hunger pangs have decreased and it helps me with some weight loss.
5.0 - Energy, weight loss, and curbs your appetite?! Amazing!!
I have to admit, it works a lot better than I thought! Although I haven’t really changed my diet too much, the green tea supplement helped me a lot. It curbed my huge appetite (you have no idea how much I love food) and gives me energy! I’m drinking less coffee now and less coffee means less crazy withdrawal headaches! I’m also losing weight since I’m not eating a lot. It’s a great product!
5.0 - Great Tea benefits for a Coffee Drinker
I bought this product because I have uterine fibroids and was advised that green tea could help shrink them and alleviate some of the symptoms associated with the condition. I'm a coffee drinker but I know about the antioxidant properties of green tea and the possibility that It could also aid in my condition so I had to figure out a way to get green tea in my daily diet. These pills did the trick! I've had them for a few weeks now and have been noticing that my facial skin has become more vibrant and glowy and also my pelvic pain during that time of the month is not as intense this month. I've also been using the bathroom more frequently which could be a result of the caffeine so I'm certain that i've lost some water weight as Green Tea also helps with weight loss. I'm very happy to be able to experience the benefits of this superfood via Zhou's supplement and plan to continue taking them for my health!
5.0 - Great product
Great product; Have definitely noticed weight loss and more energy since starting it a couple of months ago!
5.0 - ZHOU Nutrition Green Tea Extract
I love the Green Tea Extract Supplement for Weight Loss, it is something that I would continue to use on a daily basis. It makes feel great without the jitters and I use this twice daily as recommended on the directions. I am seeing some great results with this product and I would highly recommend this to anyone.
5.0 - Excellent product
I've been taking this green tea extract pill every morning before my workouts and I feel more energized and I feel like I have seen some extra weight loss since taking these.
4.0 - Works well
Seems like it works well. Gives me a bit of energy and speeds up my metabolism resulting in some weight loss.
5.0 - Hoping for continued results
Using to help boost weight loss from the holidays. Down 2.5lbs in 2 wks with no jittery effects (better eating and exercise too).
5.0 - Give it a try!
Doesn't make me feel weird and definitely gives energy. Not crashing in the afternoons like I used to. As far as weight loss I have been consistently losing weight, however, this largely has to do with pairing with healthy eating and exercise as well.
4.0 - I do like the energy I get from taking them
As someone else reported having sharp, stabbing chest pains, I too had the same thing happen. I wasn’t sure it was from these so I made sure to take them with food and have not had another episode. Now that I see the other review and my experience was so similar to theirs, it very well could have been. I do like the energy I get from taking them. I have not seen any weight loss.
5.0 - Five Stars
Using for weight loss and has been effective.
5.0 - Since I started taking Green Tea I have noticed a ...
Since I started taking Green Tea I have noticed a difference in my energy levels and my weight loss goals are closer in sight!
5.0 - Seemed to work. Will continue to buy.
There's no way to guarantee that this works for weight loss. However, I lost 50 lbs in 8 months while taking it. I can't say for sure that it works, but I will continue taking these.
4.0 - Helpful?
I am taking these while following a fairly regimented Atkins diet plan so I'm not sure if these are actually helping, but I am all for trying anything that can help boost the weight loss. I have had no negative side effects as reported by some others.
5.0 - Excellent energy source
Taking one in the morning and one in the afternoon is a great supplement to keep me going throughout the day. I take it more for the energy boost than for weight loss and it defiantly does the trick and without a sugar crash.
5.0 - Green Tea Extract For Optium Healthy Benefit's!!
I Absolutely Love The Green Tea Extract! i Have Noticed the Weight loss, Already! Highly Recommend The Zhou Green Tea Extract Product's!
4.0 - Didn't work for me but price was refunded - won't hurt to try!
Eh, not so helpful for weight loss for me. Your results may vary.
4.0 - Good So far...
I have been using this product for about 3 weeks now. I can't attest to the long term effects. I have not had any negative effects thus far. I typically take a tablet early in the morning with breakfast and around lunch time. I opted for this over other synthetic thermogenic products for fear of side effects. It has provided an occasional boost for me to help me get through 10 hour workdays. On my off days, when I can take it closer to my afternoon workout, I have noticed that it may have allowed me to have a little extra energy and sweat a little more. I am uncertain if this provides much weight loss effect as I have been losing a considerable amount of weight through exercise and better eating prior to using. Any additional help with fat or caloric burn would be a bonus. I do believe it can provide some assistance to those who could use a little caffeine and aren't interested in becoming a daily coffee drinker. I will continue to use as a green tea supplement and hope for more positive effects.
5.0 - Good stuff
I've been taking these for about a month or so now. Just 1 capsule a day. I had been exercising and eating clean for a month or two beforehand with no weight loss at all, as soon as I started taking the these was able to drop 5 pounds! I'm not contributing the weight loss solely to these pills, but combined with the right diet and exercise program it may help speed things up! Definitely nothing negative to say.

4. NOW Glucomannan Pure Powder, 8 Ounce

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5.0 - I brought both to experiment
I brought both the powder and the capsules. I made sure to read all the reviews and came across some that said it becomes a glop instantly, some that said it didn’t work, that Metamucil was better, it had a smell, etc. So I wanted to try an experiment with the powder, capsules and Metamucil. I mixed each one with it’s recommended dosage in 1 cup of water. What I found is that the powder did not instantly become a glop. It took 1 min and 45 sec to completely gel up. That’s more than enough time to drink it. Second, 3 pills equal out to 1/2 teaspoon in powder form. I read that some people find this dosage too much. 1 pill is 1725mg as opposed to 2000mg in 1/2 tsp in powder form. So I would have to agree 3 May be too much. It took 1 pill 4 minutes for the capsule to break apart and release the powder but took about 30 minutes for it to gel completely. Which is consistent with reviews stating to take it 30 - 45 minutes before a meal. Metamucil has a lot of added ingredients while both Glucomannan forms do not. Metamucil, even after 30 minutes did not gel up too much. It still had the consistency of water. And the powder did not mix very well with water. Every time I’ve taken it there was still some powder left at the bottom despite mixing it very well. I’ll update my review after a few weeks of taking Glucomannan to address the weight loss and appetite suppressant reviews. Hope this helps.
5.0 - Easy to use Glucomannan powder from NOW Foods
Easy to use Glucomannan powder from NOW Foods. This leaves no after taste and is great to maintain your cholesterol levels, as well as aiding in weight loss. I put mine is an 8 oz. glass of water with lemon and there is no aftertaste at all!
4.0 - Not a cure all but it definately helps!
I should say first that I did not receive any compensation/discount for my review (as it clearly is changing the value of reviews on amazon). I purchased the product on based on Dr. Mark Hyman's recommendations a doctor who tends to follow the science not just repeat the mantra. I chose the NOW brand as I feel like they have a reasonable price point while providing good products in my past experience. I would suggest disposable cups and spoons (as some others have said) as this stuff is very difficult to clean off both the glass and the spoon. As far as the actual product It does work well if you follow the directions. I usually only fill the cup up 1 or 2 good swallows worth of water then using the dry spoon dump the power in and stir vigorously for a few seconds followed by a quick swallow of the contents. Then I follow this up with the recommended minimum of 8 oz. of water. The reason I use this method is the one to two swallows worth are easier to get down as compared to filling the entire cup up and then mixing in the power and then trying to drink the entire 8 oz. of water before it start congealing and settling on the bottom, from a texture standpoint it can be a touch off putting when this happens although from a taste perspective it really has none. I have tried the capsule form of these and while I liked the convenience of them I think the powder form provided slightly better results. As to the borderline rush to the bathroom effect or the flatulence that others are talking about. I experienced none of that even while consuming more than the recommended amount (double the daily amount some days). I have no way of knowing for sure but I suspect if you are not the type of person who has much fiber in their diet regularly or have some gastric issues then it might be "a shock to the system" which I imagine would resolve itself over time but until then use sparingly. I should say I have a monstrous appetite and there were occasions where this wiped out my hunger by itself (although rarely) but it did really seem to slow gastric emptying which in turn keeps you full longer, which in turn leads to better food choices or just a simple reduction in food portions begetting the weight loss I suspect most people are seeking. The only negative I have to say is that you do have to think about it 30-45 minutes or so prior to eating. How I broke myself from forgetting (only remembering when I sat down to eat) was to take it, then wait out the half hour or so before eating. Needless to say the problem of "forgetting" was fixed in a hurry.
5.0 - Good Soluble Fiber Supplement
One of the best soluble fiber supplements, good pricing and this will fill you up and be a good appetite suppressant so helps with weight loss too.
5.0 - Five Stars
Put in my morning smoothies. I use it for weight loss.
5.0 - need to get skinny!
I am 30 pounds overweight and battling some hormonal issues preventing me from being consistent on anything - exercise, sleep - you name it. But with using this fiber supplement, I am curbing my appetite naturally which has resulted in initial weight loss - encouraging! I just have to stay consistent with taking this!
5.0 - Using this for weight loss
I am having great success with this product. I add it to my protein drink and am now satisfied for a longer time. I have a protein shake for breakfast and lunch & eat 3 snacks (max 100 calories each) every day Since I have been adding Glucomannan powder I have to remind myself to eat my snacks. I will reorder this product.
5.0 - Great for feeling fuller, weight loss
I used to use PGX, very expensive, so I looked on the ingredient list and Glucomannan was the main ingredient. I use 1/2 teaspoon dissolved in 12 ounces water and let it sit for 10 minutes and drink it before or in between meals. Whenever your hungry have a Glucomannan and water and it is so much easier not to cheat on your diet! Keep your calories low, exercise daily and you can loose weight with Glucomannan because you will fuller and be less likely to over eat.
5.0 - Great For Curbing Your Appetite
I'll preface this by saying I bought this solely for weight loss purposes. I have always been a compulsive over-eater and a binge eater. Losing weight is hard for me simply because the compulsion to eat is pretty strong even when I'm not hungry. This stuff really helps. I mixed it with 8 oz of water as per package instructions and it helped me feel less hungry before eating breakfast and helped me feel satisfied the whole day. I used to feed my son off of my plate (I good excuse to pile on extra) but now with a few bites of his baby lunch I am full. Being that I am an overeater that means I can eat a healthy amount for me and still get that binge feel.
5.0 - Keeps me feeling full
I ordered this because I read that it's a great natural dietary supplement that may also aid in weight loss by making you feel full longer. I've been doing pretty well losing weight on my own, but an extra added boost couldn't hurt, right? My biggest problem is that I feel hungry between meals, or I overeat when I'm hungry, so this stuff has been great in reducing my hunger and how much I eat during each meal.
5.0 - Does what it says!
I purchased this powder because I was told it would help me with weight loss by making me feel full preventing me from overeating. What I've noticed so far is that when you put it into cold water you kinda have to drink it fairly quick because it will turn into a gel by attracting to the water. This is perfectly normal and is exactly what its supposed to do.
4.0 - I use it in the morning
For those who are disappointed that you are not dropping pounds magically from this product I'm looking side-eyed at you. Did you seriously think it would? Glucomannan acts as a thickening agent and has been reported to lower blood sugar levels. Because it does create bulk as one of it's benefits and is thought to perhaps be an appetite suppressant because of the bulk. I personally don't find it to really have any noticeable effect on my appetite. That said I am ordering my second bottle. Why? The thickening agent properties are perfect for smoothies and my home made oatmeal in the morning. Both are made nutritiously and thickening them makes for a more satisfying and filling meal. I take 1/2 a cup of oats, 1/2 tsp Glucomman powder, cinnamon, cut up apple, strawberries and blueberries and a couple cups of water and microwave it. That half a cup of oatmeal ends up being about 2 cups of delicious breakfast. Same with kale smoothies. There is no magic pill or powder for weight loss but you can work with your hunger and try to satisfy it in a natural and healthy way and you will loose weight. I find this works for me.
5.0 - but I'm glad I bought it
I was skeptical at first because of the some of the reviews, but I'm glad I bought it.i used as directed,to really notice the effects you have to give it time to work. I've been using this product for a couple of weeks now and have lost a total of 22 lbs. as with any fibber product just introduced into your diet, your going to have some side affects, give the product time. It definitely aids in weight loss.
this stuff works. I don't know if you want to use it for weight loss or for thickening shiz up . But it will work for both. Creates amazingly thick beverages with just a little powder and it always makes me feel full!!
5.0 - This is great. It really helped me stick to a reasonable ...
This is great. It really helped me stick to a reasonable daily calorie count and jump start my weight loss. I definitely still have to work hard at cutting back but this helped curb the cravings. Sugar cravings are the hardest for me, but much easier to tame with this. I’ve recommended it to friends already.
5.0 - TOP SUPPLEMENT for weight loss and Type II Diabetes Correction !!
I've been using this soluble fiber supplement for a little over three months now and through it, have been able to lower my A1c and lipids/cholesterol/ triglycerides. ( In the interest of complete disclosure I used other important supplements as well, feel free to check my reviews ). The particular benefit of Glucomannan is it's ability to absorb FIFTY TIMES IT'S WEIGHT in water. This is important because it helps you feel full longer ( for me, I get about 5 hrs of 'not-hungry' out of it) , reduces serum cholesterol and A1C, also promotes wonderful bowel health. It's totally tasteless and isn't gritty. I put the suggested dose, 1/2 teaspoon, in my low-fat smoothie every morning; it helps me feel comfortably full with no crash-and-burn crazy hunger afterwards. I am in the process of correcting/curing my own Type II Diabetes using Glucomannan as one of my most important tools. I've lost 19 pounds using it over a 90 day period. There are a ton of articles and medical abstracts about this special Konjac root fiber, just search it's name. When I have to go somewhere there's going to be food I know I'll struggle with, I have a smoothie with my dear Glucomannan in it ( hey, anything that helps me feel full, I'm gonna love it, it's dear alright~) and I'm safe, happy and not feeling at all deprived. It is helping me save my own life and if that seems an overstatement to you, read up on what unchecked Type II Diabetes causes. In 90 days I've lowered my A1C by 3 points and am now only borderline diabetic as opposed to full-on-diabetic. I also reduced my lipids almost BY HALF and I did it all without ANY drugs or scrips !! I go back again for more labs in April and fully expect to be diabetes-free in my re-testing. My Dr is knocked out~ :) I owe a significant share of my success to Glucomannan. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT !! Feel free to ask any questions you have, I'm happy to answer.
4.0 - It does not dissolve
I like the product because it keeps me full all day; which helps me in my weightloss goal. The only problem is that it does not really dissolve. You can mix it in the drink really slowly but you will feel the grityness. The best way to drink it is by making small patches and chugging it down. If you make it as insdtructed, you dont mix it well, and you wait too long it will become like a thick jello (it was nasty like that). If your goal is weight loss and you are willing to try something new and healthier this product is worth it. I have tried a lot of diets with bad result, side affects, and taste but this is not that bad. It is tolerable and it does what it is supose to do. I have done nothing different in my life but take this and I have lost 4 pounds already. To me it is worth it, I guess it depends on your taste and tolerence level.
5.0 - On plan
I purchased this to use on the THM weight loss plan. So many uses, it works very well as a thickener in most recipes and does great for thickening gravy. The bonus is it helps to create a " full" feeling after eating.
5.0 - I liked this product a lot
I liked this product a lot, I lost 4 pounds in one day, and continued to loose pound each day, so far I lost 7 pounds in 4 days. I tried other weight loss products in the past, and didn't have much suscess. This one works !
5.0 - Inexpensive weight loss product!
Great product for suppressing appetite and lowering cholesterol! It also helps to move fat out of your system. I like to take it about a half hour before a meal with a large glass of water. It expands and helps to fill your stomach so you don't want to eat as much. Make sure you drink it with plenty of water!
5.0 - Very good quality product.
Great for thickening up your liquids. or if you want it for weight loss, you could drink it quickly and then it will expand in your stomach to fill you up faster. Ive never had side effects from this.
5.0 - This really works! Stomach issues are gone and losing some weight
Using for weight loss
5.0 - Great product for weight loss
Great product for weight loss. Keeps you full so you eat less. It's all fiber so no calories, no (net) carbs.
5.0 - Works great but you must be focused!
Excellent product to fill your stomach so you don't eat as much. You have to be careful to remember why you are using it. I lost focus and realized that I was starting to eat as much as before and it worked against me as my stomach had expanded to go with my regular food intake AND this product. Had to step back and start over constantly thinking though how much less I was going to eat each meal. Less calories - weight loss!
4.0 - Mixes well with cold water or juice and is palatable.
I believe it help with weight loss and keeping my A1C down.
5.0 - worked wonders and also the flavor of the sauce was so good. I plan on continuing to use this and ...
Just started using this as a weight loss tool along with eating high protein/low carb diet. I'm starting off with 1/2 tsp in water along with 8oz glass of water straight after. So far it works well as I've noticed it does make me feel full sooner. I used it to thicken up the sauce on my lemon chicken last night...worked wonders and also the flavor of the sauce was so good. I plan on continuing to use this and experimenting with it. I've not had bloating or gas from it so far. Great product!
4.0 - It works - no side effects - clinically proven!
This is the first product I've used that actually has a noticeable effect on my appetite. I looked up clinical trials on and there is actual proof that it does help with weight loss and lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. I have bad genes that put my triglycerides at 911. I take meds for both. I will report back after I have my next physical on how it affected my numbers. I did not experience any unusual gastric issues. It truly is tasteless! I am a texture-phobic person and this doesn't bother me. 8oz contains approximately 114 doses. If I can go off one or both of my prescriptions, this will actually save me money.
5.0 - Easy to drink
Bought this to be part of an attempted weight loss routine. I do think it does work to make you feel more full. It can turn into a thicker gel if you let it settle to the bottom or have small little globs, HOWEVER......this product should not choke you! If used as directed it doesn't even get as thick as a normal smoothy!!!! Easy to drink! I had no problem using it at all!
5.0 - The fiber to use
This is the fiber to use. I take 1/4 of a teaspoon twice a day usually an hour or so before A meal. It works great. A little does go along way. I am taking it for regularity, not for weight loss. The main benefit I have experienced is digestive benefits and I have not lost any weight.

6. NatureWise 5-HTP Max Potency 200mg | Mood Support, Natural Sleep Aid & Helps Curb Appetite | Delayed Release Capsules Easier on The Stomach | Enhanced with Vitamin B6 | Non-GMO, Vegetarian, 60 Count

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5.0 - More sleep, no pain and weight loss!
Need to gain sleep and lose weight - look no further! I have been challenged with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and adrenal fatigue for more years that I can count. In all cases, the professionals say to get the proper sleep and rest. So they gave me all sorts of pharma meds - that only made my issues worsen. As a result, long ago I switched over to natural products and 5HTP was one of them that did help. HOWEVER, I just found NATUREWISE 5-HTP Plus - and the PLUS makes a BIG difference! First, because of the time release, my sleep is steady ALL THROUGH the night for the first time in two decades! Secondly, the VITA B6 is found in no other product but is necessary to sooth an gastro fluctuations from the high dosage of 5-HTP. Third, it just flat makes me feel great because it settles down stress. Forth, this also means that I am losing weight as my stress hormones, that put on weight are relieved from that burden. Fifth, it is at a great price point for the ingredients and MG - I haven't found anywhere else. sixth, the Fibromyalgia pain has lessened due to the serotonin.Finally, the ingredients are of the highest integrity. I will update this in the future should I discover any further benefits - but for now, I couldn't be more pleased with this product. Also, the company's customer service is top-notch and they take all the time you need to be satisfied or to answer any questions.I spoke to Cynthia, but they all are superior just like she is.
5.0 - Five Stars
Great product!!! Really suppresses my appetite, better than any weight loss pills. Highly recommend!!!
I have been trying everything I find to get my depression anxiety stress and adult add under control but primarily my stress. I was very skeptical about this product because again it was another product promising to do what the other tried/failed products promised. I stopped taking adderal cold turkey to start taking the the 5-htp, so that I could see if it was really working. After about two weeks I caught myself actually feeling happy. Feeling sort of relaxed, enjoying my daily duties and routine. Not edgie at all; i was feeling content and smiling. So I definitely believe 5-htp work. I didn't really notice weight loss. Maybe a bit of less eating but I also take wellbutrin 300 XR. I will continue to use as long as I notice it helping lessen my stress and anxiety.I love the shipping time and cost; arrives super fast and.what else can I ask for. Free third bottle is an amazing incentive. There's really nothing I dislike or didn't like about the product.
5.0 - Steady weight loss
This product helps me to get to sleep and stay asleep. I am happy that it also helped with weight loss.
5.0 - Great for weight loss
Love this product! I take at night . Helps with sleep and I lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks! I also take nature wise CLA 1300 ..
5.0 - which is nice for weight loss
I have been taking these for several months and my moods have completely mellowed out. I am prone to depression and I have not felt that way at all. I also noticed my appetite is decreased and i am not craving sugary foods as much. I was craving sugary foods every single day, know only about once a month, which is nice for weight loss. I will continue to take this because of how it makes me feel, which is better.
5.0 - serotonin help
working on weight loss for health - also good for my moods and sleep, i've been taking it for 3 months now and feel it is helping me sleep better and feel less anxiety which in turn has helped curb my comfort food issues
4.0 - better than thanksgiving turkey
A friend recommended this supplement for my chronic sleeplessness. I have been taking it most nights now for about a month, and do notice I am sleeping better and through the night now. I have even remembered some dreams, which is highly unusual for me. Don't feel drugged, as I do on over the counter sleep aids.I much prefer an amino acid like this rather than drugs anyway. Haven't noticed any results in the weight loss aspect the bottle touts, but better sleep will result in that naturally. The customer service was very kind and helpful, and delivery was quick too.
5.0 - It works!
It works! So much better than prescription. Mood, sleep, weight loss, all so much better!
5.0 - Good products
So far - just started using them recently- the Naturewise line of weight loss products are helping to control my appetite and assist me with weight loss. No side effects are noticeable. The company also contacted me directly and were quite helpful and informative about their products. Seems like a good line of products so far.
5.0 - It does work.
I had heard that 5-HTP was recommended for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which I recently discovered was a thing. I've always gotten the "winter blues" but this last year was particularly bad for it. This did seem to help perk me up though. It's not an automatic thing. I didn't wake up after the first dose and go, "WELL WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY I'M GOING TO BE SUPER PRODUCTIVE AND NOT BE MOPEY OR DISCOURAGED IN THE SLIGHTEST." But after I'd say 5 days or so I started noticing that I actually felt better, and my desire to participate in fun things increased just enough that I could follow through with it. If I wasn't clear enough, I'll say it again: It's not a miracle supplement, but for those with decreased serotonin levels in the cold months, this will help you trudge your way through it. Now, I will admit that this had an added bonus side effect of slightly curbing my appetite, but due free doughnuts at the office, I did not see any weight loss.
5.0 - Calming effect
Overall this product seems to be having an overall calming effect on me. I want to try a weight loss program along with it, I think I'm ready to try eating healthier overall.
5.0 - Best Product I Have Tried
Great product for assisting with weight loss. Has increased my metabolism and helped with energy.
4.0 - Works!
I was quite skeptical about this before I tried it. To my surprise, I do notice a difference in both my Appetite and energy levels on days that I have and haven’t taken it. I forgot to take it a couple times and noticed a decrease in energy levels. I plan on continuing to take this to assist with my weight loss goals.
5.0 - excellent product! great for that Pause you need before ...
Luv the 200 mgs !... excellent product! great for that Pause you need before one opens ones mouth :) also great for Weight loss! stops the binge eating!
4.0 - Good for Weight Loss and Mood
Excellent product and great customer service from NatureWise
5.0 - Now weight loss/management that works, at an affordable price
The NatureWise 5-HTP is a wonderful product used in conjunction with CLA 1250 (also manufactured by NatureWise) works to suppress and help manage weight. I discovered 5-HTP through a recommendation from sister, who bought a bottle from her local weight loss center for $50. Also, her product wasn't organic, or gluten-free. I shopped around and no one had any 5-HTP that was organic. I wanted a chemical-free, organic, gluten-free product because I am very careful what I consume. I was so glad to finally locate what I searching for on Amazon at a wonderfully low price. Both my daughter and I use the product to suppress appetite, and manage weight.
5.0 - Improves mood and supports weight loss
I like this product very much so far. I think it works great for mood stability and my sleep has improved since taking it. I also like the appetite control part of this product and have even noticed improvement with not desiring to over-eat and feeling fuller.
5.0 - This product works great! 5-HTP PLUS help curve my appetite and keeps ...
This product works great! 5-HTP PLUS help curve my appetite and keeps me calm Always. Along with a daily exercise program and eating healthy has really helped with my weight loss!
4.0 - A great product for helping me fall asleep and stay asleep ...
A great product for helping me fall asleep and stay asleep with no side affects. I have not noticed any weight loss with these pills, but that was not my intention when i purchased them. I would recommend this product to people looking for a great natural sleep aid.
5.0 - This really works.
I started taking 5-HTP 8 days ago for mood and weight loss. I take it at night about an hour before bedtime. I sleep very deeply and have the most vivid dreams. I am a little groggy in the morning, but that goes away quickly. I am definitely feeling more upbeat and I am never hungry. I had one episode of EXTREME nausea which was due to not eating enough for dinner. I keep a log to see what I have eaten throughout the day and if I have eaten enough. I have lost 5 pounds in 8 days! I am also taking ACV in the morning (I have been taking ACV on an off for about a year). I will definitely buy 5-HTP Plus again.
5.0 - 5-HTP is a wonderful option for those who suffer from depression
5-HTP is a wonderful option for those who suffer from depression. I have used this product for several years, and am pleased to say there are no adverse effects from it. A bonus is it helps with weight loss as well. I will continue to use 5-HTP, and have recommended it to others who have also gotten great results.
5.0 - Excellent for mental health and weight loss
Helps with mood swings, anxiety, and if you have mild depression. Also curbs appetite.
5.0 - Love this 5-HTP Plus+!
I have never heard of this product before so It has been all new to me and I recieved this supplement for free to review. Wow, I am loving the benefits of taking this product. I have been taking it for awhile now and I have seen an improvement in my mood and helps me to keep my stress level down. I have seen the benefits of decreased appetite and energy which of course is so beneficial in my weight loss.
5.0 - Had to go off of Zoloft and this is even better
After having a horrible reaction to Zoloft (cystic acne everywhere!) while being on it for only one month, I had to find something quickly to help me while I was going off of it. I started on NatureWise 5-HTP Plus the very day I stopped my daily 50mg of Zoloft, and I am literally happy to say that I have been stable and have not had one symptom of depression, anxiety or panic attacks. I have been on the 5-HTP Plus (twice a day) for over two weeks and am upbeat, energized, sleeping well and feeling like my old self again. Since I am dealing with peri-menopause, I also (one week later) started taking a supplement "DrFormulas Menopause Supplements for Relief, Support and Weight Loss" in addition for hot flashes and night sweats, which also might be helping my mood, but the 5-HTP Plus, in my opinion, is the main reason I am doing so well mentally and emotionally. I will not be going back on any prescription mood stabilizer, and can't recommend this supplement enough. Be certain to follow directions and take it with food.
5.0 - The best start to your weight loss goals.
NatureWise 5-HTP is a great weight loss supplement that also works as a weight management option so you get the best of both worlds.
5.0 - Enjoyed this product!
I enjoyed a better night's sleep for sure but need a second bottle to confirm the weight loss from appetite control.

7. NOW Green Tea Extract 400 mg, 250 Veg Capsules

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5.0 - This stuff really works!
I bought this because I ran out of the Green Tea Extract I bought at the Vitamin Shop. I was encouraged by the positive reviews and expected similar results to what I had been taken. Boy was I surprised. This stuff blows me away. I don't know how and I don't know why but my weight loss has accelerated in only days after taking it. Maybe it boosts the metabolism on it's own or maybe it gives me more energy so I work out more and eat less. Not only that, it shipped free and arrived in one day. I can't remember which seller I bought it from but it was the one with the lowest price.
5.0 - Awesome addition to my weight loss program
This has been very helpful in my weight loss process and helps me curb my hunger. I usually have this early in the morning.
I am not a coffee drinker and while I love tea, green tea is not my favorite, but I wanted the caffeine and benefits of Green Tea. Been taking this for about 2 or 3 months.. more energy, weight loss.. it does help to give you a boost. Best to take this in the morning and no later than 3 PM.
5.0 - Helps with energy and stamina through the day. I ...
Helps with energy and stamina through the day. I take a cafeen pill w it in the morning for the extra kick without needing coffee. This can also help w weight loss.
5.0 - Actually lost 10 pounds in two weeks!
Im a guy and I have been dieting and taking these pills. The weight loss could be from my choice of eating healthy but I definitively believe these did help with the process. The seller is very nice and answers all your questions immediately! I hope I keep loosing more! :)
5.0 - Good sized dose. Easy to swallow.
Small capsules, easy to swallow, and with a good sized dose (the recommended daily dose of green tea extract is 250–500mg per day). This saves me from drinking 3-5 cups of green tea per day(though I still frequently drink it!) I didn't notice any major changes while taking these but the benefits aren't something you should expect to notice in a substantial way. They help in conjunction with other factors. Some people seem to think that taking green tea extract is a magical energy booster and weight loss supplement but that's just not the case.
5.0 - Not Noticeable at first, but then...
Taking four of these per day provided a noticeable boost to my running endurance and increased the rate of weight loss. Over 8 weeks, with a healthy diet (no calorie restriction, just mostly non-processed foods), exercise, and 4 green tea capsules per day, I went from 235lb, to 210lb and went from not being able to run a mile straight to running my first 5k in 30:10.
5.0 - Good deal
Studies have shown that green tea can help clear your skin, support heart health, and boost your metabolism, but not everyone has time to drink 3 cups a day. In pill form, you only need to take one a day and you can reap the benefits of green tea very easily. I like how you get a pretty large jar for a good price with NOW foods. I would recommend this to anyone interested in fitness or weight loss or just want the benefits of green tea.
4.0 - They do somewhat work for weight loss.
They seem to work well at taking off 10 pounds but that's where it plateaus for me. I give it four stars because it does remove a lot of weight but not enough. It's still better than what you would get from many other supplements . I didn't have a whole lot of exceptions out of it but it did exceed my expectations. It works better when you exercise with it of course. It does not make me feel nauseous or upset my stomach in anyway.
4.0 - Take them faithfully and you will see results
At first I would only take one of these every now and then; often going long periods of time without taking any at all. Until this summer, when I began to take 2 a day with lunch or dinner. I have to say that along with having a job that required me to be on my feet a lot and also taking these EVERY day, I lost about 15 pounds in 3 months. It wasn't extreme weight loss but it made a difference. I really did not change my diet either. Just a little more exercise and these and I went from 156 to 141. I can only imagine what real dieting and some serious exercise would've done. I need to buy again soon because I'm almost out.
5.0 - Helps with Weight Loss!
I take 2 of these a day (I plan to increase it to 3 soon) to aid in weight loss and I've noticed that I'm not as hungry and I can go the day with only eating one Kashi frozen meal and a small dinner. If you're looking to take these to aid your diet or weight loss journey, I'd definitely recommend it but do some research and consult with your doctor beforehand just to be safe, the bottle says to only take one but I've read elsewhere (on a very reputable website) that to aid in weight loss you need about 1,500mg/day.
4.0 - Good supplement
Green tea is all the rage for weight loss. I have been taking these for two weeks. I haven't noticed any specific results but no side effects either. I take this like a supplement and they seem to work. Good value and they arrive in a timely fashion.
4.0 - No side effects noted from taking this extract. Was ...
No side effects noted from taking this extract. Was hoping to see it help with weight loss, but have not at this point.
5.0 - Helpful
I feel more energy since taking it and give me antioxidant protection.Good price. I bought this to assist in weight loss, increase energy level & for the antioxidant benefits. I have noticed increased energy & just started taking them. Be sure to follow the instructions, just 1 per day with food. I usually have 1/2 a banana just prior to taking my supplements.
4.0 - Overall Positive Experience
My first and last bottle of the NOW Foods Green Tea Extract was certainly helpful. Utilizing a green tea supplement was a wonderful way to boost my battle against the bulge. In doing so I lost around 25 pounds through the duration of the bottle with no other changes. I seemed to gain more energy which was great and the weight loss was obviously my main focus. By the end of the bottle I'd been intrigued enough to dive further into the world of weight loss supplements.
4.0 - thus making fat and sugar consumption in the body better. Green tea has long been studied for its ...
hello green tea it is powerful anti oxidant that detoxify the free radicles in the body.While it is not a miracle cure for cancer, green tea does play a role in the fight against cancer. It is thought that the antioxidant properties of the tea help weaken and kill cancer cells with strengthening normal cells.With its ability to lower blood cholesterol, some researchers feel that green tea can also be effective in improving heart health and functions. Green tea is teeming with many different types of antioxidants. These powerful free-radical fighting substances help the body fight off infections and illness and also helps regulate bodily functions and maintains a healthy balance of hormones, sugars, and other elements within the body.Green tea, in some shape or form, has been shown to help improve weight loss and to also help prevent excessive weight loss. Green tea has special fat oxidation properties that can help speed up fat burning and boost metabolism levels, thus making fat and sugar consumption in the body better.Green tea has long been studied for its use as a powerful digestive stimulant. It reduces intestinal gas and acid levels, making the stomach more functional and reducing symptoms of common digestive disorders. Green tea can help slow the inflammation response and help slow the breakdown of cartilage in those with advanced cases of arthritis.Some studies suggest that green tea can even help slow down the aging process by keeping cells healthy and viable for longer periods of time.I WILL COINTINUE TO USE GREEN TEA
4.0 - Green Tea
it is what it is , the product is a good supplement , I would recommend it to anyone , however I was looking for the weight loss benefits and they didn't impress me as much as I thought it would.

9. BOOST ELITE Test Booster Formulated to Increase T-Levels & Energy - 9 Powerful Ingredients Including Tribulus, Fenugreek, Yohimbe, Maca & Tongkat Ali, 90 Veggie Caps

View this supplement on

5.0 - Tired of shaky products ?
I started taken these before my trips to the gym and noticed an increase in my energy level. I've noticed more energy and less recovery time between days. I'm not weight lifting but found cardio and weight loss. BOost Elite is a perfect non-shakie addition to my current diet. No side effects, just positive energy and recovery.
5.0 - for people with realisitic expectations of body goals
been effective for me thus far. my second cycle through (2 months) and gains started very minimally but progressed after the first month of use. this isn't a product for people looking for instantaneous gains and weight loss. this has been more of a progressive supplement especially for someone who is using is to get cut up and big like myself, over about an 8+ week period. once you realize immediate gains and body goals aren't plausible, then this supplement will make a lot of sense and be the direction you want to be in. Start planning your cycle now and be on track for the summer!
4.0 - Noticed Results
I was diagnosed with low-The. The doctors said that it could be due to my lack of exercise as a result of my torn Achilles tendon. After some months had gone by while healthy enough to work out, my testosterone was still really low. Additionally, I had a very low libido for a early 30 something male. I didn't have my testosterone levels checked again, but after taking this supplement my energy has increased and I'm more interested in intefcourse with my wife. However, it's only been three weeks. I'm waiting to see some weight loss/muscle gain over the next month or so.
5.0 - Great Product!
I'm almost to the end of my first month and have noticed more energy and some weight loss. Seems to be working great so far!
5.0 - This is definitely worth a try!
As part of an overall health and wellness push, I think this product did add to my efforts in a couple of ways. First, I'm a 53 year old male, and I was already on a weight loss and health plan, limiting carbs and sugars, eliminating alcohol, walking 4-5 mils a day and slowly getting back into some light weight training. I'd lost 20 lbs., going from 215 down to 195. Still feeling sluggish however, and not giving 100% on anything, I came across this product on Amazon and thought to give it a try based on the reviews. I was surprised to find that the same day, taking 3 tablets in the morning with a light breakfast, seemed to give me a bit of an energy boost that helped me through the day. As the days progressed, I felt that in the gym I had a few extra reps on each set, and just more of an overall desire to push the weight past my normal "that's all I want to do today" feeling. One thing leads to another, so continued weight loss, and gains in the gym, as well as endurance in longer walks and hikes followed. Likely as a psychological result of the feeling of more energy, the motivation of the gains made in various exercise activities, all presumably driven or assisted by the addition of this supplement. An increase in libido, whether through the content of the supplement, or the result of better overall health and endurance, along with increased self confidence through the gains made, was noticed. I'm inclined to think that this is more of a result of improved health, but this product certainly helped. I was so confident that this improved my overall health, wellness and motivation, that I order it again yesterday. I hope this review is useful. I have received no incentives to leave this review, just an honest feedback of what I experienced.
5.0 - I have been using boost elite for about 3 weeks ...
I have been using boost elite for about 3 weeks now, and can definitely say its been a positive experience for me. I was diagnosed with low T a few years back. Ive struggled with low energy, weight loss, and many other symptoms. Since I started taking your product, I have experienced higher energy levels and have lost a few pounds in the process. DEFINITELY going to continue taking this product and reccomend others try it too!
4.0 - Great product
Brought the old me back with weight loss and returned my performance in the bedroom.
5.0 - Finally a legitimate testosterone natural booster
I have tried many different brands of natural testosterone boosters. Ageless Male, Test X 180 and others that I can't recall. So far Boost Elite is the best one I have tried. A lot of the others either don't work or don't use the right combination of ingredients. This has all of the natural test boosters together in one pill that I was taking separately with my protein shakes in powder form. I have noticed increased muscle tone, weight loss, and increased sex drive. Would definitely recommend to a friend.
4.0 - Only time will tell.
I'm a 52 year old male with a very physical job but lately I feel like I haven't had any energy so I was looking for a supplement to give me an edge. I've only been taking boost elite for a month but I really do feel like it's giving me a nice burst of energy through the day. I also think it might be helping me with my weight loss goal of shedding a few pounds. After my next bottle I'll write another review but so far so good.
5.0 - Highly Recommend
I had bought this for my husband because he said he had heard it was good for an increase in energy level and it may aid in weight loss. well about 1 week after taking this I can certainly say there has been a change in his energy level. He has more drive when he is working out and doesn't feel "wiped" out after gym workouts. He is 61 and says he feels better than ever. He takes it every morning with breakfast, eats sensibly and works out 5 days a week. Hard to say how it affects weight loss as he was losing weight prior to taking this but as for feeling better and more energetic overall it has definitely helped .
5.0 - This one proves itself...
I had used other supplements that were more expensive and questionable, but this one proves itself and I'm on my second order. I visit the gym regularly @5 x's per week, 2 hours a day. I go very early to beat the morning crowds. The product has increased my workout routines to a higher level. Weight loss, muscle tone and definition are noticeable! My overall energy is increased along with sex drive. Morning erections had gone away before I started this supplement but are now back...larger and harder than before. Even my wife has noticed a change in the intensity of our lovemaking. She asked me if I had started taking VIAGRA and I honestly, with pride, told her NO. BTW...I turned 60 recently but feel much younger. No one can guess my age!
5.0 - I have had a better mental attitude since taking it
I have been using it for about 2 weeks and I am turning 73 in a month. So far I seem to have more energy and recently started posting weight loss. I do go to the gym and have been doing a lot of snow shoveling this week. Also, I have had a better mental attitude since taking it. Just ordered my next month's supply
5.0 - All in all great product!
I've been taking this supplement for a few weeks and can really tell a difference in the amount of energy that I have! Haven't noticed any weight loss as of yet!! All in all great product!
5.0 - Best thing I have ever found for energy, weight loss, and overall wellbeing
This stuff works! Day 1-3 only noticed appetite being suppressed a little. The real affects were on week 2. Taking three at once every morning. Throughout the day I have all kinds of energy and at the gym I can do so much more. My results are based on eating healthy, working out 4-5 times per week, drinking plenty of water. I am on a medication that lowers testosterone and this stuff is a life saver!!!!!!!
5.0 - I have been using Boost Elite for about a month ...
I have been using Boost Elite for about a month. I noticed more energy, and even some weight loss (probably from doing more things, and not sitting around.) Will be using again.
5.0 - Want a Boost? This is it! BOOST ELITE will change your life for the better!
This is my second jar/month of the Zhou Nutrition Test booster, Boost Elite. I can honestly say that I have noticed an obvious improvement in my alertness and energy. I think it has also enhanced the weight loss in my weight loss program.
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